Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, November 16, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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"W'lso fllntuto inakcra In Kannas
nrc connlduflnB tho preparation of a
law that will compel each farmer In
that state to keen at least 100 lions
a year, proporly caring for thorn and
maintaining the flock in profit-pro
iluclng 'condition. Whether or not tho
law will also regulate tho fluctuation
of tho egg market tho proponents
havo not yet nnnounccd. Hut tho
idea suggests tho righteousness of
such a'schomo in nlmost any slato
Especially could tho orcharding of
thin valloy afford lo keep a flock
of poultry as Bcavongora In their tico
plantations. It Is an oxcellcnt way
to rcduco tho army of pests that al
ways aro busy on tho surface. Thus
tho orchardlsts could realize- two
profits on tho flock.
Christmas gifts can ho bought
roaRonabln at Jlnznr glvqn by St
Mark's Clulld I-'rldu nnd Saturday of
this weok. 201
Iloxns of grapo fruit shipped to this
point this week were found to bo iu
fueled with Kcalu and other fruit iIIh-
eiiKu that, caused tho Inspector (o do
Htroy them at once. Thoy cumo from
Aulo for hire. Phono .10 1. 20S
Ilnuwluk AHendor, of Coos Hay, In
In tho city today on, it busluoss er
rand, -V, " J i
Good dry wood $ 1 . r 0 per tier on
ground. It, l Montgomery, CJ0 S,
Illvnrsltlo. 221
11. G. ICndcrs, a prominent merch
ant of Afdilnnd,dlil business In Med-
ioru.icnia,v, f t ,
J. O. Gorlclng, tho best all around
photographer in eouthorn Oregon.
Always reliable Negatives tnado any
where, tlmo or placo. Studio 228
Main Bt. Phono 320-.T.
I). C. Kerr, of Hllvortnn, this
nlnlo, visited Medtord today on a
business arrand,
Kverythlng useful and' reasonable
at Ht. Mark'n Guild llnznur, next dour
to May & Co., Nov. 1'Jtli and 20th.
l C. Dllliiril, of Portland, Is doing
b'uHlnpfl'g ih' the valloy metropolis to-
.jjAjUlo fpr hire- Phono HO I. 208
Albert I'mifliild, an educator of
Marlon county, this stale, Is visiting
with relatives and friends In this city
and vicinity this week.
PostaKO stanins 'nt ?e Voo'a.
Mr. arid 'Mrs. O. Kwoot, nccoinpun
led by MIhh Thurdlshiiin, all of
Denver, Colo., aro registered nl thu
Hotel Medford todity Mr, Sweet,
who rnpresoutH u largo bonding
hniiHo of cnpltollsts In Denver, ownB
real ontato In this city, Ilusliiess U
being Joined! with plnasuro In visit
to this city and valley at this time,
p tfSmoko u King Spitz cigar, fie.
crhoytaarn honiu-madv.
i !&lmnJy Hall relurnod last ovoulng
fiom Cioscont City and Kuroka, Cal
ifornia, where ho wont lato last week
with officials of tho Klk Lumber com
pany. The run In tho rain from
Crescent City yestonlay to Medford
was made iu twelve hours over very
Hllppory loads, especially on the turns
In tho higher niuuntnluH. The roads
aro bolter from Croat-nut City to Kti
reka. it apupars lo be accepted gen
erally im n fact over theie, Mr. Hull
nnn, that tho Kurekii linn will he ex
tended to Croneent City without un
iiwomry doluj.
Don't forget t attend the Ilaiaar
given by tho HI. Mark's Guild In tho
Douol building lioM dour to the Ma)
& Co.. l'lhtny and Sutuulw) of thin
weok. Slot
iTKn.fat turkey proposition for
ThunksKivliig:ba Itm-oine a problem.
Not many fat turhu aio to bo found
Iu tho vullo).
Weston CHiuorn Shop for first cIum
Kodak finishing aiuMfuiluk Biipplliw.
H. M. MoKwiii)', the fruit mutt, who
ieii(MienU I'opo and Dennis, loft
TuuMlRy with hit family for Um An
(olo. They oxpttut to leturn In tho
PlAnt bulbs now and net better
bloom. We unvo u stock of the boat
Imported bulbs nud invite (mi to In
npoct Mime. Our pi Ice are right.
Il3i0lii(hs (nil colors) 10c each, 3 for
2 Bo; Tulip, straight colors and mixed
IIq In do, lots; Narcissus, 3c to Oo
unch; Croons, 30c dos ; CVIumen, 15c
otioh; Saonwl China Miles, 10c each;
t for XSe; Hunter 1,111m, 20c eneh;
Olnillolliu, 50c dot. Monarch Semi
A ood Co SIT K MalnStrset 0
On, WoiImwIh) afternoon Nov 17.
Ml !:JQ p ih. th dopartmout lunpw
tor or the W. It t. will Uiwt with the
rorM here Ml the Ited Men's IihII. to
luapeet tit work dons uoro. All coips
ladle nr requested to ktt prtaHt.
lHWr your auto In the AIIUjihc
Agtttut theft. flr. C. Y. TtjifiwnloY
w II tad K. K Gore r rwU
terwi at tlt Imporlal at Portland.
Uuy Mtforrf Hiatls emty at the
W w Hatts. Mrs iitK, and Mtaa
N. Uiu of OtdM. Itak. arrived
(his ui' '1'iiiir ta visit with th fam
ily of " A rtrcuaon, tba la
ui a lice n u
Koiucthiu pf rnnal. aiajpr '
ed Ninas !("$ earia. la j
lluo at Medf .J rtiaoag fX
Prof, K. C. Hclincr, In charge of
tho Southern Oregon branch station
of tho Oregon agricultural college,
located at Talent, and Louis G. Gent
ncr, county pathologist, left Monday
evening to nttcne tlio Horticultural
convention nnd fruit exhibit nl Cor'
vallls, which opened Tuesday and will
conlinuo for llireo days.
P. P. Close Iuih purchased tho
Weston Place, opposite tho Mny Co.,
and will contlnuo the busluesi undor
tho iiamo of "Tho Poppery," and
will furnish tho public with fresh
popcorn, nuts, candles, etc. llo will
nlso cater to the sorlats nud f I rouble
parties. Lunches will also bo nerved
In connection. 203
.7. Gnrdon, a local business ninn
who has been In the Puget sound
country with hcadquartcra at Seattle,
for two months, reunited Tuusday.
Polled ham and nacon at DoVooV
W, W. Johnson, n business mnn of
linker, Oregon, is in thu city nnd
vicinity on n tour of Inspection,
Hot Tnmalcn nt tho Hlmstn.
J. D. llowiirth, of Detroit, Mich
igan, Is a business visitor in the val
See Davo Wood nbout that flro In-
mranco policy. Office Mall Tribune
Allle Woodworth, a fornior school
boy of this city, and woll .known
among the younger set In the vnl
ley. hut who now is engaged Iu bus
iness In Ilolse, Idaho, is visiting with
friends and i datives in this city and
vicinity on his annual vacation.
Young Mr. Woodwortli Is. the proper
type of optimist. Ho snys that times
Iu Ilolso nnd throughout that cntlro
region, as well ns In this valley, aro
unt as '"hard" as tho all too num
erous pessimist would lend ono to be
lieve. He bases his opinion of tho
situation hero pu what ho has discov
ered thiough association with the
right kind of people.
"Tho Poppery" got that? 201
Nice crisp popcorn nnd hot pen-
nutH at "Tho Poppery." 201
Fred Hnnscn, of Portland, Is do
ing business In this city for n few
Fresh roasted peanuts at Do Voo's,
P. L. Mace, a rolallvo of the well
known mnvlo manager and director iu
Los Angeles, Is in tho city on busi
Ilring ihoso old int.gazlucs nnd pe
riodicals to tho .Mail' Trlbuno for
binding. gj '
Thus. M. Mahor, formerly n fanner
In tho Ashland district, Is n visitor
with old-tline business associates In
this vicinity. His homo Is now near
Harbin, Indiana.
Chocolate creams, caramels, chips,
peanuts, etc., only 30c n lb. nt Do
' Tho Grlzillcs are going lo open the
Thanksgiving holidays with nno of
the prettiest affairs of the senium,
Iu the Natntorluni. They have spared
no pains In order 'to mtiku the even
ing, November 10, n memorable ono;
having engaged the "International
SpliiHter Tro," composed of roador,
soloist nud pianist. The committee
endonvor to mnke Its portion of tho
decorative scheme the best. Tho sea
son's greenest foliage will bo har
monized with the Grizzlies' colors, to
produce a choery aspect. The trio
will mil be the only feature of tho
evening for the Huzelilgg orchestra
has been secured to furnish music
for nu Informal dame, to follow tho
concert. The Grizzlies nud their In
vited friends will attend.
llutto Falls Wood Yard, Phone IS
or 2211. Wood all kinds. 22!
Mrs. Kiln II. Storm left TucMlny
for Grand Saline, Texas, for nn ex
tended visit.
Auto tops, light)), curtains, such-
Ions, covers, and hoods, at Tent Fao-
lor. tOti N. Front. 203
II W. Morils and M. A. Kunj have
taken chargo of the Castllllau gill!
in thu Gnruetl-Corey building, on
(rape stieet, and will open the same
Wednesday, November 17, at noon.
For watch worn unit satisfies,
Johnson the Jeweler. 280
The Wednesday Sliulv club will
meet at the library Wednesday af
ternoon nt 2 HO.
When better insurnnc Is sold
Holmes Tho Insuruuco Man will soil
The all-star baseball teams, the
Americans and the Nationals, will
pass through Medford on .No. 13 Fri
day inumlng. The train carries two
Hpeclnl sleeper for the athletes
National prohibition rally at Paae,
Hiindav. Nov t, at 3 p. m SOS
IC. C (tuitdls, accompanied by Mrs.
Gaddis, returned Moudny Ironi tho
Panama oMioiltlou at San Francisco.
They decline that tho big show Is eu
Jolile every moment one Is in It.
J V Wuiluinn and Mr Wortman
leave mIiimuIsn for San Frnnolscu
to allfinl the bU fnir and otuorvvla
t'ltJOV 4 VHtiitlUU.
Ilutte Falls Wood Yard, Phone AS
or 223; wooil all ki4. 2Q3
If a sufflWBt MumW of UekoU
ar sold from lata point to Uugaua
to witness tho kig gam twtwswi the
O. A C and Ofogoa Iwaw oh Satur
day, a spoclal aksoKor will out en
train 51 rriday niakt Tkla will ea
aulo iheni to ovoid Um anoostlty of
BtU up at 4 o'clock ! tie ttoro
Mrs Kloroaso lipjeor. roroatly
rMBf IkOlksm'Uj-OfiWi 4roaa mak
taf Mr! tt lit Kftrlk CtsUftl
..Mc.x. .McAiIini, formerly Kloniuir WINon, im sho nepnreil In Wnslilng
ton, caii.vliig an ebony enno Inlaid with silver. Now; rutrjiiig i cano lb nil
tliiMiige In Wiishlngtoii. tf) ' v
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. Minim V.
Davis, a tun pound baby boy Inst
Saturday a. in. .Mother and uhlhl
doing nicely.
Drs. A. It. nnd Louiso Hodges, chi
ropractic physicians, Stownrt build
ing, 235 Fast Mnlu St.
1)r. Conger ami family who foiiuer
ly owned a ranch In Ibis county and I
who lived In Me.lfor.i for .niMtiniA
but who have since been Iu Klamath
Falls, have roturud and leased Mrs.
I,. P. Ulack's homo on West Main
street Mrs. Illack will go to Port- J
Innd shortly to ho with her son. Luna
ford, who has a position there.
110 acres Unite Creek bottom, all
under Irrigation nt n tost of ten cents
an Inch. Will grow nil groins, al
falfa, clover, onions, celery, augur
hoots; one fourth mile to depot. Tit la
Is n pioposltlon that will interval you
If you want tomethlug good at nlwoat
tho cost of water. From the owner
to you, Ilox III, ICiibIo Point.
Mr. nud Mis. it. 1. W I Iron of I'on
tral Point, left Monday for nn ex
tended visit to the i'p(tr:t! i jud
southern Callfornlu.
Hear llnbsou at thu Page, Suudav,
Nov. 21, at 3 p. m. 2s
Coin ei ts to the poultry show tde
Hie being made every day and
looks like a good olilUtllou may be
sinned. It will stfi-vo lu yiold ninth
Information to the beginner In (be
poultry buslnuM ami to stimulate In
tel et In tho poultry pens geneiully
The Parent-Touchers' circle of the
high school will hold their aunual
meeting at the public llbiary Friday
evittitng, Noveuilier 1. at o'clocU
Prof. Mooio and Dr. Holltns will
speak on tho moral status of the
high school student Minde! unmix -will
be given by .Misses Veulta K.iiull
ton mid Uess lliau All the tern hci .
ambpatroiif and friends of tb m ii..i
aro. cordially Invited to attend
Try oiu of tlioe big leu cold 6 cent
mllltJhakes at Do Voe'a.
The woniHn'a cWim of iilit 1 1
sulenre and narltniHentary U m
at the public library
noun nud elected the follow Ii.k a
cerst President. Miss Marlon Ti.u-
of Tnleat. vice-president. Mik .
IMutt; secretary Un W C u
Hefure ike elevlion a very line . - h
talk on city elections was !
City Kecorder Klmer Kosa. ' '. ,.s
ing kis atldroas Mr. Koaa ann i
.ueettoa by the went bora witli i
HcHlnr reference to the coming no
eleettoa In Januaiy At Hu .i-
meeting the suhjeci will ho State In
-.titutlon. Labor Laws lad Csrr-ni
TOO UVl'lt IO Clo.ViBU'V.
KOl RK.VT Tmi room horn. Hal-,
nmltvliiNl or uartlv frtb4. fur j
J-1. to
Tho flrsl monthly dancing and
oiiid jiuiiv of, the Medford lodgo U,
P.1 O. IC., wlinfio glveu this evening.
llnsnlrlgg'H flvu piece nrchostra will
furnish music for tho dancing in tho
lodge room, nnd tliono wishing to
play cards will bo entertained In tho
ladles' parlor nud club room. This Is
peeled ' ' 'f "
Wttiuilnjt parties over glvou by tho
lioautlful lino of ougrnved nud Il
luminated personal Ninas Cards, w 1th
envelopes to inaloh. Seo the lino at
tho Medford Printing Co
Iknton Itlggs, of St. Paul, Minn.,
is vltltlng iu Medford and vicinity
on his return from San Francisco,
where he enjoyed thu Panama exposi
tion during n slay of llireo weeks
and yet he tmy he didn't see more
Uiau Itulf or it, although ho worked
Mrs. Leach, Abdo-Hupport nnd
Itaxeley surgical cornet, at 32U N.
Col. J. F. Mundy dud paily left for
Hull Lake last night on a business
.Looking Forward
I to BSoiherhood
I firl"ii r I "othR cTfrrhcre r rrcom-
i NMMiibn ' Vli'i erf Prlrnd, wnodnful heir
i l nil ei-r f it I iflllKM. It U gnUf -
ull '' I mti-clo, mlc tlwiu ftrm
unr ftlMi.l In ii-couiuuiUle expaiulon witb-
' out tli i.Mi ,1 tr.iln and tum. This nlto
orrriiir i Him, It Uai a moit rrmnrvifttlr'
hHilliius lnfli,.ii nrat U iln-Uiwd one at Us
grrli-t a l e lie fur thf nioilirr lo-Vr.
Fhiit I fn . . t I -tie of utlir rYifnJ"
UkIiv rit(r t 'Tb I wi tr In Urd-
swl i IV, tnJ I nnr II ., At.
Uni.i, i i u lumlaonio Nwk Hut you
iii . .it Mai'i'-I trre
v ilu t i t, it, i. i tin ti
ll, ft i . ir.iiotl ui (li i(l ii-ji
km ftnilt m ran 1 It.
Let nu- r- u ri'
t 1' .I'l'al rKP
Kj-.tlCllt SppoUllat
Tho first iiatloiial corn show will
be held nt St. Paul, Minnesota, from
Decembor t to 31 nnd promises to bo
an nttrnctlve exhibit. A few of tho
Jackson county boys who mndo rec
ords this year '.t corn production
ought to send specimens of their suc
comou to this big show.
Try a King Spitz cigar nnd cn
.cotiran'o homo industry.
County Clerk Gardner and County.
Assessor Grlove left for Salem Monn
dny on business, official and other
'Wise. ,' '
' Home mndo taffy at De Voe's.
Frank Frazler, of New York and,
LMcdford, leaves tomorrow for New
York on nn extended business trip. '
! Do Voo buys bcur bottles.
. Tho Mesdamos Taylor will leave for
San Francisco tomorrow' to enjoy a
VlBll 10 1110 Ulg HIIOW.
I ' !
Ijullerniit bread at, Do Voo's.
L, A. Morgan left Tuesday for Ml-
not, North Dakota, to remain per-
jmancutly to look nftcr his Interests
j , Do Voe delivers tho' Oregonlan to
I The roadbed work on the extension
of the Southern Orcgo uTrnctlou com-
finny has renclied Laurel street. "Work
fprogrcsses vigorously.
! L. K. Haak of Faglo Point was h
JMedford visitor Tuesday.
you every day for 7Cc n month.
( A. R. Kennies rctuined Tucsilny
jtroni Portland. The demurrer tiled
lby tho county iu tho case brought by
'.!'. M. Sweeuoy for Siskiyou highway
iwork, will bo argued' Thanksgiving
week. Upon it dcpjids whether
,thb case wilt he tried Iu Portland
or Medfonj.
' . II,. II. Tronson of -Hugta Point hns
'received n.check for $Jl 13 as net re
turns on his first car of Spltzcubcrgs
shipped otat. The best grado brought
$2,i0 n box nud the entire car grossed
F. Perry, of St. Louis, Is a Med
ford visitor.
A. S. Penhody of Portland Is visit
ing Medford.
NOGALKS. Nov. If,. General Al
vuio Obregon, Iu charge of the Cur
rniun campaign ugnlint Villa lu So
nora. has taken personal command of
troops preparing to attack Cnnanon,
according to reports reaching heie.
Villa and the Yaipil chief I'rbalejo,
according to the same icpoits, hnvu
Coinblned for mint tack with 11,000
men on Hermoslllo, which is defend
ed by 8000 Cnriiiuza ttoops under
Guueral Manuel Dlckuez.
Villa, It lu stated, has looted every
store iu Cnniiuea and Magdalenu, tak
ing everything of value.
DOUGLAS. Ariz., Nov. 10. It was
officially announced at the headquar
ters of Genoral ('alios lu Agua I'rleta
today that Genoral Obregon had or
deied the advance against General
Villa to begin tonight.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by lol applli'iitloii. llifr rminoi rmli lh
ilWiord orluii uf Hit' fir llirru la imlr wi
w7 lociitf ,l.afan. in. I that l by roinllliill.n
I rrmrtllM. Ihfn riUl y n InHiiuril
ntUliD 'f tli" oiuwim I iilus u( llic 1'iuUrhUn
TiiIm.. Wlin IliU tul l lnflmil jrod lint
nimblliiir Miuml er Inuwrfrrl hrlng. anil wb
l( 1. rnllrilr rlc',l IwIumi U lhi riull, H'J
utile., tlic URaiunutlon ru N nkm uil ftl
tills tuln rplir,l l If ihtbuI roixlllloB. lir
nc will I- iImiH';.-.! limN, iiiw m out "I
tm ttxf cuil by I'altrrb. Khlrb la iintblnf: but
an IndariMsl rDtlllnn it Uif rnxxi ninfarr
We nlll sl On Iliiui1nl IMIara fnr an.T !
of lfni ru.r,l br ralatrb) that he
Hirl br llair Caiarrb I'utr. roa fut ilntl
'"'' '"',' r J I III.NIV ft CO.. T.IK I).
S.l br prtiBilala. 7
Taka Hall a I'lully I'llla (T ivnittalluu.
All Tailored
o the S
ST t
a '
Less than an Inch of rain has (all
en slnco tho showers begnn this fall,
the precipitation ycstcidny and last
night, ui; lo u o'clock this morning,
bcliu; .39 or sin Inch. It fell grnd
ually, however, and the' thirsty soil
got tho benefit of nil of. it. It was
just the kind of rain that made the
farmer nnd orchnrdist glad, although
there wasn't enough of it.
Tho Illusion that a stifflcent rain
fall has colne 'to make It easy plow
ing in the fluids of the, valley should
bo dispelled. While thc.tnolsturo ex
tends probably six Inches below the
surface In most soils In the valley,
they are not yet sufficiently soaked
with it to loosen the hard places
enough to muko It easy plowing. Of
course, if the farmer Intends merely
to nkin the surface with his plow,
ho rubs his hands with glee over
what moisture ho has received to
date. Hut the real farmer who knows
that it Is necessary to go down n foot
to do simple Justice Is not vet satis
fied to begin' his winter plowing,
"The afco of nnture," however, hns
been washed a llttio, after a long po-
'rld of neglect. Tho rain so fnr
Jinn brightened tho foothills with a
suggestion of green, showing that tho
rnnge hns been favorably nffected.
Tho orchnrds havo been washed clean
of dust and cobwebs nnd, nltT-'Iier,
the prcciptntlon to dnto has done
much good In freshening tho growth
of green thlngn In the rural districts.
4 .y-S-J4'$'44"i"i-.
fj How To Get Kcilcf When Heal
K and Nose are fjtuffed Up. t
Count flftj I Vnir cold li t-ad or
.li-t'i din!i"!- '" i. - i ' ,) si nop
Iril will on, the air jmwijm' of your
head will clear and von can b'e-itlic
freely. No more Miiiflling, ImwLhh,
'ijceiis dlKdiargo, dryness or liendncliei
mi htriiggllng fur hrcnth at night.
(jet n minll liottlo of Kly's ('renin
llnhii from jour druggUt and apply a
little of till frngrniit antipptii: rreim
in your nostril.., ,lt penetrate through
every sir pamaga of the hind, ,"( him.'
and henlliig llio gwollrii oe Inl1nui)
mucous inruibrnni, giving jou liiHtnut
relief. Head cbls ami cuttirrh yloM
llkq ninglc. Don't ttay atuffwlun nud
niUcrahlc. lltjllnfi Is, B(irj. .' ,
Sold on Monthly
Installment Plan.
On W'cidnosdaj, Noveiubor 17, nt noon,
The Castillian Grill
upon under now- iiiuiiuKoiuoiit. Moielinnla lunch will he solved from
it till 2, and short ordeiH nt nil liouw, Our aim vvlh no to iiinKu
HiIh Oiu best popular prleed rentaur.iiit In thu eit and jour jmtron
aso Is cordlnllj Invited.
1'iuhh KiiRtern Oyatois. ' ,C '"y"i - , 0itlt itml
TnmalcH ' 1 1 ! ! ' , 1 ' ' M Cattea
Garnctt-Corey Buildingon Grapo Street
Ilinidreds o) Hats to
( from. Our com
plete stock of Trimmed
Hats and Put rimmed
Shapes at exact l. one
half price, and when we
say one-half price t
mean one-half oft om
regular low price.
Suits and Coats Much Reduced
Jf cVosV, .I'evcilvli, Sick, HllloiiN,
lieiiu Little Liver nnd
A laxative today saves n sick child
tomorrow. Children simply will not
tnko tho tlnu! fron play to empty
tholr bowels, which become clogged
up with waste, llvor gets sluggish,
stomach sour,
Look at tho tongue, mother! It
coated, or your child Is listless, crobH,
feyerlsh, breath bod, restless, doosn't
cat heartily, full or cold, or has soro
throat or any other children's nll
mont, glvo a tenspoontul or "Califor
nia Syrup or Figs," then don't worry,
because It Is perfectly harmless, and
in a few hours all this constipation
poison, sour bile and fermenting
waste will gently move out or the
bowels, and you have a well, play nil
child again. A thqrough "Insldo
cleansing" Is ortlmcs all that Is nec
essary. It should ho the first treat
ment given In any sickness.
Ilewnre of counterfeit fig syrups.
Ask your druggist for n no-cent bot
tle of "California Syrup or Figs."
which bus full directions for babies,
children. of.Ul ages, and for grown
ups plainly printed on the bottle.
Look carefully nnd see that It fa mndo
by the "California Fig Syrup Com
pany." dv.
Is sonifthiii useful and or
nanieiital. A CEDAR
CHEST IS SUCH, or most
nnvthhifr in Hie fnriiitnru
line a Uodcei', I'edeslal,
Smoking Set, etc.
Oni' special foe this Christ
mas is one S.."() Pacific Ce
dar Chest foe .$7.00.
Come in and let nsshoW yon
one line.
"Descriptive circulars for out
of town people free for the
Why Do the Crowds Go
to the '
STAR Theatre?
Q 1
I '