Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 16, 1916, Page SIX, Image 6

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ir-r-.-Jf A"y MT, "!'" s''"', "- aluminum a,v ,nv 4W
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( Rosoburg Review.)
A Pacific. Highway which will merit
that designation, the improvements to
consist of n widened grade, the elituina
tion of curves unit steep ascents, anil
tho surfacing of tlie entire route with j
mentioned here by a, prominent author
ity today us a probable accomplishment
tor thin Htute in road building within
the next four years.
"Before the end of the new adinin
istintion," said the authority, "the
final steps will be under way and a
highway through the state that will be
a credit to the nation will be a reality
a short time thereafter." The author
of the remark was .1. U. Albert, of Sa
1cm, a member of the state advisory
board on road construction, and one of
the best informed advocates of good
roads in Oregon. Mr. Albert arrived in
Hoseburg with his wife last evening and
this afternoon delivered an address on
his "favorite topic before the Mil) Mental
('tilt 11 re club at the 1'resbyterinn
"Because of motor traffic," said
Mr. Albert, "a permanently improve
ed highway will soon be an almost
dire necessity. Gasoline has come to
be the cheapest motive power obtain
able for transporting goods on a short
hnul, anil for this reason motor traffic
will soon demand to compete with the
lailronds on the most traveled highway
through the state. In experiments per
formed last year near Salem we proved
the economy of the gasoline driven ear
and consequently have undeniable data
to back tip our conclusions. This was
proved by transportation of Iho berry
crop there over at distance' of 20 miles.
Not only were ninny steps in the pro
cess of handling the berries dispensed
with but the fruit also arrived in better
shape and without delays. It was con
siderably more satisfactory than the old
way of shipping the berries by train."
In addition to explaining the meth
ods o'f securing a peniinnenlly improv
ed highway north nnd south, Mr. Albert
also discussed the proposed route from (
Itoseburg to Coos Bay upon which ho
was prepared to talk after making aj
thorough investigation here ot the pro- j Vliyer!l j tl0 ,-uifncil chambers at the
''",,'Ti. , ,. . , . Icity hall last night, $5011 was included
"This route connecting the interior b '
of Douglas coiintv with tide water, is 1 " trie city nunget to prov ide for a play
even more important to this section ! KrouinU for the children. This sum was
than the route ulong the I'acific high-! ndilod to the budget item "incidental
wav." declared Mr. Albert. " The I expenses of the city" and brought it
iroducts of Douglas county will find ' "I to 5,il!. One call for a bridge was
their best tidewater markets over this at the meeting,
route and it will also ivc the shortest Councilman Jones, who has fostered
Just as Cottolene adds to the lightness and deli
cacy of biscuits and pastry, so does it meet the re
quirements for cakes of all kinds. You will appreciate
the superior "creaming" quality of Cottolene.
Use Cottolene for all your shortening; learn how
very good it is in cake-making; use it also for frying; re
alize the tempting, wholesome quality it gives to foods.
Cottolene is put in pails of various -sizes
for your convenience. Arrange
with your grocer for a regular supply.
Almond Cream
Cream Jj cup of hotter and
Cottolene packed together.add
one cup of sugar, and mix in
alternately cup of milk or
water and two cups of pastry
flour sifted three times with
two teaspoons baking powder.
Beat well, flavor and add five
stiffly beaten whites. Bake in
two layers.
Whip sweetened creamuntil
stiff; flavor with almond ex
tract and sherry; add chopped
blanched almonds and spread
between and over the layers.
Garnish with cherries.
From "HOME HELPS" mattti
lie it you wtite our lie,
Offices, Chicago
Hlf4m.,J iLJe3fl- EhOXFA RBANKwpan71
(''' wrM j i w
j J I jSKYlil I f "Cottolene makes good cooking better" J! '
i ' ii
V Kill Mr-I Ih hi II I
When a cold hangs on as often hap-lUl llldV LilCtlCU
lp us, or when you have Hardly gotton MoIIamoI PnnrA UnnJ
lover one cold before vou contract no- lldUOIIdl UUdTQ IlCdU
JkM (M fl nm OAniTAlotber, lookout for yon are liablo to eon-1
I UK All fflT liArllM ,li"t s."mc vcry 8t'1'i0lls diMCtisc. This l'ortlaud. Ore., Nov. 1 John I May
II 111 VIV lb! I Vlll llll
s OHsinn nf cnhls wouheilH the svstem lw,, ,,.,.., ,.iil t ,l,n rlMi;,l lr
and lowers the vitality so that you are infantry, was elected colonel of tho regi
:iuuch more liable to contract chronic 1 1(.ht ,y unanimous vote of tho officers
nii J Ii D J ""i1'1111' pneumonia or consumption. t ,, meeting in the armory last night.
nay urounn uein rasseu. ( ,,ro yur t,oid wiii, .v,ni ,-'n- coionei May ni sueccci ooionei
.,...,,.,., v,.h.. ......v.... ...... f, i lenarii .Mci.augiinn, oi me regular
reputation. Jt is relied upon by thotis-1 1U.,1IV MMl, 111H M1( ,.,imlllnllj 0f n,,,
auds of ipople and never disappoints TJ,in1,n f(. ,. 11!it to years. Colo
them. Try it. It only costs a cpmrter. ,., .M,..lul(,,i ,lls ,,,u detailed to
obtanialde iiuywher.'. lllv with tho seventh United States
infantry, and doubtless will bo at
tached to (icneral IVrshing 'a command
in Mexico. He is a captain in tho reg-
Street Deficiency Increased
to $9,771
As a result of the meeting of the tax'
Suspect Cigarettes
Vancouver. II. '., Xov. Hi.
part of the state.
trucks will make this road an economy i
Alert InfPnrliariem nlar army.
Coln'nei May has been connected with
' , I, I .......,. Viii I i:,,,.l t..r - -navi
sUS,i-! ., .,,., ,;, :
.-ions divide,! between cigarettes and, nf , ,,,,, sw',,11,1 Oregon, at.
incenmarism are rile here today t !vl,..tl. .. IS-11. Two years later ho
lowinglie second waterfront tire wit h , , , company,
in '4 hours. About seven last night a .,,. . 1 . t , , , ... V ...
oiitlaeratlioi broke out in the copra . ' . . m'i- i
I've, ill; linn ari i ii I ill lilt, nui'Uinu
(luaid of Nevada, where he had nd-
u to the rank of second lieutcn-
hold of the I'liion Steamship coiupiiny 's
steamer Waikwa which was discharL'-
.llB i. ,
Statement of What
Candidates Expended
Seymour .lone, representative, 1st
district, republican, ifltrt.oil.
V. Al Jones, representative, 1st dis
trict, republican- progressive, .:i(UM.
I,evi I), liutlifl, representative
district, prohibition, tlO."l.
I'. W. .Meredith, represenlative,
district, socialist, .,l-.r0.
Willis I. Cottcl, presidential elector,
republican, nil.
W. ('. North, presidential elector, re
publieaii, nil.
K. 1,. Cannon, secrelary of slate, so
fialist, nil.
Prank A. Moore, justice of the su
premo court, republican, $iii).nil.
Frank S. llrant, circuit judge, Ith
district, dejil. ii, republican progressive,
' Pretl W. Wilson, circuit judge, 7lh
district, republican, Cti 1 .!-".
H. ('. (Iroesbeck, circuit judge, l.'llh
district, democrat, l 1 1. till.
I. S. Smith, state senator, th district
republicnii-progressive, 2c.
W. Lair Thoinpsnn, stale senator,
37th district, republican, ll.0;i.
M. I). Shanks, state seastor, I Ht h dis
triet, republican, $7. .ill.
Frank Van Camp, representative, lith
district, socialist, (vie.
district, socialist, 'Jc.
August Aliti, representative, I St U dis
trict, socialist, nil.
K. K. Kubli, represenlative, Hlh dis
liict, repiiblican piogiessive, ifJii.iJII.
I. C. Lewis, representative, I St h dis
trict, republican progressive, $17.00.
August Wesley, representative, lsth
district socialist, nil.
(ienrge T. Willett, representalive,
lsth district, republican-progressive,
I' red W . Ilynilmnn, represeutatix e,
-1st district, democratic-prohibition,
Collier H. Huf fiugtoa, district utter
ney, t'urry county, republican-democratic,
A. M. I'. Kirchheiiuer, district nttor
ney. (iraat county, progressive, $!i.Hi.
John Maker, district nttornev, lloml
Itiver county, republican, $0.40.
Iter! C. Ilovlan, district attorney, .lef
ferson county, independent. $LI.10.
M. A. Cunning, district attorney,
.1 ef ferson count v, repiiblicau-democriitic
tiale S. Hill, district attorney, Linu
county, republi can-deinocra tic progres
sive, ' $:ti.uo.
John S. lludgin, district attorney,
I'nion ciuiut.v, deiuocriitic. $144.10.
Fred K. Fleet, inaiia'ier Klamath
Commercial, favoring ' Klamath coun
ty Coinineicial club law." $0.i0.
F. . Mnlkev, opposing "Full rent
also, nnd the route should bo iinoroved I "as opposed the playgrounds as
ible." As to the method neeoeu, vo
Ira C. Harbor, representative, bllhial value laud tax and homeinakeis
district, repiiblii aii-progressive, $''.i,IO. , loan fund ainendiiieni ", $(!0.II0.
John F. Stark, repiesentai e, Hitlij II. II. Corey, public service eoiiimis-
Latif i A I ry .11
siouer, eastern Oregon district, repub
lican, nil.
O. C. (libbs, district attorney, Luke
county, democratic, $4X00.
Max Itiirgholer, presidential elector,
socialist, nil.
W. M. Tipton, presidential elector,
socialist, nil.
.1. K. ilosmer, justice of the supreme
iiuirt, socialist, $17. ."0.
Donald W. .McKinuon, ilairy and
food commissioner, socialist, $-i.00.
iFred 11. Iliichtel,. public service com
niissioner, western Oregon district, republican-progressive,
tieorgc ti. Hiaghain, circuit judge,
.'Sid district, republican, $L'I0.S0.
Kobert 'fucker, circuit judge, 4th dis
trict, dept. No. republican progres
sive, nil.
.1. C. Smith, state senator, 7th dis
trict, repiiblicaa-progressi e, $'J.").00.
.1. II. l'rickett, stn.lv senator, 11th dis
trict, socialist, nil,
O. I!. Ockwig, state senator, IHth
district, republican-progressive, $."s:t.
W. U, l.aft'erty, representative, 10th
district, republican, $10.00.
Conrad Stafrin, representative, llth
district, republican, $l,''.."i0.
S. A. I. Meek, representative, "th
district, republican progressive, $L'.i.00.
C. W. Itarzoe, representative, ISth
ilist rict, so'ialist, nil.
Herbert Cordon, representative, lsth
district, republican-progressive prohibi
t ion. $.10,110.
C. Lauganrd, representative, ISth dis
triet, republican progress'x e, $.is.P.",.
C. C. Clark, representative, -Sth dis
trict, republican, ail.
.1. L. Kelly, ropresetjative, 'Jl'th dis
trict, republican, $7.0i.
ti. I-1, Knowles, district attorney,
Clackamas county, socialist, nil.
.1. I-!, llusiuer. in behalf of socialist
party. $ii.i.7.i.
Oaka Heeler. ( In behalf of Lake coun
ty rabbit bounlv bill. $s.sn.
oute io tne eoasr iioni any interior i r-v ...v. .... .... . ,. , i .,.i,
he state. The cheapness of the , '"iscussioa ny moving tnut ifouo he VS. ' V . . . ' " . ,,.. th, put.-
from the oneration of motor taken troni item SI nnd made Kent ' . 1 , v i m
iioni i ne opi union ui moiur .,. ,, ., .. , , conra to San Friincisco on her return
i--. vi neu vouiic.iiman ook, who 1 . , .. .... ... . ; Vnr Q o,.i.i A
vovage io ;usiraiiu. oilier a jive noiirs wuh uuujw,. w viuuy
n"t i... i ,i. ' . iim ..... k-.i...;,. w o,, i. ..,...,,.'
i i ... . ., liani. inc iiro was r a 1 1 iiiiiusnc'i, in, -', i,,i..n 19 iu '
as soon iis possihle." As to the method " ."I ' ' , oo.ic,.- ( ()p 1.,.mV(,( r,.om the vessel. ; writes Mrs. K. O. Irwin, New Konsing-
of obtaining the road, Mr. Albert said!'""" Tl''.''s drnmatieally waved a peti- h . ,i,,m,.,l. TI,.. loss i.ton. I'a. "I nut in inanv sleeiilnss hours
V o 1 , is esti.nate.l at $10,000. at night before I learned of Chainlier-
..000 citizens who favored the play-, Tlir,i OffiiM'r Watson was overcome 1 lain 's Cough lteiuedy. Mothers need not
grounds He declared there was no ob- ,1V slllok. ,,,, ur resc ued by fear this disease if they keep a boltto
jeetion to it. ' seamen. The Waikwa is a war prize of Chamberlain 's Cough Remedy in tho
lieorge Kodgers appeared as a friend ilnvlll,r i,,.,.,, ,.,,,ture,l ns the Schelsion : house and use it as directed. It always
ot the playgrounds. Attorney Brown, , 1V ,)f lisi.llv in 1914 by a Itrit-;gnve my bov relief." Obtninublo e.v
w ho was there to ask for a bridge, de-i ish .,,;,,. ' ' ervwhere.
dared the taxpnyers' money .was being Tl)0 previous fire occurred aboard the! ' '
spent for all kinds of useless frills. Waimarino. another Vnion steamship i Wedding invitations, announcements.
this was a question up to the county of
ficinls and the people. He believed with
the increased value of farms along the
road and the consequent building up of
fruit, dairy and other industries along
the way it would be a paying invest
ment, and return the tuxes within a
short time, that would lie expended to
build it.
Mr. Albert was also of the opinion
thut the work on tho slute highway
would be begun within a few weeks, ii j eliililrcii ootiUl be earning money instead
Councilman McCTelland was opposed to i,onr, an(i aiao )rue out ia her copra i and calling cards printed at the Journal
me appropriation oecuuse nc sain nie cargo. Job Department l'riccs right.
mini now being expected at iSaleni to
have charge ot the expenditure ot the
first apportionment from the govern
ment niaile under the Shackleford bill
for the aiding of various state projects.
He suid the bill provided for $ 1 ,200,000,
which tntfst be met by a corresponding
uppropnrintion by the state, making $2,
100,000 that niny be used . to con
struct, the iiuiroveil road. He be
lieved this was the proposition for the
state to undertake rather than the enmi
ties, uud t tin t the state would use the
"iitire amount on the Pacific highway.
The bill will make $210,000 nvnilable by
next June, and the remainder will be
of siieudiiiir their tiinu tdavinir. He
said last year Councilman Jones asked 1
$250, this year $500, and next vear it
would be a $1,000, ' 1
. Councilman -Ward nnd Mayor White
both spoke in favor of the playgrounds, i
On the vote it was found that six were
for and five against the playgrounds.
Bridge and Street Funds Shy.
The item of $lli,0!i for the fire de
onrtmcnt. came 110 for discussion when
It u-ne r,iiw,.i.l In tint, n l,uu;u V... H, n !
Mounting of the chemical engine, which
is now drawn by horses. It was de
cided, regarding the sale of the horses.
to let the matter go until the new equip-
Do You Have Sour Stomach?
If you are troubled with sour stomach
von should always eat slowly and mas
ticate your food thoroughly, then take
one of Chamberlain 's Tablets immedi
ately after supper. Obtainable everywhere.
Superior Service
Through SleepitiK furs PORTLAND to
Chicago, Kansas City, Omiilia, Denver
and intermediate points. Dining Car ,
Service second toaone. The Koute is
via the famous Columbia Kiver The
"Old Oregon" and "l'ioneer" Trails
wonderful ill scenic nnd historic inter
est. Automatic Signals guarding the en
tire main line, mid 1,140 miles of double-
track are guarantees of the high
standard the Union Pacific sets.
Union Pacific System
Tickets, reservations and travel service to suit your needs
upon application to
CITY TICKET OFFICE, Washington at Third, or WM. Mc
MORKAY, General Passenger Agent.
Fifteen Mere I. W. V.s
Ordered Released
g t Seattle. Wash,, Nov. 111. Fifteen
W j more members of the I. W. W. excursion
Htto Kveiett who took tne Mcunier On
J listn, which returned to Seattle after
q 1 the I. W. W. on the steamer Verona
Jf ; had fought a battle with deputies at
M Kverett No ember 5, were released
H from the county jail today,
y I Deputy Prosecutor Patterson ordered
M j their release after questioning them bs
I; to their motive in making the trip. He
M . termed them " miseuided voiihif men
i and bovs. ' '
Willi :2 additional I. W, W.'s charg
ed with murder, the total number held
in the Snohomish county jail on mur
der charges has reached 74. The jail is
The 1. W. W. are planning to march
behind the bodies of Felix Itarron, J0I111
l.ooney and Hugo Oerlat, victims of the
Kverett fight when they are taken to
Mount Pleasant cemetery here Sunday
tor burial.
listributed over the next four years i nient was tried out.
The grading will be done first nnd later Regarding the appropriation of $5,000
the surfacing. f"r 'be building of bridges for the next
Mr. and Mis. Albert si opped at year, Councilman Cook, chairman of. th
the I'nipqun nnd after this afternoon 's j street committee, stated the amount was
nieetiiiL' left for the south, iiitendinir to! not sufficient to carry on the work.
let urn 10 Salem tomorrow. Although This was because the South Commercial t
a business man with inanv interests, .Mr. street bridge would probably have to i
Albert has been identified with the good j l"1 rebuilt within the next year.. He,
roads movement for the past 30 years, I said bridges were needed on Xorth ;
and bclreves he w ill see the accomp- j Winter street over Mill creek nnd on j
lishiuent of the luoiects which' mean to South Twenty-first street.. Attorney.
him more than uiiv other ambition. He Brown asked for n bridge over South
is making the present trip at his own Capital street and Councilman Mills sug
expense, as in the case of many others (rested that the remainder of the inci
bv which he has gained a wonderful dental expense fund above $4,500 be
knowledge of the various ronds in this : transferred to the street fund deficiency
Mate. Ml as to provide for the bridge asked for
1 I by Mr. Drown. The suggestion was
Regions having a semi-arid climate 1 made a motion nnd carried, leaving the!
can produce alfalfa successfully in near-. street fund deficiency $0,771 instead of)
ly all types of sod and through 11 wide ! $0.."50.
SllH Vinhiro Tolls
mfTfte Story
Cox 17, Oresron City, Orfl.HMMMj
0 "n GEO. O. WILL I GEO. C. WILL n T
prJTI H New Edison Dibk Pianos I sell, the R ' "jB
I 1 v miiuino, xiGob uiiu v.iieuuvsi. i q
', ..ill ! Grafanolns ones. 35:- !
13 ' Each in every Pianos rented. Jlli"
I W style end all J If i
lil I record8 for each- 6 :
4 " (J Q 432 State Street Phone 159 j j ;
lHV B and Driving
1 rr .-. -r- 1 1 rnvna 1 1.' Air dt tou hit. m 1 1
Wr-Tn ..HAiB Carrlage USN sS&
range of temperat nies.
Flocttie loconiotives aie in use in
Switzerland, in which powerful elec
tro magnets are used instead of coup
lings in t'rnwing cars.
and other workers who mast
have enduring strength, take
The item of clerk hire was cut from
$1,740 to $1,040 because it was thought
that sum was too much for the work
1 neeessnrv . to lie done. Later, on 1110
lioii of Mayor White the sum was re
! stored to $ 1.740 because in the period
' of activity n clerk had been hired the
year rouna.
I With the playground item included,
i the budget for 1017 now stands at $lo"7,-
I two.
To Prison for l ife
For Brutal Murder
Redding. Cal., ov. 1(V Alexander
Nainies, who confessed to the murder
of Mrs. Rosetta Tbtrbin nnd .lohn Pol
lock ten davs airo, will leave for San
Onentin prison Saturday to begin his
life term, it was announced today.
The prisoner declared today that a
great loud had been lifted from his
mind bv his idea of auiltv and that he
would be triad to begin his prison term.
Xaimcs' crime was a particularly
heinous one. After knocking his two
victims unconscious, lie chopped their
IichiIa off with sn ftse as the result of
health. Surely it Will do B8 much ( n drunken ouarrel.
r . . crfYTTS 1 Naimes admitted today that he had
for you, but insist on bLVl I L.,rV(,(, thr(,e Vlnr, in th 0ril1n ,Mli.
Scott ft Bowse, Bleoiaacld, M. J. 1HS teiitiary for burglary.
to build up and keep up their
H Utr,
170 S. Commercial
Phone 411
Phone 029
Old Shoes Made
The quality of our
work is as high
as the price is low
Ye Boot Shop
325 State St.
Opp. Ladd & Bush
Glasses our
Lenses duplicated
on short notice.
Dr. Herman Barr,
Hartman Bros Co
Larmer Transfer
Phone, Office 9.10
or Residence 1S98.
Storage, racking,
Shipping, Moving,
Coal and Wood.
Quick. Reliable
Auto and Car
riage trimming
Auto and
304 S. Com'l.
We ranko your
linen woar longer
and1 look better
by our auto-dry
room and press
machi n e work.
Balers Laundry Co.
136 S. Liberty St.
Up-to the-Mlnute
Jewelers and
Hartman Bros Co
State and Liberty
The Handy Man
Around the House
Auto Delivery
Phone 222
1200 State St.