Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 25, 1918, Page FIVE, Image 5

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Kate per word A'ew Today:
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The Capital Journal will not be re
sponsible for more than one insertion,
for errors in Classified Advertisements
Head your advertisement the first day
it appear and notify as immediately
Minimum charge, 15c
WHITE Rock, chicks. Phone 93F5. 4 25
FOB trailer for sale. 271 D St 4-29
WANTED A good piano. Phone 803
R. 5-1
FOB BENT Three furnished house
keeping, rooms. 6S7 JJ. Front. 4-27
FOB BALE CI LEAP 6 room plastered
house. Call at 365 6. lGth. 427
TABROT for sale- Oood talker. 1294
S. 13in. Phone 1664. 4-25
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms. 694
N. Com '1. Phone 2454 W. 4-27
TWO and three room furnished apart-
meat 491 N. Cottage. Phone 2203,
WANTED A driving horso for four
months feed. C. E. care Journal. 4-24
PIGS FOB 3ALE $5, 6 weeks old.
Phone 36F11, Skyline Orchards. ,4-20
FOB SALE 1000 "Mammoth blackber
ry tips. Phone 2503W2. 4-25
FOB SALE Farm wagon complete,
also flat rack. Phone 1119. 4 2b
GOOD farm wagon for sale, 995 south
14th St. 4-25
EARLY ROSE potatoes, fine large
seed. C. C. Russell. Phone 3F3. tf
GARDEN plowing wanted. 1549 Broad
way. Phone 2017J. 6-2
COL. W. F. WRIGHT the auctioneer,
Turner, Oregon. Phone 52. 6-11
WANTED To buy stock catUe, ny
kind. Phone 1570W. 5-2
FIVE room flat, furnished or unfurn
ished. Call at 399 Mission. 4-29
FOB RENT Pasture, call 54F5 after
6 p. m. 4 29
WANTED To buy 12 or 15 pigs.
Phone 65F5- 25
HAVE you wood sawing! Call phone
i. t
FOB SALE Cheap Mgh. grade rugs.
Call 1155 North Summer. Phone 354.
WANTED Man for geneffal farm
work, good wages and board. Phone
Marion 33. . 4 27
7 FOOT hoe drill, good condition.
Trade for good work horse. Bt. 2,
Box 19A. 4-2
(FOR RENT A ono room apartment,
also sleeping rooms. 152 8. Church
St. 42,5
WANTED Work on farm by married
man, must be steady. Phone 96F
11. 4-
WANTED To reut 5 room furnished
house; na children. Address F. H.
tarn Journal. 4-27
FOR SALE Good ea-ly seed corn on
Jefferson road, one ile from street
car line. A. Bordnei-- 4-27
WANTED First class seamstress. Ap
ply at onoe. The Hob Nob, 215 Ma
' Bonic bldg- H
FOR SALE Loganberry plants
Photie 10OF32, W, L. McKinney, Rt
6. box 121. '
FOR BENT Nicely furnished house
keeping" and sleeping rooms. 645 Fer
ry St. f
FOR RENT Good five room modern
louse. Inquire 506 N. Commereial St
or pbone 1S49M.
WANTED Farm hand; must be a
good one, will pay the best of wages.
C. C. Russel. Phone 3F3. tf
WALL PAPER, 12 cents double roll.
upwaH Ruren's Furniture Store, 179
FOB RENT Nicely furnished house
keeping rooms, reasonable. 855 N.
Com! St 4-26
SAVE your old carpets and clothing
hare them made into rugs. Salem
Fluff Bug Co., 2075 Mill St. 4-26
.AUTO FOB SALE 1917 Chevrolet,
na 4000 miles, la good condition;
price is reasonable. Call at Capital
Journal business office or phone
lfaio 81. tf
FOB SALE A large team of young,
soond horses; also harness, wagon,
tack, plow, harrow, disc potato
plow and 3 cultivators. Inquire at
460 N. Summer street, Salem. 4-26
"WANTED Men and women to work
U Tegetable drying plant in the
country. Good eamping. grounds, and
tents with ftoors free. For particu
lars, address E. Clemens Horst Co.,
Independence, Oregon. 4-29
WANTED At onee man with small
family to take charge of small farm,
mostly team work, also want a man
to do lawn work. Phone 254 or 622.
FOB BENT Furnished rooms. 292 Ji.
Church. Phone oTZB. 4-26
FRESH Bed Durham cow, 3 years old
for sal. Also 4 pointer pups. Kt. o.
box 147B. 4-29
FOR SALE White Leghorn hens from
O. A. 0. and Tancred stock. Phone
57F13, D. X. Eeechler. 4-25
FOB SALE 5 passenger Ford in good
oraer. t jn. lomi mone
WANTED Maid for general house
work. Good wages. Phono 1431 or
call at 1417 Court St. tf
WANTED 15 women, apply at once
Salem King's Products Company,
Frc-it and Market. 4-25
WANTED A man for garden work
for a week or ten days. W. C. Frank
lin, phone 52F14. 4-25
FOB SALE Ford roadster in good
conumon, a new tires, x-none -uo-Call
418 Court. 4-25
'ROOM house for rent cheap,
Court St., business district- Inquire
230 Court. Phono 1005. 4-26
FOB SALE Eight room house with
six fine kits, with fine garden. See
G. W. Johnson, or phono 4. tf
OUR 105 acre Tanch, 2 miles east on
Garden road is for sale. Geo. 8we
gle. tf
FOR SALE Choice Lady Washington
seed beans. Inquiro at 1204 N. Com.
or phone 1470. 428
FOR SALE Good work or driving
horse; also surrey and harness, reas
onable. 465 N. Cam'l St. Phone 1135
M. 4-27
FOR SALE Cheap for cash, 5 acre
tract, 5 room house and other im
provements, 3H acres to Loganber
ries. Addrws X J tare Journal. 4-27
FOB SALE Practically new Maxwell
automobile, run only 2500 miles, a
bargain. Call during business hours,
301 N. Commercial stTeet 4-27
FOR SALE Buick ftcylinder, 7 pas
senger in A-l condition, with extras
price $850. A. E. Peterson, Rt. 9,
box 160, Salem, Or. 4-27
WANTED Office assistant with fair
knowledge of bookkeeptag and sten
ography. Salary $65. Address B. D.
care Journal. 4-26
FOR SALE At a bargain, teaim of
V.ln.,1... naioa -wainrhirwr 9400. 8 And
uivnj uikbiv, " -'t, n
9 years old; also good double harness
and one year oia norse weigsius
1500. 220 N. Front. .4-26
ATTENTION Mail order tuyere, the
Minneapolis Wooleta Mills have a
sample room alt 385 Stale St. and are
taking orders for future deliveries.
R mm snil see, their line, as thoy
sell direct from mill to consumer
and oan save you money. 4-26
Mien fiiue level stock ranch, 160
plowed, house, store and post office
priming office of Lake County Tri
bune. Would trado for smaller ranch
in Willamette valley, good clean
stock of hardware, or newspaper in
country town. M. irieet, Fleetwood,
Or. -25
to. 3.64, 8 hours. West Linn mills op-,
posite Oregon City, at free employ
ment office. Strike still on. Bail
road receipt for fare up to $2 cash
ed after working one week. Come
nlong. Work assured. Beard and bed
$15.65 week at mills or $7 at Beck's
hotel, Oregon City. 5-6
TRACTOR for sale at, a bargain. Big
Bull with the pull, 7-20 horse power,
14-in. double bottom P. & O. gang
plow, automatic lift; outfit has had
little use, owner having sold place
is leaving city, will sell for $50U
cash, or bankable note with interest
at 8 per cent per annum. Address No.
21, Capital Journal. 4-27
FOR SALE at a bargain, 1 black fil
ley age 4 vwarB, weight mbout 1350;
l'ljlack filley age 3 years, weight
about 1450; 1 grey filley age 3 years
weight about 1450; 1 black geldinst
age 2 years weight, about 1000. WiU
sell the lot at $500 cash, or bankable
note at 8 per cent interest. Address
"No. 22 care Capital Journal. 4-27
Interest In Market
Is Falling Away
New York, April 25. The New York
Evening Sun financial review today
Dwindling interest 5n the market for
suMiritha was eiven evidenced today
ia restricted tradine and rather narrow"
irregularity in prices. Standard
shares were disposed to be easier, al
though there was no doubt of the firm
ness which underlay the entire list.
'nch ft American Sumatra Tobacco,
Distillers Kecnnues. Amene&a uinun
The motors, of eourse, were again
After its vigorous display of strength,
Distillers Securities cancelled its gains,
presumably on the report from Wash
ington that the government might eom
mandeer the country 's suppliy of whis
key in bond. Through the afternoon
..c..m .AnC.n.J lull nH unintrest-
WOUlUR ' -
ing. Sbeel and the other standard
shares were substantially unchanged.
- m
Total Casualties To Date
274-Fiye Officers Wound
ed, None Killed
Washington, April 25. American
marines, whose tlogan is "First and
last in the fight" are now seeing hot
action on the west front.
Casualty lists of the last few days
indicate they are "in the thick of it,"
manyVir.j; reported in General Persh
ing's easvatty lists No distinction is
made in the list now being made pub
lic between marines and soldiers.'
The total casualties of the marine
corps to date number 274, General
Barnett announced today. Thirty-four
enlisted men have been "killed and lour
officers ai.d 236 men wounded.
None reported missiuff. One com
pany lost 21 killed and 140 wounded!
from the tota strength of 250 men.
The 1st follows:
Killed In Action. !
Private Emil n. Gehrke, John Stekel- j
enburg, Edward A. Grober, Corporal
Charles K. Toth, Sergeant Albert Hada, i
Jr., Corporals Norman R. JacJkson,
tienry ,i. smart, Fricates Leo Water
meier, Leslie H. Arthur, Rene J. Titus,
Walter ,1. Ward. Edmund Bollack, Cor
poral John Formull, Private Hugh B.
Rodenbo, Gunnery Sergeant Edward
G. Warren, Private Edward C. Gehlert,
corporal jonn u Auhn, Private Glenn
Samples, Alfred E. Sehedel, Allen W.
Jewctt, Villiam E. Giles, Hohan (name
now being verified by department).
Died of Wounds.
Privates Harry L. Williams, John
Wounded la Action.
Privates John H. Page, Harry R. Wil
liams, Aiiton F. Hoesli, John B. Gabriol,
Sorgeant Lloyd E. Battles, Privates
George D. Thompson, Clarence A. Judd,
Ernest H. Bonvillian, Gunnery Sergeant
Rohcoe Bledsoe. Privates Lawrence G.
Beabout, Eli WHttstein, Claud L. Wilk
inson, Eugene C. David, Walter Rey
nolds, Sergeants Cecil Grimes, Harry
F. Raymond.
Accidentally Killed.
Private Charles D. Graham, Serg
eant Bernard J Rowan.
Wounded In Action.
First Lieutenent Willi tm H. Kirk,
Captain A. B, MUler, Fimt Lieutenant
Harold V. Sherman, Fint Lieutenant
Harry H. Barber,
Corporal Odom P. MaiUn, Private
Anton F. Shillenkamp, Gunnery Serg
eant Joseph Weitzell, Privates Born
ard Yoakum, Eaile O. Andtrson, Lam
bert L. Lchl, Coiporal Edward F. An
sel, Corporal Johil F. Dunn, Privates
bnocn K. 'J. nomas, Ray R. Dodson, Carl
M. Bollards, Charles P. Martindale,
Clarence S. Markham, Curtis H. Frei
man, Hairy F. Raymond, Ivan W.
Shaw, William R. Bliss, Captain K. W.
Karsteadt, First Lieutonant C. B. May
nard, Private Harry E. Hennessy, Serg
eants Adil . N. Kass, Leo H. Hennen,
Private Claude E. Brincker, First Lieu
tenant Fred W. Clarke, Privates Syl
vanus Ausborne, Leslie H. Arthur, Guil
ford Aikin, James A. Alsobrook, Hd
ward L. Anglin, Charles W. Ayars,
Albert W. Barts, Corporal Aubrey B.
Brown, Privates Fred O. Bayn, Win
Slow D. Brannen, Arthur Bell, Earl K.
Barnett, Harvne Bruton, Morris C,
Arnold, Merl W. Brown, John C. Atchi
son, Grover D. Adams, Corporal 8am
D. Bennett, First Lieutenant Louis R,
Nature Cures, The Doctor Takes VbM
There is an old saying that "Nature
cures, the doctor takes the fee," but
as everyone knovrs you can help na
ture very much and thereby enable it
to effect a cure in much less time than
is usually required. Thig is particularly
true of colds- thamberlarn s Cougn
R-emcdy relieves the lutogs, liquifies
tno tough mucus and aids in its ex
pectoration, allays the cough and aids
naturo in restoring the system to a
healthy condition.
Now is the time to spray your
roses for Aphis. We have the
spray and the sprayers.
Spray your applo and pear
trees, as. the blooms fall, with
8. W. Arsenate of lead. We hav6
all sieved packages.
Wc have just received a car
load of good dry Eastern Corn
for feed.
Now have Cabbage, Kale, To
matoes, Asparagus, etc., ready to
The best selected stock in the
state to select from of Bulk Gar
den Seeds. All new stock and
tested seeds. Call for catalogue.
n a wurrr a
v, n. II lit i u ui u
251 State Street. Phone 160
Salem, Oregon
Cherrians to Put Oa
Show at Vancouver
Next Tuesday EYening
The Cherriaa minstrel show players
will givi their entertainment aext Tues
day evening at the Vancouver barracks,
Vancouver, Washington, according to
present plans. .
A reDresenUtive of the T. M. C. A.1
of Vancouver was in the city today coa
fernng with the players and it was
thought best to give th show ia Van-,
comer rather than in Portland.
By going direct to the soldiers it was!
figured that at least 3,000 would have;
au opportunity of hearing the Salem i
songsters, while w Portland the attend
ance from the barracks would hardly
run up to 500.
According to present plans, the Cher-
atternoon rw v ciwn i me auiumu
bilo rouvs and leave for home immed
iately after the show. .
The show Inst night ran as smooth asgT
a professional performance and every
soloist was at his best. In fact, many
are of the. opinion that the perform
ance was just a little better than the one
iriveu the first night. The house was
packed to capacity and with the general
encores, the Cherrians feel they have
given the public a show light up to the
Chorrian standard.
One of the unique features of the
show last nit;ht was the fact that the
gallery was filled with the most appre
ciative part of the audience as William
Lereheii and Clyde B. Clancey invited
100 or more of tho youug9ters anout
town and gave them tickets good for
the gallery.
. R. H. E-
New York b 13 0
Brooklyn 5 9 3
Perritti and McCarty; Marquard,
Griner, Cheney and Kruegcr (10 inn-
Philadelphia 5 9 4
Bostoa 6 10 a
Prendergast, Tmeup AWams;
Neh,f and Wilson,
Cincinnati 0 3 1
Pittsburg 1 o u
Schneider and Wineo; Miller and
Schmidt. '
St, Louis - - 2 8
Chicago - 3 8 8
Packard, Horstman ana onyuur.
Hendrix and Kilhfer.
Jones, Seigeant Wilbert Blaekiord,
LeRoy Bailey, Corporal Leo C. Buck
ley, Privates Frank T. Boll, Joseph
Biel, Warren G. Benton, Jr., John H
Becker, Clarence E. Barnett, Raymond
A. Berger, Thomas D. Boyer, Irving J.
Buckley, Abncr h. Gibson, Frank Gor
meley, Wendell H. OKver, Francis E.
Probert, Ray Strain, Harry E. Young,
Sorgeant Dubiey L. Brown, Corporal
Ralph V. Chaney, Privates Fred H.
Domke, Gus V. Sauerbraum, Robert H.
Wimberly, William T. Asbury, Corporal
Chester W. Ruth,""Heury E. Roberts,
Fred KrameT, Privates James B, Mc
Coy, David C. Reynolds, Jr., Arthur H.
Spies, Corporals Carl W. Johnson.
James K. Riley, James A. Page, Alfred
A. Stock, Privates Jeff M. Parker,
Paul H. Sanders, Walter H. Waterman,
Earl R. Snyder, Warner B. Slocum,
Kenneth W. Vancil, Ferdinand T.
Stoer, Cedric Seaman, Milo U. Snyder,
Valentine H. Thil. ' -
Mrs. I. TO. Bennett, living on route 9
north of town, received a letter today
from her son, Harry C. Bennett, who is
confined in the Brooklyn naval nospitai
as the result of a wound received on
April 16 when He wag aecidently shot in
the leg while doing guard duty, stating
how th.v) accident occurred. Ho was shot
by his own revolver, which fell from tho
holster aud was discharged as it struck
tho floor. The bullet entered nls leg
just, above the knee and ranged upward
through ttw thigh, lodging in oacs
above the hip, near the skin. It wasjjje
removed and he is keeping it for a
keepaake. He stated that he was getting
along nicely and expected to bo sitting
up this week.
s(( c jft )c it ))c
State House News
TlT rparuiDoa in an :,irif ni !.,n (mm tha
Portland Press club to attend a banquet
Sunday at the Multnomah hotel in Port-
land, Percy A. Cupper, assistant state
engineer wrote that while regretting
41.n. 1. 1.1 .11 .1 ... . a
ZLiri T n"
V , . . ' J,.V " urH. Westaeot, deceased, filed tlieir rc
bear steak with all the tnmmiu s". The jtftU, wa vaIued at $Wu.,K. TUo
mfitation from the Press club specified I prttisers were Joe aiiinnnrtner, Wal
that tlw main part of the eating would uu or,,i v.i t,..
ue aiong me line or Dear meat and what
generally goes with it.
R. A. Booth of Eugene, recently an
poiuttd a member of the state highway
commission, is in the city familiarizing,
nimseir witn rue ci titles of his office,
Today with btate Engineer Herbert
.uiiu he is inspecting m the Kex Ti
gnrd district.
In the Corporation department the
following were filed today:
Certificate of dissolution of tho Car
stens Packing company of Portland.
Certificate and copy of resolutions of
dissolution of the Western Bag com
pany of Portland. They organized but
conditions unfavorable for business.
Supplementary articles of incorpora
tion were filed by the Eastrrn Manu
facturers company of Portland. The
stock was increased from $5,000 to $25,
000. The Portland Padded Bteel Harness
company increased its capital stock from
$5,000 to $50,000.
' '
Dr. TP, H. Lytle, state veterinarian,
Lis in Ontario. Oregon this week attend -
T. . .
ing the Cattle and Horse Kaisers Aso -
al , a ,
The Ion:? ranee
Paris, April 25.
bombardment of Paris
last night.
Agents for But
terick Patterns,
The Delineator,
W. B. and Nemo
Wc are showing a most
wonderful line of
Men s Dress Shirts
in our Court street win
dow, at a surprisingly
low price.
$1.00 Each
Quality has been kept
up to old time standard.
(See Court Street Window)
Butterick Special
Come in and meet Mrs.
State Treasurer Says
$500,000 Deficiency by
Meeting of Legislature
State Treasurer Kay estimates that
before the meeting of tho next legisla
ture fully $500,000 in deficiency certif
icates will be issued. These certificates
will draw 6 per cent interest. Mr. Kay
will ask that 'the depository banks
throughout the state take up these cer
l.ificji.tM and not nermifc them all to
be handled by the Portland bank,. Of
this deficiency, $280,000 was newssury
for the state constaouWiry. 'n;e State
Hygiene society was voted $10,000 and
the state board of health $10,000. it
will be short of funds before the first
of next year and that the emergency
board will fee called on to vote at
least $200,000.
.,, T" T T"r. , -'" "-
Washington, April C5. flndicartiont
this afternoon were that Speaker Clark
would accept the Missouri aenatorship
offered him by Governor Gardner.
After conferring with all congress
ional leaders, CLark admitted that there
was (3io other person who must bo
consulted. It was hi wife.
It wouldn't do not to talk it over
with her. Mrs. Clark win in New York
and is to arrive iu Washington late
this afternoon.
Court House News
o 4t 4V V sic 4e b lW t
p p p T' p
A mandate of the Bupreme court was
filed today in the circuit court where
by tho judgment of tli lower court
was reversed and set aside in thu case
cf Mflry I. Mercer against the Gemian
io Firo Insurance company, In tho low
er court Mary I. Mercer !ued the insur
ance company for $2700 for fire insur
ance and w:s awarded judgment for
the amount The insurance company ap
pealed ito the supreme court which re-
! J04 the f ,"'fnt(,a"
IB"7. IV1? t
I ordered .Mary
insurance com
pany costs cifthe appeal amounting to
TV, appraisers of tho estate of K-
Cecelia Fiddler, executrix of the es
tate, of Sarah A. Pettyjohn, deceased,
filed her accounting of the estate from
the date of the final amounting Sept,
Jo, 'J17, to April 24, IfllH. During tho
time $15.85 was expcniled and tne
claim of Minnie Pettyjohn for $'.'04
not allowed. The report rhowej a bal
ance on hand erf $130.30.
In the eircuiit court, the court or
dcYed that in the cat - tf William l'p-:
pendahl against J. H. Sanguinct, as
William Uppeadabl had dud since tho
iiitiation of the suit, the names of
the executors of the elato he sutsti-,
tifted. The, executors, are Edward l'p-;
pendahl, WiJhehn Cppendahl and Anna (
Metske, '
In the suit of K. T. Tuv against Ag
nes" Wilson and others and al the ad
ministrator of the estate of Alfred
Wilson ,the court ordered a confirma
tion of the sale of real property.
I , T . ... ,
As Hernando Otto Irvin did not ap
P ' th divorce eas-j against him
'1 YY ' '
V,n u iln'l!i ril IT! rtCIflll I . MB TV KO'
. . , i;, ,i
enia Irvin was th. planuiff. and as
the defendant was not in the military
or naval servke, and he did not ap- .
in r.nrul fir Kv flttornCV. he Will
' be d.-ibarred from miking an appear-
anco wnen tne caae is iwnnr
called :
for triai.
You can always do better at
Just In
A fine big shipment of
66x80 in size, full bound,
very heavy. Come in a
wide range .of designs
and colorings.
Indespcnsible for
Motoring, Camping,
Picnics and Home.
(See Liberty Street Window)
ilT JIooopIooods te-
Mrs. R. B. Laufer, special representa
tive, is now with us with a Butterick
plan that's a money saver.
Laufer and let her explain.
A writ of attachment was issued yes
terday in the circuit court iu the ase
of the Credit Servioo ccmpany against
Andrew Nelson and A. C. Nelson, as
the Monitor Lumber company. The
amount involved dis $252.81.
A complaint was filod yesterday by
A. ?. Gillis against John A. Oearin
and others for the foreclosure of
mortgage Hun for $3000, the amount
loaned June 11, 1914. Tho Bank of St.
Paul is interested in the suit.
1 ma"ie 29 W
ivnnh M-tnr.m in ih. i,i
or B divorce She rentes that they
i,wer8 mar,iCd Jan. 2u. 1889. at Baker.
n. tt nhiuMn
&orn to the union, uollc, a daugbter is
tlhe only .minor child. She charges that
he called her vuo unities and usod ob
scene laiiguttgo and finally deserted
hor Jan". 10, 1917. No property rights
are involved, according to the com
plaint. Annual Convention
Openedjhis Afternoon
The annual convention of the Oregon
State Sunday School association opened
here this afternoon, the convention be -
ing held at tho First Methodist church.
The convention was called to order at
2:00 o'clock by ' President Charles A.
Rice. Reports of state officers and
assignment of delegates were first or
der of biifinesH. The program for to
night's session in as follows:
7:30 Call to service by bugle.; pro
cession of fJaKs; suluto to the United
States flag; "America," led by Dr.
H. ft Epley, Salem; salute to the Chris
tian convocation prayer, Rev. It.
N. Aviion, Sulein; special music, ladies'
8:00 Address of welcome, Governor
quartet, First Christian church, Halcm.
Withycombo; response, A. A. Morse,
Portland; ''Sunday Hehflol Pioneering
in Oregon," Rev. Joseph Hoberg, Mc
Minnvillej convention song; ecial
music, direction of Slis.j Minnettu
Magers; aiinounc.eiiients; add res, "The
Hunday Hchool and Uood Citizenship,"
Rev. E. W. Halpenny.
Friday's program is as follows:
8:30--School of methods.
10:00 Genera assembly.
10:10 Singing, led by ' Carroll Rob
erts; prayer, Rev. Charles A. f'hipps.
10:i0 "Co-ordination of All
Schools," Superintendent J. A. Church
ill, Oregon.
10:4"--"An Unrecognized Force,"
Mrs. Hardwood Hull, ( heniawa.
wi '-i,ry-'"''!I!'-if'
Our purpose is to
hold your faith.
To give satisfac
tion always. Our
prices are right;
Our Merchandise
is right
As the warm days of
Spring ' approach the
Boy should be dressed
accordingly. Our "Boys'
Department" is in a
splendid position to sup
ply those Cool, Dressy
Wash Suits that give
the boy comfort, and a
neat cool appearance.
$1.15 to $3.00
(See Court Street Window)
11:45 "A Big Job," Edwin Row
don, Portland.
1:30 Singing, led by Carroll Rob
erts; prayer.
1:40 Boll call of eounties nl
awards. .
2:10 A dress, "The Encircling
Movement," Rov. B, W. Halpenny,
3:30 to 5:30 Schoo or Methods.
6:00 Annual banquet.
7:30 Call to servicej song service,
led by Dr. II. C. Epleyj special musia,
Willamette University College of
Music; prayer, Rev. O. H. Elliott,
8:00-. Address, "Seven Sunday
School Wonders," Rev.-E. W. Halpen
nT! BPecill music, male quartet, Firs
Mothodist churrh, Salem.
secretary Y. M. C. A.," Portland.
A twin convention of the association
was held at LaGraude on Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday of this weekt
many of the prominent speakers coin
ing from thero to Saern for the sob
vention here.
Miss Margaret Russell, 113a Isortli
Fifteenth street, Sulem, Or., explains
wonderful cure.
To those afflicted with Cancer:
I deem it a grent privilege to be h)s
to testify to tho absolute cure of cancer
on the side of my nose from which 1
had suffered for three years.
on July 14, ll), F o,ppried to Or. H.
C. Stone for treatment, lie applied a
paste for four (lays and then a simple
ointment, in just eleven days after tho
fiiat treatment tho ennor fell out. Tho
place soou healed and is now sound ai.d
Suli'in, Or., Nov., 5, 1017.
Stone's Drug Store
241 N. Com'l Street, Salem.
Phone 35
Consultation and Advice
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