Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 06, 1916, Page TWO, Image 2

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Route from Independence to
CorvaJJis Ready tor
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Onepackage
proves it 25c at all druggists.
Field work on a survey of th? state
Jjroute between Independence and Cor-
Ivallis ha just been completed by H.
(Continued from fxg one.)
Come in and see the exclusive features in these toys
The Store of Housewares
135 N. Liberty Phone 67
ly was desponsible for the shakeup n
tbe British cabinet, in a written state
ment for the Inited I'ress today rte-
The new location saves approximate- V"""" " 7"
Jlvtw, mile, in distance ami "eliminate, J""""""P lo
$ three railroad crossings. It is Pproxi-ista,'ment ''WJ Vorth.u,f.
:,mate,v straight lCXWTT Press.
tit.U of the 'railroad I track and ; ted ,hye dartment of
!r....l bri,Ie near Packer. "ta"or''
1 The f.'eid work cost 42 ter mile
JjX. Hackett, assistant to state engineer, j
Cttowa. Canada.)
Llovd-Oeorge ha given the knock-
j . v.iA- ;tt. r empire from eserttnff its run loree
.der way to b&.ai6 eats and fills, k uw.... unrJ,. k4
ter which plan, and specifications will
X MtVt Ttwirtonkhae, government. ar.se, cannot
, the ,i,i7n.nr.r.!b'1 be an immense improvement on
this nrk i to wen re nfarv "V" " ""fr-""-
Thit Beautiful Calendar FREE
S. o, S.
r te ahMlatoly fr, , nws'ir for ttlT that will
b pn4 la m Tlia nlrr 1 HBall riinm ol
IW hMU raltal kr Hon tM, tkat MM I
Tk eaJy tkiaf rqutrd i tut ;m imi m ginyir y
cliff cuia tram. The Mfflr f lilntol to liaitW.
Act tKlr.
SWIFT SPEOnq CO, i PVih tend me ere it '
Alluu, Ca. " j you U17 Calcadtxi FREE
ft' a
ft M
w Coca clid from..,
t i r ' t T:
! r.ght of way and be ready wtfh plan. e,, nn,ier,nd ,he Tn.t
so that fiuancial aid from some source ,i,.;n.
fl1d h fJhlmX ,mProvemen between Great Britain and the repnb-
trould be eniis1
,of the west side highway,
I lie a the re stilt of his forceful action
Aeeording to Mr, Lewis, a new sys- - -
m nas ieen useu id making mis sur ; . - . , , ;, .
It is known as the base 1 ne meth-- - - t." TiT k. ifci
t vr.
v-.-u j.La. tw;. first Canaitiatt to
b?"0" irth7Jtu;e it ,-1 in dignity and importance to your
is more economical than the old rail-
. Mrs. Pred 8. fttewart and son, Rich i Inasmuch as Mrs. Kdward D. Roberts
rd, returned Monday from a delight! uijof f, An(?i fornieriv id in st.m
wit in Portland. They passed Thanka-l . ... miM ... . ,
KinniE with Mra. Stewart ' sister, .Mrs.l?; i ,, - "--"""';,
K A. Kterens, and were also the guests
Mn. A. M. Craw rord.
iuring her brief visit in Portland
Stri. Stewart was delightfully entertain
ed by old friends.
ruad method of making both a prelim
jinary and tiaal location survey before
i contracts can be let.
Get Rid of Humors
and Avoid Disease
! Humors in the blood cause internal
j derangements that affePt the whole
sytem, as well as pimples, boils and
I other eruptions. They affect all the
organs and functions, membranes and
tiues. and are directly responsible for
itbe readiness with which some people
'contract disease.
For forty years Hood's Sarsaparilla
has been more successful than any
other medicine in expelling humors
and removing their inward and out
ward effects. It is distinguished for
its thoroughness in purifying the
Mod, which it enriches and invigor
ates. .No other medicine acts line it,
"Duffy" As Presented by
Larry Hofer Discounts All x
Story Detectives It
r-r r ' . . - 1
:'r X
; if
i. J. f " I
Attractive Display of - - -Holiday
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sensible Holiday Gifts that will appeal to yourself
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Serviceable, Sensible Gifts for Women, Misses and
Children, at Our always popular prices.
Laurence Hofer, who will play "Duf
fy" ' in the Dictator, Dec 11-15.
Lord N'ortheliffe's statement was
written before announcement was made
in London of the refual of Andrew When the curtain riws on the first''
Bonar Law to attempt formation or aiatt 0f "The ,,-etator," Richard Hard-
new ministry.
the following from the Oregonian will
be interesting:
A palatial home, in whi-h the walls! for no other medicine is like it.
ox one room at least will be made of! (let Hood's Sarsaparilla today
mirrors and which will contain two lav- sist on having Hood's.
itniy Tumisnea suites for her two mar-
....' . , J daughters, will be built in this
Mrs. Robert Kinney, who has been!e,,v Hhortlv after Januury 1 bv Mrs.
Wing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. j Kdward JD.' Roberts, wife of the xi. e
K. Moores, for the pat week, expects , pr(.,j,knt of ,h(, Fir X(l,ional liaI.,.
it was reported in societr circles here
te return to her home in Astoria Thurs-day.
In celebration of the anniversary of
her thirteenth birthday Misa I.oleta
Janni entertained a group of girl
Tfteads Tuesday with a linn party at is,.
rmt of the theaters, with te at the
8P- ......
- Her guests were: Miss Orla Welch,
Misa Malic Loper, Mis Kloiwuee Klgin,
Hiss Klie Victor and Misa Dorris Kd-taunson.
Mrs. Kdwin K Baker will leave to
aurrow for Portland, where she will
be the guest of Mrs. Ralph Watson for
several days.
Friends of Mrs. Roberts say the rei
dence will become the center or soi ial
activities of Los Angeles milliouaires.
A luxurious feature of the home will
two separate, complete suites for
ant. Willard Hall, have issued cards
announcins their dancing classes, which
will be held every Thursday evening.
beginning tomorrow night, in the re
ception room of the Masonic Temple.
Sorial dancing will follow the class in
struction. delightful reception was given yes
terday afternoon in the Mnsnnie hall
bv the ladies of the Omcr of the Fast
Company M Arranges for An
nual Eyent During Christ
mas Holidays
ing llavis world famous American
eomedv, whi.-h the- nerrians are to.J
stage at the Grand Dec. 14 and l-i, the
audience will see finest cast of local:
actors that has ever appeared behind ,T
the Salem footlights, and perhaps the; a
most notable aggregation of amateur j
thespians ever brought together at onej
time on any s:age. If you don't be-j
lieve this take a lock at the list of,?
players, which is puulibed elsewhere;!
and which will continue to be publish- !
ed elsewhere until everybody in towu'
believes it. As Shakespeare once saidjj
of a certain bunch of players: "TbeylX
are the best actors in the world, either;
for tragedy or comedy." The immortal i.T
William's s'ntement may not strictly a
a ply as to tragedy, but when it comes i
e com-!
Toys Dolls Games
Christmas Cards Dcnnison's Boxes and Tags
A visit to this Store will assist you in your ...
' Holiday Shopping.
U. G. Shipley Company
Popular Prices Quality Merchandise
to eomedv and esiecialv to tarce com
edy, and more especially still, to melo
dramatic farce comedy (which is what
"The Dictator" really is) the Cher
riau actors are there a million.
Standing head and shoulders above
any other cornelian of his particular
class, and standing also with a slight
characteristic stoop inherited from his
famous father, is Laurence Hofer,
sometimes called "Larry" Hofer. and
Larrv.'' In "The
In additioq to the regular recruiting
committee of Company M, at the regular
drill of the.eompany last night Sergeant
Herman . Mclnturff was appointed
recruiting officer. The regular com
mittee consist of Lieutenant Dana H.
Allen, Sergeant Paul B. Wallace and
Corporal Lrrol Proctor. Nelson Cro
' shaw. who enlisted in the Coast Artil-
lr r K A in. n,n . .liu-hnrir sometimes lust
from the national guard. Elmer Lyons 1 Dictator " he is .ailed "Duffy. be
and Malcolm Gilbert have enlisted in j''4""?. h ' fhe. ni,In' 'D'" K'thnrd
Company M and appeared last night for : Hrdm- Dans wi-hed on the character
drjll jLarrv pla'-s. "I)u..y' is a secret ser-
The annual New Year's festivities and !vit'e 'If:' he doesn't care who
Mr. i;n . ; hm,n, ft Mrs- Dora Scuilke. home eomine. whick event k.Hliti
Kami and Mrs.hillip;of U'tirande, worth grand matron of place on the eafc-njar for a number of I" . , ! t''!
of Oregon, ,vhose double ti.e Eastern W of Oregon, In the year, past and gone. This event is of a h "Z? .Td
mnitttrv nnrurA and bit men wnn narp . - . . .
- , ... . , displays bis badge to prove it. He sue-
The members of the Trio club
gather at the residence of Mrs. Thomas
It. Kay for an informal afternoon over
the bridge tables on Thursday.
Mrs. W. Al Jones has as her juests,
tier mother and sister, Mrs. M. J.
iVetghton and Miss Mabel Creighton
-of 1'ortla ud.
Mrs. L. F. Griffith will entertain in-
Mrs. Roberts' married daughters
walker Willis
Heavier Kamm
wedding-to the Kamm brothers at the evening the annual election of officers
Kiversnle .Mission Inn two years ago was held and Mrs. Frank E. Miafer was
was an event of state wide social and ! eleeted worthy )natron of Chadwick
political importance. chapter for the ensuing year.
These- suites are to Im furnished and' 1 1
kept always ready for occupancy.
.... i
Miss EmilT Phillip hud as her week' WASHING WON'T BID
end eucst. Miss Aliee lnrli hn ia HEAD OF DANDRUFF
ill : atreniiiii thn Vnrmiil t-liml at U.m.i4
mouth. ;
The onlv sure wav to Ect rid of dan
I'lans are being completed for the! drutf is to dissolve it, then you destroy
Methodist church baaar which will belit entirely. To do this, get about four
given on Friday and Saturday at thejounces o( ordinary liquid arvon; apply
church. An array of attractive articles it at uight when retiring; use enough
have been made tor the sale which will ' to mointen the scalp and rub it in gent
alo include delicious cakes, cookies and ly with the finger tips,
olber homemades. .1 " Do this tonight, and by morning,
formally on Thursday afternoon with , Mr- an,i Mr. William T. Crier had be gone, and three or four more appli
a few tables of bridge. Her guests will.,, ,h,.ir guests vesterdav, Mr. and Mrs. cations will completely dissolve and en
elude the member, of the Thursday Robert Ewing of Dallas. jtirclv de.trov every" single sign and
bridge club. . , . ... . trai.e 0, n0 mt how much dan-
r. w A meeting of the P. K. O. society i druff ou may have.
". r J ft".o. Mm. William held on Tuesday evening at the! Yon will find. too. that all itching
K. Kirk will entertain the young ladies ' hnm c i ...i .. i:..:.. -c ...i ;n
. t ... '.. " . . " " . . ' M Idl Wll ..UtllU.SIIU lllk:illllC U Lite "l' ni'l "
me niiiamette Lniversity wi'a a i.ikrtv .,r..i : ...i .:.. i... .-.h k. (ifd- i..
party at her home ou .State' During the session Miss Anne Sweezy ; irous. glossy, silky and soft, and look
... ' new member was initiated into the! and feel a hundred times better.
UIT . , , ivu vmu get uumu niuu i nuj nujc
urence Horer returned yesterday . . ., i. i. ..,.1 nal'tts fail!
fYos a brief visit in Portland.
Miss Priscilla Ileminif and her ait- 'to do the work.
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oi oui-vrroTD m mvin ! u - rrt ptvutipij V VaA-'
f nun .iif.u.p, 4. I fciaiH, irCU Ul : 1 bUVU USUtW
- .-r
cast except the man he is after.
finally performs the marvelous
I of arresting himself. There is no
character like
recent local hit. "The Fortune Hunter
and look like an ordinary amateur artair.
big dinner, a Lying Contest and Big
Story Tournament are the uual feat
ores of this day 's program. This year,
oecause or tne renrement 01 ' P'" Come and sleuth
ji I ucnniar 10 lue reserve, me uu-,l..j, . - ,i ,l,l,, . ,ii-ol nnm th .,a,r
quet may take on the narnre of a fare- the oe nnee ot detective fiction.! "The proceeds ot "The Dictator
stunt "The Dictator" east contains the "big juarv gtoewkcrs'werc bcujrht up. A ni
otherianns" of "The Fortune Hunter" and i,. i.j- f r,.,.,, v.. nnt !
"Imfty." Sleuths may 'half a dozen other and even bigger! ; 5 .j, oti,ei at ij.f 5ii7.10. Ev
is may "go, but "Duffy'"' j guns who heretofore could never be; erythinr sold readilv, the quality being:
steady to strong. Feeders trade, was
limited, although scvetal loads of ord-
might pay'inore
for a cigar. You could
get a stronger, blacker
cigar, if you wanted it.
But for a dependable,
satisfying and sensi
blo everyday smoke,
can you beat theOWL?
Compared to him Kaffels is the merest i be used by the Cherrians to equip their
I infant, and Sherlock Holmes is in the, annual Christmas tree. This is the one
jame class with a village police force, j big yearly philanthropic stunt that hun
! Xo one who saw "The Fortune Hunt- dreds of poor children in Salem have
er" last spring needs to be told that come to look forwar.-t to as a matter
. ! very good on the bulk of stuff.
WUl tt. ... .
vuws auu .11 11 1 1 3.
The demand for go-'d quality she stuff
continues very good and all offerings
arc finding auxiuus buyers. Best rows
sold at Sf and W.15 Monday. Packers
Larry Hofer is a splendid actor. There! of course. The Cherrians have nnder-, ana ouicnera omuing spiritedly lor ine
are folks in Salem who are still lauiih-i taken to see that everv worthy kid in utr, wnictt all cuangta nanus cany
in over his uerformance of "Pete town eets a Christmas Present. Thev tn the trade. Good cow. sold at $o.i5
ft !Tr. Million I
liv. M.A.OUN9TCa ft
ill I llnlriill'i 1
Willing" the sheriff in that clever! are going to do it h "The Dicta
comedy. In "The Dictator" he has; tor. '
a bigger, better and an infinitely more 1
amusing' lole than that in which hci:)!
made his initial bow to the local pnb-j$
lie. His hundreds of friends will eager- DRINK HOT TEA
lv grab the opportunity to sec this bril-! FOE A BAD COLO
Hant vouncr man in the histrionic lime-ide 4
Kght again when "The Dictator" opens!
I its two nights engagement at the Cirandj Get a small package of Hamburg
ja week from Thursday. ; Breast Tea, or as the Gcrmau folks call
I It has been decided to play "Theit, "Hamburger Brust Thee," at any
j Dictator" at popular prices, so that ev-: pharmacy. Take a tablespoouful of the
'erybody who wants to see the play can tea, put "a cup uf boilinj water upon it,
aiiora to no so. ine prices lor tne nest pour through a sieve and rtrniK a tea
seats will be 50 and 75 cents and no cap full at any time. It is the most
more. The gallery will be two bits. 'effective way to break a cold and cure
The C'herriaus admit that the play will, grip, as it opens the pores, relieving
be worth a great deal more than they j congestion. Also loosens the bowels,
are charging for it; so does .Tames Mottithus breaking a cold at once,
under whoe expert direction the fa-; It is inexpensive aud entirely vc;;e
mous comedy is being staged, and who table, therefore harmless,
gives it as his opinion that the forth-i
with fair one aruuml So.50. Ordinary
valley cows brought from $5(ii5.25 with
: commen grades down to sj.
The largest ruu of this year's pack
:ing season was on the market Mouday,
coming production will make his most
Beginning at 9 o'CIock Exer
ercisesWill Last Late b
The annuel meeting of the Marion
'County Veterans' association will be
; held tomorrow at the armory. The first
I sessions will begin at 9 o'clock in the
' morning and there will be continuous
, exercises during the dav until late in
; the afternoon. A dinner will be served.
at IS o'clock of the old-fashioned campi
fire basket picnic style. During the '
: afternoon addresses will be made byj
speakers from the organizations aff iliat-1
led with the association.
Automobiles will meet the delegates'
coming from oodburn and SUverton,
j taking them direct to the armory.
lae Marion Lounav veterans' associa
tion now includes all members of the!
Grand Army of the Republic, Spanish
War Veterans, Indian war Veterans and
members of Company M who wera on
the Mexican border. Also the affiliat
ing bodies including; the Woman's Re
lief corps, I-adies of the G. A. R. and
the Spanish Wsr Veterans' Auxiliary.
Some authors'
their persistency
originality ia due to
in misquoting others.
Sell it Journal want ads will sell it.
Usually the first indication of a
lowering of health is found in the
bowels and liver. Something goes
wrong we eat too much, or work
too hard and the bowel action
weakens or the liver ia sluggish.
That heavy feeling on arising ia
the 'morning, dryness of the
throat, with bad taste, a slight
headache, dull eyes all show that
food has fermented ia the, intes
tines, and that the body is man
ufacturing poisons instead of
good blood.
Gear it all out. " Give the
stomach and bowels a fresh start.
Encouraee the liver to go to
work. ManaHn does all ot this,
without griping or weakening.
It's the ideal laxative and liver
tonic because it follows Nature's
plan, without tiscomfort. inflam
mation or forming a habit Con
stipation may be overcome with
its ksc
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tablet form.
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like candy.
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'IMB, and
i they are
10 and 15
The Para C
CskwSsi, O.
over 1 00 head being received After a
slow start buyers and sellers agreed and
trading was active A few lots sold at
$9.75 hut the bulk of the prime hogs
has brought i.u5 to CJ. 0; w hich was
5 to 10-cents lower. There was quite a
display of half fiiii.died and light hogs,
although a good many heads of choice
stuff were offered. Pig sold for tho
bulk of 8.23; the range was from !-8
to SS.50.
Sheep prices made further advances,
when a mixed load of yearlings, lambs
aud ewes brought ifS.SO, an advance of
fully 25 cents. Lambs were quoted up
to $y.25 for selects. Choice east of the
mountains lambs are quoted at 9.10;
choice valley lambs 9.75 to $9; year-
mm "I ' m I
I IJSfc,
, Packers Subpoenaed.
' riiii-aon- TW flFiv leading nacV
ing officials here were today subpoen- J lings $7.75(5 S; ewes. ?i'(ri7.
aed to appear before the federal grand
jury which is conducting a food inves
tigation. Those summoned were:
; Louis F. Swift, of Swift & Co.; Ar
thur Meeker. Armour.fc Co.; Thomas E,
Wilson, Wilson k Co.; W. F. Burrows,
! I.ibby, McNeill & l.ibby, -and Edward
i Morris, of Morns c to.
To Stop Exporting Paper.
Washington, Dec. t). An embargo to
prohibit the export of print paper
used by pnblishers of newspapers was
asked in a resolution introduced today
by Representative CainpbeU.
Embargo on Leather Goods. .
Washington, Dec. 6 Another embar-
j go measure to reduce the high cost of
i living was introduced today by Repre
! sentative Campbell, Kansas. The bill
j would prohibit the export for one year
I of boots, shoes and manufactured lcath
1 er goods or leather.
I Wants Investigation.
j Washington, Dec. 6. Representative
; norland, Missouri, today introduced res
I olution directing the federal trade com-
mission to investigate production, roar
j acting and distribution of food pro
i ducts.
Weekly Report of
. Union Stock Yards
Portland, Ore., Dee. 5. Caltle: There
was a very fair supply of cattle here
Monday, over 1.600 head being offered.
j most of them were ca the good t prime
aneiy, nnn u iouna exceptionally good
sale. Trading started at the oneninir
(of the market and most all arrivals were
sold long before noon, prices ruled
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Tablets. Druggists refund monev if H
fails to cure. K. W. GROVK'S' signa
ture is on each box. Loc.
t If you are considering a gift
t for a friend ut Christmas time X
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I Picture?
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