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The Right Laxative
For The Little Ones-
Th sataral condition of a child if to be
tmppy and carefree. When the (irl mope
mnd b indifferent to tcbool and study, or the
boy la sullen and refuses to go out and play;
the duSd need, laxative to empty the bowel
sandstir op the liver. .:-.;.,,,jj" It to n excellent remedy for the mother
Caldwell Syrup Pepsin produeet a free move
roent of the bowels without griping. A very
little to required, and it to pleasant to take.
A few hour after it ne the child will be its
happy self again.
But something should be given that will
produce the result In as simple and nat
ural a way as possible. Harsh cathartic
and physic are neither necessary nor de-
Many mother have found that the com 1
fcinatioo of simple laxative herbs with pepsin
old by druggists under the name of Dr.
herself, and for the other member of the
family, in obstinate or occasional conxtl
pation, for the relief of headaches, as an aid
in colds and fevers, minor skin eruptions and
all disorder where the basis of the trouble
to constipation. ,
The druggist will refund the money yo9
pay for Syrup Pepsin if It fail to do a
promised. '
Dr. CaUweWr
The Perfect 2L Laxative
to enltt of greatly henna! laboratory cmtt due
to tha W, by eamficmf profits and abaorbtn. war
uZiZZTZlSS: I " .""I" 468 Wuhmcton St., UonticeUo, 111. If then mi
Jl!ift " bm!?1 WgiU lot tha past b.hin at aoms-, aak fcr a coot ? for. Caldwdl book!
O yean. Xan una 'iQc and turn. - onrk. .j d' t. "" vuircu uu
Tf WW have mm imm! TV. f.Uw11'a Cm.
Pepain atndfcr a trw trial bottle to Dr. W. B.CauwdL
t SiUVUllla
C a HiriiBS of Poison, Morgana, ' RV? Vlnnra Wo C CI.,-.
arrived Is night to sprad a ten day
visit with kit cisters, Mm I. J. Cur- .
lis and Mrs. J. a Austin, of 1745 81 ate
street. Kiss Margaret Hinging, another i
sister, who is a student fie Oregon
Agricultural college at Corvallis, wiM I
be in 8alem at the same time for her
mid year vacation.
toaid Hardly (kt Up. Health
Kestored By Tanlac.
"I feel so well now that I ean hard
ly realize the awful condition I was in
jDeiore l took Tanlae," eid Mrs. E.
P. Hoff, who lave ri J"10.''1 w MJ Wellington street,
Vr ,1 U f
been visitinir in Portland for the. uast "np, "nn.
few days while awaitine the arrival of ; . 1 ha(1 been 1B rundown condition
their son, who has lately returned Ior two yea, she continued, "and
from overseas service, have returned was weak 1 eouid hardly keep going
to Salem. They were forced to eome f nl(1 t0 t0T:e myself to eat, but noth
homo without having seen the fcoy, as " Weed with me and I got so life
he was sent to Camp Lewis over an- ies "n1 eonnt that I could hard
other route. , l'T 8et UP 'wnen I sitting or lving
uuwn, or even ao my Housework. I guf-
ir,t w.iix aw, a r;. i.ni;a ' fered with splitting hcadachf. that
Cridcr, both students at the Capital I0"' imst drive me distracted.
Rnoinmu, rnUai. loft ie v.n. fnr I 'V appetite picked UD On UV first
t,-i 8 K.l. T l. j . ..
uauaa Ho attend the g home coming ; " i am now eating
celebrarion that the people of the town i 'hrc,e hearty meals a day, those awful
are putting on for the returned mem- VLBUat.ne9 are 80ne ana 1 am feeling
bers of Company L. The. chief features ! 3ust flne. I have guined ten pounds
of the occasion are to be an elaborate i f nd am strong enough to do ail my
State Senator Dkick
Dies At Oregon City
Oregon City, Or., Mar. 21. Walter
A. Dimick, Oregon City attorney and
Clackamas county senator in the Ore
gon legislature, died at his borne in
Oregon City at 6 oVlock lust night,
ftir an illness of 10 days.
Mr. Dimick, who win born August
300, JH7, at Hubbard, Or., wn tbo son
of Oeorgo W, Dimick, well known Ma
rion county pioneer.
Walter A. fHinirk wu educated in
tbo public scljjols of Hubbard and
IfraduaUid from Pacific- university at
forest Orovo in 1!MI2. He wa admit
ted to tbo pruc.tico of biw ;n 190-:, bc
iouiing assotiattd wllh his cousin,
JTii.lgo Ornnt II, Dimirk, nt Oregon
,'ity. Mr. Dimick served five ycurg as
eity recorder cf Oregon City
His career tin a legislator began in
j!fu, wnen lie whs elected a reiiresen-
At the recent session ho vras a lather
of a bill simed to end bolahevism in
Ho was generally regarded as an in
siirgenf in the legislature and was
rrciuted with killing more measures
than any other member. His most ac
tive fight were made in the name of
Mr. Dimick is survived by a widow
end one son, Normnn. Mrs. Dimick was
Mis Oro Ciiplcs, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. John Caplcs of Purest Grove, Or.,
an old pioneer family. Slie ami Mr.
Dimick were schoolmates at Pacific
Annual Freshman G'ee
Begins At Eight Tonight
The opportunity to hear real genu-
ino homo tnauo music Is given the pub
lic this evening at the armory, for to
niirht is ithe eleventh annual freHhmnn
tntivo from Cia-knmas county, Klcctcd 1 giro when tbo four clause, of Willam
to the Oregon senate first in 11)10, Mr. I ett cunivorsitv comueto in sonir.
Should see that the whole family take
st least 3 or 4 doses of thoio, puri
fying system cleaning medicine this
spring. ow is the time. The fuinily
will be healthier, happier,, and get
along better if the blood is given a
thoio purifying, the stomach and bow
els cleaned out, and the germs of win
ter, accumulated in the system, driven
away. Iloliistcr's Koeky Mountain Tea
is one of the very best and surest
spring medicines to take. Get it and
seg the difference in the whole family.
Their color will be better, they'll feel
fine and be well and happy. D. J. Fry.
banquet followed by
the armory.
military ball in
(Dimick served in Five consecutive leg
islatures in that il ranch.
Mr, Dimick was always regarded a
ono of (bo leaders in the Semite. Ho
initiated a large number of bills and
took aii unnmmllv a
active part in leuis-1 nf iu,it
la ion, being an augiessive oiv..!eiit ' Tho seniors hn
of any measure that he disapproved, ten by Homer Tasker, whilo the junior
Rheumatism Back on the Joh
With its Old-time Fury
No Let-Up In Its Torture. ZXX S
S. S. S. has given some wonderful
results in treating Rheumatism. Be
ing a puruly vegetable blood remedy,
it purifies the blood of every Rerm,
and thus removes the eause of Rheu
matism. Get a bottle to-day at your
drugstore, and start cn the right
treatment that will Ret results. Free
advice about your case can be had by
writing to Medical Director, 26 Swift
Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga.
Pretty soon you will be reaching
for '.he liniment bottle again, for the
mil'xus of little pain demons that
cau Rheumatism are on the war
pat a. Winter weather seems to awak
en them to renewed fury.
But your Rheumatism cannot be
ru.'bcd away, becau.se liniments and
lotions cannot reach the disease. It
is in the blood, and only a' remedy
that goes deep down into the circula-
classes will present words by Merrill
D. Oliling. The writer of words for the
sophomore clasg was too timid to have
his or her name in print, bnt not so
with the freshmen, as the words for
their sung were composed by Lorclie
Tho musician for ithe seniors is Ve-
nita McKinney and for the juniors
Prcla t'am.ibell. The sophomore music
hn ibeen written by Evelyn Delng
and for tho freshman class, by Mabel
Stanford. As all musicians know, it is
generally tho music of a song that
mnkes it popular.
WillaWtte university is the only col
lozo on tho coast which has an annual
uvo chosen words writ-1 fwslminn irlec. It is from itheso aonirs
that material is obtained for the annu
al eollego aong bonk.
The public is invited to avail itself
of this opportunity to hear what can
bo done by students of the university
iu -the way of writing music and words
In awarding tho pennant, a special com
mitteo will puss on the words and an
other of prominent musicians on the
worth of the songs from a musician's
:landpcint.r' 1 ,
Tho university announces that the
program will begin promptly ut 8
o'ciock ithig evening' and there will be
no admittance charge.
They also compete' in words for the
songs end this gives the evening's pro
gram a special interest ss thrro is the
opportunity of not only hearing tho
musi cof possibly future musicians, but
Portland persons who were granted
pensions last week are T. W. Johnson.
20; Mary R. Perry, $25, and Mary A.
Morton, f-.).
w 9 9 9 --i
Tfrw- MtTttttttMtttH
HHgjHpHSHi tLSaite SMHfffffffffffiH
:ttu:::::rt:::nt:::::::i:iitiiimrtmfft uuuiuuuiuuu;
tntntuntl " ' hi . SHBHHlH
--4 i -"""-Os." ..jL- s !- -
a JS .r'-' rf ' 1 Bt I
---- a) .,-. --.u..-.,.-.,-,..l... 'i ' J v STH4
Ml Yd.. lxzmsr ' . Y JLi- Im
-M-M 'miiissj 11 sfflirwi iiiiiiini iimiiumiii mi m iiMMi-BMaarMJimajtaxMMmJf ft fffM, -
------ ---- t
--- t
A Gentleman's Stylish Spring Shoes
The Shoemaker's Trisnsh
The Willamct'te nniveridty freshmari
glee will be held tonight at 8 o'clock
in the armory. This promises to be an
event of interest and the public is
most cordially invited to attend. The
program consists of the followign num
Violin solo, "Mazurka" Meynarski
Leila Ruby
Senior song, "Cardinal and Gold"
Words by Homer Tasket
Musie by VcnMa McKinney
Junior song, "The Spirit of Willam
Words by Merrill Ohling
Music by Freda Onmpbell
Reading, "Mr. Algernon Jones"
Gene Sevy
Sophomore song, "Willamette Here's
to You"
Music by Evelyn DoLong .
Freshman song, "Hail Willamette"
Words by Loreli Blatchford r
Musie by Mabel Stanford
Cello solo, "Berceuse from Jocclyn"
Professor John R. Sites
Presentation of the pennant
Professor J. T. Matthews.
Mr. and Mrs. le Cridcr, prominent
residents of Dallas, were Salem visit-"
ors yesterday.
. a a
Mrs. W. A. Denton presented a num
ber of pupile in a piano recital last
Saturilay afternoon. The program was,
as usual, heartily received by the au
dience of mothers. These recitals arc
looked forward to by those who are
privileged to hear- them as the children
ranaine from to 11 years, are win
some and interesting and surprise their
listeners with fhe aremarkaMe progress
that i evinced from timo to time
The closing "number, "Tho Star
Spangled Banner" was played by Ar
thur ir isber, 8 years old, wuue tne au
dience and children stood. The pro
gram follows:
Ut 1's Try Spalding
Dorothy TweedaJo
Dandit March Rarth
Henry W. Thiclson
March Anthony
Pixes Good Night ' Brown
Ronald Craven
May Zephers - Erb
Peasants' Frolic ..- Gurlitt
Virginia Bergcr
Elfin Dance .'. Heins
Beneitta Edwards
Bohemian tiirl Balfe Bonner
Marine Glover
The Fire Flv d'
To a Snowfiuko :. Shaefer
Bunnies Ball Cramm
Frances Martin
Dixie Land - Wooer
Harold dinger
Fairy Whispers Krogmann
.Tummncr How jjiorns
Helen inoy
Two liittle Frogirics Cramm
Daneo of Spring ..- -rrani
Marzarct ilenner
Giants B
Rovena Eyre
lnish Serenade : Loeb-tvans
To a Humming Bird - Virgil
Bthclwynne Kelly
Spinning Song Ellmenrcich
Helen Ashelraaa.
Annie Laurie - Weber
Star Spangled Banner Weber
Arthur Fisher
The Symphony orchestra concert at
the orjera house "was well attended con
sidering the other special attractions
that tho various amusement houses of
the city were offering. Professor Bites
is to be complimented on the success
of his undertaking.
The Elk will he nodnsors for an in
formal dance this evening, to which
owinir to limited floor apace, only mem
bers of the lodge and their ladies are
Finish InTCStigutisn Of
Wreck Of Princess Sophia
Juneau. Alaska, Feb. S8. (By mail)
The investigation cf the wreck of
tho Princess Sophia was completed to
day by Justice Morrison and his nau
tical advisers.
The justice has been 'generally com
mended for the manner in which he di
rected the probe. The findings of the
court will not be announced for some
uousewora wita ease, ianlae did me a
world of good more than all the oiher
medicine I have taken put together."
Tanlac is sold in Hubbard by jlub
bard Drug Co., in Mt. AngoLJjj jJen
Gooch, iu Gervaig by John Kelly, in
Turner by H. P. Cornelius, in Wood
burn by Lyman H. Storey, in Salem
by Dr. A. C. Stone, in Silverton by lieo.
A. Steclhammer, in Gates by Mrs. J.
P. MeCnrdy, in Stayton by C. A. Beau
ehamp, in Aurora by Aurora Drug
store, in St. Paul by Groceteria Store
Co., Inc., in Donald by M. W. Johnson
and in Jefferson by Foshay & kason.
Quinine That Does Not Affect Head
Because of its tonic and laxative ef
(Tablets) can be taken by anyone
without causing nervousness or ru g
ing in tho head. There is only one "Bn
mo Quinine." E. W. GROVE'S signa
ture on tho box. 30c.
:-'"-CS4 j
aaBaaaiir " ' , . i i
Well Dressed
WEARING the proper model
in the right kind of a corset
gives one the feeling of being
well dressed, but the eorset t
must fit.
To get a really good fitting J
corset the services of our ex-
pert corsetiere are at your dis-
posal. " .
One of our makes in partic-
ular, the .
IfloDufRT oasETS
PrrontLaoed I
gives most excellent results. It is a corset
that will bring out style and improve the
general figure lines. It is comfortable and
durable. You will make no mistake in ar
ranging for a trial fitting at your conven-
I f if K
U. G. Shipley Co.
145-147 N. Liberty St.
W. A. Baker, a lecturer of national
reputation, will deliver an nddress on
"The Rise of a Jewish Empire in Pal
estine," at the Moose hall at 8 p. m.
tonight. Mr. Baker represents tho In
ternational Biblo Students' association,
and his addresses have never failed to
deeply iutercsfc his hearers. Ho pro
vides many new viewpoints for reflec
tion as well as an occasional appeal to
their sense of humor. The subject on
this occasion is cno which cannot fail
to interest all students of history, and
especially those who have noted its
close association in biblical prophecy,
with tho inauguration of a new order
Salem, Ore.
velopments may be expected, in fact
aro already taking place. Thir, lecture
is, therefore, timely and will undoiMii
edly attract a largo audience.
Railroad Passenger
Rates To Be Increased
San Francisco, March 19. Starting
April 1 railroad passenger rates will be
increased to 3 cents a mile, according to
announcement made by the office of
tho United States railroad administration.
Based on this schedule fare from tstn
Francisco to Los Angeles will raise
of things. When all civilized nation from $13.95 to $14.20, while from hero
have felt that Palestine rightly be
longs to the Jens, only now has its
transference to them .been made pos
sible by the allied victory. It is evi
dently the intention of the British gov
ernment that right nd justice and
to Sacramento the new increase will be
from $2.70 to $4 and $4.60 nceording to
tho route. The faro from Portland will
raise from the present rate of $20 to
Where fares havo been charged in ex-
cleanliness shall reign in the land so cess of three cents & miUr tho rate will
lately delivered out of the clutches of, be deccrased. Excursion rates will be
the "unspeakable Turk.-' Oreut de-' discontinued.
Sore Throat. Golds
Quickly Relieved By Hamlin's
Wizard Oil
Hamlin's Wizard Oil is a simple
and effective treatment for sore
throat and chest colds. Used as a
gargle for sore throat it brings quick
relief. Rubbed on the chest it will
often loosen up a hard, deep seated
cold in one night.
How often sprains, bruises, cuts
and burns occur in every family, as
well as little troubles like earache,
toothache, cold sores, canker sores,
stiff neck, and tired aching feet.
Soothing, healing Wizard Oil will al
ways bring quick relief.
Get it from druggists for 30 cents.-'
If not satisfied return the bottle and.
get your money back.
Ever constipated or have sicla
headache? Just try Wizard Liver,
Whips, pleasant little pink pills, 30,
cents. Guaranteed. .
Mothers A
iffftt m
ttttttttttttttttA very high grade chocolate kid, backed with thctttUUttttttr
JJttttUSSUShighest grade lininga very important feature mtttttttttiitt&
tttttttttttttttty shoe. Best oak soles welted. Workmanship.tttUttUttttttt
t$tUtttU$t$$thoroughjy good. A pompous shoe at a very humble ttttttttttt 11111
:Sn2XnU:Price indeed Seven Dollars Eighty-Five Cents. lltnilllllllllf
Pilot Bock will erect a memorial
fountain and statue to be dedicated to
the 137 goldier boys who enlisted from
southern Umatilla county.
Wsl ReKice vour doctor's
L ii bill by keeping
ttlniaiM a lanvul
The responsibility for a dauphter's future largely
rests with the mother. The right influence and the
Information which is of vital interest to the daughter
imparted at the proper time has not only saved the
life but insured the success of many a beautiful girL
When a girl's thoughts become sluggish with head
aches, dizziness, or a disposition to sleep, pains in
back or lower limbs and a desire for solitude, her
" mother should conio to her aid and remember that
Lydia E. Pinkhara's Vegetable Compound, made from
native roots and herbs, will at this time prepare the
system for the coming change and start this trying
period in a young gUl s life without pain or irregu
laritips. Thousands of woman residing in every
wartof thelTnited States bear willinar testimony
to the wonderful virtues of this medicine, and
What it has done for their daughters.
Brooklyn, N. T. " I cannot praise Lydia E. Pink.
kara's Viv'ittible Compound en"neh for what it has
done for tar daughter. H!ie was 15 years of art", very
sickly ami pals and she had to stay home from school
most of the time. Sho sintered Monies from bsckaclia
and dizzum-a and was without appetite. For 3 months
she was under the doctor's ore and got no bettor,
always comnlninimr about her Xwk and side aching so
1 did not know what to do. I read In the papers about
?'our wonderful medicine so I uiade up my mind to try
t. She has taken five bottles of Lydia E. I'bikham's
VegotablB Compound and doesn't complain any more
with her bark and side aching. She lias (rained in
weiflit and feels much bettor. I recommend Lydia E.
Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound to all mothers and
daughters." Kirs. M. Finoaa. CIS iiarcy Avenue,
Brouklju, N.Y.
Lifciia E
""f'l'. ' "" " 1 " 11 1!"'-" '- wi,iw waa)mM,mg
dvice wur.'id
L nnlmams. H
f A T"w1
?0UR BODYGUARD" - 30 fcGOfaC
1 1 1