Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, January 16, 1907, Image 1

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    24: No. 17.
V ol .
Entered um n ecoud-clu i matter May
B, 1906, at the poeto Bice at Coquille,
Oreeoa, ander act of Contre*» of March
3 , 187«.
Office at Slocum1* Drug Store.
C oquillb , OnaooN.
Attorney and Counoellor at Law.
Offioe opposite Mrs. Wickham’ s.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law
Firstolas* References
ifteen Years’ Eiperienoe
C o q u i l l e C ity , O bi
IMartin Building,
Front Street
CoyuiLLH, OaaooH
A. J. Sherwood,
A t TOBN BT - A T-L A W,
N otabt P ublio ,
C oquille,
Walter Sinclair,
A t t o b m s t - a t - L a w ,
N o t a b t P u b l i c ,
H all & Hall,
A ttobbbts - at -L a w ,
Desleí in R e a l E s t â t * of a ll kinds.
Marshfield, Oregon.
C. A. Sehlbrede,
Notary Public.
Phone 761.
M arsheirld , O rkoo *.
E. D. Sperry.
W . 0 . Ohase.
QMoe in Robinson Building,
E. 0. D. Holden,
L aw tbb ,
J u s t io* or t h * P baob
U. Ö. Commissioner, General Insaraneel
Agent, end Notary Publie. 0(8oe
in Robinson Building.
A. F. Kirshman,
D entist .
Office two door* South of Post o9oe.
Tem White, Monter
I Arrive«
Bandon ........ 7 A-M. | Coquille
I t a m .
Coo a ille ....... 1 p - m . | Bandon . . . 4 p m .
Connecte at Coquille with train for Marshfield
and steamer Ejho for Myrtle Peint.
J . 0 . Moomaw. M u ter,
I Arrives
Coquille........ 7 A-K. I
Bandon.. 10:45 a-M.
Bandon......... 1 p * m . | Coquille. 4:45 P-M.
H . Jams. Master.
M y rtle P o lu t.. .7 A-M. | oqnille (T y 9 90 a m .
Coquille C it y .. .1 P-M. | Myrtle P*t ..4 00 p - m .
Daily except Sunday.
# ^ T h e safe and reliable t i w -
The New and 8 p e « d y ,^ 0 0
Str. Elizabeth
C. P. Jensen. Master.
Will make regular tripe between
Coquille River and 8an
Fra n cisco .
ITo Stop-ower at W a y Porta.
Electric Light*. Everything in First
Class Style.
One b o n e 6 yean old, weight
about 1300 pound«, aleo one mero
3 yean old.
Enquire o f Henry
Grady, Norway, Oregon.
The Shrieves-Taylor Case.
The eridenoe in ease of the State
▼eieua W. H. Sbrieve* and Roy Tay­
lor waa submitted to the jury abort-
ly before 4 o'clock this afternoon.
The progress made in the Shreivea
Taylor case yesterday afternoon and
part of thie morning was alow and
uninteresting. Especially is this
true with the evidence submitted
yesterday afternoon, when the fol­
lowing witness for the defense testi­
fied: C- L. Williamson, o f police,
Joe Heath, nightwatcb, C. L.
Jameson, O. F. grown, Dr. Clark,
Dr. David Rae. Dr, R. 8. Thompson.
E. F. McConnell, and Dr. C. L.
Gritroan. They all seemed to testi.
fy alike. The physicians who were
placed on the stand during the mid­
dle o f the afternoon corroborated
the statements o f Dr. Thompson and
Dr. Gritman as to the the conditon
of the deceased before and after hie
Interest in the case seemed to liv­
en up a bit this morning when both
defendants. Roy Taylor and W. H.
8hreives testined in their own be­
half. Taylor took the stand imme­
diately following the opening of
court, and for nearly an hour sub­
mitted to direct, cross and re-direct
cross and re-direct examination.
Following is the story he told to
the ju iy: “ I met Shreives in the
Idaho saloon about 6 o ’clock. I
had been working nearly all the af­
ternoon with Grant Robbins unload­
ing a car of ice. After meeting
Shrieves, we plsyed several games
o f cards together. It was Hayes
and Collier who suggested that we
visit the red light district This
happened while we were in the
“ Pastime.” 1 did not want to go,
but Shreives wanted to talk to me
about Oklahoma, and at last I
agreed to walk down with him.
Hares, Collier and Shreives had
been drinking considerable. It was
because I did not want to g o into
222 that started the fight. They
kept pulling and hauling me, until
I got ma<I I did not strike them the
first tiffie I made a pass at them,
but the second time I hit Hayes.
Collier was standing right bock of
me, with bis hands in his pocket.
Ididnot know whether he had a gun
or not, and as I thought he was go­
ing to do me harm, I hit him. The
blow was struok withmy left hand,
and my fielcame in contact with hm
face. I did not strike hard. He fell
back on the sidewalk, and then rolled
over on the ground. Hayes started
to run up town and I followed him
about 40 feet, but he was too fast
for me and I could not catch him.
When I returned Collier was sitting
up on the sidewalk. I wanted him
to go with us up town, but he would
not. Shrieves then said that Grace
Flimings had telephoned for the
police, and we Shreives and I , start­
ed up town. We met Joe Heath,
told him of the affair and then went
back. W hen we arrived at the cor­
ner o f ‘A ’ and Almond streets, Coll-
ier was not there."
■‘When you returned, were you
not afraid that Collier would ahoot
you?” asked the prosecution.
No, I did not think any more
about it.”
"Y ou say that Collier was close
to you when you struck him. Now
tell ua how you struck him.”
“ I turned partly around when I
struck him. It was more of a push
than a blow. Collier waa ro drunk
that he fell over. I do not believe
the blow knocked him down.” “ Did
you strike Collier • second blow?”
“ No, sir.”
“ After he fe!\ did yon or Shreives
kick, or otherwise beat him?”
“ We did n o t"
The second defendant, Shreives
w m next called. After the defend­
ant waa aworn on oath he took the
witness chair. During the few min-
Attorney Moore waa engaged
in conversation with Attorney Forn­
ey, the witness sat motionless in his
chair his gaze fixed upon the twelve
men in the jury box. With a half
defiant and half aarcaatio smile hi a
gaze then wondered about the court
The greater part of Shreives’ tes­
timony agreed with that o f Roy
Taylor. Several times during the
direst and croea examinations, the
witness would start to answer the
question, then atop and ask the
stenographer to “ strike that out. defense. The really enteresting
Oregon Facta Deaired.
At no time did he seem oonfused; part of the trial was the fact that
Portland, Oregon, Jan. 7th, 1907.
on the contrary be answered all “ Someone,” according to the state’s
at any time sines Oregon
questions deliberately, giving evi­ evidence, has guilty of a dastardly
dence that bis knowledge of law crime and that the father of the de became a state has there been such
and hie familiarity with legal phra­ ceased had openly made the state- widespread interst in her develop­
ses was exceptionally good. The ment that every penny of his small ment as is evidenced by the letters
most important part of his testimo­ fortune, as well as his son’s would received from all parta of the Uni­
ny was his description of the fight be spent in bringing the oulprit to ted the Oregon Develop­
ment League.
which occured between Collier, justice.
President T. B. Wilcox, of the
Hayes and Taylor. “ I was stand­ The preliminary examination which
ing near the entrance of 222,’ stat­ lasted even longer than the final State League, has just authorized
ed the witness “ when the fight start­ trial, seemed to have proven in the an inorease in the advertising in
ed. Taylor, Shreives and Collier mind of Justice Cummiugs, that the thoroughly reliable agricultural pub­
were near the corner. A b I drew evidence was against the defend­ lications
close to the men, I saw Taylor hit ants. Public opinion rendered a
Hayes and Collier, I also saw Collier verdict of “ guilty. The evidence, exclusively to the agrictltural lands
fall.” Shreives denied that he asked as a whole, was strongly against the of the state, for it is an increased
Grace Fliming for any money or two men who were seen with Collier farm population that Oregon needs
saying that Collier had double on the fatal nighl. They were mud­ more than all else combined. Put
crossed them all evening and he dled and confused during the pre­ energetic farmers on the vacant
had got what he deserved. The liminary, and confused and during lands, cut up the large ranches and
the cities, towns and villages of
witness then told how he had tried the final trial. Taylor admitted
Oregon will grow and prosper.
to stop the fighting, and that when that he struck Collier, and the lat­
With that end in view Oregon is
Grace said that she would telephone
beiDg advertised as never before,
for the police, he auswered by say­ the ground, unconscious. There
and the inquiry is three times as
ing that he would call the police seemed but one way for the jury to
great as it was during the Lewis
himself, if he thought it necesary. decide. At all times during the
<fe Clark Exposition.
When asked if he heard the testi­ three days of trial the court room
Many communities of the state are
mony of Arthur Ransom in which was filled with critics, and it was
out literature to inquirers
he stated that he (Shreives) asked the simplest matter in the world for
lists of whom áre being fumised to
him fo r a piece of money, stating them to balance the scalo of justice
each and every one of the sixtv-three
that he bad to leave town because to their own liking, and now that the
organizations composing the Oregon
he was in trouble, Shreives. ‘ I final decision has been rendered
Developement League. Letters of
heard what Ransom testified to. I and the horrible charge has been
inquiry are coming in many lan­
removed, they still wish to vent
did ask him for money.’
guages— English, German, Swedish
“ Why did you ask him for their feelings upon the wroDg heads
and Polish lead: letters are coming
of twelve jurymen.
from every state in the Union, but
“ Because, I knew there had been
To one who attended the trial
Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Wiscon­
trouble, and I wanted to get out of throughout, and watched closely,
sin, the Dakotas, and Nebraska, are
about equal in number, and it is
Attorney Stillinger then asked the defendants, the jury’s verdict
from just these portions of the
the witness regarding his capture seems just in every particular. The
United States that we want our im­
and why he talked with Sheriff R ob­ legal battle was magnificent and
migration. An acourate conception
bins. To this Shreives answered: particularly so because it was clean.
of the enormous correspondence
■The chief of police at Colfax was
can best be had from the fact that
talking with Robbins, and I thought
Leading pianos are world knowe,
it cost $527.00 to pay the outgoing
it would do no harm to say a woid and need no boosting up. Of coursb
for the past twent-five
too. I asked him if he would not
An equivalent to this instru­ days from the Portland ofii:e alone
let me come back to Moscow alone, ment is the “ Netzoro.” Thousands
Remember that it is in January
as 1 intended to come any way that of them are sold yearly to people
that you get more readers than any
evening. The sheriff said that he
other month, because the farmers
would not do that, because he had by dealers who sell to make a sale.
in the cold section of the country
orders for my arrest.”
M. G. P ohl .
are resting, but February also is
Several other questions were ask­
important. One piece of literature
ed the defendant during the cross
and a personal letter sent today are
examination, after the counsel for
worth more than ten during the
both state and defense stated that
“ My mother has been a sufferer
farmer,s busy season.
they were through with the evi- for many years from rheumatism,”
says W. H. Howard of Husband,
Builds up waste tissue, promotes
The first argument for the state Pennsylvania. .“ At limes she was
unable to move at all, while at all appetite, improves digestion, in­
was made by Attorney Wm. Mor­ times walking was painful. I pre­ duces refreshing sleep, gives renew­
gan. His plea to the jury was sented her with a bottle of Chara- ed strength and health.
stroDg, eloquent and convincing. berlan’s Pain Balm and after a few what Hollister’s Rooky Mountain
He dwelt at some length up on cer­ applications she decided it was the Tea does. 35 cents, Tea or Tablets.
R. 8. Knowlton.
tain weak points in the testimony most wonderful pain reliever she
had ever tried, in fact, she is never
of the defendants
Taylor and without it now and is at all times
A 1 9 0 7 Diary, Memorandum And Ac­
Shreives, and the unshaken evidense able to walk.
An occasional ap­
count Book for Two Cents
of some of the leading witnesses plication of Pain Balm keeps away
for the state. He laid special stress the pain that she was formerly
C. A. Snow A Co., Patent Law­
For sale by R. S.
upon the testimony of Thomas Grice troubled with.”
yers of Washington D. C., have
who explained in detail the condi­
now ready their diary aod memor­
tion of the deceased before and af­
W anted .— About one dozen g o o d andum book for 1907, which they
ter examination.
coal miners $1.75 per ton paid. will send on receipt of postage 2
Following the argument of Mr. Will also give contract for the dig­ cents. This little book is useful.
Morgan, court adjourned to con­ ging of a 400 foot tunnel. Apply No where else that we know can so
much be had for so * little.
vene again at 1:30
to D. S. Rouse, Riverton.
The argument of attorney Frank
A Big Bargain in « Nice Home.
Moore for the defense, consumed
W anted : By Chicago wholes al
some time after the opening of court and mail order bouse, assistant man­
For a splendid bargain in a neat
this afternoon. He made a power­ ager (mau or woman) for this coun­ home in Coquille you cannot do
ful plea in behalf of his clients, aud ty and adjoining territory.
Salary better than to call at the H ebald of­
every portion of his argument was $20 and expenses paid weekly; ex­ fice or address Thomas Taylor,
pense money advanced.
intensely interesting.
pleasant; position permanent. No Cathlamette,
------------ *-«4 »«-«-------- ---
The closing argument by Attorney investment or experience required.
StilliDger was equally bb strong.) Spare time valuable. Write at once
A one-fourth interest in the
A fter the close of his argument the for particulars and enclose self-ad­
dressed envelope. Superintendent, equipment of the Coquille Hteam-
case was submitted to thp jury.
132 Lake St Chicago, 111.
boat Co., consisting of the steamers
The jury in the case of State of
Dispatch and Favorite, and three
Idaho versus J. H. Shreives and Roy
Chamberlains Cough Remedy the
Inquire of CapL T. D
Taylor who was alleged to have
best made.
White, Bandon.
committed the crime of manslaugh­
“ In my opinion Chamberlain’s
ter upon the person of David Collier Cough Remedy is the best mede
, 3 S T O T IO E
on the morning of July 31st, for colds,” says Mrs. Cora Walker
I have at my place on Hall’s creek
found the defendants guilty, shortly of Porterville, California.- There 4 miles above Arago. 1 team, 2 cows,
is no doubt about its being the beat. 3 calves and some oarpenter tools
after 8 o ’clock last evening.
No other will cure a cold so quick­ that must be sold soon. Any one
With the final decision of the jury ly.
No other is so sure a prevent­ needing any of these things should
in this case, closes one of the most ative of pneumonia. No other is so call and see me.
B. B. P aull
important, as well as interesting pleasant and safe to take.
For the freeheet.of cakes, pie and
cases ever fought in Latah county. are good jeasons why it should be
The fact bread call at the city Bakery First
Since the alleged crime was com­ preferred to any other.
is that few people are satisfied with Street
mitted during the month o f July any other after h*ving once used
A Gnm Tragedy
last, to the time of the trial, every this remedy.
For sale by R. S.
is daily enacted, in thousands of
scrap of evidence was oeing quietly Rnowlton.
homes, as Death claims, in each
moulded and si aped into damaging
J one, another victim of Consumption
evidence by the counsel on both
sides. The paosecution was firmly
convinced tbst the result would he cle No. 214: All members not pay- tragedy is averted. F. G. Ifuntle
conviction, while the defense was ing their assessments and dues by : of Oakland on, Ind., writes: “ My
equally as sure that the jury would the 28th of each month after Jan. { wife had the consumption, and
1st will have to sign a reinstate- three doctors gave her up. Finally
render verdict of acquittal. Dur­ ___
, I,..
T ____.. . .
. . . she took Dr. King’s New Disi
ing the trial, there was nothing un­
i e< y
; (or Congunjption, Coughs and Colds,
[which rurca her, and todav she is
usually sensational, further than Grand Clerk to do thie.
well and strong.”
It kills the
E mma C. M c D onald , Clerk.
the testimony of Grace Fliming,
germs o f all diseases.
One dose
and her statementa seem to have
81ickera, rubber boots and rain relieves.
Guaranteed at 50c and
been torn to pieces and east to the hats. Just wbat you need thie kind $1.00 by R. 8. Knowlton, druggist.
four-winds by the oounael for the of weather.
Geo. A. Robinson.
Trial bottle free
Tr* ,i":i
a t:
Under New M anagem ent.
W. H. Mansell, ft*
Best of Turnouts
Feed and Sale
S t r ic t l y
F ir s t -C l a s s .
Hay, Grain; Feed.
Oppoalte 1. O. O. P. Hall.
Successor to J. T. Little
We Carry ^
Fresh and Salt Meats.
We are headquarters fo r everything in the meat line.
wants always receives prompt attention.
7 in
\t / W
^ 7r\ 7N Tfs. 7 n /I s
\ jy V J / \ 1 /
M / M / N I / \ l/ \ l / \l/ S I /
\ i / \ l / \ l / \ i / \1 S \|/*
/ n 7 i \ /K 7 is /1\ s K /I n 7K 7f\ T ts 7K /
s K
7r\ 7K 7l\
Josh’s Place,
T. H. MEHL, Proprietor.
Card rooms
Pool Tables
Soft D rinks
Fruits, Nuts, Candies, Cigars and Tobacco.
City News Stand.
W. H. 8 CHR 0 EDER
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Front Street,
A ll
w ork
g u aran teed
t/W W W W W W W W W W W W S
Saddle Horses of best quality always on hand. Oood Rigs in redi
ness for special trips. In fact, a general Stage and Livery business.
Accommodations for Taveling men a specialty
Leave Coquille at 6 a. m„ arriving at Roseburg at 10 p. in. Fare $5.50
North Coquille Store
MRS. M. C. BOYRIE, Proprietress.
Fa ncy and Staple
Nuts, Candies, T o ­
bacco and Cigars,
North Enti <,■ *ienry Street Bridge.
For Bargains in Buggies and Carriages come and examine our line we
have the beet that money can buy at the lowest prices.