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Iflijpwm wamt An mrDiDTTfrKT n tut? duct criiivr
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aeh, insertion
- U
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sponsible for more than one insertion,
fed error in Classified Advertisements
Bead your advertiseu'tnt the first oay
it appears and notify ui ininiedik-ltly if
nor occurs.
Minimum charge, 15c
FOR RENT Furnished housekeeping
rooms, l'hone 2093M. tf
WANTED Plain sewing at home. 1120
Cherueketa. . J-la
THE Miller, rooms and apartment. 633
Ferry St. 7 20
WE make the beet power prune dippers.
Salem Mfg Co, 139G N.-Front St. tf
Bool's cleaned, painted, patched and
tarred. Fhone C. C. Kays at 1648. 7 27
JAS. LTOXS practical painter. Fhone
704. tf
WANT To trade for good car. Laflar
& Laflar, 4(16 Hubbard bldg. 7-15
MEN wanted at Tile worki near fair
grounds. Salem Tile & Mercantile
Co. tf
MODERN furnished five or six room
house wanted. Write 121G7 care Jour
nal. 7-15
DEKORATO sanitary wall tint, best
made; beautiful new colors. Burens
Cum'l St. tf
FOR SALE Ford 1917, cheap. Salem
Auto Radiator shop, IDS S. 12th St.
FOR SALE Full sized solid oak Na
poleon bed nt 1H25 Saginaw. Fhone
1185, call mornings. 7-1")
2 GOOD houses, ono 5 room, one 4
room, $Mf0 each; payment like rent.
Laflur & Laflar, 4Uti" Hubbard bldg.
FOR SALE -One pair of good horses,
5 years old and new harness. Call at
1446 Saginaw street evenings. 718
WALL PAPER IS cents per double rrll
upward. Buren'g Furniture Store.
179 Commercial. tf
FOR SALE Modern six room house,
close In on paved street, terms if de
sired. Will consider car in good
' shape. Ownor J-14 caro Journal. 714
FOB 8ALE iTty owner, modern 5 room
bungalow, built in china closet, book
eases, desks; content walks, fall base
tnent. l'hone 1598M. tf
FOR SALE Automobile in Al con
dition, good tires, $600 ensh if taken
before Friday. Cull 1135 IS. 10th St.
evenings. 715
TAKBV from Hunt Cannery Hat. Fly
er bicycle. Xo.J2202. Rewind $10 for
return. 4 "all 1193 S. Liberty St. after
5 p. m. 7-1"
WELL matched team of dark bay
mores for sale, four and five years
old, perfectly sound, weight 2700 lbs.
Harness and wagon also if wanted.
I. H. Small, Turner, Or. 7-15
FORD car for sale, will put on eilher :
touring or-rnadster bo'dyi this
rias heen rebuilt and is like new. Pa
lem Volie company, 162 X. Couinior
ciul street. 7 16
WANTED To buy a email improved
place, will pay t.j cash, 'fc in city
property. Address 12(4 X. Winter,
JSalem, Or. Phone 10S5J. 7-21
JMake your own gits with our new gas
niaker installed n your ranye or
heater in two minutes. Safe, cheap,
quick, clean. Money back guarantee,
no experiment. Daily demonstration
at Frank Kichtcr's store, 373 Court
tit. Salem, Or. Robinson and Johnson
exclusive selling representatives for
Marion county. 7-21
INCREASE your worth, fine little 5
acre tract for sala few miles from
Salem, house, barn, well, garden, straw
berries, raspberries and flower., 414
care Journal. tf
We buy and sell notes, mort
gages and ail kinds of bonds.
814 Mfsonie Building
SalrTn, Oregon
t 314 Mason Bldg.
GIRL, or ladv for housework. Call at
6o" Center St. 7-1
FOR RENT SJoepiug room a. Inquire
lii b. Church. . 7-15
W. BEAVER well driller. Phone S27J,
11C5 X. 19th St. Salem, Or. 8 -S
132 6.
WANTED Girl for general home
worki l'hone 1367. 7-16
FOR SALE "0 aeres prunes, full bear
ing, good crop. J h. Wood, 81
State St. '7-15
FOR SALE 12000 bank stock paving
dividend, not a Salem bank. Write
3 care Journal. 7-13
FOR SALE One young Jersey cow
one giving milk. Comer of Hyde and
22d. 7-15
FINE Chickering piano in good con
dition at a genuine bargain price.
Tho Wilev B. Allen Co., 519 Court
St. 7-19
WANTED Family for loganberry
picking, honso furnished for family
of 5 or 9. Box 13, Rt. 3, Salein, .N.
Beer. 716
I WANT to buy one thousand heavy
hens, will pay top price, bring them
at once. l'hone 2199. Cherry City
Poultry market. 7 21
TAKEN UP One black shoat, weight
60 lbs., right ear split and upper bit
on left ear. L. F. Hill, lit. 8, box
125. tf
RED raspberries 5c per box, piek them
yourself. 3 miles out. Phone 53,r'15.
WANTED Dining room help at Ore
gon statft tuberculosis hosital, pay
$40 per .month with board, room and
laundry furnished. Phone 433. 7-16
FOR SALE Ford worm drive truck,
1917 model, good condition; also al
most new 1-ton Maxwell. Call at new
Pohle .bldg, Ferry St. tf
(31RIL wanted for general housework,
good wages, il'hone 1496M or call 444
north 14th St. 7 19
WANTED Wood chopper, $2.50 up
per cord, good eamp gropnd. Enquire
Blessing's cigar store, A. J. Ander
son, tf
WANTED To rent, 8 room modern
Souse with garage. Give particulars.
Theodore Maynard, 2019 Wetmore
ave., Everett, Wash. 7-19
FOR SALE Only cleaning and press
ing parlor In hilverton; lino business
mors work than one man can do. Rea
son for selling, owner is retiring.
Address K. Hulverson, tailor, Silver
ton, Or. 7 15
PRUNE orchard for sale, 18 acres bear
ing prunes, full crop; 12 acres in
Roynl Amies, apples pears and lo
ganberries, Price $16,000. full crop
with place. $10,000 cash, balance
terms. P O euro Journal. 7 19
TO TRADE Small grocery stock and
fixtures for neat, close in home.
Write exaet location. Renter care
Journal. 716
... , v-n-r. j ', TT
ers. 2c per
box; free transportation from end
of carline. Phono 92F3 evenings or
mornings, tf
FOR SALE 103 acres, 2 houses, 3
barns, silo, windmill, stock and im
plements $."i!O0 down; also 108 seres
fruit and dairy land. D. F. Eastburn
Aunisvllle, Or. 7 IS
FOR 8-U'E- i? ".
iii.Mw-iii cmivi.uitMiccn, uoume garnge
c.osc is, on street car una end paved
street. G L care Journal.
TO TRADE Furnishings of rooming
house and other holdings for improv
ed flow in screnjie of $2500 to $3300
valuation. Give location. Owner care
Journal. . 7 16
FOR SALE By owner, modern seven
room house on paved street near car
line. Full basement, furnace, cement
sidewalks, built in ehina closet, book
as!, garden, rose hushes, shruhs ami
walnut trcrs. Address M H W eare
Journal. 718
SPLENDID 5 acre home tract, 2'4
acres in apples, pears, peaches, cher
ries, prunes and small fruits. Fair
buildings, all fenced, near state high
way, household goods, implements,
separator, horse, boggy et. $S00
down, balance terms. 5. A'arren Clark
Rt. 1, Jefferson, Ore. 716
Salem, Oregon
20 ACRES, 4 miles from Salem," fine
road; $200o. Laf!ar Laflar, 406
Hubbard bldg. 7 15
3 ACRES, extra good buildings, in
citr limits, $2500 for quick sale. Laf
lar 4 Laf lar. 406 Hnbbard bldg. 7-15
FURN1SHFJ house wanted, or 7
room modern furnished hon.e. Will
lease for rear. Call 2219. tf
FOR SALE Roller top desk and chair.
Room 506, U. S. National bank build
ing. 7-15
BARGAIN 440 acres large house aad
barn, good location, closs to town,
40 per aire, will take home up to
$2500. F. L. Wood, Bayne bldg. 7-16
HOME for sale or exchange for small
country place. H room modern house,
beautiful grounds, fruit, berries and
garden. On paved street, l'hone own
er 2440, or address J G care Journ
al. 715
FOR SAUv-tXo. 12 He Laval cream
separator in, good condition; one Wi
noua wagon, like new, complete with
box; one bean spray outfit, one 12x
14 tent; one hundred bushels of field
oats. l'hone 107F13. 7-17
CENSUS clerks, (men, women). 4000
needed. $02 month. Age, IS upward.
Experience unnecessary. For free par
ticulars of examinations, write J.
Leonard (former government examin
er) 13d2 Equitable Bldg, Washing
ton. 7-22
WANTED Salesman with light car
for delivery, for tea and coffee route
in Salem. Business already establish
ed bond and reference required; ex
cellent proposition. Apply Grand
Union Tea Co., C. P. Morrison, Mgr.
448 Washington St. Portland. tf
MISSION From the fact that we
eliminate the middle man and deal
with you direct we can offer a mod
ern 4 room bungalow, which has
been newly painted and papered,
with barn and chicken house for
$800, terms $25 cash and then $10
per month, with 7 per cent interest.
Oregon Realtv Exchange1 Inv. Oo.,
407 Hubbard bldg. 7-16
Expert machine shop service by Mr.
rsergman at high school machine
shop. 12 years experience. Gear cut
ting a specialty. High elass machine
tools. Quick service. Phone 446, 8-15
PERMANENT positions permanent
ana temporary positions open for
young women with or without experi
ence. Applications will be received
during the present strike at our cen
tral office in Salem, Telephnno build
ing, 170 North Liberty street. The
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph com
75 acres 4 miles from Corvullis on
tho river bottom in proven prune
section. 28 acres bearing prunes, 4
acres eherrirs. Trees mostly six yours
old and getting better all the time.
Prune crop this year will tiring own
er about $5000. 32 acres in grain. 10
acres in pasture. Good buildings and
fine land. Priced right at $20,000.
47 aeres all cultivated. 18 acres in
o'd prune orchard. 2 acres family or
chard. Only 3 miles from t'orvallis
in good locality. New six room bun
galow, new good prune dryer, barn,
garage, store room, water system,
and another t of fair buildings for
hired help. 7 to 8 thousand dollars
in buildings. Pries $17,500. Some
terms. Kinney ft Cp., dealers in orch
ards, C'orvullis Or. Homo of O. A.
' 718
349 N. COM. T. M. C. A. BLOCK
1918 Studebakcr $M0
5 passenger Warren-Detroit, Conti
nental motor $225
1918 Chevrolet sedan, fine condi
tion $"00
5 passenger, j?ht Studcbnher four
electric starter and lights $500
1917 Saxon six $700
5 Passenger Maxwell, will make
rood bug cheap.
1914 Overland, ery terms, $450
1916 Ford, first elass condition, 375
1915 Overland $300
We wreck autos for their parti, this
enables you to get oM car parts at
a bargain. Cash price p.ld for Junk
6-passenger Studehaker, $180.
We sell oils, grease, old auto parts
tires and aecfssories.
tL,.r' y a?
Geei Anyw-cre Aoy Aa!$.
lim I BL'RftE CO, ht, flmbamtn
Tl Hswtlumw At. TorlSmad.
s 1 .
mt a a-. j ssr -
OATS and eheet hay for sale at H.
in fietd. l'hone 1ikiF31. 7 16
HAY Xa. I clean e'over delivered,
ioos. Phone 105F16. ' 7 16
FOR SALE Crood team, call 5SF4.
FINE organ ftr sale, $.10, easy terms
if wanted. 519 Court St.
7 IS
KALE plants for sals $1.50 per 1000.
Rt. 3, Xo. 274. Fhone 76F6. 7 15
HOUSEKEEPer wanted, cook for four.
Call 3F4. 7 19
FOR SALE 20 acres Liberty district,
14 aeres prunes, $4200. F.'L. Wood.
Bayne bldg. 7-16
HAT will trade 4 tons of good hay for
good eow. I'BOne It 11.
cingson, Rt. 3, box 252.
P. A.
GRAIN hay for sale, well cured in
good eow. l'hone 76F11. 7 17
3 LOTS, with house. 5 rooms and np
s airs. 995 S 22d St. Joe Talloca.
7 16
LARGE 9 room house, and 5 lots for
sale, or will rent, at 555 S. 19th
See owner, 241 X. High. 7 10
WANTED Maid, experienced prefer
red. Apply to Housekeeper, Hotel
Marion. 713
WANTED Man. woman or boy part
time to care, for grounds. E. Hofer,
765 S. Commercitl street. 7 16
GIRLS wanted at the Glovj factory,
1455 Oak street, for steady work.
WANTED 1000 suits to clean. C.
K.ra Sparks, tailoring and cleaning,
1853 State St. Phone 008. 8 14
MUSIC box for sale, cost about $100
when new, ell for $20. 519 Court
St. 7-18
To trade for car, two fine lots rnluo
$1100. Buiek six preferred. Laflar ft
Laflar, 406 Hubbard bldg. 7-14
FOR SALE Young team, 0 and 8
years old, weight 1200. Phone 8SF4
LOST Sat. downtown, child s tun
shoes. Leave at Peoples Cash store.
WILL ipay up to $25 rent for modern
5 or 6 room, house, walking distance,
reliable tenant. Phone 1000, tf
FOR BALE 500 fords' of bodv fir
wood. Baker, 645 Ferry St. Phone
1806W. 7-19
BARGAIN worth while, 5 room house
and 8 big lots in south Salom, $1600
for quick sale. Laflar ft Laflar, 406
Hubbard bldg. . 7 14
5 ROOM bungalow strictly modern, on
south 19th St. i'Bt quick sale $K150.
Laflar ft Laflar, 406 Hubbard bldg.'
5 ACRES, fine buildings, about 10
blocks to carline. Must sell soon.
Laflar ft Laflar, 406 Hubbard bldg.
FOR SALE All or part of 120 acres
one mulo from Marion, good build
ings; would take good house in Sa
lem as part ipay. A ifitio dairy farm.
Wm. Hall, Marion, Or. 7 19
5 rooms, bath, toiler, electric lights
and fireplace, 14th and Ferry Ht, only
$HtX, V cash.
Bath, toilet, electric lights, 2 lots,
liiHj X. Liberty, $25imi, $mhj cash bal
ance terms.
404 Hubbard bldg.
timber, general land office, Washing
ton. D. C, June 27, Imiu, jNouco is
hereby given that subject to the condi
tions and limitations of the act of
Ju-ie 9, 1910 (39 Stat., 218), and the
instructions of the secretary of tho in
terior of September 15, 1917, tho tim
ber on the following lauds will be sold
August 20, 1019, at 10 o'clock a. m., at
public auction at the United State
land office at Portland, Oi.'gon, to the
highest bidder at not less than the ap
praised value, as shown by this notice,
sale to be subject te the approval of
of tho seerrtary of the interior. The
purchase priee, with an additional sum
of one fifth of one per cent thereof,
being eommiss'ous allowed, must tie
deposited at lime of sale, money to be
returaod if sale is not approved, other
wise patent will iss-uc for the timber
which ainst be removed within ten
years. Bids will be received from citi
zens of the United States, associations
of such citizens and corpora ions or
ganiwi under the laws of the United
j Stales or any state, territory or dis
trict thereof onlv. Uonn atnliiMf inn of
inoliifiiu4 tttinohflBft ilia 4 i rnilmi- nsi .nV
jl.al subdivision will be offered sepa
rately before being included in any nf-
j fer of larger unit. T. 2 X., R. 3 W.,
Sec. 11, JiW'4 SW!',, red fir 510 M
cedar 53 M., W14 KW',4, red fir 740
M., none of the red fir or cedar to be
sold for bs than $U10 per M. T. 9 H.,
R. 2 E., Kee. fi, XE4 XEVi, fir 101KI
-M., liend.ick 270 M, NW" -'E', fir
0 M., hemlock l-'O M., HK't-SK,
fir 1770 M., hemlock 2.V) M., (tW
NE',, fir 2.190 M.. hemlock i.00 M.,
NE'i NWV. fir 6'!0 M., hemlock 130
M XWV, XW!4, fir 1700 M., NE'4
fK. fir 1170 M.. hi-nloek 120 M.,
NWV, KE'4. fir 16K M., h-mlock 50
M., KE'i. fir ltM Hi., hemlock
30 M, HWi.4 HE'4, fir 7M M., XE'i
HWVi, fir 195i M., XWV4 HW, fir
21) M.. REV, SWV,, fi, e,rKt M.,
HW 8WV4, fir 1250 M., none of the
fir to be sold for less than $I..Vl per M.,
and son of the hemlock to be sold for
less than 75 cents per M. T. V 8., R. 3
ft., He. 2-'.. mV", X"W',, red fir eVK)
M., HE 'E'4, red fir 350 M.,
NE'4. red fir 500 M., none of the red
fir to be sold for Icm than $2 p-r M. I
oral Land Office. 8 16
mm cause is
(Continued from page one)
tare of poor, weak, don ntr.nl, I, a Cains'
ulradiug before the Croat wor.,1 tribunal
fer justice yes tat merry pleading to'
he saved the kitifiatien sf tiMniai
jOVer. thirty six mi'.Iio s of her people,;
nr-r imiusmcs, ner noty Jand, the sirred
dust of her ancestors, to the control aud
gm eminent nf tho -one nation of all the
earth she feared the most.
"And this we are a.skcd approve
by a ratification sf th treaty. We arel
mw expeetisd to add 'to this, interns, i
tkmal crime by givir.jr senatorial sp-'
proval to this in just judgmeat." i
Becxst Agieaawnt CoAXged. i
Xorris then told the story of an al-'
leged secret ;rrwe stent bet wee Japan ;
nsd the allies for the panio-iiLg off of
(."hiiia, qnetuig rorrepsdencc between
British, French and Italian niplomnts!
aad the Japanese government on the'
"Thus," he said, "while the allies
wo trvin ,mt r'v :n. :.. . .u..
- - - ft v . . uiua iimu in, nni
so that they could get German ships in
Chinese harbors, thev were accictlv
plotting her destruction as soc.ii as the
war was over. It was Kgreed that after!
they haV g"t ont of China all theyi
wanted, England would axsiot Japan atj
the council table in her claims nsainst1
"I do not believe there is recorded 1
: instance of a more disgrace;l aid!
dishonorable agreement to carve up the!
territory, not of an enemy, but of an!
allied friend.
Correspondence Cited.
"If this is a sample of the justice'
that will come of the league of nations,
then what can weak and unarmed na
tions expect. This secret r.grccmcnt en-;
tered into by the leading nations of the
'i world ad the unjust judgment that fol
lowed it shocks the sensibilities of those1
who honestly want to bring about a'
leaguo of nations and causes then on
the very threshold to oucsiion and
Following is the correspondence
which, according to Xorris, preceded the
secret agreement:
"From the British minister nl Tokie
to the Japanese government:
"British smbussv. Tokio. February
lfl, 1917.
"My Dear Exeelleney:
"With reforenco to the subject of our
conversation of the 27th ultimo when
vnuj excellency informed me of the de
sire of ths imperial government to re
ceive an assurance that on the occasion
of peace conference his Britannic maj
esty's government will support the
claims of Japan in regard to the dis
posal of Oermany's right on tho Shr.n
tung and possessions in, tho islands
north of equator, 1 have the honor tin.
der instructions recoived from his Bri
tannia majesty's principal secretary of
stnto for foreign affairs, to communi
cate tho following message) from his
Britannic majesty's government;
British Accede.
"His Britannic majesty's govern
ment accedes with pleasure Uis rsquest
of tho Japanese government for an hs
stiraaea that they will support Japan's
claims in regard to the disposal of Ger
many 's tights in Shantung and posses
sions in the isles north of the equator
on the occkaion of tho peace conference;
it being understood that the Japanese
government will in the eventual peace
settlement, treat in the sums spirit
Great Britain's claims to the German
islands south of the equator.
"I avail myself of this opportunity,
M. LB Ministre, to renew to your ex
celleney the ansuran.ro of my highest,
"(Signed) Oonyngham Green.
"His Hritannic, majesty's ambassa
"To his excellency, Viscount Ichiro
ONE nice, airy sleeping room for rent
at 712 Stnto St. 7 1
Ft Ht SALE Thoroughbred New Zen
land aud Asgora rabbits, cheap, 5t)c
up. It. Duliette, (iervais, Or. 7 21
FOR KENT Furnished cottage St!
Newport, Or., three rooms, Addrs
W II care Journal. 7 15
" -
FOR SALE Three room furnished cot
tage three Mucks from post office, i
:ut Newport., our prico siifiO. Addre's
KM ear. Journal. 7 15 I
By owner, 160 acres ol
land, ninety acres under plow, nil
ciin be eiiltivutl'd. 1'rien $50 per
acre. No stumps or stones and is on
n good road, five miles from Eugene,
Inquire at corner IH95 W. 7th and
Van Buren, Eugene, Or. 7 16
H)R HALE Or trade lfl room roomirg
hofise partly furnished, in Albany,
'r sfrii 4 sn I 'rur nrdl.s,
all mn't'', eb!S m - civn ti
high scl.i.'ii u ('.i i Mis M. V.
Bilyeu, .KW K. 4h ft. Albany, f)r.
7 HI
$2.00 PER LOAD
We have a few loads of loose
traw in our warehouse, that
we will sell at above price as
long as it lasts. Good, bright,
clean straw. All that you can
haul for $2.00. Come quick
if you want it
ryw q, .
)') otate OU
Phone 160,
Our 963d
Wednesday Surprise
It has been 18 1-2 years since we inaugurated
our Wednesday Surprise Sales.
9G3 times we have given our patrons a weekly
opportunity to SAVE MONEY on some real needed
Needless to say these sales are absolute succes
ses We have patrons attend them from a twenty
five mile radius but why not?
Tomorrow's Sale
You Can Always Do Better At
1 m
Motono, his imperial Jnpancs mnjes
ty's minister for foreign affairs."
Japanese Reply.
Reply of the JnpnneBO government,
dated February 21, 1917:
"Tho Japanese government is deeply
appreciative of the friendly spirit in
which your government has given as
surance and happy to note it as fresh
proof of the close ties that, mute the
two allied powers. I take pleasure in
stating that the Jspaneap government
on its pint is fully prepared to support
in the same spirit the chums which
may be put forward at the pence enn
ferencc in regard to tho German pos
sessions in the Mauds south of the
Jnpiiiieso foreign minister to French
amlinHsailor at Tokio;
"Tho imperial Japanese government
him not yet formally entered i:ti con
vernations with the entente powrrs ron-
coming tho conditions of pence I pro -
pose t preso-U to Germany, hecai.M, ;t
is guided by the thought that siiehi
quest inns ought to be decided in couc.e.rt
between Japnn and the sr. id powers al
lA ...., .,.. !... .A ...
(i, . ... v .... , . . .
,,"",n- 'Nevl r1.i'1'". " f
rece t developments in the guierai sit
""""" xiPW l"t" alar ar-
" liln t'Mll ,-I 111 11 JH .11 I-.IM1II Ul,,f K
such as arrangements reln itive to the
disposition of the Bospliorus, Con(.tan
tinople and the Dardanelles being al
remlv tinder disciission by tlie powers in
teresled, the imperial Japa iese, govern
nieiit belii-vcs that the moment has cornel
... s...... i.- .i....: ...i., l
"r ii in ricnufl us ursirt-w reinuv" iff,
. . . . . . , .
i i i ii coniiirioits or peaeo rs;-enimi in.
Japan and to submit tkcin for tire son-
ciileration of the (jcnerniiieiit of the
Kre'ieh republic,
Jap Demands Told.
" The imperisl Jaiianefe gov
eminent proposesto demand from Gssr- summer school session of Oregon Agri
niuny ut the time of peace negotiaUons cultural rollego is becoming most c.pu
the surrender of the territorial rights
an. special interests Germany possessed
before the war in Hhantung and ths Isl-
ands situnted north of the equator in
the Pacific ocean.
Tim imierinl Jnpanese government!
c'Mifiil - 11 1 1 y hopes that the gn,cniinent
of the French republic, realising llin le
gitiinnry of these demands, will fcive
assurance that her esse ru ing proved
Japan may rou-t up.m its full support
on this question, ' '
Trench ambassador's r-ply:
"The governni tit of the Freni h re
public is disjMised to 1 ;ve the Jnanese
;ov ernment its acconi in rii.Hting tt
the time of the peae eotiations .,'iis
lions vital to Jup.i i cont'erni:ig ,iiari
tang and the Gi n m island in tiio !'.
ific north of tl equa-tor. it aN i
i;res to siippor the demanils of th.
imperial Jar s " governmpiit for the
snrrendrr of t':t rights Germany pr
sess. d before the war in this Ch,m v
province and thess islanls.
Cht ess Acts Outlined.
" M. Rrinnd demands, on toe oibc
kiiad, that Jnnan give its supiswt to i '-
tnin from China the breaking of
diplomatic relations with Girma.iy iri
that it gives this act desirable signifi
flawe. Tho consequences of this in
China should b the following:
"First, linn. ling passports to the Ger
man diplomatic agents and consuls.
"Second, the obligation of all under
Germuii jurisdiction, to K-avo Chinese
torritory. ,
"Third, the interment of Ge.inwi
ships in Chinese ports and the ultlmafo
requisition of those ships in order to
place them at the disposition of the al
ius following thu eiiiiiiiplo at itaiy aud
I'ortiigal. A ce rdi ig to the information
of the Flench gmerniiienl, lucre are 3.
German ships in Chinese porU toia.liiig
llljIMI t tllMIO toil.
"Fourth, requisitioB of German com
mercial houses established in China, for
liili.g the rijjht of Geriii.ny in tiio
concession she posMses in certai't
pints of Chioii."
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I'.rownsville, Or., July 15. Estimate
of the damages resulting from ho firo
Saturday which wiped out the building
on the greater pnrt of three bocks i'
the business section, run as high as se
eral hundred thousand dollars, with lit
tle insurance. With the exception o
one brick building, Howe's sl,,ie, a Hint
of buildings on the south side of rpau!d
iug avenue was razed.
After a hard fight by volunteer fire-
M .,, i 1
men of ilrewnsville and t.ilaiinn thu
'old planing mill hnildintr, though afiro
h t many places, was saved. The Albany,
i fire department also aided in fitttrg
the flames.
The home economics seetion of tho
Jar. Tailoring; under Edmund Gurney,
a Portland tailor, leads in eiirollmens1
with 25 students, and millinery, under
Miss Helen McFaul, cornea second witU
f HE BIG 4
Stomach - KiJrwty a-lie art-Liver
IIcip tho ital orp,ar.9 heaithy 67
t -gularly takinc 'he world's stand
rrd remody for kidney, liver,
I Udder end uric aciJ trouMes
r: Nstionol Rwinff rf Hlbtnt for
c;-rurltsnd ndofsed by Gown VVtthsl
r ;rta. At stl druggms, this vie
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