Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 17, 1918, Page SIX, Image 6

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I MA tPPRATP; both tr""""""-! r
A Real Service
to the Nation
jSupposa that the longer life of
(Republic Tires saves you only
I the cost of one full set in a year's
Isn't that well worth consider
ing? That the Pr5dium Process of
toughening Republic Rubber a
secret formula does increasa
j mileage and reduce the yearly
investment, is a certainty.
I Any Republic user who has kept
a record will tell you so.
i Republic Tires wear down slowly
: like a piece of steel as we
ihave so often said.
And yet the Republic abounds
:with life, and spring, and resili
ence. If the Republic reduces the
'yearly tire-bill by only one set
isn't that a service of some size
to the nation?
Republic Inner Tubes, both Blaak'
Line Had and Gray, hae a reputa
tion for freedom from trouble
The Republic Rubber Corporation
Youngitown, Ohio
216 Stale St. Salem, Or.
F. G. Delano A. J. Eoff
Maximum Qrip with
Minimum Friotioti
km mi
InlW raj
mil is i p mm
mm fe w
'No Atieir.pt Is Being Made To
Interfere With Local Governments.
Only Twenty Thousand People
See Ralph De Palma Win
Sheepshead Bay Speedway, X. V.,
Aug. 17 Hardy 20,000 people, a more
spriukliig of spectators in the big
giandstand, were on hand here just
before the start of the $27,000 Inter
national Motor Sweepstakes this after-
By J. W. T. Mason.
(United Vex Staff Corespondent.)
New York, Aug. 17. Three allied
nary o ccs . .e ...... . " n0dll. Tne weather was ideal and the
scne of md,-, eiulon, opera ions a t the n rk
northern, smitlicrn and eaMo.,, eo.ncisi VfMmetf wjnncr 0f the Hark
ot liussia without interfering in any e.,rlv in th(? g
way with the testing out ot the bolhe-jwa t..n'orite
vik tlicones ot government. The entries were Pario Koa, Ar-
Tl.e most important i.tci aooui ....a -.. n t,.,iU Chevrolet l.'.iloh
One Man Discs 27 Acres a DaJ with M
of the annus or mo western ue- , ...p..,,.,. ....i.,;, Alulford ml Ir.i Vail.
mocracies in Husaia is that if the bol j Th(? fi,.,t rtli, two 01l(, llip,
sheviki fall from power, they cannot at ;wns won i,v rjalph le Palma iu worlds
tribute the faihne of their ultra radical rm,r(j t i mo, 1:05 3-5. gniashhn Pario
experiment to armed intervention by the Kesta'ts -reeord made in 1!H7.
liberal nations of the west. The bub'tie-, uosta was seeond; Mulford third and
viki in Mom-ow l ave no control over Duray, fourth.
those. parts of old Kussia where the al j After drawing the post position, Pe
lies armies haw bi oun opoiations. The Palma shot out in front and held that
passion for the ltols.li vik for local gov position throughout,
eminent in fact must compel them to Chevrolet was forced front the track
accept .is final any general welcome or in this event when lip broke a crank
the allies (.xleii'icd by the people in the shaft. Duray agreed to allow Chevrolet
regions where the soldiers of democracy i the use of his car iu the twenty mile
ar now offering assistance to the former 'event,
subjects of the dead ezar. The second heat, ten miles, was Won
Tie throe Russian district entered by, by Pel'alma also. Resta attain was see
the allies are Mm man, Baku and Ylad-nd; Mulford third and Duray fourth.
lvostok. liaku is dneetlv smw of ! I'ci'atnia smaslieil auorner woi l.l a roc
Mtirman liy L'OO miles and Vladivostok
i about o.OOO east of both.
The thiee forin the points of ; tri
angle, within which the bul.-rieviki have
all the territory they med iu which to
make a siio-c-s or failure of theories to
reform the world There iv'a possibility
of L'o-oriliiiatiii' the triangular activi
ties of the allies unless Russia repudia
atfls the decentralized methods of the
bolsheviki and comes ley Iher afrain as
a single soverign slate. For the precnt
the allie., are not seeking to influence
tho government at Mo-cow in this or
anv other diieclious.
Tlie Muriuan, Ihtkti tiiid Vladivostok
expeditions ha. three separate jmrpo
ses to accomplish. At Murman it is
intended o jjimrd the allies stores and
prevent the Ceimnus from seizins' for
military purposes liiissia 's duly northern
port, open till the year round.
ord in this event, when he crossed tho
finish line in :li:5 4 o. The old record
was made bv Pel'alma in Chicago .lulv
With a burst of speed on the last lap
of the -0 miles race, Pel'alma also
took this event. Resta was second; Mul
ford third, Chevrolet, who was driving
Arthur Duray ' car dropped nut in the
fourth lap. Del'alma's time was 10:ol
;l-5. The race was a hard one, the lead
see-sawing back and forth among; the
contestants afc almost every lap.
1 u rif rrw 1
Discing is rapidly and economically
done with the new Moline-Universal
Tractor, Model D, one man with an
8-foot tandem disc harrow covering
7 acres in ten hours. With a 10-foot
disc harrow he covers 38 acres, and
with a 20-foot peg-tooth harrow 73
The light weight of the Moline
Universal Tractor, 3,380 pounds,
makes it especially adapted for disc
ing and similar work, as it does not
pack the soil and uses but little fuel,
running on less than half throttle
most of the time. It is light, but
more than enough power to pull two
14-inch plows at high speed, all its
Weight being traction weight.
The Moline-Universal Tractor at
taches directly to the implement and
forms a single, compact unit with it
that is controlled by the operator
from the seat of the implement,
where he must sit to do good work.
One man with the Moline-Universal
does as good work as two men with
the average tractor.
The Moline-Universal is adapted
ifor all classes of farm work. Its high
clearance, J
addition, tt,,, Tcf
ease -' im
day m the year forfc
versal Tractor. Itrip
operation that can
horses and do it better
cheaoer. Th;. ;. '
Universal really rep!aJ
i me same time, bv
uu mucit moreB
.i'ir h.fn ....'m .m
help problem. I
. The detailed constrt
new Moline-Universal, i
the best it is possible to '
Perfected 4-cylinder on
engine, electric starting
system, complete end
working parts, and fife:
er bearings, are a few i
ri '..e, .
n i mime rail in r
'thine at your carlieit el
the "overnment.in in the only elsing nr
gument, devoted most of bis time to
siiiu,mnrizin! his evidence, intended to'
prove the defendants guilty of obstruct-!
ing the draft, fighting conscription, dis-j
comae nig enlistments and generally!
hampering war work
"Soft handed and hard faced," was'
At Bah,, the objective is to protect I' '. 'L' 1,c l,sm 1J1 "cnwug
both .y riACi-oft and - tt.
Daily Demonstrations
the great oil
field,, from German con-
who have called to entrain for Camp
Lewis August t!o.
Regarding tho 101S registrants, tho
i exemption hoard wired Adjutant '.leuer.
ul Willaiuis August as follows; "Now
I rogist runt a and reiuniuinsr finally idus.d-
1 l'i'd in class 1 and examined physically
CI 'tt It 11 11 n ' lnd accepted for service, ."i; limiled ;;er-
Sheriff Needham Has Receiv-;?.'':5; ,'"",""liM1 V T rx."':'i":,,1,.7j iu
1 IT 17 t n "i"uii iiiiit fiimu, iniiii on,
ea no volunteers tor
Thero are thirty-! wo men iu
fit for militai'v service .iccordiug to the
fi,i;ure;( of the local cx.nuption board.
This men include f'eu who register
ed June ", lt'17. and "J who rejistciid
I . Itet'ai'diue the 1917 class, the board
j wired the iiljulanl general as follow
I " Ueiuniiiing finally classified iu id.is I,
Ic.vamiuoel physiciilly and accepted for
I general military service; limited mil-
H ; remeoinl 'JO; emergency
mpieiits II; no! (diysically
tili'V serviee
fleet Jl; de
examined l"i; Inducted and culled for in
duction, HI I; total 77'.'." There are tiio
figures given of the hoard's work since.
Ins, June. I' lls' report sent to tile adjutant gen
Thai is out of the rogUlrmil,, of both "'' ' No Volunteers Here. j
years, there slil remains in Class 1 men! Sheriff W. I. N'eedlium chairman "f
to the number of .'ll! who have be. u ev i. local board of exemption, a short!
ainined ami found physically tit fo,- no-, time ago sent out u, call for volunkoors
tive rvie. This is lb,, number now ( serve one day, August 24. when thero
toiuaiiiiiig in class I in addition to tlio.e , ,egist'nii ion f u,eu who hawi
e is an
W3 IfflSB
x y
attained the age of 21 years since June
o, 1H18. In .Salem, there has not been a
single poison who fins volunteered to
help in the IS precinct in the city. The
country precincts are doing better as
there has be;'ii a number of volunteers,
but even iu the country hardly half
enough have volunteered.
Sheriff Xeedham explains that the
government is depending on the patrio
tic people especially the women who
could give their time for ono day to
serve as registrars, four at oac, pre
cinct. The work is not difficult, nor
:he hours long, ns in elections. All that
is to be done is to register the men on
blank that are furnished. It is abso
lutely necesnry thai four lie on duly at
each preo'ine, next Saturday and now it
is up to the patriotic people, especially
the women, to volunteer to Mr. iNeedhnm
their service-; lor the one day only.
Russian People Aid
Opcrr.liors of Allies
Tim n,i I of fl.A nn.,, . 1. 1
At. l.idivostok the allies will pre- , . ,.,, ,, , it ,. ,
vent the extermination of tho CV.e -I.o--, , "i V ? .
Slovaks vim are fighting for tl.e allies ' L.'!",1,H a,,8,',t ""P'epaied.
mid .,t the no tie,., wlll nlv , i i ... i ( "n ''.l-oined tor an hour while bo
k 1 " 1 1 " I nnni'l I'n.t l.u in lrnni; l... I..
eeoiioniic a.ostnnce to all Itussians who ' ' un jo
are not (oo proud to work.
rhere is n romantic interest in these
ttirc expeditions for the like of (he
objectives have never before been at
tempted in war. Although bolshvikigov
for not respecting the soverignty of the
for not respecting the soverignty of the
Moscow government, the allies not only
are not retaliating but :nv offering in
dustrial, commercial and agricultural
help to all bolshevik who will accept. Ko
interference wit, the Hussion revolu
tions has been attempted by the we.-tevn
democracies. The allies 'ire keeping
outside of the triangle with the revu
lotionist inside. The policy in the end
will save Russia and will prnve a stimu
lus to world democracy which will per
inanently intluence the emir
national relations.
;;:,More. Deadly Tkn -
. : Mad Dog s Bite
The bite of a rabid dog is no longer
deadly, due to thc now famous Pas
teur Treatment, but tho slow, In 'ing
death, the resultant of poisoning of
the system by deadly uric acid is as
sure urU inevitable as day follows
No other organs of the human bodv
are so important to health making as
tho kidneys and bladder. Keep your
kidneys clean and your bladder in
working condition and you need have
no fear of disease. Don't try tn cheat
nature. It is a cruel master.' Whenever
of inter-you experience backache, nervousness.
uiriieuity in passing urme, "get ou the
job." Your kidneys and bladder re
quire immediate attention. Don't delay.
This is the time to take the bull liv
the horns. (iOU) 51.KDAL Haarlem Oil
Capsules will do the trick. For over two
hundred years they have proven meri
torious in the treatment of diseases of
the stomach, kidneys, liver and bladder
It is a world famed remedy, in use as
a household necessity, for' over 200
If yon have been doctoring without
Nothing Like Plain Bitru-Phosphat9 to fern Oil C j'KDAL
Put on Firm, Healthy Flesh ami j , " 0j1 .C4aP5u tduy.
to Increase Strength, Vteor t ""s them. Absolute-
and Nerve Force 'J '"-".eeu or money retumled. J5e-
' I"11'1' of imitations. Look for the name
p'Ui,u DAL on every box.
South Commercial and Ferry Streets
Salem, Oregon.
aai..i i .. Jl.i-.5.'. 0'--,i . -
Job Department
Is Busy all the
It goes to prove that our woi
and prices satisfy the users-
good Printing.
Battery for
Your Car
,4 -i
m T r. .
..... . , I Judging from the countless lirenara
Nasb.ngton, Aug 17.-That the Ens- (ions and treatments which i re cm,
Man people are giving-all possible aid timmllv being advertised for the tuir
to the allied penetration of Russia was pose of making thin people fleshv do
,n";u""' .'" euiente enoies. ,veloping arms, neck and bust, and re-t
t.reat strategic value from both a placing gly hollows and angles bv
military mid a political standnoint is the soft
jtittaelied to the Itritish landing at lkiku In-auty, thero nre evi.lently thousands
v ........ .,11,(3 niiu ouiuury ex- oi men anil women who keenly feel
!"r,s' their excessive ' thinness.
It is held that (he loyalty of the al- 'ihinne-s and weakness are usually'
bed cause of the Ceorgians and the due to starved nerves. Our bodies
Armenians in the Caucasus regions has "eed more phosphate than is contained
never been questioned, in spite of the modern foods. Physicians claim
pence tieaiy u,o lieoigians were com- '"'''e is nothing that will simoly this
u iuy well as the organic olios-
Cost As Much
and it will ftivc "punch"
and "pep" to your start
ing system. The space
saving "Unit Seal" con
struction gives extra plate surface
hence greater capacity per unit1
of weight and volume. This means
built-in durability and power. Let
us show you your "iexih?" Bat
tery and explain its special features,
For battery testing, filling or expert
battery advice come to our
"ExtoC" Service Station
This service is free to all battery users.
Repairs, the prompt and satisfactory
kind, on any make of battery at the
right price.
in in ii i emiweweeMammmamamemawemmmam
polled to sign
Tl... 1 .1. ...
, i nc nisi ui Hie naiui oil fields, it
is declined, will lie n blow to tierniau
; prestige at Constantinople, as the Turks
(ivere expecting a huge -share of these
regions h their war boot v.
. Naval authorities are inclined to lie
jlieve that the allies will be able to
j send a light naval force up the Volga
i riv,,r from the Caspian sea as the ipiick
iot w.iv of reliciug the hard pressed
j Nothing has been heard of the
j C.echo Slovak forces that made their
j way to the Blin k sea a few weeks ago,
;bnt it is held entirely possible that
.assistance may be able tor each these
j through the Caucasus.
Auto Electric Service Co.
piuue known among dnue.is-ts as bitro
phosphate, which is inexpensive and
is so.d by most all di.iggis;s under a
guarantee of sutisfu.-th-n or money
ha k. 1'. feeding the nerves uh-ect'y
and by supplying the lndy cells with
the necessary phosphoric' food elements-,
bilro phosphate quickly pro
duces a welcome iransfor:tiation' in the
appearance; tho increase in weight fre
iueirly being astonishing.
This increase in weight also carries
with it a general improvement in the
health. Nervousness, sleeplessness and
lack of energy, which nearly alwavs
accompany excessive thinnesssoon dis-npj-ear,
dull eyes become bright, and
iile cheeks glow with the bloom of
perfect health.
CAUTION Although bitro-phosphate
is unsurpassed, for relieving nervous
ness, sleeplessness and general weak
ness, it should not, owing to if re
markable flesh growing properties, be
used by anyone who does not desire to
put on flesh.
When The Monev Saving Begins
When you purchase Gates Half-Sole Tires, you save one-half, and
mile over 2,000 which you ride on a Gates Half-Sole Tire, you are ridfc
Velvet." Of the full mileage of 3,500 miles, guaranteed without PH
l.oOO is velvet, and when your Gates Half-Sole Tire has run 5,000 w
have had :),000 miles, which, on the basis you have been paying for r
anteed tires have cost you nothing. We hope you're from Missouri
Big L W. W. Case
In Hands Of Jury
j Chicago, Am;. U. The big I.
i i .r nere went to tuo ,vurv t.:,l
I ?' it- fcminot , i
lay for the
"iih sabot:
onty $ l ire
In South Commercial Street "
148 outh Commercial Street.
Phone 318
:ul statement.
rank H Xebeker, tu
Ktonuy fur ,WWttWWaS