Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 30, 1918, Page THREE, Image 3

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ence's verdiet in official form for rep
resentative's signatures.
By Robert J. Bender
-Washington, Oct. 30. Germany am
sont a supplementary eommuuieation to
the United States on the subject of
peace. . It reached the Swiss legation
this, forenoon and was delivered by the
Swiss charge shortly before noon.
The new message described what
Germany is doing in the way of consti
tutional changes to make the govern
ment responsible to the people.
it was said that it does not alter the
peace situation as it stands today, not
making any new proposals.
It is understood to have been un
solicited and constitutes a voluntary
move on the part of Gormany. The
text may not be made public immedi
ately. "
The supplementary message was by
way of amplifying previous statements
of the German government that it had
politically reformed. Tho note, which
it supplements, declared thatthe presi-
aeni --Knows aoout mese reforms."
It was regarded here, therefore, as a
Iast-minuto effort to persuade the pres
ident that the kaiser's power had been
effectually shorn and that armistice
dealings would, in reality, be with the
German people not the Hohenzollerns.
How the government regards tho sin
cerity of the explanations was nol
forthcoming. ; .
The note, which is quite long is un
signed and directed not to President
Wilson, but to tho United States gov
ernment. It is more in the nature of a
memorandum for public consumption
in tho United States than an official
document solely for the review of the
. While the increasing efforts of tho
central powers for an armistice before
they are definitely beaten, there was
growing belief here today that the
United States and the allies should dis
patch their armistice terms and peace
terms simultaneously, tho former to be
granted upon the condition that Ger
many and her aillies accept the latter.
s A some expressed it tliero wouM be
no use in granting an armistice if there
was then to bo prolonged wrangling
and chance for discord at the peace ta
ble. Germany, they said, should be
given an armistice only if she agrees
to the allied peace terms.
Conference at Versailles.
The Versailles conference will agree
to adhere to President Wilson's poaco
points. .'
This was stated in authorltativo
American official and . entente, diplo
matic quarters today. As a corollary
to the basic, acceptance the question of
an armistice lias been given over to
tho militovy advisers, and according to
the United Press' information, armis
tice terms will bo forthcoming before
the weekends. .
i And differences ns to the application
of ' the president's 14 points, will be
threshed out in the final-feace ini.1nat
ment, If was said. It was emphasized
that the Versailles conference will cldso
with a completely united diplomatic
With armistice torms about ready, for
presentation to Germany, her brok.m
ally, Austria, wag today madly scramb
ling to gst a separate peace before tho
complete crash comes. ' ' '.' ,
New Austrian Appeal.
Her latest reported note an appeal
to Secretary Lansing to, use influence
upon President Wilson for such a peace
had not been rtccivod. But it was
expected to follow closely, on her pence
answer delivered lato yesterday, which
was before President Wilson and ec-
retaiy Lansing today. That tho allies
and the United States are ready to
make terms on tho basis of surrender
of Austria iB considered likely. But
the entente, it was learned authenti
cally, will stipulato that Bohemia and
Slovakia be occupied as a base for fu
ture operations against Germany before
an armistice win do aupwca Austria.
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Individuals Included
In Excess Prof its Taxes
Washington, Oct. 30. The senate fi
nanco committee today brought indi
viduals and partnerships under the war
excess provisions of the $8,000,000,000
war rovenno bill. Under tho house bill,
individuals and partnerships paid no
war excess profits tax.
To equalize this condition, the com
mfttco provided that Biich individuals
and partnerships shall pay war excess
profits taxes exactly as corporations
but that the war excess profits tax
shall bo credited againBt the income
tax paid by tho individual or the indi
vidual members of the partnership.
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Louis Swift's Son-ln-Law
Confesses To Intrigue
New York,, Oct. 30. Depositions
-n i. T A- Hfi.
maao oy tue iiui.an coum, .' ' idealism to save Germany from her just
!"""""" i . r.Zi,i 'ate The Germans, holding n0 higher
stated, ' at allied embassies' today, he
doubtlessly would be made ehauiuan
of the peace conference if ho goes.
Should tho war go on for years, as"
is possible, the president 's reported de
sires might ibo altered, of course.
Should he go, the constitution pro
vides that during the poriod of his
absence, the vice president -would di
rect' the executive work of the presi
dent. 1 .
It would be tho first time in the
history of tho nation that the president
has visited Europe while in office.
Colonel Roosevelt wont to Panama
while president.
' Report of the president's possible
course with particular sympathy among
diplomats oft tho smaller countries who
have enthusiastically applauded his at
titude toward Austria- and his expres
sions on tho rights of small nations.
"Incidentally, this new gossip added
zest to "discussion hero because of the
president's known conviction that tho
doors of the peace conclave should be
9WU112 wido to the public and all cove
nants should bo arrived at openly. ,
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Swift, the Chicago packer, disclosing
what transpired during alleged meet
ings betwoen former Premier of Franca
Caillaux and Count Von Luxburg, in
Argentina, were cabled to tho French
authorities today . to be used at tho
opening of the Caillaux trial. Tha de
positions wcro mado yesterday
Austria is regarded a8 in tho position thousands Havfe Discovered Dr.
Edwards unve laDietsare
a Harmless Substitute.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tabletfr-the substl
of having to take practically any terms
the entente and America present.
Must Give Up Entire Fleet.
The original ticket was" that Ger
many would have to gWe up her sub- jute for calomel are a mild but sure
mariiio fleet and permit occupation of laxative, and their effect on tha liver i
her grand fleet pending the outcome almost Instantaneous. They are the result
of the final peace negotiations. British of Dr. Edwards' determination not to treat
pressure may have altered that, for liver and i bowel XuTl
press dispatches from abroad now sug- His effortt to bamsh it brought out these
gest that surrender of not only the httleohve-colored .9. .
U-boats but the grand fleet will be re- SSTO bS to?
no bad after
quired. . g t, Theydon't Injure the teeth like
Austria's note of yesterday will ,f,i:nl,iftanrpalomel. Thev take hold
motives than those of force and ruth-
lessnces, believe that American ideal
ism must necessarily be based on sen
timontality and weakness of character.
Tho kaiser, therefore, expects the
United States to accept-his flattery and
to summon ail tho rest of tho world at
sinners to hear the irrevocable judg
ments of the American nation. By this
means tho democracies of Kurope
would naturally bo incited to enmity
against ' America. , The resulting dis
cord would immeasurably benefit Gor
man interests. It is not through any
such intrigu as this that a just pcacs
can be imposed on the Germans. Peace
must be in agreement with tho funda
mental terms of all the democratic nn;
tions, if democracy is to win tho war.
Germany must not be allowed to
gain the victory by subtly planting
seeds of future strife botwean America
land tho domocraciu' of Great Britain
and France.
house On his lots in Richeo addition to
Turner.' Ho has also bought two acres
north and east of his house so "watch
Turner grow."
' J. Al. Pattison was up from Portland
Mondn)' looking after his 'logging in
terests. " ., . . :
Churley Bear brought in a largs '
plant known as the -enstor bean lot
Banker Gray to use as a window dis
play. It wns 10 feet high so B. D. de
cided to leave it on the sidewalk. ,
Clyde 0. Rice, wife and little
daughter wore Sunday visitors . ue
Turner homo.
Air. H. C. Porter of Auiusvjlla was a
business culler on L, II. Tumor fctatur.
day. " ''.; ., ... , .
p- Scott of Portland, representing
Broughton & Wiggins, was a Turner .
business visitor Saturday. .
'Mrs. CV A. Nelson and daughter, Al
dah, of Shedd wcro week end visitors
at tho Turner home. - :, -
Mr.' Charles App'ogufo was a business
visitor to Tumor Monday. j' ..
-Ralph Chavis, wife and son, John,
were in Salem Tuesday. . .
1 Dr. Massey reports no "flu" cases in
Turner at present, and every ono in
taking extra precaution no school nor
church gatherings for a few weeks
' Mrs. Massey was in Salem Monday
attending the funeral of her sister,
Mrs. Herman Sproed.
Charles Martin moved into town Sat
urday. .
"ffoe" Hall is . working ' for the
Dragcr fruit Union.
Rev. Mickey and family have moved
to hulfiii. i ...
. Geo. Mooro was down from Mill City
tho first of tho week.,
Charles Ball died in Portland lion-
'ly- ....
The aged father of Sherman Swank
iif AuniBvillo died Monday, and his
body was brought to Turner for burial
Wednesday afternoon.
Miss At;ncs Arnold is in Turner for
a few days..
Clarenco Forrest is homo from the
iriiigs. :" .
'Hungary's Independence.
Amsterdam. Oct. 30. Archduke Jo-
senh. n second cousin of tho Austrian probably be forwarded to Versailles at ti,rniihla Andouicklv-correctlt. Why
emperor, has issued a proclamation de- once. Her supplementary appeal from tCure the liver at the expense ot the teeth?
daring that Karl charged him t0 effect! Count Andrassy, tho new. foreign minis-' Calomel Sometimes plays havo with the
complete independence of Hungary tor, to Lansing, is unusual. Diplomatic gums. So do Strong liquids. Itisbestnot
which would ioin the league of na- procedure ordinarily would require that to take calomel, but to let Dr. Edwards
tions, according to a Budapest (lis-1 sue as a ncuimi io hiu, ramcr iuhh yiivo lauicm H"-. m
patch received here today.
Reports received yesterday stated
that Count Karolyi who whs elected
head of the national council, alieady
had formed an independent, anti-dynastic
state in Hungary, in Which the
Czechoslovaks and Jugo-Slavs had
Sailing Vessel Sunk
At Pier In Seattle
Seattle Wash, Oct. 30. Rammed dur
ing a heavy fog as she lay at buoy
number two in JCUiott bay, the sailing
vessel A. J. Fuller was sunk after be
ing hit by the Japanese steainshipj
Mexico Maru, a few hundred yards
than m;a Tahlpta take its rjlace.
ask an enemy secretary of state direct- Most headaches, "dullness"' ana tnat
ly for his good offices. . lazy reeling como itom toiraunauwu
mi.. a ..!.' 1. o AianrAprpi liver. Take Dr. Edwards'
tion to the press that hr appeal need Olive Tablets Wtenvoufee from fhe M(,attfl WRterfront- eftrty thii
not imply .fo was asking f ? a sepa- Note how they mennng.
...- t r- - . i h a. .1. f-uiier now rests on tne
bottom of tho bay in 30 fathoms of
water. The mate and nightwatehman
- State of Siege Proclaimed.
Zurich, Oct. 30. A state of siego has
been proclaimed in Budapest, following
the attempt of a hundred thousand
demonstrators to enter the palace of
Archduke Joseph. Tho demonstra-,
tors are demanding a republic.,-
German troopj are reported to be
Students in the eity have formed a
council to co operate with the Magyar
national council.
Czecho-Sovaks Control.
Copenhagen, Oct. 30. The Czecho
slovak national council was in com
plete possession of Prague, capital of
Bohemia, on Monoay, a V lenna dis
patch reported today. The populace
was enthusiastically celebrating. - .
Wants Peace Wita Italy.
Cp penhagen, Oct. 30. Count An
drassy, new Austro Hungarian foreign
minister, hag decided to begin direct
negotiations . with Italy, according to
adviees received here today,
rate peace, apart irom uermany, wss 25 bcx Ail druggists.;
interpreted here merely as a feeble cf-. w
fort to show that Germany and Austria
are still united. However, the ' ex
planation showed that what was want
ed will bo a geparato pcaco in the in
terest of general peace. '
Czecho-Blovak Question. '
President Wilson has said that the
Czcclio-Slovaks and Jugo-Slavs must be
satisfied with the pcaco outcome. Tho
Czecho slovak national council is un
derstood to insist on nothing short of
unconditional surrender of Austria-
Aun-fc Polly says:'
. Dobby. what
n 4 nnrl IVl
nveiy f
.and cream, says I c
Hungary, with complete military and
political evacuation of the Hapsburg
regime from. Czceho-Jugo, Pole and
Italian territory.
President Wilson was reported this
morning as preparing a reply to the
latest Austrian peace plea, which was
expected to be completed and made
public some time today but probably
not until lato this evening. That the
president would merely pass on the
Austrian appeal to Versailles for settle
ment, notifying Austria of his action
was tho conviction here.
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against the president leaving his coun
try. Precedent alone- has guided the ac
tion of former executives. .
President Wilson has broken nny
'y those who believe he will go, it
is pointed out that such action would
servo to climax his efforts for his kind
of a peace "based on justice to all."
Owing to bis bigh position, it was
were the only persons aboard the Pul
ler at tho time of the sinking. They
were rescued. Tho Mexico Maru was
on her way to pier 8 when sho ram
med the schooner, which, sinking, took
the buoy down with her.
. A full cargo of Alaska canned sal
mon went down with the Puller, which
was owned and operated by tho North
western Fisheries company.
The( A. J. Fuller was of 1600 tons
grot,"and plied between Uyak, Alas
ka, and Seattle. Sho sank in ton min
ut)f) after being rammed. 1
Turner School District
Holds Special Election
(Capital Journal Speeial Service.)
School district No. 79 held a special
election Saturday afternoon. Dr. Mas
sey and George Moore having re
signed, B. E. Robertson was elected
clerk and Mr. Webb as director for a
three-yeart erm.
Mayor H. L. Earl ordered tho school
closed Oetobflr 21.
W. A. Martin is building a new
t iNSWHt rosins Tw
mmSjifimmt-! nu n1iwss
of better health
and comfort arc
being enjoyed by
thousands wh$
(av" invested
as their regular
table beverage
in place of