Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 06, 1919, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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Bate pe word New Today: '
eh insertion , 1
One week (A insertions) - Se
One month (26 insertions) 17a
The Capital Journal will not be re
sponsible for more than one insertion,
for errors in Classified Advertisements
Bead your advertisement the first day
it appears and notify us immediately if
rror occurs.
Minimum charge, 15o.
FOB the best shoe repairing go to' N.
Brueek, 163 S, Com'l fet - 9-13
BIRO dogs for Bale. 967 N. 15th St. 9:6
TOMATOES fof sale Phone 8F25. 9-9
BALED oat straw , for sale. $8 a ton,
if taken at once. Phone 15IF12. . tf
WOOD for sale, ash and fir. Phone
589. ' - ' ' - tf
FOR SA&E -lmltiire. Phone 2208J
or call 909 venter St.; ' tf
WANTED Furnished hbuse or -apart-i
incnt. -Phono Mr.- Johnson 1540. 9-8
WANTED To rent 5 'or 6 room house
by Sept; 15.' Phone 75F12.
TNEW Royal No. 10 typewriter for sale
if Call 769 or 570. 9-8
"WANTED To rent a small house
close in town. C H ears Journal. 9-8
FURNISHED sleeping rooms for rent.
At 749 N. Com'L tf
RAVEN8TEIN npples 75c per box,
delivered. Phone 80F11. ; tf
,W. BEAVER well driller. Phone 827 J.
. 1165 N. 19th St. Salem, Or. 9-9
APPLES Choice appl s wanted, any
i quantity, must be free of any dis
ease) or worms; no culls wanted.
Phone 10. 9-20
EXPERIENCED man warts to rent
- prune orchard onl benies. 330 Di
vision St. 9-14
IX)Tt SALE A six room hungalow.
Phone 1696 or- call at. 876 N. 14th
St. This is a good buy, Terms. 9-9
"WANTED Two men, one to tray, one
to shake and haul prunes. Phone 65
Fll. S. S. Arnold, Bt. 4. tf
PEACHES The "more cans per bush
el kind." Moses P. Adams, Wallace
road. Phone 56F12. 9-6
WANTED To rent a' good ranch, will
pay cash. What have you ( Address
, Baneh care Journal. . . - 9-6
PEAOHES for sale, Crawforda and El
' bertas, 1 miles from bridge on
Wallace road. Phone; 56F13., C.Vc.
Chaffee. 9-16
WANTED To lease a 5 or 10 acre
. - tract with chicken ; houses for 500
to 1000 chickens. Rt. 6, box 22, J. E.
Kirkpat-rick. 9-26
VOB SALE A modern house ready to
move into. Como and look it over'.'
' 45 8.- 12th St. F. A. Erixon.' tf
WBlmaie the best power prune dipperi.
Slem Mfg Co., 1396 N. Front St. tf
JAS. LYONS practical painter. Phone
.704. , tf
W. F. WEIGHT, Turner, auctioneer,
Why not get him! tf
GOVERNMENT loans at 5 percent.
W. D. Smith, Salem Bank of Com
; neree. . tf
DEKORATO sanitary wall tint, best
- made; beautiful new colors. B ureas
, Oom.l St. . tf
TALL PAPEB 15 cents per double roll
, upward. Buren's -Furniture Store.
, 179 Commercial tf
ASH -wood for . sale. Phone 31F11 af
ter 8 p. m. 9-6
40 ACRES of timber land near Phi
lomath, will trade for city proper
ty. Phone 1329. 9-8
YOUNG- business man wants large
sunny room close in, private family.
. Address box 196, Salem, Or. 9-8
WANTED To rent 6 months or long
, r, five or six room house with gar
' age, close in. Lock box. 184. 9-11
FOR SALE New modern 5 room bun
galow with large bath. 1475 N. 4th
street. .9-8
TO TRADE a trio of Belgian hares for
good post card camera. 2355 S. Com
mercial. 9-6
FOR SALE Lady's new Harley-Dav-
ldson wheel, very reasonable. 1475
N. 4th St. .- 9-6
FOR SALEHPord touring : car, good
condition. Inquire 590 Union between
6 and 7 p. in. '9-6
MEAT, economical elderly lady wishes
light housekeeping, small place; per
manent, country considered. Address
II S care Journal. 9-fi
WANTED 3 teamsters at the.cottage
farm for' farm work, pay $40 'per
month, including - board, room" and
laundry. Phone Lee Lane, 30F2. 9-8
REMINGTON visible typewriter with
adding attachment, cost $275, for
$75. Writerpress, with type, etc.,
cost $125,' for $35. Hand printing
press equipment $35. Phone 340. 9-6
FOR SALE 5 1-3 acres, 156 bearing
Italian prune trees, and plenty of
other fruit. Half mile from pave
ment. Phone 111F3 or eall at Jones'
nursery, Auburn, east of asylum. 9-11
THE parties ore known who took the
things from the Sober Crawford
house. Please return and avoid trou
ble, . ., : 9-6
FOR SALE 1918 Buick four, in good
condition, good, bumper, etc., to be
sold this week. See at Vicks garage.
WANTED By respectable middle
aged widow acquaintance with bach
elor or widower over 55, object mat
': riinony. No triflera or Germans need
i reply. W W care Journal.' ? .;, 9-6
FOR SALE 50 acres with 5 acres bear
ing prunes, 5 acres cherries, pears,
walnuts and apples,- ten-acres timber
balance in cultivation, cheap ' house.
t Price $6000,. terms. Also 8 ten acre
tracts, all in cultivation with living
water on every tract, facing on coun
ty road. Price $200 per acre. Very
reasonable terms. ' w, A. Liston,
agent. . 9-6
SELL' FOR US We have choice trees
","of varieties greatly in demand now.
Liberal commission' with cash ad-
vance, ; Secure copy of contract at
' onee. Salem Nursery company, 1030
Chomeketa St., Salom, Or. 9-16
.WANTED First class sash "and door
- machine men wanted, also door patch
era. Steady work at good wages for
any one who can produce results.
Central Door & Lumber Co., Portland,
Oregon. 9-8
Modern house, barn, chicken house
and garage; this will make someone a
fine home, just out of city limits on
electric road, $2500. G John II. Scott
Realty Co., 404-Oregon bldg. ..,'.
FOR SALE - heap, .house at 780 N.
Cottage St., also lot 12, block 17 in
Yew Park. Write Mrs. J. Knapp, Rt.
5, Aurora, Or. 9-20
PEACHES for sale, canning peaches,
50c to $1 per bushel at T.B.' Jones
orchard on Mission- bottom, near
Wheatland on east side-of Willam
ette river. Bring your boxes. T. B.
Jones. .-" 9-6
RUGS cleaned 40c each. Phone 16. 10-6
HOB; SALE Well improved farm on
.gravel rdad, close to school and mar
ket, take some traie, Dallas or Sa-
, lem, property. Address box 633, Dal
las, Or. , 9-8
WORKING man will purchase small
home on installment plan. Fruit and
good lot.' Have eood job in city. Can
pay $20 a month. Don't want any
agents to pay commission to. H care
Journal. tf
If so See Us.
1916 Maxwell $500
Studeb&ker bw $200
Hudson Super Six $950
S passenger Studebaker, electric
rights and starter, $485
1917 Saxon six $700
We sell oils, greasa, gasoline, wed
auto parts) tires "ud seen series.
S4 N. COM. T. M. O. A. BIXXK
FOR SALE Strictly modern 8 room
house with double garage, paved
street and carline. Part terms. W. A.
uiston, agent. 9-6
WHEN U R buying, selling or exehang
ing real property try our non-commission
system. It works to perfection
nd saves U money. Oregon Realty
Exchange- Investment . Co, 407-408
Hubbard building. tf
FOR SALE 84 lots, mostly 60x120,
with fine view along Rural avenue
bounded on west by High street, and
extending-eastward, blocks 8 to 15,
Neb Hill annex, Inquire of Mr. Weil
bacher, Hotel Marion, Salem, or
write box 1022, Seattle, Wash., 9-6
HOP pickers wanted. Phone 612J." 9-6
WANTED To rent tent. Phone 612J.
WOOD orders filled, ash' fir and oak.
Phone 2234. tf
FOR. SALE Dappled.: gray - Shetland,
weight 450, 1720 Lee St. 9-12
FOB SALE Dry old fir. limbsi Phone
754.- . , '...'.";. ,-: .- -t 9-11
FOR SALE $500 mortgage, bearing 8
percent interest. Phone 1576W. 9-9
LOST Locket and chain. Initial 'G',
two pictures inside. 332 N. 19th. 9-8
WOOD for sale. Will fill orders fir, ash
and oak. Phone- 1090M. tf
POINTER bird dog for sale, first class
rnone asw : s-e
WlANTEtD 3 ; or 4- jrtoom.: furnished
apartment or house. Phone 1060J. tf
WANTED Experienced girl for house
work, small family good wages.
Phone 392M, 404 N. Winter. 9-6
WANTED' An experienced woman
cook at Willamette sanatorium. Ap
ply 754 Ferry. -'t 9-8
WANTED To rent ..a modern house,
toy responsible party. Phone 1270J.
;; ; .. . .9-6
WOOD SAWED Sproed boys will saw
your woodjin town and eufc. Phone
1678W evenings or morningsi 10-5
WANTED To rent one to five acres
with house and barn close; to car
line. P O box 155, Woo'dbiim, Or. 9-11
PEACH pickers wanted at once, by J.
. P. Bressler, Livesley station. Phone
- 76P2. ' " ' 9-6
WORK wanted for man and two teams
any kind , of hauling. 1780 Oxford
street. 9-6
YOUNGI man attending Willamette
: university wishes , .permanent . work
out of school hours. S60 JN. 14th St.
W ANTED place by schH: irirl to
work for room and board.. Address
' B care Journal. 9-6
Good 7 room imorlern home, located
seven block.-from Bush bank corner,
paved street. Price $3700-. ( t
6 room house, large lot, 75 by 150
feet, two blocks from carline.. Priee
$1000, . cash, balance 6 percent int.
Well improved 10 acres located close
In; good modern house, barn, orchard,
berries; good road. Price $9000.
18 7-8 acre tract located just outside
of city limits, close to carline; house
and barn, fine orchard and berry land.
Price $9000.
6 room house located at 1330 South
Commercial street, bearing fruit. Priee
$2500. j-
63 acre farm : nearly all cultivated,
located on Howell prairie ; good 5 room
plastered house, barn,- well, good road.
Price $160 per acre.
20 acre traet located south of Salem
four miles, small house and barn, well;
some fine bottom land, 5 acres of
young prunes, 5 acres of peaches, fam
ily orchard, rock road Price $4500.
50 acre tract, 20 acres of prunes, 5
acres pears, some timber and pasture,
house, barn, dryer rock road, 4 miles
out; crop goes. Price $16,500.
5 acre tract located north of Salem,
house and ibarn, 1 acres of logan
berries, Price $2000. .
97 acre, farm, 65 acres cultivated,
balance timber and pasture; good 7
room plastered house, good barn, fam
ily orchard, good soil, good road. Price
$io,500, $4000 down, balance 6 percent
interest. .
363 acre farm located on North How
ell prairie, 200 acres under cultivation,
ibalance timber and pasture; house and
barn, well. Price- $100 per acre.
Well improved 19 acre tract, 8 acres
of ' prunes, loganberries peaches; two
good houses, barns,- wells, rock road.
Price $10,500;
15 aere tract 1 located on main high
way, 10- acres of Italian prunes, fami
ly orchard; fine.J building site, Price
5 room modern bungalow, located at
620 South 18th, street. Price $1600.'
57 acre tract located 1 V miles from
Sajfem, , 3d jaerea eultS vated, bajlatice
pasture; ana tunoer; acres or Deal
ing prunes, 40 bearing! cherries, some
apples, good house and barn, good grav
el road. This 18 a real bargain. Price
$160 per acre. $6000. down, balance 6
percent interest. ;
10 acres of good loganberry land all
cultivated. Price $1400-.
275 State- street 9-9
WANTED iBTamiltv to -Dick nriincn
good picking. Harry Carson, Phone
12P5, Bt. 4, Salem. - 9-8
FOR SALE Good six . room plastered
house,- lot ' 54x119;.' has 14 bearing
, trait .trees, .race $sytt. JKnone; 1.344,
' '' - ' : - 9-10
WANT to rent, a grain , and stock
. ranch, suitable for raising, sheep.
. Will pay cash or grain rent. J S W
. care Journal. , s 9-6
I ' AM now booking orders for shrub
bery, vines and. perennials for fall
planting, I dd all kinds of landscape
gardening. J.- W; Maruny, 211 Miller
St. Phone 916,. -10-5
FURNISHED, room with . outside en
' trance: hot and cold water, close in,
Sui'taMe for business man. Phone
. 773B, 250 S. Cottage. , .. 9-6
LOST On the Turner road, late Wed
nesday afternoon, one sack of oil
meal and two sacks of mill. run.
Please ; phone 74F12 and notify S.
u: Martin. : , - !
We have a large list of eood Wil
lametto vallev farms, stock ranches,
prune orchards, loganberry tracts,
close in acreage tracts, nice city
nomes, cneap house and lots.
B-4-U-Hbuy-OR-lista., -
All we ask is a fair trial. Perrine &
Marsters, 306 Hubbard Wdg. tf
mm LOAKS-6
205 Oregon Building
CHOICE peaches cheap at peach, booth
& mues on w&u&ee roaa. uunn. u
HOP pickers wanted, all usual aecom
modations furnished. XJall at office
iofi Willamette Tr((fert Co., High
and Ferry Sts. Phone .1400.,, , tf
WE have a number of fine 5 and 19
acre tracts, close in,, ranging from
. $100 to $2oO per acre. Laflar & Xaf
lar, 406-7-8 Oregon bldg.. ' , 96
FOB SALE Maxwell touring car, A-l
. condition, a bargain; must be sola
. this week.. 141 Liberty or 1398 Fer
ry. - v . 9-9
RECT We have lfiO acre ranch in
Deschutes county, Oregon. Three
miles from Sisters, that can't be
beat foroil, location or price $20
per acre.
Also 100 aero ranch 7 miles from E11
; gene. 65 rods from O. E. station. All
in cultivation, Good rich soil. Price
$2000. -
Also- 15 acres of good rich land. 3
( miles from Bnndon, Ore. This is an
ideal place for a home. Price $1500.
We also have several good mortgages
and we will trade any of the above
for good Salem or Eugene residences
and assume or pay a difference. Ore
gon Realty Exchange Investment
Co., Inc., 407-408 Oregon bldg. 9-6
26 acres of the very best loam, good
buildings, bungalow, 4 acres 'bearing
prunes, spring water, 8 acres pasture;
rock road, 2 miles city limits; $10,500.
10 acres in fruit, 6 logans, 4 cherries,
rock road, close town; $4250.
40 acres of best loganberry land in
fine location; $10,500.
375 acre well equipped dairy; mile
to station on good road; big income.
20 acres, all in cultivation; 10 acres
-year old prunes, 1 acre logans, good
buildings, 4 miles from center of eity;
40 acres with 30 in prunes and lo
gans,, on pavement, close to school;
$300 per acre.
' 6 acres with family orchard, good
buildings, 1 miles from city limits;
10 acres in logans on good road 3
miles Salem,- well and shack; $5000.
20 acres, cleared, family orehard,
buildings, spring water, mile school
and station; $3250,
160 acre grain farm, family orch
ard, house, 2 barns, running water, 5
miles from Salem; $150 per acre.
220 acre farm, 130 cleared, buildings
164 acres 1 mile town, 7 room house,
large barn, 6 acres in fruity only $125
per acre.
24 acres 5Vi miles from Ladd and
Bush, Vj mile school, well improved,
inly $6800, equipped.
13 acres 'just outide city limits, 10
acres bearing prunes, good buildings,
own water svatem. $12,000.
TO acres 2 mile from- Salem, fair
buildings, 4 acres fruit, stock and
equipment goes at $6500,
We have several farms to trade fof
city ropertv.
341 State St,
WANTED Team (about 1300 to 1500
lbs.) harness and wagon. Address
2885 Brooks ave. 9-8
WANTED Two experienced girls in
drygoods line; permanent position,
good salary. Address X-25 care Jour
nal. tf
FOR SALE 1918 Maxwell worm drive
truck in A-l condition, liberal terms.
; See it at Salem Velie company, 162
N. Commercial. 9-9
LOST A pair of nose glasse. between
Whefotland, . and Waconida; reward.
Adfdzeas. T. IB. Hat this WaEbnda,
Or. 9-8
lc Word Class Ad Will Sell It
FOR SAiLE In south Salem, beauti
ful five room bnngalow two large
' lots, fruit and flowers, ono block
from carline. Call 2281B. tf
WANTED To buy seeond hand furn
iture sufficient to furnish an- eight
room, house. Name any pieces you
have and lowest cash price. Address
P O. Ibox 423, Salem, 9-8
8 room plastered, electricity, bath
and toilet, two lots, fine corner on
street car, $2750, $U00 cash.
7 room modern, fine fruit and ber
ries, garage, near capitol, $6000-.
8 room lastered, fine lot, good fruit
$2200 $500 cash.
5 rooms, electricity, bath and toilet,
large eorner lot, fruit and nuts; a good
buy, $1500, $800 cash.
5 room modern Dongaiow, ?zaw,
$800' cash.
5 rooms, eleetncity,' bath and toilet,
a real snap; $1750, corner lot, improv
ed streets, close in. .
Character and Quality
, We are showing the most practical line of
Suits, Coats & Dresses
Every garment: selected by experts, for: our "EXCLU
" SIVE TRADE". The. cut on the left shows a charming
"Co-Ed" model. Russian blouse effect in Serge hand
somely embroidered with silk and soutache braid. Novel
lines of overblouse simulating pockets and narrow belt
of self material are distinctive features of this natty
model. . . t
Here is another ,
Straight line serge dress,
with artistically embroider
ed skirt Vest and lining of
slot pockets of- brocade
satin. ,
... m iv Mi- 1 1111 1 'f
The most beautiful show
ing of
in the newest shades .
( M I" new heather ribbed
. .
Complete stock
For Men, Women and
You Can Always Do Better At
i . 1 1 1 1
FOB RENT Bedroom ?with private
ibath. 266 N. High St. . , 9-6
k. ANTKD Mason to build a chimney.
Also plasterers to bid pn plaBtering.
: 755 Bcllcvue, 9-6
W)B SALE Cheap, 5 room house, two
, lota, plenty fruit; no Incumbrance.
Phon 1393... ... . 9-9
WANTED Small furnished room near
1; in, by young man. 128 8. Liberty,
f Champion's lunch room. 9 6
FOB quick swrvice truckr hauling,
, phone 1608J, or 1170 N. 15th St. A.
H. Biedcrmau. 10-6
. We want your apples. Must be free
. from worms and scale. 1N0 culls
wanted. Phone 10 for prices. tf
FOB ftAL& Ownor, j;ood 8 acre tract,
, ideaL for - loganberries; give1 terms.
I Box 222, Salem. ' 9 9
1 8 rooms, bath, toilet, electric lights,
fine lot fruit and walnuts on Jiorth
; Liberty street, $3500, cash.
5 rooms, bath, toilet and ele.etric
lights, on street car, good comer, fruit
and nuts. $1500, $)0 canh.
5 rooms,; bath, toilet, electric lights
and basement, clone in, $1750.
1 7 rooms on improved street, large
corner lot, a fine buy at $1700. v
' 7 rooms, Imth, toilitt, electric lights,
two lots. .$2750, Vi ensh.
5 room cottage, modern, 2 lots $1300
South Salem.
We have om fins modern . homes
for sale that owners do not want to
advertise; call at the office and .we ML
tall you about them. ;
. : 404-i Oregon building , 1
FOB relioiblo home or ni'reago,. priced . W A NT-BD Youn man to drive trunk
right, see John II. Weott Keulty Oo., and learn fruit business. I'hotio 102R
they will jiletise you. 104 Oregon Mr. 'Cravatt for appointment. 9-10
, " FOB WALK Five acreisi clone in, all an
TO. TRAiDE 1 acres, 4. room hfluae, '.cultivation, house and barn, c'hieke-
wcll, fenced; rcnls $10 per month; houso, hog pens, fruit and berries?
logfing town, $600, for land, auto, running wator; no lulls. IS cents cu
cows. Address Trade 'are Journal. fare. P O box 333, iSalcm. 9-0
8-9. ---- ,
FOR BENT 3 furnished rooms; for 13 acros, fine family orchard, berried
light housekeeping, good location, and one hundred 'English walnut treeg
adults only; $12 a month, ('a)l at 1 years old; fine 7 room house, liarn,
80O 8. Church St. 9-6 chicken house, wood shed, fruit houso
' ' and garage; electric lights und auto
PEAOII picker wanted tomorrow and matio- water yltem. One mile from
next week; auto truck will meet 9trnot r 00 t1"" Silverton road; will
pic-ers at eant end of bridge at 7:45 86,1 ojteap. if sold soon: Arthur E. Pet;
M. C. Fettys, Wallace road. . 9- erson, 505 Uiegon bldg. '
MARRY IF LONELY For results, trv SALE Good registered Cotswolil
me; best and most successful "Home yearling rain and fow rcgUtored
Maker;" hundreds rich wish mar- ewcs- Also 8tc)1 rango. A. T. Savage
riago soon; jtrietly confidential and SUverton,. Or. Phono 43F.2. ' 9 0
. reliable; years of eiperienee; d- . r -
scription. free. "Th9 Successful OENSKJ CLERKS (Men, women)i
' Club," Mrs. Ball, Box 556, Oakland, 4000 needed, t'i'l month. A?c, 18 up'
Calif. , ward. Examinations everywhore soon
111 11' Experience unnecessary. For free
RANCH" WANTED Wanted 1 to hear particulars, writo J. Leonard fform.
from owner of good ranch for sale. 'r government examiner) 138.1 Equit
State cash price, full particulars. 1). able bldg., Washington. 9-9
F. Bush, Minneapolis Minn.
SPIRELLA corsets sold bv Alics A 10 acres, 5 in bearing logans, 3 ia
Miles, 1106 Leslie St. Mensurcs tak- young cherries, $t'JM; it is a buy worth
en fit guaranteed. Home Thurs. af- Booing. ,
ternoons. Phone 1425R. . 13 . acres logans, prunes and lixool
. i fruit, fair improvements, $2000. ,.
AUTOMOBILE owner'" reduce expens- 3 acres joining city limits, modern
es, troubles, acciden , iinprovo their improvements, $i3()0; look at thi
mental, physical condition reading .lohn H. (Scott Really t.'o, 404 Ilulubnrd
and using my Aut imeter. $1 in gar- o.Ij.;.
age aecossorios l ouses or by mail. 1 "
Kaulch, 126 E. Miner, Stockton, Oil.- THE' Royal typewriter has stood tho
tf st and made good, it stands for tho
lihest point of efiieieney, give it
. , - " ' 1 'a trial, compare the work and yoo
i " PKiaO'UVl ' ' ' will choose a machine that has been
83KIY1 B8VIO HOIH 'endorsed by soma of the largest bus
9 - friOO iness organization in the countrjj
aSHSOK 'H 'd today. Drop us a ard for a demon
'-' itration. Graham A Wells, ageutnt
1 Corvallis, Or. 9-9
Use The Jcsrnsl Want Ads
404 Hubbard building