Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 22, 1916, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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x Court House News
IX of these $4 and $5 pumps at
I- -r -.r. '.V n . TTSf
While they are being
At Less Than
All Broken Lines to Go Regardless of Former Cost
and steadily advancing price of leather
S Mow i
tp- tmat nil lii.uii. . .
. ii..wninwit ..! ..inOf J 4--
cleaned up j
Wholesale Cost I
T' '
To clean up quick we are putting on sale short lines of
both Men's and Women's Hanan Shoes, in all sizes;
tan, English and patent leather dress shoes in men's;
patent, cloth top and patent, kid top, and all kid shoes
and all tan, in ladies'; now go at
The world's best $5.00 Work Shoe, with "Neolin" soles,
which give double wear over leather; any size, in black, do ng
tan and smoke; all -go at . pO.0
Ladies' High TopBoots, 12-inch tops, in gun metal,
patent vamp with kid top, tan and all gun metal, both
button and lace; an exceptional value at $6.00, now fcO QC
it go at
A big line of Ladies' Party Slippers, all the latest
makes, broken lines, patent, kid and combinations of
patent and kid and patent and cloth; select any pair dn Qfi
500 pairs Ladies' Felt Slippers, all styles, both Comfy
soles and fur tops; grades that sell up to $2.00; take QC,
your choice while they last at OC
100 pairs Boys' High Top Boots, best $5.00 grades, tan
or black, with or without buckles, double soles, boots JJO QC
that would sell if replaced now at $6.00, to go at ip3.0
200 pairs Men's $3.00 Leather House Slippers very
best grades; all sizes, both tan and black, just the thing f i QC
for him for Christmas; to go at P 1 IO
100 pairs Ladies' Tan Button $5.00 Shoes, all sizes, the
very highest grade of tan stock; take them while they do qc
last at .....ip.iJO
Big line of Men's $4.00 Work Shoes, both tan and
black, double soles, best $4.00 shoe on the market; do QC
broken sizes at .' iputoVD
hanan Shoes
Witch Elk Boots
Dux Bax Oil
Ball Band Rubber Boots
Fox Party Pumps
Ground Gripper Shoes
Dr. Lytic, stnte veterinarian, who lias
been in Albany attending a post mor
tem examination of soma animals kill
ed there for examination, is expected
back in Salem today.
Cut Prices on all Logger Shoes, Boys' and Children's Shoes, Men's and Women's Dress
Shoes, and hundreds of pairs, all styles
You are LOSING MONEY on your Repair Work: We use the Best Leather. Men's
Half Soles 75c; Ladies' Half Soles 50c; all Leather Heels25c. Why pay more
when you can have the service of the Best Equipped Shop in Salem
at these Prices. . . . . . AH we ask is a trial.
Articles of incorporation were filed
this morning with the corporation com
missioner by the Morgan Kazor Works
of Portland, which is formed for the
purpose of buying and selling razors
and dealing in cutlery. The capital
stock is $15,000 and the incorporators
are J. Canby Morgan, .1. R. Dodson anil
E. K. Merges. The- first Kvangelical
Lutheran Scandinavian church of Hend
formed for the furtherance of religious
instruction, filed articles today with a
capitalization of iMOOO. A decrcaso in
the capitalization of the Heave Glove
manufacturing company of Portland
from If2.r,000 to 10,000 was recorded
with the corporation commissioner.
The car shortage yesterdav jumped
from 2!W7 Momlav to 11017. the latter
part of last week the supply tf cars
was such as-to afford a slight relief
to the shippers.
The Albany telephone case is occu
pying the attention of the public ser
vice commission todav. It is probable
the hearing will not be finished and,
if not finished, will undoubtedly ad
journ until ft later date. Tomorrow the
commissioners go to Portland to hold
the hearing for the elimination of dnu-
f0"'!! ir"'i.l'!?il-L 1. -l.
Judge William Buslicy today ap
pointed M. A. Stewart, T. A. Kiuchart
and 1. II. Allen appraisers of the es
tate of P. O. Doyle, who died hero re
cently. The appointment was made on
petition of Guy O. Smith, administrator
II tiiittiiiiililltttttt MMMf-vtfMMMttM-- tTv t t t t tt t t t tv
(Capital Journal Bp0'! Service.)
Jefferson, Ore., Jfov. 22. Mr. ana
Mrs. Whitescl tarted to Minnesota
Thursday to visit relative. They ex
pect to be gone till the first of the
W. E. Ball, who nas been picking ap
ples at the Walluce ranch, is at home
Minnie Spisguc left Friday for Cali
fornia. Jessie Miller took dinner with Nellie
Ball Tuesday.
Uncle Jacob Albeglia-s put a partition
in his house.
Mr. HilKiker and Mr. McCleary have
been worSiug the Jefferson road this
Desn and Ceroid Thompson, from
Sutherland, Ore., are visiting friends
We were sorry to near our mail car
rier, Mr. Litchfield, was sick again, but
are hoping he will be able to be out
again soon.
A family has moved in on the Ross
place. ,
There was a lecture and moving pic
ture at tie Salem Heights hall Sunday
Mrs. I.ennon, of Salem, spent the day
"Where Are My Children?"
Ask any of the crowds that seen it
yesterday what they think of it.
Coming tomorrow Mae Marsh in "The Little Liar" Q
with her daughter, .Mrs. Kemano Wed-
uosday. )
Air. and Mrs. will Sawyer are fixing
to move to Corvallis for the winter.
A number of Elmer McCleary'g little
friends surprised him Saturday after
r.oon, it being h tenth birthday. They
played games and enjoyed themselves
till refreshments were served.
Mrs. J. D. Hardwick, who was run
into by a street ear during election day, I
does not seem to be getting along very
Nellie Ball and children have gone to
Folk county to spend a few days.
(Continued from page one.)
the averments the plaintiff's bill of
complaint is stated to be typical of a
number recently Tiled by rail rood com
panies in various district .courts of the
('nited States. A motion to dismiss has
been presented on behalf of the defend
ant United States attorney. The sole
question raised by it is that of the con
stitutionality of the law. The court is
informed that the other esses stand on
application for - temporary injunction.
An appeal from an order granting or re
fusing a temporary Injunction goes to
the circuit court of apials and not
further by ordinary procedure, while an
Appeal from a final order or decree in
i'lch a case would go direct to the su-
John A. White of Tillamook, was
committed to the Oregon state hospital
for the insane today by Judge Bushey.
lr. J. ('. Evans was the examining phy
sician. Whito is afflicted with halluci
nations of hearing.
An action for the recovery of money
alleged to be due for services rendered
was brought yesterday by B. ft. Hoedie
heimcr against Henry ISteinboek for the
sum of iflil.
Judge ftnl.lmvny this morning dismiss
ed the divorce suit brought, by A.
Merle Scott against Gertrude Scott.
This divorce adit developed out of a
suit for alienation of affection brought
by (iertrudc Scott in May lilltl against
Charles and Lulu Scott, the parents of
A. Merle Scott. She charged them with
turning her husband from her along
with several other allegations. She ask
ed 2,-,000 heart balm at that time.
charge of the judge who is acting here.
An order will be entered in that case
directing plaintiffs and their counsel to
co-operate with the department of jus
tice in lodging tho appeal in the su
premo court by December 4, next, and in
then moving for the advancement there
of for such early hearing as that court
may find it consistent to grunt; also to
invito counsel for all railroad companies
and others similarly interested in the
question involved to participate in the
presentation of the motion to advance
and in the arguments on the merits as
fully as though their clients were par
ties to this litigntion. Though the de
cree of the court in the case here will be
final in form, yet, because of the excep
tional circumstances, the plaintiffs will
be directed to keep their accounts and
be prepared promptly to pay their em
ployes on the basis of the Adamson law,
should the decree not be sustuincd." .
A summary of 'the road work dono
in Marion county for the month of
'October, shown bv the records of tho
j county clerk, totals 122,247.44. Of this
sum the following arc the items: ma
cadamizing 1722.111 ; graveling
UH2.au; bridges 2S.)0.3S; general re
j pairs und miscellaneous work $4-l8S.31;
I new tools and machinery $S8.10; super
visors salary ifi:i'2:i.l2; payment to eit
iies ifflSli.tii. The number of yards of
i gravel hauled was 4424 1-:); the number
j of yards of rock hauled 1S74'.j, and th
I number of yards of rock crushed 5B1 'ij,
Other road work 72 men were employed
.and 2 P-. tenuis.
Seattle, Wash,, Nov. 22. Following
reports of earthquake shocks at llell
inghom, Anaeirtes and Stanwood, the
University of Washington scismngrnph
was consulted and found to hnve re
corded short but vrblcnt shocks be
tween 10:40 a. m. and -1():.)0 p. m. Mon
day. Geologists estimated the center
of disturbance 1900 miles from Seattle
probably in the Aleutian islands dis
triet, or on the Alnskan coast.
Youngest Bootlegger
Is Found in Portland
Tucoma, Wash., Nov. 22. The young
est "boot logger" in captivity is tn
day in the custody of Probation Offi
cer llcaley. This desperate person,
whose name is being withheld, is but
ten years old. He was traced to his
lair in the public school at McKeuna
and vnukeil from his sent hv t'ivn stnl-
wart penco officers while- in the nmKt
of ins jogapny" lesson.
The youthful lawbreaker is charged
with entering the railroad station and
making" away with two quarts of whis
key, which ho retailed to tho thirsty
of McKcnna at fifty cents a pint. He
then engaged in a peanut eating orgy
with part of the proceeds of his nefur
inus traffic, nnd it was this that r.mui-
ed his downfall. 4
Officer llcaley Is puzzled what to do
with his prisoner.
If You Suffer from Backache, Lumbago, Kidneys or Rheu
matism Take Hot Water and "ANURIC
preme court of the United Stales. In
the former a decision would be incon
clusive; in the latter a decision would
dtfiuitely settle the question for the
whole country. The motion to dismiss
the case here, however, it is decided,
will promptly result in n final decree
from which an appeal will be taken to
the supreme court. Tho assistance of
tnis court has been invoked to facilitate
a final and authoritative determination
of the coustitutional question. The case
was presented but yesterday and a de
cision is desired today. It is far from
I.Miing an agreeable duty for a judge to
record a judicial conclusion without the
care and deliberation essential to a con
viction that he would stand to in every
circumstance, i pon the merits of a case
tt.e government neither asks nor re
leives from a court greater considera
tion than is required by the settled rules
nnd presumptions of law, but a request
by the department of justice to aid the
(Mgress of a case consistently with the
rights of everyone cannot be declined,
certainly not for personal consideration.
"Upon a consideration of the Adam
son law und 6f what is said of Its prac
tical effect and what was intended to
be accomplished by it, the judgment is
that, as the court construes the terms
of the law, it cannot be sustnined
Since both parties have said they would
not plead further, whatever the decision
might be, a decree will be entered for
the plaintiffs, reciting that the" defend
ant prays and is allowed an appeal in
open court. The case in which the
plaintiffs were appointed receivers is in
American men and women must guard
constantly against kidney trouble, be
cause we eat too much and all our food
is rich. Our blood is filled with nrio
acid which the kidneys strive to filter
out, they weaken from overwork, be
come sluggish; the eliminative tissues
clog and the result is kidney trouble,
bladder weakness and a general decline
in health.
When your kidneys feel like lumps of
lead, when your back hurts or the urine
Is cloudy, full of sediment, or you are
obliged to seek relief two or three times
during the night, when you suffer with
sick hcadacho or dir.zy, nervous spells,
aeid stomaii, or you hnvo rheumatism
when the weather is bad, get from your
druggist "Anuric." Because of uric
acid in over-abundance in the sys
tem, hRcknche, pains hero and there.
rheumatism, gout, gravel, neuralgia
nnd sciatia result. It was Dr. Piorce
who discovered a new agent, called
"Anuric" which will throw out and
eradicate this uric acid from the sys
tem. Dr.. Fierce- believes "Anuric" to
be 37 times moro potent than lithia,
and consequently you need no longer
fear musculur or articular rheumatism
or gout, or many other diseases which
are dependent on an accumulation of
un'c acid within tho body. Send Dr.
Fierce, Invalids Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y,
10c, for trial packago or $1.00 for full
treatment ,'Anuric."
Dr. Pierce's reputation Is back of this
niedicino and you know that bis
"Pleasant Pellets" for the liver and
1 his "Favorite Prescription" for the ills
I of women have had a splendid reputa
tion for tho past 50 years.
Double Oven Capacity
Think of the economy of time and fuel do twice the
baking with half the fuel and half the trouble. This great
saving of time and money made possible by the extra large
oven found only in
Cole's Hot Blast Range
Ths 14-inch oven height
doubles the Oven Capacity. The
extra two inches make it possible
to place the largest roaster on the
ovsn rack and slill have the entire
oven bottom fret for other baking.
The double capacity oven to
gether with th Hot Blast fuel
saving draft and the 12 other sani
tary and labor saving devices mak
Col'$ Hot Bleat Rang the best
range ever made for family use.
Don 't Put it Off Put On in Your Horn Today.
ti ri..Li r ri n '
i lie Lsouoie apacuy ixangc
I nk Inw Ika. Niiu 'TbI.'." Nona Olkar nBui.
' ir-rsyTtL'
Sole Agents for Salem
Corner Court and Liberty Streets
?i eiV (tH