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By Gertrude Robison
Ac? yk.
V . ,
Misa Barton tu instructor In the
.snusia department of Willamette uni
versity last year but resigned at the
end of the year to reopoa private class
en ia voice and pinno. . .
Miss Barton studied in Syracuse uni
versity undtr Harold Butler, the head
f the vocal department, and under
Mahr and Joseph Merts of the -piano
' department. She also studied voire un
' dor Nellie Humphry and Howard W.
iiytnan who is at 'present connected
'with Syracuse university, and at two
. different times with Mine. Cora. It.
.tiioee. Mm. Gieee has nia.de several
. tours of 4-he world as a grand opera
star, having ibeen .pupil and friend of
I such masters as Moderate, Errant and
Henshell of New York city, Mme. Hall
. of Boston, LaiOhappelle of The Hague,
! and Mierzmiiski of Paris.
I Miss Barton was soloist in one of the
largest churches ot Syracuse for. a
number of years. She has Ibeen tf most
successful director of ' choruses and
quartets which have been a source of
great pleasure , to the music loving
publie. The people of Bulem are well
acquainted with Miss Barton' rich
dramatis contralto voice and are glad
to learn that she will be in the city
again this year.
TUB first affair en the week's so
cial calendar is the dance at the
Moose bail thkg evening., sponsor
ed by the Knights of Columbus aad
Daughters of Isabella. Returned sol
diers, sailors and marines will ibe hon-
r gaest at the affair, which is given
ia honor of Columbus day. Everything
is in readiness for one of the most de
lightful dances of the season, music
and decorations being in keeping with
the event. A competent floor commit
tee, will see to it that all guests enjoy
themselves to the utmost. The follow
. lag prominent women are acting as
sponsors! -Mrs. Eugene Bckorlin, Mrs.
U K. Word, Him. i Jaskoaki, Mrs.
Vank Ihutoin, Mrs. R, P. Boise and
Mta. Etta (squire Seely.
e '
i Mrs. B. A. Nadon (Leondine Ecker
lin) arrived in Halem Yiday and will
he a guest at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. K Bckerlin, on .North
Liberty strent, for a fortnight. Mrs.
Nadon s one of the most prominent
youug matrons of Hwrinburg and be
fore hat marriage was extremely .popu
lar ia sociial circle here. She will be
the recipient of a number of pretty so
cial compliments during her visit in
the city.
Complimenting Mrs. OR. C. Hunter
upon her birthday anniversary, a eo
teiiie of friends, moiobers of the Tano
club, surprised her Friday evening
with a delightful birthday party. The
evening was most pleaaurably spent
with tannic and social converse and a
delicious luncheon whs served. A love
ly birthday cake formed an appropri
ate and arffistic centerpiece 'for the
prettily appointedtable. Members pres
ent were Mr. and Mrs. 11, il, Hunter.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ward, Mr. old
Mrs. Miller Bevier, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde
Johnson, Mrs.. A. L. Johnson, Mr. and
Mrs. Claire Inmas, Mr. and Mrs. Cal
i'atton. Additional guests were Miss
Margaret Power, Miss Irene Binghicm,
Miss Clover Miller and Mies Macylo
Hunter, ,
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Domogalla mo
tored from Astoria to Salem Saturday
in their new car, andt visited over Sun
day with relatives. They wero accom
panied by Mr. and Mrs. Elmer West
ley, the latter boing a former Salem
girl, Miss Johanna Domogalla. Mrs.
Domogalla was Miss Lou Davey. All
returned Monday to Astoria, where
Mr. Domogalla is night foreman in the
Hammond Lumber company's ibig mill.
Mr. Westiey is also employed in the
same plant.
Mrs. B. P. Walohor entertained the
ladies of the South Circle of the First
Christian church at her home, 1534
South Commercial street last weck. 'AT
ter short business meeting the honrs
wero spent in sewing and instrumental
musie by Miss Helen Wolcher, daugh
ter of the hostess, was onjoyed. The
members in attendance were Mrs, Clioa.
Davis, Mrs. taifford Elgin, Mrs. Leo
Oanficld, Mrs. William .Himiek, Mrs,
S. A. I'hilpot, Mrs. F. A. Hmith, Mrs.
J. F. Walker, Mrs. W. A. Penny, Miss
A. Aline, Mrs. Bertha Viesko, Mrs.
Otto Hedrick, Mrs. E. H. Benton, Mrs.
Ealph Hensley, Mrs. 6. E. Wolf, Mrs.
Mary Baker, Mrs. Ruth Hatch, ' Mrs.
A. J. Basey, Mrs. Joha Humphreys.
Additional guests were Mrs. Barbour
andi Reverend and Mrs. leland W, Por
ter. The aext meeting will be Octet er
22 at the home of Mrs. William Bueiek,
174 South Cottage.
The annual convention of the Ore
gon federation of women.' clubs opens
today at Corvallis. It if of particular
interest to Salem women as Mias Mat
tie Beatty is a candidate for the pres
idency of the feleration, and a num
ber of prominent club women of the
city are planning to attend.
. The convention opens witk the fot
lowing program: 8 o'clock p. mCall
to order .by the president, Mrs. Charles
H. Castner; invocation, Rev. J. B. Bell:
" America," toy the audience; welcome
from city and Commercial club. ft'E.
Ingalls president CorvalEa Commer
cial club; greetings iram Hostess euro,
Mrs. O. V. Skelton, president Corvallis
Woman's club; response for the feder
ation, Mrs. M. L. T. Hidden, president
Wowan 'a Proeressive league, Port
land; music by audiense;. president's
address, Mrs. Charles U. Uastner; re
The following item appeared In a
recent edition of the Portland Oregon
ian, accompanied toy a picture of Miss
Standing out among the important
entertainment features of the recent
state fair held in Snlem were the eve
ning concerts by Miss Elizabeth Levy,
an accomplished violinist or that city.
Miss Levy appeared in the auditorium
Of the agricultural building on Tuesday
and Friday evenings, wnue on Wednes
day and Thursday nights she rendered
selections in conjunction with the horse
show in the coliseum. Her numbers
were well selected and delightfully ex
ecuted and she was the recipient of
much amilause and commendation.
In compliment of her work, Miss
Levy received a letter from Alfred
Tommassino, director of the famous
New York Italian band, appearing
during the fair, in which 'he comimena
ed her Jiiehly. He made special men
tion of Miss Levy carrying out her
part of the program without a single
'Besides 'being an accomplished musi
cian, Miss Levy is very popular In to
cal social circles.
(November if has been definitely set
as the date for the big American iie
sion danee at the armory. As) the per
sonnel of the Legion includes a large
nuniber of the younger set as well as
some prominent business and profes
sional men, the chances are that the
event will be one of exceptional en
joyment. All former residents of Iowa are in
vited to an (informal evening at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. John Bayne, 414
Bellevue street, tomorrow at 8 o'clock
Plans will be made for the formation
of a Hawkeye society and everyone in
terested is urged to attend. An enjoy
able social evening will follow the bus
iness session.
. . s
The Hiking Iclutiy composed of
group of instructors in the local school,
has resumed its activities. Last week
about 24 of the members hiked to the
state school for the deaf and enjoyed a
picnic in Painter's woods. Thursday
they will go to Irokazan, the lovely
country home of the a. Monro wu-
berts south of town.
Mr. and Mar. B. C. Hunter had as
their guest over the week end, Miss
Clover Miller of Silverton. Hus Miller
is superintendent of the grade schools
in that city. 1
(Professor John Sites announces that
the first rehearsal of the People's
chorus will be held ia the bapei of
Willamette university this evening at
7:30. "Creation" and the "Hallelujah
Chorus," are among the masterpieces
which will ibe rendered by ths chorus
this year.
Tho second meeting of the newly or-
ganTied Salem Art League will be held
at tho puiblie library tomorrow evening
at 7:30.
An interesting visitor ia Salem yes
terday was Miss Inez Stege of Eugene.
Mrs. B. W. Thomas who ha been
visiting with her cousin, Mrs. B. H.
Campbell at the Campbell residence on
South 14th street, for the past week,
left Saturday for home in Coweta, UK
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Gibson of Liberty
entertained a group of friends at an
informal dinner party yesterday, hon
oring the 6Stll birthday anniversary
of W. H.: Harris. Mr. Harris left this
morning for Oakland, California, where
he will spend the winter with friends.
The Y. W. C K. assembly room, will
be the scene of the second meeting of
the Professional and Business Women 's
elub this) evening. All women in 4he
city who axe interested, in this sort of
an organisation are asked to ibe pres
ent. The club will federate with ths
national business women 's club as soon
as it is penaasentir established.
Tho third (tm in, the elimination
series was played at the Illihes golf
links yeatemtey. iNext Sunday the ser
ies wiU end with Mrs. E. Oillingham
and Mia. John Fhrrar playing for the
women's) trophy, and W. H. Lerchen
and Joha Farrar playing fox the pres
ident's cup.
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time, make the usual Toad beds imprac
tical, Judge Bushey said that the
county ia placing heavier 'bases for the
hard surface. This is done, he explain
ed, to prevent the surfacing from
eracking when the road 'bed sinks.
A campaign against hauling heavy
loads over the county highways is be
ing outlined with the assistance of the
district attorney, the business men
were totd. 'Koads considered unable to
take heavy loads will ibe numerated
by the court, and notices to the effect
that hauling of loads weighing over
five tons over them will be posted.
'Violations of this, he said, will be
dealt with, im courts.
Humor was added to the luncheon
when one of the men asked Judtre
teushey why he always carried a red
uandartna handkerchief.
"I consider that a point of strate
gy," the judge laughed. "I can use the
red bandanna for flagging votes on
the. street." .
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t4tt tett st t
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Children's Underwear includ
ing Nazareth Waists, Rubens,
and Dr. Denton's Sleeping
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ready obtained permission from the
army air service for the flight. .
He will use a DeHaviland, such as
he nsed in this flight Extra gas tanks
allowing him to carry over 300 gallons
of gasoline Cave been installed. Owing
to the length of the flight, he wljl be
accompanied' "by Lieutenant Bradshaw,
who will act relief pilot. They have
already . made a test flight and the
plane was found capable of carrying
the great extra weight of fuel.
He hopes to make the cross-country
trip in from SO to 22 hours flying time,
and because be will not need to stop,
figures to eut down the time made in
thisfliaht. '
Speaking of his return flight, which
he has definitely decided to begin to
morrow at 1:13 p. m. Maynard said:
''I see no reason why we shouldn't
make even better time going east than
we did eomlne west, because we will
have the wlofat oar backs and have
the advantage of a motor thoroughly
broken in. Except for a few minor ad'
justmsnts the plane is now in perfect
condition. If 1 had the choice between
this plans and another one in the same
condition as when we left Mineola, I
would choose this one, because it ha:
already proved Its worth,"
Maynard and his mechanician, ser
geant M. B. dine, were busy this
morning giving their motor and plane
a thorough 'examination. They are
changing the roboer water pipe con
nection, aad the oil ia the motor. They
are not even gotnf to examine the
spark plugs however, showing their
confidence in the wonaeriui perioral
anee of the plug. 1 -
Maynard and OUne both professed to
be f cells ' joe fins" as they did
when they left aftaola, and are eager
to start sack. .
New York, Oct 13. (United Press.)
Forty-three America army aviators
were ready to remims their transconti
nental flight today after the enforced
rest over boa day.
War department errors holding flyers
who had eoaspUted tho first leg of the
reliability rata at taeb terminals until
October 0 rescinded Ut yesterday. The
new orders permit any flier who ha
completed th first hwf of the round
trip flight between tie two e oasts to
bea-in his return tourney "not less than
48 hours or mors than 66 hours" after
he reached a terminus control station
Lieutenant B. W , Maynard, who
reached Ban Fnneisef. at 1:13 p. m.
(eoast time), Betuiday winning the
first leg of the race aud- accomplishing
the first traaaeontiaeatal flight may
start back this afUraooa. The otkei
two who have eomplettd the first leg of
the flight Major Car, Bpata ana lieu
tenant . C, Kiel probably will not be
allowed to leave Mineola before tomor
row morning. They ariived at Mineola
after sundown Saturday evening and
the rules bar anv flier from leaving a
control station ater dark.
All other fliers wer expected to re
sume flvinr today, the weather and
condition of their planes permitting.
Captain L. H. Smith, who arrived in
Rochester late Saturday after breaking
a propeller near CleveJr-nd. was due at
Mineola this miraink. VI the west
bound fliers, expected to reach San
Francisco today, three spent Snnday at
Salduro, Utah. They were Lieutenant
L. a Webster, Captain J. 0. Donaldson
and Lieutenant Alex Pearson Jr. Worn,
distance ahead of there was Captain H
C. Rrayton, who spent Sunday at Love
lock, Nov, which i ot a control sta
tion; '-' - . ' -"
Mainard's official flying time be
twecn Mineola ani &.u Francisco, a dis
tance of 2701 miles whs announced as
24 hours. 59 minutes, 48 seconds
JJnata' unofficial time between itaa
Franeiseo and Mineo'n was given aa 26
hours. 13 minutes 44 seeonds. Kiel's
unofficial time vas ?fc hours, 14 miu
utes, 15 seconds. ,
xv.rU fW hIIIm of Cormiui air-
ntnnn. tn Snitam wnre annulled todav
by th supreme council of the peaee con
ference. .
In the Window of Fashion
And this store might well be so called, the height of the season's showing of
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It will be a pleasure to visit this store now and permit the
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Children's and Infants Wear
Bath Robes
. lttplrtj (En.
Where Shopping Is a Pleasure
University of Oregon, Eugene, Oct. 13
Begistratioa at the University of Ore
gon to date has reached- T560 and it is
estimated that when all students have
enrolled the number will reach approx
imately 1600, This number, compared
with the 1100 registered ths first of last
gear shows a decided increase sf enroll
ment. ' .
Sacred Heart
Under the direction of the
Sisters of the Holy Names,
Salem, Oregon, Boarding
and Day school
Csst Approved f'cicds
Primary, Grammar and
High School Departments
Complete Courses in Harp,
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Scholastic year begins
September 8th
Sister Superior
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-,r- ;" " ' 7 ANNOUNECMENT '-
To the People of Polk and Marion Counties.
We are opening a prqdiiee market and will be prepared to purchase
all kinds of produce.
This will give the people one of the greatest opportunities for sell
ing and buying, our place will be in operation at once.
We are already now -for Poultry, Veal, Pork, Hides, Pelts, Wool,
Potatoes, Onions, Beans, Hay, etc.
We are connected with an eastern firm and are prepared to pay ths
highest prices.
Give us a trial and you will be convinced
A market price will be published in the Daily Capital Journal so
yon may know every day the latest quotations.
Our place is located at 253 Ferry street in rear of the American
Automobile Garage, Temporary Phone 399.
' BEN. MORRIS, Manager.
1200 HARHTE8.
. Washington, Oct. 13. Twelve hund
red marines who enlisted "for the
period of the emergency," and who
were sent to Haiti and Santo Domingo
wHl be mustered out by the first of
the year, Secretary Daniels said to
dav. Thev will be broueht hom" at the
rate of 400 a montS, Rugola iMft C3
Tobacco Habit
says Doster Connor (formerly of Johns
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