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phone 7.
K. Richardson, 2395 Front St. 7 0
service. Phone 1391J.
FOUND Lineman's belt.
- 1
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FOR SALE 4 and 0 weeks old chicks.
1259 S. Liberty street. 7-ti
WANTED Man to rim road roller. 8oe
county roadmastcr nt court house. 7-0
1 OK SALE 2(10 White Leghorn pullets
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Will Stand In With Hoover
in Conserving Country's
Food Supply
Glove, Factory 1455 Oak St. 7-7
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v close in. $17. Phone 1422. 7-o
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. 7-9
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IFOR RENT Furnished housekeeping
rooms, lights, bnth and gas. 031) N.
Liberty St. 7-G
ina room and sleeping rooms, 25o Con
ter, or phone 1525. 7-5
Washington, July 5. Wives of six
of President Wilson's official family
have followed the lead of Mis. Wilson
end signed Herbert Hoover's food con
servation cards. -
Eleanor Lansing, wife of the secre
tary of state, signed card No. 3. It
pledges the secretary's household to one
FOR SALE 2 lots, house and bum, yhentless meal a dnv and cuts venl and
price $i)0. Apply owner, 22'JO Mil! , ,.mb from the family bill of fare. The
.7-7 I Lansings will practice strict economy
; , . 1 in the use of butter and sugar, but fruit
V ANTED A dairyman who lias hadjlma vegotables will be served in abund-
rsj'riirurr n 1 1 u u unliving mill-ill in. gnCO
LOST A pair glasses in a case, on
Broadway, A liberal reward. Jcssio
ivlillor, 1890 N. Otli. 7-5
French Repulse Most Savage
Thrusts Made During
the Year
By Henry Wood,
Phone 1431 or 4!)1.
FOR SALE Good 2d hand empiro mow
ing machine at a bargain. See O. N.
Howell, 1125 Hines near 12th St. 7-0 I
I Julian Gregory states she has five "BCK e rrencn cnecnect it so com
meinbers in her household, that she em-1 Ple'elythat the rreuch commanding;
l.ioys a cook and that the occupation general. was able personally to remain
or ner ureau winner, i. w. uregory, is - " ""v u.w.B mo
attorney general of the United States. battle. The Germans did not capture a
Adjutant General Corrects
Error About Second Series
of Officers
'Washington, July 5 In view of the
(United Press Staff Correspondent) tendency on the part of well qualified!
With the French Armies in the Field, men under 31 and men without military
July 5 The German crown prince's
Tuesday night attack on a front of 12
miles between Jouy and Craonne was
Germany's greatest offensive action
on the western front this year. Head
quarters reports, assembled today giv
ing data of attacking regiments and
losses gave .proof to this belief of
French commanders today.
p.otwithstandiug the force of this
FOR RENT 0 room modern furnished
bungalow near Center and 21st St.
experience to hold their applications
for the second series of officers train
ing camps because of apparent mis
understanding of the war department's
memorandum of information, dated
June 4, 1917, General McCain, the ad
jutant general, issued the following
statement today:
."The statement that mature men
will be given preference for the second
series of officers training camps seems
to have been misunderstood in some '
quarters. This preferenco will only!
apply w h'ere qualifications are equal, j
There is no intention to bar out appli-
... i-.P..:., tt.... . .i: single foot of French noaitinn. cations by men under 31. In fact, ex-i
lull. ..1U nue Ul llie:- " " I .minim. ntfir. W I,..- :.,...,J i
rotary of agriculture, with eight in the I. moreover ineir losses were stagger-1 r"'"';.,.-" '"I " "
1 ..use, will welcome the whoatless meal "!? i .freff rd the flSes f 2o to 35 the most
50c size Melholatum only
Jack Tar Middies
A most pleasing assortment of the popular Jack
Tar Middies', made of best cotton twills with cotton
and flannel collars both in. white and blue., Long
and short sleeves, sizes 4 years up to size 44v They
come from the wash like new. Prices are $1.25, $1.50,
$1.75, and 'a regulation , Navy Middy : at $3.50.
You'll surely want several for the out of door days.
WANTED Six teumsters
Farm O. S. Hospital, Leo M
and return to the cornbread of the After fighting all night Tuesday, the i
(,ot) " ' si.nth, from whence they came. She will rencn troops on Wednesday received
I their chief commander's order announc-
"There is also some misunderstand
ing about the necessity of previous
I 1.-1.1 J! 1 1
ivBiie i . . . , ,. , ' , u ....!. .i . military experience. The cmvernmpnt
iumouga Mrs. rruaKun rv. iane nas annai ui American iruups in.. . . - - . , ,.. 1
the aviation J"aris and ordering the French soldiers , im.uuigiii ami
to further to join in a general Fourth of July "irceim "leu, ana military experience,
I i ... thnimh ,
a son, Franklin, Jr., in
FOR BENT Strictly modern 8 room corP Bhe. Plc3s9 the Lanes
dwelling, close in, $20 per month. Bee f ervice o the country by g"in8 into celebration,
rf!nrni.u ! Hoover's army.
bldg. Phone DO or 1023. tf' Mrs- Kedfield, wife of the secretary
' I "f commerce, and Mrs. W. B. Wilson,
WANTED-Woman or girl to do gen- v:,re ln" 8rl!,ry OI "luor.
eral housework. Phone 747M between slBncu tu0 carus'
0 and 7 o'clock mornings or even
ings. 7-7
WANTED 15 cherry pickers, good
crop, good orchard to pick in, good
equipment, Call phone 50F11 Eoln,
Or. Picking commences at ouco. 7-7
PRUNE II EN Before contracting to
have your fruit dried give the Hiilgin
dryer the once over and get our
prices for drying. Fruit called for
and delivered at a minimum price.
Jefferson Road, Phone UFO. 7-5
The announcement was greeted with
tremendous enthusiasm in all the
WANTED Hay to bale, have rfirst
class outfit. Phone 7F13 or address
B. A. Reynolds, R. F. D. 3, Salem. 7-C
WANTED $3000 at 6 per cent for
. years, farm security. Sec J. A. Mill:
320 State St. 7-
NICE Furnished housekeeping apart
ments. 491 N. Cottage. Phone 2203.
New supply of cloth ones at Capital
Journal. tf
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switches at halt' price. 144 Wilson St.
Phone 8S3W. '7-0
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er, more or less, ready for shipping
July 10th. Is. Jr. Lar ountnino. Uer
vais, R. 2. 7-7
WANTED A good young bull of ser
vicable age, fawn color and register
ed one preferred. Phone 4;F14 or
address John Girurdin, Turner. Or
Good camp grounds, wood and wa
ter. Sa.lcm Heiuhts. R. 3, box 111, M
F. Woodward. 7-9
LOST Round iet pin mounted in sold
goid leaf In center set with pearl.
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ceive reward. tl
TOR SALE 23 aeres, 20 acres In
Tottntr fruit trees, planted to beans.
Vfnst soli, am going away. Phone
TS2B. Don't call nnless interested, tf
JFOB BALFWSee me for finest location
la town to live. Have to change rll
mate on account of rheumatism. High
nriced niano nracticallr new and
furniture will go in if sold soon. 1875
Saginaw. ir
WANTED 100 Loganberry pickers, 45
acres, stendy picking, fino enmp
ground, free wood and potato patch,
water piped on ground, Yi mile trorn
ear at Salem Ileights. B. Cunning
ham. Pnone 21F3. 7-7
4 acres in potatoes; owner gets Vi
on Hi acres and 13 on 2ij acres.
Price (125 per acre, 1150 down and
balance 6 per cent. Sco J. A, Mi!l.i.
320 State. 7-5
FOR SALE OR TRADE 20 acres close
to good town: good buildings, nil in
cultivation, clear of incumbrance,
Price $4500, will take $25110 city
property, terms on balance. AddrcHs
G. F. P. 880 N. Winter, Salem. Phone
2123.1. 7-7
Wanted man and wife and
young boy to work in small
sawmill; millmeii nt $3.90 tor
twelve hours work; berry pick
ers, will pay one cent a pound;
two men to work on a farm
$1.50 a day and board; girl to
do general housework in coun
try; two teamsters. Snlem Em
plovmeut Agency, Room 14,
llreyman Ulilg. Phone 848.
All Hands Pciat
to Our Want AcU e
Ihs Result Prodaccr 1
' 0
Italy Enthuses at
Great Celebration
Rome, July 5. ' ' America will not
sheath the sword she has drawn until
there is a final decisive victory over
autocracy," declared American Ambas
sador Thomas Nelson Page, at Rome's
monster celebration of the American
Fourth of July.
Page wa. the central figure in the
demonstration which was the most im
pressive and the most enthusiastic Italy
has witnessed in years. Thousands jam
med cnpltol square and cheered for Am
erica again and again. Soino of the na
tion's highest officials were present.
Premier Bosselli presided and his words
of appreciation for America's entry
with the allies evoked great enthusiasm.
To the Public
I have been using Chamberlain's
Tablets for indigestion for tho past
six months, and it affords mo pleasure
to say I have never used a remedy that
.ii. .... ".. n v..
Rilev. Illion. N. Y. Chamberlain's Tab
lets are obtainable everywhere.
Will Raid Drug Stores '
If Law Is in Effect
Seattle, Wash., July 5. Mayor Gill
announced today he would send police
squads to raid every drug store in the
city if Corporation Counsel Hugh Cald
well rules that the state bone dry law
is in effect. This measure i being held
up for a count or referendum signa
tures. It is reported to have failed.
"I'm not going to sit," said the
mayor, "ami twiddle my thumbs while
the drug stores unload the stocks they
put in, anticipating the hone dry
Stomach Troubles and Constipation
"I will cheerfully say that Chnrn-
borlain'a Tablets are the most satisfac
tory remedy for stomach troubles and
cou'stipatioii that I have sold in thirty
four years' drug store service," writes
S. II . Murphy, druggist, Wellsburg, N.
Y. Obtainable everywhere.
Last Tuesday night a speed demon
cluimed another victim when Willie
Ector was crushed beneath ,the wheels
of a huge car driven bv some speed
crazed man man is hardly the word
because had he been a man he would
at least hnvo stopped to learn whether
or not his victim was killed, and to
render assistance, instead of which he
rode on lenvine him maimed and bruis
ed and he now lies in a hospital with
small chance to live. This happened
a few rods from mv home.
Where are the laws of our state that
these things are allowed to continue?
The road north, called the river tond
is a very popular one for autoists and
hundreds or them pass daily. Living on
this road I have excellent opportunity
to see tho reckless driving and-speed
ing out here. Drivers are not content to
drive decently but some of them race
and those who don't happen to race
drive all the wav from twenty to fifty
miles an hour. About one out of a doz
en drives at a safo speed. If we don't
need a traffic officer I don't know
where one is needed, and the people of
this district appeal to Sheriff Need
ham to protect us from these demons
who think no one has a right to the
road but an autoist.
Pacific Coast League Standings
W. L. lct.
San Francisco 50 3(1 .1509
Salt Lake 47 37 .500
Los Angeles 45 44 .50(5
Oakland 44 47 .44
Portland 37 47 .440
Vernon 30 54 .400
Yesterday's Results
At Salt I-ake Portland 7 3. Salt
Lake 7 4 (first game called end of 11th
iiining. time limit.)
At Jan Francisco San Francisco 8-
U, Vernon 1-4.
At Los Angeles I.o Angeles 7 i.
Oakland 2 4.
Local Boards Busy
Perfecting Details
for Selective Draft
Washington, July 5. Tn every part
of the country today local exemption
boards were completing their work and
posting their registration lists with the
serial numbers that will be used later
in tho nctual draft of men for the
national army.
Under orders from Provost Marshal
General Crowder, each local board must
meet, organize and assign serial num
hers to the names on the registration
lists. As soon as the last precinct is
finished tho draft will begin in Wash
Under tho law, tho names and num
bers must bo posted and copies furn
ished the press. When a number is
drawn in the lottery later in Washing
ton, it will draft the man holding that
number in every procinct in the coun
try, Three Are Penalized
for Fast Traveling
E. E. Taylor, proprietor of the elec
tric works at Stayton, was arrested
yesterday while returning from Port
land to Stayton by the speed cop who
charged him with going at the rate of
35 miles an hour- Taylor protested he
was not going that fast but the speed
ometer of the officer registered 35
miles and the judge assessed him $S,
which he paid. He said that while in
Portland he received .a message that
the electric plant had broken down
and as ho was the only one who knew
how" to fix it he hurried back.
J. W. Stute, of Woodburn, was ar
rested for speeding. He put up $10
bail but had not shown up in Justice
Welister'R court shortly after noon.
J. W. Dnball, of Camas, Washington,
was also arrested. Ha put up $10 for
an appearance but so far failed to
Is Not Shifting Men.
London, July 5. Germany has not
yet started to shift men from the west
ern front to the north to meet the
Russians, judging from evidence at
hand, Director of Operations Maurice
declared today.
He characterized the - German of
fensive against the Chemin Des DamC9
as an effort of the German general
staff to restore a failing morale among
the troops, due to the long defensive
situation on which they have been
According to General Maurice, it is
impossible to overestimate the mor.il
effect of the Russian offensive on
Russia herself and on the allies and
the Central Powers.
Sinco the start of the war, General
Maurice said tho British alone had tak
en 117,770 prisoners and had 51,0.aS
of their own forces captured. In the
same period the British captured 739
guns and lost 133 to the enemy, later
re-capturing 37 of these. The figures,
he said, did not include Arrica. v i
though desirable, is not strictly neccs
Applications for these camps will
close July 15.
District Attorney
Arouses Their "Irish"
san rranciseo, .luiy a. Kosolutions
adopted by 5,000 Irishmen and women,
protesting against what is declared to
be United States District Attorney
Preston's imputation that Americans
of Irish birth are disloyal were tele
graphed today President Wilson and
the California congressmen and sena
tors. The resolutions demand that the
president rebuke Preston "for his ex
pressed statement that h has the right
to interfere with free speech and as
semblage of law-abiding citizens."
Automobile Veils $1.50
A good quality Chiffon, two
yards in length with the edges
neatly hemmed. Almost any
color that you can think of.
They are here for your selec
tion and now is the time to be1
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2: : ?1.50
Sport Skirts and Dresses
In good wash material, many
pretty designs and patterns; to
hasten the salo 1 O' -,-2.
reduced l'J M ifflCC
Trunks and Bags
Supply your traveling needs at
.this store. A very complete as
sortment to select from at right
You Can Always Do Better at
A. 3l
Uncle Sam Loaned
. "All's well that,ends well," but this
m-iAA AAA AAA HI 1 ' r " ""' w
MbU.UUU.UiHJ lOfJaV the opposite. On the return trip from
Washington, July 5. Additional
Albany last night, four people, riding on
two motorcycles met with a serious ac
cident when on of the machines struck
loans of $100,000,000 to Great Britain j a piie of gravel and ski,tdcd, throwing
and $(i0,u(10,000 to Italy were made by
the treasury department today, bring
ing the total war loans to $1,203,000,
000. The loan is divided as follows:
Great Britain $685,000,000.
Italy $100,000,000.
France $210,000,000.
Russia $100,000,000.
Miss Alvina Mohr, a Portland girl, t
the ground, breaking her leg just above
the knee. The accident occurred about
a mile and a half south of Jefferson,
and the injured girl was brought to tho
Willamette Sanatorium here.
Belgium $45,000,000.
Serbia $3,000,000.
Trying to Fool Russians.
By William G. Shepherd,
(United Press Staff Correspondent )
Petrograd, July 5. Germany is us
ing the air now in an endeavor to
circulnte propaganda against Russia '3
Vladimir voitenskv, formerly a resi
dent of New- York, read to the work
men's and soldiers' congress today a
radio message "signed "Hindenburg"
which Had been intercepted by Russian
wireless stations. It urged the Rus
sians not to fight "because their ad
vance was assisted by the imperial cap
italists who were among Germany's
Voitensky created a tremendous
burst of patriotic enthusiasm by de
claring all opponents to Russia's ad
vance were Hindenburg 's friends.
6 0
4 1
The undersigned will receive sealod
proposals up till five o'clock p. m, Wed
nesday, August 1st, 1917, for the pur-
tiase of tiny tons of grain hay, crop
1917. The eitv reserves the right to re
K-1 anv or all bids.
Another Victory
Over Submarine
An Atlantic Port, July 5. The torv
of another supposed victorious battle
with a submarine was told by passen
gers of a British steamer arriving here
According to their story at 7 o'clock
on the evening of June 20 the U-boat
appeared about 500 yards away from
the ship, which was immediately swung
around to bring the guns into play. Fol
lowing shots clouds of black smoke
arose from the submarine and it was
not again seen.
B. H. E
New York ! 3 8 1
Brooklyn 0 14 5
Benton. Tesrenu and Rariden; Che
ney and Miller.
Boston 3
Philadelphia 0
Tyler, Nehf and ragressor;
der, Bender and KillirVr.
St. Louis 9 10 1
Pittsburg 6 12 2
Horstman, .Meadows, Ames and iton-
zales; Steele, Grimes and Fischer. (11
?o other scheduled.
First game B. H. E.
Washington 2 12 0
New York 10 2
Shaw and Ainsniith; Fischer and Nun
Second gnme Waslunton-New York
Gallia, Johnson and Henjy; Love and
Alexander, (tied in the lOtlO.
First game K. H. E.
Philadelphia. 3 6 1
Boston 4 8 2
Bush and Schang; Mays and Thomas.
Second same K. H. E.
Philadelphia 3 7 0
Boston 4 7 1
Seibold and Schang; Shore and Ag-
ew. !
'hicago . 6 8 0
Detroit 11 14 0
Danfort'n. Wolfgang and Schalkjj
Ehmke, Bolnnd and Stanage. .
First game B. H. E.
Cleveland .. 5 10 0
St. Louis 3 9 2
Lambeth, Coveleskie and O'Neill;
Martin, Molyniaux, Parks and Sever
otd. '
Alleging that Gottlieb Hirsih treat
ed her cruelly and inhumanly, that he
has a terrible temper which he does not
control, and that he threatened to kill
her, Regina Rosalia Hirsch has begun
a suit tor divorce in the circuit court.
She says they were married in Taeo
ma, 1907, and that Richard and Edwin
Hirsch, aged 9 and 0 respectively, are
the issue of the marriage.
She says in her complaint that after
living with him for ten years she has
been forced to return to her parents.
5he asks custody of the children and
a decree adjudging her owner of a cer-,
tain piece of land.
Are the Dead Conscious
Hear Mr. Hayward tonight in
the tent in Marion Park on this
great subject.
Every subscriber of the Daily Capital Journal who receives the
paper in the city by carrier will be presented with a new and
World's War Atlas
When he pays six months subscription to the paper ($2.50) at
one time.
Every mail subscriber who pays one year's subscription ($300)
will receive the war atlas free. .
This offer applies to old and new subscribers alike.
Beautiful Needle Book
Those subscribers not wishing the war atlas may have in its
stead a handsome beautiful leatherette needle book, filled with a
wonderful assortment of needles, crotchet hooks, etc. It is a
valuable and very handy premium.
The terms are the same for both premiums: six months' sub
scription by carrier in the city, or one year's subscription by
Call at the office, or address
They Ir.Iaj.t
EARL RACE, City Recorder.