Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, November 10, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Henri liicckuiiridgo, assistant soo
lotniy of vr, accompanied by his
wife mid a Hister, .Miss Murgitrot
Drockcnridge, wore southbound pus
Hcnccrrt curly in tho week on tho wny
to Sun I'YnncUeo, where tho 'ocretiiry
will attend a eonoutiou of nutionnl
Kiuml officers.
Tlie Sun Francisco exposition is not
the only one Hint litis uiiil out in full;
The Allmny "exposition" denied 8
cents, the receipts limhiK been
$7"7."0 nnd epciulitiiros $778.88.
iliiltiucu will be carried to profit nnd
loss Kellednlch neM so:ion.
Dave Kuigcnt, light, nnd power em
ploye, is reported temporarily dis
tillled by the stnto neeident commis
sion in its Ashland elusilieution. ho
lm iiir sustained n biiiicd hnnd.
Mrs. J. I,. Sliced, who bus been vis
iti.'iir her sou, Olnn, returns thin week
to her home in Illinois. As fur tin St.
I.ouis she will bo neootnpnnied by Mr.
nnd Mis. Oliver Shipley, on their way
to Indiana
.ItU'ob Howard Leeds and .Miss Ma
bel Maude Powell were married in Lo.
Angeles, November 0. The bride
(groom is the eldest son of Mr. and
Mrs. W. II. Leeds, fonnetly of Ash
land, now' of Sun Diego. The bride is
i Montana uirl. Young Leeds is em
ployed by the General Kleclric Co. of
Lou Angeles. He is a graduntc of
Stanford itniveiidty nnd nt'terwards
took ii post-graduate eourso ut the
(lunornl Electric Works, Sohoneetiidy,
N. Y. Their home will be in Los An
The Commercial club will banquet
at the Hotel Oregon, Thursday even
ing, .November 11. This will be no
lunch-counter affair, and although
given under club auspices, oilioiiH in
general nio invited. Outside talent,
including Secretary Niblcy of Utah,
Contractor Smith of springs develop
ment work, C. K. Ontes of Med ford
nnd others will ruinforco local speak
ers on sundr, topics, especially Ntijrtir
beets, while under the influence of lib
era! libations of lithin, irrigation
measures will also bo discussed, led
by ('. 5f. Thniimu of Talent. The
gathering will be tho first of a series
to be gicn by the club.
The week end witnessed over u
score of house guusts entertnineU by
the police at the Fourth street station,
driven to hhelter by the recent cold
simp. Fuel is supplied providing tho
hoboes out it, but no food. Tho cus
ton; of soliciting passengers on the
depot platform tor n stray dime or
nickel has also been placed under the
ban by the police to the discomfiture
of the I lamp element,
Anent controversy over municipal
indebtedness of varum Oiegon'toniis,
Ilia obligations of Ashland in this re
spect, per official statement, nhiotinl
to t:031.0:i. Of this amount
$378,500 is rejiiesented bv municipal
bonds under v.uious classifications,
including tlit .fl7.",000 auxiliary wa
ter isMio, and $) 71,7(14,1)11 in Han
croft assessment obligations for
which the city Mauds sponsor.
Against these liabilities there i" a
credit of .f 18,087.71 cash on hand.
The Ashland nchool district has !",.
000 outstanding bonds. This entnc
showing is favorable when eoinpnied
ith vaiiotin other Oiegun towns
Sinking fund requirements are rigidly
adhered to in icducing the indebted
ness. '
Iny Looslev and wife of Foil
Klamath wore here early in the week
Msitiug with relatives in the Neil fam
ilies, preliminary to making an ex
position trip to San Franciseo.
The funeral of Miss Mildicd Diake
with held Tuesday afternoon at tho
icsidcnce of Dr. S. J. P.uson. Her
death oeeuiicd suddenly in Portland
on Sunday last. lutunnent was in
Ashland ccmeter. She was an Ash
laud girl, daughter of F. M. Drake,
lormer well-known icrddcnt hcie, now
of Woodbmn, and had been pursuing
a tiaincd muse course in Portland.
.Mrs. F.. Ci. Owen is the grandmother
and Mrs. Hi. Parson an aunt of the
Ite. M. C. Reed and wife left for
San Finneiseo on Tuesday, and Mr.
and Mr. Hanv Hosier havo also con
cluded to i-it the exposition, leaving
on Wednesday.
Supeiiutcudent Hiiehnnan of the
llelloiow xdiool. now oeoupio the
Mikseh to null in that locality, liming
acated the Madges proHiity,
Mr. and Ms. W. K. Olcndeiiiiing
have ictiinied lioin Siskiyou count,
where thny were summoned bv the'
mi tons illness of their-brother. John
A. Qlendenning, chairman of the
boaid of Mipervi-orn, who died at
(iiecnueu last week, aged nearly "()
enrx. The funoial was held at Foit
Jones. Deceased leaves n wife and
live children.
Auto license shopping will be done
eaily tin. cnsoii, ina-muoh as no
tices icgardintr numbers tor 1010
hne already been n-n' Ii the se're
t.irv of stain to every owner of lejriw
tered huh hut throughout Oregon,
ini'ludiuic -30(i mhos, ru.'ifl motor
ic eles -HUH) chnii ft em, nnd 173 deal
ers. Thin has been dune in anticipa
tion of the liict thut present rogi
I ration- do not oMiv until Decern
hei 31, 1015, thus jjning owner,
plenty of tio to eoniplv with require
incuts. It remains to be seen Iww
iiijinv local auto owner mil be dm-
Freckles and His
i ,' -AM0M V:N;r r i:A?b-- , V7MY, PONT W OH, SORE, WE -'"T
' T LIVE IN Tlc ffl 77V 1 AW, I BET .!.- fMS BROWN, f W ILL YOU TELL WouR SUGAR ) cdomP ni D ' &
' CUBA.WOOLDNT rg, IrUBAh W0U ' ? ' W'U-AST US WU6W3 f?0MES FROM? UA ffiRlSwl
yoUSLtM?) nnjll j2bl J KMOW ' ,) uepj j CUBA IS ? M J ) NEIGHBORS !j J$
j ' f j7 tf fit " -JgiTf - ,
h -- - '-'- ?'L. J-u- , t :rvfc.t ..,. ., ' . , 1
ing 'heir machines in 101 fi on IJUTi
numbers and ranked as piocriislinat-
Mr. Mayfield passed through here
Sunday on his wny to the .Meadows.
Frank Hodgers and family of
Hcagle hac moud to Gold Mill, whero
they will niako their home for some
E. I). Willutc is rebuilding their into n bungalow, which will im
prove their placo very much.
A surpriso play paity was given
last Thursday night on Mr. and Mrrf.
Dcford and family. There weie thirty-six
people picsent and played a
number of games. At midnight thny
served sandwiches, enko and coffee.
They all vent away reporting whnt
a fine tiinu they had.
Dill Morrison nnd wifo spent the
past Sunday visiting Hurt Chapman
and fa mil).
A number of tin jitney unto run
ners passed by Sntuidny night taking
passengers to the lteagle dance.
Tom Peirv of the Chnppaiell dis
trict is having a new well dug.
Will Abbott of Applcgnte is mak
ing his folks a pleasant visit at Chap
pa roll.
' A. farowoll surprise party was given
la At Saturday night on Mr. nnd Mrs.
Armstrong nnd family. With nil there
were sixty-fic people who cnjo'l'd n
line time. At midiiighl there was it
good supper served. Mi'. Armstrong
and family will leave for Cresuwoll,
Willnnietlu Valley, whore they' will
make their home. TIumo are inniiv
friends that lire sorry to nee tho fam
ily leave. The young folks will be
surf mis-cd at tho social' gatherings.
Among those who wetc Central
Point usitors lust Thui,duy weie:
Jasper Roducrs, the Hoagle merchant;
Mrs. Pciey Chapmun, Viola Chapman
and Ora Vincent and Opal Centers.
Blanch Hodgoix is staving this week
Willi her sister. Mrs Percy Chapman.
The win has helped the farmer-)
around here, as neatly all of them can
Mr. Defoid and Otto Ticsham were
down along the liver Inst Thursday.
George Lawrence huulul a heavy
load of wood to town Tuesday
R. F. Dean and familx were hhop
pins iu Medford S.iturdav.
Fitch Snydi-r ol Gold Hill isited
friends in this district Saturday and
Miss Helen Parker enioved a visit
with her parents sevtinl day-, lat
Mn.. Frank McKec transacted bus
iness in Medfoid Sntuidny.
Mr. and Mi. W. A. Thompson were
dinner gue-ts of Dr. and Mis. Me
Crncken of Ross Lane Siindny.
Mr. T. M. Jones of Coming, Cab,
is visiting her M-4crs, Mrs. J, P.
Hoaglnud and Miss Mildix-d Elliott, at
the home of the former.
Mr. and Mrs. William MoMulliu of
Fugenc spnt sex oral days with Ml.
Fied St'iiube.
MUs .Milieent King lelt Wednesday
for her home in Illinois utter a vor,
pleasant summer with hcrii-ter, Mr.
R. W. Elden.
Mr. W. D. C'hirko and daughter,
Doris, returned from' Portland Sun
divv after n iit with friend; and
Mr. and Mrs. .loliu Sity enjoyed
Sciuhiy dinner with Will Parker mid
Mis.. Kent tier of Medford " and
Fletcher Fish of Puoenix kpent the
week end with the Missus Hamilton.
A erv iihsising cnteitainment was
held Ht the Agute sehoolhoiioe Sahir
day e'cniusr. The Asate and Willow
Spunas (Ir.inges participated in the
piograie. Tin ieMil served h the
Inibes of the Agote Gram whs am
ple and much enjoyed. The lidlowui"
progfiain .is iwudewsL
The WiIIjw Spring-, (iianae will en
tertain the nieirlxTs miK a )iHiiit
and rrofmw Suturduv eenu..
Mi-s. O. S. Welehoi t'i
iiieinbei ol the P.trot l'.imi-'
club at her bu"Sl"W s.iturdav alt
omooti. sue. was assisted oy .Mrs. ,i.
P Hoagland. There Mere interesting
discussions and delectable refresh
ments were served.
Mrs. H. MeClintic and two childien,
Florence and Holland, lelt for Albic
(incnpic, N. M., where they will reidi!
iu the future.
On Wednesday evening, Mrs. Tlieo.
Fish and dnughtcr, Mrs. W. A.
Thompson, entertained at dinner n
nunihrr of guests nt the home of Mi's.
Theodniu Fish in Phoenix, jointly
celebrating their birthdays. After re
freshments duueing prevailed until a
lute hour.
Mr nnd Mrs. Fred Wilson moved to
their new homo in Illinois valley Tues
day. Tils. Kennedy necomimnied them
and will return iu a few weeks for his
Violin solo, Albert Korgey; vocal
solo, jfiss Rose Jones; paper, "How
to Reduce the High Cost of Living by
Raising poultry and Other Stock on
tho Farm," Mrs. R. W. Eldcn; vocal
solo, Herbert Clnike; reading, Mrs.
W. A. Cowley; piano solo, Miss Klhel
Denn; vocal solo, R. W. Elden; rend
ing W A.. Cow ley ; vocal solo, Miss
F. MoNasscr.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Sterns nnd James and
Earl PeVtoii motored to .Medford on
Monday and relumed the same even
Mr. nnd Mrs. Mooney mid sou eam-i
up on tho mull ituge Tuesday.
Mrs. Cobleigh and friend, Miss Pot
lee, spent Wednesday with Mrs. Daw
son. Mr. and Mi. Vinson were tiNc
visiting the Dawsons the lirst of the
Frank and Hazel Uitsworth went
I to the valley Tursdnv and returned
Gun DithWorth came home the lirst
of the week from valley points.
Mrs. Lewis enmo up homo on the
unto stage Thursday.
Mrs. Hioomfield went to Medford
Tliursdny. Her small son was with
her. Mr. Jlroonitield nNo went to
town the last of the week and re
lumed Sunday.
Mrh. Cobleigh and Miss Potter
went home Satin day. Frank Hits
worth took them to thi station.
Aunt Susy Higiiibntham is sick at
precnt writing. Her son, John, and
his wife haul been there tho past
week but went home Monday. licit
Higinbothnm and family will stay
with Aunt Susy and Undo Hen for
u time now.
Mr. Edmonson's daughter, Miss
Gladys Holmes, is also sick and has
been for several weeks.
Mis, Lizzie Nichols prcpatcd sup
per nt Mr. Vaughn"', Satiudnv night
lor tho Misnc Porter, Erskine and
Ditsworlh, niul Uriah and Hoy
Vnughiiu nnd Hobnit Ditsworth.
Later the vniing people attended the
dance at the power hint given by
JannV Embrv
Mh nnd Mis .John Wulkei of Trail
brought a load of Irosh pork to tho
power plant nnd Pi aspect Suiidin
and lutiirncd home Monday.
Mr. McKcc has siicccedid in run
ning tho automobile on his mail
route up to this time, but thinks ho
will huve to tiy ill i ing tho hack
gain now.
Curl HiuhnnKon went to the al
ley again last week to have sonic den
tal work done.
Jim Embiy went down the powet
lino Monday on a trip of inspection.
Ho intei'ds to go on to Mcdiord.
Moosrs. Nelson Nye and Joe Plupps
nuule a ti.p to ( cntrat Point lasL
Hoiinco Rook is numbered nmon'j
the snow, at present.
2 for 25c COLLAR
cmcTT rtABJODY a co. inc. -
Reportc-d by Jackson County AU
trct Co., Blxth tnd Ftr Bu.
Sndio Roinmie vs. Clevclnnd Rom
mic, tcturit of sutiuiiotis.
E. J. Stewart vs. W. T. Dozicr, suit
to foreobjso chattel mortgage.
J. C Hv & T Association vs. J. C.
Rhodes ol til., demurrer of JneLson
Frank P. Hrosius vs. Southern Pa
cific Co., motion.
C. M. Thomas et al. vs. Southern
Pacific Co., answer of defendant.
Guardianship of Curtis W. Thomas,
Until report.
Estnto of George K. Wait, inven
tory" nnd Appraisement.
KtJtnto of V. L. Chapped, petition
tor final settlement nnd linal ac
Estate of and guardianship of Nn,
oini Scott ct ill, order, final report.
Itcnl I.tnto TiiuiNfcrs
Gruee V. Huefly ct ir to A.
I). Knight, land in see. 'Jl-38-1W.
... ... f3,000
W. H. Johnsgn ct ux to Grace
V. Huefly; land in sec 'Jl-38-4W.
Ida Fryear el vie to W. II.
Frvear, land in bite. U-3,"i-av
W L Edmondsoii et u. to An
drew II. Qhaitraw, laud iu
see. 28.,'U-IE 1,000
T. C I.affertv el ux to II. L.
While, lots iu block ''J. Eu
reka Add.. Ashland 1
W. S. Weston et ux to Leavitt
E. Camfield, lots iu Fruitdale
Add., Medford - 10
Sarah N. Strang et vir to
Alma T. Young, land in twp.
30-1 E- . 1.0"0
Catherine McKec ct ux to Alma
T. Young, land in twp. 30
1E. 100
Xotlco of Assessment
Callfornlu-Oiegiin l'swer Company.
Location of principal place of bind
uebs: Sun Francisco, California.
Tako a t-lau of Salts i f your Back harts
or Bladder bothers you Drink
more water.
If you must havo your meat ev ry day,
at It, but Hindi your Mdneyn with nails
occasionally, nays a noted authority who
tells us that meat forms urlo acid which
almost pnralja-a tho kiilncya In their ef
forts to cxp! it from tho hlood. They
Wouio -luiah and weaken, then you
uffer with a dull misery In tho kidney
region, tharp pains in the back or sick
headache, dirrineu, your stomach aouri,
tongue It coaled nnd when tho weathor
la had you havo rlicumntio twinge. Tho
urine gets cloudy, full of sediment, tho
channels often get soro und irritated,
obliging ou to seek relief two or thrvo
time during tlio night.
To ncutrnliM theao Irritating acids, to
cleanse tlio kidneys and flush olf tho
body's urinous waste get four oiinc-ea of
Jad Salts from any pharmacy here;
tako a tahlespoonful in a glass of
water before breakfast for a tow days
and your kidneys will then act flue. Hi Is
famous anils Is raado from tho acid of
grape and lemon juice, combined with I
lithia, and has been used for. generations
to flush and stimulate- sluggish kidneys, I
also to ncutralire the acids in urine,
so it no longer irritate, mus enuin
Madder weakness.
Jad Salts is inexpensive s cannot in-
Iure, and makes a delightful effervescent
lthia-water drink.
Newest and Best in
Embodies every convenience and
comfort found In a modern hotel,
(lot and cold water, steam boat and
telephono Iu evory room. Largo
heerful lobby with opon fire, Well
Lighted Knniplo Hooiux. Raton
moderate. Auto-bus to all trains,
Medford trado especially solicltod,
F. W. STREETS, Prop.
Nolcu la hereby given, that nt a
mecUrig of tho directors hold on
Wcdncsdny, Oct. aotb. 1915, an nrf
Bossnicnt (so. a) of Ono Dollar per
tdiaro wan levied upon tho capital
Block of tho corporation, payablo Im
mediately to tho Secretary, nt tho
otflco of tho corporation, No, 131
Lolilcadorft Street, Son Francisco,
Any stock upon which this ushcrs
mont ahnll romnln unpaid on Wcd
ticftday, Decomhor 15th, 1015, will
bo delinquent nnd advertised for saw
nt public auction, nnd, unless pay
ment Ih niailo lioforo, will bo sold on
Wcdncsdny. Jnnunry 12lh, 19 10. at
th(i hour or 12 M., to pay tho dolln
quont nHKciiHiucnt, together IUi tho
costs of ndvortlHlng and cxpeunes of
Dated October 20th, 1D1G.
AM2X j. nosnoiiouoH.
Bccrotnry of California-Oregon Power
Office: No. 131 Loldesdorff Street,
Sua Francisco, California.
FO lfu KNT Fiirntsbcsl rooms o n C
also liouso lieoplnc rooms, cIobo In.
004 South Contra!.
FOH HUNT Very pleasant furnish
ad room with private family: cIoro
in; cheap. Inqillra evenings, 2.16
N, Contrnl. 201
fou i:i;nt nonnKicERPiNa
FOH HENTMod"crn fiirnisiiod
hotiHckiiopIng rooms, cheap; closo
In. 23 4 East 0th, 20S
FO H H E NTNicei y fu r iiTHhod 7l vo
roomed bungalow, all conveniences,
clone. 417 J st., cor. So. Onkdaln
nnd 11th Sts. 199
FOR RENT Ten room house, un
furnlHhcd or partly riirnlHhed; fur
nace. Mis, J. E. Watt, Phono
381-J1. 203
FOR RENT Modern G-rooin buiiKa
low. Phono 31'J.J, ur Inquire, nt
C10 S. Oakdnle. 101
FORHENT Nicely furnished bun
unlow. Phono 929-W. 199
FOR RENT Furnished modern
house. W, II. Everhard, 1013 W.
9th street.
FOH RENT Woll furnished modorn
bungalow. 422 South Laurel.
FOR RENT 14 acres, partly In bear
ing orchard; houso nudtools; 1 Vt
miles from city limits, Phono
DSn-L. 20 1
FOH RENT 1C0 acres 7',i miles
from Gold Hill, 20 acres In culti
vation, balance limber, cIobo to
good range. For terms, etc., np
ply to C. W. Dow, Gold Mill, or Geo.
M, Ilonncy. Medford. 202
FmiLEAsl?---Rlch rfvorbottom
land. Finn for nurdonlni;, corn
and potatoes. H caro Mail Tri
FOH SALE Or tiade, cheap, two
lots Central Point, block 70. Lot
tie Pellc, Trail, Oregon. 100
FOR SALE Fnrm land, fruit land,
tlmbor land, land from $5.00 por
aero upwards on long time. Gold
Ray Realty Co,
FOiThALB l" v. Ill tnko orilorsfor
Tlianksglvlm: turkoja Saturday,
Nov. 13, at llooth 3, Medford Mar
ket. Dellvured at your house alive,
drcHscd or dinwn. T, F. Smith.
FOR HALE-GrAlii hay und wheat
-T g youit HUHINKHS TO ft KB MR
Because my ston. rn trado Is to
have, optioned at tho lowest cash
prlco tho best buy In this county.
I have been on too ground look
ing out for you for the past five
years. Nearly everyday I hato In
vestigated somo "good thins." I hare
eliminated everything except those
deals which I nra convinced will se
e.uro me satisfied customers.
In a fow hours time I can give you
the benefit of this research. It is my
business to show you over the county
and Introduce you to the possibilities
and opportunities here. Bee Med
ford first and
llM Vot Uatu titaMt
FOH SAijE-y-anmntiiiiAXKOUS
FOU SALE Cheap, two Cyphers In
cubators. Madden Ilanch, Central
Point. Phono BO0-J3. 200
FOH SALE Separator, na good as
now. Pltoae 304. 203
FOH SALE Ono Oliver No. C type
writer, nearly now, chenp, Hnn
kln Eatos, 2S North Front St. 201
FOH SALE -Baled grain liny, $12
per ton. Phono G71-H-4. 2Q3
FOH SALE Ford touring car. Phone
79-H. 200
FOH HALE Hcnl Ited Hhodo Island
Red cockerels for brooding, bred
by double Hpokano winner Inst
sliow. Ernest Webb, Central
Point. 102
.. ,., , ... .- .... ... I.
FOH SALE Ovorjnnd touring car;
snap for quick sale. Pliono ?, Lin
14, Central Point. 302
FOH BALI Stock. beets nnd carrots
COO per ton. F. L. Cnton. Cen
tral Tolnt, R. F. D. No. 2, Phono
29x3. 222
FOR SALE IlcardloHS nnd bearded
barloy. Phono .10, Dr. Clancy.
FOH SALE Angora, goata. Ed
Whlto, Climax, Ore. 213
kinds of property for salo or ox
chanco, Uold Hny Realty Co.
FOR SALE Polo mountain buggy,
good as now. Palmer Investment
Co,, Modoc Orchard.
FOH SALEFord touring car. In
qulio nt Nash Hotel. '
FOH SALE Stamp mill, mlnloff cars
and trade rail, pumps, hoists, atr
compressor, air drills, mining ni-a
chlnory, tools and nupplles, Iron
and hydraulic pipe nil sizes, nt halt
prlco. Address M, caro Trlbuno.
FOR SALE Teajn good work mnres
ITS; 33 nlcu shoals, $50.00. a.
Allder, Hoss Lane. 202
Stable. -Pair of mules.
FOH SALE 15 horses. 12 heavy
work mnres, Inquire Vinson's
Burn, N, Hlvursldu Avo. 210
Call mornings. 200
WANTED A cnpnblo woman donioii
strator for ono week, Paul's Elec
tric Storo. 190
WANTED A mlddlo-nrjod womnu for
Iioiiho work; faro paid ono wny
to Wcod, Calif. Address Box 471.
.Medford. Oro. 199
wXNI-Worit by d u yhoTi r"or"job
by man with team; albo wo havo
alfalfa, grain, hay and straw and
wood for sale. Loo Young, Phono
7-F4. 221
WAED DIO "sad?s" wlVeat? Xd
dress II. U. Eudcru ec Sons, Ash
lund. 200
WANTED Music pupllsT F7anl7 An
dorson, new orgunist, Pngo theater,
tenchor of piano. Phono 900-M, 102
WANTED Havo party to rent strict
ly modorn hungntow, woll located,
either furnished or unfurnished,
Bonnctt Investment Co.
WANTED Largnknlttlng nilll "in
vites correspondenco from women
desirous of earning money, part or
full tlmo. Good pay. Kxporluuce
unnecessary. Iutoruatlonal Mills,
Inc., Norrlstown, Pa, 200
FOB KMniAi-iua
TO TRADE Good cow for heavy
work horse. II. Luut. Talent, R.
H. No 1. 200
FOR TRADE--3 4 ill." wTigonTPhoua
778-.I. 301
I have ono of tho finest outlaying
stock ranches In tho county. Four
hundred acres nearly all of It Is ag
ricultural laud, and half of It Irri
gated, Kino Improvements, well out
In the froe outrange About $5000
worth of personal property goes with
It. Prlco '22,000, and a great buy at
thut price.
Fine llttlo placo close, to pavement
In Grants pass, hI.x acres, some al
falfa, and some fruit. Would trade
oloar for Medford proporty.
Room 1(1, Jmkhon County Ibuik Itldtf.
By Blosser
Auto Supplies
are operating tho largest, oldest
and best equipped plant la tho Pa
cific northwest. Uso our springs
when others fall. Sold under guar
antee. 26 North Kiftocnth St.,
Portland, Ore,
GEO. W. CHERRY Attorney., nnd
....Notary, Room 9, Jackson County
....Hank Uulldlng, Medford, Oro.
Attorneyn-at-Law, Rooms S and
9, Medford National Hank bids.
A. E. REAMES, LAWYER aarnett
Corcy bldgj
O. M. ROBERTS Lawyer.
Medford National Dank Building.
Garnott-Coroy Bldg., tilto 310
Medford, Oro. Phono SCO.
Collections mid Reports
collected como accounts 1 yenra
old. Wo know haw to get the
money. Tho lluuoclc Mercantile
Agency, Inc.k Rooms 1, 3, 3, Has
klns'IUdK., 210 E. Main st.
ICiiKtnccr and Contractor
FRED N. CUMMINCIS Snglnccr and
contractor, 401 M. F. & II. Bids.
Surveys,, estimates, Irrigation
drainage orchard and lnud Im
provement. Gur lingo
GARBAGE Got your premises
cleaned up for tho summer. Call
on tho city garbnga wngous for
good service Phono 274-L. F.
Y. Allon.
Instruction In Music
401, GarneU-Corey bldg. Fred Al
ton Halght, piano; Mrs. Florence
IlulUduy Halght, volco. Phone
Pbyslclnus nnd Surgeons
iiR?"i' '" a. " c ah lo wl un. bva
MAINS CAHLOW Ostcopatbto
physicians, 410-417 Garnott-Corey
bldg., phone 103C-L. Rosldonce
20 South Laurel st.
DR. W. W. HOWARD Ostoopathlo
physician, 303 Gnrnctt-Coroy
building. Phono 90 t-M.
DR. J. J. EMM ENS Physician and
surgeon. Practice limited to eye,
oar, noso and throat. Eyes scien
tifically tested and glusses sup
plied. Oculist and Aurist for S. P.
R. R. Co. Offlcos M. F. & II. Co.
bldg., opposite P. O. Pliono 567.
DR. R. W. CLANCY Physician nnd
surgeon Phones, offlco 36, rosl
denco 724-J. Offlco hours, 10 to
12, 2 to 5.
Physicians and surgeons. Office
300-310-311, M. F. & H. bldfcT.
Phonos, rosldonce S14-J3, office
cian and surgeon. Headaches and
block, opposito Nash hotel. Houra
10 to 12, 1 to 4. Phono U0-J,
T. G. HEINE, M. D. Eye, Ear.
Nose and Throat. Headaches and
uorvous conditions rolloyed by
properly fitted glasses. Cross eyes)
straightened. Offlco 238 E. Mala
st.phouo 303. Consultation froo.
Vi Intel a"d Publisher?
best equipped printing office. In
southern Oregon; book binding:,
lonso loaf lodgers', billing systems,
etc, Portland prices, 27 North.
Fir st.
Public Stenoitriiptier
M. T. EDWARDS, Bteographor
and Multlgraphluc, Rooms 403-110
Gnmett-Coroy building, Office
phono 709-J, restdenco phone
Office 42 North Front st. Phone
313. Prices right. Servlco guar
anteed. afc.
Take the right step now; pleasant,
profitable work not overdone; few
months learning: positions guaran
teed; wrlto for references and partic
ulars. Portland Watchmaking, Er
KravliiK nnd Optical School SIR Com
mn'nuoaltb Bldg., 0th and AultOHr,
I'oruunu, urucou,