Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 07, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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PAliE j'HLrAj
A A ata4 A ti ai at
HJLBSUTSD aVDVEBTISINCr EAZE3 BOOM ana board at 1118 Mill St. 110
Bate par word New Today i
Cash insertion ..
One week (6 insertions)
One month. (26 iasertions) , , -
- 1
. 5
The Capital Jearnal will not be re
sponsible for mere than aa iuertioa,
for errors in Classified Advertiseaaats,
Seed your advarttseaeat the fink day
It appears and netif j as immediately ii
wror ocours.
Minimum charge, 15.
WOOD for sale. Pkeae 636 sr 121. I t
j : -
WANTED Weaker woman te wask
Monday merniags. Phone 6W. tf
t'HW cords of dry rails for tale. Phone
T1P22. 1-8
WANTE1- flirl for general
work. Apply 015 8. 12th St.
iWOBK wanted
Phone 067 W.
practical aarse.
JER8HY mils; cow for sale,
ground road. Phone 1467.
76 Fair
WANT HD To buy; cattle aai tfttvea,
any kind. Phone. ISTflW. C-
VOR SALBWheat straw $10 per hoa.
Wm. Fitts, m. 9, Phone 87FU. 1-T
FOB SALE Pigs, 60 lbs. ui
Phone S4F25.
WANTED Three White Leghari roos
ter, l'hoae 8F8. l-l
SALEWhite ladiin
ducks, Phone Wiitl.
FOB EJ5NT -7Vi acres, 10 ia pain,
$500 cask. 1831 Union St. IK
FOB SAIiBGood used Dodge car. Jee
lirunk at Tick Oarage. , I S
FOB SALE 8 heavy milk caws. K54
Mission. l-T
FOE a typewriter
aeckanic pksae 987.
FOB SALE Equity in good piaae. Call
Mrs. Friclsey. Phone tut. u
TOR SALE 50 horso automobile, suit
ablo for truck, one tire novor used.
Mako me an offer, 125 State. 1-t)
WANTED To buy secondhand bicy
cle, etendard make. Bargain. Ad
dress II S P care Journal. 1-S
WANTED White Angora
Boehtal, Rt. 8, Sales.
1 11
WANTED 8 large ho slaves, must
be in good condition. Phase- 3Tx"3,
Jialein Bt. 4, box 4T. 1-H
ROOM FOB KENT dartag legislature
one block and a half ittm rapitol.
Phone 58iM. t-13
FOR RENT 40 acres, stock, aad im
plcmjHita for sale. l U. Weed, Uayne
bldg. IT
POB SALE 'Haadssota stakensgy,
leather upholstered davenport, go ml
as new. Call Goers. I S
FOB EXCHANGB Ifew bease, treU
lurated, for a house or yacaafc lots
a Portland. W. A. listoa. 1-S
WANTED -To bay alee basgalow near
ia on South Commercial, Liberty or
High ftreota. P. O. box el. 18
FOR SALE Fresh fenof eaw, 6 yrs
old, heavy snilker. flS Booth 18th
St. IT
FOB SALEr-Or trade, for atock, team
of borsea, 8100, aad doable harness.
1254 Mission. t-7
MORRIS BUILDING, 300-311 Stark St.
Government and PORTLAND, ORE. Established Over
Municipal Bonds Phone Bdwy, 2151. " Twcnty-Five Years
For Music, Dramatic Art, Languages.
MME. LUCIE VALAIR, Ijite of Paris, France,
A faculty of Xrtist teachers for private aad class lessons hi Piano. Voice.
Violin. Cello. Harp, Dancing. Uoculiua. Special advantages, in class
lessons included in regular tultiaa. For Catalosuc addrett Secretin, 234
10th Street, Portland. Oregon.
fl& Clew Oifeliid Yet As T
.33 Cf Kil.ing isidda
Theory Rejected
wcaa dealer.
We an manafactarara of all kinas of hoasa. barn, roof, ihm ml aiitA.
wbile painta. Aba. jsaasraaf all paint snndrita and tooia. Write us the
kind aad amount erf paiatinc raa need dena and we will estanata quantity
reourred aad eaat af aana ta vaa ana arrmntra eaair aliwrv (ir.ui.rK
Writ as. XUOIaV-CltliSII St C'ti- 1U- Second St,
ef,f. Technical
"" sWrndicsl
& ,-' ' ImiBg.
f ' I iZc
S .x ' i Kleetncal
1 Saxea
i mi niMiiaamHi Gaa kiosioae
BarM era sal Wax SL, MKT1AND, ORt
4arbwlM pace eatalar full af pictarea af
A4ooa; graduatoa Ricbt oo aha la, sent Crea.
A4tM. DciMurlmeat Na. L
FOR 8 ALB Ford Itir snodal, good
eondition, cheap if lokea at ea.ee.
OaU 540 State Bt. 1-T
WANTED -Some one ta sailk oow and
diJirer milk. Steadf jab. Phone
8135J. IS
WANTED let, tia aad fresb cows,
veal aai large eel Tea, Phoae 142011.
FOB SALE-kfare, 14S0 lbs. ia foal,
12S or trade for horse. C. Mailer,
Independence, Or. 1-10
FOB 8 ALB Ckevrslel sstoaiooilo,
1913 aiodel ia first class cosditioa
ta be sold cheap. Leaving the city.
. Inquire at 660 Unioa St. 1-T
Reams M par day aaa ap. Special aanthJr
at-W-tawa Tlaitara sands ta feel at
Saataata Paelfio alaclrie trail depot
m AMar 8t cor. tta. POBTLAMO. ORG.
PainbT and Auto finishes. Wholesale
and retail. Bowles Wall Paper Co., m
Msrrlsan St ....
First class Surgieal and Uedicsi N
tonUoa Itss Uieui hsu the usual
Third and Waaainston, IIS Dektim
Bnildins. Part land.
St. Nicholas Cafeteria
12S Sialk Straat. Partlaad, Orasva.
Saa oat Fv want aad pay far aaat ran ret.
l-atronna solicited on a
of capable sarviee and reaaoo
able chareea. Thouaaiida af ut-
lafled aotrase. A trial will convince. Chaa,
If. Good a a, eptometrla M8 Marrlaon.
Atoneaf Uie meat decant Batnanl
T,a Raataa aa the Pacilio Coast.
tH;l Bewie & CaidwelTa
secana ruwr rufuca mck
Party te per cent dlaoeimt aa Victor
sad Columbia records New aad uaed.
MaUafactton (uaranteed. Write far oa ta
iga;. Vara U Weiigar. 143 Beooad Bt
Swetland Duildlnst
Grace Adams
Optometrist & Optician
Bee, Phone, Tabor KG
Fifth and Washington
Portland, Oregon
POSITION wanted by aa familiar
with stationary eagiaeering of all
kinds. Steady, reliable. Address En
gineer care Journal. tf
WANTED t 3ir for; general houso
work. Phone 1480J, or call mornings
at 9'J3 Court. 1-7
liOGANtBERKY plants for salo by J.
P. Aspinwall, Brooks, Oregon. Pflono
35F12. 1-7
WANTED To buy txro-bottom, 12
inch jrinS plow. Must bo first class.
Geo. L. Roao, Salom. 1-13
FOR SALE 2 thoroughbred Airedale
pups, 4 months old. Salem :'eed
barn, . 1-13
FOR SALTS Twe S3x4 S D. N. S.
- Firestone tare at bargains. 154 S.
Commercial. 1-S
HIGHEST prices for chickens, poultry
and hides. Independent Market Co.,
Phone 104. 157 South Oom'l St. tf
FOB SALE! 1 xl3 shaft gsvernsr,
engine and boiler complete, cheap.
Box 268, Tamer, Or. tf
WANTED Neat boy 18 years of age
or over, for page and messenger work
.at the state house during session of
legislature. Apply Jhe l'ae. Tel. &
Tel. Co. . !
FOR SALE 16 acres of A-l land, all
in cultivation, in fruit, 4 room
bouse, largo, barn, 3V4 m't'cs from Sa
lem, Terms. No. 25J caro Journal.
IF TOTJ aiust sell your liberty bonds,
sell them to me. If yon can buy
moro liberty bonds, buy them of mo.
I buy and sell liberty bonds. W. A.
Liston, 4S4 Court St. tf
FOR EXCHANGE 10 acre well im
proved, for Portland residence,
Fivo acres improved, near oxvn, clear
sf encumbrance, for larger tract, 15
to 40 acres.
$700 to loan on good real estate. See
H. E. Bolinger, Hubbard bldg, tf
This is to notify all concerned that
the 'undersigned is not a partnor or
.iointly interested in the meat market
business boing done by the Independent
Meat Market company, in the city of
Salom or elsewhere. Or. W. Eyre. 1-7
ga. Edith I. PhillipSeQpQp"
Nsv&3'S0-451 Pittock Block
"V--"-- Washington at Went Park
Phone Broadway 1306
Portland, Oregon.
'a:t Francisco, Jan. 7. Patrick J.
Kindc'on, chief special aaent for the
deteetive bureau of the Southern Pa
cific railroad, was found dead in a
park today.
PoliJb believe he may have been mur
dered. Death waa caused by a bullet
wound in the right temple. A gun was
lying in hie lap. The police are work
ing on the theory that th; gun was
"planted" there.
Kindelon was seen last nght in the
b at of spirits, and no motive fcr a
suicido has been discovered.
Kindelon loft his homo at 8:15 a. m.
today apparently without a rare on his
uiind. BJo went U keep an appointment
at his office.
He was found sitting with his back
against a tree.
ilia associate at the Southern Pacif-
to office insist ho was murdered.
"Wo saw him last night feeling
fine," said a deputy. "Ho had no rea
son to hill himsolr. wo believe no was
Kindelon had for forty yeara been
in the Southern Pacific service. During
that time ho has tracked down and
snet to prison scores of notorious charr-
aclers, tram banana ana tiueves. ms
ifrionds beliove one of those, aeeking
revenge, followed Kindelon to the
park, killed him, and thou aought to
create tho suicide atmosphere.
Kindelon has workod in the aapaa
it of detective in evory city of any
size on the coast and was well known.
Patronize Ycur Home lasuu-'sns ki Keen Ycr If
Money In Salem
Old Favorite
Tonic laxative
When constipation bothers you, and
you get ifeverish and out of sorts ro-
member that old reliable vcgetablo
ownors of one tract of land, ir. Naf tr Rprrrpv- ftf.fl (hfr Sflfia lVti
fad laVl a SaSwS ar fraU w&m V XT Bar a a u t U
7.rrtr'a share beiuir one-tvvplf i,h. As thev 1 ... ...
cannot ajirco. on the division, the cir
cuit eourt is asked to legally do tho
dividing. It is also asked that tho ex
penses do not exceed $100.
May Know Their Fate Today
Chicago, Jan. 7. Victor I'.erger, congressman-elect
for Milwaukee, and the
four other defendants on. trial hero
Frank Rickot, as administrator of charged with' espionnga act" violations,
the estate of Clark Rickot, has filed his may know their fato today,
final report, which was approved by tho Indicted on twenty six counts, tho
county court. socialist leaders are liable 'to sentences
of from one to txventy years in tho icd-
Luella Darby, administratrix of tho eraj pl.ison or ,fic3 0 jroM $1 to $10,
esluto of John Darby, filed lier final qqo or both on each count. They may
report xvhich was approved by tlio conn-. )jo convicted on one or all: the counts
ty court and tho administratrix roloEsed nsainst them. Their sentences, if they
from further liability. " aro convicted on moro than ono count,
could be servca concurrently, or ou
is sold in every drug storo in tho land
It's fine for indiKOstion too and for
fovors and colds, Same old remedy that
thousands swear by.
Are styled in the College of
fashion. They have the charm
and grace that once denoted a.
Paris label. Yet they arg dis
tinctly American . designed,
and made by America's fore--mcst
stylists and tailors.
The dress pictured is an Ad-
vance Spring Model, received l
j i s . . .. i .
yesteraay Dy express, maicac
ing what will be shown this
season. We are sole agents for
this wonderful line of Co-Ed
. dresses. Nationally advertised
in "Vogue" and "Harper's
3 i
The "Cop" is still on the job. ,
' He orders put on
Special Tables
All broken lines, short lengths and
odd lots of our strictly high grade
Watch our SPECIAL TABLES look for the
s administrate of tho Dull,ca Kint them. . r
'roy, filed his final re-". Fcdirnl Judgo Lamlis ant
named Feb. 10, 1919 oaso " bo given the jury
II. H, Booster as
estato of Henry F
port. -Tho eourt
as tho final day for closing tho estate
Whon tho water ho set out for tho
chii kens froze solid, our neighbor chop
pod up the
ice cream
announced t,ha
during the
afternoon. A verdict was regarded aft
probable before adjournment today.
Seymour Siedraan, chief council for
roze solid our neighbor chop- ' c,
lie ice and used it to freeze 7BtedlMUl oitod W Berger
. Wherefore wo hail him as .,e .R mUeh
diizeiiship Cf Old Industrial
Ciiy Was loaterrea Upon
"U. S. Execoiive.'
ow Price
New specials added every day.
You can always do better at
iaaufi,'' l
FOB SAL3-One fine I. Red mal,
2 years old; ISO-egg Maadjr Lee ia
. cubator. Call 1047J betwoea 8 aad
11 a. m.
Notice is hereby given that I have
imnoumded the following described
tf dogs in compliance with ordinance No.
11U4, town: una mate uuu uos,
WALL PAPEB 15 eeats per dsnbi. rail Md black, weight 38 poundf; one male
upward. Burea'. Faraitar. Store, 17 SpiU, white, wetght 88
Commercial 81m eved "fcepherd, "Bight 40
Uommerctai. pound(1. on8 gmllll Tello femsiB,
bldg- 1 January 10, 1910, as provided in said
W. S. LOW,
Strsst Commissioner,
an. 6, 191. lu
OLD papers far oaa,eti, etc, 19 CMita
per hundred, call et Jsnrasi effioe.
MAXWELL for tf, aSfi. Terssa, Jfe
ehanicaily peifoak Kiga)wsy (rara
Phone Sot. Onli im 8. Caaa.
Court Bouse Notes
Turin, Jan. 6. ('Delayed) Presi
dent Wilson, speaking at tho Muuici
palito hero today, snid "Mr. Mayor:
Both on tho stroets of this interesting
tho true exponent of tho propor utili- l)roviL an amendment to tho consti- I city and hero you have nnde mo feol
...inn nf natural , tl i nG I , , , .u. na 1 9 t. un.a
tho greeting of a people of whom 1 was
indeed a t'eiiow citizen. 1 am vory
much honored that this great city.pluy
ing so important a rola in tho Ufo and
in tho industrial endeavor cf Italy
should havo conferred this high dis-
a . Is IT. a IT Itinction upon me, and 1 taHtf the liber-
WiOniHlg Rl IierYpOn eWS ty of interpreting your action sir, not
meroly as personal compliment to
Newport News, Va., Jan. 7. The myself, to whom you ascribe airtues
transport Powhattan arrived here this and powers which I feel 1 do not pos
mcrning from Europe wi h th 127 th sess, but as a tribute to th people
fild artillery, inth trencli mortar Dat
tory and a casual company, which in
cluded 15 aviator officers. The 127th is
commanded by Captain K. M. hnglish
ration of natural raeilities.
tution doine away with tno senate.
This move was made, Stodman declar
ed, "to prevent the betrayal of the
people by 'bought' senators."
Powhatan Arrives Tl?is
, ,. ... . JM,1..K.,fjV,'r'l,A'''
MOtblng Like Plain Bitro-Phospbate to and the 115th by Captain Drake.
Put os Firm, Healthy Flesh and
to Increase Strength, Vigor
and Nerve Fores
Judging from the countless prepara
tions and treatments which are oonbin-
Most of the men aro from the west,
although some are from Now York and
other eastern states. In the contingent
are men who fought at Chateau Thier
ry and Verdun.
LIBERTY BONDa If yea aiaet dis- J
xwsw or ir --r a, sV
aaiotu. 0i aunvHu iua
WANTED-To buy .everal good dairy Walter C. Winslow ka. filed suit
cows, either freah or to freshen against John P. Baaaaa, C. fc. I.vJ
soon. 112 Union St., or ddrs B-7 anj J, H. Toliiison. He aUegea that
care Journal. 1-1 Bansau rented 22 acres of lond of him
Demurrer Ia Libel Case
.... . , v u .v. .. , i, rn inuueru ioou
old borsee- " LTTa". . nothing, that will supp.y this
aeneiency so weu as rne orgauii: pnus
WE BUY all inas or oh.i nooa- potttoe. wiUl egreem,
nothing we i wmoi ise. S that winslow was to hava as rent, one
ually being advertised for the purpose IJ-0 Pi.Mpr Wprn!pfl
of making thin people fleshy, develop- JliUgC LUMl UlCil WiCU
ing arms, neck and bust, and replacing
ugly hollows and angles by the soft
curved linos of health and beauty, there
aro evidently thousands of men "and Denver, Colo., Jan. 7.-Judgo Butlia-
womon who keenly feel their excessive In the district court today overruled
thinness. the demurrer of 'he Denver Post in the
Thinness and weakness are usually 37tT,00O libel damage suit brought by
due to starved nerves. Our bodies Ernest lorris. chairman of the Denver
need more phosphate than ii. contained County Defense Council. The court
in moaora food. rDyBiciniB claim ioraerea me cubu dv uuihuh-u w
'A man naa an mucu ngm iu uneuu
himself from attacks bj a pen as from
a gun." the court aaid.
nLala Lnn.n axmnnrr Am rrrrtuta t hi IT.- I ft. fTllTl ' ' thfl COUrX ftalU.
nter . reea unrua, fourth of the crop, to be del vered in " ,i7e audj Mentioning the papor's reference to
Pcrs- i sacks at the landing nearest the farm. f ' m. ... , na, . 1 vnrria a. a "Pruss an Hun". "Hkunk"
r, c , t ti Kin- i Ueeording to tho eomplaint, it seems to f satisfaction or munoy and a "Bat", the court declared that
LOST-Sunday eve, four-15 bill, in t Btniau du- bit ow three-fourths " a iha mnn could be assailed by any nswa-
envelope. between Commercial ana . h t if.tt t,e one-fourth ., ". . , v.j n.. ; t .i.!o ,;il,nnt havlnir recourse to ius-
Is sAIleged Karderer Cf For
mer Dsply Sheriff Twomb
ly, November 19.
Portland, Jan. 1.J. Cyril Liard, al
whom 1 represent.
Waa Tradition of People
"Tho poople of the United States
...l.w..n..f tx tain rtnrt in ihn VHf.
rr..u lu.ukiaiii. "".I"'1 - "- ! " A 11,..
not bocuuse thoy doubted the justice j '"H" muiuUtr, '"
of tho cause, but becauso it wag the . mailer, was placod on trial in circuit
tradition of the Ameriimn republic to ; e0Utt bore today on tho chargo of mur
play no part in the policies of other dering Deputy Sheriff Frank Twomb-
continents, but as the struggle advanc
ed from stage to stage they wore more
and moro improssed by tho conviction
that it was not a European struggle,
.I... Aa m .t.itrrrrln fnv tliA rnilom
nisi, lb won a su66iw ',v' .
i.f thn narlil anil liberation of human
ly the night of NovemBer 19.
Liard, it is alb'god, killed the deputy
sheriff 'while speeding through East
Por land, following bis act of robbing
tho gate-keeper at tho Interstate
bridge. Twombly had no idea Liard was
dorff, foimor chief of tho Cerninn ar
mies, is living a life of a recluse on. a
farm npnr Uesleholm under tho name
of Ernest Linstroem, it ws8 officially
aiir.ouiiced todny. Ha refuses to see
victors and takes long tramps through
tho forests daily.
Will Have Places
AH In San Francisco
San Francisco, Jan. 7. A job for ev
ery service otar. With that as their
slogan, members f local placement
committees of state council of dofense
will demand that the service flags dis
played where men are employed bo the
standard for re-employment of soldiers.
Every employer entitled to display
a service flag must employ a soldier
for every star displayed, former em
ployes to have the refusal of places, as
tho men become available, if the com
mitteemen are te be satisfied.
Liberty on State Bt. Beward. Beturn j ,b th(j igtead of doli
to Journal office. ling it 8t tho landing for Mr. Wins:
by supply
necessary phosphoric food elements, jtice.
bitro-DUOsutiate quickly produces a I
WANTED 'Furai sh ed room,
modern conveniences, for
teacher. Address 705 care Journal.
Tentral 14 ig 'U ttlleKed BMftn morW welcome transformation in the 8pneV-;p fl f nnffrP!?rr Will
man4 ni Uree-f onrtbs ' 6rP whlch ancej the increase in weight frequent- jlaCB WJIUCiiU: II1U
he had dug. Mr. Winslow asks for a i being aatonlshini;. fKn laH5r
titi thrnA-fnurtria r.rno and Tl.:, : , . : Wn;i,f nlsn
rCCCl.UI uw "---' 1 1 .11. iDtimw lu .11 111 a.au ' ,
an injunction until the affair ean be witj, j tt general improvement in the
settled according to law. ; health. Nervousness (! :1 im i nH
farms; low teret rat"; J"
me privilege te pap i ar
els on ay irtirrwt iact. CkM f
write H. M. Hawtnas, 814
bldg, Salem. ' tf
In the ease of Josie W. Mde atrain
ft are nee A. Porter. Frank M.
plaintiff aud half by the defendant.
Hack of energy, wlreh
FOB EXCHANGE Well improve 1M
ere farm southern Alberta, taacres
cultivated. S500. No iaeumbtaaee,
aUT"Blr,r:" and Own W. Porter, the circuit
"..T.' :: J T; award. Mrs. Moo a 160 acre tract,
assume. rs a, ,... o. Rnother of 160 acre.
. . . '-.!.... ,.t "7 -r Tlia pxnnnses of
PLENTY of money -:'-" .:' ,. a..,, v. th .. aleeoleasnesa and-eoneml wrak-
me auib ore iu tj" 7 ... - , .
. ness, 11 snouiu nui, uwiiik " l
markablo flesh groviie Trop-r'i-, be
0i hruary 20
Washington. Jan. 7. The Peace con
ference will
Diiru ,ui .in, imi'mft-nvii
. . 1 T nl l.' ..... ,, . ,.ii n. n.
! accompany excessive thinness, soon dis- r uuuui . .....i. w
Porter '.appear, da 1 eyes b-e ime brisht, and
court pal, chttks glow with the b oom of 10 IS) will l memiv pr-i.m nary mw-
, an-iperfest h-alth. on """"y- -i
and CAUTIOV-Althouph hitro-phrsphnte conxerr-Di- ' ,
nnsurpass-d for relivins; nervous-
Rome. Jan. 7. The indemnity due
lty, and with Uiat conviction it was im- robber, merely chasing him as a
possible that they should withhold speoder. Tho gatekeeper at the bridge
their hands. Their hoarts bad been with was relieved of $123.
you from the start and ther. when the Agusta Carlson, who had posed as 4he
timo of thoir conviction come they wlf f Liard for several months pre
throw every rosource of men and moo- ceding his arrest, is said by the polite
ey and enthusiasm into the struggle, j to havo confessed tha1: Liad rnbbed
Baal Peace Makws the bridge gate-keeper end killed
"Perhaps you gentlemen think of Twombly. The police say she declarer
the mom borax of your government and te feared that if Liard were not ar
the members of other governments rosted he would kill her because of her
who are going to confer in tho city of knowledge of his crimes. It is also said
Paris, as the real makers cf war and aho implicated Liard in the hold-up of
peaee, but we are not. Kou ars the a Ureut Northern train near Bra)'
makers of war and peace, i laat Hcp'trnbiT, and in a blackmailing
"1 have only this suggctlion. If we scliomo against prominent citizens of
go to Paris to conclude a peace, you Portland.
stay here to continue it. Wt can start. The man who went on trial today
It's your duty to continue it. We can faces the following chargos: second
only mako the largo conclusions, you grne murder, highway robbery, tra'n
constantly transact the detail which aobbery, larceny of government bond),
constitute tho process of tho life of d h r ion f-om o'h armv nml vii'-M
a nation."- . of bis parolo from tho Walla Wallai
Wilson emphasized close relations be- neniten'iary I
tween Italy and the United States and It is predicted that Liards defense
said that when Baron Honnind was ar- will be that Augusta Carlson "frn-n
guing for extension of Italian sover- cd" tho case against him to protect fhf
eignty ovor Italian people, he sail "1 real murderer, whom she loves more
am sorry we cannot let you have New than she does Liard with whom r'
York which I understand is the 8tc lived as his wifo. It uf believed "he do-
cst Italian city in the world. 1 am pr,N" v."'l p 'f-t ' s'ltmn M' ''- '
told tlrre are more l.alia'n in New son as an adv""t'i",.'i who cravd a ':f"
fork than in any city in Italy." of Itixur" 'linrd as a cstspaw.
BfJom bread ajup-ssrtg Salem's payroll
E. C
NafUiger ha, filed suit ed 7 who doe. n , desir'. to I'aly ot
M. L. Jones. Ho ellegea they all e lut oa flesh.
rl t r0.00 000,000, tho Giornala .,,.
. T'alis s'atnd today.
f Stockholm, Jan. 7. General Ludcn-
Tape's Cold Coffipoand" Ends
Severe Colds Or Grippe
In Few Hoars.
Tou caa end grippe and break up S
icver cold either in head, chrst. body
or limbs, by taking a dose of "Pape's
""Id Compound" every two honrs until
-hrri dn" are taken.
It p-omptlv opens eloeRed-np n"st-ils
snd air passages in the head, stops
nasty discharge or nose running, re-li'-ves
siek headache, dullness, feverish
nes sore throat, sneezing, soreness
npd stiffness
Den 't s'ay stuffed-up! Quit blowing
"4 snuffling. Ease your throbbing
head nothing olse in the world (rives
sich prompt relief as "Pane's Cold
r'nmpoiind," whieh costs only a few
cents at any drug store. It acts with
out assistance, tastes nice, snd causes
no inconvenience. Be sure yn get the