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I jus. called voiftib
Governor. Vsav-ftri
TO) i it f rn
ou tod better order
more license'
Bill Spivens has a chat with Governor Olcott, telling him how many Chevrolets the
Salem Automobile Company is Selling.
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OiM'Htn at the P. O. Holt home last
week wore Mrs. K. P. Roberts and Mrs.
W. II. Hmall of Independence.
Mis Constance Cart wrijjnt fca gone
to Herkeloy 1 attend the summer
whitul course.
Misses Josephine ami Ienta Banm
gai.tner are viaiting at the H. R. 8t
pic ton residence in liomdturg.
i izzm
Mim Oenevicve Endieott i the guest
of ifxiend near Cervallis for a few
Miss Cora Bloaspr ws the guest,
duriirg Hie -week of lira. Waili. Uun
ton. She returned to her itr-me in J'ort
land 1'riduy.
The Wednesday recital given y the
tti.pil of Minn Hholton, agisted hy Minn
Herlha 4Turk wliK'tlcr; William Har
ris, bnriton'o, end Miss Ruth liedford,
accompanist, was a complete success
la every nensa of the word. Mi (lark
who in always in heartily welcomed by
Salem audiences, gave some wonderful
whietllng numbers. She lis been study
ing under Alis Ague Woodward, dl
roelor of the m Angeles School of
Artiiytie Whistling. Her Idid imitation
were marvellous and her pretty encore
"Annie Laurie" moat enjoy-alde.
The double ii:mo work) wan especial
ly pleasing; thn qunrlvt "(lalop do
Concert," by llorths Viek, Helen Pol
loek, Mora Kli!elier nd Kdua Alms
lei, which opened the Wednesday con
cert, and thn duo "Polonaise" by flor
1 1 it i It. Aldrirh nnd lioin Nye, meeting
with exceptional favor. The duo waa nn
commonly good, the youth of the two
museians adding til the merit of the
flue rendition. The girl 'a churns un
dr the direeilioti of Mis .Lena Helle
Tartar ikMrvfa spec in I mention and re
re'.ved the liniilv iplniiKit of all pre
en. Mr. Ifnrris proved to be a fnvor
i!c, tuo, li in k nu "Where My Caravan
ha Heated," b.-ini greatly applauded.
I 'alit' i u for hula recitals weie Minuet
Ocnevicie Yannka, iln.lv Hanlieit,
tlretehen Hrown and Gertrude I.njun.
m mmm
i HittiitiiiiimtMi)ainiiiniMutiiuiiii
(ur every pi -ofatoti
nl ad i iM-iformed
In a itifai'torr
manner. Our experi
enced methuda and
ithe jiiitnea of our
1iu'tteaa conduct f
tt tivi eritieiam.
H. ... ij t fc- la I J 1 I l T 1 i
W T T rfr - t ' I T T
The program:
!a)op tie on'(nt i&filde
Bemha Viek, tnora Fletcher, Helen
I'ollock, Klva Ainitler
I'aa dc-4 Ainphnre. Chaniinade
Winifred Kinehart
An Old Love Htory Virgil
Ruth Pnge
Sj.gikish Dance Atherlon
Klva Amsler, Maxine Aibat
Valae- Myrienim - Wollenhaupt
Camp Bunk- Mokre.ia
Itertha Vick
May Moruing IVnza
irirl'a I'liorun; Oriltehen Blown piano
Kauatde Uounod (r'antaie)..ruvut!ger
Cecil Deacon
The Swallows Oodard
I'rophet Hird Schumann
To the Mea Mae Dowcll
Lois Nye
Toi'ikey'a Song '. 1H Kovcn
Where My t-'aravan haa Rented ...Lohr
Air. Harris
Slii-pheriU all and Mmdcna Fuir. Nevin
A Shepherd a Tale .Nevm
Helen I'ollock
Humoreaipie Portor
lluaaian Dance . Friml
Klva Amlcr
Polonniie lllcaaner
(iirlrude Aliliiih, Loia Nye
Hird Jtapturea Schneider
At Dawning Cadman
Jk'rtha Clark
After a three week visit at the John
H. Furrar home, Mr. lH'o t'arrar and
hoii lit for their home in Sun Francis
co yMcribi)'.
Mias Mildred Hrunk, hnrlotte Horn
ing, Kugenia Savage and Kthelwynuo
Kelly wera preaented in rivital at the
hnim- of Mr. Walter Dcutou Thurs
day evening. It wni a moitt meritorious
rncitnl, each of the young girl die
playing niuii'inuahip and apleudid In
terpretation. Huth F.thelwynne Kelly
and I'higenia Suvnge were a revela
tion to their friendn, and give piom
iae Hf a great, future. Minn Kelly's ren
dition of the Chopin t,' Sharp minor
waa riMimrltnble. for ita fine shading,
phrasing and it transparent tone. At
the reiuet ofjier frienda tins little
miat who in a equally ifted in dra
matic talent, ave two refldinga for
the audience. Kogcnia Havnge ilisplny
ed akill and are in her work, each mini
her being perfectly given. Her Indi
viduality in very noticeable. The
"Hustle of Spring'' and "March Fun
taatiqiie" showed her ranje of expres
sion. Mildred Hrunk was moat effective
in her "Spring Wong" and "Vilchen
Diiih c.'' She ii an accoiuplllii'd mimi
I'ilui. tkn i Chiiilnlte llniniug whoa"
heaviest number was "l.a Hone" and
variations, a difficult piece requiring
kil! and tudy. Until young Indies do
serve credit for their xjdendid work.
Mm i no (Hover and Henita Kd wards
were flower girls for the evening.
Tlu program:
Value iitinert M.iv.kowski
Mildred Hrunk
Hunting Sung M iidelssohn
The Viol terer Schnininade
Humoresiiue Dvorak
Kuienis Snviigc
Indian Love Song Lieurnuce
VaUe Fautntiiue lllanchnrd
Charlotte Horning
Ttinia Wely
Kthelwynne Kelly
Spting Ring Hensel
Wili'lies Dance Mcthiwell
Mildred Hrunk
Lb Ruse and varia lluuten
Charlotte Horning
Va!e op. (It .No. 2 Clmpin
I'tlielujiine Kelly
Hustle of Spring finding
Kugenia Savage
f.a Papillon Lavallee
Chnrlotie Horning
. IV r.ii'.iliim GiMlard
I ( llnMi'i flv dnnre
jMiwic B it Lield.h
I Kihelwvnne Kelly
I ltivvil!,.'t;on of Home Mills
M.ldred Humk
March Vaatartiqne Wilsoa Smith
KujMiia Savage
Little Kthelwynne Kelly -will appear
on th program to tie given a Marion
i)uare in the afternoon July Fourth.
All (talent will hr delighted to hear
this tulented young arrint who has be
come famous as a public. epeaJ.or aud
reader of dramatic art.
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tioua to the treaty. When Clomcnccau
led the French didutrntion forward to
the treaty table he displayed "boy-like
Crowd Wild With Joy.
The ceremony waa closed by Cleinon
ceau at 3:50. Two minutes later the
(lermana left the hall, the allied dole-,
gntea retaining their scats until they
had passed out the . door.
As the allied commiasionera stepped
out onto the terrace they were jroeted
with the bombing of guns. 1 he foun
tains in the park surrounding tac pal
ueo began to play, sending tliuu.indj of
sparkling pets into the air. Hi vera
thousand civilian, delirious with joy
groke into cheers.
A portion of the crowd swept over
the (Kiliee barriers and pelted the dele
gates with flowers. The allied offi
cials, temporarily 4 uied, ataited to
turn back toward the palace. The
rowd surged again, however, pinning
the delegates the full length of the
terrace. The troops opened up a way
for them and escorted them to their
waiting automobiles.
The streets aud courtyards outside
the palace were brilliant with llugs in
long rows flapping in the wind, Mid
with long ranks of soldiers bdnnd
whom were was of happy, smiling fuces
as thousands crowded to welcome the
return of peace.
In the hall of mirrors, the table
where the treaty was signed stood with
in a few yards of the spot whuc Will
iam was crowned (JeriuMi empeie.' nnd
the (lei man empire was proclaimed.
At the Hotel Dei Reservoirs the Ger
mans eongregated in the court) aid, sol
emn, hut iliruring they must now moa
to the future.
Mueller waa of a tall aud hUuui.j, typ
--he looks like a diplomat. Hell is middle
aged, with glume and a blue mas
tache and an excited manner -a radi
cut tvpe of politician.
As the hour of signing npproadied
crowds full ly stormed the gates of the
puluce. Wer.lthy Frenchmen were re
ported offering ,,t,00 piece fui tick
ets of admission.
By H. C. Hamilton
Toledo, Ohio, June !. OHie fecerd,
selected referee for the bout her, be
tween Jew WUlard and Jack IfeKaey,
sws no reason why there should be n
duo excitement over what nhadt o aha 5
not be done in the ring by the boxers,
"Rules of the Tolede Boxing Com
mission will govern the boot," a aai4
today. " The boxers will be allowed te
fight in the dutches so long iu one
arm is free, but they must break at
the word of the referee. I will pro
tect them coming out ef the elinohee.
They need not worry about that. Other
wise, straight Marquis of Queonsbary
rules will be followed.
l'eeord said he had heart that both
boxers have used the kidney punch ta
some extent in their training. Ikii, he
pointed out, is barred by the commie-
sion rules and will not be tolerates!.
He was asked regarding the "rabbit
punch" a blow delivered on the bachW
of the neck while boxers are m a el.aca.
He said there was no rule against it
and it would be permitted, but he an
nounced himself as opposed to it.
"If the men tare to meet me before
the bout, I will be clad to go to their
eamps and talk over the fight," bo said
"but I se no rcssoa for it. We ess
have our argument in the tiug tcfore
the scrap starts."
Tiaiuinwork of boxers woa expect
ed to slow up somewhat today. Demp
soy boxed only three rounds yesteiduy
owing to the fact that Bill Tate wn
taking a layoff. Tate 'a ribs have been
pounded so consistently by lienipaey
that he beggsd for a respite, lie ae-
clared he would have to leave If he was
not given a rest.
Jamaica Kid and Jock Malouc fur
nished the targets for Demt.se yes
terday. Jamaica went two rounds, or
rather a round nnd a hslf, for Dinip
sey smashed him into eeuii conscious
ness in, the second round. Denipsey did
no hard work with Malono, merely
AV'illard'a work was very siotf. He
apper.rs well satisriea wiin nis tonai-
tion, but old time boxers who have aw
him work declare he cannot possibly get
in ahape to defend the tttlo wita the
work he la getting.
other thnn the Tnion; and from taking
part in or encouraging the foinintion
or any pool, association or combination
having lib view the sale or delivery or
such berries to any other tuan tne
iitaintiff. to the extent of 1-00 toils. We
are of the ouiuion that a MoO bond
would amply cover any damage that
could be anticipated might accrue to
the defendnnt Salem Fruit tn:ion In
the event that the plaintiff should ulti
mately fall in the prosecution of this
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TTSA tfOMly, I
i rrs y , m
We still have some of the Spencer Hdw.
Co. paint at
Varnishes at
Salem Hardware Co.
i 110
rocommendation asto its settle-'card to the most sensitive point of all.
ment." This clause inserted for that ' that of immigration, if England were to
seem to cover, vote that it was not under donicstie
scions of more than one affectionate
friendship formed, nnd ptofoundly
grateful for the unstinted hopitnllty
and countless kinrtnesaes whicn, nave
made m feel welcome and at fon.e.
"I take the liberty of bidding Fiance
Godspeed n well as good bye ii.d of
expressing once more my abiding inter
est and entire confidence in hrr fu
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favorite elected wauts to coino ncrosa
promptly r.nd generouslv, for the vot-
mg cioaea ivionuay n guv ui a '-!,.x,,rcKI purl,(,se would
restrictions of nny kind in this election , the Poillt completely. Neverthelcs it j control, it might breakup the U.gue,
everybody votes. The only requibite is is objected that the council may timer j but, in view or the reeling in (. a iaau.
a copper cent with each vote, wuh aji opinion from tho United Stutes and,0",n. Ainea ana Ausirano, h wonm
feeling of appreciation lor ttose mat th leirlslative riuhta mar bo re-
come in big blocks. The winner will . . . . , . . . . .
for three big days reign supreme in '
tho local realm, and object of iut.rest are two answers. In the first pla,-e the
Filmirutimi in tho eves of thou- desire of other countries to presorv.
Bands, and she will look particularly their internal independence is as strong lr definite, Its object-is pcrfeclly nn
god to the man who helped to plate her j as our own. It Is inconceivable that thei JorMood; and if we can trust none of
on the throne. miner siaies represeiweu on mo cumicui nie oiner principal memners bi me
should unanimously Ucculo that the tar- League to act honestly, fairly and reav
iff, or nny other internal mat'er that aonnbly let ui make uo League witht
we cluim to regulate for ourselves, is them, and leave the world in the stats
certainlv disrupt the British Empire.
The second answer is that one cannot
make a contract nnd insist that the in
terpretation of it shall always be is
one's own hands. Tho elause is perfect-
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1 W;!-r,f
3 rlMu
T!!E01.Nf 1KAT
Here's a Battery With
More Power More Punch
For Your Car
Its an "Exide" Tho ri'fincd con
struction of "EXIDE" plates and
the space saving assembly en
ables you to get greater power
more "punch" and more "pep"
from the "Giant that lives in a
Clemencesn's Speech.
Versailles, June L'S-llere is the brief
speech with which Premier Chmemeaa
toilny Invited the Oerman delegates to
sign the peace treaty:
"The session la open. The miiiM and
associated powers on one side a.id the
(lerman reich oa the other side linve
come to an agreement on the conditions
f pence.
"The text has been completed, diaft
ed aud the president of the eonlerenea
has Mated in writing thnt the text that
is a bout to be signed now is Identical
with the two hundred copies tw.it have
been delivered to the Herman delega
tion. "The signatures will be given now
and they amount to a solemn irule.ti.k
iug, faithfully and l,vnlly, to exoeuh"
the conditions embodied by this titatv
nf peace.
"I now Invite the delegnti , of the
Oeruina reich to siirn the treaty."
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thick and it must have taken the
strength ef two men working with the
jimmy to force the doors open enough
to permit tho steol bar being swung
back. An iron bar used in 'he operation
was found on Die ground. Having forc
ed the outer doors, it was a simple mat
ter to cut out a big section of the
glass of the inner door, spring the
night lovk and walk 'in.
That the burtlars were adept in their
line waa evident from the Kusiness
like manner in which they owned the
riiitinn cabinet containing the
.true tmk out just what they wanted
and left everything rise undisturbed.
Aoiwrentlv Ihev had made a prelimin
ary survey of the store beforehand, for
th'ev had opened a certain drawer con
taining tools with which to pry open
the iircscriiitiiin case. lrobabry one
of the men served as B lookout on the
nutsiile ihile the other made the clean
up. which Mr. Sehnef f-r estimates will
amount to at least $:100.
That the drug case was the only ob
jective of the thieves is shown by the
fsct that thev made o attempt to m-
cine auv other gooas nor urn
meddle with the cash register. As the
first part of the store was illuminated
by a bright night light, they probablv
did not enter the front room at all,
but worked at the rear with a flash
The only clue left behind by the
thieves was several cigarette stubs
scattered about the floor of the back
iroom, the iron bar used on the bsca
kloor and a good bicycle presumably
stolen somewhere else and ridden to tha
jwene and there abandoned (n mak
ing the discovery Fatrolmnn Marr at
I once sprung his histle, which was im
mediately reiniieil io ny .-iv."
and it U only
.effectivo judg-
the council shall so report and make ment against us could be given. Iu re-
not a domestic affair;
- I unanimously that an
uf mutual suspicion, distrust and sup
pressed hostility that is a discredit t
civilization a:id a curse to mankind.
curing the new contracts the t'nion
and the plaintiff have been linn V if to
ngree oa the terms of a new contract
between themselves. Plainly the court
cannot take up the business at the pr
ent point where the t'nion ami the
P'Hintiii nave Keen nname n agree.!
There being nothing in the reran to 10(r), yhite and Victor, but there was no
show the revocation of this li-ttr con B f .ij.jmu characters to be
trs.i, it nptM-ars tn the court thai the found on the streets, and 't Is siippoa-
t'nion had it in its power to to,npel ,.,i that the )ir made a quick getaway;
delivery irwler this contract. The plain-(as soon ss the job waa done. It is the:
tiff is not a patty or privy to trial eOn-j belief of Mr. Nhaeffer t:it since the;
tr-ci, and cannot enforce it. but the: lid as shut down so ligris on uruj
f. ...... ... Tk. .,, t..l i'.l ik.'lher has lu'.n an oritsnifed CS"J at
I'.iioo at-I the pluintiff ca-.i.ot agree)"' to secure supplies by any means j
. ... .i ... .i. nnu! i i a Iher. is a eti in.r iw uij
n"n n nr" ri.iiiii.il ' i.ir j.iat f- .
i f the firt contract ill not r. tie-. P it
" : -'liil
I he
Ford Factory
Has not yet reached its normal production. We are receiving a fair
allotmenttwo carload this week with one more carload rolling
which will arrive the first of the week. We solicit your order now be
cause production is limited, and we must make it the rule First
come first served.
Bear in Mind
We carry a very complete line of auto accessories.
Goodyear Tires
Complete stock of Fabric and Cord tires. Heavy turist ajul regular
II D. BARTON, 171 S. Commercial St.
fr 'iu forman. e as far as it is n;p to
nwike deliieiy.
"We are of the opinion th.it r.s to
the Snlem Vrnit Unio'i, the tt'KrM.ary
in jtm. tion should t allowed, enjoining
the t'nion from diverting the lr.n-
'berries eVl'vered to it, to any other pet
son or firm, or from aititig cr la any ,
,wny enceipaging the growers mention j
ca m ine list aTriTC.i in tae ister pen-
itrsc frnm miking a deliery to any
: 1:- !. 1
mouey in the trsttic wiin mw
dov' fiends and oriental dens in the
larger ritie.
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lak.r. Ione Ponhau., 140;
Kl.c Wilwn, 1400.
Otilr three davs remain foe 1'ii con
test, and the man nho wants to at hi
1 1 Y T7 rr
i WJ2) II I
i:n: r mm in i high st.