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S3 A n Economical,
e Favor e
Silljs is essentially a Spring fabric and pres
ent indications point to its wide use this
You may be sure of finding here the silk
. you need for every purpose. Our broad,
carefully selected stock are the best that are
offered you hereabouts to choose from.
We have a special lot this week, 36 inch
fancy plaids' in all colors. '
State Street
coming EVENTS
March 7. (Mid-year graduat
iH exorcises at high school
March 9 Christian Science
lecture opera house, 3 p. m.
arch 11 K. W. Montaguo
address bofore Six O'clock
club, M. E. church.
March 1213 "Of ficor AGO"
at the opera house. Elks bene- '
March 20 lem Symphony
concert, opera ksusc.
March 30 Turn clock for
ward one, hour, 2 o'clock a. m.
, o
"Mickey" will dig a
hole in the heart of everyone
who sees her, where her charm
will linger and live forever. .
Wanted fat hogs, cattle and calves
and stock cattle; will ship this- week
and pay tho highest market "price. 0.
W. Emmett. Phone 1425M. ' 3-6
Dr. Mott offices moved to Bank: of
Commerce Wdg, rooms 407,408. tf
P. E. Garrison, Just recently discharg
ed from the navy at Seattle, is here
for a short visit with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. .T. M. Garrison, 1096" South
Commercial street. Ho will return to
his former position with tho Portland
Raiiway Light and Powor company. He
has ibeen employed with this company
for 12 years. s
We bay liherty sends. 314 Masonic
wag. ,
Notice investors, a few choice lots
in' Bend, Ore., as low as $73.15. Easy
terms. 66 care Journal. 3-6
County School Superintendent W. M. ,
Smith has been appointed county his-
torian to aid in souring the names of I
everr man in MariSn county who was i
in the services of the country during
AS Around Tows I
These Cars Will
Be Sold at
Dodge 5 Passenger, Good Condition
Chevrolet 5 Passenger, Good Condition
157 South Commercial Street
Delightful, Light Place
d Silks i
per yd.
tho late war. Today ho is sending out
to tho teachers throughout the" county,
letters asking the number of men from
each school district who were in the
war. When he has this information
from the teachers,, he will send them
tho proper blanks and questionnaires
which are to 'be filled out by the men
who were in the service, or their par
ents. By working Carefully over each
school district aided by tho teachers,
it is thought that the ammo of no man
who was in the war will .be overlook
ed. - '
Oregon Taxi and Transfer Co. will
run auto trucks to Ohoinawa dunce Fri
day night leaving Musonie Temple at
8:1 5p. m. 3-T
Dance, Sat. Mar. 8 4 miles south at
Query 's hall at Livesley station. M. B.
A. Orchestra and management. Comei.
A good time assured. iiuncn 11:30. The
first danca in the new hall. 3-7-
We ley liberty
811 Jlaaonic
As the French hand was something
i over an hour late in getting from Med
ford last night, the waiting audience
was entertained toy several piano solos
by Prof. T. S. Roberts and by w,mo
duets played by Professor Roberts and
F. E. Sanders. Mr. SandoTs is professor
i of music, at the Oregon state school for
tho blind, succeeding Prof. Roberts in
that institution.
Oobmbte river tett8 In aay aun
tity. Fitts Market. tf
Attention, Junior Guild cooked food
salo Sat., March 8, Salem Hardware
store, Stato street entrance.
Charles E. Archerd implement Co.
has some good White seed oak for sale-
A recruiting station for soldiers will
bn nnce more established in Salom, ac
cording- to information received by
Postmaster August Huekcslein this
morning. The war department recruiv
jing office sends word that authority
lor re-eniisting in me regular mm;
has been granted toy recent law and
that tho department as preparing to
open recruiting stations where stations
were formerly established. No date was
set for tho time the station would be
Artificial teett, kav vrfert plate
Mea, w bvsr IS yrart experience,
. r office. Dr. V. IL Besehler, den-
u. 302 U. S. Hat. Buk bide. tf
George Vick is home from Kansas
city where he was called by the I'ord-
to Trade-;
cor Spring
h: : k 1
i .. ,fi...ii I i
r i . M A .
- X '
; 877
son peoplo to meet with other Fordson
agents from all iiarts of the world, lie
brings the news that the Fordson plant
is now turning out about 11)00 fact
ors a day. Also that tho firm of Vick
Bros, will continue as Fordson distrib
utors for the ent.iro state of Oregon
and for the southern part of Idaho. For
the Idaho territory the allotment is
230 tractors up to next August. The
price on Fordson tractors will remain
the same, $975 delivered m Salem. As
to tho rumor that Henry Ford Kfas
working on something different in the
way of a touring car, jur. vicb. saiu
thero was a number of rumors, tout the
big men from the factory would give
the agents no definite information.
However, there was a feeling that some
thimr startling was likely to happen
about next summer in that line. While
back east, Mr. Vick had the pleasure I
of going through, several rem Kansas
"u ' h
milc in a snow bound country.
Big dance Woodburn armory Friday
night. Truck leaves 0. E. depot 7
o'clock p. m. Round trip 25 cents
. o
Big dance Woodburn armory Friday
night, Truck loaves 0. :, F... depot 7
o'clock p. m. Round trip 25 cents
Economize, ket your hats cleaned and
Weked farly to avoid the rush, at old
Ueatiin, 495 Court fit. C. B. Ellsworth,
prop. - 3-12
, o " -Last
night a large class of girls too;
part in tho gym work conducted by
Coach Mathews of Willamette, after
a strenuous hour on the floor the girls
took a plunge in the Y. M. C. A. tank
and came up smiling. Coach Mathows
expects an even larger class next week.
Free round trip to the big M. B. A.
my w .!:,,! r,r,rnrintim,s.
i Jit : a
m. Bettor music, dcsi iiuor aim ut.
Pep from start to finish. Don't miss it
If ;
Baby chicks. 544 State St. today.
"The toot" ie U you can do when
sratk cm-. Call Webs & Clough Co.
Paoas la. tf
The onion market is excited all of a
sudden, The Texas crop is a little late
and he same is true of the California
crop and all of a sudden it was dis
covered there was a shortage in onions.
In Oregon it is said there is but 25
car loads. Hence within tho past week
the market price wholesale, has jump
ed from $1.50 a bushel up to $3.75 and
$4 a bushel. With this high price, mar
ket men predict that the consumption
of onions will toe materially reduced.
It has been noted that when any of
the old standby food soars a little too
high, the good ihouscwifo just refuses
to buy.
Confetti dance at Hurst hall tonight
Admission 15o. Knights and Ladies of
o i
Free round trip to the big M. B. A.
dance near Chemnwa tomorrow night.
Autos leave Oregon Electric 7:30 p.
m. Bettor music, best floor and ranch.
Pep from etart to finish. Don't misg it
A somewhat new experience wag in
' store for the thousand or two people
Who went to the armory last evening
to hear the famous French iplayeTS.
I They were met at the doorway of the,
! armory by a soldier with a gun. J. his
,boy permitted the people to drift in
I by twos and threes, even when there
I was no special crowd standing in the
eilitoule. As a result a ' number of
. people and at times, quite a crowd ex
pending out on the sidewalk, were.
i obliged to stand out in the ra n, before
: being permitted to got on the maiae.
j o
! Some people say they do not like
i Charlie Chaplin, but judging from the
I crowds last night at tae t,iocrty, tnese
I folks are in a mighty small majority.
!And then atftcr seeing him in "8houl
!der Arms" one of his greatest efforts,
it would have to be a most awfully
grouchy person who could not gt a
dozen hearty laughs, especially when
Charlie U camouflaged as a" tree and
properly dmindsters the knock out to
intruding Germans. And then the scene
in the dug out, half filled with water,
introduces something entirely new in
the movie picture stuff. It's a great
I movie and those who remember Char -
aance near vnraawa wmwrruw .uiguu - , - , . h rlitrn.
Autos.lcve Oregon K.ectric .Jttf 2
Picked Up Ca Hie SireeT,
IVAN MAETIN "I had pretty good
luck with mybillu in tho legislature,
though I regretted I couldn't-get the
bill on .fins out of the committee, put
ting the gasoline standard up to
The oil companies fought that hard,
and, they fought U in a dirty way, too;
just as they did similar bills in Wash
ington and California. Among other
things they put up fake telegrams here
to make it appear that the other states
were opposed to Bueh enactments. I
have a letter from Chas. . Johnson,
superintendent of . weights and meas
ures for California, and he shows that
the oil companies adopted the same ob
structive taetics there, lie goes on to
state that- no concern on earth is so
much a law to themselves as tho oil
crowd, who proposo to obstruct or cir-
cuvent all regulation In California
there was an attempt to make a minor
change in the production of distillate,
which would have increased the pro
duction cost one-half mill to the gal
Ion. The oil companies threatened that
if the regulation, was enforced they
would add two cents to the cost of dis
JOHN GEAEEE "I am already
making preparations for tho baud con
cert season of 1919. I expect to have
most of the old players back and hope
to have some new ones. Steelhammer
will be back from the shipyards tojfakc
tho lead. Those of the boys who have
been playing with tho army will be in
good condition to take up the work
when they get back, for in the service
they not only play military and rag
timo stuff, but are mndo to handlo
classic and grand opera numbers in
their camp concerts.
HAROLD COOK. "We are planning
to organize ono troop of Boy Scouts
from the older boys of tho city from
15 to 18 years old and arrange; for a
program of hikes, athletic and camping
Btunts that will attract the class who
havo got a little beyond the "kid"
stage. With five troops in the city
and a lot of business men behind the
movement wo hopo the Boy Scouts will
bo one of tho livest things in Salem. All
the 18 year old boys who make good
in tho work will bo elegible to become
assistant scout mr.stcrs."
ICONOCLAST. "If I had a boy in
high school and ho was set to block out
a samplo state constitution, and he mado
such a ball-up aB there is in the Oregon
nnnatitntinn n t.n tllfl ffOVOmor and
, nf tn tkn him nut of
Bnd t him to ci10ppinj, wood
and say "hero goes nothing." uro-
, t Wn 3(10 fin.
giees of latitude for its darn-fool leg
islation, and this is one of the funniest
kinks in tho whole business. I don't
know this man Olcottj he may be as
broad as Irish brogue and as clean as
Sunday school fruit punch; but as long
as we 're trying trj run a democracy and
not an autocrayi I claim there isn't
any logic in shouldering any one man
with the prerogatives and the income of
two offices! to say nothing of the chan
ces to play politics. And the funny
thing is that neither Olcott nor the bu
preme court seems to know exactly
how the thing stands.
' AGENT COLEMAN. of the Federal
Enmlovment Bureau " Thero has been
somo doubt as to whother the federal
employment bureaus should be continu
ed this season, for there has been strong
opposition brought to bear upon the bill
LMUVAUlUiL v l'''-'.'".v.w-..
- - r - , tinnrtimit
UHS JjrUVl-U O. .u.uau.u nV ,
tho past yeaT ana i8 jusi no liuporumi.
now diirincr the re-construction period.
There i a constant inquiry herb for
farm hands, loggers, etc., and many calls,
for places, including a numDer irom re
turned soldiers. I have just received a
copy of a telegram sent by Director
General Densmore, at Washington, to
Wilfred E. Smith, the state director in
Portland, which reads: 'While urgent
deficinccy bill with employment service
nnnrnnriation failed of passage today,
there is every indication that funds
nnncRorw t.n carrv .ervice to end of
'fiscal year will be available as well
as funds for next year, auvitra ju.
force accordingly.'
lie Chaplin in the slap jack days will
find a Ghapldn or an entirely uu
ent 'order of comedy.
Among those who . returned home
,:ti, t,o Bflth nrtillerv. were firstclass
privates R. Clearwater, P. Whippel and
W. C. laatson or ouiem. i ;"
tion was given a big reception in Port
land yesterday. ;
Business men of the city are taking
quite an interest in the banquet to bo
given this evening at the Marion hotel
at 6:30 o.' m. for two distinguished
eastern business men. These men are
Charles Coolidgo Parlin,-director of
Commercial Research, and William
Boyd of Philadelphia, who is director
of advertising with the Curtis publi
cationswhich includes the Ladies Home
Tells How To Open Clogged Nos
trils and End Head-Colds.
Ton feel fine in a few moments. Tour
cold in head or catarrh will be gone.
Your clogged nostrils will open. The air
passages of your head . will clear and
yon can breathe freely. No more dull
ness, headache no hawking, snuffling,
mucous discbarges or dryness; no strug
gling for breath at night
Tell your druggist you want a small
bottle of Ely's Cream Balm. Apply a
little of this, fragrant, antiseptic cream
, ( TOnr nostrils, let It Mnetrmt through
every air passage of the head; soothe
J nd heal the swollen, inflamed mucous
membrane, and relief eoraea instantly,
It U just what every sold and catarrh
sufferer meeds. IXuil ttay stuff ed-np
. - and miserable.'
.... i i
v 0 1 (S
Journal. Aa the Ladies Home Journal
uow receives $7500 a page for ono is
sue of the 'magazine, it is felt by bus
iness men here that Mr. Boyd should
havo something of interest to" say as
to the valuo of national advertising
and why big business will pay $7500 a
page juKt for one issue of the Ladies
Home Journal. As the Pheasant North
west Products Co. of Hnlom is ono of
tho ibig advertisers who is willing to
pay this figure, ibuttineBs inen aro es
pecially interested.
The Rev James Blvin, formerly pas
tor of the First Congregational church
is now at Coblenz, tiermany, with the
American army of occupation. He is
doing religious work with the Y, M.
C. A. delivering addresses in the camps
along the Rhine. A few wocks ago he
spent some time in a viBit to the camps
of tho 91st division.
Sheriff Keedham reports that taxes
are conning in pretty regularly at the
rate of from $8000 to $10,000 a day
and that this amount shows a very sat
isfactory payment for this time o1
year. The penalty of ono per cent a
month will, not 'be in effect until April
5. '
When Bon F. West, county assessor
receive the returns from all his depu
ty assessors and has time to tabulato
a few figures ho will know just ex
actly how many acres in the county
ire devoted 'to tho raising of Loganbor
ries, walnuts, ptars, peaches, applet,
prunes and in fact, not only all fruits
and berries 'but the number of acres
devoted to regular agricultural pur-,
snits. He is now waiting on the office
of tho state tax commissioner for the
necessary blanks to send his deputies.
The state legislature passed a law that
required county assessors to secure all
this data and to keep tho information
on file in the offices of the county as
sessors. Heretofore there -has been no
l absolutely accurate record of tho num
ber of acres devoted to tho raising or
the several fruits and berries that aro
making a world record for Marion
county. Last summer county fruit in
spector B. H. Van Trump made a par
tial survey of the fruit interests of the
county and from his work, it was found
that the fruit interests as well as berry
were much larger in the county than
had been generally supposed. Hence
tho bill was put through the recent leg
islature ly which the great fruit and
berry interests of each county in the
state may oe accurately estunaieu.
ysil ca
: llli 111 r (,1
W J(W fl5l! W W i. W, fl .TOff w " 8
l. '-'- - J N" : '" '
:; H
in each .
package. The
bigfiest value in
refreshment you
n possibly buy.
appetite and
tion, find the "price
is 5 cents.
W tri r r fl.
While there la considerable talk now
adays about tho salaries of stato offi
cials and .tho attempt of tho lato legis
lature to boost the income of several
stato officials, it might be well to
hark back to tlie- time when the state
eonsitution was adopted in 1859. At
that distant day $1500 a year was con
sidered enough fur a governor. $1500
a year for tho secretary of stato and
tho stato treasurer was held in such
low estCKSm that ho was givon only $800
a year. But th? early legislators felt
more lifbernl -towards the supremo
judges and put them on tho pay roll
at, an annual salary of $2000 a year.
Tho supreme judges are yet the high
est paid state officials es they are now
allowed $5250 ft year, the governor
$5000 and the secrotary of etato and
state treasurer ench $4500 a year. Unit
ed Btates senators and representatives
in congress are each paid $7500 a year.
An Appeal For Your Children
Look back at your childhood days.
Remember the physic that mother insisted on castor
oil, salts or cathartics.
How you hated them. How you fought them. IIomj
you dreaded their after-effects.
That was all wrong, but then nobody knew better.
iWith our children it's different.
The day of harsh physics is over.
IWe don't force the bowels now ; we coax them, )
iWe have no dreaded after-effects.
'And the dose is a candy tablet. "
Mothers who cling to the old form of physic simply
(don't know what they do.
The children's revolt isi Well-founded.
Their tender bowels are harmed by them.
The modern way is to give a gentle laxative mora1
frequently. To keep the bowels always active.
The best method is Cascarcts. .
Cascarets are candy tablets. , -
Children love their pleasant taste.
They cost only 10 cents a box, with full "directions
lor children's dosage at all ages. Babies tool
Jive Cascarets, then don't worry they never disappoint.
to teettt.,
: diges
The Charlie Chaplia p'cture at the
Liberty lias proved o .popular that the
management decided today to run con
tinuous from tho timo tho theater open
jed at. 3:80 this afternoon until 11
o'clock tiinight. This will give those
jwho want to got in at any time thiat
evening a chanco to get in early and
'avoid the crowd. Tho seating capacity
of the theater was taxed to the ut
most several times Jast evoning.
Health Officer Pemberton reports
that there has been no records of com
municative diseases in the city during
the past week, with the exception of
ono cu.su diagnosed as chicken pox. The
outbreak of small pox at the mute
school is being cleaned up easily and
no indications of further spread.
IfeKJUi Afis Ml SMMttl M '