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The Greatest Name
In Goody -Land
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7 - J Kept Rlfiht
Eighteen Of Twenty Germans
Returned To Camp Sher
man Barracks.
i Chilliothc, Ohio- Aug. 23. Eighteen
of the estimated twenty interned Ger
man sailors who escaped from the bar
racks at Samp Sherman, near here dur
ing severe electrical storm were -recaptured,
authorities say. .
. The sailors crawled through a tunnel,
running from the barracks eoliar to a
company street, thirty feet away an offi
cial said. It wag believed the men com
pleted the tunnel some time, and only
wcited an auspicious time to, use it.
Discovery of the wholesale escape fol
lowed almost immediately - and soldiers
and police from surrounding towns en
gaged in the hunt which yielded the 18
in jrronps of three to fire. ' All were
found in nearby towns. "
The 9ailors"wero members of the crew
of the German raider the Kronprinze;
who have been interned here since 1915.
One prisoner said the tunnel was dug
by thirty men,. in one man shifts in six
nights. The dirt was carried out by
the pocket full. Six of the sailors were
crptured within the camp limits, five
were found in Columbus, about 40 miles
away, two were found in Chillicotlic and
five" were taken from an electric car at
Circlecity, 20 miles from here.
Gleason Tribe Expected To
Meet Cincinnati Reds In
World's Series. . .
New York, Aug. 26. The White Son
now seem to be .the choice of the Am
eriean league for the championship set
to with tlio Cincinnati Keus. ;
The Gleason tribe of white stocking
ones aro now on the front with a lead
of six games over the Tigers. And thej
are going strong, having a run or ten
straight victories before being ' set
buck yesterday by tlio yanKees.
. .foe Jackson is mauling tho pill again
and his club means everything when it
is working right. Collins, Weaver and
Kelch form a combination with nun
that is hard to beat. And as to pitching
woll, it seems that Cicotto and Wil-
liams can go out: every otner nay anci
bring a game back with them.
Jennings has. a tornnaaoie ciud tnai
must be reckoned1 with but the Tigors
haven't been getting the breaks. Tris
Speaker still maintains that his In
dians' have a iook in ror me nouors.
Hut it seems to be a very remote
chance. ' " " " . '
', However,' the big chance of the Clevo
land club comes this week and 'next
The Tigers open a three game series' at
Cleveland today and then comes the
White Sox for a trio starting 'August
20. ..: . -y,
If the Indians take 'all -six and gel
nny help from the other clubs of the
league, the series might be played in
Ohio. . .
-Hops To Exceed Estimates
While Prune Harvest Is
Below Average.
Hun r'nineiwo Oil., Aug. 0. (Piiitud
Vrixui.) The ."twelfth fi'derut reserve
diHt rict ' review of general business and
njji-ieiiltuinl conditions reports that the
harvesting of gruin has" been practically
completed in tlio southern part f the
tliHtiint. It is in full tiwing in tho dis
trict's northern portion.
" Less danioge to grain, on the whole,
lias resulted from the. unfavorable con
ditions roportodfjust mouth than was
anticipated, although there aro i.dmlt-
tedly serious losses in Utah and the dry
farm areas of southoru Idaho," tho ro
view states. Tho following aro ex
cerpts: .
"Tho estimated Pitcifie. coast hop
crop of 100,000 bales will be somewhat
exceeded if tho damage by lice, 'apparent
in some sections of California, does not
become more serious."
"In Oregon mid Idaho, prunes an
dropping badly, but the Culiforma crop
will T probably exceed previous esti
mates." "A heavy crop of hivy is Wing cut in
Oregon aud Washington, and a very
light one in Utah, further cuttings
parts of California, Idaho and I'tuh wlft
be seriously curtailed by a shortage of
irrigation water.
"Livestock throughout the district is
rtportod in good to excellent condition,
the market is fuirly active under a low
er rnngo of prices ,aud the banks arc re
ported to ba able to extend the neces
sary credit to prevent the forcing of
.1.. TV i
T " , ' T " "7 8k Francisco, Aug. 20.-High offi
. , ,,....,..,. uns yeur . c. p o. , : I cials in the district council of electrical
,V, .1 ' , ,i u ' I workers expressed "every confidence "
s ight v in excess of 19 8. - ,oday ,ht the 15.000 telephone opera-
... til wib "t iv uwtwi iiiiu i unit t j n jt'ti
v,lh the exception of prunes and apples,! ()ml)l,olll.n aB1,,mnt tll!lf BnLa
its height throughout the entire I., ,,n,iet,7i,) .... .
from six to eight weeks. Once a week
plne.o the ibrush in boiling water giving
it u thorough scalding. 1'ou would not
think of using tho same table knife
and fork day after day without cleans
ing. There is nothing dirtier put into
the human mouth than a tooth brush
used weok'aftor.week without cleans
ing. If you could see all surfaces of each
tooth as you can see all surfaces of
the fingers the, cleaning of the toeth
would be better done. But no amount
of brushing will thoroughly clean the
teeth, aud your own inefficient efforts
should be supplemented at least twice
each year by a thorough cleansing at
the hands of a competent dentist. The
cost is nominal, and the investment
will produce speedy and excellent re
turns, .
Strike Settlement Turned
Down By Telephone Workers
Nothing- Like Plain Bitro-Pliosphate to
Strengthen Weak Nerves and
Increase Strength aud,
- Vis or
According to a noted French scient
ist, the most effective remedy for
nervousness, Insomnia and ailments due
to depleted nerve force, Is a form of
organic phosphate kuowu among drug
gists in this country as Bitro l'hos
iphatc. ,
ft is described as a substance which
is aimilar in composition to the phos
phorus naturally found in the train
ind nerve cells nml, being easily and
tquiekly assimilated, ' the work of or
fcting nerve iforce, strength and vigor
Ibegins immediately it is taken into the
human system. -
There are many report of astonish
ing results from its tise, some showing
remarkable improvement eveif'in stub
born cases of long standing nervo weak
ness. As there are many kinds of phos
jihotes, care should be exercised to pro
ture the genuine F!:trt-l-,liO!ipltnte.
district. IVa-rs are of excellent (imilitv
! but ponchos a little under normal, both
ns to sue and u,unlity. The nppio crop
shows a marked increase over that of
l!H find the quality is unusually good.
"There is a pressing demand for lum
ber, and mills are working under heav
ily increase-d eosts of production. Prices
have Increased from t4 to $0 per thou
sand. "Labor conditions on tho whole are
fairly settled in the district. A feeling
of iinrestis manifest in portions of
western Washington only."
(Ry Dr. K. R. Parker)
irse liquid mouth wash, assisted by
the tooth brush, once or twiee a day,
and also by rinsing the fluid vigorous
ly in the mouth. It will reach into erev-
acis and cavities of the teeth that
brush cannot. Ho particular about the
cleaning done just before retiring. n
food debris left in the .mouth over
niuht is esneclallv injurious,
t).i not ne a tooth brush until the
hrUtles are worn down to the handle.
No. b:u!i should he used, longer thin
The vote is only partially counted.
If tho vote is against the compromise
ottieers, ncotiutiouA will be re opened
effected bv the operators' international
with the telephone companies for a high-
c wage scale.
Chicago. "Ton bucks If you save my
teeth. They're on tho tenth flood,"
after which the bell boy performed s
real service to a guest caught in a hotel
The Joy Of J
d c t ct,:
:k,Know the joy and
f happiness that comes
i,to one thru possessing
la skia of purity and
beauty. The soft, div
tiniuished appearance it
nnders brinas out your
natural beauty to its full
est. In use over 70 year.
" (By United Press.) r. '-,
Owing to long jumps, two of them
made still longer by tho Los Angeles
transportation strike, there will be no
Coast league baseball today. Most of
those postponed games will be ployed in
double headers Saturday.
Vernon goes from Portland to Los
Angeles and the Angels from their hoie
lot to Portland. Tho Oaks come here
from Seattle and the Bees journey to
Rniniersville from tho bay region.
Curlev Brown has again been eased
out of Coast league pitching premier
ship, this time by Crnudall also an An
gel who has won 21qnd lost 8,
How pntaoes are wasted between
fnrm and kitchen will be shown in a
picture storv from the bureau of mar
kets. United States department of ag
riculture, in the government exhibits
at the state fair. Beginning with po
tato injured by a fork in digging, t,hil
panel shows how rot develops in the
injury,' and how such "potatoes packed
with others, or with 'potatoes that are
diseased, result in immense quantities
of tubers arriving at market unfit for
food. Potatoes are wasted by careless
handling, grading and packing, and
this exhibit points out that such scenes
as those showing cars of potatoes be
ing thrown away at large market cen
ters are all too eommon.
Another t of four pictures shows.
how many different kinds of hampers,
round baskets, and market baskets are
now in use for handling fruits and veg
etables; also how this number could' be
cut down by standardising on a few
siaes which cover all the needs of ship
per and dealer. The present large num
ber of sixes of such containers results
in confusion at markets and does not
make for economieal marketing of
fruits and vegetables.
Another set of pictures illustrates
how butter and syrups may be shipped
by parcel post, and shows a basket of
vegetables sent to .the city on Satur
day in time for Sunday dinner. A pic
ture of sausage packed for shipment
by pnrcel post is also shown.
HE carfwitti two" or three :
or four different brands of
tires reflects I on the owner's
ability to buy judiciously: ,
i People who try Firestone Gray
Sidewall Tires are no longer in
theranks of the tire doubters.
; ,h-.1.'".-. '! . -; - : ' ' ',''.. "' "
They ' fcnow that at least pne
make of tires has more miles of
wear: They know that, the
Lname Firestone carries 'assur
ance and that the tires are uni
formly good, f
Most Miles per Dollar
fl m
- "' " i S' i. rl ?
I 1 . - ;v:
' ' !. .'. 'Jipf -
4 'k
-.n;-..v--- v---... v-J.-. V. '.s i MMIWI i JSjeWvWi-.'O
Bss3sw3i8ii While puttinf, ecawd -oh
, Charles (Chick) Evans Jr., Oswald
Kirkby, D. E. Sawyer and Gardiner!
; White, four noted United State
igolfera whj recently loured eastern
'Canada for a week for the benefit of
ithe Canadian Red Cross, all agree
that one of the most beautiful links
:they saw was St. Andrews-by-tho-(Sea
in New .Brunswick. The scenic
surroundings wore not only most et
Itractive, but the links themselves
were a fine test of (olf. The fair
'tfreens wer in excellent condition
land the puttinc trreena showed that
itney wero un..?- er-pers 5Uiir.3ion-
any ol uc tatr rr.'V4. wanea m on
one or more "sides by majestic trees,
overlook beautiful r'assamaquoauy
Bay, an arm of the Bay of Fundy,
and the shores of Maine,
St Andrews, not unworthily
named in honor of Rolf's home club,
St Andrews. Scotland, is about (000
yards in length, and par is 72. The
amateur record, also 72, was made
by tha late Vernon Booth, who was
killed while fl-rhtin-r for his coun
try as en aviator in France. This
record had nover bees equaled until
the United States players, Evans
end Kirkb7, vlayn& at the very top
of their gamo on Jen 23, mcceeded
m doing so amid the applause of a
large gallery. - The professional
record, 71. made by John Peacock
who has had the links in charge for
years, still awaits the attempt of
some ambitious pollers to equal or
lower it Six hoes are of 4(H) yards,
or over, nine are 300 yards, or over,
the longest is 500 yards and tha
shortest 125.
If the golfer who visits St. An
drews, wishes to take a day off from
his favorite sport, he can turn to
fishing, swimming', boating and ten-,
nis. There are first class hotel ac-.
commodations near Jie 'inks.
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