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Experience is a dear teacher, as those who pin their
faith to Merctirv find out sooner or Inter. This power-
Tells the Wondering Natives of Lewis
and Clark Fair Lays Before Them !
the Beautiful Story of the Oregon J
Country. '
ful poison combined with Potash, is the treatment gen
erally prescribed for Contagious Blood Poison, but failure
nnil clisannointmcnt is the invariable result. These Klin-
47 :i
It Will Make You Heel Good
when ou get into one of the
collars laundered at this es
tablishnenl if you have been
having your linen done up by
an inferior method Shirts,
collars aaid cuffs laundered
here is the acme of fine wo-k
and we send them home with
a color and finish that is be
yond con. petition
Court and Thompson -drifts
Impresses most people with the Idea
that we hare. the Implements and the
"know how" 'when It comes to put
ting a new tire on a carriage or wagon
wheel. Same thing applies to every
feature ot carriage and wagon re
pairing repainting. rerarnlshinf;, re
upholstering and generally making
the vehicle look as good as new. Your
orders, please.
Our .new hydraulic tire setting ma
chine does away with the old method
It thickens the iron instead of burn
ing the wood. We do not split the
wood in getting off the tire, and we
do It while you wait Last longer
than the old way. Call and look at
it work. Hacks. Buggies and Winona
Wagons. Anything that runs on
wheels a prices that are righL
We have the Stover Gasoline Engine
"Yes. I am from away out In Ore-,
gon. and it Is so far West that It be-
gins to be East; for we are in close
touch with the Orient, the islands of
the Pacific and. in fact, the world
a country unsurpassed In natural en
dowments, cultivated resources, vast
opportunities and marvelous posslbil-1
I itfes. Our climate Is neither severe
I in winter, nor extreme in summer."
I says Edyth Tosier Weatherred to an
Atlantic City paper.
! "You Easterners go yoarly to Eli
j rope, rave over the grandeur of the
i scenery, leaving the impression that
' the Creator nefrtected Oncle Sam's
j great plantation when here, and far
I beyond the Rockies, we can present
a panorama unsurpassed on the i
I globe. ,
"In the zreat Northwest gigantic
i mo -Mains of perpetual snow tower 1
i high Into the blue heavens. Water-'
i falls leap hundreds of feet Into lordly
! rivers and pass through gorgeous
' natural waterways to the sea. Our
valleys are rich In fields of wheat
i and other grain, three to five thousand
' acres in one plat, and massive forests
I where trees stand two and three hun
1 dred feet. 10 to 12 feet in o.ameter
for a distance of 60 feet.
"In 1905 the Oregon country will
celebrate the 100th anniversary oi
the expedition of Lewis and Clark
sent out by President Thomas Jeffer
j son Great and grand preparations
1 are going on. all or which will be fin-
ishpl by May 1. 1905. and the world
j is invited to come and view the re
I sources of America and the Orient.
"We also hope to have the Interna
, tional League of Press Clubs with us
j in June oi that year, feeling sure that
: their entertainment will surpass all
previous occasions."
ends drive in thesorcs and eruptions, and apparently the k,
dise.ise is cone and the naticnt believes the cure penna- TTI
nent, but soon learns, better when the old symptoms
return almost as soon as the treatment is Iclt on. ou
must cither keep the system saturated with mercury or endure the tortures
of sore mouth, ulcerated throat and the mortification that one naturally
feels w hen the body is covered with disgusting sores, rashes, copper-colored
splotches and other aggravating symptoms of this vile disease.
Mercury and Potash are poor crutches, and their use eventually breaks
down the constitution, ruins the digestion and cause the bones to dec.iv.
S. S. S., a guaranteed purely vegetableremcdy, is t'. c
only antidote lor contagions hioou roison. n de
stroys e-cry atom of the deadly virus, overcomes the
bad effects of the mercury and cleanses the blood and
system so thoroughly that never after are any signs
Nor is the taint ever transmitted to others.
Wc wit: send free our book on Contagious Blood Poison, which is inter
esting and contains full directions for treating yourself at home. Medical
advice or any special information desired given without charge.
of the disease seen
Gray's Harbor
Commercial Co.
We pnpt Keep Everything
But we do keep a good big
stock of nice dry Flooring,
Ceiling, Rustic and Finish,
in all grades. Also all kinds
of Dimension Lumber, In
cluding Lath and Shingles.
Our stock of Doors, Win
dows, Moulding, Building
and Tar Paper and Apple
Boxes is complete, and any
one In need of Lumbtr will
not be wrong In placing
their order with the : :
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. W: & C. H. Denot
There Will Be an Entire Change of
Program Tonight.
The Cockatoo circus, that has made
neh a decided hi
for another week.
The Uamars. the great acrobatic
and barrel Jumping team, will appear
or one week.
Lynden and Wrenn will be seen in
that very funny sketch. "The Colored
Lady From Dixie Land."
North. South and Dixie will make
s complete change.
Mr. Joseph Lee will sing new illus
trated songs. An entire new list of
moving pictures on the Polyscope
Next Thursday night will be known
as amateur night. In addition to the
regular professional bill there will
appear for the first time several local
aspirants. The management Is com
pelled to Increase the seating capac
'ty of the park, as the present capac
ity has been reached nearly even
night. '. .
Provides an evening of rare enjoyment
Good, clean, wholesome fun. Not a
dull minute.
.aas oysters i
lira ei
' Ji "SO r
arm a.
Near O. R. & N. Depot
Admission, 20c Children, 10c
I Rsisinras Sf Md(Q)im
4-4-T-f4-!-- --r--;-T-- -l--l--i-,l-,l-----l--r-!--
W It nr-n in Qf An of fVJ i.I. r
The Breakers Hotel Is conducted to attrai t the hev .
nnj Is a summer hotel that is unsurpassed on the PaVis
north of the famous California beach resorts.
The building has an ocean front of lot) feet s 7C feet
four stories high, or 73 root from the ground flow to the to
it l.ne 1, ntifl a nniolr fllrn!cVifft mnme t.t.
,.iticte imph rnnm linlm mmnfnrl yf
Tlie house is lighted by electricity with e'er trie lights
trie call bells In every room, and these lights mnkn it .
w.c? tr?)Unnt (lAnnAne nw tho ATltlrrt .nisi c '
The entire lowor floor Is thrown open to the pu'-'le aaJ
beautifully carpeted, the spacious reception rn ,rn and lan
nuns umvujs ivim feaiiKumi; imi-is lor guests, The ,;':
lira puui ruum m ;u nu.u jmi, u,ui iui mnrv Ka'lionngs
An Aool'an anu Pianola In the commodious parlor fnrai!
dc'ichtful music nt nil times, and musicals ar- pleasant feir
durliie the entire season.
The Hreauers has a regular orchestra whu1 furnishes m
for informal dances and halls, and the largo u:nns room ia
sraoowi. nnru uuor, iimnus uu iuj unn iur rt-u ar daufirg rar
An abundance of fresh and salt wnter fish. 1 .aas oysters r
ami other sea food Is always on our menu, i-ur
milk, birter ntid cream comes from our own 1- ''
and iioultry and eggs aro supplied from the hi t. 1
the grounds.
There are hot and cold, fresh and salt vatcr
house, with private baths and toilets.
The waves of the ocean at high tide roll wit! .n
hotel, and the beach In front 1 superb for sun 'a'.h.ri:
On the grounds are bowling alleys, golf lirl.r. tn.s ronra
croauet sets: on the lakes, Just hack of the hotel ,s a flet of
and rowboats, and on Shoalwater Bay. just east 01 the lakes a
gu-io'lro launch for parties of fishermen, pnmi.cs .r others
prefer the warm, still-water bathing to the turn! Un of -he si
All trains stop at the railroad station In the h it., ip-jands':
no crowding Into hotel omnibuses or walking in sac! is cecess:
pirre the hotel ground Is a perfect velvety lawr wL' rc the f3!
are practically lantiotl at tuc notei uoor.
The Breakers Hotel is located at Breakers Sta'ioa a rer,
ticket office where all trains stop. It is one and a half n eir
01 I on? Beach Station.
In purchasing tickets see that they rcaC te P'-c. rs V!v
and have baggage checned through to that point
Telegraph and telephone tonnortions in the Ipt
Clip out this Coupon
Write the name of h- laU citrk ou v.1-1 - n" I
Okl..mn tu the Hotel Breakers, on two u.ihs vc
blank s-pace be o v.
I vote for
feet t
Employed at.
t .1 . t .1. T . . 1- -V
Conrad Platzoeder
All kinds of Fresh
Meats always on
hand Fine Baton,
Hams anu Sausage.
Prices as low as the lowest
Central Labor Union at Seattle is
Conducting One.
Seattle. Wash., July 27 The earn;
val under the auspices of tht Western
Central Labor Union, for whi'h prep
arations have been in progress for
several months, opened today in a
blaze of glory. The carnival is the
most ambitious affair of the kind
ever attempted In this auction of the
country. A large area centrally lo
cated has been set aside for carnival
purposes and here are elaborate ex
hibits made by merchants and manu
facturers, as well as by the labor or
ganisations. In addition to these dis
plays there are numerous features of
entertainment In the way of athletic
and vaudeville shows. Probauiy the
most interesting features of the two
weeks' program, however, will lo the
aquatic contests and the various pa
rades and pageants
On Its Merit
Has the large demand for
Byers' Best FIoui
Been built up. Only the choicest wheat that prows enters in
to Byers Best Flour. It's perfection in Flour Made bj the
W. S. Byers, Proprietor.
All Coupons of i'Serics I! r : - W voa I
noon Wednesday, al iq. It, - e v.iuj
to the Kafct Oregouian Offici
Tf TWCrm rri7 Portland
PtJUE and iEW
Rigby-Clove Mfg.!
Trial of Jett and White.
Cynthlana. Ky.. Jur 27. Th ape
clal term of the Hftrriaon clrenit
court to try Curtis Jett and Tom
White for the murder of James B.
Marcum. convened here today with
Judge J. J. Osborne presiding. Al
toough no disorder i expected it has .
been deemed advisable by the author
ities to detail a amall guard of militia
at the Jail and to Insure the safety of
Ewen. the chief witness for the pros
ecu t ion. and against whom threats of '
assassination have been made.
life v
JIa!e ft 111 h'.
distil ed. ' Ttt
th;)t ll:tp ' 1 i-P
Manufacturers of the J
Repairs for all kinds ofj
Farm Machinery;
Foundry Work a Specialty
Cash paid tor old cast:ngs !
Pendleton, - Or ..;
Deafness Can Not Be Cured
Ht liNni itiMiatlou as the? can not rearb
the ft ru(i HirtiuD of the ar. There
ik cr.li jiic war to cure deafnoi. and that
i- ! 'oi.tltiitlml r-mdla I)ftiiM it
r.ii.l l an luflanicd tonrtltlon of the
m.'ii.i ii;r- of the Koatacblan tobe.
v 1 ...1 ri . iiiih- U in flu mod jpou have a
rniuliiliit.' "mnd or Imixirfaet oeortQs. and
li-n It 1- vuclrcly r!uatd. da(ns la tht
r..nlt. mill iinka the Intlammatlou can be ,
Kkfii nt, end tlilM inU rmord to Its
.i.rmal onitkion. bearlnf nil t ltrnjrJ
r in,' iom out of ten are canned i
l 1 bib, . wblcb Is nottins but an In-j
flu in- I ". . II' Inn of th mucous durfatm. '
Hi irlr One Hundred Dollars for.
tuf -afi or (teafnaaa icauaed hy catarrh 1 I
Minr can nut be cured by Hall's L'uurrli )
lire Reno iur circulars tree
r J t'lIRNBr A CO., Toledo, O.
HiiIH hy all druaaats, 7&c.
llnllV Pamlly lTtJ are tbe best
Crop In the eastern half of Nebras
ka are suffering severely from hot
WE CURE the Liquor. Oph. .1 Morphine and Tobacco Habits as surely as
qu!ii:nf curng a cold. Our treatment clarifies and builds up the system
On.- of our patients recently said: "I nevor felt so well In my life1 i
am a wonder to myself" Sond to us for booklet. '
t "ColdPure 'Preservative"
only pure ice in I t i t
Lasts 50 per cent longer than pond ic
Boes Hot Slime
rr foul ' c iffr gera'or no i' i. ""
follo it- itiHi p. Ti t' wa'i'r lot" J1'
taste "liad" aud does not look m kv it
sweet si d i as Clear as a Crystal
Ho Sawdust
to fill to iin pipe. 'H.ere ih i.o ta
oreim ll ..f intii" w. od; n" 'M'""
oilier jieiins to mirgle WJ-1' ,he w
that vou drink.
Bear this in mind when you
need Kiultry and stork supplies
and ask for the International
Poultry and Stock Food Use
Kow ICure for your row trou
bles C F. Golesworthy
127-1$) Eas' Aha St.
Agent for Lee's Lice Killer
! t
1' II E Qt'fKN IIOTKU Clmu
I comlurlsble riiom from 25
Willi u .NVwIjr furnished
tbrouKhout Qneen rbon Houe
In conne. 11 n Mc-ali at all
loum o..y while help em
plojed. OlTe m a trial v .
I ... . .. Md Mate Strff
ht t tit irroi J a
ELATERITE Is MineraJRubber
. : - .7. t noo r
iui' mill li'r-iMil'l im - ...,., un .
or tin It ii ui--r t KHi'h'C t A ' -fVlj
Tnbrw, Mi. l .i tnr nnd LTEVel rflBy 0
rooflnRS. For flat and steep surfaces, gutters, v aiieji . Ber,t c-
teed. It will pay to ask for prlcesand Information.
Woroater Building.