Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 06, 1919, Page PAGE TWELVE, Image 12

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" If
' Doritbe N
will help your skin
There's many a girl who gne through
the piiig.l of lasiausy and envy when
ci'" sees her fiit.' il, the g'rl with the
miaul completion, enjoying tilings.
If vmurp a sufferer fn .in skin trouble
jnd know the embarrassment and pain
tiicy bring, viasie mi further time
f.fttin about y..ur ailment but ruin
!ti"nce iimiiedatr ly the Resinol Oint
ment treatment. Pimples, blackheads,
liktliy patchei bn the face, rough red
skin", snerdiiv respond tothesHiiliiiiJ!.
Iie.tli:-? medication this ointment om-
K veil quicker results maybe obtained
by joint use of Resinol Soap with Real--not
Ointment. Apply the ointment it
night. Wash the face with tha bm,
by day.
Solid by all druggists.
A curpnri.tion kuotvu ait r.n.nii'
Aut tiurn Pictures, Inc., Inn bean forme
l.c !(. Hench and Samuel Loidwyn.
Kuril noted writers u Mury Robert
Kliiuohsrt, lliiiiil King, tfiiuv HPiifr Mor
ris, Hupert Hughes, Oortrude Aut hcrtoii
nud LcKov Scott will be foutured. Th
name of tli author will bo attynpcil ou
i ii' ti' individual film.
NORM 4 -
"The I
f mm jmhi iimw hiiiiihs
There are ... number of young aetor
who are at tHiiiin u the pinnacles .1 suc
cess ct such a dizzy rHte of speed Hint
the breath of an ordinary "movie fau"
i fairly taken away at their a..eend-
nry. One who has already "arrived"
and who, according to nil indications
li arrived to stay, ia that mo.sl popular
ot idl Thomas It. Inco stars diaries
' Hhv. There ia perhaps no other attir
in iiimaom wno nna met with .viicu ui:i-
The interesting events that fi.llows in
rapid sequence, ean only be fully appre
ciated by witnessing this luteal trmmpi
of the whimsical actress in her luiuer-
sunatiun of the little dance hall fa.orite
I Keep Kids Kleen
!x . $1.50
K 4
1 ztl
the Suit
A New Suit
if they rip
i.a.u.s.Mi.urr. j
Look (or
th Red
MmJm m,
Lmrl Straus CaSan Franciico
Propoaala for Supplies
T'ie Orrgiin State lli-ard of Control
wilt receive siitled bids on June 12,
I :'!', at a p in., fur f uniisliing aup
!i"..i tu tlic Miiimu utalo liistituliuiu,
cm of 1 1 r r giwds, clothing, furn-
lain. Krweries, ahoen, liai'dwaie,
bi mills, diujs, nluliulii'iy, crockery,
I'lu-iibiuj, otr., fr the semi annual
period eudiug DcccmUui ill, IU1U. Spue
ifirittloiw ami whcdulen will h fmn-iili.-d
upiin application to the secre
inn, at .Nutein, (McjjDii, ulw from the
lud'istriea and M auufnet tires lSiircau,
( liaiubcr of t (iiniiterec, I'ortluud, OlO
ji'iu. I'.ach bid I" le accompanied by a
certified cheek re piTpntiim ID per
cent of the whole amount of bid, pay
able hi the Oii'guil K;ttte Hoard of
t ontrul, which lmll be held gi a guar
ants- of the fit'thfu! ierforinanep of
the cuiitrnct. The b(ord reserves the
r ''.lit to re,jiet any er nil bids or to ae
li p' nnv part of K bid,
H. B. (i(K)ll, Secretary,
fi 1 Oicinu .state liiuird of Cuntrol.
Negotiations Started With
United States for Pur
chase of Arms.
By Don . Chamberlain
London (By Mail) Auiericuii shells
and bullets, fired by American uuj and
"American stomachs" may be used to
fi(ht bolsheviks inciincing l'ulttmi, ai
eonliiin to Uem-ral Chevulicr Johu l)c
Kemer, who is in London to buy mum
tiinis and food for the 1'oJish army, 'l lie
possessors of the ''American stomach"
will bo I'ollsh aobliera, fed with food
purchased from America.
!e Kemer is in l.oudoii us an author
ized ag-cut for the J'oliHh itovcriiim iit to
apuul between thirty and fort) million
dollars for nuns, shells and bullets and
to buy all the food in licj"-
De Kemer told the t'uiteil I'nss he
hua already started neuiitiatiiin.i with
the Amerlciin noveruinent with n view
to buying American fin lit urtilicry and
rifles, He expects to make hu(e loud
purchsHes of Anierier.na. '
"Poland is a great ndinirer of Amer
ica. It will never forget its fcencrositv
in helping to feed the 1'olish popula
tion, The work done by the Ameiieitus
was wonderful. Just now what J'olttml
wants is food and guns for its army to
fight the bolsheviks. It also w.mta to
build up the nucleus of a l'nlish urlrl
Icty force.
"It is for this ror.NOn we wish to buy
American light gin if possible. I un
derstand America is agreeable to sell
ing some of them to us rather than go
to llie tumble- ami expense of shipping
them buck to America. . We may niso
buy many of their rifles.
"We r.ro not interested in buvii,
heavy guns owing to the fact thai mads
in. l'oliuid are very bad.
"Hut the unrchiise of guns, for which
I am prepared to spend between ihirty
and forty millions dnlnrs, is nt the onlv
tiling hi want, rohiud needs tru., mti-;
ehinery and many other things. Much
of this we expect to buy in Amenca."
SUMMONS No. 14-101
the State of Oregon for Marion
County, Department No. i
,1 .dm M. ilulmun, plaintiff, va Ci.ro
l n II. Myer, ilefendnnt. piniiiitiona,
l-i I atotvn If, M.ver, defendant:
l,i the name of the stato of Oreg,m
you nre lien by required to appear anil
ensner the ron.plMiit tiled oum.st roil
in the above entitled action, wtthiii
a x wcelis from the ibite of the lirst
pii'-'ieslii'ii Ihic"'', luvvit: w'lhin six
weii-i fruiu In- HilU Jay of May, 1311',
and if vou tail o to neifer lor w-int
t!ic ? .f t'.io plu'uitiff will t ike jud,;
meat eiiainit jou for the sum of $!ul,
t' aether with Intere.-f tlnteon at the
Ta.e of 7 pe'ieyt per aiinum from th"
'. I day of A piil, I le-s tim nnt f
. i t;s. together with the costs and dis-bii.-enients
of thi aelion, and for an
oid.-i of siile of the property attached
in Hid ec'ion, ton it '
All yftur right, tillj; nud interest in
n-id to the south mm half if lot ix
in blink tliree ( 5) ill the eity of
hi ,1 -iii. 4reg--in, and for a further or
iter iiii'i ting Theod re Ruth, arn-sliee,
t.i p-,v oier to the sheriff if Marion
cm! iiv. Bin! of Oregon, the um of
',4 v.i lield l j said Theodore Koth in
tin t for you.
S',,,1 sre further notified that tlii"
n i.iiiiins is sei veil i. pon you by pub
J,, -ition thereof hy virtue of an order
Hire made Slid entered by lion. W.
M . Itiiiher, comity judge fo Marion
I-,, i, , iv. Kiiiie of I'm k H, on the :'.th
li'lu, huh said order re
the aiimuions ui tins eau 1o lie
ed nine tail) week fur six eon
,i ticks in the Ibily (npital
I ncwicipcr of general fir-
-Led at
..f (' .
,i t:,;.t t
aielll, Marion
and you are
,c tr nf the
,f is the loth
taut the dale
i i r. ..f will be
I .
Three popolar Vitagraph star, have
the featured roles in "One Thousand
Hollars," the Blue Kibbou feature
which will be sen in the Lligh Theatre
bn.ln.. II 1... PI.L .. 1
vor.nl nnm.ii.rii. ... i... w..i,: ..,.... ... mu.H.a.i. x ney are tuvrara
tho first of his recent a,icce i. ?rlc ,AM.'' V. ' . f lorenco Do
j........ mi siieuiiiaiy east in mis spara.-
A VT 'it?BV,
Mexico May Get Makers
cf Wine From Wl When
Prohibition Stops Jobs
Mexico City, (By inaiO As a re
suit of the prohibition aiueiidnient to
the national const it lit ion of the Unit
ed Mtales, there promises to be aome
thing in the nature of wholesale em
igration of vine growers and wine inak
ers from !nliforiiia to Mexico.
I illinium inn has been received from
lliHt stale that there am in the neigh'
lioihuod of one hundred thousand per
sons, engaged ill that industry who aie
looking toward Mexico as affording
the onlv possible relief from the ruin
with which they are threatened, by the
piohibilioa laws. They me tho owners
of hundreds of ihininauit of acres of
sine grapes, which will become of lit
tie value with the enforcement of the
amendment, since the varieties of fruit
adapted to wine making are not suit
able for oilier puipoMs, except tu
limited extent.
There at extensive areas, espifiab
ly In the northern portion of Mexico
whit h posses nil the requisites of soil
and cliiiinlic conditions fur the growth
of griija's and the making of wine to
fully as greit an extent and of fully
as high a character a California. This
hns been demonstrated notably in Coa
huiln, as well as in some of the other
states, and the national government
has for some time been encoiirauing
the cultivation of the grape and im
porting millions of ruttings of vines
adnptc-d to this country.
Th Mexican consul general in Nan
Krni.ic.co, Hainon 1". IV Negri, U tnk
ing an active interest in the pnqo"d
em',gratia of Califmria wine growers
to Metim and has notified Ins P"V
eminent I tint at less eighty thousand
Mrsnt, largely of foreign anciwtry.
nre now preparing to leave their adopt
cd state and intend ruining to Mexico.
1'rfsidfiit t'arranM ha sonified his
livelv interest in the movement and
p'ans are new be-eg prepared ty the
'b-i'sn-iienl of agriculture fur weleotn-
"Greased Lightning," his new Para
mount photoplay Hint will be ahown ut
the Oregon Theatre for three days, com
niencing Sunday.
't.'erasod Lightning is the lume of
the racer which Mr. Kay, as the village
Inventor, has built and cnteis in it big
raee meet. The day was set for "alioot
iug'' the big race seeiie and Mr. .Buy
appealed At-the atudio. He refuel d to
go to work nntil a horseshoe was solder
edto the water tu k capv of tho machine.
He said nothing as jest r.fter jc; vras
hurled at his head. - He didn't even
take his director into hi secret, but
when the scene waa shot he executed
one of the cleverest pieces of business
with tho horseshoe that he has evet
acted. He but that would be spoiling
the surprise. Vou must see the pieture
as a whole to appreciate it.
Tho photoplay is one of the most
thrilling in which Mr. Kny ever has
been aveiu Ho is excellently at.puited,
hia leading women being Wumla Haw
ley. Others in the eat include Hubert
McKim, Willis Marks, Bert Woournff,
John I. Lockuey and Otto lloflina,,.
Jerome Storm directed.
The world, according to 8hnkeapeare,
ia all a stage and men and women but
the actora on it. It was left tor a mud
ern novelist to complete tho metaphor
and prove that when the world-stage
has become a fire trap and danger pit,
there ia always a safety curtain to
lower, if the actor will keep hit. wits
about him.
Norma Tuliuadgo, piesenled uy Jo
seph M. bchenck, will be seen hoe .
the Liberty Tkeatro atsrting ia her
latest Select picture, "The Kaiety Cur
tain," adapted by S. A. Franklin anil
I'nul West from tho story of tiic sanui
ling 0. Henry comedy drama of the
young Broadway speeder who is cut off
in his uncle a will with $1000 t.nii the
troubles he encounters trying to spend
"I doubt," suys Charles Bay, Thoa.
H. luce star, who will appear at the
Oregon fur a three-day run, commencing
Sunday, "that the people who pay
their good money ia at the boxoflice of
a motion picture theatre are awaio of
the part they unconsciously play ia the
making of subjects for the screen. It
is, nevertheless, a fact that they do
have a great deal to do with the stars
and the pictures made today.
"Who make the starsf The pioduc
erat Mo, It is no one else than the film
funs themselves. A star cannot be I'orced
on tho public, for the simple reason that
if they do not care for that particular
star they will not pay their good imn
to see them ou the screen, and as it
means a poor house to the theatre man
ager, he does not book the pieture in
which the unpopular star apper.i'9.
"The audiences arc also responsible
for the tvpo of stories that are being
made, and when these tastes take a
chnnge the productions from the studios
do likewise This is tho dny of the film
fan. He or she is the big durk in the
puddle. So, if you don't like a certain
type of story or anything connected
wtih it, just mention it to the thcatt
manager, becuuse, after nil, this is tilt
only way the producers and starj have
of finding out your likes and dislikea."
"The " Unpardonable Mn," niiiioun
ced as the attraction at the Liberty
theutrc for u three day engagement, bo
ginning June 12, is a photoplay othe
legitimate production tyie. It is being
shown in the important threat res of the
name by Kthel M. Dell and di.tcted bnrH'U States ns a spccuii auiucuon,
by M. A. Krankltn. ranking with the regular traveling dra-
Miss Tstmadire nb.vs the ir.rl f lnek ' matie and musical offerings, r.nd will
a yaung dancer of a-' London music hull, available for patrons of tho -s
who husband, Vulciin, the strung man, iouue luunm p ",
cruelly mistreats her for receiving, "nv months, ine piiotoiiay is in ion
though against her will, the attentions , ,',. d provides an entire afton.oon-s
of Mylveater ,a dissipated young Eng- r evening's entertainment. A q'rjal
lishnian whom she has vainlv been try musical score tins neen provi.n-.i mi u.r
ing to avoid.
Ituring her act at the theatre a flic
breaks out and the safety curtain, drop-
jiing behind her to shut out the nre ling tho production.
from the audience, rut off her n treat
through tho stage, while an explosion
under the orchestra prevents her escape
through the house.
Captain Merryon, a young officer, on
leave from service in India, sees her
i.liulit and leans from his box to thj Unusual lociil importance is atiached
stage. Together they make their way to the engagement of "The Hpretniii."
to an unused stairway which buds into Evil - at the Hligh theatre next uies
a small alley, unseen by any of the cast, I day, Wednesday and Thursday, because
who think that I'uck has perished in the 'of tlje interest which has been aln Wn in
fjre. I the photodramn by the Hon. Josephus
The Mission of
Swift 8l Company
Swift & Company has become one of
the large businesses of the world through
continuing to meet the growing needs of
a nation and a world.
Society has a right to ask how the
increasing responsibilities and opportu
nities for usefulness which go with such
growth are being used by the men who1
direct its affairs and the men have the '
right to answer:
To promote the production of live stock and
perishables and increase the food supply;
To reach more people with more and be,tter
meat; '
To make a fair competitive profit, in order to
reimburse the 25,000 shareholders for the
use of their capital, and to provide for the
future development of the business;
To reduce to a minimum the costs of preparing
and distributing meat and to divide the
benefits of efficiency with producer and
To live and let live, winning greater business
only through greater usefulness, with injury
to nothing but incompetency, inefficiency,
and waste; to deal justly, fairly, and frankly
with all mankind." .
These are the purposes and motives of the men who
direct the policies and practices of Swift & Company.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
' feF7 m : 1 1
picture. Klr.iiche Sweet is starred in
the picture, which was niiido bv Harry
(liirson, with Marshall .Neiluii ilirect-
The storv ia by Major Rupert Hughes
and created a sensation among the rend
ing public when it ran as n .sorlnl
one of the lending inagiuinos Ot the
country. ,
t hee
re cs.
giants nu.t aidmo t!ien
ing th'ir industry. All
snti - Hmi'ra, Hu t'
!..!, chihuahua, 'iahui!a, .Ni itvi.. l,o
v t I 'ir;it !, ere, - - i,.te-Mi i .ii-iiw.r
;,i nnnm that arc adipted to the full
ol of wine gtR.es,
PierJmont Peanut Oil
. J
Daniels, secretary of the iivy, and oih
er men prominent in public life.
When the picture had been completed
Secretary Daniels saw it and not only
gave James Keone, the producer, a
strong letter of endorsement, but nlso
permitted himself to he photographed
his office in Washington, in order
that the moving picture of his meeting
with Mr, Ken no might be used in con
junction with Mo? film to emphasize in
the strongest possible wav, his enfiorse-
ment of the helpful truths set forth In
The Spreading Kvil."
Monmath Schools Bustle
Mary l'iikford is to make u photo
play version of "Hop Ol My Thumb,"
n ono-arj play acted by Maud Adams a
doren years ago.
Vietiirizntinn rights of the Basil!
King noval "The City of Comrades,")
which appeared recently in the Satur
day Kvening I'osl, have been purchased
by Cuildivvn. Tom Moure has been se
lected to piny the leading role.
Rest." "An Kvening Prayer" waa
mm i . . i""K " a iiniu!-i in mini: von in an
tlSing ACtlVlteS;1" benediction pronounced by Kcv.
, jPace.
(Capital Journal Special Service. Final examinations r.re being held
Monmouth, Or., June 6-The bacon-tl,is w(,plt Rt hn,h t1"1 'i'Sh ' training
I.. .. ; l. .....a .1
, , ' oi-uouis us nun is l nn nisi Sfi'l ac
giailu-llllg . . ...., -m.
folk held their annual picnic Inst Sat
urday on the banks of the Luc.kimuta
ubout four miles south of town aloaR
the 'west side highway. This ia eerti
Iv R beautiful and restful place and
favorite one with picnickers and Sun
day auto parties. The grade youngster
will be given a picnic Friday, tht clon
ing day of school.
laureate service for the
class of the high school was hold Sun
day evening in the Evangelical church.
The sermon was delivered by the Rev.
Peter Conklin, local pastor, the invoca
tion by Rev. E. H. lY.cc of the Baptist
church. A qanrtet of high school stu
dents, consisting of Hugh Bell, Hope
McDonald, Beth Ostrom and Paul fayro
rendered the beautiful aong "Secure I
With Mary Roberts Rinehnrt Tories
being featured by the Eminent Authors
Pictures. Inc., perhaps we mav hoe to
see "The Amazing Interlude" on the
screen before long.
possesses food values of mucK
benefit to children in J convalescents.
It is so nutritious, palatable and
easily digested tkat it can be freely
taken without the slightest dan ger ri
upsetting the most delicate stomach.
Pram Vrt York ffomc. wonl of the
11 mm mllch-d success of I. W. (iriffith's
latest aiiper-proiluction Broken Blos
soms, str.rring Lillian lush anil Kirn-
ard Kiithclmess. According to critics.
it is the most stniiendous motion picture
ever produced. "The Birth f a Na
tion." and "Hearts of the Worm be
ing hopelessly out brassed I it.
The storv has a great ileal to no wun
Loudon Chlnutown. Richard Hatthel
mes taking the part of a Chiais,- boy
and Miss (iiph acting in the roie of a
white girl. . .
The fooel oil whK
tTii nut flavor
a TU
Colonel John M. Williams, pioneer
attorney of this city, has resumed hi"
orsetice with Attorner U L. Hean
afted 19 months of war service.
Colonel Williams served ten and half
months as adjutant general of the
state of Oregon and eight asd a half
months in the armorr at t amp Mwis.
having recently received hit discharge
lie rnd the rank of ms.rr in the ar
n,v. Kueeno Keji-ster.
Watch Your Child's Tongue t
Constipated Children Gladly Take
"California Syrup of Figs"
For the Liver and Bowels
Tell your tiruffiist you want genuine
,'C""Wn Syrjf of Figs." Full directions
and dos for babies and children of all ,age "
who are constipated, bilious, feverish, tongue
coated, or full of cold, are plainly printed on
the bottle. Look for the name "CVZi'
tnd accept no other "Fg Syrup." Beware!