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"Suicide by Inches"
THOUSANDS of people commit
suicide by inches! . . . v.
If one should take minute daily)
doses of some irritant or poisonous
drug, no particular effect might bej
noticed until accumulation of the poi-.f
son made its action evident. if
Yet how many realize that irritant
and poisonous substances are formed
constantly, even in health, during food
digestion and the preparation of its
waste for elimination?
If the bowels act regularly and thor
ugh!, such dangerou matter i
safcly gotten rid of.
But if constipation exists, there
results stagnation of intestinal waste,
increased production of poisonous
substances, and their absorption in
to the blood, which carries them all
over the body.
The result is disease or disorder,
which, if neglected or allowed to
continue, cripples or kills.
The victim of such lelf-poison-ing
commits suicide by inches.
Constipation is a bad habit It is
t sin against the body.
But there is an even worse habit,
a crime against Nature, the taking
of pills, castor oil, laxative mineral
waters, and salts to "force the bow
els to move." Because such drugs
do not cure constipation. They
make constipation a habit. They
do not prevent "suicide by inche's."
On the other hand, the . Nujol
Treatment not only overcomes con
stipation, but prevents stagnation an 1
makes self-poisoninz impossible.
Nujol is not a drug, does'not set
like any drug ; it is absolutely harmle s.
Nujol helps Nature re-establish ea y,
daily, thorough, bowel evacuati n.
Wnrm'vif NUJ0L " M
tr timing, oniy in lealed bot
tles bearing the Nujol TraJe Mark. Insist
on Nujol. You may suffer from substitutes.
Nujol Laboratories
50 Broadway, New York
Regular as
iiiiiasiu: -mv) II MSB ;i i, j r I'tJf J-
War Expert Says Revolution
Has Appearance Of Being
Additional Expenses
During Recent Campaign'
By J. W. T. Mason.
(United Press W Ernert 1
1 W Y.irt Vrtw 11 Tl : . 1
- -i i... xut-itr 13 ueep
danger that Hohenzollern will try to!
j mount the throne of Germany again if
jthe delegates to the iwace eouferenee1
.sueceed in disturbing the harmonr of!
the allies, or sow discord between'
.Anicriea and the world's other tlemoc i
j raeies. I
' The German revolution shows cvi-i
dence of having been too carefully or-1
ganized in too short a time for it to bej
j accepted at its own vaiue.
j sHohenzollcrn's self imposed exile has
.taken him into the nearest neutral'
country from which he could mako a!
;quieit return if conditions warranted a
j duplication of Xnpoleon's escape from'
lElba. A true devolution should how'
jfar more exuberance and a far greater
j spirit of rejoicing over the winning of!
i'"11" nas yet Deen uemonatrat-
ted in Germany.
'When a nation hn. tioon ormi.nH ;.
j medievalism as Germany has been, a'
;Crtain amount of inefficiency is inevit-'
jnlile before the true voad to liberty is1
jiua-.d. Germany has not yet passed'
j through a transition period. There is!
n indication that new machine at
the government i3 being used, although'
new names' are renlaciim the old min
listers. '
If the revolution had been carefully
planned long in advance by German)
I efficiency experts, as a final piece of
organization to save the old autocratic
(spirit of the fatherland, it would not
have been arranged any differently '
I than it has been. " i
A revolution that pi rmi .? a cnr.vn
prince to return to the lead of its
jarniy after renouncing the light of sue
! cession, is not a revolution to be trust-'
ed. A revolution that retains in office '
H the autocratic army commanders!
,fioiu Von Hindenburg down, is not a'
I revolution t0 carry conviction. A rev-'
, idution that allows its former emperor'
tr) cross to a neutral boundary whence'
he can conveniently return after peace!
: im oecn signed is a revolution to be
held under surveillance.
I Hohenzoll n '9 surrender should be
; demanded or' Holland by , Alneriea and
the allies under the law of extradition,
i After sentence of guilty of world mur
der has been imposed on him, he should
be imprisoned for life. Execution
i would be too lenient. It would fix the '
j conditions of the case if Great Britain
wouiu ccuo im. tteieua to tlie league of
Expenditures of $?r-atnr Chirles L.
Mi Nacy dving th? recent election cam
paign amounted to Si-eording to
the statement he fled today with the
secretary of stat v
In his campaign for state treasurer,
0. V. Hr-.f eri.-nt $5d.3t, according
to bis -statement. .
Other expense statements Wire filed
to-lay as follor, s:
Alfred P. Dobsou, circuit judge, 4th
dixtriet, Icpt. So. 4. dmotrntie, nil.
Fred V. Wilson, circuit judge, 7th
distiict, republu.-an-demoeratic, nil.
Walter A. Diniiek, state senator, 12th
district, r pub!i-an-demo;ratic, nil.
S. A. Hughes, representative, 1st dis
trict, republican democratic, $2j.
Charles A. Bra'nd, representative,
th ditrii-t, republican, nil.
J. E. Standard, representative, 6'.k
distiict. republican-democratic, 3c.
W. P. Lafferty, representative, 10th
district, republican, ni1.
B. X Hurd, representative, 19th dis
trict, republican.denioeratic, nil.
Alice M. McXaught, representative,
ISth district, democratic, $,"3.24.
I'. H. Sternberg, representative, ISth
district, socialist, nil.
E. h. Ballagii, representative, Oth
district, republican,' $11.
Salem Man Writes Words
Cf Dashing Patriotic Song
A new patriotic song is now being
presented for pul lie approval, entitled
"We'll All Cheer the Flag." The song
is of special interest to Salem people
as the words are br Albert E. Gebhardt,
examiner in the corporation deport
ment at the state house. The music is
by the Portland musician and band
leader, Dudley Huntington Me.i.'osh.
The song is published bv Mr. Geb
hardt. . :
( Although hundreds of patriotic
songs have been recently published,
"We'll All Cheer the Flag" bids fair
to n.eet with the patriotic spirit of
those- who enjoy rousing songs, as it is
bv far above the average that has been
offered for public approval. The cho
rus has the proper dashing' military
swing and the words are really worth
while. . They tell a stoiy of patriotism
aud this i3 a lot more than can be said
of the average patriotic song offered to
the public.
nations for a prison for the former
kniser. Thereafter St. Helena would
serve as a perpetual place of incarcera-
Shoes and Not Shoes
We sell you shoes of Standard Makes, such as Keith
Konquerer, Buckingham & Hecht and J. Tilt. The
names which stand for Quality only during the last
fifty years, and not shoes the kind you .know are
made for special sales. We do not want anyone to
take a chance or even our word; as every shoe dealer
claims his shoes are the best. But ask one of our
Customers. He will tell you what kind of shoes Paris
Shoe Shop carry. Do you insist that your shoe man
give you the same kind of shoe you bought the last
time?that's the way our .customers buy their
REMEMBER! That whenVou deal with us you deal
with a shoe maker and not a SHOE MAN. Anybody
can be a shoe man, but it takes a life time to become
a shoe maker, the kind we know.
BEWARE! Don't trust your feet to everybody.
Your feet is your lifetake no chances. For Style,
Quality and Perfect fit go to Paris.
Contribute to
Allied War
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1 withdrew.
tion for high offenders
world s pence.
against the
Clown Prince Writes the Kaiser j
'i Per Hun, Rj.rim civ in France, Aug.
nut 30 times.
J'ciir I'apa: 1 nut wriding on der run,
iin tier pravo uud gUiriotift Hoidiet's under
initio gmnnmnd haf not seen der Khino
fur o long (ley have started buck dut
, v.iy, und of course I am going niit.
Oh, pupa, dere bass been some oft'e!
(Hugs happening hi e iu France.
'"First, I sdurded in niy bi otfen
ivc which vs to g'lish der fooi Ameii
en ns, but dey know so little npout mill
4nry tietnes dey viU not be, griished,
cliunt like a vanted "cm. I sent my men
til der fight In big vnfes, nnd ven dey
?ot to der Americans dey all Mild: linn!
us Joud as dey could holler. Veil, ag
fording to vat you haf always, toldt
me, der Americana should Imf turned
tml run like plnzes. But vnt do you
fink I Deni fool Americnns don't know
anything about var, mid instead of
running dey oder vay( de.y eonio right
toward us. Home of dem vas singing
pome dings like 've won't go pack till
jt'a ofer, tifor dere,' or xome oder fool
if.li gong, und some of dem ver luffing
like fools.
"Dey are so ignorant. bn dey aie si)
ofel reckless niit i!ere guns, und ven
ili-y eome toward us it vns d 'n that my
men took a notion dey vanted to go
buck to der old Kl ine. Ve din'd like
red little old dirty Mnrne river, any
linw. I' ml, oh, pnu, den- Americans
w.e such ofel Lilian ich. Diy know
notting of cull ure und any such ofel
rimgs right befor us. Und talk blas
ji'ienny, too. Van yon dink thov trcid
ijb in front of my fneef
One big husky from a place dey call
Oklahoma, he said Oh, pupa, I bate to
fell you vat all ofel dingt he said 'To
hell niit dor kaiser! Did you efer
:-ap anything so ofelt 1 didn't stand
und hear such a ofel dinfcs, so I tinned
j round mil run mit der odors boys.
Vas I right Vns I, Und, Om, papa,
you know dem breast plates vat you
sent us can you sent us some lo put on
lour backs,
You know ve are going der oder vny
now, mid breast plate are no good for
dor coward Americans nr shooting us
right in der backs. Some of der poys
took dere breast plates off und put
dem on behind, but der fool Americans
are lny tag 'Der Star Hpnngled runner'
tmt machine gnu on dem breast plates.
Uuu't you help us' You remember in
your speech you wild that nodding could
standt before der pravo Uherman sol
diciH. Oh, papa, I don'd believe dir
ignorant Americans efer read your
speech, for dey run after us chust like
vo vas a lot of rabbits. Vat you dink
of datF Can't you sent dem some of
your (.pecdics right avayf Dey
don'd know how terrible ve are.
Can't you move my army back to
K'ieiij.ni, vere ve von all our glory ?
My iren can vip all der vimmins und
children vat dem Belchiums can pring
L But dose Americans are made dem
underhand! dut ve are der so rough
I und ignorant. '
Ve cuii t greatest soldiers onearth,
und ven ve try to sing 'Dcutchland
U bin- Allies' dey luff like a lot of mou
key. But v lire getting der pest of
ler Americans. Ve can oudtiuu dim,
papa, if we are not der pent fighters on
earth e are der pest runners. Nobody
can keep up mit us von vo tink of del
old It lii lie, uud my army nefer did tink
so itm.-h of dat dear old river as right
now. Let me know light away by return
. .
Kaiser Writes to Clown Prince
Oh, these common people is so igno
rant! Now, Willie, I want you to be caieful.
Remember, you ia to be the kaiser of
(iermany and the whole woild, maybe
if dem Americans become educated
enough, but, Willie, I is so discouraged
nliout dem. I don't belief dey can 1.6
educated. Hut anyhow, you be careful.
Keiuember dat those ignorant Ameri
cans might shoot you iu the back. 1 sin
sending you your breast plates at once,
quick. Y'es, I am sending you two
breast plates. Maybe you had bettor
wear dem both on your back.
Encourago your men all yoi. p-i, 'Wil
lie. Tell dem to fight hard and if dey
don't get kilt and if dey rapture me a
live American I will give thein an Iron
cross, maybe.
I tun sorry dat I did not train yn fo
I run foot races wi-cu I trained you to
be a soldier. But I didn't think you
would ever need to know dat.
I I is keeping the Khine in good shape
for you. JT is so beautiful.
I fear those ignorai.e American will
cut down some of thf beautiful trees
along it, and "oh, Williel that would
break my heart. I think I will give
dem Americnns another chance for
peace and if dey don't take it we will
retreat back to the beautiful Rhine.
. Those ignoinnt Americans! I j, so
discouraged with dem. If dey don't
accept my peace offer we will have a
strategic retreat.
I is very sorry dat those Americans
use such bad language.
How ignorant dey is! Just to think,
dat beg Misouriaii wanted me to go to
hell when he knows well enniirh thai
I nnd liott is partners and I will go to
I wouldn't haf anything to do with
aucn people. .
Now, son. I must close. Dim 't foro..i
to use vour breait nlates on thp i.ihnr
side and make your men be real bravo
our mayue you nad better come back
to Berlin until the strategic retreat is
over. Then we can blame it on someone
Your loving father,
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The Journal Jot, Department
will print you anything in the
stationery line do it right and
save you real motiey.
district a-lrcady has been evac iated.
As the evacuated towns and villages
in AIsace-Lorjaine are taken over, the
German civil ndminis; iations are re
placed by French officials. Re-cccupa-tion
of the restore, provinces will be
carried out precisely the same as that
f northern France, as it is considered
that Abaee-Lorraine has benn occupied
by the enemy forty eight years' instead
of four years.
American troops ajv cooperating with
the French in the work of rei artiation
The Germans have officially complain
ed of the hostile attitude' of the in
habitants of Alsace-Lorraine as they
i 0'olri.ar is only ten miles fiom tho al-
liert lines, as they were at the close of
hostilities. Metz is 12 miles, anil
'. Strassburj 30 miles from the lines.
Officer to Chimay
I London. Nov. 14.-Fren'h military
officials have asked the Gc:man Sev
: enth army to send an officer to Chi
' may at 2 o'clock this afternoon to ar-
range handing over of that ariny'8
(guns and material, it was announced in
ja wireless dispatch from Faris.
, Chimay is in Belgium, 14 miies norta
: cast of Hirson and only six n'.iles from
i the allied lines as established on Nov.
ill.'- :''.- '
Saturday, November 16th
Tho followiag letter w written by
a Bciota girl in reply to the recent let
ter published in a Kansa paper, writ
ion, by Crowa I'riace Willi to his papa,
the kaiser;
Bomewher in Germany, Here, Thoro
tind Everywhere, Night "d Dry A'.l
ti Time Dear Son Willies Koeeived
your very pleasiagr letter dated
'All the time." '.
Now, aoa, I am veryorry dat dem
American are no ignorant and unman
jierly. Wo didn't built thbj great war
iitthIo of our to eoii(uer ue!i Igo
mnt reotde with, ,'f thought the World
vas better civiliuml or I would never
ben in America bat supposed dat dey!
pre vet enough educated to know dat
I and liott and Oermany were going to,
rule the whole world. It may be dat'
if dey don't become better educated'
quick at once dat we will haf to give
up liiia war for conquest and go to
fighting for defense. Ye, Willie, I haf
jut about already decided this. There'
no use-trying to conquer people that,
are too ignorant to know dat we ean:
whip dem. j
I haf already told my people, my on,!
fene but dey y dey can t understand 1
'wfcy we i in Franco a fighting if wej
..I l.J I. I A m
' "e siHmcn, uot 10 America, as
an intercessor, but t0 all the victims
or Herman Iwt and cruelty. It the
Herlin government receives eneouiage
inent ia its plan t0 ignore Europe and
deal as exclusively a possible with the
United rltates, HoheniolUrn in his
Iuteh waiting place will grin with sar
donic satisfaction. The most difficult
work of a coalition is not making war,
but niakiug peace. Many a bcatvn na
tion liiui saved itself by disrupting
coalitions at the peace conference. The
stnkc is too large for Germauy to neg
leet any gambler' device that hold a
similar possibility of success now.
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