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EVERY nation has her holiday
with ti special significance at
tached to each. In America ire
lave a holiday when people exchange
tfifts, another when each individual
etops to revere past heroes, and a day,
when everyone expresses a feeling of
gratitude. There are other days with
different but special meaning at
tached to them. Society Is moody and
what pleases her at one time fails to
appeal at another. But instinctively
she lets fcer affairs bo influenced by
the season of, the year.
If tiere is religious anniversary or
a day of festivity, she responds ac
cordingly by a celebration in harmony
Wilis, the spirit of the occasion. So it is
that the mature of festivities of any
particular holiday depends upon the
reason for that day being especially
recognized. The Fourth of July is
day that baa its individual meaning
and hence, its individual celebration.
lUsually it suggests a display of noise
fend brilliant fire works. This year the
Irclcbnationa were more refined and
Iquiot, revealing a d'eep sense of patriot
Ssci, that was sensed throughout the
Many families motored out to coun
try ipkiceg for a day of recreution and
informal parties of all kinds were iu
vogue. But owing to people's patriotic
cnsa money was not so lavishly spent
rfor the sensational Fourth of July
fire works.
Thero were many picnic parties,
family gatherings and some wandered
Mp the river or to the woods to spend
the day. The; functions were not elab
orate, but were suitable to war times,
by having tit) element of pleasure to
relieve the tense feeling of strained
conditions, without involving undue ex
Iwmse. The Columbia Highway, Silver
Xok falls, Giirverton nnd Ltveslcy
were among the places Wiat attracted
Mrs. Oscar B. Gingrich, who has ap
Ipeared in various program's of the Sa
Jem Woman's club as well as in music
al' recitals, left for Portland Wednes
Uy evening on her way to Pendleton.
Blie plans ibo visit an Indian reserva
tion ncr Pendleton with the .purpose
of studying the Indians in their native
songs ahd religious ceremonies.
Mrs. Gingrich is making an intens-
lve study of Indian music and has ung ,
nuuijn juumu miuK!, n ni, n nun nun-1
yrew iy in wn t jMMHiiMine. nui.
expects to olbservo the Indians for sev
eral days and thus to caW the true
piritl cif Indian ideas and life that
she may cxjuess it better to others.
One of the most delightful parties
nf the wepJi wus the one K'v' yester
day afternoon at the home of Mrs. E.
Hofer on 765 South Corn-mere inl street.
It was in honor of Mis. R. II, Houston,
who has been visiting friends in Salem
for some time. As Mrs. Houston form
erly lived an Salem, she has been -tho
j Mystery--Rorancc--Thrills Blende 1 fo: Young and Old
2 Days Only
Monday -
inspiration of many happy affairs. Dur
ing the past week she has been the
houso guest of Mrs. Hofer.
The house was prettily decorated
with gladiolus and the womea enjoyed
the afternoon with knitting.
Miss Florence McKinnie and Mrs.
Allan Bynon assisted Mrs. Hofer in
The invited guests were, Mrs. Doug
las Minto,"Mrs. William Galloway, Mrs.
B. J. Miles, Mrs. Cooke Patton, Mrs
Charles Fisher, Mrs. C P. Bishop, Mrs.
Paul Schmidt, Mrs. George1 M. 'Brown,
Mrs. J. H. Cradlebaugh, Mrs. 8. A.
Turner. Mrs. A. Steiner, Mrs. Will Bab-
cock, Mrs. Thomas L. Williams, Mrs.!
J. A. Carson, Mrs. George Shaw, Mrs-
Roy Burton, Mrs. L. T. Harris, Mrs.
William MeGiicbrist, Sr., Mrs. L. K.
Page, Mrs. B. B. Houston, the guest of
a!j,0nor and Mrs. E. Hofer.
A pretty porch party was given
Fourth of July by Mrs. Albert Stein
er at her home on the Wallace road.
Her spacious porch assumed quite a pa
triotic air with the flags of the allied
nations waving from its sides. Ocean
spray was also appropriately used
throughout the veranda. Besido many
neighlors who enjoyed this delightful
occasion were Col. and Mrs, J. M.
Poornian of Woodburn, Mr. and Mrs.
Poorman and two children from Port
land, Mr. Marshall and Dr. and Mrs.
Fred Thompson from Salem.
About ten girl who have been en
joying a jolly house party at Nye
Bench, Newport, returned yesterday.
They sjent tho time in a happy man
ner with swimming, hiking ami beach
jMirtics. For five days Mrs. Hal Patton
was special guest. The girls were gone
nbouit fifteen days and they aro plun
ninir to reiturn for another vacation
about the first of August. While there
they stayed at the George Dunsford
Those who went were the Misses Ru
by Welsh, Mildred Reed, Lillian Olson,
Gertrude Walling, Esther Baily, Nell
Myites and Miss Bienstien of Portland.
Mrs. Horace Sykes and little daugh
ter. Jenetto, also accompanied them.
Lieutenant 11. B. McGill from Astor
ia is spending the week end In Salem
an a truest of U. T. and JJr. M. to. rom-
mr Ht their home, 498 iNorthWinter
Lieutenant JMcUill is in tne signal
Tho group of people who attended
the conforeaice of the Y, Vf. C. A. at
Scabeck, returned this week. The con
ference was held in a most beautiful
spot .on Hood's canal whero the scen
ery which includes the Olympic moun
tains was wonderful. The lagoon was
quito an attraction ;fr swimming mid
rowing. Miss Florcnco Shnms, secretary
of the national bonrd for industrial
work wa leader of the conference.
One of the special features was the im
pressive pageant, "Columbia Calls,"
jtiven Saturday afternoon by the en
listed girls working in the civil ser
vice department of the Bremerton navy
yards. About sixty girls took jMirt in
this pageant, which was under tho di
ration of Mies E. Sutherland Griffith
of the Bremerton Y. W, C. A. club.
The delegates from Willamette Uni
versity, Washington Wmtm eoJlege,
Whitworth and Whitman colleges had
a happy tune living in tho same cot
Tlie e he gates from the university
and city associations of Salem were.
Mrs. C. A. Parks, the Misses Juaaita
Chrysinger, Gertrude takin, sHelen
Pcarce, Mar.it Boberts, Glenna Teeters,
Ruth Pennger, Kuta Winters, Uiauyi
Juchols, Sibyl Smith, ivdyn VeLoa
and Mary Parouuagian
Among those who have been visiting
in Salem, recently, being called here
ait this tune especially, because oi tne
home-connne held test week, are M
and Mrs. 1). W. Bass. Accompanied oy
Miss Jessie Bass. Mrs. Fortson an
Mrs. Brown, they motored 'down from
Seattle. Before coming to Salem they
enjoyed the wondertul trip up tne Co
lumbia, highway.
Mr. and Mrs. Bass are cousins
G. G. Brown an 1 wen yuesis of XV
Browns at their home on 605 North
Summer street, during a part of their
stav in Salem. Miss Bass is a sister
of D. W. Bass who is a former rcsi
dent of the Capital eity.
One of the families who motored ou
of town to spend the Fourth was Mr.
and Mrs. T. A. Liyesley and family.
They loft Tuesday afternoon and plan
ned to spend the Fourth in Seattle.
From there they will go 10 critisn w
liuiibia. They iplan to spend two ween
on tHeir trip-before returning to Sa
Many Salom people spent the Fourth
in Portland where the Fourth of July
was characterized by a magnificent
citv Tiaaeant. One of the iniportan
fratiirea was an immressive parade of
hations representing by its banners and
floats about twenty live nauunau-uc
Among those who enjoyed the festiv
al were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Conrp
ton. Mr. Cormpton returned home while
Mrs. Compton went on north to visit
relatives in Seattle and f-verett.
A Tmntv nf motorists, who had plan
ned to tour tho northwestern part of
Waahinmtnn atate including a visit to
Rainier Punk in the Rainier forest re
serve, left Wednesday morning. When
rhev reahodl Olvmpia they were called
back on account cf the sudden death of
Mrs. Ml.'Nary, and so left Olympia
...in Thurailnv mnrnimr reaching Sa
lcm n tho evening. The motoring
nantv included Mrs. W. H. Dancy, Mrs,
W. H. Kldridgo, little Chandler Brown
son of Clifford urawn, ana Jirs. m-
liam Brown.
Mrs. Ida Nile's of 425 North Winter
street is entertaining as her house
Buest. her daughter, Mrs. C. IeRoy
lirnwn mi two children. Mary Louise
nd Bottr Ann." Mrs. Brown arrived
Friday evening and expects to stay
here about two weeks before returning
to her homo in Portland,
Acconnnonvinff the Cherrian band
which took part in the Fourth of July
celebration at Eugene wero many ba
lem folk. Some motored down Wednes
day evening and pent the night in
Eugene, whilo .others rode down early
Thursday morning. Among those who
enjoyed the Fourth there were Mr. and
I)r. M. K. Pomeroy and daughter-in-law
Mrs. A. E. Pomierny, Mr. and Mrs. An
dorson, Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Fullorton
and Mr. and Mrs. William Kaerth.
Eight Reel
tott aaotrtb tvraanatat jouth. nam
an instant uiil sum svcaKut wmlinti
Oriental Cream
1 &W 10c for Trial SIM
Miss Ruth Rosebrangh, daughter of
Mrs- W. AV. Hosebraugh of loo Che
rueketa street, is attending the sum
mer sc-hool session of Berkeley. Word
has been received that she is enjoying
her work very much and that tae
weather is very pleasant.
She was accompanied by Mrs. Olive
Metealf Hand, who is instructor in the
Teachers' Trainiug department at Sa
lem tbigfa. school. .Miss Rosebraugh is
specializing in English and history as
well as taking an active interest in
such sports as swimming and tennis.
Mrs. Allan Bynon has been entertain
ing as her guest, Miss Alice Dabney
of (Portland. Miss Daaey formerly
lived here and so has many friends here
whom she enjoved meeting again. She
was accompanied, by her grandmother.
Mrs. Crane.
They were here to participate in the
hooio coming events at Willson Park.
After a ten davs visit in Portland
Mrs. W. C. Knighton, accompanied by
her mother, Mrs. E. E. Waters, has re
turned to Salem. Mrs. finignton ior-
merly lived here and has been the in
spiration of many delightful affairs
durintr her visit. She plans to prolon;
her stay until the last of July when
she will return to her home in Okla
Of interest to the students of the
Oreiron Normal school is the announce
meat of the marriage of Mis Carol
Hogue and Julius Krebs which was sol
emnized recently in Portland. The wed
din a took place in the Miepah Presby
terian church betoro a large numoer
of friend's and relatives. It was a mag
nificent affair with every detail work
ed out in an elaborate fashion. Miss
Lvda Bell, a Sal-em girl who has been
teacbinir in the Salem scnoois lor sev
eral years, was one of the brides-maids.
Miss Bell and Mrs. creDS were inu
mate friends and clasvimatcs at the Or
gon Normal and graduated together in
tho class of 1914.
Mr. and Mrs. Krebs will make their
homo in Portland where hi is in bus
iness as an engraver.
Tho patriotic relief division of the
Oregon W. C. T- u. provifieo ice cream
for the 3UO soldiers in tne Vancouver
hospital as a special Fourth of July
treat. Mrs. W. F. Honey is the chair
man of the cantonment hospital de-
uartmient of tB,. Oregon patriotic re
lief division, tfhti'h organization has
chareo of the relief work for ' th
state of Oregon under the council of
defense. Each week Mrs. Honey and
members of her committee" visit the
'boys in- the Vancouver hospital and
tako books, flowers, leuiea ana nonie
mnde candy and fruit. Mrs. Honey
and her cflnuiuttee served the cream
to the boys.
A quiet home wedding occurred last
Sunday morning when Miss Louanna
m. Brown became the bride of Joseph
K. Whitby at the bride's home. The
affair was simple in every respect and
me impressive eeranony was perform
ed by Rev. Richard N. Avison. Be
sides tho immediate family the only
guesw were the Jlwses Olca Monson
anu ueiia Kansoni friends of the bride
Mr. Whitby, a former Willamette
university student, is a civil engineer
is oir worsuijr. lor tne -povern-
mcnit in the building of roads in the
tpruce country.
Mr. and Mrs. Whitbv left immrdi
atwy for Portland and La Gmnrle.
they will moke theiir home in Salem
Much interest is beinir ninnifViW
in th prospective visit to Portland of
Miss Lena Madison Phillips, attorney,
i u-xiBgion, ny., wno has been
nosen to direct the work. of nerfnet
ng the national nroeiam of war er-
vice ror business and professional wo
men," gays the Oreconian.
r.very business and nrofessionaJ
woinian reels that because of her trnin
mg and experience she owes a sixvinl
and POrtiftilar dutv to her cnnntrv in
uua critical tune ana every woman is
iiiuu.i io una tne nwne where her
'services will be most i-ffective in fur.
thering tho great object of winning
nu r ami win je interested in meet-
K , J mi 1 1 IKS. cne tu-i mewui.ra
r . . . .
ur uiina ana sue niim n an n it i
from tho women of the west snBes-
itions that will be of value in the de
velopment of the- plans for war scrv-
Member of Chi fVinilw, ,,r,i,- ;u
uu inierented to know that she is a
member of that sorority, when in Port
land all of the (Oii Omega girls are
'planning to attend her le.ture and to
stive her a special welcome. Today a
luncheon was given in her honor by
a few of the prominent and nrofewwon-
i. ,
al men of Portland. She will probably
visit other cities a'ong the coast in
her work of perfecting the national
program of war service for busiaess
women of the eonntrv.
Mrs. W. C. Dyer is entertaining as
her house guest, Mr. II. G. Large and
her little daughter, Harriet. Mrs. Large
formerly lived in Portland but is now
residing in Lo Angeles, California.
Mrs. Dyer and Mrs. Large were for
merly colk friends when they were
tudput at the University of Oregon
Mrs. Large experts to be 'in Salem for
some time visitin-g friends.
Mrs. D. B. Jafman of rW3 North Lib
erty irtt recently for a visit iu east
eru Washington and Oregon. She will
visit hrr mother in Wfaton and other
relatives ami friends In Athena and
Walla Waits.
Xorilisn T.nilflmin l..ft. Tlmrw.lv fnr 1
lem Alltl tttmtoi) ft tilth Stfllm exhort)
Our All-wool Clothing being sold at CLOS
clothing at these prices again until after
the WAR is OVER.
Men's Porus Knit
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Drawers, per
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has been visiting for a brief time;
Mrs. David! Hill, who has been the
guest for soinei time of Dr. and Mrs.
W. K. Lytle) at their home iu tho
Court apartments, left recently for
Seattle. She: will go from there with
her husband to the Y. M. C. A. train
ing camp at Scabeck, Washington-Mr.-
Hill .plans to prepare for Y. M. C.
A. -work.
As women are permitted to take the
courses offered to men, when they go
with their husbands, Mrs. Hill also ex
pects to attend the classes, so that
she may be prepared to do the work if
an opportunity is presented later.
Atter the conference Mr. and Mrs.
Hill will return to their home in Pen
dleton, Oregon.
Mrs. Edward Fleury, who has -been
the guest of Mrs. George Pearce, at
her home 2t37 North Winter treet, left
recently for Portland, where she will
remain a week visiting relatives. Mrs.
Fleury who is a cousin of Mrs. Peareo,
uves in baa .Francisco.
Mr Ralph Glover and little daugh
ter, Maxine, of I&94 Court street, are
passing the week in Portland.
Mjss Teresa Schaab has returned to
Salem after staying in Donald for some
time. Whilo there &he was at tne, uome
of Mrs. C. J. Epsey.
Amonp those who plan to pend
their vacation at the coast i9 Miss Ju
lia Iverson. She left tho middle of the
week for Portland on her way to Sea
side. WW
Felicitations are being received by
Mr. aud Mrs. A. E. MeKe upon the
Till? T1?T 1 4 IT
Children's Straw
Hats, value to $2,
now 75c
Gordon Hats,
$3.50 values now
......... $2.45
birth this morning of a little daughter,
Alta May.
Mr, and Mrs. J. B. Erausse have left
Salcmi after a short visit with Mr. and
Mrs. G. G. Brown. Mr. and Mrs
Krausse formerly made their home in
Mrs. A. N. Cannon and daughter, Sal
lie, spent Tuesday night with Mrs. J.
D. Sutherland. Mrs. Cannon was on
her way home iu Portland' from a visit
with her father at Labish Meadows.
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1913, and held that office until Decern,
bcr of the same year.
Mitchcl was elected mayor for tme
term, holding office from Jaauary ,
I'JU to December 31, 1917.
The former mayor, who had the rauk
of major, was transferred two weeks
ago from San Diego to Gerstncr field,
Lake Charles, La.
Mayor Hylan Regrets
Mayor Hylan issued tho following
'The news of the death of John Flir
toy Mitchel, is a great porsonal shock to
me. My sincere sympathy coes out to
Mrs. Mitchel in this, her crcat bereave
"Proper steps will be taken, by tho J
officials of the city and public jrenerai-
ly to pay every respect to the late ma.
Mayor Hylan sent tlie following mes
sage to tne five Dorough president?-:
' am profoundly sorry to hoar of the i
death of Major Mitchel. He came of
fignmg stock and did not fear to die.
them in
Just received the Fourth Carload of Pianos, all delivered
within Six weeks and just before the 25 raise in freit
fates; and you can save the raise in freight charges if you
hy now from
Geo. C
All Men's Dress
Straw Hats be- '
low cost prices. -A
line of Straw
Sailors, values to
$3.00, now . . 35c
Corner Court and
Com'I Street, Salem
T differed with hiln as to the manner
of administering jublic affairs, but I
(.ctainly admired his fighting proeHvii
Flags &t Half Mast.
,''As a mark of respect to him, I di
l'cct all flags for which he gave his
life, bo half masted on every public
pijilding in tho city."
Vayor Hylan this afternoon sent the
f'lilcwbg telegram to Mrs. Mitchel at
Hid aviation grounds where her husband;
was killed: .- :
''In this hour of your great bereave
.ucrt permit mo to extend to you in
il-e nanw of the peopie of the city ovex
which your husband presided, ana in my
t-rt'ji name, tho sincere sympathy we all
feel for you. Mayor Mitchel 's life was
sacrificed in tho most hallowed cause,
one for which his forcbearcrs fought
with the valor of their race. His coun
trymen will not forget him."
Intimate friends of Major Mitchel
her today expressed the belief that
his death may have been the result of
a sudden severe attack of headache, to
which ho was sulbject. These aittaeka
were attributed, to a fever from Which,
he suffered twelve years ago. During
nhe attaokis he was compelled to remain
in a dark room and his suffering was
des.-ri-bed -as most intense,
Last Thursday afternoon 'smoke was
noticed by J. H. Osborn arising from
the S. P. bridge north of town. In com
pany with Ii. D. Gray an investigation
was mado and a sure fire was discover
ed blazing fiercely, some planking hav-
. put out. Medals" should bo conferred.
Turner Tribune
UlTOin nn . w
lie has many friend, here, whom he '