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Why Salem Celeb rates
(By J. F. Hutchison)
I hope every person -who touch this
paper will read the following article
o that j a j may arrive at wiue under
standing of joat what the Fourth of
July, 1919, nr to tha citizens of
Sale. The ideas may -not be mine,
ia fact tticy are not all wine, but they
attempt to Show what Kalera i trying
to do at thi time.
As to Dste
The celebration will last for three
days, Jaly 3, aad 5. The War Moth
era and War Oatnp Community Service
have ehange- of the program for the
3d aad 5th. The Salem Commercial
Club ia taking charge of the 1th.
There will be something doing every
niBute of the entire three days.
Thursday the 3d
Hvery soldier, sailor and marine re
aiding in the district tributary to Sa
lem, Ore. ia iuvitod to eome to Salem
for the three day celebration. You
are invited to eome on the morning of
the 3d and when you reach Salem go
in mediately to the Commercial Club
here the War Community Service will
have peityle to register your name and
provide all the necessary arrangement
lor your stay while here. Your needs
will be attended to and this means a
room, a program; a pass to the dif
ferent amusements; dances and ban
quet and instructions as to what- has
been provided for you. Kcmember that
automobiles bearing a certain pennaitf
are at your service. ,Go to the Com
mercial Club and register and full in
formation Will be furnished freely and
gladly. You will find plenty of enter
tainment for this day with a banquet
aad reception at night followed by
a dance. ALL FKKE.
Friday the 4th
This will be the big day and if you
haven't been able to reach the city
before this date, be sure and eome on
tlii day. Be sure and register the
first thing when you arrive. It will j
only take a few minutes and it is very
important to you.
The big military parade and all the
other parados including the baby par
ade will be held on this day. All
parade arc planned for the morning
xce.pt tie baby parade. There will
be singing and band music at Wilson
Park in the afternoon the carnival
show the street features in fact
tore thing than you can see in one
aborning and afternoon. Another, ban
quet and dance in the evening. As
far a possible, all will be free for
the boy who wore the uniform whether
they went across the water or were j
only in the Students Training Camps. I
No matter where you wore that uni-1
lorm you signified your readiness to
verve whore needed. I
Saturday the 6th
There will be entertainment a4
amusement for alj oa this day.
The War Mothers and the War Com
munity Service are planning many
(things for this day and they are plan
ing It all for you and your friends,
i Plan to come for the three days and
! doa 't miss anything The money has
nees donated and ta to be apeot aad
will be spent and we want you to en
joy every minute of the time.
What it means
Salem was the first eitv in Ik aisle
'as far as we can learn, that planned
ton a celebration. A movement was
srarrea several mourns ago to provide
a Home Cuming for the beys who went
to war. Money was raised and all
arrangements made to hold a grand
event. Some on suggested that we
postpone the Home Coining until tha
4th of July. Thinking that more peo
ple could get away on the 4th than on
I any other date it was decided to wait.
The word was sent broadcast that Sa
i lent would hold a Home Coming on
the Fourth. So far no other town or
j city ia this part of Oregon had plan
I ed on celebrating. A number of little
celebration have come to life since
.that time, but Salem was first. What
ever inspired these other celebration
is of small consequence and Salem has
already forgotten that there are other
celebrations and will do all in her
power to make this celebration and
Home Coming the biggest event in the
history of the capital , of the state.
The city has opened it 's doors to every
man who wore a uniform and made
everything possible free for them. We
want thctu here where we honestly feel
you will get1 the most entertuinraent
and where you will be provided with
everything you can possibly wish for
or expect. The Salem Commercial
Club, the War Mothers and the War
Community Service are all working for
your entertainment end equally for the
entertainment for your friends.
Attitude of the People ....
Every person in Marion and Polk
counties are invited to come to this
Homo Coming. To my mind the first
Fourth of July wu up to this time
the most memorable event in the his
tory of these United States. This
Fourth of July comes next and we
should deem it our duty and pleasure
to help. The people of Salem are work
inn hard and have everything planned
to make this a Red Letter day. Every
person in the two eountios and any
ono in tho state who desires to come
is welcome and invited to be here and
assist in entertaining the boys. Spec
ial written invitation have been sent
to all the boy whose names eonld be
secured. If you know of a aoldior,
omorrow ana Monday
CECIL B. DeMILLES r? j pj onn
Tor Better, For Worse' V SmdeviU
-Two Days Only
t mmmi.
j " f;7"ri'"i'.',''-'--':;"n"-'--"i ' " T "T .v"
J: p,'- i. . .. r. ,
I .... : .' y
1 -f -. mm. t ? . '
n a
r tL ;;"
Dainty Bits of Musical Chatter
Some Dog Some Scheck
-Yelcome, Little Stranger"
Palhe News Pictorial
Note: Our Ventilating System is
completed. We give you washed
air with every seat
Starring: Gloria Swanson Elliott Dexter
Theodore Roberts Sylvia Ashton Wanda Hawley
Better than DeMilles "OLD WIVES FOR NEW"
uww7 e'Pif I'M1 I xjiuit i v -'m,vf"
sH I I
n inn pv i
Bv- BJiir. iVviVli. r -'"vJL:-
pvmr.r t- t'yV 4"-
- . ' ffffSh f
hi r
iniin ''i'i
'it t i"t
. . . j t -"i jr.. ...... i i.. . . : :
ill - v'vi tm i tr '
-Uii xi i ltiitiL i.jLirl I v
7 Aiimmmm v
. .1 v kkJl
i 1
By Special Appointment
After the most exhaustive investigation of the whole truck field, we
have secured the agency for what,Jn- our judgment, is the greatest
value in motor trucks from . the viewpoints of Power, Utility,
Dependability and Price. We are now the accredited agents for
li Ton Chassis
3J Ton Chassis
2 Ton Chassis
. Gray and Davis Electric Starting and Lighting is standard on all models
y. . : i n" x ' V" -
: - . . .. - .t-- . ...
'......., . - , . - ' , . v t ,
sailor or marine who lid not receive Vfyn. Joe Hamnian went to Portland
a written invitation picas tell him jThiirsday for short visit,
that fls article is his invitation. He R r, ffibbard, of Burns, Ore., has
is invited and you can invite him. m -UMt at tne Karsch home east
Don t fail to see that he is notified 0f town.
uuu no m to be Here and tlint he will
be well eared for with room and board
and entertainment for the three lays.
The On Thought
If you had a son or a 'brother or
father or undo or neplurw or friend
who woro the uniform and hat person
was attending this Home ('online where
he ean be shown that, his people ap
preciate linn and what ho did, you
would make nn extra effort to help.
Ion have just that reason for benin
present in JSnlem. Home soldier or
some one who woro a uniform will b?
here snd your p'osenr.e is necessary at
this time to make the Home Coining
what it should he. Yon can't welconis
the boy by selfishly staying at home.
Arrange to come and celebrate with
him. You owe it to him and you owe
it to yourself. If your son was re
turning from thelfront, you would drop
everything anil meet him at the train.
Ho would feel hurt if you were not
there to greet him. Come one eome
all and let us Welcome Home ic boys
and imiko them proud thnt they wore
xne uniiorm.
(Capital Journal Hpecinl KWvice)
Ktayton, Ore., June 21. (leo. Xfi-lke
left Friday morning for Wauna, Ore.,
where he will work until harvest time.
when he will go to enntern Oregon,
A little child of A. Wolf, near Sub
limity died Wednesday from diptherin.
mere are several cases in the country
about town.
John Knclish Is sick with diptheria
and the family is under quarantine.
This is the only case In town, and 1t
is to be hoped that no others develop.
Mrs. M. Ktreff died at her home in
this place Thursday morning. Whe was
eonfmea t6 her bed but a few days, but
had been a sufferer from tuberculosis
for a number of years. The date of
the funeral has not yet been determin
ed, awaiting word from children in the
Mrs. Nina Kuhlcr, of California, pass
ed through town Thursday on hi'r way
to visit relatives in Mill ( lty.
Mis Wanda Brown, Is home from
Eugene where she has been a student
at the University of Oregon.
tilen Mnnkers and wife, and his
mother, Mrs. F, M. Muukers, havo gone
to Ran Francisco, where they cx-iK'et to
Miss Margaret Fehlon is home from
Portland for a visit with her purcnts
and other friends.
Jos. Hamnian is now running his own
car on the Halem Htayton'Mill City
route. He hat had it repaired and put
in first class shape, with new running
gear throughout, and it makes s fine
passenger cur.
" v ' !! "
?V 1
MMr "
streets in Dallas will probably be treat
ed in this manner next year. M i i u
street between Washington and Clay
will also receive a treatment of tins
kind as soon as the Fiiirview avcuuo
project is completed.
The City Council are aloo considering
the construction of several blocks of
hard surfaced streets next season.
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SALEM VELIE COMPANY, Dealer, 162 North Commercial Street, Salem, Oregon-Phone 1601
; t r I .
H.irvev'n (ireater Minstrel hcadi-d
Mrs. J. F. Totter and children, of iby Kd Tollivcr and Clarence Powell,
irtland, are visiting relatives in and i'fth natural comedians, is due here
about town.
Mr. and Mrs. J. V.. Wnper end Mr.
and Mrs.V. Dare Woper motored to
Mttlem Wednesday to meet iuy Woper,
who was recently discharged from the
army. (uy has been on duty in the
city of Washinftcm for several month.
Miss Rose Bock arrived home from
a visit in Portland Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Thorns gave a
shower at their home Wednesday even
ing for Miss Freda Allis who is soon
to be married to Joe Kpaniol. A very
pleasant time is reported and ninny ex
cellent gifts were presented the pros
pective bride.
Miss Alma Nendil is sssis'ing in the
Oi'hlen' sUire during the absence of
Miss Streff.
l)r. J. ('. McCuley and wife, of El
: on. They are both natural from the
fact that they act natural, just, what
ibey arc, the regular dyed in lite wool
negro comedian, and they do their best
to create huiahter and create a furore
of amusement at every performance.
Traveling in their own eighty foot
car, this company of forty colored art
ists are playing the prinril cities and
towns of the state and judging from
pros comments and verbal criticisms
heard, Harvey's Oreater Minstrels is
mure thiin making good.
This enmpany plays at the Grand
opeta home Momlny June I'itd. Parade
at -l:;!0 p m.
Dallas Ore., June 21. I'nder the sup
ervision of I lty r.ngineer Kodgers,
lensburg, Wa.h., visited at the W. H. Fairview avmie in the western part
Itobson home the firt of the week, of the city leading to the I. 0. O. F.
iTliey were resident of Htavtun mc- f enietery is being scanfieil and' re-
Ithirie over thirty veari aif'. when it 'graded this week and will be treated!
''as rather small berg. jto a coating of heavy asihaltic ill to
I A!lert and Kdward Warren havejgither with a top dressing nf fine
gone to eastern Oregon to work during 'crushed rock which will make the
Ithe summer. Thy wer given a fre-!treet practically as gmd as bard-
iwell party st the F. F. Foster home surfaced highway. If the plan proves
tore which was then in session.
Hon. Hiram Price wns then commis
sioner of Indian ttffuirs at Washington,
1'. C, snd through the efforts of Df.
Coffin and Dr. Mintliorn, had commit
ted himself to tho Halem locution.
Forest Grove was in blissful ignor
ance of the fact. It was a sextet known
o jlv to Messrs, Coffin, Minthorn, Dill
and Moores, Dr. Hill unfolded his plan.
It involved a scries of resoli.timia t'i lie
adopted by the legislature, sett.ug fmth
the needs of the Indian schools ami urj;""
log its permanent location by the imii
tury of the interior at such a location
as might be recommended by lli.ti.
Hiram Price, commissioner ot Indian
(senator Vorhees of Marion county
was secured to introduce the resolution,
but they were first shown to Senator
Huro of Washington county and were
cordially approved by him. They were
then rushed through both houses and
bv spcciul request, notice of the action
of the legislature was iuimediauly tele
graphed by Hecretary of Statu i-arimrt
to Hon, H. M. Teller, secretary of the
In a few days Mr. Moores was noti
fied by Senator Dolph that a a result
of the action of the legislature, Halem
had been designated as the permanent
site of the Indian school. It was then
necessary for the legislature to pass a
resolution giving the consent of the
state to the general government to pur
chase the selected site. Care, s; ecd s4
filence secured the immediate s'loptinn
of the resolution. The whole, transits
tion then became public property.
Thereafter, being fully awakened t
the situation, the legislative di legation
from Washington county and the pro
pie of Forest Grove gave expression to
their sentiments in lunguao tlu.t no
well regulated family newspaper would
1 e peimitted to print.
Their surprise and disappointment
could only find expression ii words
that are not to lie found in titliir the
dictionary or the Holy Bible. Iut ta
lent's fight was sUrely won. baiem s
plan of eampnign did not cull fur n dis
closure of all its Hside Information to
the general public. The fact tttn: t'no
selection was approved by the official
of the Indian department, should be ac
cepted as an indication of its desirabil
ity and afford satisfactory proof t'it
it was not based on purely loeui or Sclt
inh perso' ii! inlercts. ''
Mrs. Mary A. Smith, one of the old
est of Washington pioneers died at
her home in I-a t'enter Tucsiinr, au''d
Harvest will start in Umatilla county
immediatrlv after July 4. Prcpecs
are good for a fine crop.
(Monday evening. ia success many
miles of macadam