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Superiority is a question of
degree. Some men are
big because other
men are little ' ,
excel through comparison.
'Of course there are others
hut none a9 good every
body says se.
10 for 13c
Ti John Bollman C. Brtnck
, I
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Hhiyton, Aug. 21. Frank Lesley re
turned Saturday with M. Lynott and
the oilier fnilroud men whom he took
across tlio mountains to Bend by auto.
They went via Lebanon mid visited
Histcrs and other points on the railroad
survey. The trip was made in good
time and without any trouble or acci
dent. Mr. Lesley says the company has
it couple of good sized crews of men
working on the. other side of the range
A short Kubens tins moved onto the
old delink place, west of the red mill.
" Ralph Tate has returned from east
ern Oregon, where he has been for sev
eral weeks. .
8. It. lloltael returned Ttifgjiy eve
ning from a trip through eastern Ore
gon and Idaho, lie says that craps are
good and money plentiful in that sec
tion, and that most of the towns he
visited arc shoi on houses. He con
templates locating in Portland.
lioren Wilson returned Saturday
j Dry Goods I
On account of our enormous trade (and we expect to do a bigger business this
Fall) we have decided to re-model our store room by adding balconies and us
ing the basement. This will give us more space to display our ENORMOUS
FALL AND WINTER STOCK and will make it more convenient for our
thousands of customers.
We bought our stock in time and bought it right and we will continue to
follow the policy of dividing our profits with our customers. In these times of
advancing prices for all classes of merchandise we will PROTECT OUR CUS
TOMERS and will HOLD THE PRICES DOWN in all our departments of
Dry Goods, Clothing. Men's Furnishings,
Hats, Shoes and Groceries.
Winter Suits
Woolen and Cotton Sweaters
Woolen and Cotton Underwear
Woolen and Cotton Socks
Hats and Woolen Caps
Peters' High Quality Heavy and
Dress Shoes for Men and Boys
Rubber Boots and Shoes from the
Best Factories.
We want to impress upon the public that they can really save money by supply
ing their needs at this big, busy store. Our prices on all kinds of high class,
standard merchandise will save you at least 25 per cent. Money is hard to earn
and hard .to save but you can save it by coming here for your food and clothing
from the east, having finished his term
of service. While away he saw many
foreign countries and enjoyed his work
but is satisfied to now try some other
occnpation. He went Sunday to Browns
viile for a visit with relatives.
W, 0. Yost, who has been in service
overseas, lias returned home.
Miss Myrtle Knauf, of Scio is visit
ing with Mrs. Fieklin. She has been
for. some1 time employed at Camas, Wn. i
Miss Knauf was formerly in tho local
telephone orfice.
Mrs. Wui, Mnag of Salem, was visit
ing in town several days this week.
W. H. Hobson returned Tuesday
from, a visit of several davs nt Seaside
Mrs. E. B. Waters and Mrs. Wm.
Harlan and children of Idatiha, have
been visiting at W. 8. Waters for sev
eral days.
Joe Klecker has gone to Portland,
where he will be employed.
Luther Cole, who has seen service
overseas, returned home Tuesday.
W. L. . Kimse.y, who lives east of
Town a rew mi.es, nas ooeu quire sick
for several days but is reported im-
proving. His daughter, Mrs. Dean
Crawford .of Portland, is visiting at
his. home..
Lnu and Van Handel have lately-
finished sceptic tanks for Forest Mack
and V. P. Lnuceficld.
W. V. Mokler, who lias been employ
ed in the Mail office, has returned to
his home at Clayton, Wash.
1 rof. iord made a business trip to
t'ortland Wednesday.
The Portland Railway Light and
Power Company is now installing in the
Valley Packing C'ompuny plant north of
tho city 15 motors which will carry
150 horse power necessary for the
plant's work. With the exception of
the Kpaulding Logging Company and
the two gravel plnnts which are heavy
users of electricity, the packing plant
will be the heaviest users of electricity
in the' city. y
F. W. Bosebraugh and W. M. Price
have filed their array discharges with
Mrs. Mildred M. Brooks, county record
Apply VapoRub
lightly it soothes
the tortured skin.
to the
s PHONE 453 -
Serges of all Colors
Woolen Plaids of All Color's
Outing Flannel White alid Colored
All kinds of silks ,
Crepe de Chine and Taffeta
Ladies' and Girls' Woolen and
Cotton Underwear
Up-to-Date Sweaters
Woolen Stockings
Woolen and Cotton Blankets
Comforters of all sizes and kinds
For Itching Torture J
There is one remedy that seldom
fails to stop itching torture and relieve
skin irritation and that makes the skin
soft, clear and healthy.
Any druggist can supply you with
Zemo, which generally overcomes all
skin diseases. Eczema, itch, pimples,
rashes, blackheads in most cases give
way to Zemo. Fnsuently, minor blem
ishes disappear o'.v night. Itching us
ually stops instantly. Zemo is a safe,
antiseptic liquid, clean, easy to use and
dependable. It costs only 35c; an ex
tra large bottle, $1.00. It will not stain,
is not greasy or sticky and is positively
safe for tender, sensitive skins.
The E. W. Rose Co.. Cleveland. 0.
Fire Situation In Polk "
County Not Threatening
. TnBre u thin,r threatenino nhm.t
the forest fire 9itution in Polk "couMt
according to Supervisor W. V. Fuller of
Dallas, who was in Salem for a short
time today for a conference with State
Forester F. A. Klliott.
: With tho. exception of the fire arouno
the camp of the Willamette Valley
Lumber company, above Black Hock,
there are no serious blazes anywhere iu
the county, Mr. Fuller sr.id. Tho Black
Rock fire has so far been kept well in
hand and iu the absence of any high
winds should be entirely subdued with
in a day or two.
While he has not yet had the oppor
tunity to judge of the efficiency of the
airplane firo patrol system through its
work in his district, Mr. Fuller is con
fident that the plan will work out fully
us well us it is expected to.
Forest Fires Break Out In
Baker And Grant Counties
Baker, Or., Aug. 21, Forest fires
havo broken out anew in Baker and
Grant counties. . '
Reinforcement's are being rushed to
the sceno of the blaze near Whitney,
The flames iu the region north of
Granite arc burning fiercely. Tho Cath
erine creek fire is uncontrolled, with 100,
men trying to combat it. It covers more
than 4000 acres.
Crowd At Newport Beaches
Is Largest On Record; Train
Service Causes Complaints
Newport, Or., Aug. 21. The season
at this beach is without doubt the best
that has yet been seen here. The travel
to this date easily eclipses anything of
the past and is growing in volume daily
and it seems now that .the. height of
tue summer will yet be extended an
other two weeks at least, during the
week the weather conditions have been
a good deal varied. Sunday evening it
was cool enough to make an overcoat
feel very comfortable to the summer
visitors while Monday refreshine show
er of rain tempered the atmosphere
to a aengntful degree of mildness,
The agitation over the train service
between -Xewporf and Vaquina is ap
parently reaching a climax. The assist
ant director of railroads, is now en
route here from Washington, D. C, to
give the matter a thorough and per
sonal investigation. The" 'Newport Com
mercial club is making' active prepara
tion for his reception and entertain
ment. The Willamette valley commer
cial bodies will be invited to attend.
the Southern Pacific stronalv and sue-
ctssfully has opposed every effort thus
far to secure this train service. Just
why the 8. P. should make such stren
uous objection to it is not apparent on
the surface.
Work on the macadam highwav bo-
twocn Newport and Toledo is beins
rushed as fast as possible. When this
Highway is completed to the Willam
ette valley it will be of inestimable
value to tins citv as well as the entire
bay country. The county court has
made large purchases of road building
machinery and is carrying out cxtens
ivo work on the Siletz road which com-
nccts with tho Newport road a mile
west of Toledo. There are some nine
miles of this road and not many years
ago the county expended about $35,-
O00 on it between work and machinery
and made a dismal failure in road
Col. Ziun, U, S. engineer, was down
from Portland Friday inspecting the
harbor improvement work bcin? car
ried on here and consulting with the
port commissioners regarding tho pos
sible failure of the contractor to car
ry out. his contract. ' . 'I
MissCs Holmes and Topping of Ev
erett, Wn., are passing an extended va
cation at Nye beach.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hibbs of Inde
pendence are domiciled in their Brook
street cottage for their summer "outing.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Durbin depart
ed Friday for- Vancouver, Wn., after
spending two weeks at Nye beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar" Hayter and chil
dren of Dallas arrived Wednesday for
a week's outing. They are staying at
Nye beach.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. C'ronise of Salem
arrived Friday for an extended vaca
tion at this beach. ;
Mr. and Mrs. S. L, Parks of Altany
were week end visitors at the beadh.
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Irvine and chil
dren and-. Miss Olive Skinner arrived
Thursday rom Independence, for their
summer outing,
Rev. nnd Mrs!' J. J. Canoles, Mr. and
Mrs. Langston and Mrs. Charles Rals
ton arrived Tuesday from Lebanon,
and will remaiu'.for a three weeks va
cation at this resort.
Mr, and Mrs. E. C. Wilson and
daughter of Waterloo, Iowa,. Mrs. C.
A. Dobell and Miss Lila Dobell of Cor
vallis are at Agate beach for a mouth.
Misses Elizabeth and Ethel Knotts
of Corvallis are guests of Mrs. Wm.
uroders at her jNye beach cottage.
Mrs. John II. Stevens and son and
Miss Nellie Baine arrived Friday from
Albany for a brief vacation outing.
Mrs. A. A. Childs and daughters
and Miss Irene Eddy of Independence
are enjoying their summer outing at
this sea beach. .
C E. Knowland and family arrived
from Salom Sunday for their annual
summer outing.
Miss Anna Chambers of Corvallis ar
rived Saturday and is a guest of Dr.
and Mrs. C. W. Belt. """
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Burns of Albany
aro located at .Nye beach for the week.
Airs. J. .N. Smith and daughter and
Miss Grace Sherwood arrived this week
from Snlcm, and will remain indefi
Mr. nnd Mrs. Clarence Whiteside and
Mrs. Ormand Outhcrie have returned
home to Corvallis, after an extended
vacatrbn at this beach.
Mrs. Kepner of Butte, Montana, ar-
ivett Thursday for
a summer outing
oy tho sea.
M. Hnhn and Miss Margaret Hnhn Chamberlain's Liniment and bound on
arrived Saturday from Salem and are over the seat of pain 1 often more ef
at Nye beach for an indefinite sojourn 'fectual for a lame back than a plaster
uy me seasiue.
Mrs. Lucy Francisco has as her guest
Mrs. Martha Burnett of Corvallis.
Mrs. Florence Kohlhagen of Rose
burg arrived the first of the week and
has opened her Nye beach cottage for
tho balance of tho season.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Farrar are at this
beach for their summer vacation. Mr.
Farvar is assistant postmaster at, the
capital city.
Mr. and Mis. Walter L. Tooze Sr.,
Capt. and Mrs., W. L. Toone Jr., and
child and Lieutenant Lamar Tooze are
registered at the Cliff house this week
Lieutenant Lamar Tooze ha. inst nr-!
rived from France. I
nr: m ,, . . , i
Miss Florence Custer arrived Tues-
dav from For, nmlae Tn for n T.
tended visit with Mr. and Mrs. A. E.
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Billings of Ash-
ln.l nr.
u Mu luiuiiv- arriveu iuesuav ior
their annual vacation. The Billings
have been regular
lar visitors at this beach '
tor many years past.
Dr. E. H. Taylor and Si Orchard ar
rived Monday" from Corvallis for a
brief vacation.
. Mr. Williams and familv of . Flor-i
ence aro paasinsr their vacation at this
beach. .
Miss flernicc Chambers of Corvallis
is visiting with Miss Lillian Hout at
Aye, beach.
Tr. v r T..,m tj:i
da and Mrs! Olin Haum have arrived
1 1 rum Aiameda. i ai., ior an indefinite
stay at this beach.
Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Cros.leyreturn
ed home Friday to Roseburg, after a
brief stay at iNye beach. i
Prof, and Mrs. Charles X,. Johnson
and little daughter of Corvallis have
opened their Arcadia cottage and will
remain for an extended vacation.
k Prof. W. H. Burton departed for
Portland Friday after spending his an
nual vacation at this beach.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Barden of Corvallis
are enjoying a short vacation by the
seaside. .
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Freshhafer ad
children departed Thursday for their
home at Boise, Idahof after enjoying
an extended vacation, outing at this
resort. .
Mr. and Mis. Wm. Porter and Miss
Mildred Porter arrived Saturday from
Corvallis and will spend the rest of
the month at "the beach.
Mrs. Grace Hall and daughter Mil
dred Hall arrived1 this week from Port
land and will remain for an extended
J. J. Gatens of Ona departe'd Satur
day on a visit to his old home in New
Brunswick, D. C. Mr. Gatens was to
mer deputy game warden for this
county and is a very prosperous and
substantial farmer. It is about 35 years
since he left New Brunswick.
Mrs. A. iB. Haight, Mrs. S. E. Shnf
er and Sylvia S. Smith are arrivals
from Salem this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Grunz and the
Misses Rosie, Clara and Agnes Thics
sen are registered at the Cliff house,
from Jefferson.
H. iN. Cookcrline and family of Al
bany are spending their summer out
ing at Nye beach.
R. F. Park and family, Miss Maud
Park and Miss Wiersiek and Mrs. R.
Ndygellend of Oregon City arc sojourn
ing at Nye beach.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Golstein. E. FV
Douglas and familv. Mr. and Mrs. G.
II. Denton and Mis. J. L. Matthews are:
Portland visitors at this beach.
Mrs. C. L. Carter of Klamath Falls
is spending her vacation nt this sea
Mrs. Myrtle Neal of Madison,' Wis.,
is enjoying her vacation at this resort.
W, H. Jenkins, traveling passenger ;
agent of the Southern Pacific, chap-
eroned a large train load of pleasure
seeners to the beach Tuesday.
Hon. W. P. Lafferty and M. J.
Young returned home to Corvallis af
ter a brief vacation.
PETERS At the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. W. A. Clement 280 North
High street, Aug. 20 ,1919, Mrs. Mar
tha J. Peters, at he age of 65 years.
She had been suffering for the past
ten days from the effect of a stroke
of paralysis.
MrB. Peters is survived by one daugh
ter' Mr9- w- A- Clement of Salem, and
one isou, rv. t. meters or iioqiiiam, wn.
Also by three brothers and two sisters
living at Sprigfield, Ohio. She was
born at Springfield and for the past
nine years has been a resident of Sa
lem. The funeral services will be held
Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from
the chapel of Webb & Clough and will
"be conducted by the Rev. Leland Por
tOT, pastor of . . the First Christian
church. Burial will be in the City View
cemetery. -
The mouth of August is about to
break the August record for marriage
licenses. While "in some communities
the reports indicate that it is a 50-50
proposition between divorces and (mar
riages, it is all the other way in Ma
rion county, for with but three divorce
suits filed this month, there has been
so far 2" marriage licenses issued. Yes
terday a license to marry was issued
to Pascal Kiddu -Whelpton of Lincoln,
Neb., professor of fnrm management
and Miss Lorene A. Parker of Orville,
home demonstrating agent. Miss 'Park
er devoted some time to Marion conn-,
tv during the war, showing the farmers
wives how to cook. A license was also
issued yesterday to Robert E. Francis,
57, of Hubbard and Lillie S. Smith,
51, of Hubbard.
The Best Plaster
piece of flannel dampened with
and docs not cost anything like as
much. o
Huckestein Back From Auto
Trip To Southern Oregon
August Huckestein is home from an
auto tour extending to Klamath Falls
and returning by way of Bend. He says
tue rvinmatn tails people are prosperous
and happy and have great confidence iu
the future of that part of the state with
" - .h - 87
te 6l!iw Sc em-
ne rnree court nouses at K amath
p.ii, .. ,ii4 i, !k t J .r "
."?. 0 "P'e by the fact that
originally the county had a frame court
house and then on one end was added a
stone annex and then on the other end
k briek annex. Later 'a Calif oinia svn
, .... . .
d.w,T .bn " thc J'can hotel just a lit
anl 1m ,ne "" business part
of town and to cause things to grow
that way, gve land on which was erect
ed the second court house. This was
never used.- The j a new set of comniis-
s,0"ers al ftlo"K huilt a fine
,l - ,,.w0 court house in the center of the
town. This one ha not been used and
the courts are grinding away in the orig
inal, part briek, part stone and the rest
frame. .
Not being accustomed to a sandy
r.ountry. Mr- Huektestein and his party
i v" - ''" i
I dry looking, although fine crops can be
(raised where water is available. The
i FeT
. Location, Service and Accommodations the Best. 5
Royal Theatre
W. T. Crocker. Prop.
Newport, Oregon.
Newport, Oregon.
Agates Cut and Mounted
Watch Repairing
23 years in business
Front Street.
K 9. Cross & Sons Meats
Out-of -Town Orders Carefully Packed!.
city of Bend is booming, he said, due to
the big lumber interests and sawmills.
Directors Of Commercial
Club Vote To Co-Operate
With Breeders Of Da: cs
Co-operation with tho Oregon State
Duroc Breeders association was voted
by the directors of the Salem Commer
cial club at the monthly session held
last evening.
The co-operation voted is that of nut
ting the Commercial club back of the
annual meeting and sale of the Duroc
association which will be held at the
state fair grounds either the last week
in January or during the first week In
February .
The co-operation of the club and the
help that will be given the Duroc breed
ers means that at tho sale nnd meeting
to bo hold in thc city, from 50 to 75
breders of the finest Duroc swine will
be present, besides about 25 from other
points in the northwest, with an ateend
anoe of about 500.
With proper recognition by the club
R. H. CAMPBELL Special
IB 111 I lt$5S.a00e
tun mm
E3 Cllkfi.-CV
Hot and cold water. All mod
ern conveniences
Furnished tents and cottages
Agate Cutter and
Manufacturing jeweler
Open the Year Round
(Formerly of Salem)
Post Office Block
PHONE 3452
Staple Groceries
Newport's "Big Town" Confectionary
And Ice Cream Place.
Front Street, Newport.
Everything in Groceries, Confectionary
and Ice ' Cream, Fruits, 'Vegetables,
Cigars and Tobaccos. Both In end out
of Season. - ;. " '
Also Fresh Fish
Corner Coast and Beach Sts. '
Phone 2303. " :
and the citizens of tho city, it is felt
that Salom may eventually become tha
northwest headquarters for thc sale of
thorough bred swine.
J. W. Fruit, of. Brooks, has been ap
pointed chairman of tho sale committee
and Duroc breeders throughout the
northwest will be informed "of the com
ing sale. -
Blazing Tree Crushes Life
From Forest fire fighter
Oregon City, Or., Aug. 21 Boy Mitch
ell, 2C, was instantly killed while fighfr
ing a forest fire in the Blaza range 30
miles east of Sundy, Or., Wednesday
afternoon according to news which was
received here today. A 110 foot cedar
tree which had been burned through at
the-baqp fell on thc fire fighter.
Mitchell, who had been in the employ
of the forest service since he was 17
years old, with the exception of tw
years during tho war, returned from
France two weeks ago.
Good Oil Is
Cheaper Than Parts
Freedom from unnecessary
rep and longer life for
your car results from correct
lubrication with Zerolene,
Scientifically refined from se
lected California crude oil
Gives auimtna lnbricitioa with llast
orbon (fep.t Get a C.rrect Luhr"
mum Chart for year er.
.(CsiifornU) .
Agt, Standard OU X Salem: