Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 04, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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list per word New Todays
.Each Insertion . le
- AaawMk fll insertions! . fio
Hna mnnth f2rt insertions! 17t
' The Capital Journal will not be re
pannbla for more than one insertion,
4n mnaoSfinA Advertisements
Bead your advertisement the first day
it appeara and notify at Immediately if
error occurs.
Minimum charge, 15a.
BIRD dogs for sale. 957, If. 15th St. 9-6
FBTJNiB pickers wanted i-none aBr
- ,L n- ' t i i ii i
1 TOMATOES for sale. Phone 8F25. 9-9
"'WU.EII not straw fnr sale. 8 a ton
if taken at once. Phone 15IF12. t
' "WANTED A .woman to care for in
', -valid. Address 2090 Ferry St. 9-5
WOOD for sale,' ash and fir. Phone
Ka tf
FOB 8AL1J-Furniture. Phone 2208J
... nr nail flfHJ center at. .-. : ti
! -WAITRESS wanted at the Cherry City
t. 94
i W A WTRT Bonnie loads of loose al
- folfo hnv Phone 77111. 9-4
TOR SALE Ankerhoth separator,
ti. . .. . nnm Q.,1
wp, SAIT.K Good milk cow. Guernsey
ntud .Tnrsov. 1821 Center St. ' tf
TTPWTSTTiKD aloeDinir rooms for rent.
At Tift N. Com'l. - tf
FOB the best shoe repairing., go to N.
Brueek, 163 6. Coral St. - 9 13
POINTER bird dog for sale, first elaae
mono n f-w
ASH wood for sale. Phone 31F11 af-
ter-8 p. m. o
PRUNE nickers wanted. Robert Mc-
.. . . - ... . o n . r- n K
uu&arist, Kt. -none win. -
W A VTPT iR-mfirienCfid Wlrtll for ffen
eral storo worK. care journal. -
SMALL furnished apartment for light
x nnt- it 1 riL ft 4
IIP ifa Kmiooa Wn tY finvAilCA WA HftVe
them. iatiar & J-.anar, uo-f-o w?-
crnn tnirtff. w
a " 0- -r., ...
Pfitt. aATi'R-JChoiea buildinEt lota. In
WANTED Experienced girl for house
wnrK. smau iamiiv uuuu . nrnxc
Phone 392M. 404 N Winter. , 9-6
FOR SALE-Cheat seed. Btv 6, 46x 8.
I A ft
ttiow. SATE" A srix room bungalow
' ... . ...... ," !, VT 1,14.1.
rnone loo or. can at om. . "i"
St Thin iii a pond liny. Terms. a
WANTED Prune pickers, campers
preierxea, 1 mue irvm ourtiuv vu
.Tffnrnn road. 'ttone VtHl. - w-
WANTED Two men, one to tray, one
tn ahnkn and Haul prunes, jrnone vj
. . it ... 1 1 Tl. A IP
p . h. . Arnoia. fit. ij-
MTAOHTE&TTia "itiani ran a nnr 'hush
el Kind." jaosen tr. Aaams. wauaco
. .v . n II C
road. iKtinne oar la. w-u
WTA VTl?r Tmn ariil Ainlnff room
cirl at Willamette saniionum, mum
ha nver 20. 754 Ferry St. tf
OANJfING peactios, all varieties, bring
hnTAs nn r mi n Tram ena ox uriuc
nn Wallace road. The Imlak fruit
farm. Phone 52F11. 9-4
a SATTWRTiKK nffii-B 215-21A Mason
itk blag. Pnone nil, iuuo. ncai esiaie
aua stocK saics.
WANTED Cattle and calves, any fEAOHES Early Crawford, good qual
kind. Phone 1576W. . . 9-5 jty but Bmall, prieea- 75e per bushel,
OBAVENSTEIN apples 7nc
delivered. Phone S0F11.
per bo
Wallace road, wring Doxes. xsunn. u
W BE AVER well drillet-Phdne 827J.
tis N ifllh St. Salem. Or. 9-9
PEAOH pickers wanted at once, by J.
v. Bressier. Lavesiev stnuoa. ruuno
7aV9. . 9-6
WOOD orders filled, ash, fir and oak. j I
rtione zza, 11 ;
FOR SALE Nie, gentle fresh Jersey ;
l . ii r . -n T 1 4..- ft
COW. Zio Oiaurci AYO, 9-d
WANTED First clase cook and help-1
mo an! n-lfn n.n.
ferrcd. Phone 1460W. - 9-5 i
V i
WANTED Woman to do pressing and :
1261 6tatc . . 9-3
GOOD fresh Jersey eow for sale, also!
I 3 J A 1 ,1 l,.nM :
horse. R. S. Grettie, Rt. 3. 9 4
iWim?,K" wnntnd 'for man and two teams
any kind of hauling. liSO uxTora
tree. 9-6
YOiTJNGI man attendi'ni Willamette
. . . i i.
university wianes permanent wurn
out nf school hours. 560 'JN. 14th St.
I 9-8
EA.-MAR1NE wants job driving truck
... i Tii .in ,i ji ; i
or delivery oug. rnune oo uuruis
office hours. tf
FOR SALE 1918 Buick four, in good
condition, gooa 'Dumper, e., xu uu
sold tnis wee. oee at vicks garage.
Stvle,Oualitv and Price
.WAiMUP.TTi PlafB hw ar-hinli airl to
work tor room ana ooara. a.aurc
R fare Journal. 9-6
W AlVTMn iWaiudh in nn TirpRSintr and
ioi Htate. -
J iTJ. fvon-n PUtia
VfTt. Slkf.TP iVnlinn an rnnpp. in rer-
A -' " . . d 7 I
. , .... . .. i ii i-i a
leot condition, iyieap. ivv a. vum
mercial. Phone 630. 9-4
GROCERY store wanted, any size; we
nave tae reaay visa, nins uruour
care Journal. 9-4
FOR SALE Or trade, improved 160
an eastern wasmngiun, iur iarwuu
lars call at room 10 in 144 N. Front
'St. Salem, Or. . 9-3
PEACHES for canning, Crawford and
Mmr, bring your Boxes, just out oi
city limits, river road, across road
from county poor farm. Phone 2503W
2. M. T,. Waring. .9-3
These three elements you not only want, but are entitled to, On these we have
built our READY-TO-WEAR Business, which is recognized as the greatest
and most reliable in tne Willamette vaney. v
i a
WW. RATR innd jiit rnnm Ttlasterod
nouse, lot oxiaw; nas ut-ariu,.
fruit trees. Tice sjsw. rnone la
CENSUS CLERKS (Men, women).
Uw needed, ipwa moniu. &ge,.io up
ward. Examinations everywhere soon
jiaxperience unnecessary, rur xico
n-.ffiniilni.fl. writfi J. Leonard fform-
er government examiner) 1382 Equity
ale oldg., waanington. -
rp.Timr iiiinlinn wanted. Phone 629.
W A Wailev. 9-5
APPLES Choice, appl . wanted, any
quantity, must oe iree oi any uio
Anaa jil HrlirnH fill cull a wanted
Phnni. 10. 9-20
EXPERIENCED man' wants to rent
.o orflmril nnl bcrilea. 330 Di
vision St. 9-14
miHTni Tn runt 5 oi 6 room house
close in, prefer one with garage. Ad-
amh v k tiArfl .lournai.
1 miiNTun Tn mnt.i wood ranch, will
pay eaahufeWhat have yoi)r. Address
WA'NTED--8 teamsters at the cottage
farm for farm work, pay, $40 per
month including joard, room and
i . . . '...t initio nA
laundry, rnona ueo jjauo, am 1
... 1 n 1
sr.iraiES fnr nln. Crawfords and El-
berths, 1 mileg from bridge on
WollnnA mad. Phone 56F13. C. C.
rik.Hu 9-1B
WANTED To lease a 5 or-10 acre
tract with chicken houses for 500
to 1000 chickens. Rt. 6, box 5iiJ, J.
Kirkpatrick. 826
I"OR hauling -and trucit work try the
Farmers Transfer trck, phone 1608
J, 1170 N. 15t St. A. H. Biedcr-
- man. . . ' -U.' ' 9"
I)R SALE A mo Jern house ready to
move into. (Jomo ana iook it uver.
645 8. 12th St. F. A. Erixon. tf
FOR dress making see Mrs. A. H. Bie
dernian, 1170 N. 15th St. Phone
1608J. 9-4
FOR SALE Strictly modern 8 room
house wittt oouoie garage, jjbvou
street and carlino. Part terms. W. A.
Uston, agent. 1 ;j -o
FOR SALE By owner, practically new
modern o room nouse, tour uioco
from capitol. . iixceptionai vaiue.
terms if desired. A-3U care journal.
FOR SALE-Well lmprove,d farm on
gravel road, close to aenooi ana mar-t-at
teVa BftmA tralo. Dallas or Sa-
lnm nmnertv. Addrims box 633. Dal-
. r..r.,. - 'no
HA. 4 ir. 1 - . f-o
WANT to rent, a grain and stock
rancn, suataoie lor raising sneet.
Will nav cash or grain rent. J S W
ictirn. Journal. 9-6
THE parties are known who took the
things from tne JtoDert vrawioru
house. Please return and avoid trou
ble. ' 9-6
2 JO-AiCRE tracts, 4 miles from town
. . irti. . 1 .11 -n
joining $ouu, per acre iana, win sen
2i.O nor ftnre. No build
ings. Laflar & Laflar. 406 407-408
lOrnirnn Wdff: 9-5
O -T-Cl- .
WHEN U R buying, selling or exchang
mg real property try onr non-coniuii-9ion
system. It works to perfection
anil MVHB TI money. Oregon Realty
-Exchange. Investment.. . ui-uo
Huhharjt nuiiain?. z j-
FOR SALE Prune ranch, 32 acres, 12
n .11 i. .. in .. 1 .
acres -year oiu itcon, iw twrcD
year old trees, 6 acres set into logans,
fine spring, 7 room Bouse, Data, noi
nnrl KnA water: 3 acres of zreen tim
ber, Vt mile from paving on good
. V. . n nni nrli. rt IT
road, rrice U)U"V' rixe- care
Journal. , "i s , 9'
PWAifffTRia fnr snlo. ftannins oeaehe.
oins to sji per uusnei m i. a ow
orchard on Mission Dottom, nw
Wheatland on east side or win"'
otto river. Brinir your boxes. T. B
Jones. 9-9
WANTED To rent ranch in western
Oregon from Roseburg north; west oi
Balem. About filty acres cultivated
land, seeded pasture tor ten aairy
cows; one hundred ewes ana tueir
lambs. Wish to rent 3 to 5 years
its nntinn to buy after 3 years if
place suits, renter willing to take
care and improve place aame as own.
nan nnv half cash now. rest in
amino Hnv IH1UH1S8. IfWeet Home
Or 9-5
WORKING man will purchase amal)
. . 11 . . l- T.1 li X
nnniA nn inaTaiinoRnt msn r ruii dm
good lot. Have good iob in city. Cmm
pay ipsu a., montn. xjuu i waus
n'rpntH to nav .commission to. H car
O K if '
Journal. V
- -iWci
.if--J i
I 0
WE make the best power prune dippers.
Salem Mfg Co., 1398 N. Front St. tf
AH. LYONS practical painter. Phone
T04. I
W. F. WRIGHT, Turner, auctioneer,
wny not get mini
OOVEENMENT loana at 5 percent.
W. D. Smith, Salem Bank of Com
aerta. tf
DEK0RATO sanitary wall tint, best
nade; beautiful new colors. Buretn
Oornl St. tf
WALL PAPER 15 cents per double roll
upward. Burcn's Furniture Store.
179 Commercial. f
FOB SALE--Cheap, 5 room house, two
Iota, plenty fruit! no incumbrance.
Phone 1393. 9-9
PERMANENT man wanted to drive
Fordson tractor and to do general
nmhn.il vnrV PnironnaTlt loh tO
good man with house, wood, fruit,
etc., furnished. Poarcy Bros, 210
Oregon bldg (formerly Hubbard
MdeV 9-4
117 Huron 7 timber, balance in eul-
barn. ailo. tool house
house, good family orchard, place wire
a -i mi t j. 1...... ; Ida xrallov?
rencea. rne uest uuj v-v ,
S5 ucr aere. ' t 1
- rt anros in in euUivatioii. 15 in
iiot fniv imDroveinents. A
good buy at '$100 per aero. $1500 cash
$300 yearly. " :
tja ell nUitlvatlOll,
I strictly modern 6 room houso, large
I barn, two silos, large mi'
wood house and machine ehop. 12 milk
cows, 1 bull, 1 heavy team, 4 hogs, 200
chickens. All hay and grain goes with
place, including 20 eords of wood.
Price $17,500. A great buy.
80 acres, 41) in cuiiivanuu, ...
timber, balance in brush and stump
pasture, fair improvements, good
spring, some fruit. A real buy at $b0
per acre. . ,.,.. no
14 acrca. i. acre logauucmOT,
prune trees' and a small mixed orchard.
4 acres in crops, balance pasture, fair
improvements. This is a real snap. $2,-
500. .
18 at;res, fair improvements, 11 acres i
strawberries, 7 acres pruneB, 3 acres
logans, 7 acres stump pasture. $300 per
acre. Get busy. , , .
60 acres at KiCKreaii, an m oumvo;
tion." Fair improvements. $10,000.
1UO aeres, an in cui""i 6u
t :i .iioi.l fair imDTOvements,
iuu"V . i r ,
good spring, wire fenced. A good buy
62 acres river Dottora, os in
vation, fair improvements, an atocis.
and machinery, with grain and wood,
goes with sale. ojuu. ,
3 acre home just outside eity limits,
.i.. kmiu Knm p.hicken house, gar
age, good water. A dandy place. $2500
3 acres wittt o room cubage, "
hard surface road. $1800.
W mnb. 1ihrrnl lernu to buyer On
!11 properties offered. Our. properties
will stand close investigation nun
real bargaina.
WANTED School girl ;to assist with
nouse wont tor room ana uuara buu
small waee. Write S G care Journ-
al. . . tf
Do you want to biijr.a good ranch
finnA rptfinnce in Salem
5, 10 or 20 improved acreage
Cinnr ntntil: ranch, if SO
jB-4-U-BuyCUs. Or if you want to soli
i.f vim nrnrnrrv wir.n lia cut reauiic.
Perrine & Marsters, 306 Hubbard build
;nr tf
RT'.AfTTF.S fnr eanmncf. Come to orch
ard and bring boxes. Phone 4F2, Rt.
8, end of river road pavement. G.
W. Weeks. 9-5
FOR SALE ' heap, houso at 780 N.
.... rt. . 1 . . 11 !!-!- 1ft
uottage- t., aiso lot iz, diuck ii m
Yew Park. Write Mrs. J.. Knapp, Rt.
-5. Aurora. Or. 9-20
SELL FOR US We have choice trees
of varieties greatly in demand now.
T.ihprnl commission with cash ad
vance. Seeuro copy of contract at
once. Salem Nursery company," 1030
Chcmeketa St.. Salem. Or. 1 9-16
Fashion's New Designs
IxpTess shipments reach us almost daily, assuring you of theory new
est aSest and every garment individually selected by an expert, especial
ly for our "EXCLUSIVE TRADE." - ; v v - ' '
Shoo mornings if possible. While we have increased our salesforce, we
cannot give you tne piuuiyu
FOR SALE Cheap, good 5 room house,
rurv wntp?. -nineo Tor not ana coia
wfitAi nlpfifrifl -Hifhts. Brood well.
.... t --0 , o- -
lurgo lot, fruit trees, some .berries;
easy terms. 1 . XJ. Wallace, caiem,
Oregon, Rt. 5, box 125. Phone 89F23.
Having sold my ranch, am compell
ed to sell my fine laying stock of
White Leghorns, 200 pullets, ready to
lay now; 250 i- year old hens laying
now; 200 2-year old hens laying now.
J. E. Kirkpatrick, Rt. G, fox 22, 3
miles east of penitentiary. 9-5
404 Hubbard Dnuaing -
BHWfWirOWWWWl r twmm mt n mm 1
5I";-Fffl LOIS-6
205 Oregon Banding
FOR SALE 84 lots, mostly 60x120,
...llU ..Inn. nW. Pn.al avflflll'll
wnu xuic view aiuu vn.w.
bounded on west by High street, and
extending eastward, blocks 8 to 15,
Nob Hill anner, Inquire of Mr. Weil
bacher,. Hotel Marion, Salem, or
write box 1022, Seattle, Wash. 9-6
' If so-See Us.
1916 Maxwell $300
Studchaker bue $200 .
1916 Ford in good condition, $375
Hudson Super Six $950 '
5 passenger Studobaker, electric
lights and starter, $485
Chalmers' 5 passenger, A l condi
tion $275
1917 Saxon ix 700
Wa anil nil, prnnsn. crftsnline. tued
auto parts, tires ind Recifsories.
mm S AUTO tAtHAMlih
349 N. COM. Y. M. C. A. HLOCK
Flumblng and Water Systems Installeo
by GRABES BROS, 141 Sooth Liberty
8tn Phone 550. Also agent for Fair
bank-Morse Oa Engines.
sr n-ra ii-art lncnterl l1 miles from
an acres cultivated, balance pas
Jure and 5 acres of good timber, run
ning water; il acres or oearmg prunes
good house, barn; 45 bearing cherries,
some apples, frree jwj per acre.
98 aero farm located 7 miles from !
Salem on main Silverton road, house
and barn, well, orcnarci. i-rice yer
U3 aere farm on Howell prairie, near
ly all cultivated, good house and barn.
Price $11)0 per acre. '
44 acre farm, -u acres cuitivaieu, u
ance timber and pasture, good house
and barn, orchard, gooa roaa. rat
$250 per acre.
Well improved 19 acre tract, good
house, barn, rock road, close to main
highway; 8 acres or prunes, jv acres
of loganberries, family orchard; best
of soil. Price $10,300,
5 aere tract, house and warn, i acre
of loganberries, some cherries, prunes.
Price $1600.
10 acre tra?t, all cultivated, 5 acres
mostly in fruit, peaches, apples and
loganberries; bungalow not finished.
.PnnA lit'' no i
Well improved 9 acre tract, line
modern house, Dearing iruu, ciose i"
... na k'rii.A ffilU.UlU.
363 acre farm, 20O acres cultivated,
hnlannn timt.pr and Ti&sture. house and
i barn, well, Best oi oiacit boh. jrnoc
l a Tini. IICTI. -
92 aere farm, 90 acres under cultiva
tion, good buildings, modern house;
land in high state of cultivation, wheat
threshed 45 bushela per acre. Price
A9r.fl no aprn. . V
Well improved iz acre tract, locau-u
close to Salem, modern house, tearing
trnnn maA. PrilCB 6000.
10 aeres of bearing Italian prunes, 6
and 9 years old, good road, 4 miles
out. Price oau.
rant. 10 acre orchard, most
ly prunes; house and barn; located on
main nignway, mu ouv.
Improved 3 acre -tract, good house
. f it e nlt liimln
ana Darn, iiniarni jiuh ui r"
finnn in. Prie.fi I'lGOO.
320 acre farm, 80 acres cultivated,
balance good timber, house and barn;
"located 2 miles from highway. Price
Ailn i0Y or.ro.
160 acre farm, house and barn, 30
acres cleared, balance pasture ana tim
tun- Prin tXOOOf
9A urn rni-t located 4'A miles out,
some fine bottom land, small house,
bam, family orchard, 4 acres set to
prunes and some peacnes, rocn roau
n lnr-nted e ose to canine, irrav
el road 5 room house, good location
tr'.,it Price 2.r00.
14.S0 aero tract located i miles out,
all cultivated; 5 acres of prunes,
acres logans, good 5 room bungalow,
f ,i.V,irI Priio .tfioftn.
'l.UJ 11, Idlllll,' v.. .. - .
You Can Always Do Better At
We are headquarters
j for gloves, and
FOR SALE Good registered Cotswold
yearling ram anil icw risin.iv.
ewes. Also steel range. A. T. Savage
Silverton, Or. Phone 43F42. 96
FOR SALE 2 room house, new paper
ed, painted, wired for ngnrs, juu ..,
450, terms. First house north West
Salem school house. " 9-i
LOST On tho Turner road, late Wed
nesday afternoon, one b;u-k i u
meal and two sacks of mill run.
Please phone 74F12 and notify o.
I. Martin. o t
8 ROOM hoime ana largo corner lot
for sale; ehorry trees, uarn uii
wood, shed. Price $1800. 1390 N. 4th
St. Phone 143HR. 8 3
LOST Umbrella Sat. morning, be
tween Wheeler comer and u. a. uo
pot. Mrs. J. N. Oathern, Rt. 9, box
139. 98
A Liitle W Ad Sells It
ia r. . in hnfiriiitr louans. 3 m
young cherries, 42o0; it is a buy worth
seeing, i , .
13 acres logans, prunes and mixed
fruit,' tair improvements, 2S0O.
3 acres joining city limit", niouorn
;m ,..,., mit. R00! look at. this.
John II. Hcott Realty o, 404 llubibard
LOST Strand of pearls last Saturday
night on Court or uommcreiai sireui.
Reward. Return address 228 North
Capitol St.
lc Word Class Ad WiH Sell It
RANCH for sole, 105 acres, 3d in cul
tivation, balance in pasture and tim
kv. on t i,uv in barn, some
osilion To President's
Compromise Plan Devel
ops Over Country.
Buffalo, X. Y., Sept; 3, Tho radical
olomcnts among the 15,000 railroad
shoDmen of Buffalo and vicinity was
reported today to be rapidly gaining
oats and wheat; 3 horses, cows a"" I control and despite ctrorts or in
all implements included. Price 70i:on i,.aders a general strike is antUi
n.i ini.nti.il nn iha Pacific hiuh-1 kj atnra tlm oml of tho week.
...n.r a V. I. ..Urn ilHlllllll. . 9 4 Tlin
wiiir. criun t-nml. resuonsible party
without small dliildreii, tne use ui
piano in return for one or two rooms
in which to store furniture. M B
care journal. "-4
llmiAur lion nt the New lork.
li,...vnl linna nrA uOnSed todav. OUO
thousand men employod. thcro having
I gone on strike, 1'ollowing a meeting
,., . .ia i.,,un. Inin. M'.vt niolih l ho men issued tue follow-
we nave eoiu no ninny ---- -
Iv that our list is coning low. "oi"'s mow."
I It . 1 7B house, for sale like one realty 'Wo might ust as well' starve with
idealor has advertised. We don't want out as within tne snops
frhftt many at one time. Wo cannot do
We have a largo list or gooa nu
lamette valley farms, stock ranches,
prune orchard, loganberry tracts,
close in acreage tracts, nice city
homes, cheap house and lota.
B-4-U-uy--R lit. . .
All we ask is a fail trial. Perrine
Marsters, 306 Hubbtt.'d bldg. tf
our clients justice by trying to find
sale for so many houses at one time. A
smaller number, well e"leted, priced
right, suits us better, wo always ex
amine tho property before offering it
for sale. If the price is right wo can
sell it. Come in at once and see us if
you have propertv for snle.
404 Hubbard bldg.
Denver Colo., Sept. 3. Machinists
in all Denver railroad shops votea 10
reject President Wilson's foil
FOR SALE 50 acres with S acres "bear
ing prunes, 5 acres cherries, pears,
walnuts and apples, ten acres timber
balance in .cultivation, cheap house.
Price 000, terms. Also 8 ten-aerc-tracts
all in cultivation with living
water on every tract, facing on coun
ty road. Price 200 per acre. Very
reasonable terms. .. A. Llst"n'
agent. g'
275 State street
9 3
Ave wish to announce to the people
of Polk and Mariont counties' that
we have received onr first shipment
of Oakland "sensible Six" 1920
model ars. We extend a cordial in
vitation to all to oibi in nnd ex
amine this new-Oakland model. It s
s -winner. American Auto Company,
185-197 a Ooml Bt., Salem, Or.
Phone 399. 8 4
K room plaslered, eleetri ity, fcath
and toilet, two lots, fine corner on
street cur, $273(1, 1500 cash. .
7 room modern, fine t ut ana oii
ries, garage, nnir capitc.', $fi0(Kl.
H room olastnrrd, finf lot, good fruit
$2200 $500 rash.
!5 rooms, electricity oath and louoi,
large comer lot, frui- :iud nuts; a good
v.... jii.no mxiu iifi i.
5 room modern bungalow, .iuu,
$800 cash. ' .-.,.
5 rooms, pleetr!;ity, bath and toilet,
a real snap; 17"!, corner lot, improv
ed stress, close in
four cent an
increase offer. The blac-
boilermnKcrs voted to ae-
hoNr wage
smiths and
Rmwu'ta vfiniiliinir riffit'er of tho shop
men hero are that in the eastern states
the president's proposal not to strike
pending the government's further ef
forts to re.luco living costs is meeting
with general repudiation oy tne saop-
men's- local while in the west tue
sentiment is divided. ,
Springfield, Mas, Sept. 3. Shop
in ii of the Boston and Maine and Now
lia. en railroads, were expected today
to fallow tho action of the Boston and
Alu.any shopmen in voting to reject
ill'! "ovornment's of for of an increase
in wages of four cents an hour.
Cumberland, Mr., 8ept. 3. Increasco
of noven cents an hour for mechanics
and 15 cents for helpers are tho do-rra-iU
of nearly SoOO men striking at
(he Baltimore and Ohio railroad shop
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Machinists are. now paid 68. cents
:iid UellierB forty five cents an hour.
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