Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 15, 1919, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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page seven
Discount of 20
on the following tires:
One 32x3 Plain Congress.
One 30x3 Non Skid Ajax
Six 30x3 1-2 Non Skid Firestone
One 31x3 1-2 Firestone. .
One 31x3 1-2 United States Chain Tread
Two 32x3 1-2 United States Chain Tread
One 32x3 1-2 Republic Plain "
One 32x3 1-2 Congress Plain
One 32x3 1-2 Ajax plain
One 32x3 1-2 Michelin Non Skid
Two 31x4 Fisk Non Skid
One 31x4 Goodrich Plain
One 32x4 Norwalk Non Skid
. Two 32x4 Republic Plain
One 32x4 Republic Non Skid
Two 32x4 United States Chain
One 32x4 United States Usco
One 33x4 Fisk Non Skid
Three 34x4 Kelly-Springfield Non Skid
Seven 34x4 Goodrich Silvertown Cord
- One 32x4 1-2 Firestone Non Skid
One 36x4 1-2 Goodrich Safety, SS
: ' One 36x4 1-2 Goodrich Safety, QD
Above are all good stock and are real bargains
"The s'ate penitentiary building is in
bad with social committees and grand
juries. During the recent legislature
a committee inspected the" buildings
and reported conditions pretty bad.
This eoiumittee thought that $25,000 ex
pended might help conditions a little.
But the grand jury now in session
thinks otherwise. After making a very
careful inspection of the penitentiary,
it made the following report to Judge
Percy R. Kelly of Department No 1. .
"All roofs and south walls are leak
ing, making the building meat unsan
itary. "The ceilings are nil wood or if
other combustible material and the
flue to the oven a fire trap The
stove pipe which enters the flue is
within 10 inches of the wooden ceil
ing. This stove 'pipe should have an
asbest6s covering immediately. :
Escape Would Be Cut Off.
"In case fire started in the chapel
or -main receiving room, escape would
be cut off entirely for the prisoners.
''The sewer system is entirely inade
quate and is a menace to the health of
the inmates and employes.
''Money expended on an extensive
system of repairs would provide only
moderately improved conditions and
would bo a very questionable invest
ment and cvei then the state would
have a very poor phut." . . -
The grand jury report is signed by
H S. Gilc, Jas.. . T. Hall, Arthur A.
Schwab, M. M, Magers, Leonard Bar
rick, George C. Will and W. H. Stoua
260 N. High St.
A Good Reoutation
has to be earned by performance
More than thirteen years of performance has earn-
" . -' ' ed for the
Diamond T
1 v its reputation for efficiency and economy. , .
Chas. Livesley
- . 246 State Street
Distributor for Marion and Polk Counties
Diamond T
Just IR
A carload of 7-foot Spli Cedar Posts of splendid
quality. See them before placing your order. Our
line of BULK KALSOMINE in all shades as well
as all kinds of house, barn and roof PAINTS is the
most complete in the city.
Give us a call. .
.''Everything in Building Material
349 S. 12th Street
Phones: West Salem, 414
Salem 815
J CitvNews
Edison disc records Yesterday I re
ceived a largo shipment of Edison disc
including the march records. These
new records come as they .used to
come noiseless when music is not play
ing. Geo C. Will, Salem musie store.
Mr. and Mrs. G-. E. Terwilliger, grad
uate morticians and funeral directors,
770 Chemeketa St. Phone 724. '
The' famous Chevrolet lint' of auto
mobiles are now located in their new
home at 151 'North High St. just across
the street .west from the court house.
Salem Automobile company. ' y j
Clierrians will Jrive a big Informal
dance ut the armory next Wednesday
evening. Preparations are umlor way
for the biggest dance of the season.
See your Chen-inn friends for an invi
tation. Tickets per couple, $1.
To the average man it Would appear
a little late to be extending the rime
of a partnership to make its report ot
income tax. Henee it is ur .out nitre
contort to tho man who is in a part
nership to bts told that the offico of
the internal revenue collector, at this
late, date, has sent out a notice that
partnerships may be Teported as late"
as May 15. From remarks heard cn all
sides,- there is an impression that the
men who really fixed up the blanks
for income tax never lived out west
Cherrians will hive a big Informal
dance at the armory next Wednesday
evening. Preparation .are under way
for the ibiggost dance of the season.
See your Ch'errian friends for au invi-'
tation. Tickets per couple, SJ.
Tomorrow is the sscond Sunday In
Lent and April 20 is Kuster Sunday,
For those who do not buy the spring
hut until Easter Sunday there is left
five weeks iu which to make the selec
tion. Two weeks from tonight, the
clocks aro to to turned forward one
hour. But as we are now living on sun
time, it may be of interest to know
that the sun should rise tomorrow morn
ing at 0:13 o'clock and that it. should
set at six minutes after six o'clock,
according to the almanac. Said alma
nac also notes that it will be conl and
rainlv in the northwest between March
13 aiii March 16.
Quick: taxi service. Phone 626.
In the advertisement of Peoples
fash Store yesterday, under flour,
While Crystal hard wheat flour per
sack $2.30 should have read White Cap
hard wheat flour, per sack $2.80.
But one true bill was returned by
the grand jury yesterday that against
Roy Green, charged with tho delin
quency of a minor child on . the Oregon
Electric. Ho i9 now out on bail of $1,
000 cush. Tho grand jury also eiatnin1
cd tho Marion county court houso and
returned to Judge Percy Kelly the fol
lowing: "We, the grand jury, have
examined the court house and recom
mend that the attic be cleared of all
rubbish as a precaution against fire
and also that a suitable place bo pro
cured and the old records which, may
be of some future value, be placed
therein, whereby they will be preserv
The TJ, S. Federal employment bur
reau will be closed in Salom March
is the announcement made by James
B. Coleman who has been in charge 'of
the office since it has been established
Ticre. It is thought that the work will
lie transferred to the Commercial dub
especially as the club has bees active
lor several years in placing labor. The
bureau was especially active last sum
mer and fall in getting together the
man or woman who wanted to work
and the job.
Canita! Journal Want Ads WiD Get Yon What Yea Wan!
A warning has been sent out from
the office of Sheriff Ncedham to no
tify people to be a little careful in
purchasing liberty bonds from unknown
parties, as several were stolen from
the Mt. Angel bank during the night
of March 8. Uesidcs liberty bonds the
following were taken: Ortificates of
deposit to Joseph Bcerlc for $2000 on
First National bank, Linton, N D; to
M. G. Endres, three for 100 each on
Wadena county state bank, Wadena,
Minn; and quite a number of certifi
cates of deposit issued ty the Bank of
Mt. Angel. Other papers missing in
clude notes and deeds belonging to S.
Spaurer;- insurance policies and deeds
in the uauio o B. A. Fennimore; shares
in Mt. Angel tiani stock, in name of
Joseph Ebcrle; nctes and deeds be
longing to A.lolph Schumacher; notes
and deeds property of John Schwab
and" papers "belonging to Jacob DichL
Any one happening to run across any
of these papers should immediately no
tify Sheriff W. I. Xeedham, Salem.
All members of Co, M, national
guard , of Oregon, are ordered to re
port at the armory in uniform, Sun
day afternoon t 2 p. m. for the pur
pose of attending services at the Meth
odist church. By . order of commanding
officer. , .. ' -
One block in North Salem Is feeling
tie trend of the times and fixing np
for the prosperity that is coming to
Salem. This is block No. 21, on Inuth
Commercial street. El E Denison is
putting in a large garago and a cement
walk has been constructed in front of
the homes of A. J. Anderson, E. E.
Denison and T. Cooper and in front of
the vacant lot owned by Harry Givins.
For the third time, "Officer 666"
played to a crowded houso at the ope
ra. house last evening, breaking the at
tendance record of any home talent
show ever put on in Salem. The funds
made from the show are to foe used in
putting on & 'big home coming next
Thos. Livesley has obtained the
agency for Diamond T trucks and is j
doing business at 248 State street.
ffhose who wish to enter the French
class which is proposed at the public
library are asked to meet on Tuesday
afternoon at 5 o'clock to organize and
make arrangements for Mie regular
meetings. Notices will be sent to those
who have applied for place in the cluss
It is not yet too late for others to
At a meeting of the executive com
mittee of the boy scouts, held in the
office of Superintendent Churchill last
night, a nunuber of matters pertaining
to tho 'boy scout movement were
brought up for discussion. Among oth
er, things it was definitely arranged
to have a public meeting of the coun
cil on Monday evening, March 24,
which will be addressed by H. B. Cross
former scout commissioner of San
Francisco, and J. E Brockway of Port
land, scout commissioner of that city.
The matter of the budget for Salem
council -was gone over at the confer-,
ence last night, Mid, Harold Cook, who
has 'been one of the livo wires of the
organization in Salem was elected as
scout executive. One. of the first ob
jectives of the council will 'bo the
building up of .a' fifth troop in this
city, to be composed of tho older class
of boys. , t '. ;
I. L. McAdams, Salem's local astron
omer, snys that ho has just received
worth of airplanes that were being as-
at Brest waiting fqr a ship to come
homo Louis McAuams was an aviator
in the 351st squadron;' ' stationed at
Bordeaux. In the letter received, the
statement is made that the govern
ment, before the American aviators
left Bordeaux, burned about $70,000
worth ff airplunos that wero (being as
sembled there. Tiie main parts ot me
machinery were taken out, but tho
wood work and winds and such were
ordered burnod Mr. McAdams has r"
coived the aviator:.' cup, gloves, clock
and goggles of his son and expects to
see him here in Salem within a month.
Secgeant Eussell M. Brooks writes
hi mother. Mrsu Mildred JU. BrooKS,
from AixlesBaines, (Prance, as fol
lows. "I am planning on a return
trin to the United (States, probamy
within four months and I am already
senrtin? vou some, of my luggage. IJur
ing- the time I have been here I have
been taken for a Norwegian, Swedo,
Dane Ibut rarely for a Frenchman. My
color makes, me an American, though
my' camouflage -moustache helps my
diaguiso some. I havo agnin enjoyed
(or rather managed) tho eating of
snails Last night I ate a whole ten of
thorn, and I 'believe with a more or
less air of bravado. I think I shil
learn to like them with but little di&
ficulty for they are not half bad af
ter one conquers the sensations of his
stomach to rebel."
Afxftec hnadsome automobile has
been added to the galaxy of cars on
the Salem market. J. W. Jones, who
recently opened up an agency for the
Velio, has just taken over the, Dort
a light four, which has a reputation for
economy In tires and gat, and is easy
to look at. He expects a shipment of
several styles next week.
The oratorical contest of Willam
ette university, which was to have
been held in Waller hall on Monday
evening, has bees changed to Tuesday
evening, at 7:45, on account of the
People's chorus which meets on Mon
day evening. This contest promise to
be of great interest.
A basket ball game that was none
the less exciting because it was of tho
feminine nersuasion, was staged in the
M Willamette gymnasium lust night, the
contestants being the girls' teams ot
the freshman and sophomore classes.
The game was fast and furious from
beginning to end. Keen rivalry exists
bstween the two and it was very much
in evidence. The first half ended with
the freshmen leading, with; a score of
10 to 5. Close, guarding featured the
second half, and neither team scored
with any consistency, Miss Austin and
Miss Ruby starred for the freshmen,
who won with a score of 17 to 7. Miss
Goodin and Miss Smith made the beet
plays for the sophomores
The injunction ' tasked against the
moving .picture depicting Countess von
Bernstorff in a murder plot has been
denied by the New York uprcmc court
Farmer's Prodace Company
160 8. Hieh St. , " Phone 15
. Cash for your produce today; ,
; 20c for top veal
20e for top kogs.
Hsns, all weights, 28e ,
.rMf CeMery Store I
vwi- vMnvirifmt'Vw W lit itiwini l'W't' 'i 4t.'W T"j"T'wrt-iH'-rai'Ti rjjf"ww 'im'im nm i , -11 w r i -iri p vi wr nw.
yrBW,,,.,,,'. , II..." ..m -"-"-- - J 'I
ti.l.. n..r. 1. Ir-rn.n,. .- ,ir r m ,i nr im "I'm i v,rrr-ii . .....m r . i ,111 j ( f
t m
t t
What is on the first page of Salem's Building History is appealing and
calling to you. Buy your Dry Goods, Clothing and Shoes in the place where
your Grandmother bought her Wedding Dress and your Mother bought her
first pair of shoes. This is the old Stockton Store, 186-194 North Commercial
street, that is now occupied by the Peoples Cash Store. . .
We Just Received
From different parts of the east an enormous stock of all kinds of
10 i Jsi
Including the latest and beautiful colors in Woolens, Silks, Plaids, Ginghams
and all kinds of White Cotton Materials. Our prices on a few items are as
follows: -
ORS, 35c PER YARD. , , ,
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Fifty Per Cent Reduction on our line of latest Designs in Washable Dresses
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Management of The
fl 9
186-194 N. Commercial St.
' Phone 453
Salem, Ore.