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    Editorial Page of "The Capital Journal"
January S, WB.
Mttor aa Mseafu
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
Bee. and Tress.
ally by carrier, per year
Dally by mall. per yea .
5.00 Par month 45e
3.00 Per month 56c
New York, Ward Lewis Williams Special Agency, Tribune Building
Chicago, W. g. Stockwell, Peopled Oat Building
The Capital Journal carrier boys are instructed to put the papers on the
area. If tke carrier does not do this, miaaea you, or neglects getting the
aaper to you on time, kindlv phone the circulation manager, aa thit it the only
way we can determine whe'ther or not the carriera are following instruction.
Ploae Main 81 before 7:30 o'clock and a paper wiU be sent you by special
er if the carrier hat missed you.
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Olive Tablets
Congressman Henry, says his committee will pay no
attention to the charges made by Lawson as to leaks in
the departments of news that is of benefit to the stock
gamblers. Mr. Lawson says he can prove what he says,
and Senator Stone agrees with Lawson to the extent of
admitting a leak. Under the circumstances Congressman
Henry will do well to investigate the charges. If there is
a private snap in the offices of the departments otit of
which the employes draw pay from the gamblers, and by
which the latter raid the markets, it should be exposed
and thft Piiiltv narties minished. If there is nothintr back
-- i tA. ...mi l i i i a t i i purely vegetable compound mixed with
oi me cnarges, u win De uiscioseu anu ivir. L,awson piaceu ; ijve oil. Vou wil! kn,,. them by their
along with Ananias and the celebrated Baron Munchau-j ol color.
Itn and it must be admitted that Tom Lawson is a wind- M matea" a f eeimg" otbmvSerE
jammer of no mean distinction. chjidhotKi dayi yoo must get at the cause.
" Ldwards Olive Tablets act on the
7 liver and boweii like calomel yet have
Just a word to all correspondents and those writing wdarw,tkeM
for publication in the Capital Journal. Sign your articles! stiptaiau That's why millions0 o? boxes
plainly and if you do not care to have your name printed, ' ire soI.d at J and 2Sc per
1 j . , .,, , f. j a 1.1. iL ' km All druggists, lake one or two
say so, and your wishes will be respected. Another thing: ; nightly ami otc the pleasing results.
in preparing copy do not use the ampersand & unless
Just a Little Kid
Written For
I am just a little KID, I've got no SIS or BROTHER,
the only one that EVER WUZ, there never was na
OTHER. Sometimes I get LONESOME like but still I
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Medford has a hard problem to meet in providing
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means iur pujans . uiiw. ..v, lt 1S in writing tne name ot a tirm. Write on one side olipiete. almost, from a
out workinc irreparable injury on her citizens, ine re- tha nan(iV nriiv hP onr-pfnl tn ritQ nmiwv nams ?atrteted of two lea.i pipes
ii 1 . .. . .......o nA fm iw.m.Iq rrar i . . . r r nonrii.
SUllS OI 1)00111 COI1U1UU11S aif ill vi ,?. uau, iui puiuic
If your skin is yellow complexion
pallt'J tongue coated appetite poor
you have a bad taste in your mouth a
lazy, no-good feeling you should take
Olive Tablets.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets a sub
stitute for calomel were prepared by
s&huSSJf' 17 y"rs f study b'lieve rd RUTHER that there would be just us THREE
just Mt: and dad and MumiiK.
It's awful handy lots of times, not to have a PASSEL,
of kids a trottin' 'round with YOU, kids that fight and
WRASSEL. I just take my FATHER'S hand, MOTHER
takes the OTHER and off we go a happy THREE ME
and DAD and MOTHER.
Some day I'll be grown up BIG and workin' for a
LIVIN.' I hope I'll heed all good ADVICE that DAD
and MOTHER'S GIVEN; and will not live just for MY
SELF but look a little FURTHER and at least take the
return incline
pn.im.v UIM1 ntr Iiqm Itopn
ivlainlv Thp nnprntnvs nn trip mnoriinpc pan fpll f mm snnnlii'H for tht- nin ottr Thr.. nt
enthusiastic and discount a future they can not be surelfVl. 'roYr ww on qvpvoo-p io nv uVinniri hp Knf I m ia by too promoters.
t j J . 1 1 V V ' i 1 V V - V V VTAAMV M I V I J V .'IH'IIIU SV- y VU V
of, but which at tne ume iooks rosy ana piomisiiig. nu with 8 th can Q j wh th are , f . .
the future, as it appeared to our neighbor a few years ; not fainy written aler Ot Weights
ago, proved as bright as it gave promise of being, all i , Will ASK More Help
would have been well ana iUeaiora w oum na e ueen cieu-. Th t rherHan hannnet was tin to date and it was held
a 1 .l 1 A.1 . i .-4 ,11!., iltlALl 1 I n I
tcea wim neing ine most Vi uK3hmvc u "tMC Vj the second of the year too.
fortunately that future did not materia hze However it gtart to tapS) and the
w a come ncht it time is given tne naru pusneu iax- ma , c
! I lie 11U UK H Uk o
rt .1 i 1 . j 1 ?u a. L. 4 n ' j , . . , , . , t . 1 -
,-va t iwi (ii t i' 1l iiniaii in iui I'i'i iii ill t ! .( i-
ably rich section, one that will come to the front again
and snap its fingers at the difficulties it has had to con
tend with. Salem and .Marion county wiseij lenu-.eu uj have met the en and Wfi are theirS-
mortgage the future for any purpose, and the wisdom of; rt k that w
their eoiu.se is now apparent. io matter wnat comes tne
county and city debts are small, though the drain for pav
ing has been felt, and is still so. It has taken a large
amount of money out of Salem that will never come back
but we have the paved streets and the worst of the drain
is over as a large portion of the debt has been paid and
the interest stopped.
Snenee Wortman.
There was not a dull minute; sealer of weights and
stunts were genuine surprises. ; took th piaee vacated
plendid and the water flowed like cham- Bhtei when he t
The oratory also flowed much like the water.
lepoty state
measures, who
by Fred O.
public serv
ice commissioner, announces that he
will ask an increase of two men on the
Those who read the newspapers although they are
told some of the troubles of publishers owing to the soar
ing news paper prices, have but a faint idea of what pub
lishers are up against. Paper that a couple of years ago
was selling at about $1.60 the hundred is now held at
$5.50 or even higher. The smaller papers feel it badly
enough, but with the big ones it means to some, bank
ruptcy. The worst feature of it is that it is the independ
ent newspapers that can be least spared that will go
under. Those having he backing of the trusts or of cer
tain magnates, can stand the drain, for their losses are
nothing to the gains those backing them are making as
a result of war prices.
tnrnn . , t 1.,, . aval U
The motto of the Carranza generals seem to be "we i four are not ablet to coV-or the state In
a year. He will also ask a law mak
ing it a misdemeanor to tamper with
weights and it made possible to prose
cute offenders in a iustice court
l without the necessitv of going before
a grand jury for an indictment.
Mr. Wortman would have the law
specify that any one having in pos
session weights that were evidently
tampered with was guiltv of a mis
demeanor without tie necessity of
using a stool pigeon. Although he
does not approve of it, he says he will
recommend that the half-pint berry
box be made standard. This measure
is standard in both California and
1 i. StSmm fin.
Old Uncle Sam IS tiring Of Cost Of LlV- ekuge in weighing and making bread
ina" fuss nnrl nnw hp ia inrniirincr inst. whviniay also be made.
s - 1 ....v. mw.i - b J J
But they don't':
News From Washington
Keeps Market iiuessing
I Court House News
i ne
of the
hp he
months ending November WO, 1916, materials valued at
$4,960,302,630, This in gold would weigh about 8,000
tons. During the same time we exported goods and ma
terials to South America valued at fcl97,a01,!S4K, and nn
nnrtPd them of the value of $383,821,074
nf the r:nidlv erowinc trade with our southern neigh
bors is the most gratifying feature of the whole year's
such things are thus. When government'
committees go snooping round for facts, j
in all our towns and cities, and populated!
tracts, we feel there's something doing; wTe,
shake off our despair; now Justice is pur-j
suing the pirates to their lair. But we'll bei
dead and sleeping, our weary frames at;
rest, before the land is reaping much good
from Uncle's quest. It is a thousand pities, j
wret blankets to produce, but government!
Oh, thunder, whats the use? Perhaps mi
New York. Jan- ii. The New York
Kveuing Hun financial review today
aid l
Wall street hi quite frankly confused
by the lack of definite news of any na
tare. There is very little that is tang
ible to be uiilized as a guide to stock
market operations. The public is hold
ing aloof from the stock market until
it cau be determined with some degree
of certainty whether tlie world is teud
ing toward peace or a continuance of
the war.
President Wilson seems determined to
keep up his efforts for peace. That is
the way the matter stands, while the
financial district, amuses itself with
leading the reports of the stock scandal
in Washington.
The market in stocks remains in the
hands of the professional element. The
openiug today was weak, followed by a
movement of great irregularity.
After the afternoon session advanced
further losses were recorded, mainly in
the industrial list. United States steel
sold down nearly to 109 after apening
at 111 to 110 1-2 against a closing yes
terday at 112. Similar losses were suf
fazed by the other steel and copper
shares. The equipment issues and the
munitions specialties yielded two to business transacted
five points.
There was a good deal of backing and
j filling in the last hour. At one moment
. j prices sagged, again made material ad
J vances. In some cases, prices moved
, near the level of the previous closing.
In the action brought by W. L. Gil
bert against the Globe and Kutgera
Fire Insurance company for th re
covery of money alleged due, the jury
that heard the "case yesterda filed it
verdict in favor of the plaintiff ia
the sum of $1200.
e ..i,., imoinncc -;th thp hilanM committees!
e world is one of such stupendous quantities as to nineteen-thirty committees will report that speculators
yond understanding. We exported in the eleven I dirty should all be haled to court, for boosting eggs and,
then be lying dead. The little chortling suckling will be!
all bent with years, and down to labor buckling, when
that report appears. The happy schoolboy friskers, en-S
hiis showing joying sunny lives, will have long, snowy whiskers, when1
niai report arrives. Ana prices win oe normal, ims
crisis all forgot, when, all correct and formal, that blamed
report is brought. And I who write this ditty will sleep 1
beneath the yam, before the first committee reports to;
Uncle Sam.
Amsterdam, Jan. 5. Great
significance was attached td
passage by Austro-German cen
sors today of a quotation from
the Vienna newspaper Arbiter
ZeituuR. asking the government
to "discover if the entente
would be ready to negotiate
peace after an evacuation by
Teutonic troops in the west, and
if so. that the evacuation be
made immediately.
The newspaper asserts the en
tente's reply "is a peace note
if rightly understood."'
Significance attached to this
dispatch arises from the fact
that British sources have all
along maintained if Germany
was in earnest about peace she
should evacuate Belgium and'
that part of France she now oc
cupies as a preliminary to peace
Wheat Prices Drop
Account Peace Talk
Chicago, Jan. .". The grain market
was lower today, the renewal of peace
talk overcoming the bull influence of
the seaboard buying for export.
May wheat opened down half and
later lost 2 1-2 to $1.8H4- July open
ed up half, but at noon had lost 2 1-8,
standing at $1.4S 3-8.
Corn also was weak, after a firmer
opening, which was based on the ac
tion of the British government taking
i over all corn stores at yesterday 's
prices. .May opened up t-n ana sub
sequently reacted 7-8 to 97 5-8. July
opened up quarter and lost 8-8 going
to 90 1-2.
Oats were very narrow, but fell with
wheat. Slay opened up quarter, then
lost 1 to 56 H-4. July opened up Vi
and lost 1 point to f3 3-4.
Provisions were strong on large in
vestment buving.
Another German raider is reported on the Atlantic,
and a couple of big ships as well as several smaller ones
are overdue, it is claimed on account of this new sea
rover. The now raider is described as being about 450
feet long, 45 foot beam with a single funnel and two large
masts. From this it is evident someone has seen her or
thought they did. At the same time it should be remem
bered that English shipping cii-cles are easily frightened
and it is possible this raider has no more tangibility than
had the much exploited "Bremen."
.Christmas day in a strange w3y. The
. iQfga, while romping ia the stable
u'ard. caught a light wire in its month.
;the wire wedging between its teeth. In
i its struggle the horse wore through the
irsi;!ation an t was killed bv the 120-
Children Cry
The ,jur In the case of J. G. Woodari
against the Willamette Valley irrigat
ed Land company, an action for breach
of contract, awarded the plaintiff
damages in the sum of $1000 iitb in- t
terest at six per cent from October
27, 1913, and $430 with interest frooa
On account of sickness at home an!
various other causes Judge Kelly
cused 11 jurors out of the first panel
drawn after the grand jury had beca
selected. This left 13 jurors witk
which to start one of the largest term
of court for some tune. As a result a
MW venire of 11 men was called.
Fred J. Siewert, executor of the ea
tate of Daniel A. Siewert, filed a peti
tion with the county court asking au
thority to loan the sum of $1100 to J.
. Hcckley and wife on property ia
also asked.
VVJ. Culver, executor of the estate
of. Samuel Sebastion Gimble, tiled a
petition With the county court asking
permission to sell personal property of
the estate to satisfy claims against it
An order granting the petition waa
made by Judge Bushey.
Tu the action brought by the Cbarlea
K. Fox eompauy against O. K. Bein
hart. 5alem shoe dealer, for the recov
ery of money for goods sold and deliv
ered, C. K. Reinhart today filed an ans
wer to the complaint which states tha
between January 2, 1914, and July 28,
1914, the Fox company sold and deliv
ered shoes to Mr. Reinhart to the am
ount of $1037.98. On November 13,
1914. Mr. Reinhart was declared bank
rupt and at a meeting of the creditor
the'- agreed to accept 20 cents on the
dollar. At this meeting, Mr. Reinhart
says the plaintiff was present. He
says he has paid all the claims at the
rate of twenty cents. Regarding the
claim of Adams Brothers for $151.29
and the Summer Shoe company for
$71.40. he
"d asks
makes tin-
that the
same statement
plaint be disiss-
Why the Journal is popular
It prints the world's news to-
day while it 's news.
Fcr Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
volt current.
After an all -day j Tnjrc
various phases of i nirald:
In England the impression is said to be general that
the Germans were forced to make an offer of peace
owing to scarcity of food and the people's unwillingness
to longer bear the hardships forced on them by the war.
It may be possible this estimate is all wrong, and in that
case the second offer to negotiate peace terms may meet
with a more favorable reception.
Only a few days until the lawmakers wrestle with the
problem of making a small blanket cover a large bed.
Already a few of the members have arrived and are get
ting themselves located comfortably.
went notes in Hermiston
Mauv sales of land have been
the propeet were gone into and the mal? during the past three months
terms of the proposed franchise diseuas J? fSJIST! !2S
ed M length the Coos county MM SLES i" V .
mated the Smith-Fowers eompanv a t ' dss and start improTements.-
SSafct for the construction 71 rail-1 f 'J'
!..iu the vast side of the highway ! ' .. TTT" ST
hiu and Summit, met ,. , .. . j ... r
bc wen 1
i for a term of In years.
That woolgrowers of th Northwest
will receive as high as 10 cents for their
1917 wool clip is the opinion of W. B.
Barratt president of the Oregon Wool
erewtrs' stsociat'on. says the Heppner
Ga ;et'e Times. He bases his conten
tin m part frm a recent letter re
ceived from S. V. McClure. secretary
of the National Woolgrowers' asaocia-
An Old Violin
That we all did?"
With each evening's absence from; While I wrs getting ready I con-1 he is lovely," I answered.
home, my uneasiness concerning Uif- soled myself by thinking that what I! "My son was crippled for rears be
ford '8 friendship-with either of the did made no difference to Clifford, i fore he died. He was injured in the
beautiful women I knew he visited was and so why should I care what anv- mine of which he was superintendent.
deepening to real alarm and at last an- one else said! He spent his time She made him happy all those jeers by
ger. I had nothing more tangible than with people he liked; 1 would do the playing on that old" violin and Bnpport-
my own thoughts ana tears ana tne some. -na j. aia uk i.eonara .Brooke ed turn by giving music lessons. When
the street to the school house grav
A novel business operated at Eu- i
gene is thus described bv the Register:
A miniature bowling alley is in full
swing, when the weather permits, on
m vacant lot off the alley running be-
iween cum ana cevenin avenues east, v. v ti t w.i f ,.. i,.k.n.i v T K; i.v w.... j.j . . . ."' ..
in the Register hWk .mt U mwr..l W !T , "-TV" " f uru ir w.u us io aeu some ume.
r . - - - mnT.mu Knr tnew seenien sui- nnvono l Knew. hnt nr. until -.. .
.. ,. -""' . v. h V niu: v.u, W1V UWU MW
ficient. . Another thing which did not oc-! to anvone who didn't understand vio-
1 cannot I WILL not bear it cur to me until later was the fact lins. So now my husband is too old ta
bv three small boys, who have dis
played no small amount of ingenuity)
in its construction, ine allev is com-
The last susreestion coming from the east is in effect
that "in time of war prepare for peace." is the motto the
American people should keep in sight.
ur: The government snag
boat Mathalona is pulling snags and ,
logs in the river near here today. It
has been working up the river between
Atbanv ;.nd l'eoria aince Christmas day
j a:id has list come above Peoria.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1868
CAPITAL - - $500,000.00
Transact a General Banking Business
Safety Deposit Boxes
Divorce suits outnumbered marnase !
license ia Clackamas county during the '
year just ended, counts made Tuesday
kaow. Ouriag the year 1916. 237 divorce j
suits were brought ia the circuit court, i
and 10 marriage licenses granted. The j
ree rdt shew a slight increase in the
DWfefeet of divorces, as 234 actions were
instituted during 1915.
The national forests of Oregon sud
Washington are b?ing jwoteeted, not
only from fire, but from the ravages N
insects Occasionally bark beetles be
come so destructive oa certain areas
that the infected timber must be
j prompt cut aed burned to preveut furth
ct damage to valuable timber.
Scott's Emulsion
is generously used in
tuberculosis camps is
proof positive that it is
the most energizing prepa
ration in the world. It
has power to create power.
It warms and nourishes;
it enriches the blood,
stops loss of flesh and
builds you up.
scotts is mm and mm
self miserable by imagining how those Clifford s neglect, while more ap j are going to sell it she said it
I older women must mugn at me tor oe- parent, did not hurt me so much., worth thousands.'
'ing such a fool. I felt I had done ai I never stopped to aaalyae the reason.! "Oh. I hope soV I exclaimed, "and
! possible, to keep my husband, and had I It was as Leonard had eeid. a glor j Mr. Brooke will know. He is a great
failed. Just as 1 came to this conclusion ious morning, and I thoroughly enjoyed! musician himself." I told her, just aa
I for the hundredth time the tele- j my ride. When we stopped at a quaint ; Leonard commenced to nlay I had not
phone rang. ! old farmhouse, and tho dearest old lady known he played the violin, and it waa
"Hello! " I called, and was surprised; insisted that I come in while the violin a complete surprise. He afterward told
to hear Leonard Brooke reply: j was shown, I was delighted to comply. I me that when a young boy he had plav-
"Oood morning, Mrs. Hammond! lj While ihe old man and Leonard i ed, but given it "up for the piano
have promised 10 go quite a ways in discussed and examined the violin the "It is ft Stradivarius. all rigbt."
the country to inspect an old violin, old lady insisted that I have some tea. j Leonard said when he finished placing,
Some fellow thinks he has a Strad, andjand let me Tol'ow her into the kitchen"a wonderful instrument."
1 am commissioned to find out. Won't while she made it. They were not real ! "It is very valuable, then I asked,
you go with met It's a glorious morn- i poor farmers, yet there was nothing to "Worth thousands. " : he replied, thea
iag-" show prosperity sufficient to warrant J to the old man, "I will report that it
But you know," I said, "ia Muriel keeping a valuable violin in the house.) is a genuine Stradivftrius. and corn
going?" j especially as neither of them played. jmonieate with von in a few dan."
No. she isnt at home. And what' While I sipped my tea I said some-; All the wav home he eouW talk
you said doesn't matter." j thing of thiSj and the old lady re- of nothing but his Wjonderful find-
"Perhaps you are right, and what plied: i but I thought nf th k. ij
I say doesn't make any difference," ii An Old Lady's Story,
replied, my thoughts on Clifford. ' And j "Tha" violin belonged to my eon's
isn't there a saying that a bad reeo-; wife. Wait. I "1 show you her picture."
tution is better broken than kept?" i she ran from the room, but waa back
queried. la'most instantly. "TV yon wonder he
"Indeed, there is! I'll call for loved hert" she asked as I looked at
lady had told me. liehtenedr thp wor
ship of the cripple whose wife repaid
him many fold and I thought I, tcx
could do great things for love.
Act aa
(Tomorrow Leonard Brooke
M-M you in 15 minutes." ' I the loveliest face I had