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They do more
than please the taster
20 for 10c
cf IMPORTED and DOMESTIC iobaccos-BtendeJ
State House News
H. A
It wns ilcridfj nt a meeting of the
Mute hoard of roittrol thin n lorn i n to
tiwiinl the contract for (lie erpi'tioii of
tin' now ()0,()()0 wing to tlu- Oregon
t:ite receiving hospital to 1'Mnar W.
l.ii.nnw and company of Portland with
) nivisioiiK concerning n weekly visit
of the architect for xtiprrvising pur-
I.azarim came before the hoard and
asked that he he yivon the contract for
the erection ot the new wing under the
Jimvimoii of the contract by which he
l'r ii the original receiving lioxpital.
He Ktalecl that under that contract
he was to act as architect for new
winga that might he put tip later. The
(ontraet was awarded with the provis
The iiH orjiorntors are A. N'ibley,
Thierolf, and .1. li. I'ettingill.
une Hundred thousand dollars is the
capital of the Margaret Shipping com
pany of l'orthtiid which filed thin morn
nig for the purpose of purchasing and
chartering uteaiii and sailing vessels.
inn iiicorjiuniiorti are a. iceimiiaun.
Charles A. Kdwards and .lease Stearns
tertitientCH of dissolution wpro filed
lor tno ".Myrtle Arms" of Mnrshrield
ami the Jew Domiuing Farming com
pany. Miss Nell Hell, a stenographer in
the corporation department nt the stnfi.
house, leaves Salem today for Omaha,
Xubrasln, where she will pav a tWo
months visit to relatives and take a
well earned vacation. Just as spring is
opening here in Oregon, she will plunge
back into the frigid atmosphere of the
middlo west, and it Is predicted that
before she has left Oregon many days
she will wish herself back again' in tiie
(Coatisaed from page oae.)
exelle. for -rf idioui negntiat inn
ttith enemies of thi country.
'Tan the -nte make a rule under
l.ib it might it held at bay!-'
nWi prote.Hted against !a-ig it
within the power of any gimip of "mis
guided jM-ace-fct any-priee men uo re
fused to believe that war is meritable,
to such an extent as to tie the hands
of the national authority."
"it is well known that an adroit
parliamentarian in the service of cor
rupt nimters of aoiue of our legislative
assemblies contrive speciously to have
tue rules so framed so as to be useful
in obstructing remedial legislation and
then tie the bauds of later legislator! by
procuring the adoption of the ruleg of
the lust assembly.
"I am combatting what is merely a
refinement of this hoary but uuhonest
practice. "
alh a sm'eeh was short and the sen
ate a. Mourned until noon tomorrow
ai ortly after he concluded- 1
The cloture bill aureed upon by the i
conferees is a double barreled preven
tive of filibustering. In addition to
limiting debate to one hour ner senator.
it profidpj that no amendments or sub
stitute bills are to be offered after an
agreement to limit the debate has been
reached. This will prevent practically
unlimited debate on amendments to a
proposed bill and prevent the proeeed-
ngs from being started all over by of-
ferinif a substitute bill.
The new steering committee wns an
notinced as follows: .Martin. Williams.
James, Heed, Simon. Smith, etiorninr
Walsh, Thomas, Chamberlain, Ownc and
Senator Hitchcock was named vice-
bnirman of the democratic caucus. As
such he becomes an ex-officii mber
f the stoennc committee.
Thi democratic caucus meets again at
o'clock today.
llio republican caucus ratified tho
loture rule amendment bv a vote of
30 to 2, shortly after five n'..l,.t
Senators Sherman, lliuois, and France,
ion that Icarus pay weekly visits ofjilln,, wllpr0 soft UWZM bu,'fnr
inspection to the building nt his own
expense and pay one half of an active
Kiijierimendent for 11 vo months, this
aiiperinlenileiit to bo . chosen by the
Hlnte in conjunction with Lazarus.
Articles of incorporation were filed
this morning with the incorporation
ieommiKsioner by the Thieroff company
of Medt'ord with a capital of $2.,U0U
to dial in live stock and real estate
For Instance, Hood's Karsnparllla,
tlie atandnrd blood -purifier, la recom
mended for conditions tlmt are scrof
ulous or dependent on impure blood.
I'eptlron fills, the new Iron tonic,
are etipeciady recommended for con
ditions that are radically or charac
teristically anemic and nervous.
Many persons suffer from a combi
nation of these conditions. They are
atllicted with swellings of the glands,
Jninclies In tlio neck, cutaneous erup
tions, and sores on different parts of
the body, limbs and face, and are be
sides pale and nervous.
If these patients take both Hood's
Sarsaparllla (before meals) and Pept
tron Pills (after meals) they are rea
sonably sure to derive fourfold benefit.
These two groat medicines supple
ment each other, and the use of both,
ven in cases where only one may ap
pear to be Indicated, is of great ad
vantage. Get them from your druggist.
from the cold and (mow.
Total receipts for the month of
February by the state industrial acci
dent commission were $(13,2(17.31, of
which tlio employers paid $"h,2"3."2,
the workmen $7,hl'J.34. The interest
on tliii amount was $461.25. ' During
this month the commission reserved
the sum of $30,2J.7M for pensions and
paid $30,303.15 time loss, UK,M5U first
aid expense, and $7117.60 burial ex
pense. The total amount in the ac
cident, fund nt the end of February was
$2."iO,7."il.K4 and in the segregated ac
cident fund $041,0011.52. lHiring the
month a total of Wx fatal accidents
and 7W4 non fatal accidents took place
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Only One Chance In Three German Press Claim Pres
That Championship Will
Be Decided
Standing of Teams.
U- W.
t apital ?at. Bank .. !l
Ii ice Shoe Co it
1 Ifauser Bros i
Bishops n
Watt Shipp Co 1)
Fry's Drug Kture ,. H
idect Has Standard of
Partial Neutrality
! Berlin, via 8yville wireless. Mar. 7.
I.. IVt.' The official German press agency to
3 .fififi day made public the followinz corn-
3 .f.firf ments on President Wilson's inaugural
4 .555 r.i'dresi with the subjoined observa-
5 .444 tions:
H .3.1.1 1 "Kvening newspapers general com-
7 ment on President Wilsou and his ad-
... .. , dress in bitter terms, pointing out that.
Mtih the last series of games looming according to his words, the president
up for tonight there is only one chance fonaiilera it incompatible with Amer-
in three that the Commercial Basket-: h?wl in,fr"i f" rt
hall I.o.m.a .i,.nn- v- -n u i while the traffic with Irrench and Kng
ball 1 ague champ.onsh.p will be le- lish ports, but that for several years ue
IT "V'"'- V snouia napH'n that.l.ag considered it perfectly compatible
the Capital National Bank and the with this honor to submit to the British
i rice Mioe company teams both lose,1 command ami limit traffic and almost
they will continue to be tie and, if both! all intercourse with German ports,
should w in the result will be the came. I "The newspapers insist that the
the only hope therefore of deciding president thus already long ago intro
tue championship will carry with it the i de.ced intn
necessity of one of these two teams : ard of partial neutrality bv which he
winning and the other losing From the ! conceded to one partv the right to war
dope winch is being peddled on the fare, while he denied the same right to
wholesale it is expected that tonight 's : the other party.
games will not bring forth the eham- " Newspapers' discussing the humani
pions out that additional games in theitnrian point of view. psnepinllv ihr
s mote
lireyenied frnm trt.
se teams should lose and theiing aboard endangered ships by timely
Bros, team should win there warning than to leave to chance their
escue at sea! '
r ww v j
Get the home care of
Well dressed people always have well shined shoes,
ShmoiA, with the key for opening the box, its quick
shining qualities and the handy
ShinoiA Home Set
for polishing, makes the
home care of shoes a
At all dealer Accept no substitute
pions out that additional games in theitnrian point of view, especially
future will be necessary between these Austro-Hungarian note, say: 'It is
two teams in order to determine the in keeping with the principles of hi
winner It is also to be noted that if lity if persons are prevented froi
Maryland, voted against it
the democrats were unanimous in
their vote.
The amendment will be presented to
morrow m the senate and eft'nrls mn.lo
o rush it through at once,
tals of arrivals, departures and losses.
Calls Vote Fraud
Rome, War. 7 An "impudent frnud"
was the characterization of Austria's
noto to the United States, voiced in
the newspaper Idea Nazkmule today.
Practically the same attitude waa shown
by all of the Italian newspaper com
ment. '
To Arrive Saturday.
Copenhagen. Alar. 7. The Frederick
VIII, bonrinj former Oerman Ambus-
ador Von Ilornstorff. is expected to
reach here (Saturday, according to a
wireless inessago received todiiy.
It Soothes and Relieves Like a
Mustard Plaster Without
the Burn or Sting
Musterole is a clean, white ointment,
made with the oil of mustard. It does all
the work of the old-fashioned mustard
plaster does it better and does not blis
'T, do not have t0 bother with a
cloth. You simply rub it on and usually
the pain is gone 1
Many doctors and nurses use Muster
ole and recommend it to their patients.
They will gladly tell you what relief it
gives from sore throat, bronchitis, croup,
stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia, congestion,
pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago, pains
and aches of the back or joints, sprains,
sore muscles, bruises. ehilhl-Wno
feet, colds of the chest (it often pre
vents pneumonia). ' -
both these
will be three rnninpiiinr. fn .i,....'
pionship- The Capital National Bank,
I'rice Shoe conmaiiv and the Hansom
would each have the same percentage.
The first game tonight will be be
tween the Capital National Bank and
the Fry Drug team. Recently the Drug
team has been playing exceptional ball
and one of the best games of the season
is expected. This game will be staged
at 7:30. B
The second game will occur at
8 o'clock and will be between the Bish
ops and the Price Shoe company. This
game will be as important as the first
and with Bishops regular line-up in the
gaine the game should be a topnotcher.
The last game will see the Watt
Shipps and the Hausers as opponents.
While it is possible that this game will
have no bearing on tlfe championship
the rivalry between thelso two teams is
probably greater than with any" other
teams in the league. This game will
occur at S:.10.
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Men Who Control Boxers
Unite In Boycott On
Madison Square
r race
Same 1
In every paper you can read of the advancing prices of all lines of Mer
chandise and the high prices paid for raw materials. However,
You can still be dressed at the same prices. By contracting for goods
way in advance we are now able to show you the same values as last year.
Today we received here .T8 blue serge suits out of one hundred contracted
for, last year; guaranteed all wool, fast color, good workmanship and all
year weight. The price same as before, $16 50
See the excellent values we are offering in Shoes and Gloves.
Just Wright
der misapprehension," was also con
spicuously missing from the new com
mittee. The action -was taken to indicate
republicans wish it plainly understood
then- repudiate all responsibility for
what they called the ''most reprehens
ible filibuster in , the history of the
The new democratic steering commit
tee is comprised of some of the strong
est administration supporters. Among
them are the principal leaders in the
fight for the president's armed neutral
ity measure. Hitchcock was in charge
of the bill after Senator Stone's sensa
tional revolt and fought for it to the
final moment of closing.
The next strongest supporter was
uobinson also a member ot the com
mtclieock and Kobinson arc new
members apparently chosen to reward
them for their strenuous efforts in be
half of the administration, as the com
mittee was enlarged by two members.
John Sharp Williams and Ollie
James, bulwarks of the administration;
Martin of the appropriation committee
and new democratic floor leader;
Chairman. Chamberlain of the military
committee and Chairman Simmons of
the finance committee are also mem
bers. Senator Smoot is the only member
of the republican steering committee
re-elected. Cummins and Jones were
not re-elected. Failure of Lodge of
re-election occasioned some surprise.
The most notable addition to the com
mittee is Senator Borah. Warren,
Harding, Weeks and Wadsworth, the
youthful senator from New York, are
rated as distinct additions to the
group. Senator Warren is chairman.
Vancouver Hockey
Team Gets Medals
Seattle, Wash., Mar. 7. Vancouver
gets the medals!
Alexander Tantages will have the
honor of presenting the Vancouver ice
hockey crew with a set ot gold medals.
following last night's melee at the
nrenn, in which the Millionaires trim
rued the Seattle crew six to four.
It was the first of a two game se
lies between the clubs before time for
Seattle to begin plav in the world's se
ries. The locals didn't look like world's
series material last night, however,
against Frank Patrick's little band
The second game will be played Fri
day night in Vancouver.
Gave LaFoilette $800
Rather Than Hear Him
By H. C. Hamilton
(United Press staff correspondent)
New York, Man'h 7. The boycott
on Madison Square Garden, installed
when James Johnston was engaged to
make matches for the big enclosure,
was drawn a little tighter today when
dim Coffey was withdrawn by Billv
Oibson as a probable opponent for Bill
Brennan, knockout artist.
Urant Hugh Browne, if he survives
the determination of Paris Singer not
to purchase the building, now will
have to fall back on Mike Gibbons,
Johnny Dundee, Jimmy Duffy, Billy
Miske, Jess Willard, Fred Fulton,
Johnny Krtle, Pete Herman and such.
However, the boycott has beeun to
hurt, for the triumvirate of managers
who have declared it all off so long as
.lonnston is maKing matcnes control
the very best local talent. Benny Leon
ard, Carl Morris, Coffey, Freddie
Welsh and Charlie White are prctty
l'air attractions and don't cost a lot
of money for transportation and train
ing expenses. Furthermore, Welsh is
the lightweight champion and a match
without him among the lightweights
would be stretching a point right now.
Grant Hugh Brown is now consumed!
with eforts to have Lcs Darcy given aluA'
Ko.t;i .;.. a. 1 Albert E. bweeta
Convention To Be Held In
Presbyterian Church Fri
day and Saturday
Delegates from every Sunday school
in the county of Marion are expected
to attend the Marion county Sunday
school convention to be held at the
First Presbyterian church Friday and
Saturday of this week.
Each delegate will be called on for
a report of his or her Sunday school
rrominent worKcrs trom the state as
well as local workers are on the pro
grain for addresses. Will S. Hale, su
perintendent of the Oregon state train
ing school will speak Friday afternoon
at z o'clocK, taking for his subject,
lne Uiamond in the Hough." -Complete
program for tho two day
is as follows:
Friday Morning Opening Session
10:00 Song and devotional service,
10:13 The family altar as an aid to
the Sunday school. Kev. tf. F. Holt
10:43 Extension work of Sunday
school. Dr. Frank E. Brown, Salem.
11:10 The big thing in the Sunday
sejloel. Kev. V. A. Phipps, Portland.
. Afternoon Session
1:13 Song and devotional service.
1:25 "The 'Teen age girl." Mrs.
M. A. Danenhorner.
Appointment of committees.
2:0 Diamonds in the rough, Will S.
iiale, superintendent Oregon training
Music, selected.
2:50 Short addresses by four young
3:05 Social development and " the
Sunday school, Professor J. O. Hall,
Willamette University, Salem.
6:00 Banquet. Dr. G. F. Holt toast
Evening Session
7:30 Song and devotional service.
8:00 The origin of the English Bi
ble. (Illustrated by lantern glides), Dr,
Wheeling, W. Va., March " Sena
tor I.aFollelte will not come here to
morrow to deliver his lecture "Under-
nsn food ofb
furors ft reason"
1 ill I I
gubernatorial rating. Arrange-1 " V.?,n OI
Saturday Morning Session -
9:30 Special, prayer service.
Song by convention.
10:00 Teaching demonstration, be
ginners, Miss Alta Fatterson, Salem
Primary, Miss Grace Sherwood, Sa
Juniors, Miss Gladys Carson, Salem.
11:10 Bound table, conducted by C.
A. Phipps.
Afternoon Session
1:15 Song service.
1:23 Business session.
2:15 Making good, Charles A.
Phipps, state secretary.
Special music,, selected.
3:05 Community life and the rural
Sunday school, Professor M. S. Pitt-
man, Monmouth normal school.
3:45 The organization of teacher
training classes, Professor B. F. Ford,
ments have been made, it has been
stated, to have Darcy meet Governor
Whitman and present the Australian's
side of the case. Brown believes, with
or without reason, that Darcy can
brush aside Whitman's, objections to
the pugilist's appearanco in a New
York ring and wants to give him the
Darcy has hidden out from fighters
and everyone else. He refuses to talk
business with anyone. Calls to the
Grant Hugh Brown estato, where Dar
cy is resting, have gone unanswered.
Darcy is taking more walks than any
man in the state. Miko Gibbons has
been endeavoring to have a showdown
on a proposed match at Milwaukee,
but he has been able to get no further
than any of the others.
Kane to Meet Gibbons
New York, March 7 F.ddie Kane,
mnnager of Tom Gibbons, announced
today he had signed articles for a ten
round bout the night of March 20 be
tween Gibbons and Battling Levinsky.
The bout will be staged in St. Paul.
Johnson Got Decision
Portland, Or., March 7. Lee John
son of Oakland held a draw decision
today with Eddie Campil, the speedy
San Francisco. Campi landed the more
punches but Johnson evened it up by
putting plenty of steam behind his
That s the woman s dread when she
gets up in the morning to start th
day's work. "Oh! how my back aches!'
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others are imitations.
East Orojrnrjau; King Winter's last
dash into eastern Oregon finds the city
of La Grande facing a coal shortage.
judging by a call for help reaehing-
Pendleton today. The Smythe-Loncr-
gan company received an order to ship
a ton of coal by express to tho La.
Grande American Express company's
office. As the company will handle
the transportation of the coal the deal
is not as remarkable as would be an
order from a buyer who hnd to pay
the charges. However, the, transac
tion indicates a shortage in the sim
ply at La Grande.
mining Democracy."
An organization of Wheeling Jews
which had booked him for its lecture
courso today cancelled the engagement,
though they forfeited $800 in doing
so. The committee first took an infor
mal census of Wheeling and received
a vote of lour to one asking LaFoilette
to stay away because of his part in
the filibuster that killed the armed
neutrality bill in the senate.
Salem Is Defeated
by Eugene, Score 21 to 20
Tantalizing in the extreme was tho
way the little god of luck vacillated
from one side to the other in the basket
ball game played last, night in Eugene
between the quintet of the Eugene high
school and the Salem five, with tho
final result 21 to 20 points in favor of
tho Eugene bunch. ,
It is declared the contest was tho
most interesting and exciting seen in
the up-valley city for many moons. So
close did the game run that one minut
before the referee's final whistle the
wore was 20 to 20. The interest pulled
the spectators to their toe-tips.
At the end of the first half the scoro
stood 13 to 6 in favor of Salem. Then
tho Eugene boys got busy and near tho
end of the second half tied tho score. A
foul called on the Salem boys with jus!
one more minute of play gave Kays an
opportunity to throw the ball within the
hoop and add one point to the Eugene
score. This trifling event decided tho
Kays and McCallum starred for Eu
gene and Ackerman for Salem. A hard
fall during the game caused a fractur
ed rib for Frye of Salem to bo re
fractured. Eleven fouls were called on
Salem and nine on Eugene. Ackerman
secured six points of the nine and aKys
seven out the 11.
The line-ups follow:
Salem- Eugene.
Ackerman (6)..... F (2) Hubbard
Frye (0) F. (11) Kays
Lathcn (8) C (2) Franz
Ross (4) G (0) Callison
Gill (2).. u (0) Veatch
Substitutes: Eugene, McCallum for
Hubbard; Purdy for Veatch. Salem,
Atvvood for Frye.
Referee, "Spike" Leslie.
1 S cts. each, 6 for 90 cts.
I w
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calomel. His efforts ir. bnn.dr ; k, i,
out these little olive-colored tablets.
iiiese pleasant little tablets do the
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io do strong liquids. It is best not to
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