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standard Army Shoe
on the Caist and small wonder:
"Extra Service Era- Step
Com art Every Minute"
That's why it is being worn by
thousands of men in all walks of
OfZiee Men Hiker
Attorney Farmer
Physician OrcluardUt
Look for the name Buckhecht
itamped on the sole of every Shoe
Should your dealer be uilable to . ?"n Iy you,
wii) m name to the manutacturers Buck.
ingham and Hecht, San Francisco. Encloso
-price of shoes you desire and we will have ycur
order ruled.
r$p --S800
Conference Meets
- Portland, Or., "it- 28. The annual
conference of the Methodist clergy and
laymen of the state opened yesterday
at the First Methodist church, with ob
servance of tlio anniversaries of the
Women' Home Missionary society, tho
Deaconess' board and the Board of
Kdui'atioB. At the morning session a
resolution presented by Ir. I'. E. Kline
was adopted, and under the signature
of Hov. W. O. Shcpnrd, presiding bish
op of the conference, was telegraphed
to .President Wilson. The resolution,
which aounded a deeply patrioticaote,
"To the president: The Oregon con
ference of rtlA Mdthodist '.Episcopal
church, just convened in Portland,
-whore 40,000 men aro building ships
ad the drive is on for the 20,000,0M)
in libertv bonds, sees nothing to be
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I have one brother who ha been
wounded. He is now in the hospital.
The war is on our side since the brave
Americana came to help u9 and I am
very positivo that w will have victory
and that France will have rest foreer.
The American soldiers are admirable
from all the nations. The American
soldiers with the French soldicrB have
thw most courage and the Huns know
that, too. We are a long distance from
tho front and there Is nothing danger
ous. My husband and my children and
mvself send you th best regards for
all your family. E. AKNOUAT, 64 Kuo
L 'Alsace, Nevers."
out of Italy and out of Armenia, and
make ample restitution for substance
and property everywhere devastated,,'
the present tun by the discussion or
abstract principles of peace.
righting Now Only Course
"It is our conviction that when the
(lerman imperial government will say
without equivocation er qualification
on behalf of itself and its satraps,
MVe will get out of Belgium, we will
get out of France, including Alsace
and Lorraine, ws will get out of Ser
bia, out of Koumaniu, out of Russia,
pained but much to be jeopardised at I tlionC discussion of terms of peace will
be in order. Until then we firmly be
lieve we should not bandy phrase nor
chop logic with diplomatic tricksters,
who inaugurated war for murder end
loot, but fight after the manner of the
last few weeks and keep 'on fighting
as the only safe road to peaee."
Mrs. Joshua rstansfield, wife of tne
pastor of the First Methodist church,
presided at the annivorsary of the
Wo aen 's Home Missionary society yes
terday afternoon. Mrs. A. A. McLean
presided at the anniversary of the
Deacouess' board a"d Kobort A. Booth,
of Eugene, presided at the anniversary
of the board of education last evening.
Sr. Doiny Addressee. Women
Dr. Carl Gregg Doney, president of
Willamette university, addressed the
Women's Home Missionary society on
"Social reconstruction following the
"Our great task now," said Dr. Po
ney, "in to make ourselves worthy of
our men when they return from the
war. This is a religious war. Our men
are trying to determine whether the
religion of Jesus Christ or that of the
Hun shall prevail."
Dr. George B. Dean, representative
cf .the) first district, paid glowing trib
ute to the women of the church in an
address to the Deaconess' board.
Dr. H. 3. Talbot Speaks
tho evening ecssion addresses
were given by Dr. II. J. Talbot, presi
dent of the Kimball School of Theol
ogy; Dr. B. A. Stevens, president of the
boar dof (trustees of Willamette uni
versity, and Dr. Doney.
Tho conference will continue until
Mondav. On Sunday an old fashioned
love feast will bo held at the aduitor-
How it Increases Weight, Strength
and Nerve Force In Two Weeks'
Time In Many Instances
"Take clam bitro-phosphato" Is tho
advice of physicians to thin, delicate,
nervous people who lack vim, energy
and nerve force, and there seems to bo
ample proof of the efficacy of this prep
ration to warrant the recommenda
tion. Moreover, if we judge from tho
countless preparations and treatments
which are continually being advertised
for the purpose of making thin people
fleshy, developing arms, necit ana oust,
. anil renlaclne uirlv hollows and angles
y the soft curved lines of health and
beauty, there are evidently thousands
of men and women who keenly feel
their excessive thinness.
Thinness and weakness are usually
due to starved nerves. Our bodies need
N Monday evening forty eight of
the young business giris- cias ui
hn Willamette chapter of the
Red Cross met at the poet office for
the purpose of taking up the surgical
dressing classes. The class is one of the
most lively ones in the institution but
more members and a larger attendance
are wanted. Those attending Monday
session were: Marie Britenstein, Mable
Patrick, Pansy Willard. Mrs. Willard
Taylor, Lerha Wilson, May Cleveland,
Mrs- Louise Arthur, Helen Ingrey, Vir
ginia W Donnelly, Grace N Babcock,
Norma Wechter, Marie Schwab, Mar
garet Hodge, Nellie E Schwab, Julia
K. Webster, Anna Goldson, Flsie Dor
sty, Dorothy Chambers, Tessie Eein
hart. Blanch White, Ha Spaulding, Net
tie M Spaulding. Nina McNary, Buth
V S.-hmidt. Greta Witzcl. Gertie 'vVit-
sel Lucr M. Holt, 8a tome Socolotsky,
Gussie Negated, Margery Marvin, Lc-
nore Staley, Eunane waig, iieiuc
Woodle, Luclla Patton, Ethel Bupert,
Ethel Frazier, Olga Gray, Clara Briten
stein, Gladv Buef, Ethel Trindlo, Mary
T. Day, Edith Welbern, Marion T. Wel
born, Violet Welborn, Mrs. H. Haid,
I'soma Haid, LaRue oBss and Nora
Miss Helen Lee David, professor in
household arts at the Oregon Agricul
tural college is presiding at the 0. A
C. booth at the state fair, and will ans
wor all questions in regard to the
course of home economics.
Mrs. John A. Carson received a wire
from her son, John A. Carson, who has
been stationed at Fort McArthur, that
he was leaving this week for Fort Mon
roe, Virginia, where he will enter the
officers training school. Mr. Carson
l.f. .avoml mini tha airo with a contin-
t r.t ,ii.ftn,l men. and is in the
heavy artillery division of the nation'
ad army.
Miss Gladys Loughary spent Thurs
day in Salemi, attending mo siaie i"
aud while here was the guest of friends
Mrs. Charles Mayhew of Portland
will arrive in Salem this week to spend
,tov. nt. the home 01 Mr. an
Mrs. E. Hofer, at their home on South
Commercial street.
Mrs. Allan Bynon will entertain Miss
ik.. UoTmBv nf roriiana over
tt.A.li mid. .
Mr. li.i Craven. Mrs. G. 0. Grant,
m,. .nmrlen McCann. Haldon Grant
Fife '.. .
) T-
Remarkable Item Treatment Far Superior Id OinimsnisrJahfGS. Dilators,
and Other, External FJethstls.
Only One Sure Way
Be Cut
a f s 4
Mui JtatehtM limit, rffartmr ktr
im Mtiritwi nil S1THO PHOS-
.... JT,1 Mi. :. 1.-1.1-
! n ill. sayn if w rwmmrmuvtm wnut
t ii for m. Aim e fv inyl 1
htran to retain ml atrtnelh. tit fvli
V t(t, 9ms to llrep oJiy oh.i
M my Htlte traublts jtftfMfd to uu
apfnr. I tautti IumIh feuniu m
tow wtrkj.
morenhosphate than Is contained in
Btudura foods, rhysiuians claim there
is nothing that will supply this de
ficiency (o well ai the organic. Vno
phate known among druggists as bitro
phosphate, which is .inexpensive and
is sold by most all druggists under
guarantee of satisfaction or money
back. By feeding the nerves directly
aad by supplying the body cells with
the necessary phosphorie food el1
menU, bitro phosphate . quikly pro
duees a welcome transformation in the
appearance; the increase in weight
frequently eing astonishing.
This increase In weight also carries
with it a general Improvement in the
health. Nervouanoss, sleeplessness and
lack of energy, which nearly always
accompany excessive thiainest. soon
disappear, dull eyes become bright and
pale cheek glow with the bloom of
verfect health.
CAUTION Although Bltro-Phos-
vkate it unaurpasaed for relieving nerv
oasnsag, sjeepteanieR, and general weak t
turn, owlsc to it rsmarkable flesh
crowing nropertlM it ahotUd not be,
niwd by any one who doe sot desire to
put flesu.
Borne, Sept. 26. Professor
Ciauri, director of the military
hospital at Cotrono, announced
today that he had uiscoverea
and isolated tu baeillia of Span
ish Influence. The disease,
which was brouglit in by re
patriated prisouors, raging
throughout the country.
Chicago, Bept. 26. Illinois
today began a state-wide effort
to stamp out Bpanish influeu
sa. Strict quarantine regula
tions included careful and prom
pt burial of victims of th dis
ease. At the Great Lakes training
station, where 40,000 sailors are
in training the epidemic was re
ported waning. Captain Mof
let, commandant, reported 77
iX-aths in the 24 hour period cov
ered by hi statement. In the
same period 237 new cases ar
ose. The figures' showed a de
crase by 100 new cases. Since
the epidvmie began 4447 eases
nave been reported, with 280
still on the sick list.
n.,,t'OTnvrl McCann spent Thursday in
u..i,.... oitmii inm tno aiuie luir,
in Salem they were the guests
Miss Boxana Fiske of Dallas is tho
, irnnst. nf Mr. and Mrs. 'Hugh La-
thm. 401 North Cottage street, during
the fair week.
Exueriance the Best Teacher
It is generally admitted that exper
ience is the best teacher, but should
we not make use of the experience ot
others as well as our own The exper
ience of a thousand persons is more to
K .innended uuon than that of one in
dividual. Many thousands of persons
have used Chamberlain's Cough Beme
dy for coughs and colds with the best
results, which shows it to be a thor
oughly roliable preparation for those
djseases. Try it. It is prompt and ef
fectual and pleasant to take.
Try TUa Rome Treatateat that Ay-
Caa TJe WKaeat Dtaeemfert
r Lee el Time Free Yeer
, eelf From Pile.
Our Internal method for the relief
of pile Is the correct one. Thou
sands upon thousands of cases, re
norted as cured, testify to this, and
we want you to give this method a
trial entirely tree of any charge.
No matter whether your caa Is
ef lone: standing- or recent develop
ment whether it is chronic or
acute whether it ia occasional or
permanent you should send for this
We especially want to send It to
those apparently hopeless cases
where all forms of salves, ointments.
dilators, etc., have lauea.
w want you to realise that our
method la the one infallible treat
ment that brings real lasting relief.
"Sample Must Have
r Cured He"
Bleeding Piles
For 6 Yeart
San Bernardino,
' California,
Mr. E. R. Pane,
Marshall, Mich.
Dear Sir;
Your Pile Tab
lets are aurelv
wonderful. I was
troubled with
bleeding piles, off
and on for six
years: couldn't
get anything to'
cur them until I
Tad your ad. In
tne dally paper.
The sample must
have cured m
I haven't b e e n
notnered aince.
Tours truly,
Mrs. M. J.
R. R. Route 2,
Box 96.
flow Completely
Homer, Mich.
Mr. E. R. Page.
Marshall, Mich.
Pear Sir:
1 want you to
know what
your treatment
has done for
me. I had suf
fered with piles
for many years
and used sup
positories and
all kinds of
treatments but
never got re
yours. Am now
Although I am
88 years old and the oldest aettve
blacksmith in Michigan, I feel years
younger since the piles left me. I
will surely recommend it to all I
know who suffer this way. You can
use my letter any way you wish, and
I hope it will lead others to try this
wonderful remeoy. xours iruiy.
J. X4.XJlUiX(
lief until I tried
completely cured.
Suffered For Over
25 Years
Troubled No ISore
1445 N. 8th St..
Philadelphia, Pa.
Mr. E. R. Page,
Marshall. -Mica.
Dear Sin
It gives me
great pleasure to
write and tell you
I am troubled no
more with Piles.
I am 64 years of
age and nave sin
tered for over ZD
venrs: have tried
all ktnds of Oint
ments, etc., with
out success.
You are at lib
erty to use my name in reference to
your Pile Cure and also my photo
graph, which I am sending yiu.
"With best regards. I remain,
Tours very truly,
Suffered For Years
"But Wouldn't Know
It How"
Certainly a Success
Try a Peckaae ef Oerlmteniel Treat
Mat aad Forget Salvee. Oletaaemt
and lepleaaaBt Local .
The only way in the world that
you will ever find final relief for
piles, is to treat them internally.
Don't let anyone persuade ycu to
submit to an operation until you
have at least given our method a
This is not a new idea nor some
thing that has not been given a
thorough test. This system of
treatment has been sold for nearly
a quarter of a century.
There ia a big difference between
being temporarily helped having
the pain leave for a few hours or
days and being entirely freed from
piles. So please notice that those
whose letters are quoted especially
state that they have been cured.
There Isn't any doubt in the world
but that our Internal Method for
Treating Pile la the One Correct
Way. It reaches the seat of trouble,
heal and soothes, and brings relief
after all other methods have utter
ly failed. .
We have received thousands of
letters testifying to the- truth of
every claim, every statement that
we have ever made.
Don't let anything delay you, but
write now, satisfy yourself, ask any
questions, put us to the test but
above everything else send the cou
pon for a free trial of this most
wonderful combination treatment.
Cured l5Years Ago
Merer a Return
Ore of the most
grateful letters
ever reeeived In
our office ia dated
from Gate City
Virginia, and is
signed by Mr. T.
H. Quillin.
Mr. Quillin en
cloaes his photo
graph (shown
.herewith) and
writes that he
used our method
for treating iiilea
He states that ne was
time and ha3 never
had any return of his trouble. Ha
orders a treatment for his son.
. " . E. It. PAGE.
IS year ago,
cured at that
238 Broadway,
San Diego, CaL
Mr. E. R. Page,
Marshall, Mich.
Dear Sir:
attar aiifferine- for year with
Piles I feel now as if. I had never
hail thm. Vnnr remedy la certain
1,7 mt cannot be oraised 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
too much. Had It not oeen lor run
FREE Pile Relief Coupon
ning across your ad In the World I
Almanae, I suppose I would still be
bothered with this awful .disease. i
I want to thank you for your 5
kindness, and K I ever have an op-
oortunity of recommending It I will i
Ma, IS. R. PAGE,
948A Page Bid.,
Marshall, Mich.
do so.
Please send to me, without obligation or cost to me, a trial packags
of your combination treatment for Pi lea
Sincerely yours,
J Name
T r r n ninr nn wji-a "!
int. Li III riiUL UUi Marshall, Hie!.
X Town..
President Pennington and Professor
Prerisko visited at C. A. Hadley's farm
one day Inst week. '
Helen Cammack visited relatives at
Turivet Sunday.
Professor Wright who has been here
picking prunes, returned to Newberg
to prepare for the opening of Pacific,
-oil,... September 30th. Bhe will b
matron nt the oirl's dormitory this
Port Of Germany's Plan To
Make Best Bargain Possible.
Mrs. Wildo is spending tne ween av
hor home in Vancouver, Wash.
i ' -
Speak Well of Chamberlain's
"I have been elling Chamberlain's
Tablets for about two year, and heard
such good reports from my customers
that 1 concluded to give tnem a inm
n,v..lf. ami can sav that I do not be
lieve there ia another preparation of
tho kind eqnal to them' write O. A.
McBride, Heiffdford, Ont. if you aro
Washington, Sept. 2ti, Span
ish influensa cases up to today
in thearmy, at home, numbered
L'9,002, with ntpre tlmn 5,000 ef
these listed for the 24 hours
vnding yesterday noon. The New
England situation is still trou-,
blesome. The epidemic ha aow
spread to 36 states, although
lu most localities t 1 not
Borne points, frighfrr-ncd at the
appearance of the disease with
in thoir boundaries, haw seat
hurry calls for aid to Washing
ton. '
The Red Cross, war and navy
departments and the government
health service are cooperating
in adopting tlip most effective
measures possibl to stamp out
the epidemic.
Itrnmbled with indigestioa or eonstipa
tion give thein a trial. They will do you
London, Sept. 26. A diplo
matic eourior is reported to
hnv left Bomo with Pope Bene
dict's ivvply to the Austrian
peace note. It M said be a
simple declaration of neutrality.
"Our periscope pond: letters from
two American girls in Paris." Kstcr
Boot and Marjorie Crocker.
1 'irh n
i m
i a. mi ill w
Improve Your
Know the toy of a
better complexion.
You can InHMitiy
rawlefta your ski
buutHul, solt
ptartj-wltlu appear
mem that will be
lb weadtr ef your
friends U yea
Orbntd Cream
SmdlOc. fcrTrerfSIa
FKRtV T. HWKINS at SON. New York
By Carl D, Groat
General Von Wrisberg, representing tho
war ministry in addressing the main
committee of the reichstag.
"The German retirements have been
partially for the purpose of shortening
the line, the better to cope with the en
emy tanks.
"Defense i more a question of ner
ve than material. The higher com
mand ia looking confidently to the fu
ture. The enemy calculates, mora than
ever, upon our internal collapse. . We
must fight for our existence."
Captain Brueninghaus, speaking for
the admiralty, said the German TJ-boats
aro destroying more tonnage than is be
ing built, and that there are more sub
marines than ever befow.
Journal Want Ads Pay
London, Sept. 2(3. British shipping'
losses during August totalled 176,401
tons and allied shipping losses consist
ed of 151,275 tons, the admiralty of
ficially announced.
United ITCSS Stan correspunucui; i
11' I . LI A. (. .1 . . lla...H'.l
W aSninCTOn, ovm,. t'l. unmiij
latest peace flyer Hertling ' speecn !
was dismissed by ofticiais toaay as
summarily as it most concrete prede
cessor, the Austrian note.
They promptly branded it insineere
and pointed to the whole course of
German military and diplomatic policy
fcr proof of their claim that tnis is
onlv snotrer German effort to squeeze
out of the war with the best possible
bargain before American forces put
the finishing touches on the Teuton
dream of world conquest. -
Officials said to look at the Kussian
situation i sufficient to show that
Germany's glib acceptance of Presi
dent Wilson1 peace prtaciples is not
from the heart.
The nresident demanded evacuation
of Bnssia and abandonment of Teuton
control there. But Germany's every
act, they suggested, has shown clearly
' . . i.: n....nif
tha tit was arnica at maaaug uu..
mn.tur ia Russia.
In answer to the query."do mis
nff a haul for discussing peace, ev
en if it were granted that Uertrng's
acceptance of the Wilson terms wer
genuine!" officials declared emphatic
ally that it doe( not.
Thev said that any peace eonierence
would." have to be preceded by an ar
miattc which would include withdraw
al of German forces from Bussia, Bel
gium ami France.
There ia no suggestion that Germany
i ready for such a step, even though
that would necessarily be the natural
forerunner of a real peace talk.
Hertling 's speech causedsurpriemfc
ly little eomment. The government is
f'ullv prepared for all sorts of maneuv
er "in the German peace offensive and
it ie gratified that there is virtually
no pacifist sentiment in the country.
This lessens the task of officials tn
combatting the sinister Teuton moves.
It. ia deemed significant of Amerl-
a nnwnr that Germany now admits
for the first time that she is oa the
defensive and "up against it."
Germans Boast To
Boost Their Courage
Amsterdam, Sept., 26. "The Anreri j
can-armie should not terify us; wej
will also, settle with them," declared'
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