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Ye Liberty.' Theatre
Ccsrt H
J. Stuart Blackton's
Master Production
The Most
Picture of
The Day
Intensely Dramatic
with Abundance of
No War No Vice
la the suit of Dura Wkitcinaii, who is '
; iuiag the state industrial accident torn- j I
aiisMoa to iucrss the alluwan.ee of her 1
tour children from 6 a mum a to $15'
a luoinn. tue commission Has demurred
to the eompiaiut, alleging that the writ
does not state fact sufficient to consti
tute a cause for action. Should tho suit
come to trial, it is understood that the
legal question will come up as to wheth
er, whera the father and mother are di
vorced, the children are orphans or
whether they are not. If the four chil
dren are orphans, they are entitled to
$13 a month. If sot, $0 a month is the
. legal amount. The commission is al
ready allowing $8 a mouth o i the sup
position they are not orphans, although
the father and mother were divorced at
the time the father was accidentally
l . SOCIETY. j
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toeea were used for pretty decorations
and music and games formed the di
version after the supper.
Following a time honored custom.
delegates from the' CI. A. R. and W
fi. L'. visited the various schools in the
eity yontnly. Daniel Webster rep
iwienttyl fhe Grand Army, at Sacred
Heart academy while the Womau'a Ho-
aef t!onx was represented by. Mary
ttook, NbzMboth Kenung.ton, ilyra Dot
aon, Mary Davis and Hose Ilagedorn.
lAfU-r reception, a delightful lunch
ton mu acrved in the library to the
visitors. The program for the after
Boon follows:
Vocal duet O That We Two were
Maying, Koumania Maillaux, A'iola
Hesitation Decoration Hymn, Mnry
Highland1 Fling Junior . physical
en'ture claws.
Vor.nl solo Send Me a Rose from
Homeland, Viols Finney.
Keeitntion One Flag, Buth Cum
Biiiu;. I'm no solo iLena Huckestcin, May
(orua When Blue Stare Turn to
Sold, academic vocal class.
Addxtwa Lily Make.
Star Si9ngled JJanner.
?lr. and Mrs. Milton I Meyers, are
Fir t land visitors, having gone flown
or the MeCormaek concert, and re
named for few daya visit "with
friend a.
3Tr. and Mrs. J. H. Richmond of
Portland arc quests at the Milton L.
Meyers home on Court street.
The eights, annual convention of tho
P. E. O. Sisterhood will be held at Ku
gene from May 7 to May 29th. Offi
cers of the state chapters are:
President, Mrs. Kmma Meliaw, Port
land; vice president, Mrs. Lena Udell
Portland; Mrs. Mary L. Logan, Al
bany; recording eecrttary, Mrs. Edna
(J. Urownton, ija uranile; correspond
ing secretary, Mrs. Blanche L. Murphy,
t ortlaua; treasurer, Airs. Arlette Law
rence. Woodburn; organist, Miss Mar
garet Copeland, 'Poitland.
Tho program for the convention is as
Tuesday Afternoon v
2:30 Executive board meeting.
Tuesday Evening
7:30 Enrollment of delegate
8:30 Convention called to order.
A)H)intmout of guards, pianist and re
porters. Appointment of committee on
credentials and dispensation.
Opening ode.
Devotionals, led iby Mrs. Mary K.
Logan, second v. p. O. O. C.
Address of welcome, president of
chapter H.
KesMnse, Mrs. Lena Odell, first
vice president O. G. 1.
.Formal opening of con vent ion.
Report of credentials committee.
Introduction of officers and guests
of honor.
Appointment of committees
Minutes of last convention
Report of committee on dispensations
Secret work, by Miss Margaret Cope-
land, orgnnzer O. O. O.
Boll call, Mrs. Bluncha Murphy, cor
responding secretary O. G. C.
Informal reception to delegates and
Wednesday Morning
8:30 Committee work
9 Opening ode
Roll call
Minutes of previous session ,
Report of committee on credentials
Correspondence and greetings
Secret work
Report of state officers
Report of educational fund, Mrs.
Lena Odell
Address, Miss Margaret Durward, su
premo president
Luncheon to delegates and visitors
Wednesday Afternoon
Convention called to order
Music "
Roll call
Minutes of previous meeting
Hecrct work
Memorial hour in charge of Mrs.
Kate Polders, chapter H. Eugene
Model meeting and exemplification
Report of patriotic service commit
tee Mra Lydia Leabo, chapter E
Wednesday Evening ,
Guest of chapter H ,
Thursday Morning
8:30 Committee work
9 Convention called
Opening ode
M usie
Minutes of previous session
Roll call
Secret work
Report of committees
Local president's report
Miscellaneous business
Election of officers and delegates to
supreme convention
Ouostion box, Miss Durward, su
preme president
. Thursday Afternoon
1:30 Convention called
Opening ode
JJoll call
lit tho ruse of C. E. Mcllwaine aud
wife against the estate of N. 0. Listou
for $j0i for care given Mr. Listen dur
ing his illness, was recently brought to
trial in the circuit court. The conclu
sion of the law was and a decree en
tered that Mr. Mellwaine aud wife had
performed services ,to the value of
lSti.50 prior to October 18, 1018, mid
that from October 17, 15)18, to Novem
ber 1, 11 IS, the services rendered Mr.
I.i.-ton had a value of $1"0. Instead of
the $'KHI0 as claimed ajjainst the estate,
the court allowed the plaintiffs $330.30
and that each party iu the suit should
pay their own costs.
I. F. Burt died at bis home six miles
etst of the eity Wednesday aftcrnoou.
Yesterday his niece, Mrs. Jennie Hicks,
of Fruitlund petitioned the court -
letter of administration for her appoint
ment us administratrix, wtiicu -ns
granted. In her petition Mrs. Hicks
stated that the only heirs known were a
brother, Dr. Z. F. Burt, 83 years of ago,
living at Phillipsburg, Pa., a nephew
Luther Burt whose residence is unknown,
and herself, Jennie Hicks, a niece; that
so far as known, the niece and nephew,
children of a brother, W. O. Burt, and
the brother. Dr. Z. F. Burt, were tho
only living heirs. Tho estate is valued
at $1000 in real estate and $250 in per
sonal property. A. J. Mutthis, Chris
Stcnback and Paul Silko wero appolntea
appraisers. Tho funeral services of Mr.
Burt will bo held Saturday.
(By United Press.)
Yesterday's winners: Hun FrnntiM,
Los Angeles, Oakland, Vernon.
Home runs: Kenworthy, Angels; Mill
er, Oaks; Krug, Borton,
It looked like a roao festival when
Portland put two across in the first In-
nincr forelnff flre.n! mm ihtk lnt Hut
Response, "One thing you have goi- Kantlehncr took the Seal mound and
the Grahamitcs won, 4 to 2.
The Big Eastern Broadway Scream
ten from the convention to take home
to your chapter."
Secret work ' .
Supplementary report of tscasuMr
Miscellaneous and unfinished busi
Installation of officers
Minutes of closing session
Closing ode
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob K.imm of Port
land motored to Hnlem Thursday and
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.
C. Dyer for the day. Mr. and Mrs.
Knmin are prominent in the younger
social seT of Portland and well known
in ISiilem. Mr. Kunun is a cousin of
Mrs. Dyer.
"OM listen Red"
His Lunatic Sb'cks
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Roosevelt. Too bad he was not sent to
Russia, instead of Mr. Root. He could
have performed wonders of reorganiza
tion. They would have rallied around
him, millions of them.
"The revolutionary spirit, resulting
from oppression and increasing knowl
edge of American freedom and higher
tJ standard of living, is rumpant in Jupan.
By scattering their hits the Ralulers
lost to the Angels, 9 to 1. The Bcuttle
ites hit Curly Brown for 11 binglcs but
eould only cross the plate once.
It took ten innings- for the Onks to
down the Bees. The final score S to
Six tallies by the Tigers in the first
stanza drove Vance to the showers and
aided the disciples of Roscoe to defeat
the Bolons, 8 to 8. .
will rapidly improve your
liver and putting stomach
and Hood in good order.
Lurnt S.U af Anr MfdiHn. in th Warld,
itUmnnkM, la Wut, 10 2S
ii ( i
pjjTntr"! ill , . j
hk -a
hi f
You see a good many of
them around here; the best
dressed of them all are those
who have been here to. Buy our
waist-seam models in
There is no doubt that our
suits are the best on the market
today as we absolutely guaran
tee every garment. Bishop's
guaranty means that every dol
lar and his reputation is behind
his goods. OUR
V tMarx J
Clothes "Are Good" suits, and
the back is. as important as the
front, so far as your clothes are
concerned. You don't see it very
, often, but other folks do. Better
have it look just right.
The line from the shoulder to the waist is a very important one,
so far as the looks of the coat are c oncerned. The curve of the lapel ;
the placing of the pockets.
These are some of the things that make Bishop's famous for their
good clothes-MThey have Nothing but good Merchandise."
$35 $40 $45 $50
Hart Schaffher "Every family in Marion and
rom lounues a rairon.
Salem WoOleSl Mills Store
t-inl Ilyiiiene society (iltsyed a prominent
pint in thin work and Inn been n pio
neer in paving tho way for the prote
tio'i of the youui; mmihood and yom ,
womanhood of both Oreiion and tho
country at lurge. The remarkable
various sizes, and of a total value of mittrc in congress before which the
$2U,OU0. These trucks form a part of. question of continuing this work in cl
the surplus aud now useless war euiiv j vilinn eonimunitics is now being ngita
ment and on the close of hostilities they f ted. The Oregon Social Hygiene society
were turned over to the department of .'made a remarkable record in this con
agriculture to lie placed where tney I ucetion anil is ulachig all its efforts in
would do the most good. These ma- the direction of also securing tlio eon-inchievements aeeomplinhed. the womlc
chines aic distributed to the slutes that timianco of the work. The letter boing ful reBiiils obtuined, all show the im
have forest and post ronds under con
struction, and entail no cost to
state, tno oniv siipuiiiuon ueinit inni various meiiioers oi the congresBioual "Civilian communities were mnin'y
they are to be used on roads that have committee is a. follow,: - L,,)0lls;i,K, for c(,mljions. found in .'
federal aid. "One of the greatest achievements of army pumps early iu the war. Tho dm u
. ,our military mobilization was that ac- suffering from 'these diseases, iu II, e
The weekly report of the industrial icomplished In, the combat against social! main brought them into the camps. But
accident commission shows thr.t there ' diseases. The emergency attack on these I a small percentage of the eases devel
were 588 accidents reported throughout j discuses has no parallel in military his-loped in the camps themselves. This
the state, threo of them resulting fa-, tory and it resulted in the United Htntes ' fact indicates the vital necessity of coo
tally. These were llartln l'aul, Kcll-1 niuititniliino1 the cleanest armv In the i tinning thi wnrk nn. na mnunifii-nn.
scale as fxissible. To negleet such an
- sent by Governor Olcott a.t. tho reuuest ; nemtive neceasitv of not allowinir tb,a
the of the social hygiene society to the' work to Inc.
imiiortnnt factor is to jeopardize tho
The state highwav commission has re
cently received notice from the depnrt-
anee; Joseph Hwnrt., Knappd; Louis, word. Oregon is particularly grateful
Lnmbert, Neverstil, all of them being fur ,i beeauso her men In the service
engaged in logging operations. Out of 'atood in the front rank and arc beinir welfare of not onlv ntip vonnir manhi)(l
jthe totul number, iiM wero subject tc'0hsorbeil back into civil life, clean in! but of our innocent women and rhil-
tlie provisions of the compensation act, mind, bodv and spirit. The Oregon Bo-:dren
The Oregon str.te textbook commission!
Autocracy there will soon be succeded,
in my opinion, by a democratic system
more suited to their needs. The need
of the Jarancae is tho tome as that of
Russia and of all the world, towit:
scientific education, our free school in
stitutioii and a duplication of our entire
governmental system. Imperfect men
may not be expected to make our almost
perfect system work to perfection, ut
with all the faults of inefficient men
popularly elected, and with all the hor
rors of maladministration, the Ameri
can government is the best in the
Brother Killed in France.
Pever is a brother of Captain Tracy
Collier Dever, of the Fifth field ar
Jltillery, an officer well known in west
!ern military circle, who was wounffeft
Willie communMing B ouiiery iu iue utst
il '. I
"We guarantee this to be one of the best and high
est priced bills that has ever played Salem.
fighting in IVance and died in a Paris
hospital on January 19. Captain Dever
wr.n promoted to the rank of colonel
during the war period. He had served
with Pershing in the Philippines Rod
Mexiro. "Another brother and n y son.
Jack. 24, privates in the army of w
potion on the Rhine, went through a
lone period of active service without a
wound," said the Seattle man. 'My
bnr writes he wouldn't take a million
dollars for his experience of the Wi:r and
education pained in Europe."
rx. . f .... J
ft ) !
mnH, . .1 tl'-r: . ..-will miMil in H'ilim nn .Tilnn 9. fu Ihrt
oj(i n-.uil UIU Bl flHSIUIIlOU IIISI , ' v " -
in the distribution of heavy moto ! adoption of textbooks for use in the
trucks for use on post and forest roads i public schools of Oregon for a period of
In the Ttrious states. Orcirnn win . six years. Huperintendent J. Ar Church-
eelve ft eonslgnment of 88 machines of ill was notified today by the commis-j
-.sion that it is their request that no
reprepeiitntives appear before the com-1
mission during the session. All of tliej
luiKU publishing eoiiipHiiiis have lepro-j
sentutives in Portland, Members of thi
commission believe that the work of I
selecting textbooks cfin be cr.rriod on j
more exiH'ditiousl v if the entiie timej
can be given to the selection of lext-j
books. They are, therefore, making ttio
rcoucst thnt none of tho representatives j
come to Hnleni during the session of thej
commission, but that they be at their J
usual places of business in order thatj
thev may bo consulted by telephone, if
necessary. I
hVM: :
L ,',4. it' to
Avoid Trouble at
Teething Time h
tf giving baby
1W kW hJ CUWt lW.lw
By causing the stomach to
digest food as it should, keeping
the bowels open and by giving
baby less food, the first tee tit
never cause trouble.
Contains no harmful ingredients
formula on every buttle. Laeit
and note how easy and comfort
able baby is when teettj come,
At mB Jrmiitt.
George T. Oerlinger, of the Willam
ette Valley Lumber ponipany of Pallr.s,
was today appointed by Governor nri
as a member of the state board of for-,
estry to success L. H. Hill of Cottage'
drove, who has resigned. In submitti ig
his resignation Mr. Hill stated thnt hist
busiiK'Ss would tnkn hi 10 nway fiom the
state a greater part of the summer and!
he would be unableto give sttention to,
his duties as a member of that board.)
Mr. Oerlinger has been actively engnged ;
in the lumber industry of the northwest ;
for nmnv, years aid Is fully familiar)
with with the problems of the industry j
us affecting the northwestern states. 1
Trustworthy Clothes
That's the kind of clothes we put out. You can
trust them anywhere to look good and trust them
o wear well a long time.
The 4th of July is coming soon. Are you ready
for it? We are taking orders now for early July
delivery, so place your order now.
J, C. Perry 't.
As part of the camtmign to continue
the fine work along the lines of social
ihvuietie during the war Governor OIco
'has sent letter to members of the com-
D. II. Mosher
High Class Tailor to Men and Women.
474 Court Street Salem, Oregon.
4 ,f444.4...4