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Dress Fabrics for All Occasions
wonderful showing of luxurious dress fabrics in the most fashionable
weaves and shades for the making of Summer garments whether for wed
dings, receptions, evening, street, sport, country or travel use.
-:A. Economic DdfeUftl USht Thee to TradCSSSSS K6SBSSK8ffiSSffiaSSffiSS$BffiSS3 .
4 ! Qi . CD T ,av - W P A.
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Poiret Twill
Empress Cloth
French Serge
Crepe de Chine
Chiffon Taff etta
Khaki Kool
New arrival cf Rich Silk Vestnts. vard 1 $3.50
State Street
SALEM friend will be extremely in
terested to hear that Mr. and
Mrs. Lilburn Marion Boggs, 228
Olive street, Santa Rosa, California,
ar reeeiving 'felicitations upon; the
arrival of a baby girl, April 16. 1919.
The little lady has been named Flor
ence Marion.
Mrs. Lilburn Marion Boggs (Flor
ence Houston) formerly one of
Salem's most popular social leaden.
She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
B. B. llouaton, formerly of Salem,
who for twenty five years held a po
sition of trust with the Southern Pa
cific company of this city. Her wed
illni a few Years a 70 was the erown-
ial season and! brother. J. Allen Boone
the announeement of the birth of her 'the Itobertson-yoie company, --
daughter will ereate a stir in the eir- picture producing eirniinv, u..rvv
cles in which she formerly moved. jthe try outs.
Eastertide was ushered in yes-1 Salem admirers of Madame 6chu-
terday with a perfect orgy or j mann-tieiua may do uuereivu
magnificent music. tvery cmur , ionowing perwuiai
v. . . 1 . 1 .... ; i.....
in the city was at us urai a . , . .
church was filled to the doors with eag- In memory of the eon that sue lost
er worshippers. St. Paul's morning in the war, Madame Nnuninnn-HeinK
services were as solemn and beautiful donated half of her recent Cnicago rv
as could be desired; "The Holy City" -eital receipts to the Red Cross and half)
at the First Methodist F.piseopal was to the church which
everrthim that the public Had veen , 1 nicago.
son-White Conservatory of music, ho
appeared in recital here few weeks
ago under the auspices of the Tuesday
Musical club and for the benefit of the
Armenian relief fund, left jesterday
tor California for the purpose of hold
ing 'tryouts" for prospective mem
bers of the various Ellison White Chau
tauqua aBd lyeeuni companies. Mr.
Boone 1 ill v"isit Sacramento, n
Francisco and Los Angeles. Tryouts
of these would I toncert soloists in
Sen Francisco will be held under the
direction of Mrs. Edwin Alden ceals,
formerly of Portland, but now the Saa-
. . . - ll...i..al
Francises representative ox iusn..
Amoi-i,-. In Ln Angeles Mr. Boone's
manager 01
MMtMMMMttMMHumttlMmn -s
' London, April 1. (United Press)
A news agency dispatch from Vienna
reports the Hi Julie viki army in tlio re
gion of lloinvl has surrendered to an
Ukrainian army. Great quantities of
military materials were said to have
been handed over bv the soviot forces.
No confirmation of the report has been
H. E. Momyer nssistamt superin
tendent of Crater Lake park, reports
nine feet of mow nt the lEe.
Dwlm Writ for Special Propwltlsa
Via 017
v Vfy " 1
4 3-4
Per Cent
Chain Him Forever
Showing New Fab rics
of Charming Beauty
Cascade Crepe:
The newest Silk and surely the love
liest. These Crepes have a gbod body and their
beautiful sheen and waterfall effect leaves nothing
to be desired in a truly fashionable Suit or Skirt.
They also make pretty collars. Come in White and
Natural, (Pongee) are 40 inches wide, yard. . .$3.00
t Silvcrione Ccate:
The newest All Wool Fabric,
with a fed ft rich finish, for coats and capes. It's a
wonderful quality cloth and comes in the newest
shades only, such as Victory red, Poilu blue, sand
and mist; 5G inches wide, at yard '. $3.83
More Yards for Your Money
Just two pieces of All Wool, White Serge and
Diagonal Suitings- No such value anywhere at
yard 93c
Twenty-six pieces of excellent wearing Suitings
in plain colors, stripes, checks and plaids, ranging
from dark colors to plain white. These are 52 to
5G inches wide and are reduced to yard $1.43
Similar Bargains are numerous throughout the
whole store.
---- 4 t t tT-- t fftt
Get Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets
That Is the Joyful cry of thousands
ince Dr. Edwards produced Olive Tablets,
the substitute for calomel.
Dr. Edwards, a practicing physidan for
17 years end calomel's old-time enemy,
discovered the formula for Olive Tablets
while treating patients for dironio COB
etipation and torpid livers.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do not
contain calomel, but a healing; soothing
vegetable laxative.
No griping is the keynote" of these
little sugar-coated, olive-colored tablits.
They cause the bowels and liver to act
normally. Tliey never force them to
unnatural action.
It you have a "dark brown mouth now
and then a bad breath a dull, tired
feelina sick headache torpid liver and
are constipated. you'll find Quick, sure and
only pleasant results from one or two lit
tle Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets at bedtimu
Thousands take one or two every night
Just to keep rii:hLTry themtlQo feud
2Jc per box. Ail druggists.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
' Tliero will bo a shadow social at the
McAlpin school Friday night, April 25,
191!). A program will me presented by
the children and the proceeds of the
evening will he tied for school sup
plies and an American flag.
Alfred C. l'eterson died at his home
in Ktnvton Sunday from pneumonia, af
ter an illness of about a week, llo for
u number of years resided on a farm
about half way between Ktnyton snd
Sublimity, later living near t-Daw. He
was about 37 years old and leaves
wife, father and three sisters, Mrs.
Mary llryrman of Hhsw, Mrs. N. V.
Williamson of Hazel (Ircen and Mrs. J.
H. l'eterson of this place. The funeral
was held Wednesday and Interment
was in the Stayton cemeterv.
New York, April 21. Striking har
bor worker 'returned to their jobs to-
!dav. following a compromise agree
ment reached between union officials
t land the employers. A compromise pro
I jvides a ten hour day and arbitration on
1 no wage question.
led to believe it would be. And so with
every other place of womhip in the
The Greeonan mass at M. ojsepa
was as magnificeat as only Gregorian
masses tan be. A full, wen traineu
choir, a talented orchestra and an ac
complished organist (Mis Lona mea-
mcr) all added to solemnity mu
ty of the services.
Members of the Priseilla elub were
guests of Mrs. Ida Bubcock last ween.
A ve low tolor sencme was carm-ii u
in the decorations and in the dainty j
luncheon that followed the meeting, j
Mrs. A. L. Brown will entertain tne
club at its next meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. diaries C. Cootcr of
Concomally were week end guests of
Mr. and Mrs. William H. 1'runk.
Mrs. William Brown entertained ths
Piety Hill auxiliary last week at her
IrSine on State street. Spring flowers
and greenery formed dainty and appro
priate decorations for the occasion.
Members of the auxiliary arc Mrs. Ir
vin Griffith, Mrs. T. B. Kay, Mrs.
E T. Barnes Mrs. Frank W. Power,
Mrs. E. C. Cross, Mrs. f. W. Spenc
er, Mrs. C. H.. Hubertson, Mrs. N.
t Fowlo, Mrs. E. C. I'ntton, Mrs.
Asa Koff, Mrs. William Kirk, Mr.
John II. S"tt, Airs. Walker, 5'rs.
Charles K. HpauMing, Mrs. E. Hart
ley and Mrs. Willliiiii Biown.
Mrs. Jame"Tred, who has been the
guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
V. O. Delano, Jor tne past ween,
turned to her heme in Portland Uiis
Hhn was accompanied by her
husband, who spent the week cno. at
the Delano residence.
Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. F. O.
Deluuo were guests nt a party ,wcn
hv a number of their friends. An en
joyable evening of music and social
converse was passed and delightful re
freshments served, 'ihoso present were.
Mr. and Mrs. J-wis Mishler, Mr. and
Mrs. Cecil Fox, Mr. and Mis. Erncat
Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Tom uauoway,
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. McUvain, airs.
James Teed, Mrs. Burton A. Myers
and Mis, Cynthia, IX'lano.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Moorcs, who
mnvoA from Salem to Portland lately
have taken up their abode at the "Tu
dor Arms" apartments. Jr. juuures
recently accoptcd an important position
with the Lumberman's Trust company
of Portland.
FrWnds of Rote Claire Williams, who
has been in active service overseas as a
Red Cross nurse, will 'he delighted to
h..r ihut her sister. Mrs. Carey
Martin, has received word of her eatr
arrival ia New York. Miss Williams
she attends in
At her forthcoming Boston
recital the will do the same thing, on
ly dividing tho money equally betweun
the Red Cross and the eMIvation army.
As madame's recitals are always sold
out to capacity house8 it can be readi
ly seen that the donations to these
charities reach generous proportions.
Word has been received that Ser
geant Miles T. ltrailford, who has been
with the A. E. F. for the past seven
or eight mouths as a member of the
:itHst aerial squadron, ha, arrived in
New York and is awaiting his dis
,;,!$, DOOLEY'S
Milwaukee. Wis. "I wish all pirla
Who work and auffer from functional
disorder wou.u
priuit by my adviee
and toko L.yriia K.
Pink ham's Vege
tnblo Compound.
Before 1 was mar
ried, when I cam
home from work at
night, 1 would be
just worn out with
pains which drapged
me down. I took
I yilia E. rinkham'a
Vegetable Com
povrd and it made
me fee) like a new womtn. 1 can work
from morning until nicht and it does
not bother me, and I wish all gir's who
suffer a I did would try I.ydia E.
linkhara's Vegetable (mnound.''
Mr. II. Dxh.sy, 1133 &u Strwt,
Milwaukee, Wis.
Working1 girls everywhere should
profit bv Mrs. Dooley's experience, and
inst.-ad of dragging alcng frn day to
dav with lifa a burden, give this famous
Mot and herb r mly. I.ydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound a trial.
It has overcome juit such conditions for
thousands of others, and why not for
you? Kor special advice, write l.yiiia
. Finkhnm Medicine Co., Lynn, Masa.
The result of their 40 years experience
is at your service
: ijlllillliw'ilililijii
1 li'r "I
X !i'
w , t
Give W:y to Soothing Hamlin's
Wizard Oil
Hamlin's Wizard Oil is a safe and
effective treatment (or headache and
neuralgia. Kubbed in where the pain
is; it acts as a tonic to the tortured
nerves and almost invariably brings
quick relief.
Its healing, antiseptic qualities can
always be relied upon to prevent in
fection, or other serious results, from
prains, bruises, cuts, burns, bites
ind stings. Just as good, too, for
lore feet, stiff neck, frost bites, cold
tores and canker sores.
Get it from druggists for 30 cents.
If not satisfied return the bottle and
jet your money back."
Ever constipated or have sick
headache? Just try Wizard I.iver
Whips, pleasant little pink pills, ii
cents. Guaranteed.
' " -
Girls Gingham Dresses
in All the New Styles
Larce assortment of Girl's Gingham Dresses for
Spring and Summer wear, Paids-Checks,Stripes
and two tone combinations. Well made garments
at most reasonable prices.
Ages 2 to 6 years. $1.75 to $2.48
Ages 8 to 14 years vUJ to $J.y
Pretty Slip-On Sweaters
for the Cool of Day
Changeable weather means cool evenings and you
will need a Slip-On Sweater to be comfortable, you
will be becomingly dressed on almost any occasion
in one of these clever Slip-On Sweaters.
Prices range from $2.98 to $7.50
popular prices
)!'l1l(,ll!'t'll ",0 interstate commerce commivion, u-
jciiibtiiig that concessions bo inaue i)
VTllTli llisllxjt rt Kll 'lie water grimes or me vuiuiiiuim rin r
(, JinlL llUUijL RLlI J 4', routes its ligniust tlur nliiuilta.-n nan, fjit
iltHtJk:!"10 grouiHi nut encn commumiy or
, jtion is entitled to tne saving in mur
Several thousand dollars are due to be effected in transportation throuth
When you are overworked, feel list
Icbs or languiil, or when you cau't
sleep or eat, better tako Jlollister's
ttocky Mountain Tea, livens you up,
ptiriiiv tho blood, soothes and regu
lates tho stomach, makeg you eat and
sleep. A real Sprintf Mediciue. 35c.
Te or Tablets.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Central Howell, Or., April 21.
Mrs. John Tweed and children were
calling on Mrs. Fred Durbia Thursday.
Miss Rtiysoric'a brother was a Blicool
visitor Thursday.
Miss Kuinia and Helen Mikkleson call
ed ou Miss Aridrey Huggett B&turday.
. Mrs. Abe Hteffeu ws a caiN-r at the
J. W. Bnggett home Sunday evening.
J. W. Buggett mil itc a business trip
to Halem Monday.
Mrs. Albert Jans went to baiem ,J"ri-dav.
Miss Anna and Helen Mikkleson were
visiting Mrs. Huler Mikkleson lues
i Fred Durbin s parents came uown
Wash., to attend
ia at present stationed at Hotel r.mu- rrom Vancouver,
... v;.,w t,.i onil C.hinibis streets ' Fred 'a sale.
N'cw' York.' he docs not know, as yet, I Those visiting school Wednesday were
is rxnet dnte when she will be re- Miss Alice Hoth, Miss tlolda Steffen
leased from duty but trusts that it and Miss Laurel Jans,
will be in the near future.
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Lamport,
who have been visiting in California
for the past two weeks, have returned
to rVUcin.
Miss Doris Sikes has gone to Eugene
for a week s visit with her parents.
Knights Temp'ar Faster Memorial
service were held yesterday alternooa
at the Fir-t ..lethodist Kpiseopal
church. lr. William Wallace Young
son, grand prelate of the grand ea
caiumient of the Knights Templar of
America, and a speaker of national
reputation, was speaker for the occa
sion. Viiiting members from the Al
bany a n.1 'or vnllis conimnntlcries were
tircsi . The program 'follows:
Prelude. Fctivnl March Htebbins
l'roccs-uomi!, .Onward Christian Sl-
ditr Sullivaa
Prtr. T. . Koberts
(iwrge II. Hurnett. prelate: assist
ed bv Masonic quartet, Mersrs.
TudJ,' Aldrich. .Tones and Harton.
Foster hymn Christ, The Lord is
Kiaea Todnv .,
S,rmon by K. K. Sir William Wal
lace Youngjon. grand pre'ate of
the gran I encampment knights
T.mplar if the Ciuted States
Anthem 'ing A'tlclu'a Fona (tnd
lev Buck) Masonic quartet
lienedi.'tion lr. . H. N. Alison
Mr. and Mrs. A. '. llohrnstedt en
tertained the mcaiterj of the Live
Wire ftindav sehiNi claw of the lrf? ie
M.-thcdit Kpiseopal church, at a de
lightful Faster tweekfast. yesterday
About fortv members were present at
the merrv affair. The Live Wire rlass.
of which Mr. Ttohrnstedt is teacher,
is one of the most active orgira
tiens in the church.
William Robinson Boone of the F.1U-
Mr. and Mrs. Chris I.ichty and son
Francis went to Halem Thursday to see
the war tank.
A large crowd of people attended Fred
Durbin 's sale Wednesday. J. W. Hag
cctt furnished the lunch and ice rreaiu
Mr. and Mrs. Larse Lovrc's daughter
of l'ortlnnd was visiting them recently.
Mrs. C O. Widick and daughter lor
othn of 8ulem spent Tuesday night with
J. W. Buggett s family.
Miss (l-.'lda Hteffen is home from
school nursing a sore hand.
m a M
ft tf WHIUII it
VJiili Great l3cn;no
dairy and stock men of the slate for
cuttlo slaughtered under orders of tho
stuto veterinarian, an iiimiunt for
which no provision has been made since
ho appropriation made by the last leg
islature did not cuver the deficit ap
pearing after tho nppropimtions of
1P17 were exhausted. This deficit must
be covered by deficiency certificates,
which bear 6 per cent interest, until
such time as the emergency board can
meet and mnkc provision for reimburse
ment of dairymen who have had cattle
slaughtered on account of tuberculosis.
topographical aud geographical condi
For some months p:.st an expert con
sulting engineer with a corps o assist
nuts baa been gathering data as to the
relative cost of freight IihiiIs over var
ious routes in Oregon, and an u result
are preparing to file a complaint with
Doctor Tells How .
To Strengthen Eyesight
B y the
ilmpleueof f '
Bon-Upto, I
nr Ot. F
Lcwii.lluive I
i c e n e re
isht ttreng- i
llieneJ tV
In werlc'i P .
timcrnminy W
imtAnccs, 'i
nd qviclc V:
r c i i i v.'
hromht in
hi H m n
ching. ltL-hin. e-ir.ii. mlt-tnilnfd, wlltifi
tvei. Rcd tlic octor'j full tttieniem oon m
ciprir in rhia pincr. Bon-Optc il told lod m-on
mended everywhere by OraseiK
it SB IS
Buy lhc Famou
Subject of
CkUdbirth DUcurssd t-7
Off LjtpttnracA.
tVr.rN V n rf J,! )thrr Fr!nd. IV. j
-tt"r-fi! r?nctrfin-f csern.l nnDlicitfc
tnrjr twined r-iifrinsT :id dtrr)i lefo.j
t- t.drtai cf batursj twtt woofer fl c.
tt I'jnwif liir-:vet T-'tr,l,t( ihf-l
fUr.rt ti rpamly Tic:d to natie dm and
ft.r crfntnjton. The mrrra, crnK tendrr.j
nd rTp.il without that jw"iif
rirnv'ti if trnia, rm! iw nninr, m, Piuc
arid m!Tvrtfui ise:t;.!!tun r nntiyj,!
rt'ltWd when tl rcF did nrt iro
ftiifvcd 'i thin r r. -t t rt find tlrrvr.
T-jr rt'ibr u, ttr V wcr aSJuwi-al rc
(Hon rfsindfi tth w hri b&f i bnr;
t:-a l.or are lv at t'.e crlau, sod pi.j
od Uauffr is -hirartr trt.
V 4i rua otntn W rtr' KHrJ frr-i ct
!rii at;?ri It k- item ix' l tf women f r
r!fr l'f vnftiry, tijjtu cUadaid
M arYthl f fotj cm t.i!"k cf.
V rite t Dr.V'ld ff.c,i!at-r Cnmpnr.
rrt- H. I umor But-tsT, AUta, Ccnrr t.
for ir.tr i. Krh,,, B.w,k, e-d btt
( rf i.'vr FrfH tiatJ.T. -ft thia tatty
j ruurxJ &att poia and (Lacoarfert.
WW. &
It's l&eBeslCofleeJoaGnBuy
It GoesRrlfier