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September 22-27
The government's giant . .
"Victory Show,r
Composed of trophies captured on European battle
fields by American soldiers, and exhibits from the
agricultural, naval and war departments, will be
shown for the first time. The greatest horseshow
ever staged in fhe Northwest will be held evenings
in the new coliseum. There will be a colossal array
of magnificent exhibits ' representing the state's
great industries and resources, a superb racing pro-
gram, and the best of amusements and attractions.
Remember the dates September 22-27.
Yards Resume Harvest This
Morning Short Handed la
Most Places.
With the advent of fine weather, and
fine picking conditions, it is understood
Uhat part of the hop troubles in the
valley have subsided. In all of the 14-
vesloy yards, a number of pickers are
at work, although many have quit and
are returning home, just on genera!
principles." ,
As far as can be learned, a number ot
agitators from the Liveslcy yard' at
Ijvesley Btation. went into the Lake
Brook yards two days ago and when tno
picking was going on, made talks to the
pickers, saying otner yaras were oeing
paid higher prices. With nothing to do
and after waiting for favorable weath
er several days, it is understood these
agitators found many willing hearers. .
At the Liveslcy office this morning,
those who wanted their pay were being
quickly cared for. ; With the picking
season barely commenced, no fear is ex
pressed by hop men as to the outcome
of the strikes as there is time to find
ti1ovv nf Yiip.kp.rfl.
riv"lJ " t . a.
One Portland man who was m the
Lake Brook yards, said several agitators
had made talks a few days ago, -and this
caused number to quit work.
3ohn Charlesm, a foic, was arresteu
yesterday and brought to town, charged
with interfering with the work of pick
ers. He was bound over ana reieasea
20 bail. It is under-
stood he is from Portland and was ac
tive in urging pickers to strike.
a !. Wnlf vnrd in the north mis
sion bottoms, about two-thirds of the
pickers were reported a.t worK toaay.
nlan rnnnrtnd smo little trU-
ble at the Bishop yard yesterday, as the
strike news had spread. , ,
orir news. -:
Sept. 15, Monday (Fhll term
Willamette university begins.
Sept. 22-27 Oregon state
Sept, 29, Monday Opening
of public schools of Salem.
Oct. 1 Oregon Methodist
Oct. 26 Turn tine back one
Wanted Girl to work in parlor, Ap-
dit tub ana.
- .
Wanted, ladv clerk, must play aianbi
experienced preferred. Geo. C. Will,
432 State St. 9-13
The Lberty setion as far south from
the city as the F. L. Scott farm is now
receiving electric service. Several pros
perous fruit men have put in electric
pumps and not to be behind in the
"atest deas of doing things, a number
f housekeepers have installed electric
ranges. Although nothing , is now being
Anna n pvfftTir) the line bevond half a
mile south of Liberty, it is understood,
the residents as lar souin as nosonuie
are lookinb with covetous eyes on those
with electric service around Liberty
ad that efforts will soon be made to
have the line' extended to the Bouth as
far as Bosedale. i '
Artificial teeth, nave "expert plate
man, with over 3! years experience,
at my office Dr. D. X. Beachler, den
tist, 302 V: a. jsai. oanK oiag. w
We buy liberty bonds. 205 Oregdh
building. tf
Wanted Girl to work in parlor, Ap
ply The Spa. tf
I T T.oupia- nffinn lTiflnaffer and pub
.licit? manager for the Oregon Grower
morrow to judge the horticultural ex
hibits at the Washington state fair at
What is it! What docs it meant
Briefly,' it means the highest art of
evaporation; all moisture removed, leav
ing the real thing.
Dehydration would be a good thing
if it eonld be applied to the H. C. L.
and evaporated the high prices from
the necessities of life and bettor still
if "Dehydration" could be applied to
some advertisements, and evaporate the
"hot air," the public would not be led
ottrny and buy sad experiences a's they
do now but, while "Dehydration"
can be successfully applied to vege
tables and fruit, it won't apply to shop
keeping, and tho public's only safe
guard lies in giving patronage to those
houses that have established themselves
through years "of test, and won the dis-'
tinetion of "Dependability."
It did not take us forty yoars io win
that distinction, but after forty years
continuous business in Salem, 'Meyers1
still wears the undisputed title "Dependability."
Are you ready? The town will be filled with vis
itors and every one should appear at their best.
Don't delay that
But do your shopping this com
ing week Early in the week
that our fitters and seamstresses
can have time to nicely adjust
the garments to your figure.
Suits from ........$28.50 to $135.00
Coats from $19.85 to $115.00
Presses from ......$18.50 to $60.00
Waists from $4.95 to $20.00
Secretary, Salem.
We have just received a shipment of
United States
Monty's Tire Shop
154 South Commercial Street
Yon See What You Buy Before Paying Buying At Home
Many Returned Soldiers On
Willamette List; Registra
tion On Monday.
Tho vnnunard nf students for Willanv
nfn TTnivflraifv nrp now arrivinff on ev
ery train and tne old campus nag tantm
nn mbliinca of its former life. A
.nmmitta fmm t.lifl University Y. M. C.
A., headed by Ralph Barnes, are meet
in ti-nina n si nt.in o the newcomers in
finding rooms and in locating possible
..... . i i e i
poitios wnere tney can wum a iw uuura
nW in lioln b Inner their exnense ac
. -- r
count. A large number of young ladies
will be looking for places where' they
a nart or all of their board
irr.rnA hv work in the household. In
order to heln i'n the mnttcr 01 iinumg
nm-,ir,mniit the Y. M. C. A. members
have opened a room at the university
whore tney wiu conauct. an impromptu
employment bureau. A large number of
calls have come in from about the city
offering students odd jobs.
Among tho familiar faees on the cam
pus today are Bryan McKittrick, Mer
rill OhlMg, Jfnilip unrtnoiomcw, rsiu
Brown, Victor Collins, Bryan Conley, B.
Jackson, Kobcrt Btorey, aaipn luom-
as and Wapato.
Kegistration will Degm Monoay ana
tlm Totriatror Miss Benedict, suacests
that all local students register on that
day, leaving Tuesday ana weunesuuy
for the late comers.
Following iB an approved list of the
returned soldiers who have aprjicd for
admission to the university under the
soldiers 'aid provisions: Harold V. Km-
mel, Sherwood; lelanu A. Austin, nooa
burn; Henry B. Spiess, Canby; Bryan
McKittrick, Sjlem; OWn V. Campbell,
JUmmett, ioa.; w. w. ceiiy, viuioivaniB
vfinr f!nllis. Hiiirerman. Ida.: Ken
neth Iegge, Salem; llein Jackson, Em-
mett, Idaho; Vlarenco jarpenicr, Jo
seph; Bryan Conley; Donald Karcy; Ta
couia; William Sherwood, Salem; Edgar
Attcrbury, Everett, Wash.; Keith Har
ris, Salem; J. B. Bedingfield, Bandon;
Bobbin Fisher, Salem; Bulph Curtis,
nnr.ri. Pfinlf RuniipH. (rnndiiiir. ladho:
' Luther Cook, Salem; Edwin Socolofsky,
8nlcm; ieslie liaiiey, Kvcnuung; jmerrui
Ohling, Albany; Loren Basler, Urant
I'ass; uavia ana uiyue .m, bib;
Leslie Day, Grants Pass; Norrii McKay,
Madras; Floyd Mclntire, Balem; Harold
Dimmick, WoodDurn; Jay uouer, im
Tonl Dntipv. Ralpm: Robert StoreT.
Wolf Creek; Bernard Uummiy, Madras;
Bodncy Alden, rsaiem; n. a. mmam;
Oscar Payne, Hermiston Vernon back
ett, Salem; E. N. Branson, Salem; F.
Aldrich, Sulcm; JJ. L.. aanaaii, oa-
lem; George E. Lewis, Salem; Euward
Nelson, Hcppner; J. F. Brown, uauas;
A. W. Irvine, Portland; Everett Craven,
Salem; Bufus Boatwright, Salem; Pean
Pollock, Joseph; Frank Hathaway, Sa
lem; Philip Bartholomew, Portland.
Rnmli Wonld Wreck Instead
Of Amend League Covenant
rtmnhn. Neb.. Sent. 13. Wreckinff,
not mere amendment Of the league 01
nations eovenant, is tne proposal 01
Senator Borah.
Borah left today to follow the trail of
President Wilson still farther. He re
ferred to the president last night u
"dodger and tool, to whom England
need only make suggestions to seeure
compliance, lie aiinresaea a large crowu.
A.'ft. View in Polk oountv. a meet
ing was recently held of growers in-foi-natnil
in frnitjt and berries and all
voted to sign up with the Oregon Grow
ers Cooperative association.
tfneijt Pnr iha fiances to 'bft held at
I the Linn county fair to be held at Scio
will be furnisneainy vvorren nunt unu
his "rinock 'em aeaa' jazz oana, nr.
Hunt announced today. The band will
be accompanied by Vernon Suckow, the
premier xylophonist. .
And now comes the sad news from
wiMiminnnf rlrir ' fVrmrlft merchant, that
t " - . J n .
ttflt finfliorv tnr wnniPTI flTfl JllmOst OUt
of the market. That is, aftcT the pres
ent stOCRS are exnausiea, many ueai-
era win una 11 auncun w piace ur
deri. One big .manufacturing concern
of a well knownbrand has withdrawn
all its silk hose from the market. .
Tia Vn.Vnrv ornnurr nn Oourt street
AJIV . .-.J 6-v J
opposite the Meyers department store,
v..o A.inJ Viiiaihoua iinnrli f.innH in the
city such that it has been obliged to
do consideraDi cupanaiug, umu uuw
i'l almost double the.t
occupied wien the store opened for
business 1 irt May. They have includ
A.l oaamnf miilfip tnA entira build
int n vho nvnii uilin ff. for carrvintf re
serve gtoc s. The firm is composed of
Remple & Working. Mr. Kemple came
n Clnri .ivnif trnrn AnRkflt.nnn. ('fin-
ada, and is interested in shipping fresh
fruit- to ;liat pan or uunaau.
Timi a WnDnn naaliiAi nf tho T.nrlfl
& Bush bank, and August Auckestein,
Dostma.tcr. nave receivcu uiviwuuub
frAm f 4 .rnfksnn rf Pnrthind to meet
the president and Mis. Wilson and to
atter.d the dinner to do given mem 1
at tie rortland hotel Monday aftet-
noon at l o'eloek. The invitations are
engraved, simply stating that an. invi
tation is extended to meet the presi
dent and his wife at the dinner, and
. "T ,T
there is tne customary a. a. v. .
Mian Mnflv Talmadire left for Port
land ifViday morning to begin rehears
als with the concert company wira
which she will open a season October
1 under the Ellison- White manage
ment. She will be musical director of
4-l.a nam. Tfllmn.rlrA ilflH beCH
vxi... e- ----
spending a vacation of several weeks
in- Salem at the nome or ner parems.
A peculiar and very painful -accident
bcfoll John Alhrich and Fred Arm
priest, two of the workmen in the Barr
plumbii hop, yesterday afternoon.
They were repairing an empty gaso
line tank, which proved to have just
onmirfli nf ihfl Kniiirl left in it to form
an explosive. The heat of the soldering
torches set it orr ana -Dorn enas vi
the tank were blown out by the force
of the explosion, severely burning both
men about the face. Fortunately their
eyes escaped. Armpriest came back to
the shop this morning ana onereu m
go to work but the aoctor aavieea
against it.
VlnvA Vnlknl fin ARniflt:int nrpsflman
in the Capital Journal office, suffered
a painful injury yestcrdy afternoo
while running the regular edition of
the paper. In working about the heavy
frtiel Tollers that make the final fold
1 ' 1 I
l - - A
Are your boys and girls ready? It is
not only books and pencils, but cloth
ing and dress that is required. We
are prepared to correctly and eco
nomically outfit boys and girls thor
oughly and completely Shoes excepted.
Just Received
By Express
wonderful line of "KNIT GOODS" for Infants
and Children. These are the product of the great
est knit goods" firm in .'America, "ASCHER'S"
THE LABEL OF THE LAMB" Quality guaran- I
Indian Baskets
Big shipment from the lar
gest distributors in the
You Can Always Do Better At
LLV iiboaIcooD G
J. R. Horner, who has been serving
with the 7th regiment of tho U. S. ma
rines in Cuba during the past two
years, arrived in the city yestoruay,
having just received his discharge from
the service. Ho will return to his home
on the ranch near Salem for tho pres
ent. In Cuba he spent a large part of
his time on patrol duty, in course of
which he had opportunily to see all
parts of the island.
1?nhin T)nv socht Thursday in Port
land on matters of business,
Miss Dorris Churchill left yesterday
for Portland for a visit with friends.
Lloyd Hauser of Ktigcno spent Fri
day in Salom, visiting at the oomo of
ois brother Paul. Manser.
Mis Margaret Thrall of Tho Dalles
is visitinir in Balem over the week end
with Mif Velma Mitchell.
J. iB. Stinnetts, Paul M. Smith and
H. E. Bvan were among tho recent
arrivals in Aalem.
Ir. W. I. McMillan of La Grande,
secretary of th state dental board, is
in the state eopitai toaar on ousiness
. .... .1 . 1 .-. 1L. 1 .,1
connected wit.ii tne uuwes 01 m vum
Telephone Company files
Protest To Suspension Of .
Burleson Scale of Rates
Vigorous protest against the suspen
sion of the Burleson made telephone
rata, at thin time, is mado i i t brief
BLBt; i um-k ...- I . .
- .. . . . n ... 1. i I . . . . 1 . . 1. ....1.1 1 .. u..p. ii.i
or tho paper tne pngers ot ais rigut suomittuu w nia bvixlc jmunt
hand were caught between the Tollers commission this morning by Cuiey &
nanA vfii drawn into the nd-,if.w inrnA nftnmevfl. renrescntins
the Paeif ie Telephone & Telegraph com
pany. The pre-war rates could not and
ought not to Be restored, the nncl con
tonil A order ausnendinir the present
rates would practically eurtail activities
an demoralize service, it auus. io uyv)
Hlllh All nrHor wonld menn an imtnedinte
reduction of wages followed by strikes
and a paralysis of the business or tiw
fata ha lariat Aoa.TMi. The Bttomevs
for the telephone company ' insist that
if the commission finds, in making the
inquiry that the company is coueeunj;
more than the rates ultimately aeter
Private Spruce Producers
CouMHaye Saved Country
$50,000,000 Is Assertion
Portland, Or., Sept. 13. Had the gov
ernment bought airplane spruce and
ecdnr from private operators lather
than permit tho $50,000,000 investment
of the spruce production division, it
would have saved from $2IJ,70),OGu.D
to 3i),7!t6,32.70 for tho United States,
Great Britain, France mid Italy.
That is the substance of testimony
submitted to the congressional sub-eom-mittuA
of itu Friilav afternoon hearing
by Guy (leorge Gubrielson, investigator
for the committee.
The estimated 35,796,322.70 loss was
computed on ft salvage basis of ten per
cent and the smaller estimated loss was
determined on a basis of 40 per cent.
'Tlin oniiirrnHHinnnl COrtlmittCO COlll-
pleto Its hearings in Portland this morn
inr. nnrl'will linvfl for California to-
Oregon Athlete Breaks Old
American Javeiin In East
Philmlnliihia, St'pt. 13. One record
was lowered in the junior events nt tho
national A. A. U. meeting here. Arthur
Tuc-k, Multnomah A. i, Portland, Or.,
hurled the javelin 17S feet, four inch
es. ... . ...!
First Gttuu!
B. IT. n
Philadelphia 1 2 0
Pittsburgh .. 8 1
Smith and Clark; Carlson nnd
B Vi..taoinshrdluetaoin
Second Game
, B. If. E.
Philadelphia .. 0 8 1
PittHburgh 2 2
Hogg and Adams. , Adams and
mnA tii band was drawn into the ma
ehine several inches, stripping- ths
flesh from the bones. The physicians
who attcnoco nim state iam n may
be a day or two before the extent of
the injary ean be ascertained, but it is
believed there ia no damage to the
Wm. Schiltenhart, a member of the
Southern Pacific construction gang
that has been at. work in Salem during
tho pest week, had a bad fall from a
sxffn'd upon the pavement at Trade
and Commercial treet thia forenoon,
landins in such a manner that both
landing in sucn a manner tnat ommmore man ine rsB uiuinjijr umui-
n .rntttn tf a wa talran frk 1..m flift f lTiflln l.ion
till .i n uliw . . .v uiiiiku uuuu n '"- , ' ' l
tfce eaiem nosjiuai ior artenuon nu ntRred into nn tne commission on tne
km 1 n 11 mil P 11 Ti rT- Byrd 'a'e thlLt wiu roqurre an ! hearing, St will also refund for such
WOrd UaSS Ad Will &eil It'X-y examination to determine just from and ftftcr Angul,t 1, 119.
t-""" how badlv the bone, are fractured.
WABNEB At her residence on South
Liberty street, Sfipt. Id, Mt.
Phillippina Warner, wife of the late
James Warner, at the go of 72
years and 13 days.
SI... it.?,, fhn ilauirhter of Mont J!
Brer and was born in the state of illi-
"nois Aug. 31, 17. She leaves three
children, Walter vvarner ana mn. juuy
Roberts of Portland and Clara Warner
of this titv. A brother George E. Brey
lives at Independence, a sister Mrs.
George W. Chanrn of Por'iand and a
sister Mrs. Ulara u um nuam.
Mrs. Warner wn member of the Jc-
ggoe of llonor sud Sih sr Boll circle.
The funeral will be from the Webb
& Clough parlors Moniljy at J p. K.
In Doub' s Title Matches
ri.i,.n.in Rent 13. William M. oJhn-
slon end Clartnee M. flriffin f San ! AfL",
Frnncnco, former national uouui ( - "7
chnmpions, were defeated , here in j OUTVwuTU.
and Norman Brooites, AustraliAa sham
pions. Johnston
K. IT. E.
Brooklyn .. - 1 8 1
Chicago ; 2 ' 8 1
Maimiiaux and Kruciter; Alexander
and Killifer
Boston - 2 7-4
Cincinnati 3 8 0
Scott and O'Neill; Keutber ana Bar-
1 if n .'
..vew York 2 6 1
St. Louis ....- i t
iNehf and Gonzales: Jacobs and
EiHv Sundav Picks White
Sox To Take World Series
Chicago, fkyt. 13. Hilly fluaday b
vnm th White 8ox hs've tho cd2 as
ti fam ,in the coming world's scries.
' ' But the Weds have a shade on pitca
rrr:. " ho added.
Sunday said he was en Touts to "Itlci
tho devil out of Bock Island, Davenport
iaa Moi"
1 ji .1 rv .1 r m
wrrt) tai'nfx! With
UUi vsutiv.1 tu "- ,1 1
1 wit rteii1fe!rnmATTfrwn.'tL
ioes, AustraliAa sham i-.ICJWW"hw.. .-.
was to meet Brooke j yOCCTWanT VCQJ DC