Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 23, 1919, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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Soli of if own
"From Over There"
General Pershing' Official Reoort
iied of disease .
Wounded severely
. 59
Today's casualty list contains the
nam of
Albeit Xi Odell of Boyd, Oregon,' re
ported wounded severely
Tinis G Barrow, Louisville Ky
John B Lauer, McPhorson Pa '
George W Boot, Middlctown Conn
iNorman J Trinkle, Meeting Pa
Frederick C Austin, Fountain City
Willie A Ogden, Hanford Cal
Oeo G Printup, Grand Rapids Mich
William W Taylor, Hamilton Mass -William
M Thiessen, Torringtou Ky
Civilian Deloris Martin, Spain
" OOoks
August Corleu, Bloomfield Neb 1
Louis W Court, Lswton Okla
Baymond! H Sherman, France
Frank E Aitdam, Klemme la
George W Alford, Anna Ky
Carl A Anderson, Warren Pa'
Asa Arbaugh, Charleston W Va
Percy Becker, Saugcrties N Y
Arthur W J H Berman, Concordia Mo
Cornelius Breslin, Butte Mont
James E Burks, Hudspeth Ark
Foy A 'Burroughs, Robert Lee Tex
Jamcg L Cobb, Kaoltya Tex
Julius A Colcgane, Ocean Bay Wis
Elmer S Cooper, Huntingberg inu
Adon B Dotson, Campo Colo
Alvin M Dunn, Barnard Mo
Banforth B Ferguson, Huntingdon
Edwin A J Frey, Hebron Neb
Walter Grant, Atlantic City N J
Joseph Henneman, Lena Wis
Henry A flobgood, Jackson La
Geo J Kalvelage,. Chicago
Walter iLaskowski, Chicago
Joseph L Ljviness, Brooklyn
Thomas E Lcwollyn, Boundpcnk N C
Sam J Lewis, Raleigh N C
Orin J Ltbbolt, Burton Nob
Bay Liscomb, Echo La
Steve Lutsick, Beaver Meadow Pa
Troy C McKiright, Monesworth O
Cleveland! McNoir, Camden Ala
Michael F Moore, Worcester Mass
Elbert L Morgan, Newpoint Va
Joseph Niding, Manchester N if
Claud Nortlrrup, Sugar Grovo Pa
Montie T Nuchols, Eureka Kan
Thomas O'Neill, (Philadelphia
William B Patzer, Chicago. '
William II Pitts, iCnmpello Mass
.William S Piatt, Mt Carmcl Pa
David1 Pooler, Cordelo Ga
John Posey, Beading Pa
Burton Robertson, Pleyto Cal
John M Seherbin, Baltimore
Casper L Smith, Waitsficld Vt
Died from wounds, previously reported
killed in action:
Pvt Hj&lmar Alto, Cromwell Minn
Died from wounds, previously reported
died from accident: ,'. .
Pvt Loo Haas, New York
Died of disease, previously reported
died from accident and other causes:
Pvt Henry Ivory, Smithviille Ga
Killed In action, previously reported
wounded slightly:
Pvt Erward J Jamerison, Phila
Killed in action, previously reported
missing in action:
Lt John A Walsh, New York
Corp William F Herring,- Chillicotho
Robert 'Barr, Philadephia
Water E Bouts, iBooiuswich 0
Miehae Costcllo, Marinette Wis
Alfred' C Dietrich, Cedarburg Wis
Bocco Dimaggio, New York
Melvin T Fikstnd, Thornton Ida
Harry Fox, .Newark JN J
Alvin A Haas, Dayton 0
Stanley Jablonski, Detroit Mich
1 Harry A Keyes, Boston
John W Lampkin, W Tulsa Okla
Homer J R O'Neal, Adamsvillc Ten
Gusla A OsbeTg, Rockford 111
John Osier, Arono Me
Herbert Parsley, Westwood Va
Hugh C Payne, Jackson Mich'
Amta-cw Petrowski, Carnegie Pa
Walter Bomanczuk, Owen Wis
William Rubanow, Brooklyn
Charles Rivkinc, New York
Sare Your Hair! Make It Thick
Wayy And Beautiful
Try This.
Thin, brittle, colorless and scraggy
hair is mute evidence of a neglected
carp; of dandruff that awful scurf.
Thero is noting so destructive to the
hair as dandruff. It robs the hair of
its lustre, its strength and its very
life; eventually producing a feverish'
nes9 and itching of the scalp, which if !.
nut rciiuruicu causes uic nmr iuuis tu
shrink, loosen and die then the hair
falls out fast. A little Danderine to-
ighfr now any time will surely save
Get a small bottle of Knowlton's
Danderine from any drug store or tot
let counter, and after the first applica
tion your hair will take on that life,
lustre and luxuriance which is so beau
tiful. It will become wavy and fluffy
and have the appearance of abund
ance, an incomparable gloss and soft
ness; but what will please yen most
will be after just a few weeks' use,
when you will actually see a lot
fin. 3.nr h.;r n, min 1
all over the scalp.
Died from wounds, previously report
ed missing in action. .
Pvt Abraham Symbol, Brooklyn
Dead, previously reported missing in
" Lt G rover C 'Vann, Montgomery Ala
Thomas P Garland, Harmon 111
Henry J Grove, Bay City Mich
Melville Laflamm, Jewell City Conn
Alexander J Matysik, Athens Wis
George Sheehau, Burlington Vt
Peter Swonson, Randall la
Silverton, Or.; Jan. 22. (Capital
Journal Special Service.; Tho body of
tue late Juiri vv ood arrived in Silverton-
from San Francisco last Friday, accom
panied by tho wife of the deceased and
small ion, Francis. The funeral was
helu hi Silverton Sunday.
Lloyd Li.rson, t n of John Larsou,
formerly of. this jcv.r, died in Portland
the first of till' wtk. The body is ex-p-tctod
to arrive In Silverton today and
the funeral v.i'l V held tomorrow.
George Ilnbbs vii attending to busi
ness in 1-ortUuid lasi Saturday, arriving
The number of cases cf flu reported
to City Health Officer Loar is decreas
ing every day and in all prqbabilitiy
tho ban will be lifted by next Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. King are at the
homo of Mrs. King's pa-ronls, Mr. arl
Mrs. T. W. Riches; Lloyd Riches of;
Oregon City is roportcd sick with the
flu and Mrs. King will leave this week
to care for her brother, Lloyd. .
Earl Ciowder of Portland visited in
Silverton the first of the week.
- Airs. Lew Fischer spont Tuesday af
ternoon in Salem.
Mrs. Xj. Larson was in Salem on busi
ness Tuesday.
Miss Mina Hubbg is in Sclem today
attending a meeting of the Salem teach
John J. Bude returned Thursday from
a business trip to Eastern Oregon and
Eugone. Mr. Rudo dispCscd of some of
his property while in Eugene.
Henry Grazier made a business trip
to Aurora lest Friday.
A. L. Bobenalt and family and Ed
Hcald and family motored to Oregon
City Sunday.
We are sorry to hear that Henry
Dahl is not improving in health very
rapidly. The last few days he has been
confined to his bed.
John' Ivcrson, the young man who
was wounded in Franco, arrived in Sil
verton yesterday.
Pudding river has been swollen by
the recent rains until it covers nearly
s half milo of tho Snlcm-Silverton road.
Tho water has been so high that Mr.
Parkor found it necessary to drive his
jitney over tho upper road the last few
Ho succeeded in making his way
through tlier water-covered road Tues
dav noon, however, but the water is
raising so rapidly he hasn't attempted
to cross since Tuesday noon.
Norris Amc has received his dis
charge from service and, returned to Sil
verton a few days ago.
J. L. Eidaon and J. H. Porter visited
the capital city last Saturday.
Ralph Cronise Buys
Interest In Paper
W. H. Hornibrook today closed .the
deal for tho salo of tho Demoerat to W.
L. Jackson, former county school su
perintendent of Linn county, and Ralph
Croiusc, who for a period of more than
three years serv-.-S s city editor of the
Democrat. The agreement also in
cludes a five-year lease on the building
now occupied by the Democrat.
Contracting asthnin some two yoars
ego, Mr. Hornibrook has been suffer
ing from this trouble at regular inter
vals ever since, and it was known
among his close personal friends that
It wns only a matter of time before a
change of climato would become a ne
cessity. He has no definito location in
minds but within the next few months
will re-cneago in the newspaper buai
ncss at some poi.mt where the climatic
conditions are more favorable. Albany
Dallas Boy Dies Shortly
After Marriage In France
Dalla, Jan. 23 Xenmari G. Dennis,
who died in France of disease, was a
son of Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Dennis, of
this city, and a sergeant in the head
quarters company cf the 102d infantry.
He was formerly a member of com
pany L of Dallas, and first saw ser
vice en the Mexican torder. He recent
ly married a daughter of a wealthy Par
is merchant, and intended to return
to France after a visit with his par
ents. Mcasleg and complications caus
ed his death. -
Influenza Epidemic In
FncrOTIJ Ahnirf RrflL pn Iln i
Eugrno, Or., Jan 23. Th backbone
, , . A ,Un .
now well in hs-nd as a result of the
strict enforcement of the quarantine
regulations during the past few days
s is the opinion expressed by the;
local health officerg this morning.
Only eight new eases have been re-
nnrted during the past 72 hours and
there havo been no deaths reported.
Those figures rre exclusive of the Uni
versity of Oregon, where strict health
measures have entirely prevented a re
currence of the disea'se.
The eitr wa'er eompanv of White
Salmon has provided a larger and bet-
ter water supnlT for the city and ex-
rt fa' w.at" fw'mSatl0n of
portion of the lower valley.
Dallas Schools Are Now
Open After Epidemic
(Capital Journal Special Service)'
Dallas, Jan. 23. The Dallas public
and hifek schools opened Monday morn
ing after a closing down of more than
one mouth due to the epidemic of Span
ish influenza. The attendance Monday
morning was sot extremely large s a
number of parents are keeping their
children at heme fearing another out
break of the epidemic. Ihero are but
very few eases of the malady in this
city at present and the physicians
think that with the coming of spring
the disease will gradually depart. A
number of the rural schools in the coun
try about Dallas also opened up Mon
day morning.
Polk County Farmers' Union to Meet
Tho annual meeting and election of
officers of the Polk County Farmers
Union will be held in the assembly
room of the Dallas public library to
morrow. Besides the election of officers
for the ensuing year other natters of
'special importance will -bo taken up
and discussed. The meeting will prob
ably bo an all day session as usual and
from the fist Of delegates who .have
signified their intentions of attending
one of tho largest crowds ever assem
bled at ono of their meetings Will bo
here that day.
TJ. s. Grant Elected on Council
U. S. Grant of this eitv was unani
mously elected to the office of eoun-cilman-at-large
at a meoting of the
city council Monday night. Mr. Grant
takes the position maite vacant by the
tho abandonment of Councilman Risscr
to the mayor's chair when Mayor
Staats resigned. The usual matters or
sinoss woro transacted at tho meet
ing. A change in the lighting system
in the business section of the town and
the construction of an addition to the
sewer system and proposed street im
provements created quite' a little dis
cussion and the matters were left in
tho 'hand of respective committees
for investigation.
County Books to be Audited
The firm of Crandall & Boborta of
Portland, expert book accountants, has
secured the contract tor tna auumns
of the books of the county for the past,
year. Max Crandall, one of the mem
bers of the concern together with as
sistant, will begin the work sometime
this week.
Dallas to Have Another Grocery Store
Glen O. Butler of this city will open
l n Alain
a arne.prv ftrore in lll miliums; vii
street in the near future. Mr. butler
will conduct what is to be called a
"parcel grocery," will make no deliv
eries and parties securing Kuuu ij
cash for tho same. Most of the mer
chandise sold will be in original pack-on-o-
thna Aisnensinff with the time
lost in wrapping packages.
Trn Mphrline. postmaster at Falls
City, was a Dallas DUBiness visitor ito
day afternoon.
icwles Scott is a guest of rel
atives at Mills City for a few weeks.
Arthur Rahn of the Kodgcrs raper
company of Salem, was a uauas visu
or Tuesday afternoon.
shelton. an aviator in the Am
erican army in France, is in the city
-iHno- hi mint. Miss May Shelton.
Yonns Shelton saw active service on
tho fighting front and was in 4 num
ber of engagements wuu euemjr ...
forces. .
tt a Tnolmrv. a prominent prime
grower' of this city, as ill in Portland
with bronchitis.
Portknd, Or., Jan. 23. Despite the
fiet. onlv 118 new cases oi uuiuu.o
developed yesterday, which is a- com
paratively small number, 21 deaths
were recorded." t
Tho scarcity of nurses ig causing the
high death rate, according to mo uuiu
Large Cattle Supply
Has Weakened Market
North Portland, Or., Jan. 23. One
hundred six cars of exceptionally good
looking cattle were received at the
Port la. id union stock yards oh M'onday
and Tuesday which brought 1700 head
of cattle, 115 ealves, 3830 hogs and 1000
snoop to the market.
Trading started early Monday morn
ing at tho cattle scales with a decided
amount of "pep" and by afternoon the
majority of the cattle had crossed the
scales. There was only a fair demand,
however, and though the cattle was of
good grade tho market had been slight
ly weakened by tho ovcrsupply of the
previous week and Tuesday afternoon
cattle ia all grades were quoted at 50
cents to $1 lowed. Best steers were
demoralized as the result of the in
creased numbers and limited outlet.
There tsppeifred to be a ready market
however for best steers with quotations
of $12 to $13.25. A good many calves
went from 8.50 to $13.
Hog sales during the past week have
been restricted almost entirely to pres
ent needs. The market has been in a
rather weak condition for the past few
dny8 but Monday morning found an ad
vance of 20 cents for prime hogs. Top
j quotations were 18.80 t0 $17; with the
b"ik f n H? d Tuesday
lnrge supply of hogs has
been on tho market to date giving the
market an unhealthy aspect but trad
ing this week has been running more
true to form with slight advanees.
In the sheep market lambs are eon
tinuing their upward trend in prices
n,l ,,, I f ,im
were sold at a ton quotation of $14.50
with a strong steady demand. Ewes,
yearlings and weathers are also being
called for with an extremely limited
supply. The bulk of the lamb sales the
past two days have been made at
Cattle Quotations: Best steers, $11.75
$13.25; (rood to choice steers, $10.23
to $11.25; medium to good steers, $8.75
to $9.25; fair to good steers, $7.75 to
$8.75; eommon to fair steers, $6.75 to
..j i.:
$10.23; good to choice cows and heifers,
$3.75 to $9.75; medium to good cows
and heifers, $7.50 to (8.50; fair to me
dium cows and heifers, $5.75 to $6.75;
canners, Sj.ou to j; bulls, $6 to $9;
calves, 8.50 to $13; stockers and feed
ers, $6.50 to $3.50.
Hog Quotations: Prime mixed, $15.80
to $17; medium mixed, S16.au to'$16.75:
rough heavies, $15 to $16; pigs, $11 to
S10.Z5; bulk, I16.SU.
Sheep Quotations: Prime lambs,
$13.73 to $14.25; fair to medium lambs,
$9 to $11; yearlings, $10 to $11.50;
wethers, $9 to $10; ewes, $6 to $8.
Notice i hereby given that the un
dersigned has been duly appointed by
the county court of the state of Ore
gon for the couuty of Marion as ad
ministratrix of the est at o of John D.
Sutherland, deceased, and that she. has
duly qualified as such administratrix.
All persons having claims against the
estato of said decedent are hereby no-
unoa to present tne game, duly veri
fied, to me at the office of Condit 4
Glover, my attorneys, room 203 Hub
bard building, in the city of Sulcm.
Marion county, Oregon, within six
months from tho dato of this notice.
Done in Salem in Marion eountv.
Oregon, this 21st day of January, 1910
Administratrix of the estate of John
D. Sutherland, deceased. 2-20
Notice is hereby given that I have
impounded the ifollowine described
dogs in compliance with ordinance No.
1404, towit: -
Ono male Shepherd doe. weight
about 40 lbs. One male 'Pointer bird
dog, yellow ears, weight 50 lbs. One
black male dog, smooth hair, weight
40 lbs. One black dog, white breast,
weight 40 lbs. One male Setter oird
dog, white -and black spots, weight 38
lbs. One mala Setter bird dog, red and
white color, weight 45 lbs. One male
whito color, weight 45 lbs. One male
white mongrel dog, weight 30 lbs. One
female bird Setter, black and white,
weight 40 lbs. One male Collie dog,
white on neck, weight 45 lbs. One male
Fox Terrier, whito with yellow head,
weight 20 lbs. One male Fox Terrier,
white and 'black spots, weight 24 lbs.
The above described dogs will he
killed if aot redeemed by owners on
or before January 23, 1919, as provid
ed in said ordinance.
W. S. LOW,
1-25 Street Commissioner.
of the State of Oregon, in and
Marlon County
In the matter of the estate of John
P. Kent, deceased. Administrator with
will annexed. Notice of hearing, final
account, etc.
Not.ce hereby .given thai, the f.n-ition ,to the highest'bidder for cash in
al account of Frank : S. Glover as ad- hand on iU o( all the A
mimstrator with .will annexed of the titl lnter6st j- which said
l ' , v ' ,dcc8e?' - Idefendants and all person, claiming un
gother with hig petition for final dis-:,i. .,j,.,I, : .:
trabution of said estate ha9 been filed,
ll' Hit ? 'i tha.1
tho 24th day o-f FeDruaryA. D. 1919,
at the hour of two- o'clock in the af-
wrnoon, at uieii.ee or te ooun y ,
judge in Salem, Oregon, has been duly,
appointed by such-court a j tha time
and place for the hearing of abjections
to uch iinal account and petition and
the settlement of said account, at
which time any person interested in
such estate may appear and file ob
jections thereto and contest the same.
Dated January 10, 1919.
As administrator with will annexed
of the estate of John P. Kent, deceas
ed. . 2-13
Notice i hereby given that the un
dersigned, by virtno of an order of
the county court the state of Oregon,
for Marion ck)unty, duly made ana en
tered of record on tho 31st day of De
cember, 1918, was duly appointed ad
ministrator with will annexed of the
estate of Eliza Free, and that he has
qualified as such. All persons having
claims against said estate are hereby
notified to present the same, duly ver
ified as required by law, at the office
of Smith & Shiitlda, 403 Salem Bank of
Commerce building, Salem, Marion
county, Oregon, within ix months from
the date of this notice.
Dated and first published this 16th
day of January, 1919.
Administrator with the will annex
ed of tho estate of Eliza Free, deceas
ed. 2-13
Notice is hereby given, that the un
dersigned has ben duly appointed by
the county court of Marion county,
Oregon, executrix of the- If t will and
testament of W. W. Lander, deceased,
and has duly qualified as such. That
all persons having' claims against said
estato shall file tiicm, duly verified as
by law required, within six months !
frnm Ilia fimt. nuhlir.Atinn af tliia nn.
This notice is published the first
time this 9th day of January. 1919.
Executrix of the estate of W, W.
Lander, deceased. . 2-6
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, by virtue of an order of
the county court of Marion county,
Oregon, duly made and entered of rec
ord on the 11th day of December, 1918,
was appointed executor of the estate of
John Aide, deceased, and that he has
qualified as such. AH persons having
claims against said estato are hereby
notified to present the tame, duly veri
fied as required by law, at the office
of Smith & Shields, attorneys, 403 Sa
lem Bank of Commerce building, Sa
lem, Oregon, within six months from
the date of this nonce.
lu" u' 01 - .
Dd and first published this 19th
day of December, A. D. 191.
Executor of the estate of John Aide,
deceased. 1-16
of Seal Property on Foreclosure
Notice is hereby given, that by vir
tue of an execution duly issued out of
the eireuit court of the state of Ore
gon, for the county of Marion and to
me directed on the loth day of Decern
ber, 1918, upon a judgment asd decree :
duly rendered, entered of record and'
fern- J&mgx
Sunk by a British flotilla In a sea
battle off Zeebrugge, two years ago
today, January 23, 1917.
Find a gunner.
Sight tide down note at chin.
docketed in and by said eouTt on the
3rd day of December, 1918, in a eertain
suit then in said court pending wherc
t m t . . ' .
"u7' , 7fTp' "V'T -
a,ld twtamcnt and estate of Mary
a. lump, deceased, was -Plaintiff and
Henry H. Vandevort and Emma Vande
vort, his wife, and John S. Beall and
Elma H. Boall, his wife, and B. W.
Foster, unmarried, were defendants in
favor of plaintiff and against said de
fendants by which execution 1 am
commanded to aoll the property in said
execution and hereinafter described to
pay the sum due the plaintiff of $2000,
with interest thereon at the rate of 7
per cent per annum from the 3rd day
of August, 1916, until paid and the fur
ther um of $150.00 attorney 'a fees to
gether with the costs and disburse
ments of said suit taxed at $24 and
costs and expenses of sai. execution.
I will on Saturday the 18th day of Jan
uary, 1919, at lthe hour of 10 o'clock
uary, 1919, at the hour of 10 t 'clock
a. m. of said day at the west door of
tae county court houee in Salem, Ma
rion county, uregon, sen at puDiio auc
of ptaiBtiff mortgage, towit. Novem-
Itaea hereinbefore mentioned and de-
Krib.d j. -d elccution af folow.
Lot, ,even (7) and eight (f) in block
two (2) in University addition to the
city of Salom Marion county, state
of Oregon, as shown by the recorded
plat thereof, excepting the west 50
feet of said lot No. seven (7).
Said salo being niado subject to re
demption in the manner provided by
Dated Uila ICth day of December,
Sheriff for Marion county, Oregon.
By O. D. Bower, Deputy. 1-18
Wheat, soft whits $1.1
Wheat, lower grades on sample
Oats 80e
Hay, cheat, ... ,... . $2425
Hay, oats , ... $29
Barley, ton . .. $48(a50
Mill run $47(tt48
Bitlerfat . 69e
Creamery butter . 68c
Fork, veal and Mutton
Pork, on foot 18
Veal, fancy 20
Htecrs -.. "(frfte
Cows 47c
Spring limbs .. 12e
Ewes-- 4(S)(k
Lambs, yearlings
ggi and romtrr
Eges. cash 47c
Hens, lifo .. 23Z5c
Old roosters loe
Chickens 23c
"weet potatoes -. ti.tu
I'otatocs !.
(Junius, luuai
i"tj,b.aK t1"'
Head lettuce .. ...
Parsnips .. ..
Cosoanuts .-. '
Oranges ...
Lemons, box.
. 2c
McCoruack hall ea every Tnsdaj
at 8. P. Andresen, C. C. F. J, Euab
K. R. 6.
''Oregon Orspe Camp" No. 1360.
meets every Thursday evening it
Derby building, Court and High St
Mrs. Pearl Courscy, 214 Court St
oracle; Mrs. Melissa Persons, record
.it 1415 X. 4th St. Phone 1436M.
Oregon Cedar Camp No. 5248 meet
every 3rd and 4th Thur. eve, 8 e'closi
in Derby building, corner Court and
High streets. R. F. Day, V. C.j V. f
Tdrner, clerk.
bly No. 84 meets every Thursday at
8 Tt. m. in Masonie Temnle. Norma L
Terwilligcr, M. A.; C. A. Vibbert,
secretary, 340 Owens street.
Bananas 9c
Florida grape fruit, ease $(57.25
Black figs lb. 16(o)18c
White fis, lb. 19(te20e
Package figs per bx 50 pkg $4(a;6.90
Honey, extracted , 20e
EetaU frlces
Creamery butter ' ' 75e
Flour, hard wheat . ., , $3S.8I
Country butter 6570
Eggs, doxea 55e
Portland Market
Portland, Or., Jan. 3. Butter, eity
ereamery 66e
. Fggis, selected -local ex. 53(a 57c
Hens 303Ze
Broilers 2627 .
QeeM 25e t;-
Cheese, triplets 3940e
Tnrieyt 40e
' Receipts 91
Tone of market steady
Best steers $1213.25
Good to choico steers $10.25(a)11.25
Medium to good steers $8.759.25
Fair to good steers $7.75(5)8.75
Common to fair steers $6.75(H7.75
Choice cows and heifers $9.25() 10.25
Good to choice cows and heifors
Journal Want Act
Quick Reference To Firms That Give Service On Short
Where Buyer And Seller Meet We
Recommend Our Advertisers.
Salom Electric Co., Masonic Templo,
TON Oeteopathie physicians and
serve specialists. Graduates of Am
erican school of Osteopathy, irk
ville, Mo. Post graduate and spec
ialized in nervous diseases at Loe
Angeles College. Offices 605-608 Nat
Bank Bldg. Phone 85. Residence,
1620 Court. Phone 8818. Dr. White
Ees. Phone 469.
T.ciirn to Dance Correctly
Exhibition Dancers and Instructors
Modern and Classic Dancing
Hotel Marion, Salom, Oregon '
113-414 Bank of Commerce building.
corner Commercial and Trade alroeU
Bills payable monthly in advance.
Phone 606.
On Good Real Estate Security
O.ei Ladd ft Bush bank; Balem Oregon
cent 34 years time. A. C. Bohrustedt,
401 Masonic Toniplo. Salem, Oregon
MONEY to loan on good real estate;
percont government money to
loan. Liborty bonds bought and sold.
V. D. Smith, Salem Bank of Com
merce. 1Z-14
60 years experience, Depot, Natioaal
and American fence.
Sizes 26 to 68 in high
Paints, oil and varnish, ete
Loganberry and hop hooks.
Salem Fence and Stove Works.
250 Court street. Phone 124-
We Buy, Bell And Exchange
All kinds of Furniture, Stoves,
Clothing, Dishes, Bicycles, Harness,
Tools and Junk. We buy whet you
don't want and pay the highest
price in cash.
Peoples' New & 2nd Hand
271 N. Commercial -rhone 734
J. A. Rowland Furniture Store '
Buys, sells and exchanges new and
2nd hand furniture. All kinds of
Tcpair work, light grinding, filing,
and brazing a specialty. Right
prices. 247 North Commercial St.
Phono 16.
Just opened in connec
tion with the
1000 8- Coml. Rt.
WANTED People of Salom to know
that we pay highest prices for mens
second hand clothing, shoes, etc. The
Capital Exchange, 337 Court St.
Phone 493. tf
Medium to good cows and heifers
Fair to medium cows and heifera
$5.75(26.75 '
Canners $3.506.75
Bulls $Vi 9
Calves $S13
Stockers and feeders $3.50S.5O
Beceipts 59
Tone of market steady
Prime mixed $16.75(H17
Medium mixed $16 18.50
Bough heavies $14.7516
Pigs $13.5014.50
Bulk $16.7518
s Receipts 53
Tone of market steady
Prime lambs $13.7514.25
Fair to medium lambs $1213
Yearlings $1011.50
Wetiers $O10
Eweg $t3
Goats $4
Farmers Produce Company
19c -for top veal.
18e for top hogs.
27o for heavy over 4 lb. tens.
2.c for liv-ht under 4 lb. hens.
160 a High St. Phone 19
..Main 1200
127 North High.....
Leghorns $16 per 100. Black Minor
eas $20 per 100. Starting with Feb.
15th doliyory. $5 deposit with order,
balance payable week in advance
of delivery. Order now and airoi
disappointment. C. N. Needham, P.
O. box 412, Salem. tf
furniture, umbrellas and shoe repair
ing. Saws filed, shear and knife
grinding, etc Satisfaction guaranteed
261 Court street. R. Wooley. .2-14
600 acre stock and grain ranch,
stock, all equipment, grain, feed,
2 miles from town, will sell at
a sacrifice prloe, easy terms,
380 acres finest Waldo -Hill
rauch, income last year $10,000;
will sell very reasonable.
147 acres, all tillable, 140 culti
vated, running water, 7 miles front
Salem, $11,000.
70 acres, 40 cultivated, running
water, joining town, pries $4615,
will carry back $3000,
For Exchange: 10 acres apple
and peach orchard, 7 miles from
Balem, in A-l condition, will ex
change for acreage or residence.
487 aero ranch, a lot of stock, '
implements, 3 miles from town,
want small ranch near Salem and
some cash as first payment, price
341 State St
FOR SALE A good house, well locat
ed. 9 room house with two fine lota,
near car line, two blocks to pave!
street, on graveled street, garage
and plenty of fruit. Price $2000, $50$
cash, balance $15 per month. Call at
1297 N. 18th St. or see Square Deal
Realty Company. tf
FRUITLAND Nursery, Salem. Route
box 138E, phone 111F21. We have the
Roman strain grtfed Franquet wal
nuts as well as a full line of all oth
er nursery stock. 1-11
I can matah you. C. W. Rlomoyor, Real
EsUle Agent, Canadian Lands, 544
State street.
to Graham k Wells, Corvallis, Oregon
Agents fur Marion couuty 1-21
refuse of all kinds removed ou month
ly contracts at reasonable rates).
Cess pools cleaned. Dead animals re
moved. Office phone, Main 2247.
Residence, Main 2272.
ceived so ninny presents during their
visit to Europe that a large quantity
of them probably will have to bo takca
to Washington on an army transport,
Senator Chamberlain advises Portland
parties that all restrictions on tho im
portation of lime were removed Jan
uary 1.
A stock company with a capitalir.atioa
of $75,000 is proposed at Chohalis for
the rebuilding of the Gingrich furniture
The epidemic situation in- Pendleton,
is changing from influenza to smallpox,
nine eases of the latter disease being
The Trout Lake Development asso
ciation "to promoto the welfare of the
Trout Lake community,'' has beea or
ganized at Guler, Wash.
Colonel E. E. Kelly, former proseea
ting attorney for Jackson couuty, has
returned from France and will resume
his law practice in Medford.
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