Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 28, 1916, Page TEN, Image 10

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"Munsing Underwear" - 'Merode Underwear" - "Onyx Hosiery" - W. B. Corsets
For Mother
A new Suit, Coat, Dress,
Waist, Gloves or pair of
Shoes will be in keep
ing with ''Dress Up
; :
Xtragood Clothes
for Boys
uuuuiuiuuuiiiiiiiiiiiuuuiiiuiuiiimuiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitniiinmimn ti
(Contiuued from rage 6.)
each study. Evorv member of the class
is a great admirer of their able instruc
tor and her sweet personality. '
Mrs. Park is president of the Young
Woman Christian Association is dear
ly loved for her sacrificing and un
selfish work,
The Happy Hour club will reorganize
next- Tuesday evening with a delightful
Hallowe'en social at 8 o'clock.
Miss Gertrude Kelly of Portland has
taken up her resilience at. the Y. V.
C. A.
The girls of the junior high school
are cordially invited to eomo to tho
Y. W. ('. A. next Tuesday at 4 o'clock.
Miss Catharine Carson "and her two
enjr helpers. Miss Nell Sykes and Miss
Eleanor Kodgcra. have planned a num
ber of Hallowe'en amusements and
they want everv girl to be present.
The following are new members and
renewals since October 7, Mrs. W. T.
Grier, Miss Mary Tohuiau, Miss Anna
Fischer, Mrs. Kay Collins, Miss Blanche
am till, finlv tiifwnla in
perfect ' taste
they look exactlvlike sinele
vision classes.
:lear glasses
sign of a line
. touch of distinction to your
appearance and help to keep
you young looking. And they
enable you to see near and
far objects perfectly.
miss a. Mcculloch
208-9 Hubbard Bldg". Phone 109
Are You Going to Celebrate
Daring Dress
Dress Up Week is Salem Week. It includes everyone
A week of improvement in the appearance of the home
and its surroundings and a week of "dressing up" "the
personal appearance of every member of the family.
Buy Your "Dress-Up Togs" at Meyers
You get the best styles and guaranteed quality at a rea
sonable price.
For Father
A new Shirt, Neckwear,
Hot, Gloves, Hoso or
Shoos .will improve his
looks for "Dress Up
For Sister
A new Dress, Coat, Rib
bons, Middy Blouse,
Knit Scarf, Stockings,
or Shoes will help to
gelebrato 'Dress Up
Wednesday Surprise Sale Number 819
A Sale of Imported Japenese .
Crepe Kimonas, hand embroi- VI QE Frt
dered, to sell at - - - JJ Luix.
If you want to see real Kimona bargains,, attend this sale next Wednesday.
Genuine Japanese hand embroidered garments in pretty styles choice of
lavender,' light blue, delft blue, coral, light green. We place these on sale
next Wednesday as a special "Dress Up Week" attraction. Wednesday Sur
prise, one day only, at , 95
Sale starts at 8:30. See window display
Applegnte, Mrs. Charles Dick, Miss
Huby Baker, Miss Audrey Hicks, Mrs.
Elsie B. Simernl, Miss liiice Bell, Miss
Ethel Forbes, Mrs.' Blanche Morris,
Miss Nell Sykes,.. Miss Elizuheth A..
Sehultz, Mr. J, K. Chnpmnu, Miss Mol
lis Vtck.-Sliss Lydn V. Bel), -Miss Anna
Butte, Mrs. J. A. Thompson. Miss Chris,
tnbel Jowett, Mrs. V. G. Shipley, Mrs.
Nadio KeytrMis8 L. -Mac Kam-h, Miss
Pearl Martin,' Mrs"(leorge Viek, .Mrs.
Arthur Benson, Miss Lorilla Bolter aiid
Miss Catharine Carson. '
Mnnlins, N. Y., Oct. 27. 1916. Mrs.
Mary Jane Wheeler, aged .03,' died at
her home here Thursday as the result
of grief over the death . of her son
Thomas two months ago. She leaves
three sons, two daughters and a
brother. One of her sons, Charles
Wheeler, resides at Salem, Oregon.
Charles Wheeler lives on route 0,
Salem, and this dispatch received by
the Capital Journal was the first news
he had of his mother's death. He is
expecting further particulars by mail.
In a recent issue of the Journal in
a column with the report of a W. C.
T. U. meeting was printed vote 312
The writer had no authority for this
and tho W. C. T. U. wish' it under
stood that their organization does not
stand for the repeal of - our present
Sunday laws.
The good housekeepers who were not
forehanded enough to lay in a fair sup
ply of flour will be obliged to pay
five rents more a suck for all kinds of
flour, beginning next Alonduy when
the price of the best hard wheat flour
will be $2.50 a sack or $10 a barrel.
Familiarity breeds contempt. It is
much easier to forgive the enemies of
other people than our own.
Journal Want Ada Get Eeaultl Too
Want Try one and see.
These smooth.
free from any
or seam add a
Kruptok Invisible
T-Jfc. !
- Up Week?
For Brother
A new Extragood Suit,
ilnt, Tie, Shirt, Stock
ings, Shoes or Overcoat
arc bound to make him
look better for "Dress
Up Week"
..The first anniversary of the Salem
Florul society will be celebrated Mon
day evening at the -Commercial club in
tho way of a get-together meeting. Hal
lowe'en entertainment and. a luncheon
prepared oy the ladies of the society.
A specially interesting' 'program has
been arranged.' ' Mans-for beautifying
the erty will' be briefly discussed and
suggestions made by which the children
may become interested itt the care -of
fruit trees and gardening. .' -...--,
-. Through error, the. StatesmaiNthis
morning announced the wrong speakers
in the city schools on Monday. On Mon
day the following will visit the schools
anil make brief addresses: .T. H.Alhert,
president Capital National bank;W. M.
Hamilton, superintendent of the 1'. R.,
L. & P. company; Rev. James Elvin,
pastor First Congregational church. The
speakers in the theatres on Wednesday
will be: Attorney Allan Hall, Be'n
Brick and Fred S. Bynon.
The car shortage story may become
tiresome to those who are not interest
ed in the shipments of farm produce out
of the valley but it is becoming a se
rious reality to almost .all kinds of
business. Members of a local commis
sion house went to Chemnwa to place
an order for two cars and learned that
already orders for 17 cars were ahead
of them and that the only cars that had
arrived at Cheinnwn for several weeks
were loaded with shipments for that
Notwithstanding their 100 mile auto
ride in the rain and over bad roads,
the Salem high school football team
managed to put up so strong a game
yesterday afternoon at Tillamook with
the Tillamook high school team that
they lnnunged to bring home a score of
13 to 7 in their favor. Two weeks ago
they were defeated by Jefferson, one
week ago played a draw with Xewberg
and next Saturday will play McMinn-
The funeral of the Oregon pioneer,
William H. Brtink, who died Friday at
the age of 73 years and 11 months, will
be held next Monday afternoon at 2
o'clock from the First Christian church
and will be conducted by the Kev. F.
T. l'orter. Burial will be in the City
View cemetery. The son W. H. Bruuk,
Jr.. will arrive Sun,.ay from Oakland,
California. Tho death of Mr. Brunk was
the first of seven brothers, the yoiiug
est now being 52 years old.
The Potato market and in fact all
farm produce markets are iu rather an
uncertain couditiou on account of the
lack of shipping facilities. On top of
all the car shortage, comes the an
nouncement of the North Pacific steam
ship company that uo more shipments
will be received from Portland to San
Francisco until they have shipped the
freight accumulated on thoir docks. Iu
other words, this amounts to an embargo
on farm products shipments to- the
south for about two weeks bv the water
Judge William Galloway will enter
tain the Moose next Tuesday evening
with an address telling of his receut
trio to Tennessee and other southern
points. s
I For Babv I
A new Coat, Dress,
Hood, Sweater, Mittens
Leggins, Bootee,- Shoes
or blockings wiU lit tbo
baby in oh "Dress Vp
Week" too.
Dance tonight, Stayton, Salem or
chestra, fine floor, good time for cverv
body. .
; o
The Wocdrow Wilson league has es
tablished headquarters iu room No. 1 of
the'Buyne building where there will
be fin abundance-of campaign reading
6u ha'ud at all times..
'Adolph A. Gueffroy, the only candi
date for city recorder who is running
oft a ."no deputy, platform", Vote X
10" '.. . - ' . . (I'd.. Adv.)
The Rev.' William Roesbraugh will
deliver the gospel temperance address
nt tha W 1 It Un.J.. ..f.
at 4 o'clock at the W. C. T. U. head
quarters, .Commercial and Ferry streets.
Johnson's Hat Works, phone 1979,
room 4 Glen hotel. Hats cleaned, block
ed and renovated. Hats called fur ami
A free lecture on Christian Science
will be delivered next Tuesday evening
at the opera honse" by Bliss Knapp, of
Brook line, Mass, He Is a member "of
the lectureship board of the First
ChiiTch of Christ, Scientist, of Boston.
Tho public is cordially invited.
Trade your old dining table for one
of our new quarter sawed oak tables.
Our prices are the lowest in the city.
C. S. Hamilton, 340 Court St., house
furnisher. .
J. C Clark, a Y. M. C. A. worker
from Shanghai, Chifia, will address the
young men of the First Congregational
church Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
In the evening motion pictures will be
shown of the work of Judge Ben l.ind
sey, of Denver, with an address by
Judge Cleeton, of Portland.
Tour old range or gas store will be
taken in exchange for -a Duplex Alca
zar Mange. C. S. Hamilton, 340 'Court
St. ' : ' '
Weather permitting, members of the
Salem Rifle club will endeavor to make
some fancy scores tomorrow at the
Finzer range. Monday evening there
will be the regular drill at the old arm
orv. ,
Pacific Lodge No. 60, A. F.
& A. M wilftoiect at the lodge
rooms Ma-sonic Temple at 1:30
p. m. Monday to conduct the
funeral services of late Bra.
"m, H. Brunk. late a member
of Ashland lodge Xo. 23, A. F. & A,
M., of Ashland, Oregon. All Masons
urged to be present, per order W. M.
Tomorrow morning is the annual rally
day for the First Christian church
There will be attendants at the doors
and efforts made that all may bo com
fortably seated.
The Marion County Poultry associa
tion will call its members tngcher next
Tuesday evening at tln- D. A. White
commission house to consider ways and
means for holding the next annual poultry-show.
Heretofore it has been held
in January and at this meeting the time
jof holding the exhibit will be decided.
'George Shaw is president of the associa
tion and Walter 11. Smith secretary.
All Around Town
Oct. 30. First annual meeting
of Salem Floral Society at
Commercial Club.
Oct. 30-Xov. 4. "Dress Up
Week" in Salem.
Oct. 31 Senator Gore of Okla
homa will speak at the
Oct. 31. .Special membership
meeting at Commercial club.
Oct. 31. Christian Science Lec
ture at Opera House. Free.
XoV 1. Senator Lane at
Opera House.
Nov. 1: United Artisan home
coming. Nov. 3. Mark Weatherford,
democratic candidate for
congress, at armory.
November 6. City primary
November 7. Presidential elec
tion. Nov. 10. Vietrola Grand Opera
Concert, 11 Trovatore, at Pub
lic Librnry.
Nov. 11. Football, Salem high
school vs. Kugene high.
Nov. 18. Football, Willamette
University vs. Pacific Uni
versity, Willamette Field.
Dr. llcndsiiohn, speclajtsjiflts glassa-
eorrectly. U. S. BanKTBld.
After an automobile tour from York,
Neb., .Mr. and -Mrs. T. O- Carroll are in
the city, guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. F.
Chipper, 120! North Nineteenth street.
Thev will probably pass the winter in
Dr. R. Meuric Roberts, osteopathic
physician, 309 Maspmc bldg. Phone 4U
Asa Tindall, an express man of this
ity for a number of years, was this
morning charged wun nniawiuiiy inn
ing and carrying aw ay a yip rone .which
is the personal property of H. A. Per-
sev. -Mr. I'ersey swore to. me euarge.
which is petty larceny, as the robe is
not valued at more than $35.
Your gift with our imprint needs no
further recommendation. Set your
watch by our street clock. Gardner &
Kecnc, Salem's most reliable jewelers.
The local convention of the I. B. S. A.
will meet one"diiy, October 20, at the
Unitarian church- The pruise service
will .commence at 10 o'clock in the
morning, the lecture for the public by
A. A. Yerex will begin at 7:30 p. m.
and the subject will be, "The One True
Drink Cereo, the liquid rood,
health drink. Ask your grocer.
Officers White and Varoey investi
gated a call 'from the Leslie Methodist
church at the corner of Commercial and
Mvers streets where a party ot rjui-
lowe'eners were making merry and it
developed that a band of hoodlums was
making trouble. The incident took place
about 9 o'clock'.
Frederick a Lamport, lawyer, has
moved to No. 212-13,. Hubbard bldg. tf
Bill Monroe was charged with forgery
this morning by Fred Tabb, who alleged
Monroe forged an order for 10 on Nel
son O. Freeman,-who held in trust the
sum of 30. Not only did Monroe get
the 10 but he secured the entire fju,
it is stated and proceeded to have a
merry time. Chief Welsh is on tne
Dr. F. H. Thompson of 416 Bank of
Commerce bldg., specializes . in . hyc
Ear, Nose and Throat. tf-
Jess Barkhurst. who along with seven
others was in Justice Webster's court
for having in possesion a mutilated deer
and also for having, in possession a spot
ted fawu, was in the justice's court this
morning on a charge of resisting an of
ficer. He was arersted September 1!)
and his trial in this last-case set for
10 o'clock but- this morning it was
postpoued until November 4, at. 1:30
Chas. B. Hodgkin, general insurance,
301 Hubbard building. Phone 380.
Thirty blanks containing the formula
whereby members of Company M who
had wives, children and mothers do--pendent
upon them while they were serv
ing on the Mexican border can lure teh
silver dollars from the government I
treasurv into their pockets have neon
received by Captain Max Gehlhar. The
blank covers practically every detail the
war department can thinlt of. There are
19 questions in all to be answered. The
maximum sum allowed is 50 per month
and the appropriation is $2,000,000.
Lost Oct 17, a cameo brooch. Tal
lied very much as keepsake. Will finder
dense return to Journal orrice. nc
Edgar' M. Rowland, who has been in
Portland and Seattle for the past weeK, ot temperature tor yesterday was from
has returned to Salem. After Novem- 67 to 40 and the coldest recorded last
ber 1 he will take harge of the Beaver night was 30 above. There is no change
Printing company's business as proprie- in the guage of the river.
tor. He has been the owner of a half I o
interest in the business and has recently I The public Is cordially invited to at
acquired the other half from his father, tend a free lecture on Christian Science,
L. S. Rowland, who will work iu tht to be given under the direction of First
state printing office after the fiist of Church of Christ, Scientist, Salem, by
t month.
Wonderful laundry work Since Feb
ruray the alem Steam laundry has
been using the electric process iu their
washroom. To demonstrate, see two
shirts at Joe Haines' store window,
SOS State street. After sixty washings
they are hardly distinguishable from
new shirts of the same pattern. Why
not get the best laundry work to be
had. It cos's no more. The Salem Steam
laundry, oldest, largest, best. tf
Dress up your home with a Sonora
Talking Machine. Myrtle Kuuwland,
421 Court.
Stone s Drug Store for trusses.
Allen Pemberton, who lives on South
Commercial street, is reported seriously
ill with but little chnnce of recovery.
Vote for J. T. Welsh for city marshal
City primaries November U. (,1'uid-Ail.)
The Rev. Robert S. GUI, rector of St.
Paul's Episcopal church, returned last
evening from the general conference of
the church recently in session in St.
Dr. Stone makes no charge for con
sultation, examination or prescription.
Herbert Hoefling, who lives on route
No. 1, aged 17 years and 11 months,
has made application to join the U. S.
navy. He was taken iu charge by Ma
chinist Adams at the postoffice.
Vote for J. T. Welsh for city marshal
Citv primaries .November 0. (Paid Ad.)
A party at 469 North Eighteenth
street was disturbed lust night by a
gang of boys. Three bunches of celery
were stolen and tho police nabbed one
boy who is scheduled to appear this aft
ernoon in the police court,
10152 1015a 10151j
Ficst Christian Bible school mobilize
Sunday 9:3(1. Special program, come
ami help us mnko .1013 tba Iistlf will
be there.
Vote for J. T. Welsh for city marshal
City primaries November ti. (l'uid Ad.)
There seems to be plenty of work for
the man who wants to work. Not only
lias there been a'constant demand from
the fruit sections, but now tlnjc is a
shortage of loggers and the Spnulding
Logging company is iu need of extra
men. m
o S
15X H. W. Elgin for city recorder.
(Paid Adv.) , . nov4
I would appreciate your vote at the
primary election one week from Moil
dav, I am a candidate for citv record
er.' J. A. Mills. (Paid Adv.)
Superintendent Todd of the city
schools, will appear as a soloist at the
Baptist churcii tomorrow morning and
evening. For several years Mr. Todd
was soloist of one of the Tacomn
churches and also director of a male
chorus in Tucoma.
Dr. L. O. Alt man, homeopathic phy
sician, 2!ld N. Liberty, Phone 147.
Seven candidates are in the race fT
city recorder, six of tliem wjll be dis
appointed, I do ii'ot want to be one of
the six, therefore I need your vote. J.
, Mills. .... .t Paid.. Adv.)
Drygoods houses are in receipt of no
tices that beginning next month stand
ard calico will be quoted at 8 3-4 cents
a yard. All of which looks as if calico
would retail at. the. same price Amos
keag ginghams did about two venrs ago.
Twenty cent cotton is. responsible.. --,
1015r1015 i 1045';, '
First Christian Biblo. school, niotolize
Sunday 9:30. Special program", come
and help us make 1013 the half will
be there. . , ., . . . -
Dr.. R.- T. Mclntire, physician and
surgeon, 214 Masonic bldg. I'hmie 4411.
On account of their Increasing busi
ness requiring more display room for
their ladies' wear department, Kafoury
Bros, have found it necessary to build
an addition to the rear of their store.
These rooms w ill lie used - exclusively
for their shoe department, nud also for
store rooms.
Boost for Dress "Up Week and smoke
La Corona cigars.
Reduce your taxes by voting for
Adolph Gueffroy for city recorder, the
onlv candidate whose platform is "no
deputy." Vote X 111. (Pd. Adv.)
When D. A. White talks of the pres
ent situation iu the grain markets, re
garding the present high prices, he says
never has he known the time when
wheat and barley have brought such
prices us those offered at present, but
that oats and hay have been higher nt
times and that the potato market sev
eral times has been at a higher figure
than today.
Good oak dining tables from $8.50
to "M0.00. C. S. Hnmilton, 340 Court
1st., .house furnisher.
1015'i 1015, i 1015V2
First Christian Bible school mobilize
Sunday 9:.'I0. Special program, come
and help ns make 1015 the half wll
be there.
The rain of yesterday morning that
threatened to break the drought to the
satisfaction o'f the farmers iu this sec
tion, didn't amount to much of a ruin
after all. The government's gunge nt
the O. C. T. dock recorded onlv .40 of
' an inch and that is all the rain Hint hna
fallen since September P. The range
I Bliss Knapp, C. S. B., of Brook'.ine,
.Mass., memiicr of the Hoard of Lecture
ship of the Mother Church, the First
church of CIii-ist, S-ientist. in Huston.
Mass. The lecture will be given in the
Grand opcrR house. Tuesday evening.
October 31t, at eight o'clock.
1015' ,r1015Vj 1015' t
First Christian Bible school mobilize
Sunday 9:3il. Special program, come
and help us make 1015 the half will
be there.
Benjamin Brick is home from n tlirie
days' visit in Portland.
Herbert Fawk, of McCoy, is transud
ing business iu the city.
C: B. Webb and family motored to
Portland yesterday afternoon.
Fred Lamport went to Portland this
morning to attend the horse show.
J. L. Standifer was a Portland visitor
yesterday, registered it the Seward.
J. D. Baker, of this city, was in Poi t
lnnd yesterday, registered ut tho Ore
gon.' Attorney Glen Unrnli is home from n
trip of several days to the south includ
ing Albany.
George McGilchrist, who is attendii
the Oregon Agricultural college, is home
over Sunday.
Mrs. W. Al Jones will return this ev
ening from a six weeks' visit in Joi-c-pliine
county., , ' '.. ;
Mrs. Iva l.arone, who has been visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Myrtle Tillsou, left
this morning for her home in Alberta.
.Miss Grace. Pratt, of Snleni, left fur
her home last evening after a few dnys
spent here with friends. Uoseburg Ue
view . ' '
W. J. Liljcquist returned lust evening
from a business trip to McMimiyilli-,
Newberg mid other west side pointu
the interests of the Spnulding Logging
Airs. J. E. Brophy, of Snlcm, is in Eu
gene visiting with Mrs. J. C. McKlroy,
of this city, while Mr. Brophy is in tin
Lorane district on a hunting expedition.
Eugene Register.
j Mrs- 0. A. Sehlbredo hus written
judge Sehlbrede that her father, George
Downing, is rapidly growing weaker and
!tha doctors say there 1s no hope. Mr.
Downing is one of the pioneer valley
i residents and has lived at Salem fur
! many years. Mr. McDowning, 'under
I Governor Pebuoyer, served us warden
of the state penitentiary. .Marshfield
I Record. '
I He Why do you refuse me when 1
suy I can't live w ithout you? She Yen
have aroused my curiosity.-
Tuesday, October 31, at y) a. m.,
nt the Philip Hees farm 5 miles
south of Salem on Jefferson 4-
Road. SaW, will' include Horses, '
Cows, Young "Stock, Harvesting
;. -Machinery and all kinds of
Farming Implements. Terms of .
sale, cash.
. ....... , -
DAVIS R E liS, Administrator.
t 4 t---fTT'--f-
; Auction Sale
!' ' Of B room ' modern ' bungalow
'with fireplace" and built-in ef-'
'fects, on lot 50x100-feet. Also
i household " furniture and pinno,"
ijt Slid Si "20th '"-afreet, "'on' Mon
day," Oct. .10, 1916. nt 1:30 p.
!m. ' Chas. Rector, Owner.
" P.- N. Woodrv,- Auctioneer. '
' '--":- " Phoue 511
1 Household Furniture. Woodry
the Auctioneer will pay highest
cash price for same. Phoue 511.
Candidate for ih- office of
. City Marshal
My record in this office is open
to the public.
Equal justice to all. No favors.
A square deal for everybody.
Your support is solicited. oct2S
(Pd. Adv)
s!e -"
Any kimd
Any time
First-class work. All kinds
of repairing. All work guar
anteed. Twenty-five years'
experience. Leave orders at
"Wylie B. Allen Co., phone 1187.
Residence phone 1405.
915 Highland Avenue.
When you want to go in
haste with a clean car and
small fare and you must get to
a place, Phoue to me, I'll tako
yon there.
Phones: Day 13; Nights 882.
Oct.3t Hubbard Bldg.