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11 JLJiii &HKJ1LJ
I N I ) K ! ' K N I ) K N C K , OKEGON, I'HUHSDAY, DKCKMHKR 3, mm.
I llua ami hope thlr atay will be both
pluaaanl and prolltablM.
TU abov U taken from a Kelaey
v II l, California, paper and rf'T to
la con of our lownanmn, J. II. Culllna
B. F. JONEI rati UIT against
Platform of B. F. Jon.
Indipndn, Ora., Ih-c. 2.
lion. Aaa Itoblnaon, Recorder of the
t'liy of Independence;
ltnr Sir,
1 hereby accept the now
Itiatlun for the of fit e of Mayor of the
Chargaa that Rataa Art Unjust, Un-lc'lty of Independence, aa tendered mo
raaonabl and Unfair Rauroaai,t u,0 cilUviia' Mooting held on the
Commlaalon Hat Caaaa Under Ad- j7tn ,jay 0f November, l!oS.
vlaement at Pretent Tim. I Not having been a candidate for
the office, and not being present at
the meeting, and not wlahlng to tula-
. . a . II .a ... . . I. - t . .
D. F. Join rHurnwl Alonaajr irwiu una nnyunu, j umui iv w.hw lur uio
. I - . I . I . . 111.. ... I u
Salera wbero h haa been iryuig wj urioiiy aiaie my puamvu vu vnj
caae bofor the Railroad CommUnlon. affair, thon the voter will not be
Mr Jonia filed two case before tlm deceived.
-.m minion: one asalnal tne taunt, jai. i ueiievo in iuumripi ou
Ex ores Company, operated over the ehlp.
id... ,,f (he O. R. at N. Company. 2d. 1 believe In tho cliy havlug a
and one aualnat Hie Will Fargo fcx- good water and aewcrage ayateni
,., ronmaiiy. operated over all the 3d. believe In enforcing all city
.. . . i . ,l.. I ,i l . 1. . .!.,.
Hue In Oregon, oil Hie grounua wii I oruinanrea, or ii uu um- mi mv
ihi-lr charge are unjust, unreason- bo repealed.
iblo and unlawful. That the mayor and council
The caae agalnat tho Pacific tx- men carry out the wlabea of tho po-
pre Company wa beard on Novem- tliloner if they are the majority of
ber 18th and l under aavieiucuii citizen oi jnuepeuuuucv.
with tint Railroad Commlaalon. Hie 5th. I will If elected to the office
Every Bualneaa Houae In Town Will
Cloi During Seaalon of Good
Roada Convention and All Farmer
of th Country Will Attend.
The good roada bulldera will be In
Independence Monday. It will be the
blgxeat meeting ever held In Inde
pendence. You will come to aee the
great gathering. Will the opera
hotme be big enough to hold the peO'
plot It will be aomelblng to be long
Something of the Importance of the
meeting la told In tho following toi
ler, which haa been aent to almoat
everybody in Uila end of the county:
"Independence, Oregon, December
2, 1908. Dear Sir: A convention haa
been called to meet In the opera
bouae In thla city at 1 o'clock, Hon
caae axalnHt the Well Fargo Kxpreaa of mayor, endeavor to carry out these day, December 7, 1908. This conven-
....,.,v heard on the 30lb. and prlnclplea and ahall at all time won non la cauoo. ior me purpose oi ui
after the plaintiff. U. F. Jonea, bad for a greater Independence
put In hi evidence the attorney for
the expreaa company filed a moiion i
dlamlaa tho caao on the grounda that
tho plulutlff had not proven that the
r.iuy w..r iiiiluuful and uniiiHt. Tho
cuaalng method and to create aentl
ment at the coming aeaalon of the
legislature to secure legislation for
Improvement of the public highway
of Polk county and the atate at large.
Marked for Death
'Three yeara ago I waa marked I for state appropriation for road work.
Railroad Commission took the case for death. A graveyard cough was for a atate road supervisor, and for
..,H..r ..ivisemeiit and ordered the ex- te.-irlug my lungs to pieces. Doctors legislation looking to the employment
. ...i. . .1... ..,,m. I ,.(!. In kuln ma an I hnna tlflrl fllt I Of Htnt and COUIltV criminals On the
press company 10 mmm" iu tii..u w i - -
mission a statement of their earn- when my husband got Dr,
iu I., nreirnn. -N'w Discovery," say Mrs
" I. . . .. . - . rr. 1 l . . I . .tf .,.1 . . A . . ptr ln kommnw n.t.K tha
I.. .lbl,, n( IA rnS.'H to a re tro- '.VWIiaiUS. OC VSC, n.y. lUO hij. iu nm in no. iu; ".in m-
114 I .... .. , I .1.1. In .Iii4n Dtfl.
i..i.iilv if this tmner Mr. Jones aoso nejpeu mo biiu impruvt'iuuiH .7 "'ft"""""" ... -
,n -u- "Th rates in Oregon are kept on until I bad gained C8 pounds benefits to Polk county
a hundred per cent higher than they In weight and my health waa fully purpose It is Intended to hold a mon-
are in the state of Indiana, Mlssou- restored." This medicine holds the sier convention in mis cuy on me
. i '... ,! Texas and the world healing record for coughs and above date. Every business house of
Jnress coiuDUuies are putting up a cold and throat and lung disease. Independence will be closed on this
hard baltio to maintain these rates, u prevents pneumonia.
Sold under date during the time of the meeting
They have a number or tiuiia omcuiw guarantee ui mi uiumlw
hero from New York and their best j $1.00. Trlul bottle free.
legal council is hero to assist their
Portland attorneys
.Personally, I have no grievance
against the railroads or the express
companies," continued Mr. Jones.-but
as a representative of tbo.peopio i
want to see that they got a square
deal. If the express companies are
DOc and
to allow business men to attend the
Tile state Is becoming very much
aroused over the importance of good
roads and meetings are being held
In all parts of the state where the
subject is being discussed. This is
ne of the paramount questions be
fore us at this time. Good high
ways will do more toward securing
new homeseekers . to the Willamette
valley than any other one thing,
charging the people unjust, unreason
able and unlawful rateB.whleh I be
lieve they are. then it is the duty of
the railroad commission to find and he twQ rura, mal, carrler8 out of lands through which they traverse,
fix reasonable rates."
Arch Parker and J. P. Dickinson, 00 rads enhance the value of the
Independence, were lounging about in whll re Sreat 8urc f con
Drosecutlng . ,...,, u, ., venlence to the farmers as well. It
oMnmev. is assisting Mr. Jones in .. nnn RSt week wlth should bo a duty of the state to as
the cases. long, glum faces after a day's cold 8lt this matter, and these meet-
their routes. They were U'B wnicn are oeing neia in au pans
o., moona c,i lire intenaea to create a sentiment
trip over
turn Daa H af Parrvdaifl. fd KiniiHRtnfl' wava
4. hnmo nf the bride's par- L,.hVwla, seeking to lmorove on the tn that "Section. It is urgent upon
ents Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Perry, on comtort8 attendant on their arduous fveiy farmer to attend this meeting,
t.u I,..., K.mi,p, acth. at 2 P.m., hMpS. On these cold, danuv foggy lendInK hu Jnfluence for better roads
occurred he marriage of their daugh- day8 lt ls very trying on the car- " askance m tne mac
ter Miss Viola, and Mr.-Hugh woni rlera t0 find a box in which mere ;
V, o. .ram r.o..l.l offlcUv U q i nf pennies that have to be lno principal speaaer ai mis con
Zr "fished" out and letters requiring vention will be Judge John Scott of
D . .... ... saiem wnn win ho nsiBiafoii wirr
The bride was taBtlly dressea m stamps. Their lingers get so numo
1110 unuo . ' . , j . ., . lmana and eharta exnlnlnlnir thA varl
..... u.i. .irMod in ner nauu rrnm tha enm mat n is almost bu ' r
wnue '"-;-... Varn. m t ,,, n n nonn, r, ous plans of building roads and their
a beauumi uoug.uu,. t ----- .. , v r - - . .
,.,u riressed n Ln, h a preat. conven ence and approxlmate cost Per mue'
tions. iub ft.""" " . ' : - .-sneakers will nlsn ha nresent and
nventlonal black. The newly nar- would show mucn ieiiow leeung u - - -- , ' 7
rle, counle left on the evening ' ln the patrons of the routes would think "T.S. II ,
' of this and wouia try to maae it
easier for the carriers. If they
e would buy a quantity of stamps at
a time it would enable them to
stamo all their mall matter, or if
,m, wild crane and holliv; u-- they run out, they might put the Quite a number of, Highlanders ai
der an arch of the same the bride money in an envelope so that the tended the basket social given at Bu
,, rnom Btood supported by Mr. carriers would not have to get out of ena Vista last Wednesday evening.
HUU 6IUU11I ' . . . . , . i A Ml.. Mill, llnv.
and Miss Cora Jjam- their rigs to pics up me yeiiuieo """'-s nicm liiuim nn.-
for their home near Perrydale,
county, where they will reside.
Only the immediate friends C
contracting parties were preset
The home was beautifully
talnment of those in attendance will
b' arranged for."
nivdfl Perry
berg, as bridegroom and bridesmaid, which get away from them
The table was furnished wun u
beautiful bouquet by Mrs. Rogers.
Forest Grove Times.
Buys Store at Kelseyville
We take pleasure in announcing
that Charles Collins, who, with his
wife, came here some two or three
months ago to take charge of the
Owl Drug Store, has bought the busi
ness and will become a permanent
resident here. Mr. Collins is a grad
uate of the Portland, Oregon, School
of Pharmacy, and also holds diplomas
In Washington and California, ana
has had twelve years experience. He
la a young man of pleasing address,
bright, intelligent, accommodating and
of good habits, and we believe win
become popular with our citizens and
build up a good business. Mrs. Col
lins is a woman of quiet, dignified
bearing, though thoroughly eocial.and
ls already making many friends. We
heartily welcome Mr. and Mrs. Col
ander, Joe Anderson, Gail Alexander,
A little tin box to put pennies in Henry and Vern McElmurry and C
would solve the problem. The car- E. Nash, who took an active part in
rlers could easily secure the pennies the sale of the baskets,
from a little box. Try something of Parker is certainly coming into the
hto Unit nnd se if vou can't helD limellr' t as it was the scene last
tho -nrriers nut. Wednesday of a small sized wreck.
A heavy laden freight train was cross-
Beware of Frequent Colds. ing a cattle guard when the iron
A succession of colds or a protrac- braces near the front end of a car
ted cold is almost certain to end in loaded with lumber gave way. Timb
ehronic catarrh, from which few per- ers were torn from the car and the
sons ever wholly recover. Give every cattle guard was demolished ana
cold the attention it deserves and track torn up. After hard labor the
you may avoid this disagreeable dis- crew succeeded in sidetracking the
ease. How can you cure a cold? disabled car,
Whv not trv Chamberlain's Cough Gail Alexander was an Independ-
Remedy? It ls highly recommended, ence visitor Saturday,
Mrs. M. White df Butler, Tenn., says, Harry and Ed Valllere were trans
Several years ago I was bothered acting business in Independence Sat
with my throat and lungs. Someone urday.
told me of Chambeerlain s Cough rea Haman left Monday ror iroui-
Remedy. I began using lt and lt re- dale, where he expects to work in a
lieved me at once. Now my throat meat shop,
and lungs are sound and well." For Our school had certainly ought to
sale by P. M. KIrkland.
or for but month, aa hav nidt
an avra In att.-ndam e of 99 9 p r
llpnry and Orn MrKluiurry wvr
lmli'pntlnre vlaltor Saturday.
C. K. Nah apent Friday. Saturday
and Similar with tila paronia at
Hu ii a VUta.
i'rtrr Khaf.-r tella ua that h U
till 4-onvttrilnf John Compton'a tuk
and anil limber Into tordwood.
Jo Loundrc began plowing- on the
Ireland plara Tu-aday.
Clint Ague, who haa been away
Waiting, returned a week ago Sun
day. If a at ran iter ahould happen thru
h.rn Juki now be would think that
all the young men and many of the
older onct were studying aatronomy
by lb way they are watching the
We understand that Fred Feather-
atone has ordered a hundred dollar
tump puller. That certainly look
aa though Kred Intended cleaning up
his farm. I
Mr. Agee'i mother la now spending
a fw weeka with him here.
Work on the Ireland farm is pro-
greaslng rapidly a there were five
teama plowing today (December 1)
and more expected tomorrow. Thjy
are rushing the work, a their walnut
tree will aoon arrive and they want
to fiuUh the work while this good
weather la8t.
Once more we aee the pleasant and
mlllng countenance of Joe AndeMjn
on our mall route. Mr. Dickinson ha
a vacation of two week and Mr. An
derson Is tilling his place.
We understand Frank Valllere In
tends setting bis farm out in fruit
trees and berries a very profitable
Henry Dickinson was In Indepen
dence on business Wednesday.
Mr. Simons came up from Salem
Tuesday to visit his son here and
returned Wednesday.
Miss Edith Alexander left Monday
to stay with her aunt, who is quite
sick, near Wellsdale. She will return
Quite a number of our young
'Highlanders' took in the show at
ndependence Wednesday night. "
I have a customer for a ten acre
tract of land. If you have a good
piece of land with no improvements
and suitable for haying purposes and
is not spotted I have your man.
must be good land and I must have
information not later than Saturday
morning. Better telephone to me.
How about that five acre tract
advertised for last week? I have
not found the land. If you have
telephone to me and If you haven't
the kind that I want may be your
neighbor has. TeJI him about it.
Chas. E. Hicks, Agent.
A Personal Appeal.
If we could talk to you personally
about the great merit of Foley's Hon
ey and Tar, for coughs, colds and
lung trouble, you never could be in
duced to experiment with unknown
preparations that may contain some
harmful drugs. Foley's Honey and
Tar costs you no more and has
record of forty years of cures. P. M.
Independence Boys Outclassed.
Indenendence and Corvallis foot
ball teams contested on Hill s Ball
Park on Thursday afternoon. In this
game Independence was outclassed in
every particular, weight, trciniug, etc.
It is claimed the Corvallis team out
weighed our boys by at least twenty-
five pounds to the man. A large at
tendance was out to see the game.
The score was 16 to 0 in favor of
Corvallis. The Corvallis boys staid
over to attend the Thanksgiving
dance in the evening.
Type for Sale.
The Independence Enterprise has
150 lbs. new body type for sale.
Used less than six months. Will sell
it for half cost price. Write today
about it.
For Eczema, Tetter and Salt Rheum.
The intense itching characteristic
of these ailments is almost instantly
allayed by Chamberlain's Salve.
Many severe cases have been cured
be placed on the county roll of hon- by it. For sale by P. M. Kirkland.
Men's & Boys' Clothing
Wev'e just selected from our
regular line of Clothing 120
Men's Suits and we have placed
them on our bargain tables at
20 to 30 per cent reduction in
price to close out broken lines.
All sizes, 35 to 44. 190 Young
Men's Suits at 20 to 40 per cent
reduction . . . Over 200 Boys'
Knee Pants Suits at 20 to 40
per cent reduction.
of Christmas Merchandise is great
spick and span new goods from the
best manufacturers of America and
Europe. New Dress and Waisting
Silks, new Wool Suitings in the new
directoire materials.
We are showing the lates New York
craze: the
EmpressNippon Coats
Also all the new styles in Directoire
Suits, sheath Skirts, silk Petticoats,
fine Furs, silk Umbrellas, kid Gloves
in all shades, fancy neck wear and
Ruchings. We show the strongest
line of up-to-date new merchandise
shown in this part of the world and
at prices you cannot beat in Chicago
or New York.