Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 31, 1916, Page FIVE, Image 5

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Buy Ground
Gripper Shoes
up Xv.-A ana vou can eo in tne
WKEKj parade to open
Dress-Up Week
' and be sure of perfect
foot comfort and long
wear. They are a mas
sage treatment for the
feet, straightens the toes,
cures corns and bunions.
Living Models to Display
Beautiful Importations for
326 State Street Phone 61 6
Next to Ladd & Bush Bank
Visit this deparfment,
in rear room. Bargains
in new Millinery. The
very newest Hats and
Beautiful assortment of
new Hat Ornaments.
Velvets, great range of
Expert Milliners ready
to supply your wants.
See the new short
Silk, Glorias, Cotton,
$3.25 $1 to $1.75 50c
Children's Umbrellas
Men's Raincoats $2 up
Men's Slip-On Rain
coats $4.50
Men's new Wool Mix
tures, raglan sleeves,
$7.00 and $8.75
Boys' Oil Slickers
$1.75 and $2.00
Nq raise, in. prices. We,
are selling, Blankets at
last year's prices. Come
and see.
Cotton Blankets, pr. 75c
Large Blankets at
$1.25 and $1 pr.
Extra large Blankets
at $1.50 pr.-
Wool Nap Blankets, .
plaids, beauties,
at $2.25 pr.
White Wool Blankets,
at $3.75 pr.
Our best Wool Blankets
at $6.00 pr.
Bath Robe Blankets
at $3.00 each
With cord to match.
3-lbs. Cotton Batts
at 50c each
Feather Pillows
$1,25. $1.00. 75c each
Slip-On Raincoats, boys
or girls $2.00
Girls' Rain Capes, very
neat $1.50
Ladies' Slip-On Rain
coats, from . . . $2.00 up
240-246 Commercial Street, Salem.
This morning's express brought many
mysterious packages consigned to Sa
lem merchants anil marked "Rush."
All the women folic of Salem are inter
ested in the contents of those myster
ious lloxes because they contained the
very latest word in late full and win
ter fashions.
Almost without a single exception
the merchants of Salem have made
special arrangements and gone to a
great deal of expense and trouble to
make the Living Model Show at the
Oregon theatre on Wednesday, Thurs
day and'Friday nights the best part of
Dress Up week. All of the leading style
authorities of America will be repre
sented in the Dress Up show with the
very finest creations in their lines.
Garments that range in price from the
most inexpensive to the most elabor
ate will be shown in order that every
woman, no matter how small her allow
ance may be, will see something that
appeals to lier taste and pocketbook. -
And the men models they will be
the hit of the merchants show. Little
has been said about them because Sn
lem men are bashful and Manager Al
len did not want to injure his chances
of securing men by saying anything
about this most important part of the
show until the men were in and ready
for tho first performance. They are
ready now and everybody who goes to
the Style Show will be treated to a
real surprise because of the most excel
lent back ground that the five populnr
young men make for tho bevy of pretty
girls who will wear and display the
finest garments from Salem's lending
Every big store in town today is dis
plaving the photograph of a local girl
in the windows with tho caption "Our
nominee in the Dress V Week Style
Show rVote for her." And all the
stores arc getting behind their favorites
with the determination that they will
see her the winner. All tho clerks are
entering into the fun and are bustling
votes with the ability of experienced
campaigners. There is bound to be a
surprise in the voting contest, accord
ing to Manager Allen, as several of the
local girls are showing up so well in
the rehearsals that the public will have
a hard time in determining which one
is really the best model.
Tomorrow the local girls and the pro
fessional models will spend the day in
the local stores having their garments
fitted and the necessary alterations
made. Then the millinery shops and tho
shoe shops will be visited and the en
tire wordrobe tor tho twelve girls as
sembled and tugged with the names of
the models so that the many changes
te be made bv each girl can 'he made
I quickly and the show stuged with a
I snap that will surely stump it as an
unparalelled artistic success.
The stage settings arrived this morn
ing from J'urllund and a corps of stage
urienterg and electricians are at work
on the opening scene that will out
shine any stage setting ever used in
a fashion show in Oregon. The Oregon
theatre will have a special display
built in its lobby, which will be un
veiled promptly at 7:30 Wednesday
night at the same time the stoic win
dows are uncovered and the Dress Up
feature of Salem Week will be on.
Jays Only Interview Was
With Gonzales and This
Is "Garbled"
Washington, Oct. 31. Mexican Am
bassador Arredondo today formally
denied to Secretary of State Lansing
the authenticity of an interview at
tributed to Mexican Commissioner
Cabrera, given out by the Mexican
news bureau here Inst Saturday.
Secretary Lansing accepted the ex
planation of the incident and said he
considered it closed.
Upon instructions from General Car
ranza, Arredondo also told Lansing
that the interviews with I'arranza,
General Obregon and Foreign Secretary
Aguilar, appearing in the Outlook this
week, were not. ffiven bv the officials
quoted. The only interview which the
Outlook representative obtained, Ar
redondo told Lansing, was one with
General Gonzales and that, he Baid, the
Outlook printed incorrectly.
Gonzales is quoted as saying nc
would prefer Hughes for president over
Wilson. What lie did say, according
in A raitdmiiln u-nn.tlint. whoever wns
elected, the Mexican government hoped
tor more coruiai relations wun ine
United States. Arredondo said Gon
zales, when questioned by the inter
viewer, refused to state his pres
idential preference.
DressUp Week
Makes it necessary for clean and
proper Laundry. Our electric process
accomplishes that and more. It doubles
the life of your linen. See two shirts
at Joe Hains' Store, 305 Btate street,
after 60 trips to the Salem Steam
Laundry; can hardly be told from new shirts of the same pattern.
It is a good time to change your laundry and let us have that new
linen, and get the best work to be had It costs no more.
Salem Steam Laundry Co.
The Capital Journal Want Ads
Are the Real Result Producers
and Bryan
Brand Lodge's Statement
As Deliberate Falsehood
Long ltrank, X. J., Oct. 31. Presi
dent Wilson last night characterized
as "untrue" the statement made by
j Senator Henry Cabot Lodge of Massn
jchnsetts to the effect that the prcsi
;dent hnd seriously considered adding
a weakening postscript to his Lusi
itania note.
The president telegraphed to Walter
Lippinanii of New York, editor of tho
New Republic, replying to a message
from Mr. Lippniann regarding Senator
Lodge's statement.
Telegram is Denial
The president 's telegram follows:
"Jn reply to your telegram let me
say that the statement mado by Sena
tor Lodge is untrue. No postscript or
amendment to the Lusitnnia note was
ever written or contemplated by me ex
cept such changes that I myself in
serted which strengthened and empha
sized the protest, it was suggested af
ter the note was ready that proposal
for arbitration would be acceptable
and one member of the cabinet sjwkc
to me about it, but it was never dis
cussed in cabinet meeting and no threat
of any resignation wns ever made, for
the very good reason that 1 rejected the
suggestion after giving it such consid
eration as 1 thought every proposal de
served which touched so giavo a mat
ter. "It was inconsistent with the pur
pose of the note. The public is in pos
session of everything that was said to
the German government.
(Signed) "Woodrow Wilson."
No Postscript, Bays Bryan
Omaha, Neb., Oct. 31. William J.
Bryan, former secretary of state, de
nied here last night that there was any
truth in the story that a postscript had
been written to the Lusitnnia note
advising the German government the
strong language in the note should not
be taken seriously, and that later the
postscript was withdrawn.
"I take it for granted," Mr. Bryin
said, "that the president will deal with
the matter as he deems wise, if indeed
any attention need be paid Mr. Hrcek
en ridge's denial."
Mr. Bryan would make no further
comment except to call attention to
the fact that his resignation was not
tendered at the tune the first Lusitania
note, to which the alleged postscript
vil attached was written, but at the
time the second note was written,
which wan nearly a month later.
Commoner Ignores Telegram
Mr. Bryan was here for only a few
minutes. He has been campaigning in
the state in the interest of the prohi
bitory amendment.
"President Wilson will carry Ne
braska," said the lormer secretary of
state, "and the state prohibitory a
niendment will be adopted."
Mr. Bryan said he hal received a
lnrse number of telegrams from east
ern newspapers and politicians asking
him to confirm or deny the statement
of Senator Henry Cabot Lode regard
ing the postscript to the Jifsitama note
All of these telegrams were ignored,
he said.
After his brief stntemeut, Mr. Bry
an refused further to discuss the Lusi
tania postscript incident. .
Cloverdale Items
(Capital Journal Special Service)
i't..-..rdi.lo Oct. 30 Afr and Mrs.
G. W. Karris were in Salem last Mon
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. WiIhou left for
Portland on Thursday to visit a few
davs with his son.
George Garner of Nebraska, former
ly a resident of this vicinity, has sold
liis farm ill Nebraska and is expecting
to return to Oregon. Mr. Garner is a
brother to MrB. J. D. Craig.
Prof. Arnold 's brother-in-law lias
been visiting him the past week.
Mrs. G. W. Farris attended the W. C.
T. .IT. meeting held in Turner Wednes
Cloverdale school now lias a new well
Gus Dragcr and Mr. TCnnke have been
drilling new wells on their farms.
Carl and Everette Woods have been
iittn uii.lt flin hint w?pk
W. ,T. Hndley was a Snlem visitor
The Ideal KebekVi lodge of Turner
held its regular meeting Saturday
night and gave a banquet, inviting all
the sulionimuto yugc and ineir mini
lies. There were several members from
other Uebegah lodges present, swelling
tlm number tn Romethinir over fortv.
The dining room was decorated ap
propriately for the occasion nnd the
sisters came with well filled baskets,
and oh how the tame (lid groan unuer
the weight of so many good things.
Tli i h una the first ntteniTit. of the
new lodge at entertaining, but reports
say its not to be the lust.
After the simper nil returned to the
8ay we will both look and feel
.clean, sweet and fresh
and avoid Illness,
Sanitary science has of late maue
rapid strides with results thut are of
untold blessing to humanity, ine lat
est application of its untiring research
is the recommendation that it is as nec
essary to attend to internal sanitation
o the drainage sysem of the human
body as it is to the drains of the house.
Those of n who ure accustomed to
feel dull and heavy when we arise,
splitting headache, stuffy from a cold,
foul tongue, nasty breath, acid stom
ach, can, instead, feel as fresh as a
daisy by opening the sluices of the sys
tem each morning and flushing out tho
whole of the interim! poisonous stag
nant matter.
Everyone, whether ailing, sick or
well, should, each morning Deiorc
breakfast, drink a glass of real hot
water with a teaspoonful of limestone
phosphate in it to wash from the stom
ach, liver and bowels the previous
day's indigestible waste, sour bile and
poisonous toxins; tuus cleansing sweet
ening and purifying the entire alimen
tary canal before putting more food
into tht stomach. The action of hot
water and limestone phosphate on an
empty stomach is"-wonderfully invigo
rating. Jt cleans out all the sour ter
mentations, gases, waste auu acidity
and gives one a splendid appetite for
breakfast. While you are enjoying
your breakfast the phosphatcd hot wat
er is quietly extracting a large volume
of water from the blood and getting
ready for a thorough flushing of all
the inside organs.
The millions of eoplo who are both
ered with constipation, bilious spells,
stomach trouble, rheumatic - stiffness;
otners who have willow skins, blood
disorders and sickly complexions, arc
urged to get a quarter pound of lime
stone phosphate from the drug store.
This will cost very little, but is suffi
cient to make anyone a pronounced
crunk on the subject of internal sanitation.
MB j Si
dPHANGIN' hosses in mid-stream ain't
usually the best way to get across.
Nature grows the tobacco let her finish
the job.
YOU want "life" in your
pipe tobacco. Only Nature
can put life into tobacco
and our responsibility in
making VELVET is to fop
it in.
VELVET retains all the "life" that nature
grew into it and besides VELVET has
the age mellowed smooth-1
ness that only Nature can
bring out when allowed
to age tobacco as it should
be aged. -
10c Tins'
5c Metal-lined Bags
One Pound Glass Humidors
lodgo room nnd spent tho remainder of
the evening visiting and enjoying tho
instrumental music, nil departed for
their homes at a late hour.
A 1)111 for an ordinance will be Intro
duced at tho next meeting of the city
council, November (I, providing that an
elector who has not registered by per
sonally appearing beforo the recorder blanks and tako oath us specified. This
may do so on cloction day by appearing ordinance will bo introduced in order
beforo one of tho judges of the election that tho city law limy conform to tho
. board and filling in a blank in such a stnto law, wherein a votu may bo sworn
manner as to give ull information tho in by two free holders. As tho city
same as if ho had appoarod beforo tho. law now stands, a city vutp must be
recorder. The blank provided muHt bo sworn in by nix free holders,
signed three times in (ho presenc of two j 0
free holders who shall also sign the; Journal Want Ads Oot Eesults.
The Dress-Up
Feeling is beginning to take on an outward appear
ance in so far that the Ladies of Salem are making an
effort to get the best Suits, Hats, Coats and Shoes
that they can procure and our store is enjoying a
large percentage of their patronage.
Your wardrobe is not complete without the best Shoes
that are obtainable.- Our
y (
will fill all requirements.
415 State Street 114 Liberty Street