Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 21, 1916, Page THREE, Image 3

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tW'WI PWiTQ f 19 OC TAai n rn AAiTn a-i ftf
j C.oalslof styles, made of finest materials in fancy mixtures and plaids. Ha?e the latest set in and I i
ii raglan sleeyes with large collars. . II
ii ' .
(Capital Jourmil Hpccinl Service)
Monmouth, Nov. 20. Wednesdav
Nov. 13, Polk county Pomona cransc
met at McCoy wi;h about lorty mem
bers present. After a short hnsinoss
session in a. m. n fine dinner wns nerved-by
the ladies ol' the local grange.
Klection of officers came, next with the
list as follows: Worthy master, 1". O.
Powell:' overseer," Wru. . Kiddell, 'jr.,
both OI Monmntlt.h iHC.t.ilrer Imdk link.
ertson of (ak Grove; steward, Frank
Loughary of Monmouth; ass't steward,
Kd Kodgers, Monmouth; see., Mrs. Nel
lie White, Oak drove; trens., P. K Ko
mip, MeCoy; chaplain, Mrs. J. M. Simp
son of Louisville; Rate keeper, O. W.
Shields, McCoy; Lady asst. steward,
Mrs.. 8. W, Fletcher, McCoy; Ceroa,
Mrs. C. K. Staats, Toursvillc; Poinona,
Mrs. Prank Loughary, Monmouth; F!--ra,
Mrs. F. K. Komig, MeUoy. These of
ficers sorVA fnr twit Vitn,, C -'P irw.
I ley gave a short talk on . the benefits
I of rural school supervision which ho
said the county grange had opposed, he
believed "because the peoplo had not
understood. He said that the office
costs the tax payers only ten cents on
a thousand dollars, while the tax for
town and city schools cost 1.07 on a
thousand dollur valuation. Mr. f!vm
of the O. A. C. addressed the meeting!
nn iha ,.P ...........
agent;- ho
ii Made of best quality H. and H. and Salts Plush, lined throughout with guaranteed Sol Satin, trimmed with
jj genuine Fur or Chase Beaver on coDar and sleeves. Black only.
TO $18.50 SUITS MUNdhHD- $27.50 SUITS $ 1 4.90
The coats are made in semi-fitted effects, nlain an A heheH ctvlc frlmmorl urUi, i.a -j h
- r- v..vm ijiwu, nuiuiivu hiui mic outv vcivci dim uuuuns. fi
The skirts are full flaring. The materials are poplin serge and gabardine. Colors-Black, navy, brown and 3
rrroon mm
g vvu.
Gale Sc Gomoanv
g Salem's Biggest Popular Price Department Store. ' Not Connected With Any Other in This City
aggBPaaBBEgagMaBngBasaaaaBBBi BoaaBBssBSBQsa
Less Carbon
because Zcrolene is
' made from Asphalt-base
crude. It burns up clean,
and goes out with the ,
me Standard Otf&rMoior Cars
Sold by dealer everywhere and .
at all Service Sutionj of the
Standard Oil Company '
the old time favorites by thfc audience.
led - Miss Mury Itolutm. There was
also a song by tho boy 'a (rleo club and
one by a mixed chorus, both from the
hiirh school and supervised liv Miu.
I uarnicott.
Turner Tidings
menioers J. Bones, Arthur bdwards, STr. I day.
mid Mrs. Jensen and Mrs..U- C. Smith i Mr. G. F. Booth and Xfr. Roberta, of
i a . I A I ... r,.. ;u 'I'V. I . l i ; If . . i m , .
, (Ca.,tal Journal Special Hen-ice.) ; tilt.ir prai8e8 of the cood timo . Ju:.: dav. ' lt01-s " a,ul
luiuer, Ore-, Nov. 21. W. A. Bones ' fcrson peoplo.showed them. Miss Huttie Mvers.'vho i.s with Jlrs.
was a Turner visitor Saturday tit last Sir. and .Mrs. H. I.. Karl asked llr.lLylo duriuK tho" school year, went to
.. nna .urs. j.esier niirper to rtine on huu-i Amunvillo to spend .Nunduv -with hoi
HIUU Tlill. Ill Ilia l.l.rll dnlmnl tan. .1. an ' .li.u I..- ........ M .... L'....t .1. I ..... "
....v.u, tuw "'bu ivi" iivi, imj inni. iu wrri .irciiic r.uii, wno paituns ineie.
S)ieat the week-end at Beaverton. is staying at her fatlier-in lnw 'h. Karl, i Mrs. S. Miller, mother of
.Mis. h. V. Robertson aui Mrs. Eva ; previous to movinjf to Washington, Small, hud the misfortune to bi
I'tutiat'tiin Uii ra Mnlum wniita.a Sl.i.ni.- ... ...I... aui... ...1... I : . t . ...
..v wu.v. uurl...a v u i iiiiiu- (.lie riiiuiH iu inivc uji hit real ; hiui one uny Inst weeK. .Mes. ALilIer
diir. ilence. her husband hnvini- nreceded her hi tlm uvn.i.mhv e ho,. .1..
some weeks ago. havinff secured a yood , Jlrs. J. i l.yle was called to Onk
posmon up tnere. I I'oint, Wnsh., 011 account of tl
Mrs. If. I.. Karl entertained the Pres-i of' her ilnuijliter's bnliv.
byterinn missionary society on Thurs-1 Mr. Bloduet, of KIkhnm, passed
day, where there was a good attend-; IhroiiRli 'l'lirner this past woek on his
nnee. ' way to Baleui. Ho with his fnmilv lenvo
Shenn I .Mis. M. C. Smith went to Salem ' Ihero sonn fur Prnxnm-t . Wi utm k
it-9. Ruusoni was
lint if celt.
Viclwr'-i chiii.tei-. No. "ii, 0. K. S.
nn; invited to visit Kuclid, No. 70, ()
K. S., ut Jefferson laHt Tliursday night
hose Ruing from this chapter were
M .. M 1. 1 l- .1 . ul
SiMiiik, V. r.: Mm. Tiny Kilwurds. A-: vesterilnv.
Jl.j Mrs. Ada Swank, secretary, and Mrs. McKay went to Salem yester
will enirnee in 'fiirminir
Mr. Bear has been laid up Bcveral
i 1
1 W
TN OUR great-great-grandfathers' time 'many
New England families had a cask of rum
in the cellar.
It was freely offered to "guests (except chil
dren) and freely partaken of, even as coffecris
This old-time custom gradually passed out
of existence, for our forefathers recognized, it
was harmful.
Another old-time custom coffee drinking
is slowly passing in the same fashion and for
the same reason.
The abandonment of coffee drinking is made
easy nowadays by the use of Instant Postum, the
pure cereal beverage with the coffee-like taste.
Unlike coffee, this purely American table
drink contains no "caffeine" or other harmful
Postum is now used daily in tens of thou
sands of the best of American homes where rea
son rules and health is valued.
days with n severe cold.
Arlliur Robertson, wlm was quite- sick
for several days, is at work iijjain.
-Ur.fi. H. .No)J):rs, former agent f.u
the Watkius Medicine rum puny, was in
this vicinity on Friday nf lat week
Mt. Sellers thinks business too slack
for 1 1 i 111 in Oregon. He leaves sniui for
Jay Deiihiiiu has been sawing wood
iu 1 ne .miii 1 reek vicinity tliKi past
f,. n ir.
"i-uigu -iiniris, wire and s
wero shopping in Turner on Tuesday.
Miss Marjory I'ipper, of Twin Falls,
..1111. ii, in veiling .miss Ague Osborii.
HI- T ... ... ...
. x. 1 iiiiiiiin viMiri.il fl tl... I. .......
......... ... nir iiiiiiit-
of Jlrs. Lin, Denliam on Tliursdiiv of
last week.
i rs. 1. Mineral was a Siilein visiter
on 1 iiescfay.
J. M". Morgnu was in Aiiiiisville 011
nturi nv ntti'inlm,, 11,., ...1.. ... .1..
Mirmiks store.
Rev. Mo Key walked n, ....(...
uuu vim,, -ii several inmilieH in the Mil
Creek vicinity on' Friday nf Inst week
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kelly have enjov
ea-a visit with n tni,ti..u. ij.... i.'..n-..
anil wire, troni Miirnev coiiuiv. The
ieiiy s are on their way- to Kaasa
Citv, Mo.
Mrs. ( Inn, rnilii, n.,.l 1 1
,( r, iiu inc. urn nr t i 1........ ... 1.1..
Vntson. r .
Mr. nnd Mis. .Tulm 11.,., 1 .1
. , . , ' 11 nil- uii) 1
quite sick with colds.
ine I'nrent-readier,. ' meeting Sntur
day n'f ternooii. wn m H.. ......... i.
lr . , "U'-i-CMI. .wis
Hainder's room treated 1 1. .. n,,.l;
witn a .Mother (liinm 1. i:..i
, . , , ' U II I I If
...t was .iressM to represent the cl,r
iieter of l,e Mother 0se rhymes. Jf.
i.s nones acteil the pnrt of Old Kinr
t.uje nnd whs ilronun.i ; t . .. ..
and old gold with bangle, f ver here
...n mere 011 tno siionlders and train, hi
little partner win little M,i,.,i..
ler. a dainty miss of seven' who rcii-
hmuhlA.I ll... 1 ...
. .... . wiim, hit COS-
fume of Honing white robes was cover
ed with red hearts. F.illonjng tl,it
play the primnry teacher gave an ad
dress on her work as a nriiniirv t,.i.,.l,.
The ' ". elnb ina.,i. .:.i. T.,
, . , -"mi .urs. rios-
sio Lewis on 1 inday f this week -
-Mrs. DeWoles and daughter have re
turned from Portland i, n..i-..i.
connected ith the electric light jiiant
Marion News
(Capital Journal Special Service )
Mnrtiin. Orp Vnw 01 . t .....1 if.
Ii. McNeil are rejoicing over the
safe arrival of a little son. Mother and
child are doing nicely.
Ut. Win. Watson, "Mr. C. A. Oeorge
Mr .and Mrs. W. (!;.li.. ....1 -r. .....1
7., '"i .nr. Ullll
1 Mrs. I.. C. Russell were in Salem Friday
..,..,,,.111. ui mm week attending
the Friends quarterly meeting held
Miss l.eiinrn I.ozety, who has been se
riously ill, is now rejiorted to be much
better. .
The Misses Morroty were shopping in
Salem Saturday.
Mrs. Tomnlin. nf Parl...i At..
, B. C. Miles, of Salem, will present the
I Friends Mission work In Africa at the
j Friends church next Wednesday even
I ing. They will show magic lantern slides
j of the people and work there.
5fj McNeil, of Aumsville, is visit
ing and caring for her daiighler-in-lnw.
Mrs. G. H. McNeil.
Mrs. Emily Parker was in Jefferson
on business Monday.
A. !.. :t 1 . . m
b v i"v i-uuiicn meeung insi 1 lies
subject of couniy agneultural 1 day evening Messrs Hobson and Hos
nn am.! thnr - n'liar..,i.iw a....h'i.:.- .... . . ....
v.j i 1 1 . cummcmrs ror tne paving ol .Main
airent hnn iien .mn Wa,1 tlwu. I....1'... . ...1. .1 ..... . . n
Z? . .. ! ? uimri, asKea ior. an extension of time
Riven satisfaction and had done 7-ond- to Dec. first, as they promised to rush
erg for tho farming industry, by (Umi-hhc work as much as possiblo this re
oiistration wok and 'by helpinl; to quest was grouted. Unfavorable weath
solve mnrketinir nrnhlemu ... n.i "... ... - .
n 1- ' , 1 iuiiuihuiu ns wen as mo i-nr snort
Mr. Ilermir ,,l uivtliill .nnnL. . 1 .... 1 ... ...
. , - ." i"-""- ne nns iiiuoereo rue worn so tne giud-
1111' from exrierience unirl ttint tli. i,aa. : 1. . 1 n. T
, ,. .. 1 " " M"ll iiuisneti. 1110 eoiiii'iic-
pie though so well ot tho ngent that tors are here however and tho work of
tllev WOtllil not. crive hitin in. f..i ;...,' i .1.. . n ...
, . . --. i' . '" i,. mj; uiu cuncieio win soon oe in iiro
his salary. There was some discussion i?i-es.
on the question and it was finally de- The untisiial cold for November has
...... ... a .uiiHiuuee iroiii iiicjoeen nnrd 011 the new grain and vetch
county grange to take the matter up and several runners lost potatoes thut
with the cnimtv ..nilrt nn, ..I..!... ...:.l. 11 . . -1 . .
...hi n-ern plowed 0111 anil not picked up;
them as to the feasibility ot acquiring !ome that were near the top of the
an neeut for Polk couiitv. The nevt ,,r,....i ........ ... 1.. .-.t tl
. - a. ...,.. .III..I' II HI H IUII,
meeting ot I'omonn Rrnnge will be iitl .led Van l.oon is setting poles from.
-' ' ..vuiiciMiK in, ins mimi' soutn of .Monmouth across
January. tlp K T Kvul frm ((J h(J mlin
t ie liarcilt-lencllel's tnentinir t.nl.1 in:i:..a .... .1 ... 1. 1. . 1 ... 1.. ....
, 1 1 , T, . ..Hi,.- ,,ii nn- i-uiiiiiv runu: lie nuunr Ml.
the high schetil assembly r u last , Simon s stock iu the I.iiehianuite Hnral
........... ..c,,,,.,; ., uncresiiiiK ieie ue 10. anil will lie connected
one and was well attended. The niov-'up with line ;tl).
1 . . 1 1 . .....ii, ten ny nev. w.i A. .. foole will build a modern bun-
A. I'.lKlim WHS fllSCIIHseil nml mnnv I ,ar. t .... , f.... i i, i . ' ....
,. ... . . ' iv' ;k'ii' ii .imiim's inviiison oil uio 1, licit-
tinent tncts brought out. .Mr. Klkms, I iuiniite this w inter,
unlike many ministers favored the mm- K. A. Stunts is building a garage
nig picture ns n factor iu the entertain-1 Oeorge (iriiiii-hae nml fnmilv of Ku
nient and education of the child, pro-j gene tire here visiting w ith the Contes
videil of course that the pictures are, family. Oeorge and Mrs. Ooates are
".isely chosen: he appreciates the en-1 brother mid sister
thusiusni of the boy or girl for the; Miss lloham, musical director of the
comie. section of the Sunday paper and O. N. S.. went to,Pdrtland Saturday to
thinks there should be some comic part hear Schiimuiin-Heink -v
to every entertainment. Mr. Oentle Among fhose who attended Die re
stated . that the eommtttee previously , monn grange tVom here were: Mr and
appointed to select the niomeiito tor Mrs. K, Kodgers, Mr. and Mrs. Win
the training school had not been able Kiddell, Dr. l.nurn Price, .Mr. 11 11, 1 Mrs
to1 secure just the article desired but P.O. Powell, Mr. and Mrs M M llar
would report latet Or. Mntthis of the m v, Mrs. Hurkhend, Mr. and Mrs T
liuance committee made several, sag-1 .1. ' Kilwurds. .Mr. and Mrs. Stockholm
"" ,' mi" nieiiiis 01 ue- ana jus. r.. . Oslroni.
fraying the expenses of the association!- O. ('. Zook and wife left for Drain
for the vear but imtlnni' ilet'imtn '.,i..i. ... . ..:.i. .i ..:
. . . , - , - - r. . ........ ....it., iu ..nil. i.iiii ru.ill.M-H J IIT
decided oil. A pleasant lentiire of thelu few dnvn.
meeting was the singing of several oi l (iridium" and Son have a gasoline
. ,i""'k put under the sidewalk in trout
01 ine giirnge.
-Mrs. Will Smith wiM n Portland vis
itor this week.
Joe Clark entertained n number of
h's young men friends nt supper last
Saturday night at the Monmouth res
taurant by way of paying 1111 election
bet, he being on the wrong side.
' Independence Items :
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Independence, Nov. 111. O. A. M.
Laughliu and wife spent a few davs in
1'ortlnnd last week.
Harvey Hiukla. and wife of Poitlni d
were Independence visitors the last of
the week. . .
Wnyue Stewart and Mr. Newport of
Albany were Independence visitors in
Miss linth f'nmpbcll was a Salem vis
itor on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs.' W. 11. Hlock spent tl 0
week end nt McMinnville, visiting rel
atives there.
Mrs. Winnie Druidcu of Dallas win
an Independence visitor the lust of the "
J. J. Fenton nml family went, to S:t
lem last week to see. Tbo Mirth of the
Mrs. I'earl fnnncr wn 11 sinlun,
! itnr the Inst of the week.
.miss Mile llilteilirand, a teacher ii
the Airlie school, spent the week ei d
here with her parents.
At Hie luiine of the groom's parent,
Mr. ninl Mrs. Diiguune, of Portland,
Miss K. IVnrlo Curtis was united in
marriage to Dr. llnlph K. Dugamie on
Wediiesdny November 1.1, Ullii. Mi.-n
I'lll'tis beillir n Slllcin im.. Afl...
short honeymoon they returned to th s
city where thev will 'mnlie it,,,;, t'.ii......
home. Their ninny friends
11m Hi Impjiiiipss.
Not Rub
Off, Lasti
4 Timet as
Lone Other.
Saves Work.
Get a Can Today
Fruitland News
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Fruit In ml, Nov. SI. Mrs. lieo. Stur-
yis was called to llrooks 011 account of
her grandchildren being quite sick
with iiienslcs.
Mis. .frili 11 Paris is quite sick vet.
She surely has had quile a time with
rheumatism 'this full.
l-'rank Kggler was taken sick a few
nights ago. Dr. Fisher being culled pro
nounced the trouble appendicitis and
look Frank in the I.,,., , 1 , 1 1 , 1..
wns operated on. lie is now resting oil
ier ana an are noping tor his speedy '
P. It. Coulsou Is liuililini' u in, v
gon shed.
Mr. Anderson has got his house fin
ished and is living in it now,
M. Sliuidifer has finished his. jn'j
of grubliing and is ut home again.
Our genial cheese milker John Zuli
ler, mude a trip to Silverton by train
Hubert Ciiulsoii lias been plowing' ' f ir
Mr. Ilarrisoii of 'Auburn. ,
Ml. nml Mis. Fred C011ls1.11 f A 1
V ''" were visitors iu Friiitlqnil thi.-i
The rain is niTt irv u.I,.a, .......
of the fiirmcis here 'that are still diy-
l.'iiig ineir pointocs.
Dennis Eucnlyptus Ointment
- w . i . moz4ie.xm
Will there be Real Music in
I Your Home at Christmas ?
There is no one so unmusical as to believe that a talking machine produces
reaS music. At best, a talking machine, no matter how much itcosls, no mat
ter what artists make records for it, no matter what claims are made for it bv
its manufacturers, gives only a hollow imitation of the original nuisic.
is no t a Talking Machine
By hundreds of tests, before hun
dreds of thousands of music lovers,
it has been proved conclusively that
when an artist sings or plays-in
comparison with the New Edison's
Re-Creation of that artist's perform
ance, it is impossible to distinguish
the original from the Re-Creation. )
The music critics of more than 200
of America's leading newspapers
testify to this fact in the columns of
their own papers. We shall be glad
.to show you what the critics say.
This new invention of the world's
greatest inventor is in no real sense a
talking machine.
It represents more than two mil
lion dollars spent in research work
by Mr. Edison. '
It represents the achievement of
his ambition to produce a musical
instrument which Recreates all
forms of music so perfectly that the
original cannot be distinguished
from the Re-Creation.
Hear This New Invention
Come to our store and let us give you a concert of Re-created music Come
at any time. You will always be welcome. There is no obligation to biiv We
merely want you to hear what we consider the world's greatest musical in
strument. '
il....... ..