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    1111!, boro Independent.
dTwTeath. Editor and Proprietor.
MAY 1, 1908.
A stitch today may save i rip tomorrow.
Let omebody fl! light the kit
kacU ill Uii kwiuafciis.
An hour of thinking is oftentimes
better than an hour of hustling.
De Witt's Little Early Risers are
small, safe, sure and gentle little
pills. Sold by all druggists.
Insist upon De Witt's Witch Haz
el Salve. It is especially good for
piles. Sold by all druggists.
Happy is he who knows how to
get along with all he can get and
how to do without all he can not
Woman, if you have a good hus
band, make the most of him; you
may never have another as good as
Prompt and regular settlements
are commendable from every point
of view. Even the weather settles
every few days.
This is the season when farmers
are obliged to make everybody and
evervthine hustle. They even
work the butter.
The middleman is all right in his
place. It is when he reaches out
and tries to overlap both ends that
lie becomes offensive.
A good coat-hanger can be made
of a barrel hoop sawed in half
Smooth the ends and pasf a cord,
by which to hang it, through a hole
bored in the middle.
Plan to be around when the wash
tub is to le emptied on Monday,
a.Jd give your wife a lift. She will
thank you for it, and the world will
be brighter for you both.
Kennedy's Laxative Cough Sy
rup does not constipate, but on the
other hand its laxative principles
grntly move the bowels. Children
like it. Sold by all druggists.
Occupying a 1500 pew in a fash
ionable church while living and a
$15,000 vault in an aristocratic
cemetery when dead, will not ad
mit one to the kingdom of heaven.
Kodol completely digests all
classes of food. It will get right at
the trouble and do the very work
itself for the stomach. It is plea
sant to take. Sold by all drug
gists. There is nothing mean or narrow
about the American hen. She
cackles for all, and last year she
supplied Cuba with a million dol
lars' worth of prime eggs, to say
nothing of the enormous quanti
ties sent to England and other
I have just received a fine new
line of ladies' underwear, both in
the high grade as well as the
cheaper articles, in knit vests and
pants, long-sleeved corset covers
and union suits. Mrs. Bath.
II Reached the Spot.
Mr. E. Humphrey, who owns a
large general store at Omega, O ,
County Telephone Co., of Pike
County O., says of Dr. Kings New
Discovery: "It saved my life once
At least I think it did. It seemed
to reach the spot the very seat of
my cough, when everything else
failed." Dr. King's New Discov
erv not only reaches the cough spot
it heals the sore spots and the weak
spots In throat, lungs and chest
Sold under guarantee at the Delta
nrntr Store. coc and it. 00. Ina
o - j -
bottle free.
In spite of all the restrictive leg
islation, oleomargarine still main
tains its hold in the trade, and out
of 1 16 samples of butter analyzed
by the Pennsylvania Food Coramis
sioner is were oleomargarine and
all of them colored with coal-tar
dye N.itional Tribune.
When your food seems to nause
ate t.ike Kodol. Take Kodol now
ami until you are right again.
There isu"t any doubt about what
it will do and you will find the
trutU of this statement veri6ed after
you have used Kodol for a few
weeks. It is sold here by all drug
Remedy for aphis or plant lice:
1 liese tiny black, green or red in
sects are easily killed by using a
stion solution of tobacco in water.
Or kerosene emulsion, or whale oil
soap solution. Apply remedy early
when lice first hatch out and be
fore they are hidden by the curl of
infested leaves.
Mr. John Riha of Vining, la.,
says: I have been selling De.
wins Kidney and Bladder Pills
for about a year and they give bet
ter satisfaction than any pill I ever
sola. old by all druggists.
In coating seed corn with coal tar
as a protection against crows and
blackbirds, put the grain into i
pail and pour on enough warm wat
er to cover it. Add a teaspoon ful
of tar to a peck, and stir well.
ri . ,1
1 nrow me corn out on a sieve or in
a basket to dram, and then stir in
few hamlfuls of land plaster (gyp
sum ) Do not pour the tar on the
dry .seed.
for Sale.
Five-room, modern cottage on
Iluseline and Fourth, new, for
sale on very easy terms or
monthly payments. Inquire of
C Rhoados, Hillsboro, Ninth and
Baseline. I
Some of those dainty housekeep
ers who wonder why the farmer
wife spends so much time over the
frying pan and the oven, have had
no experience with appetites that
have been whetted by hours ot 101
lowing the plow or cultivator,
man who has been afield all day
does not want to sit down at a table
on which there is nothing more
substantial than sardine sandwiches
and angel cake.
The world's Best Climate.
Is not entirely free from disease, on
the high elevations fevers prevail
while on the lower levels malaria is
encountered to a greater or less ex
tent, accordine to altitude. To
overcome climatic affections, lassi.
tude, malaria, jaundice, billious
ness, fever and ague, and general
debility, the most effective remedy
is Electric Bitters, the great alter
ative and blood purifier; the anti
dote for every lorm of bodily weak
ness, nervousness ana insomnia.
Sold under guarantee at the Delta
Drug Store. Price 50c.
Fleet Celebration at San Francisco.
For the fleet celebration at San
Francisco, rates will be authorized
to San Francisco and return as follows:
From Portland, $25; from points
on the West Side and Yamhill di
visions via Portland, one fare to
Pottland plus $25; from all other
points in Oregon, one and one-third
first class limited fare for the round
trip, not to exceed the rate from
Sale dates are May 2nd and May
Final return limit is twenty-nine
Stopovers not allowed, continu
ous passage required in each direc
Children five years of age and
under twelve years, one-half fare;
sufficient to be added where neces
sary to make rate end in naught or
five. Children under five years of
age will be carried free it accom
panied by parent or guardian.
General Passenger Agent.
Chas. S. Fee. Passenger Traffic
tions Beaverton to Gaston, inclu
sive. Children of half-fare age, one
halt of above rates.
General Passenger Agent.
Chas. S. Fee, Passenger Traffic
Seems odd. but it is a fact, that
1.:, i ,1,!...- Va -of. ,..,.,.. .'.!iir
ture that follows what is known as
chrome tanning are the same kind
of a comfortable, flexible covering
for the feet that kid gloves are for
the bands. There is quite a ro
mance in the development of the
process, says Leslie's Weekly. The
spendieg of a fortune was involved
in the discovery and perfecting of
chrome tanning, and one inventor
who lived and worked in the home
of his widowed mother sold the fur
niture piece by piece to secure more
money for his experiments after his
fortune had been exhausted. The
bVUlpaiiit'UC liClf iiUd &Jviac Of IUC
girl who later became his wife were
the sustaining influences that final
ly brought success after years of
A Callfornian's Luck.
"The luckiest day of my life was
when I bought a box ot Bucklen's
Arnica Salve;" writes Charles F.
Budahn, of Tracy, California. "Two
25c boxes cured me of an annoying
case of itching piles, which had
troubled me for years and that
Sold tiuder guarantee at the Delta
Drug Store.
He had been calling on the young
ady for many moons, but, being
bashful, his suit progressed slowly.
Finally she decided it was up to
her to f tart something, so the next
time he called she pointed to the
rose in the buttonhole of his coat
and said: "I'll give you a kiss for
that rose." A large, open-face
blush meandered over his counte
nance, but the exchange was made.
Then he grabbed his hat and start
ed to leave the room. "Why.
where are you going?" she asked
in surprise. 10 the er florist for
more roses." he exclaimed.
Mayor Ezra S. Meals of Harris-
burg, Pa., has ordered the Police
department to see that drunken
men are helped to their homes in
stead of being arrested, and to com
pel the saloon uroprietors to take
care of the men found drunk in or
near their saloons. Mavor Meals
holds that it is not right to send
these men to the lockup so long as
tney are not troubling any one. Of
course the criminal drunks will be
dealt with summarily and the habi
tual drunkards will be sent to jail
to sober up, after which the mayor
will take them in hand personally
and give them a chance to get hold
of themselves. He goes on the
theory that drunkenness is a dis
ease. Whenever a man is taken
home the fact will be recorded for
future reference.
Bpecial Rates to the Greater Norria
and Rowe Circus Orer South
ern Pacific Unes.
For the greater Norris and Rowe
Circus (which will exhibit on the
dates and at the stations shown be
low) round trip tickets will be sold
at rate of one and one third fare.
Grants Pass, April 29th from sta
tions Cold Hill to Glendale. inclu
Roseburg. April 30th from sta-
ttons Riddle to Yoncalla. inclusive
Eugene, May 2nd from stations
Cresswell to Harrisburg, inclusive
and Brownsville to Wendling, in
C.I ..
aicm, .iay 4m lrota nations
Jefferson to Canby. inclusive, and
vVoodburn to Silverton, inclusive.
Albany, May 5th from stations
Halsey to Albany, inclusive, and
Tallman to Aumsville, inclusive,
including Lebanon.
McMinnville, May 7th from sta
tions Independence to North Yam
hill, inclusive, and Sheridan to Os
wego, inclusive.
Forest Grove, May ith from sta-
Colonist Rates.
"p!nnist rates will be in ef-
fectSS 1. 1 to April SO.
IIm8 from Eastern Pmtl f? the
Pacific Northwest as follows:
From Chicago to Portland, As
toria and Fuset Sound destina
tion? fi to points on the South
ern Pacific main line and branch
es, north of and including Ash-
Council Blurts to Kansas City,
Mo., inclusive; also St. Paul and
Minneapolis . St- L3, V
50. and from Denver, Colorado
Springs and rueDio ouhj
over nrivileges and other condi-
lions of saie wm w i''"''
the same as prevailed previous
ly." P. G. VlCKERS.
Agent S. P. Ky.
Post cards, the right kind, can
be found at Mrs. Bath's, Linkla
ter building, east of court house.
Eggs for Hatching.
S. C. Black Minorcas and S. C.
Brown Leghorns, $1.00 for set
tine of M At the Oregon Poul
try Show my birds won four
firsts out of a possible five in
competition with the best breed
ers in the state.
Reduced Rales to Grand Lodge.
For the occasion of Grand Lodge
A. F. & A. M. and Grand Chapter
R. A. Masons of Oregon to be held
in Portland, June 8th to 13th, a
rate of one and one-third fare on
the certificate plan is authorized to
Portland and return from all points
on the Southern Pacific lines
in Oregon, provided fifty or
mor mvtnrr mac- ii..r ,.f .
We couldn't moneyback
tea, if our tea weren't bet
ter than tea as you know it.
Your (rarer returns Tour money If roa aaa't
Ui Schil.lnj'i Beit: we par Ma.
kss than titty cents each have been
in attendance. Under these condi
tions, delegates and members of
their families, who have paid full
fare (regular first class rate) to
Portland, will be returned at one
third fare, but in no case less than
The building season is now at
hand and any one contemplating
work in this line should call on
The Climax Milling Co., when
figuring on material. We have a
complete stock always on hand.
Both .phones. x
Central Meat Market
te THE Dffl
Hillsboro, Oregon.
Pxrre""Binigsmr lllMicmes
We carry a complete line of Fino Sundries. If wo do not
have what you want in stock, wo will cheerfully get
it for you. Having been appointed Publisher's
Agents, we are now prepared to supply
All Your Wants in the
. . . .School Jtook Lino
We also have a full lino of Tablets, Tencils, Slates, Etc.
School Books will bo sold for CASH ONLY.
Fresh Meats and Groceries.
Opposite the Shute Bank
Your Trade Solicited.
Edison Home
is a woman's crown of glory.
You may have one with the aid
of a bottle of our hair tonic. It
cleanses the scalp, imparts vigor
to the roots and induces luxuri
ant growth. It is also absolutely
harmless as well.
enter into its composition. You
can use it freely and safely. It
is a preparation fully up to the
standard of all our drugs and
The Hillsboro Pharmacy.
Valued Same as Cold.
B. G. Stuart, a merchant of Ced
ar View, Miss., says: "I tell my
customers when they buy a box of
Dr. King's New Life Pills they get
the worth of that much gold in
weight, if afflicted with constipa
tion, malaria or billiousness." Sold
under guarantee at the Delta Drug
Store. 2 sc.
Party Rales.
Agents along the Southern Pa
cific Lines in Oregon are hereby
notified that beginning February
a, a round trip rate 01 one and
one-third fare between all points
on Southern Pacific Company,
uregon unes, may be made for
ten (W) or more bona bide mem
bers of regularly organized thea
trical, operatic or concert com
panies, glee clubs, brass or string
oanas, Dase ball clubs, foot ball,
polo or basket ball teams, travel
ing together on one party ticket
for the purpose of giving public
Also a one and one-third fare
rate for the round trip may be
made between the points named
above for twenty-five (25) or more
persons traveling together on
one party ticket; this twenty-five
party is not confined to regularly
organized companies or troupes
but is open to all.
General Passenger Agent
In the Connecticut River Valley,
land which at one time went beg
ging for buyers is now a gold mine,
paving its owners so much that
they can afford to spend on every
acre of it $ 60 or more a year merely
in fertilizer. "This $60 for iertiliz
ing is often quite as much as the ac
tual price of the land itself. To
bacco is really an extraordinary
crop. It can be grown almost all
over the world. Yet it will be an
essentially different plant in each
country. It u as sensitive to its
environment as if it were a vegeta
ble chameleon. Everything about
it. its texture, its color, its flavor '
depends on the soil it grow, in'
Two totally different varieties of to!
bacco can be produced within a few
feet of f.rl, ,t... , cw
. . T 11 "realc of
l'8h . sandy .oil runs close to heav.
Ps comes from the first, while the
"econd produces the filler.
Portland and Return. 90c.
ro, "ntil Urtr notice
sol,! 0.1 "-"irn, win be
j " . .r,wlu' twxl on Kat.
n v C t
Monday train. ' UnUay or
The price of this outfit, including
which ii the same here as in the Eaut ; vou thug save the transportation chargea,
" wuw 1 uu can uuy uieio niacnines lor can a or installments,
- vuv u pnuw, uu iuicrvsi on insirtiimcrus. aiacninei are guaranteed.
v-au ai my store ana bear them play all kioda of music. Every American
E. L. Mccormick, Hillsboro, ore.
- - m- mmm m aw a
No Cnrtftllt. A ttCri fie rcmcdv far Airh aniT. A.U u. i ;i .l.
eondcoMd tuenc. of th. dru( us.J. Remit guaranteed. Aak lor and try one. BLUE BELL
stomach Tab eta. or Diarrhoea, r.nun n.. r..,.i. u. i- . r-'. L .... .
JZ m f.?r,?'d PP'' Worm. Kidney. Headache. Summer Compla.nt. Sootbin "For
V' ttmt" R.n'tor. Quinay, Bright Sun.hin. "Sexual Tonic," tablet or BLUE
tae LL Cough Syrup. Man Ham Liniment or file Kemedy. We print th conatituentaof each remedy
HP-!..!!?., o". a they comply with all pur. dm law. Distributed by THE BLUE BELL
"""VMU incorporated; capital Stock VJUU.OOO.UO; Watertown. South Dakota. U. S. A.
Fou Sale i:v the Delta Duuo Stoke.
"Star of the First Magnitude."
FACT Number 10 The TJndfrwoot! Escapement is
laslrr than the f sslrst 0inxlok'.
The SMIIcd Mechanic sji;,-;: "it
will lust a hundred yeurs "
New VorU or AEyuhctc,
The Mortons will sell to close out, two and three year old Apple
Trees at 15 cts. each; Peach and Pear Trees, 15 cts, each, Lambert. bKlUUCJ HORSE AND CATTLE TABLETS
Royal Ann, Late Duke and Kentish nt 25 and 35 cts. each; grafted tree Crush and mix In feed or salt Proper dose in tablets
Roses, 75 cts.; Frau Kael Druscliki and Marsbamcl 35 cts., and many MA.. Yr 5tn,l I I :!, T. D-
- vf w
For Horac. Cattle. Sheep. Swine and Fowl. They art made from th active princiol or th
other varieties at from 10 cts. to 25 cts. each; Flower Seeds in papers;
Sweet Peas in bulk.
TMnnta nrt rnn 1) Pncttino rta a Af- a I r Or II 01
China Aster, iscts.: Pansy, i.scts.; 30 or 40 thousand Tomato plants, 'od wb" 1 ' old when 10 day old. Thry comply w'itu n pure dm law. Aikior
, . . j j n 1 f i-n i' 1 u nd T SKIDOO Condition Tablet., or SKIDOO Worm. Kidney. Chicken Cholera
, j , , .. . . .......... vuurt.., uisicmpcr, rina r.ye, tone tatilelnor I. OHM Powder.
opiTin .nr or Bare tvir Liniment. Dittributed by THE BLUE BELL MEDICINE CO
Incornorafed: Ciml.1 jClb tvn rnn m. uy., . e...i . . . n w.
, . f-.. w.wv.w, .T.iviivifii, guuin uaKOia, U. a, f.
SO cts per hundred; Celery, 30 cts
ready, $ per thousand. Expect to have 75 to 100 thousand late Cab
uae plants in their season at low prices. We also have Walnut Trees
and small fruits and ornamental shrubbery. We ship to all parts of the
For Sale by the Delta Drug Store.
Open for business Tuesday, March 17. in the Ilcwett building
on Main Street, opposite the feed barn
Carbonated Drinks of all kinds Fountain Tanks
charged and Liquid Gas for sale
Sh outline
Three Trains to the East Daily
rta 1.43 p m. and Sunday trains
and return no- r,r r, l,r,ns.
-r vi
We're Risht In It
When it comes to the selling: of
hiph-grade groceries of all de-
scriotions. In tea. coffee, flour.
butter, cheese, etrgs, canned
gotxls, cereals, breakfast foods
and all kinds of groceries, we
not only give you the best quali
ties, but tne best weignt in ail
eases. And our prices are such
as cannot be easily matched by
any of our competitors when qual
ity is considered.
Q' HillfiborOyOre.
Thrnnab Pnl'man Mamlarri anil tnnri.t
Ins ' dally tn Omaha, (')iiraKn, p-,kan.
tiarltilMpinrr dally to KanM.CItT: tlironiih
I'ullmaD iourlut ipnlna; rar (prnnall cm.
diK'IKl) wel. to ( liicavo anil K.n... i ii. ...
fllnlnir rhair rax ifn ijnllyi tn Kt .tiitly '
No haiiite of Car
J'KI'Ai It
i a m tIb
l.'i p in
la Hunt.
St. I'a'Tl
K-l Mall
6:1 n tu
fntin I'tirtUii'l. lir.
-Bit l-ane. iH-uvrr. H.
Wurili. 111111111, Knn
Uy, "t Linn., i tii-
co K ll I K'l
-lt l.akp, liruvrr. Kl.
Worth, iiniaha, Kan
a( ity, t. Loin. I hi
i aK ami Kn.t
Walla Walla, W.i,,n
xikaTio.w(., i nn
man, Hlnn. aill, i-t.
I'aul, I'liluih. Milwiiu
, lilcm.anit Ka-l
f H'p m
AH p m
s on p m
Knr fiirthor Infnrmallua auk or write Tour
nwr.M tlfk"t w.-ni. or
General Passenger Agent,
The Oregon Railway and Navigation Co.. Portland, Oregon
Tree Delivery
Of the best Fish, Game and
Meats. Our delivery is prompt
,u ' pans 01 Hillsboro,
We have inaugerated a
new Schedule in Prices
and this together with our de
livery system makes this Hills
boro' popular market.
Corwin & Heidel,
(urati Bros,,
Denim in
Hillsboro Real Estate
Office south of Court House, MIn
Money to Lan.