Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 21, 1919, Page PAGE TWELVE, Image 12

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1 thaf'SERYE Veil
Whether it be fishing, golf, tennis
or baseball; whether you want to
go camping or take-a few weeks at
the beach, we can furnish y-ou with
the proper material to enjoy your
es Track Makers'
Co-Operaticn In Two
Important Astatic
"There- are two important, reforms
necessary fur tln progress of tin' Bjiri
t 'irtiuist," Miiil K. S. )nvey, general
sulci, nitiii.njjer iif tlio llcthlchcin Motor
corporation recently at n small gntli
riii i of visitiuK iniiniifiictiircrs at Al
Inntiin'ii, I'u. "One is through lcgisln
lion. fyor etxension and improvement
of road ronilitioiiii in farm districts, the
oilier in for tlio alteration of terminal
! till ilitjes, Bi'i li as stock yards.'1
Then- is no intention, lie pointed out,
t. nt'ltiuoiii.o ii 1 1 v iartieulur localities
for this comlitiun of their roads, since
roaiin are after all tor the most iart a
local proposition within the state.
" Hut," sniil Mr. Diivey, "our purpose
-should be to encourage nihil building
in a ceneiiil milliner throughout farm
districts. Many local authorities in all
purl of the states are antagonizing the
motor tinek lis being destructive to
'road. It is that .spirit which wo must
1 iu over not stamp out. It is recognis
ed now, by nil rouil authorities that
, where road used by trucks do not
l Long Experience
and a well equipped
plant fit us completely
for any kind of bicycle
repairing work. There's
no smash too bad for
remedy at our shop, and
nothing is really done
unless done right. We
save money for every
patron because any
wheel left with us is put
in proper trim at an in
- side price. When in
trouble, appeal to us.
Day ten, Heavy Service, Columbia and Rambler
Lloyd E. Ramsden
387 Court Street
nrfii ftw
land ii i, it is the fault of the road,
not the truck. In California they have
some cement roads that are used con
stantly by hup and fruit growers run
ning constant trains of trucks. These
roads support nay wear. We must agi
tate in a friendly way for such kind
of roads. That will not only eliminate
u gigantic xales olistncle for all truck
manufacturers, but will also win for us
the friendship of truck owners.
Mr. Ihivey then spoke of stock yard,
showing how improvements, can 'be
made generally to help th efarmer in
his use of the motor truck for transpor
tation of live stock. The hauling of live
stock is one of the most practical uses
of the truck it was stated, because
driving the live stock over the road
either all or part of the way to mar
ket means a loss of flesh and detriment
lo physical condition of the stock. oFr
economy and minimum wear on the rat
tie, truck "transportation is better than
any other. Loading pint tonus should be
built along the roadways fur loading
and unloading cattle on motor trucks.
At stock yards in many places proper
facilities for loading trucks are not
installed, ond should be encouraged.
Stock is frequently niadc to jump off
the trucks because the present runways
aro not accessible to motor truck. . -"These
conditions will be remedied
by the natural progress of the farmers
themselves, in the course of time," de
clared Mr. lnvey, "but with our as
sistance they could be improved soon
er, witli not only benefit to the farm
ers, Ijut indirectly, to oumelves,"
McKenii Highway Opon between
Eugene and a point a short distance
above Lost Creek Hanger Sstotion.
(ioiitl condition, Eugene to Hlue Kiver,
Closed by snow between point mention
ed ami McKenxie I'ass.
UAVsif:. v u w
Willamette Open and in fair enndi
tion, Kugeun to I'ine Creek. Closed by
snow, J'nie Creek to summit.
Let Our Experts Repair
Your Tires
Don't neglect the tread cuts, the stone bruises
and other tire troubles. A stitch in time saves nine.
W e can make your tires go 20 per cent further if
you use our Repair Service.
No charge for a thorough inspection. We will
tell you the exact cost of any needed repairs before
we tackle the job. If your tires cannot be success
fully repaired, we'll tell you.
Our Tire Saving Department is saving a lot of
money and mileage for car owners.
Try our Tire Saving Service.
Call us b.v phone we'll get your tires and de
liver them again, in good order.
Oswald & Savage
178 South Commercial Street
rii0ro Salem, Oregon.
Anna Creek Open from Klamath
Kails to a point two miles inside Na
tioaaltl'nrk bouudury, and iu fair eon-,
dilioii. Closed by snow between this
point ml Crater l-iikc. No detours
possible. Should be open duly I.
Medford fratar LakoOi.en and in'
fair condition between Molfor.l n,l
1'ark boundary. Closed liv snow be-
itwein this tinint nml t'mter 1 .!!; '
detours posible. Mioald be open about
.lulv I.
Redaction Of $135 Am
ed As Besff Effectiye i
j Vick Bios, annonnre a reductiou in
jthe price of Fordson tractors, effective'
at once. Instead of the former rrie '
iof SSiOO at the factorr in Detroit, Ihe !
j new price is 1730 in Detroit. ' -
! Tni rather anusiial announcement rfi
la reductioa in priee of the tractor just J
I "m il .imiunais are advancing and inbor
cosn are going higher is due. Mr. Vick
says, to the fact that the Fordson trac
tor is now being manufactured in quan
tities. One year ego, whe the Fordson was
first introduced in thin country, the fac
tory had an output of G3 a day. Now
the output has increased to 1500 a day
and it is by this immense quantity pro
duction, that Henry Ford has been able
to reduce the price.
Cutil this week the priee of the Ford
son tractor delivered in Salem was $H73.
Now the price established for the com
ing year is $835, a saving to the farmer I
or fruit ranr of $140. There has been
no reduction in the price of the Ciier
plow and this will hold at $160.
I his reduction in price against a
stiff steel market shows what Henry
Ford can do with his quantity produc
tion," sniil Mr. ii k. "Wo have a pro
mise of 1500 tractors for the fiscal rear
beginning July 1. There has been no
eihnnres in tho tractor as it lias been
found to be almost mechanically per
fect, and the reduction In price is due
entirely to the increased production."
Mr. Vick is of the opinion that with
in another year the Fordson factory
will have nn output of 1,000 ttaclors a
day. And he also believes that it will
require an outmtt of one thousand a
day to supply the demand next yenr, as
it lias been demonstrated tli.it the Ford
son will do the work and save money
for the man who cultivates 20 acres or
What a Fordson will do has been dem
onstrated here in the valley, Mr. Vick
said, as it was noticeable last year at
tho Salem Fruit T'nion that the finest
prunes and In fact the best of all fruits
that were delivered to the Union were
bv men who had cultivated carefully
with a Fordson,
Vick Bros, are now looking np suit
aldo ouiiiters in Portland for the free.
tion of a larce wlioloaalo building for
the handling of the trnctors in Oregon
and part of Idaho.
Thev have not as vet been successful
in locating n building to rent, with trie
proper track facilities and for this rea
son it is more than probable Oirv will
build. If tho firm find it necessary to
build in Portland, this will mean that
the headquarter Of the Fordson tractor,
wholesale, will remain 1n Salem for sev
eral months. "fc " "
"I cxnoct fo r. the tim when every
owner of 20 acres, whether farming.
fruit raising or In other business will
own a Fordson trnctor," said Mr. Vick.
It is just a matter of economy and it
is also good business."
0 rants Pass nn Rogue river, and a de
tour over a rough rond on the north
side of the river is necessary,
Eoaeburg Peel Open
Three Rivers Open between Willn
miua and Tillamook. Six miles through
tiramlu Hondo Indian reservation is
very rough, and practically impassable
for several days after heavy rains. Con
st ruction work is in progress 'between
Aisea Elver Open,
Ihdph and llebo.
Corvallis to
Btookliigs-Qold . Beach O.on be
tween Hiookiims and Oold lieneh, and
in good condition except about two
miles on Pistol llil which is rough.
Grants Pass Crescent CityOpen en
tire length and in good condition.
Crescent City Gold Beach Open be
tween Crescent City and fluid Bench.
In good condition between descent
and Itniokings; ruuyh north of Brook
ings, and very rough and luuddv nt the
ii'ever Creek hill.
Waldport. In fair condition us far us
Missouri bend. I'nssuhle but very rough
Missouri bend to Waldport.
uar.nou uoia Beam Mu n nml in
pa-saMe condition for light cars, entire
Icngi h.
No Matt.
usmess Is
Here is the Oldsmobile Economy T.uck ready with power to deliver,
strength to withstand, speed and real raving in operation and upkeep.
Call or phone 210 for a demonsti tiom
Do not forget to do your full share in the Elks Salvation Army drive.
They helped the boys over there and we should not forget them over here.
Oldsmobile Company of Oregon
G. E. Halvcrsen ... Mgr
Salem, Ore.
l ira
Probable Successor To Head
Of Cabinet Committed To
."War For Revenge.'
Eugene riorence Open between Ku
gene and Florence, but In poor condi
tion in many places. Koad will remain
open all summer, except inimediately
.'itter heavy rnins, Hnuuli and narrow in
plioci, null iimiiv sharp turns: should
lie undertaken only by eV ei ienced
' Kiddle TUler Open between Rl.l.lte
an l Tiller and in Kood condition. Doug
Inc county has a crew cuttinu down
some of the worst jrsiles between Can-
yoiivilte ami Tiller. This work w:ll ik.
about three months.
Cottage Orov-Diston--Oicn ,.,! t
good condition Kjelween Cottaire (irnvr.
and the Busston ranch. Clowd for auto
hetween this Koint and lUinii,;o v
letours posiible. Wneio,. rn bm n,'.
this road, but it will not be open for
antes this venr.
The iriilvcrtoii Fouj 1, baseball team
met one of the strongest in the state
Sunday at'tcriiotm, in a game played
here when they defeated the Four L
team of Portland, The score was four
to five in favor of Silverton and it was
excitement from beginning to end. The
local boys, not haviiur the prnctice the
Portland teiiiu has hud this season, lit;.
tie expected to win the itnine, out thev
lost none of their determination with
ihe anticipation of possible defeat.
The home boys went ut it to beat, right
from the beginning, and they maintain
ed the best of the game to the ninth.
TO GIVE 11500 TOR "T"
At a meeting lie! I in Mnsonic hall
Tuesday evening Silverton pledged l,
""HI and snliseribed n portion of the
Barlow Oak Grove Open and i ;,
condition, Por!lsn,t t T inbridgcs;
passable, T inbrulijes to iiovernineni
amp; closed by snow between (Jovern
ueut caiup and Clear creek; open Clear
reek to Wapiiiitiaj open and in f;.
condition, Waiiiiiit-a to Cedsrhum
Pacific HiijhwayOpcn bh1 in
lent condition except wlrra rna.l -
Mructii.il is in progiess between Sled
ford and K:,l,le. Road is oea in traf
fie at interval during the dsv and
closed at intervals uring blasting oper
ations Paving is in progress between
By Frank J. Taylor
(United Press staff correspondent.)
New York, June 21. Oustav Nosko,
reported to bo a likely selection as Ger
many' next chancellor, regards a
"war for revenge" as inevitable. He
made this declaration in a confidential
speech to Oerman newspapermen at
Weimar lust February, in outlining his
policy for tlermany, solely for the guid
nnce ot nulitarv critics.
"The war is hud and the French have
taken Alsace -Lorraine," Nosltc snid on
that occasion. "Tho lie is cn"t. We
must bend nil effort to be xeadv for
'lie next war of revenge. It is incut
ible. "The next time we will not make
the mistake of in viidiiiir .ftelgimn. It
will be France alone with thirty five
million people. With Austria we will
have eightv millions. There will be
nothing to it. We will be across France
before the world realizes it, because
we inust build, and we will build, a
military machine that will put in the
shade anything we have done so far,"
Nosko concluded his talk by advo
cating sweeping reforms in the school
ysten which would enable everybody
to play half a day at least and glow
strong, that he might make a good sol
ilier. Ho asked the newspapermen not
to publish hi remarks, but to use them
for educational guidance. Xoskc evi
dently did nut know that American
were present.
Noske is known a the "iron man
of Berlin." He started his political ca
reer on the first day of the revolution
when he played an imimrtant role in
the ui.risim: at Kiel. At that time he
was considered an extreme radical. Lat
er, when he was made inilitarv govern
or of (ieriiiHiiy, he won the title of
bloodhound ' among the radical
Kroiips, who hate him bitterly. In Hcr
tm h'S residence is snrr-iunded with
arbed wire barricade ttn1 is leoie
closely guarded than an v of the pub
lic buildings.
The orosocs.t ive chnnccMnr i. s mini
of force, though not regarded us a bril !
limit leader. His divisions are made
iiuieklv and he shows little mercv in
dealing with his opponents. He is con
sidered the greatest enemy of bolshrv
ini in (Jermanv. lie is a member of
Silverton will have an aeroplane
flight each day at the celebration of
their Fourth of July and homecoming
gers for flights at so Biuch per trip.
t'rops in Lane county are i better
condition and nrnminn ttlrrn,.. :ni.
on July 4th and 5th. The flizht wild! this time than thev hav. i- ' ...
be a thirty minute demonstration of! for many years.
fancy etunts. Word was received yes-
terda.v from Lieut. Floyd 1). Browne,1 Chehali and Centralia closed the bor
of this city, that he expected to be inj,-out drive with an adiiitioi of 2jJ
Silverton oa the celebration of our sol , new scouta and a total fund rained ia
ui. -io, iHu.jtj una marines' nomeeominjf. arive of ?3Ul.aO.
i-iovii ja nuw emninven hr unm
Longley, who has three machine in
the passenger' business. The pasBeneerl
' nar or tanillir nn nnsun-
erTnr' Salem First In Baying
a- Salem's a Good Place to Trade
rnnvllfcbl U.UiU. 1'JIS
amount in the Interest of the V. M. .
A. campaign, ymte a iniinUer. of the
business men were in attendance, and
all seemed enthusiastic lor Ihe success
of the campaign.
The shakers were J. H, Khuiie. sluts' the majoritv soeinhst ivsrtv
secretary of the aswiatirm and Harold I '
Kakin of Halein. F. K. Ckl lister of this
city presided. Comniittecs were ap
pointril to canvasd in the city and they
will b.((in work at once. Tribune.
To crouse a slcggisli Ever,
to relieve a distressed
stomach, to fortify your
self asjainst disease, tse
i liLifss)
We test, repair and
U of A, W -l j. rt MfmU.
C. A. Hartley of Portland, a form
er resident of rnlverton, is to put 8il
vertoa on the map in the fruit can
ning industry. The Loughmiller ware
house has been secured as temporary
quarters for this season. Machinery hss
been ordered and is now on the way
that will make it rwM.l,li, in lmn.lii,
all the fruit grown trit.ut.iTv to this jrecharge Storage bat
town. As Mr. llartlev stated to an .-v
jh-i re,ru.r -the 7,un -5-.A oe I teries, and always
to fast to auit him when he gets under j s"jro
A convenient receiving stvion for!03" S fu51 SWpy of
fruit hat been a S're need of this citr it.-ii. ,
for a number of rcirs and will be look", i OaiterV parts, neW
ed upon by fruit growers as a Ion felt !. . . ,
neeil. .Mr. Jlartley will have somethiiiff UuieneS 5nd TPnta
to snv to fruit erowers eTt ...k I
ii';'u!- j batteries.
t f
One Tiling More
Most car owners know that this is the
place to have their batteries tested with a
That it is the place to buy a Bone Dry
Cattery with Willard Threaded Rubber In
sulationwhich carries with the evidence
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. That it is the placeto come for battery
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But, one thing more it is the place to
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have your battery registered and get the
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Drive in, whether you have bought a
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longer life to your battery and fuller ue
of your car.
Deggc & Burred
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