Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 18, 1918, Page SIX, Image 6

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The Oregon state council of defense has requested
that no delivery of petroleum products be made on Sun
day. The Standard Oil Company is glad to comply with this
request and beginning Sunday, October 20th, and there
after until further notice, all of our distributing stations
in the, state of Oregon, including our automobile service
stations, will be closed on Sunday. No sale or delivery of
any kind will be made on Sunday.
As in the case of our previous announcement regard
ing the sale of gasoline and engine distillate only between
the hours of 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. (Now Week Days Only).
This request is made for the purpose of conserving man
power, and we know that our patrons will patriotically co
operate in making this important war measure effective.
Standard Oil Company
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row", MrAdoo said, the government
stilt would have an euormous financial
problem to solve which would nceos
citate the raising o fmuch more money.
Moro expenditures aiv anticipated and
tlinaA BTtuVn aftn will lionn nvo. until 1
long after peace has eonie."
Reports'that the loan is to be extend,
ed for another week were again den
ied by the secretary. He said he was
convinced that th.e American people
would rise to their full duty and sub
scribe the loan.
that the subscrintion of the navy to
the liberty loan' totalled $28,000,000,
which is $3,000,000 above the quota set
for the navy.
Uncle Sam's jackies throughout the
world ate enthusiastically subscribing
to the loan anj somv ships have sub
scribed en masse. According to Ad-
jmiral Cowie, in charge of the navy lib.
crty loan campaign, the showing by the
;navv is "equivalent to the sinking of
....i : ft :: .;n
coming in. '
Chairman Hurlev of the shipping
1 board today appealed today to ship
workvrs all over the country to "come
across'' for the loan. Telegrams were
tent to all the shipyards reading:
"We must win the war. We can't doi
it without the $6,000,000,000 the gov-j
eminent asks you to lend to it. We
can't get along without this money. We'
can't continue to build ship8 to carry!
our boys to Fi ance or to carry them I
homo again when the German govern-!
ment finally admits the complete fail-1
uro Of its plan for world domination
unless this loan is a success.
"We will nwd a large part of the
$8,000,000,000 loan if wo arc to finish
the construction of the fleet under way
ami -have a 'merchant marine that will
give un prosperity at the end of the
war. Only tho failure of this liberty
loan enn take the heart out of our boys
or halt their progress.' ,
well be done by women, was tho finding
of the 'conference of labor commission
ers held recently in Washington, D. C,
according' to a report of thP conference
submitted today to Labor Commission
er Hflff by C. H. Oram, republican
nominee for labor eommiBioner.
Mr. Grain attended the conference
as a representative of the citato labor
department. i . f
'."' " It was the unanimous opinion of tlie
((inference," says Oram in his report,
''that the employment of women in
hazardous occupations and the employ
ment lor which women are not physic-;
ally fit, such as saw mills, planing
mills, wooden box factories, sash and
door factories, iron foundries, brass
foundries, lnnchlno shops, ship yards,
etc., was not justified at this tiino.
It was shown that thousnnds of men
were till employed in the manufacture
of clothing, clerking in stores, doing
That women are being employed In work and a private chauffeurs,
. , , . , , . . .. - , all or which is essentially work that
industries for which they are not phy- be porfornlcd by WOnien.'
mcbIIy fit. while thousands of men jfr- tiram siTg ti1Ht eompluint is
were still employed In the manufacture' being made by labor unions that,' under
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the guise of war necessity, women are
being introduced more and more in em
ployments that are physically injurious.
He recommends that a survey be
made of this state to determine the
percentage of men who are employed in
non-essential occupation or work that,
can be performed by women without in
jury to their health He suggests that
this survey be made in conjunction
iviththe community labor boards, which
are now organized throughout the
Employment of women at night should
bo discouraged, tho conference declared.
And in states which have more strin
gent labor laws than tho federal law,
the federal authorities will aid in en
forcing the state laws, while if the
federal la wis more stringent than the
tale laws the federal laws will be en
forced. .
Attempts have been made to send
out reports that . the enforcement of
lwbor laws should be relaxed, says tho
report, Speaking of this Grain's report
i ''Auhoritic3 in each, state whose
duty it is. to enforce all state legis
lation for the protection of labor shguld
pay no attention to any order or re
quest f r setting aside of any Btatc labor
laws on the plea that an emergency ex
ists on account of the war unless said
request comes directly from tho presi
dent of the United States, secretary of
war or the secretary of the navy." ,
.Following addresses given by the
heads of departments of the federal
inspection service the conference took
action which Mr. Gram sums up in
his report as follows: v
"First A closer cooperation be
tween federal and state labor depart
ments. 'Second Insistence on enforcement
Eoports from Districts.
San Francisco, Oct. 18. At noon to
day Pacific coast states had subscribed
$275,623,750 'to the fourth liberty loan,
aa against a'quota of $ 102,000,000, ' This
represents 'money actually in the bank.
(Sun Francisco's oi'ficiul total at noon
was $7u,129.2.j0, against a quota of
about $100,000,000.
Campaign' Manager Wet kg estimated
thnt llinnev subscribed but not vr of
ficially reported, will earrv tho twelfth
federal reserve district abovvj the $300 -000,000
mark'. The district must sub
scribe $402,000,000 by tomorrow night,
I.os Aufcvleft Cal., Oct. 18. All coun
ties of southern California excepting
Los Angeles , county went over tho top
on the liberty loan today, the loan com
mittee announced.
Chicago, Oct. 18. Sixty-five million
dollars 'short of its quota! $'262,000,000,
today Chicago ente.vd into the final
hours of its liberty loan campaign. The
sevonth federal reserve district, in
cluding Chicago, has yet to raise $84,
000,000 of its $870,000,000 quota.
Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 18 The Colum
bus area of eleven co-ntral Ohio counties
today topped its fourth liberty, loan
quota of !23,(0?,")30, with tho aid of a
$3,000,000 over - subscription from
Franklin comity (Columbus). ,
Dayton, Ohio, Oct 18. Dayton went
over the top today with an over-subscription
of $726,950. The quota was
Boston, Ma:s., Oct. 18.-Conneeiicut
went over the top in the liberty loan to
day with a grand total of $71,428,000,
which is several thousand dollars over
her quota.
(Subscription in New England for to
day totalled $34,970,000. The grand
total is $410,466,00, which is $89,534,
000 short of tho required quota of 4.500,
000,000. "
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Alexis Nelson, a member of the firm
of Nelson Bros, of 8alenudied yester
day at Florence, Oregon, from pneu
monia, -following an attack of Spanish
influenza. He is survived by his par
ents living at Dallas, and also two
brothers and sisters at Dallas besides
his brother Adolph C. Nelson with
of all state labor lawa- and federal
rulings for protection of labor.
"Third State labor departments to
take initiative in all thesq enforcements
and to .report to federal department'
any violations that cannot be handled
by state departments"
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cannot falter, relax, or allow ourselves in weariness to fall short of our task;
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whom he was associated in tv plumb donation land claim about ten .miles
iiig and tinning busines, in Salem.. Ho i south of Salem on the Jefferson road'
was 33 years old ana not marnea.
About a woek ago Mr. Nelson left for
southern Oregon for a hunting trip and
it is understood that his death was in
part duo to exposure whie'n developed
into influenza . and later into pneu
monia. No arrangements have s yet
been made for the funeral services.
The funeral services for Dr. Frank
Snedecor were held this afternoon at
thy Boise home on Cottage and Court
street and were conducted by the Bev.
Thos. S. Anderson, pastor of the First
Presbyterian church. Burial was in
the Bivynian lot in the City View ce
metery. ,
Ernest E. Baker, who is now at Camp
Lewis, reported to bo seriousiy ill
with pneumonia following an attack of
influenza. Word was received this morn,
ing to this effect by his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Baker of 144o Oak
strevt. Mr. Baker, while in Salem, was
a lawyer with offices In the Salem
Bank of Commerce building. He was
inducted into the service last summer.
Memorial services that were to be
held next Monday for the late Frank K.
Moore, associate justice of the Supieme
eourt of Oregon, have bven postponed
on account of the influenza.
Fred W. Swarts, who has just pur
chased 70 acres of the old Steiwer
camv fo Marion county a few months New York, Oct. 17. A total of 4,733
ago from yiuo. the land l9 uniiu-, ca9CS of infiuenza werc reported today
proved, and it i9 the intention of Mr. . - , . ,
Hwartz to improve and building a resi-'ga "s 5' 3 yesterday. There were 338
deuce. It is understood that John O. M st 317" .
Steiwer intends to sell' other, tracts CUSCS Sh. n ncK'as9
rroni tn(l old wteiwer claim. Tha trans
fer war handled by . H. Grabeuhorst
& Co
I with 640 new cases against 585 yester-
uay. ueatn9 totalled 287 against 317
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