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(25-000 EEAD03 DAILY)
Only Circulation in Sale m Guar
anteed by the Audit Burets of
LEY kewjj stavica
Wea&er Report
Orcm: Tenight ad Patur-
dav fair; co!;!,r east portion t-
night; moderate southwesterly
. '
! mm I it m
.w j ri a mm ma mm a s s
FORTY-SECOND YEAR NO, r : oTr txt tt,v ,f.vn s,v. hvWAiaifiii3
Yankee Machines Delay De
parture CVond Leg Of
; Ocean Flight Jvturday,
Or Later. '
NC-4, Crippled By Trouble,
Lands At Chatham Naval
Station Early Today For
Minor Repairs.
W i,liiugto. May 9. (United Prons.)
Jump off" of tlit navy seaplane
nn the second leg of the trans-Atlantic
flijht has been postponed until tomor
row, the navy department w informed
from Hnlifux by radio this afternoon.
Conditions Favorable. .
Washington, May 8. (United Tress.)
- Vivv officials here ndised the trans
A t !n fit it- fliers at Halifax er.rly today
tint weather conditions nre avort.ble
the second leg of the flight.
A twenty mile wind ts blowing. The
fl'iem were ulso advised that the weath
er icny not be so advantageous tomor
row. N ivy officials here expected the fli
er, in stmt uff from Halifax at any
Two Reach Halifax
Halifax, X. S., May W . ( United
I'nss) The MJ-li ami NjC-1. success
ful cu.plnncs in the flight here from
liorkaway Beach, X. V., were to leave
hen- early today on the second leg of
their overseas flight for Trepassey
Hai, weather conditions being iavor
able. T'ic Xl' 1 and NV-.'l took on enough
gasoline to carry them to Trepassey
Mn .v immediately on their arrival hero.
Tliev were supplied tf rum the cruiser
Hallimoro, which nas waiting for them
in,' 'the Ihafbor. Cnuinuuidei Towers,
chi.if of the expedition, led his men
board the Baltimore, where they hnd
dinner and went to bed. All were, very
Arrival of the cruft whs the signal
for .1 great turnout of Halifax resi
di'iils and a noisy welcome from har
bor bunts. Whistles on shore and in
the harbor shrieked and the crowd
cheered as the NC3, leading, flashed
into view and took the water with n
cloud of spray. tshe alighted in the
harbor mouth off McXnb's Jslaud at
7: o'clock (Halifax lime), nine hours
J i -r the start from uoi'liaway.
Ten minutes later the second plane
cuine' into view and made the same
mom to Eastern bay. ISoth plane
came into the harbor in the tueo of n
strong wind.
' NO-4 Tunis Back
( I allium. Mns.. Mac . (United
Pren) The trnns-Atlaiitie seaplane I
N ' I, which became ili-nblod while
flying from Kockaway Beach to Hali
fax, landed at the naval air station
here at 5:18 o'clock this morning.
T'ie NC-4 was forced to turn ba-k
'on account of engine trouble, it was
stated iby nuvnl officials. The plane
lauded here to make minor repairs, af
ter wliii'h it will nil for Kockaway
Beaidi, N. Y., where pernnnent re
pairs will lip completed.
According to plans made known
, ,, , :,i.l t., Bn
nere ,.,e oane w . i.e .., . ..... nM(1 mrt m:M amillIlition train;
from Kockaway Ben h as soon as re detachment. 78th di-
tho N'C-i "hop oft" on the long jour-.tcrs. one casual company; 1..S casual of
ner across the Atlnntic. it will join in,t'r- v....;
the flight. Should the plane arrive Transport Powhnttan, St Xa.a re for
..-.. ,i. ...i..... !... . it -,! Newport News, due May 18 with: head-
said that no attempt will be made to
fi.Hnw them
The crew of the C 4 were feeling 114th infantry headquarters; third Dat
fit when the big plane glided to the tnlion and detachment supply company;
surface of the l.a-bor here ju,t as the detachment 138th infantry; mobile vet
first streaks of dawn appeared in the
east. A good lauding wa made and the
crew was soon quartered at the naval
air -talion. The machine carried food
sni water and its crew did not suffer
for 'ack of thee necessities.
London. May 9. When the
Berlin correspnodent of the
London Chronicle attempted to
interview General Lndendorfr,
he reported today, Lndendorff
sent him the following message!
"If these are peace terma
t ien America cr.n go to hell."
VHHsta Bandits Secure
69,000 From American
Bank In Raid On Cananea
'Nodules Ann', Mav 9.
(United Press) -Vilhsu" band-
its raided Cananea, Mexico, at
daybreak this Dlorninir ncni.it.
iag to word reachins? here at
Sirtr thousand dollars taken
from a bank owned by J. M.
ti-ibbs, American consular agent
at Cutanea, was the chief loot.
The three principal stores
were sacked.
The commander of the band
is not known. Details are mea-
ger -but indicated no Americans
hud been killed.
Senate Leaders Looking For
Presidential Opposition On
Ground Of Unnecessary De
iay Involved.
By L. C. Martin
(United Press Staff Correspondent.)
Washington, May 9. President Wil
son is to be asked by senate democrats
how he regards the proposal for a na
tion referendum on tlie lcHgue Oi na
tions covenuut.
Leaders today said they expect the
president to oppose it, probably on
three grounds that it necessarily in
volves separation of the treaty and the
covenant; that it would cause long de
lay in getting the league under way and
that it is wholly unnecessary because
the' people have mesne of expressing
taeir views to congress on the league,
and have expressed them.
Opposition Weakening.
Congressional sentiment favoring a
nation-wide vote has been growing re
cently. This sentiment increased today
among some senators, who .after rend
ing the pence treaty summary, believe
it will be possible to separate the treaty
and the covenant.
Senator Hitchcock said today he be
lieves those regarding the two as "r-pnr-able
will be disappointed. ''Those who
delay the league will delay the final
peace," he snid.
Senator Kenyon, who doesn't oppose
the covenant in its amended form, fav
ors the referendum as a niei.ns of re
moving all doubts that the final action
of the senate shall represent the peo
ple's will.
Kcimtor lioinh, who will introduce a
bill providing fur the referendum ,faln
Borah Wants Separation.
"The treaty and covenant nre separ
able if the senate has the nervo to sep
arate them. The treaty could then be
ratified without delay and the lcaguo be
accepted or rejected on its merits."
The suggestion was made today tiat
the senate might ucccpt the suggested
"triple alliance" hetwen this country,
France and (.treat Britain in lieu of the
league of nations, the alliance to hold
good only until opportunity for a refer
endum and the consequent senatorial ac
tion hud been given.
Senators Lodge and Brandegee nre
understood to have assured advocates of
the referendum of their approval.
Saving Of Three Troop
Ships To States Announced
Washington, May 9. (United Prees.)
Trnn'port sailings were announced to
day r.s follows:
transport Yale. Brest for New York,
due May 1(1, with three casual compa
nies. Transport President Wilson, Marseil
les for New York, due May IM with de-
l . 1 :. 1 :..!.! nviatnrir Lrirriwl,-
IUI lllllt'lll J-l.UU III "I """','
quarters flth division; hecdquarter,
lK,al dct aclimen tt h division;
erinary section iui; evacuation aiiinu
li.rc company fi7; 2Pth military police
company, two casual companies; seven
convalescent detachments.
St. Louis. Mo.. Mav 9. (United
' Press.) Chicago will be the next iiwei-
ing plact of the first national conven-
tion of the American Legion.
! The convention committee of the Le-
gion. in session todav, decided to hold
!, .nmiol onnvention there N'ovcmoer
.11. 12 and 13.
Declaring that the pelice are syste
matically deporting members of the
negro ra'e from Spokane, prominent
nros have appealed to the city coun
cil that the practice be stopped.
Dead Man Attacked Mrs. Stot
ler In Jealous Rage Is
Woman's Story.
A verdict of suicide was returned
yesterday afternoon by the jury fail
ed by Coroner A. M. Clough to de
termine the cause of the death of Jeff
J. Hannah, who died Wednesday eve
ning at 6 o'clock from a bullet wound
m his head. The shooting occurred at
the home of Josie SStotler, 860 Trade
street, who was also shot in the head
but not seriously wounded.
The cause of the suicide and attempt
ed murder was due to jealousy oa the
part of Hannah, Mrs. tSotler testi
fied at the inquest. Hanuah had seen
another man walking with Mrs. Htot
ler and in a fit of jealousy, when in
the Stotler yard, he had tluowa her
down, chocked her end is a iight in
the back yard, had torn a locket and
jewelry from her neck.
K'nuatt Badly Scratched
In tho .back yard fight, Hannah's
face was scratched and -bleeding.
While she was looking for. the locket,
Hannnh went to her home, Mrs. Stot
ler testified, to wash his lace. At the
same time dt eeems he went to her bed
room and took from the dresser draw
er a revolver.
Later when Mrs. Stotler came to her
room, Hannah stood on the threshold
of the room while Mrs. Stotler was
on tho other side in front of the dress
er aud shot her. According to the tes
timony of dr. C. II. Robertson, the
cailbre shot struck her a glancing
blow on the right side of the head,
penetrated underneath the scalp and
came out on the right forehead. No
powder marks were found on Mrs.
Stotler 's head.
Alter firing the shot which he thot
hail killed Mrs. Stotler," it seems that
Hannah placed the gun to hn right
side of his head and fired, as his face
was powder marked. Tho shot pene
trated the skull, ranged upward thru
the upper part of the brain, 'bift did
not penetrate through the scalp. He
lived two hours after shooting him-
Threats Often Made
Other witnesses. wort celled who
testified that iHannnh had said that
the Stotler woman had broken up his
home and was now trying to throw him
down. That he had talked often of
killing .lesie Stotler.
After hearing all the evidence the
jury quickly returned a verdict of sui
cide. Mrs, Wtntler will ibe released
from custody and nn charges filed
against her. On the jury were Ralph
Thompson, II. '. Marvin, Jus J. ln
grev, Edward Hnrtlev, A'. .Xadstnnok
and H. ('. Pugh. ,
The body of Hannah was sent to
Jefferson this morning and the funeral
services and burial will be tomorrow.
Burglars robbed two stores Wednes
duy evening, one at Kilverton and the
other at Hubbard. The C. M. Wray
store of Silverton was robbed of V'
pocket knives, fountain pens, a collec
tion of razors and a general coltecriott
of jewelery, including a hand curved
paper knife which had been sent from
At Hubbard, the store of J. Selioll &
Son was robbed of fiO JMH-ket knrves,
several safety razors and other hard
ware sinal articles. An officer was sent
this morning to both of these plaecs to i
investigate. There is also a report mat
denti'l thieves have been working in the
neighborhood of Mnrslifield.
Dallas Turns Out En Masse
To Honor Departed War
Unllns, May 9. Fuueiul services
over the remains of the late Carl Ji.
Feiiton were held Tuesday afternoon
at two thirty o'clock from the familv
home at the corner of Court and Jef-
f(, t,.(,(.ts
miiita,.,, orrf,.r
The sorvces were of a
and were conducted Jiv
Kev. D. A. MacKenzie, pastor of the
First Presbvtcrian church of this eity
assisted by Kev. Chos. P. Johnson of
the Methodist church.
Never in the history of Dallas has
such a large crowd of friends and rela
tives gathered to par their last re-
jspeita to one beloved by all ho kuew
him and the big Fenton homo was
found inadequate to hold the aiscmb
jly and the services were held on tho
porch, th lawn and the court house
grounds across the street being crowd-J
ed with sorrowing friends.
The body was accompanied to i's
i... - :.. K... t... - ....t i ...
iiusi i-sung (line- it n iiai.i yi iiuiivi
.compose,) of members of Mr. rcnton s
;old comrades in Company L. led by a
portion of the old Third Oregon band
under the leadership of B. A. Dow
ney. The pall bearers were also sol
dier comrades of the deeea-ed. being
Captain Conrad Htafrin, Lieutenant
(Continued on psge two)
oftM, RtAiu, fMu.Ai, ti3. rKlUfl TWU UEflTS STINT-FIYf CN"T
I . 1
'Big Four" Oriers Drafting Of
Terms To Be Presented To
Former German Allies Ccm
enced At Once. :
Interational Law Expert Says
rroposed Alliance To Pro
tect France Adds Strength
To League.
By Tred S. Fergufoa
(United Press Staff Correspondent.)
1'aris, May 9. The "big four" today
ordered the drafting of the Austrian
treaty to be started. The boundaries
ouestion hi;s been practically settled, it
was learned. The responsibilities nor-
Hon is similar to that in the Ue...i
treaty with the exception of the polit
ichI aspect.
The full text of the German treatv.
it is understood, provides that Oernmnv
shull recognize the inuliemible inde
pendence of Gerinnn-Austrin unless an
nexations are aproved bv the lenrue of
nations council.
By Fred S. Ferguson
(United Press Staff .Correspondent.)
Paris, May 9. Work on the Austrian
peao treaty is rearing completion, it
wns learned toduv.
The "big four" called in its economic
und reparation experts to go over mint
details of that section of the pact.
Aside from dissatisfaction with tho
apportionment of mandatories over for
mer German territories on the part of
some of the nllieX tho German treutv
apparently meets with full approval of
the allies delegates themselves. The
Belgians have filed a protest with the
"big four" against awarding tho Brit
ish the mandatory over German
Afiicu because of the important part
played by Belgium in the conquest of
that icgiion. Unofficial reports also
have been circulated that tho Italians
resent being cut off entirely from man
datories. Alliance Defended.
Oscar Straus, American iiitornat.uwu
law expert, wc.s asked for a Btatenitnt
on the proposed ngreement by the L'ni
ted States' and (ireat Britain t aid
Frame in case the latter is ntiui.rt
by Germany.
"Contrary to weakening, such an en
gagement strengthens the leugi f nr-i
lions, being the initial example of the I
munition of secret treaties." Straus
"It is necessary, just like the Monroe
doctrine, due to the peculiar conditions
of the country most directly concerned.
France is the greatest bltffi ier from the
war. Most likely she would ngnin be
the worst if Germany should repeat her
nttiick. The proposed agreement is n
complete vindication of the league's
Abe Martin
We're goin' t' find out how artificial
a whole lot o' affability his been when
th" saloons close. A rejected suitor
alius marries too soon.
One Paper Views Treaty As
Overstepping Blackest
Berlin. May 9. (United Press)
The Berlin press was unanimously bit
ter today in denunciation of the peace
terms, an official outline of which was
"Acceptance means poverty, hunger
and slavery," said the Tages' Zeitunj.
"The terms could not tie worse."
"Wilson's fourteen points are invis
ible," observed the Tsjlische Runds
chau. "The most humiliating point is
the demand for tho kaiser's surren
der." "The treaty oversteps the blackest
expectations," according to the Ta?e
blatt. "The delegation must do its ut
most to change the terms."
"The entente, who, through Wilson,
prated of justice and rights of people,
is unmasked," declared the Vorwaerts
"Wu may be forced to sign through
fear of hunger, but we will refus in
wardly. We Jiiust trust the interna
tional proletariat to bring real peace"
"Compared with the Brest-Litovsk
treaty, the terms are moderate, " said
the radical Fieiheit. "But several
parts are in violation of Wilson 's four
teen points, "
Italy Peeved Wren Excluded
From Administration Of
Rome, May 8. (United Press.)
Italy's exclusion from tho apportion
ment of mandatories ovor former Ger
man colonies has created tho most pain
ful impression hole.
"It is-inr4ieable, since Italy for
mi.lly asked for a mandate,' declared
the Epoca.
"Italy renounced compensations un
ibj' in tide Mil so she might act as tho
mnniliitory for East Africa," snid the
Idea Ma.iouale. "This had practically'
been giunted, but Monday the 'big'
tnree' excluded Italy."
The Epocn also sees the peace terms
as containing the possibility of engen
dering future wars.
"The treaty contains gorins of new
and countless wars," the newspaper
said. "It is. not likely Germany will re
fuse to sign, as the economic isolntion
she would face would mean her death.
Wilson is still unalterably hostilo to
Italian claims."
''The terms are linrd and will not bo
accepted without a fight," is the opin
ion of the (nornalc I) Italia. "Jiut
(ienni.ny must sign, as she cannot es-
npo her fate."
Commercial Club Committee
Reports Slow Progress In
Fund Drive.
If the business men want a big
Fourth of July celebration bad enough
to go down in their pockets and con
tribute, there will be put nn the great
est Fourth jubilee ever held in the city.
If they do not, there will be none,
At the meeting of the column ..!
Inst evening at tho Commercial dull
tin re was considerable doubt ns to
whether the merchants really wanted a
big Fourth. As it takes $3mt) to put on
a proper celebration, and tho merchants
nre supposed to pay for it, there was
some doubt, from the fact that the com
miltee soliciting funds had not met with
n very liberal response.
The office holders at the state house
were not inclined to be interested In
what Salem did or whether there was
any Fourth celebration in the cnv. one
office holdr drawing down tnno a
year subscribed 2, and another who' is
on the state payroll for toOO a year
kicked on giving anything, hut finally
came across with t-'.iiO, The general
opinion of the state house employes is
that the Fourth is none of their rw.si
nessand if Hnlcm wants one, let tho
loin merchants pay for it.
Notwithstanding the rr.ther pessimis
tic view by some members of trie eom
miltee, arrnngements are going right
ahead and today the chairmen of sev
eral committee went to Portland to ar
range for air'danes and to see those who
will wr.nt concessions.
The finance committee reports that
already Mud hss been raised and it
feels confident of bringing the total up
to UmiO, the amount necessary.
It was siiguested that if the auto
mobile firms would like a littie extra
advertising, thr.t each offer a tire if a
rar the agent handles happens to win
(OontiaueJ on psge two)
Borah Would Tirniigate"
Self And Leave Ranks Of
G.0P. If League Approved
. -
Washington, Mav 9 (Unit-
ed Press) Senator BoreV, Ida-
ho, today publicly announced
that if the republican party
surrenders" ou the league of
nations he will "fumigate"
himself and "get out." "
Borah made his statement in
a letter to James T. Williams,
Jr., of Boston, in which he
"If the - republican- party
could even through defeat save
the sacred traditions of Am-
erica, preserve American insti-
tutions and maintain uninipair-
ed the dependence, and the un-
trammelled sovereignty of the
republic, it would reuder a ser-
vice, second not even to its he-
roic service uuder the leader-
ship of the blessed martyr."
Mental Responsibility Of Girl
Slayer Is Single Point
At Issue.
Scuttle, Wash.. Mav 9. "She belongs
in an asylum, and not within prison as
a crtiuimu."
So declared Defense Attorney A. B,
llilen St. noon tndnv tit fulilrA.sini rue
nry which la to determine tho fate of
: ----- j - -
18-year-old Ruth Garrison, slayer ef
Mrs. Grace Storrs.
Prior to the opening of court this
morning, Attorney Thomas Askren, also "What becomes of the exchange of
of counsel for defense, gave the first g du run tees mentioned in the funrta
intimation that the defense would not pointf Despite Wilson fifth point, (!er
ask for absolute liberty of the girl, .many loses her colonies and rights la
Under the instructions the jury can Africa."
find her not guilty and at the tame RAutiau'i Stand Upheld,
time declare her not safe to be at large. I "Count Brockdorff Hantzau faithful-
jly interpreted the.... feeling of the em
Seattle, Wash., May 9. Unless sched pirc aud the government," continued
tiled plans full through, the fnte4f Ruth J Sehicdeniunii, "when. he said that w
Garrison, slayer of Mrs. Grace Htorrs,wi!l examine the terms with good will,
on the afternoon of March 18 in the The government earnestly wishes a just
tea room of the Bon March, will be in peace."
the hands of the jury about 4 o clock
this afternoon. Deputy Prosecuting At
torney Charles K. Claypo'ol began his
aildresB to tho jury at KiilO o'clock (his deepest point in the fall of Germany,"
morning, after counsel for state and de-! he said. " 'Yes,' or 'no' can lead us
fense had agreed upon two hours argil- 'lower until we face utter annihilation,
meiit on each side. Deputy Prosecuting w ith no hope of getting up. If the eol
Atlorney John 1). Carmody will divide i lateral conditions are in the same spirit
their two hours as suit themselves. the main conditions we will face tha
Thoinas M. Askren and A. H. llilen, tomb of the German people."
counsel for the defense, mr.v divide
their time evenly.
Clavpool opened for the state and
be will be followed by Attorney vrllen,
for the detense. llilen will be loiloftuit
bv Attorney Tskreu and Carmody will man peace delegates, quotes llerr Uiea
close for tho state. berts as saying:
Jury's Task Simple. I ''We must make peine with Kussiit
The jury will have a single question 'and Invito Russian troops into Gcr
lo determine and that is Huth's mental ninny."
responsibility at the time she planned I H""" Lnndsberg is quoted by the c
sti vclinine sulphate in Mrs. Stores' fruit respondent ns follows:
cocktail. There is no question as to I "The terms are beyond tho most pea
the commission of the crime, for tV s'liuistic. forecasts. After our observa
voniig dol'eiiilnnt ccjinly admitted the tinns tho only alternative for us will b
murder on the witness stand with a answer yes or no."
wenlth of detail which will long remain
in the minds of those who heard her j
confession. The jury will be culled up
on to decide one iinitinM -ilid Rutli
(Inrrisbn know the difference between
rinht and wrong when she ended the
life of the woman who stood betwetn
her and the mini she loved!
The Inst witness to stop down from
II,,. Ml,,.,. I U'H llr I.1-,...!, M 11 .l
pronounced himself u diagnostic inn, and ,',"B "7 ' ' , M't
who was ral to the stand by Prose-' h,,l,,w 7"" '"""""Th t
ctor Carmody. He was asked to n-he WIW 'l"' T" "'.'l i"1 "Ttl,!
swer for the s.nte the hpyotheticnl que,"1'!''""1 ""i ZU!k
tin,, propounded bv the defense. S,rol.d ou s.de ag.un wh.ch threw it back-
Bourns declared
that, in his opinion, I
If nth Gaiison was "mentally respnnsl
bio lit the time she poisoned Mrs.
Bootlegger Is Given Five
Days la JaiiAnd Fined J100
If you liuiiiM-n to liave a few dozen
bottle, of 01,1 ( row, place 'lieu, m tho
garret of tho dog house, chain a vicious
dog thereto and when the officers come
around looking for booze, warn them to
keep awny from the growling dog. This
s the plan attempted by II. J. Mutchler
of Htayton, but it did not work. On a
hunch given by Constable Henry Hmith
of Stayton, Sheriff Needhnm aud Dep-1
uty O. 1). Bower went to Htayton to
look into the bootlegging proposition.
They wont to the home of Butchle, and
while the officers were searching for
t nn loriniiiien DM crow, Mutchler kept
naming them to kep awnv from the
dug. The 40 quart bottles were finally
found nicely stored away in the garret
of the dog house and the dog was there
on duty protecting his quarters. Mutch
ler acknowledged having the booze aft
er the officers found it, although he hud
strenuouslv denied at first hr.ving any
thing of the kind on his premises. He
uH'pnred before Just ire Uuriih this aft
ernoon and plead guilty. The justice
sentenced him to spend five days ia
jail and pay a fine of SUM).
Nino ubmnafn ehnters en rnnfn to
Bremerton from the North Atlantic, ar-
rived at Kverett Tuesday.
Enemy Delegates IsstrcctcJ
To Make Counter Prepssls
And Demand Oral Discus
sion Of Terms.
Veiled Threat Of Resistanci
Seen In Proposal Of Ger
man Envoy To Seek Aid Of
Russian Soviets.
Berlin, May 8. (United Press.) Tha
government has instructed its delegntr
to mske counter proposals' and eluiat
the right of oral discussions, dectaied
1 Chancellor Hchic.lemnnn in . .t.
; "We are fienlinir with an
blinded by selfish policies," ho said. -Referring
to President Wilson four
teen points, fichiedenmnn asked:
He charged the allies with being
'blinded by selfish policies."
"Versailles toduv represents
Russian Alliance Proposed.
Berne, Mav 9. (United Press.) The
Versailles correspondent of the Berlin
Tuges Zeitung, interviewing the Ger-
Monmouth Man Painfully m
Injured In Wocdsaw Kixup '
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Monmouth, Or., May P. Mr. Vntlllpa
was very painfully injured Thursday
while sawing wood with his gasoline
, V . r' " ' ". I . ..
was struck by one of tho jaggeu lueih
which Incernted the cnlf of one ot hla
legs nud scratched him up considerably
in several other places.
Cleveland .Ohio. May "T pi
Jess Willard to win the big fight from
-v ,,.. Johnnv Kilbane, fer.th-
nrW(,i ht ,.,,Hm)in, t()ld the Cnited
p todav
mB J" prediction in spite of
,. .hat wnuM rRth(r Demn-
y wi thfl fiKnt(.. RUbane said. "I
hpifve R Rpmpsey victory would be for
hfl w in,cr(,,u of the boxing game,
,,Ht j tBnnot overcome the feelinu
at Wjl8rd will still he fonnd h
hPavywPiKht champion after be ani
i)omp!M,y KPt through. I do not say
wil be a knockout."
N'ew York, Mar P. Liberty bonll
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