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Willamette Valley News
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ft C H TS 9 rs V.
T f Tim FT
si ti m m a
Ml II S3
-' ? f - -" f . -
20 Per cent Discount
We bought these Rugs at "Before the War Prices" and you will get the
benefit as New Rugs at Today's Prices are Nearly Twice as High as the Old
9x12 Tap. Brussels as low as. .$18.00
9x12 Wool and Fibre as low as $12.00
G Busy Stores
Monmouth Women's Defense
Council Holds Meeting
(,1'npitul Joiirrul Hpeeiul Servlee)
Miinitiitiith. Ai'.v L'O.-The IoimiI r
gaiiization of the Wuiiuin ' Defend.'
eoiineil lielil i first reniiliir iiiei'tillj
Ifrriilay afteniio'i tu the Odd Kellows
luill, Mrs, Winnie Itrn.len, eliiiiruiiiti of
li i Polk county euuneil, whs present
luid esplnined the I'ject of lh,' ork
nnd mure espe. iuIIv the plun of rejju-
mtiiiii of you ri 4 women fur iiursi s. ;o
,.plieiint for tliiti work were present
Mis. Hind, n siys tlinl very litt'e
intei.s' is manifested liy women for
this serviee, tho'ih the need i very
urijeiit. Anions other nilitlers of busi
nest lit tended to at this nice! inn, nr
IniiH. ni.'iits e e maile f. r liikin- 11 eeii
his 11 f the ilidtrie!; einiimlltees are he
in- uppoiuti'd an. I this work will hen in
jmiuIi, I'll, us for eliiss. s in hi. me eeuiioin
lis wliieh Hill b held reaiiliirly during
h eoinino winter by Miss Kdiiu Mills,
wi re iiseuss,.
I), A. Vounii, who was sent to the
c'ale iiisiine a) lorn souie lime in dune,
wns found deflil near Orenwi City Sun-
ky, Aiiit. II, tie li.hl w Ided nwuy
11 11 I when f 111 .1, his fine uud should
r were sill. merged in the water of a
piltiK where he tm.l stonped to drink. 1
li is thought he was strieken with
In kit failure. Mr Voiiiik lame to Ore
(on fiom NeSruska wilh his family,
last Jnuiiaiy, nud Inst sprinit eanie tJ
M. nun. mill mil boiiiht the Siiknfuose
piupeiiy. when' the family now re
lode. The remains were brought ba.-k
1o Monmoii h and laid In rest in tin'
K. I', eemete y. The fnnernl s'rvice
was held ill the Christian ehureh Hun
Try , tr
J I!
t.r.NKUAl. SHANK PI'lU.lslI P.s AD
Major lieuer,ii David C. Hhanks, I, S.
A Ui eoimnaiid of the Port of Kmbaiku
ion is the nt":ir of a little bockUt
Wlioh will b, I'lace,! in Hi. hands of
every young ofi cr uf the l iiited Ht
1e force, a( home and abroad, it is va
I it UmI, '" The Man.tgi nieni of Hi,. Am
erican Rildiir," and was written as a
result of .1 roi.versitioii between ticiu ial
hlianss and I':, Hiius I'oi time Uvan.
f.,., .sl
Cecil B. DeMiiie's . '
A Keystone Comedy
the mmn
Regular Prices
4 W -.
..-s-. -., 'X
-a- V
. ,-fv
at't.'m.ion. Ilesiiles the wife, Mr.
ouiiij lean s five ehildreu, all of whom
'are t himie except 1 up,
! Mrs, Mary llulvorsen has disposed of
;her property here and will move to
, Huiteue where her two elder daughters
are to teaih in the grade aehool the
.'.n.i!iii year. Miss Christine will finish
her hmh si'honl work after whieh she
will enter the university. The. Ilnlvor
sens have many friomls here who re
gret ti' see them leave hut who wish
III. 'in suei'i'm iii their new home.
Mis lleth Ostrom lias been i host n a
me:iilier of the lanuiuu team (hut II
lejnesent wrejjini at tne iiiter-stnti' iiur
al 4j.iiliuue in Heptt'inlier. I'.sie Moiyun
in I Dora Johnson of The Dulles are
tl... IlltH tU, ,......1.,.. .. l.k
I t 'I Ml -!! 1JI lilC ll'llil,, .
Hi veil states will send eHiiuinir teiuus l.
to laKe part ill the eoutest and the win
11 1 ti team will he rewarded with a trip
ti Chicajo in Deeeniber where they
will compete for national Illinois at the
Nilii.uial Kami I'n.ilii.'ls show, lleth
has gone to Til " Dalles where she will
remain until lifter the Hpnkiine trip.
Mr. and Mrs. (luy C. Hodson of Tur
ner visited Siiliirilny and Hundiiy with
Hie T, J. I minis family, Mrs. Mod
son is a niece of Mr. I'idwnrds,
Miss Jlniliara Sleinlierg has taken
the civil service examination for uiai!
.lerk and expects soon to have a posi
tion in the Portland postofl'iee.
Monmouth uiiiugera will picnic next
lay, Auuiist -ith. at Itiekrenll. Thi
is tho fiist ami only occasion of the
kiud to tie held this year.
I K.i liOieuce emtio down from Walla
.Walla Wciliiosilnv for a few davs visit
with home folks. Mrs. I.oreuee and lit
tin sou, Charles, have been visiting lei
stives here ami at independence for
the past tu nioiiths. The family lell
I'Vidny for their home. Kd says busi
ness is uood there and lie expects to
The K. A. Mnyre fnniily have rented
tlu HaUoiseii house and are moving
111 Mr. and Mis, Stevens of Toledo will 1
occupy the house vacated by Haver.
Tlue-lieis were forced to ipiit Thurs
iluy vli.'u I he rain came, l.ihr show
i'i kept tliem fiom '.vorkiug Siilurduy,
I 11! Hiiuday p. 111, they staite.l up again.
With a few fair dnys (lie grain in this
v i iiilt v will all be linrvostnt. Most of
l'- is belli; luiiulled ill bulk this Near
1111 I the uw uiniu. wagoiia aic being
is (I'll Ivs Kviins is visit ill j; her s;s
Mm. W. Williams, of ,ewisville,
. and Mrs. Jesse Panish of Jef
1 v:si e l Sundav at J, Im Palmet 's
i'linisli is a sister of Mis. Pal-
f "S,
: t.
, nier.
.Continued from page one)
U,:is-gtiv ami five miles southwest of
j Nov. in.)
! They have also ettutiirfd lit aipiciuout
' 11 1 I r'en.lu woods and most of the Til
j tagv of H.-ntiviaignea. Their average
iprogiess here has been about a mile
mi usl slul.lii.rn resistance.
By Webb Miller
il'iiUed 1'ress staff correspondent)
j I'.i , Aug. :.'".( 10: 10 a m.)- Tlio
Fro.-n h v'outinue o extend and consul
i l.tte their gains oil holh dides of Nov-
,i'i They have penetrated further to'
i-il Koye and l.aasiguy, mJ (he "lat ,
t"r town virtually lia been occupied I
.The tiermaiis ate furiously bombard-j
ing the entire region while the Flench I
n;o sliciiiu Noyon from two directions!
! 0 11 - h tioois are now fiiiu'v in!
i.s s.ion of the Mssigny an t Carte-
t'.'.ii -...i.". no- i"w Ki' ur uietjij
vise jin.i are tnrcaieniiig .ovon. in
re Williin ttm yards (aluuit five
? s) of that town from the outU.
li.iieial Mangia ' aitillery is sweep-
The large stock of Rugs and
Floor Coverings of the Da
vis Furniture Co., of Ore
gon; and for advertising
purpose? we will put them
on siil. at
9x12 Axmin. Brussels, low as $21.00
9x12 Grass Rug as low as. . . .$.6.50
418 Court St.
6 Busy Stores
i it if all of this territory except a nar
row outlet toward tiuiscard (five mile
north of Noyciii.)
French Take Village
i'arU, Aug. L'tl.- French troops ad
tallied further between the Oise and
the Aisnn lust night, capturing the vil
la:;' of Viisscns, the war office an
nounced today. Artillery lighting on
Hie six mile front between l.assiunv
.'Hid Dri'slincoiiit. whs rcimrted.
111 tne i.ussigiiy-iH-oslincoiirt rP
gion there ts'iirtiliciy fighting,'' tl
'Northwest of Morsuin the h'rem h
upied Vussens.
'West of Muison De-Chanipngiie, a
. i
ernuiii raid was uiisiiceeskful.
"An air raid on Nancy (Lorraine)
resulted in some victims.''
Some Tjrrlflc riehtiug
Sinashiug iiurtheiistHni, between the
Oi-e and the Aisne, the l'n nch are
rapidly developing a double flunking
opciation that may prove (he must ser
(ions to the (.loriiilins since the couiiti'r
offensive began a month ago.
Tins fighting, which hus gained an
averavo if three mi ioi ou u front 0'
uioie than lo miles since Minday even
ing, is expected t impel simultane
ous evacuation of the whole southern
portion of the ll.'riufiu positions in Pi
'ardv and the wi stern portion of their
holdings along the Aisne. The retire
ment would he almost certain to extend
a far north as Koye and as far east
as the confluence of the Aisne uud
the V else 11 front of more than 40
miles us constituted at present.
Terrific lighting was reported to
day along the whole front fn-ni a point
north of Hove to a point four miles
west of SoisMina, Uissigny is virtually'
in the hiinils ()f the Kreiich, Koye is
I'liteuali'e, Noyon is threat d from
tlnee sides, and the I'leuih are less
than five miles from the town. The
Hermans are reported to have with
dinwn their heavy artillery beyond
The main attack is being delivered
by the Tenth army, under ll.pieinl
Mniigiii. It was this nrmy, augmented
bv several divisions of Americans
which delivered the l.'ow nt Noissons
and Chateau Thierry that started the
' Tin.! u n't rent from the Maine. With
in a few hours after Mangin renewed
his utt.'i 'k this morning, he is reported
to have progressed two mites farther'
oil a tcu iiii'e front.
Gwruun Poaition pretarious.
London, Aug. HH The double threat
ana. est the l(oyeJ.nsigMv line by di
reii pressure from the west, together
wilh the flanking movement bv the
French between the Oise and the Aine
is milking the Herman hold on their
picseut. positions hourly more precar
ious. The French already are in I.as
si jnv and are reported 'to dominate
the town. The Koye railway station,
less tli .-in a mile soulhwest of the Vil
lage, has been occupied.
Punch troops have won the import
ant heights on both aide of the Oise
between Kibecourt u. Noyon.
Between the (is and the Aisne.
he:e the French struck siiddculv Son
jday evening on a front of nearly ten
miles, the enemy has been pushed back
I to A. uK (uconrt m il Morswin. This
j not only constitutes a serious threat t
I the tieniiiu line north of the Oise,
but may compel an immediate retire
went of the licrmins in the Soissons
iou to the eastward.
j in.' waote (icriuan (me on the ,!0 1
in seems about to tive wav and the
enemy isitions may be effected eight
or ten nii'es farther east to beyond
The 3M prisoners raptured by the
allien on the Pi.ardv and Manders
front Hunday, aipareutly were greatly
added to yvsterday. The majority of
these were takcu in l'icardy
The tiermans are holding' well frotn
Chaulnes northward to the Horn m and
ikuted teuiirary niecrxscs against the
iiritisn in that s,iior by counter at
tacking. In FUnler. the Dniish continued
their advance on the western edg ot
Shu Kalient. making appre'iabi pro
gress on front of about i miles an.i
enterinj the iniortut village f Mer
ville. B-iUsh Make Advance
L n (on. Aug. it Vonttniird ivroeres
in flaclbjrs wis rejttrtcd by Field '
Marshal tlaig today.
IVur tierman attarki were repulsed
M Ji'i'at Journal S :al Survi.-e)
In !ei en lnce, Aug. 2"). Mr. end
Mr. I'. B. S l,!,.v of I'.ir land are guests
at the K. C F.Mmige home.
Mr. den. Ca'li'v viit 'd relative?
hi Portland ihis week.
M's. M. ('. Wiil a ns spent the week
in Portland with friends
Mr. Ixm Jones of Medford vi5iteil
Mrs. Verd Hill la-t week. Mrs. Jones
an. I Mrs. Hill were formerly in college
i together.
I K.1 l.i.rem-e is here f rout Walla Wai
Ha, Wali. Mrs. Lorei.ee has lieeu visit
;in relatives here fur several weeks.
I Mrs. A Ij. Thoman is nending a. few
j weeks at Newport with her parents,
j.Mr. and Mr. J. D Hilibs. at their Nye
, beaeh euttage.
I -Mrs. JVira Burns an.l Mrs. Mary
liar.iey or ren.iieiun were guests at
jthe Verd Hill home lat week.
Mis lavilla Couper will so to ("aain
wis to take training for an armvito lar lew last Saenrdav tn sm-n.!
nurse. She has alre;nlv had four months
study at the flood
Samaritan hospital
111 lorlland. . jthe first of the week, visiting his
Mrs. V. O. Parker has received word idaughter. Mrs. S. K. Owen. Mr. Markov
from her inn. Harry Miller, whu is in 'was sheriff, cf Denton county for tweii
France. that he has finished s three 'ty consecutive years,
months medical course and been pro j Dr. and Mrs. Pengra and ifrs. O. A.
moted to sergeant. ' Kreamer motored from Portland last
Donald Stuart will join the colors Sunday and spent the day with, the
some time this month. Mrs. Stuart 1 Misses MadaHne and (Iretehen Krea
( Nellie Damon) has offered to serve Jnier. Mr. Kreamer was taken from the
the government and it is likely she;iood Samaritan hospital to the Pon
will be accepted at once, as she is an gra home this week and exprets to he
excellent uurse and a;i expert ' X-jble to return to his Independence
ray work. onie soon.
The Butler automobile party return- Miss Joy Cooper is here spending, a
ed from their trip last Monday morn- i while with her father, J. K. Cooper,
ing They visited Camp Lewis, liain- Hhe is preparing to go overseas as her
ier National park and other places. The , services have been aieepted. She is an
J It. V. Jiutleis have a 1011, Dr. Willis excellent nurse having graduated from
Butler, ut Camp Ij'wis. The party eon-1 the Hood Samnritau hospital,
sisted of Dr. and Mrs. O. D. hutkr'. ' Mrs. E. N. Johnson-motored to Tint.
Prof, and Mrs. J. It. V. But'er and
'"' Jr- .sister. M;s. .IHnies Hanna, and Mrs.
A s 'ii was born to Mr. and Mrs. ( has Sura Irvine, While there she had a
li. Stidd la.-t Monday morning. Mr. ' violeitt attack of acute indigestion.
Slid. I is first licti'cnaut of the liomojHhe was brought home the following
guards. Both Mr. and Mis. Stidd are day ami is doing nicely,
graduates from O. A. C, and are recciv-1 K. J, Johnson, (luy Walker and Jas.
ing many cuigretiiiiitioiis. I.toms motored to Portland on business
Mis. 1j. Crane is here from Portland lust Friday.
visiting her father, J. K. Cooper. She
will b. joined next week by her daugh
;er, Miss Helen F.atun, and they will
go to los Angeles tn pass the winter.
Dr nnd Mrs. It. K. Diiganne have re
1 11 1 ned frnm a ten days va-ation spent
at the Tillamook beaches.
Dr. nnd Mrs. 1 I,. Hewitt and La
vallo w ent to Bar iew lust week. Dr.
Hewitt returned Momltiy, The others
will s a y at the Hewitt cottaie the
i.iiiaiinler of the summer.
Forest Finch wit, here from Port
land visiting relatives last week end.
Mr. ami Mrs. Oleu Whiteaker were
here from Falls I'itv this week. Mr.
Whiteaker will join the eclors the litit h
iust. Mrs, Whiteaker will teach school
it Orville,
Clyde I'.'eker, e.litor of the Polk
Cunn-y Post, was a Capital city visitur
this week.
.Mrs W. E. Craven was a Salem vis
itor Thursday.
Orover Mattison was here from Ma
bel last week end- visiting relatives.
Miss Alpha Kester of Tangent is a
gin st of Mr. nnd Mrs. Verd Hill.
Mrs. C. M lteth and children visit
ed relatives and friends in Jefferson
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Chns. Davis and Mrs.
Mary Davis ot Pliiliniath visited their
suuthwist of Cliiiuliics.
" We carried out successful minor
'porntioiH between Vleux lti'iiiuin and
Oiittersteeue Inst night," the state
ment said, "l ii i)itr recent advanec
there, our line was brought forward to
the neighborhood of the Vieux Hercjiiin
iiuttersleeue nail. One hundred and
eighty two additional prisoners were
tin i'ii.
'During the night the enemy four
times uttaeke 1 the posts we es aldished
nortiiwe-.i f Chilly. They were re
pulsed. "We sue essf. ,ily raided a Gemini)
pu.t we t of Hray,
"Our patrols made further progress
In nijo in the area between Cue
I. awe mil the l.ys rivers (Flanders).
We ure now east of the I'uradis Mer
ville road (an additional advance of
nearly a mile)." .
By Lowell Melleti.
( I'nited Press staff correspondent)
With the llri'ish Annies in France,
Aug. 111. -(Night) While events are
hapiiig the ci iirs, uf the western ca a-
paign a n. I the allied command is to!-
I lowing these events for the possibility
of l.tidendorff regaining the initiative
I seems to be growing steadily smaller
i the British front coutinues comparative-:
ly uuie;.
It.ittiii additional prisoners
were ta
ken in one place or another, the ,
majority of these bv the French. The
Kri'ish hiini in the ueigliburhood ot
Outti rstecne this morning totalled t'i'1'.
While there is no uucstioii that the
(ci man disaster on the Morne was
due aiil to the staif's uiiderestiiuate
of the iiew allied strength, leading it
Mrtoailv to a ivertise its intent ui;
allow ing the a.iics time to pre-
l". i l'l in, , l l OClll, IIU- VlllS Ol I'l -
trayal" filling the (ierman press ara
all the nunc interesting in view of the
present dermaii army order regarding
the necessity for secre'v.
By Fri & F.Tfusoo,
(I'nited Press staff correspondent) "
With the Aniiricaa AruiH's in
Trance, Aug. (Night) Contiuuui
'sniping is ia progress- in Vismett.
j which is held partly by the Germans
'aril partly bv the Americans.
The boche cut loose with their uiaeV
me gj.is at th slightest movement
ia the American positions while our
shrphootei pick off the boeh gun-
" .
i acre is consuierr(e artillery right-
ing i intervals, but there re na
infantry operations ef importance.
Kaid la Sepolsed.
Waliington, Aug. iV North of
Toel h.v;iie raid was repulsed (Moo-
lay) ,'h Itgss-s to the ea.'mv," tiea-
eral IVrshing rejHirted today.
andstvirs. Abe Nci-oa,
P.t-ival tia h -re fr.
Pur iaad visit: ij fritnis ia' week. j
Mr."a.:l Mr-. J. A- Re ley n.l Mr, i
K. K. Tripp motored to Newport last !
t spend several days, j
.Mr. nrd Mr. J. W. Dimick an. I Mr.
, 1 '!1k Smith returned Tuesday from a
.pleasant nut in? at the Newport bearh-
i Mr. an. I Mrs. Homer Smith were here
; from, Portland this week visiting his!
parents, Mr. and Mrs. '. B. Smith. i
Mrs A. C. Moure and children have
returned frem a visit with her ister
n:ar Salem.
Mij Nellie Biomberg was here from
Portland visiting her home folks last
week end.
Misses Oraee md Katherya Jones of
Corrallis were (jnestg at the J. N.
Jono home last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Davidson. D. L.
Hedges and
Mrs. J. (i. Milntosh wut
several weeks at their eottaue.
i William Mar key was here from Bend
las last Friday in company with her!
Mrs, (ico. Ciirard
ter a: Bar View
Mr. and Mrs. M.
is visiting her sis
Hiltibrnud are vis-
ltmg in Portland. "
Cecil Swipe left last Wednesday for
Seattle where he goes to enlist in the
merchant marine.
Mrs. ( has, nlbrentli nnd children re
turned Inst Wednesday from Newport
where they have been spending a fort
night. Win. Dawes visited in Portland this
Mrs. .1. H. Co' I ins is spending the
we'k with relatives in Portland.
Mr. nnd Mrs. (Hen Newton will leave
for Purt'ond soon to make their home,
.Mrs. M. J. Hiillnch is visiting rela
tives in Portland.
I Mr. and Mrs. J. Dixrn of Portland
i visited nt the C. B. Smith home this
Mrs. Win., Qunrtier has returned from
a visi; with relatives in Port'nnd.
I Mrs. .1. W. Hall. -Mrs. L. Chancy and
Mrs. Wiunufrcd Hail of Portland vis
ited Mrs. A Wilson last week.
Horace (Murk is visiting relatives in
Miss Kdna Mills, cnuutv home dem
onstrator, and Mrs. Miriie lirnden.
county chairman of the woman's coun
cil of national defense, spoke at the
fsis theater Saturday afternoon to a
'urge gathering. Miss Mills spoke espe
cially of the many ways to conserve
food, clothing, etc., and gave niniiv
valuable 'receipts. It is expected that a
class in millinery and dress' nuikina
will K orgauiz'd here under the di-1
reetion of Miss Mills. Mrs. P.raden told
of the valuable work beinir d, no bv the I
woman's council of national defense
spoke of her recent visit to the
nicotine in Spokane, where nlans were
make to conduct the big V. W. C. A.
drive in. th-tutor. Mrs. Clyde Kcker.
Ileal chnirmnn of the woman 's council
.r.lj'iw.. Mr.
jlM -,':-k.
! Mi Pearl
of n.vii mil defense, presided over the on 8 ,,n ,mle lr"nt s svveeping the
meeting. iceuntry and vacationists are fleeing.
Mrs, Sherman llavs, who has been ! t'l,r Biwabik, Oreat Northern rail
thv very efficient chaiimau of the Itel'tuad projierty is threatened
Cro-s sewing riimns for several nionMn. ' "n the Iron Mountain road another
has resinned. Her place has been fill
ed bv Mrs. C. A. Mel.auglilin nnd Mrs.
H. Mattison, two very capable la lies.
Mis. l Damon c.'lelii a'ed her birth
day last Tuesday evening with a dc
liiih'fu! dinner pnity. Covers were
pia.e.l tor Mr. and Mrs. Homer Smith
and, Mr. and Mrs. O. C. I,u ke of Sa
li'iu and Mr. and Mrs. I,, limmn. Mrs.
I Damon reeciveil many useful presents.!
T'u.ler the direction of the woman's i
eouueil of national defense the drive j
: for enrolling student nurses has been I
j verv suc 'i'ssfu!. i tie M'sses Ora ren-
ton and Pauline Srnpletm
have enlist- !
,ed in the preferred class, thereby s';g :
lutvins! their willingness to s?o where ;
thev are most ne-oed ln-l"iie.ideiice ', ,
reaiv has two nurses doing foreign
duty and two i thers who have been ac- j
cepte l for foreign serviee, and still i
another student nurse at Camp Lewis ;
which makes a good record for the j
city. , !
Turner, Or., Aug. 20 Mrs
K. M.
( ele is itray oa her vacation.
Mrs. S, Smith of Vancouver. Wash
ington, daughter of Mr. R. V. Cray
spent the week end in Turner. Little
Miss Kditti who has been spending the !
with her mother. Mr, Smith.
Mr. ami Mr. John Watson ire in
Portland for the week attending the
O. A. B
From the way campers are making
use uf the pee where Lawrence Rob
ertsoa lived it acemi that no one reads
the tresipos notice thee days.
f , , n
Great Forest Fires
Sweeping Montana
Virginia. Miaa Aug. 20. Swe',ait
forward on two fromi Kitl!i!i T;
ttillei ia width, forest fire today
threaten homes in the village ef F.h
an.l Biwabik, anl wvre aMjvachiti the
I L I J fc- 09
a m m z
m m m
U Hi
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Kiiiir XKrff rvr i
Delay In Getting Action on
Bill Due To War Meas
ures Is The Reason
Washington, Auj,'. 20. A three
months reprieve tor the drink family
has been gained regardless of what ac
tion the senate takes oa the ''bone
dry" amendment,
I'nder the original amendment the
sale uf all liquor would have ceased
January' 1. The new- plan postnes the
day until April 1. with a similar dis
pensation for the manufacture of beer
wine, which was to cease Novem
ber 1.
No action can be taken until the
senate reconvenes. There is likely to
be considerable discussion and it may
be well in September before action is
taken. But dry leaders have agreed
that old dntes should be moved ahead
three months, giving the same time of
grace as was originally planned.
Beyond that there is little hope for
the thirsty, unless the war should end
before the first of the year.
When the tent vote w'us "taken diort
ly before the recess on sustaining a
ruling of the chair on the amendment,
the drys hud a majority of three votes.
A number of prohibition senators
voted nt that time in support of the
eliair. One of the dry leaders today
predicted a majority of H when the
vote is taken.
, . ; 7"7 :
j t"rr-v. f"'pl'vc.s and fire department
ln ,0 l'v'"t the fires entering the
ing to
nrc ls "ii""!T on a 4ii-mi.li?
frmlt al'""! ,h Virjrinio-Vermillion
i highway. Hundreds of acres of valuable j
I timber have been lost. Near Kly a fire'
fire on a Ti mile front is burning.
Waifetiabtettet&tol'tV' I-az.jl
Mr. Business
As a matter of economy you
should consult the Journal's
Job Department before placing
your printing-we are satisfying
Salem's leading firms put us
on your calling list. Phone 81
Kureka, (al., Aug. 20. A severe
eaithquake shock, accompanied by a
distinct rumble like thunder, occurred
here at 3 o'clock this morning. No
damage has been reported.
President Is Home.
Washington, ,Aug. 20. Resident
Wilson returned this morning from his
week end trip to Maunolia, Mass
whore he consulted with his friend and
adviser, Colonel House.
President Wilson's ideas of a vacation
are not so lrad at that.
The child who wondered
et sky is God'i service flag
r brigl,t 'l''a f things.
if the star
had a rath-
Orand Army veterans at any rate neti
nof four heat prostration during their
visit in Portland.
Apply Few Drops Then Lift
Sore, Touchy Corns Off
With fingers.
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drcp a little
Freezone on an aihini corn, instantlv
that com stops hurting, then you lift
it .right out. Yes, magic!
A tiny bottle of Frcezone costs but a
few ceuts at any drug store, bu: is suf
ficient to remove every hard corn, soft
corn, or com lifW-een the toes, and the
calluses, without soreness or irritation.
Freezune is the sensational discovery
uf a Cincinnati genius. It is wonderful.
i Ti. .' i'S''isi m trnintiiMsirmsfci sn. imi n mi