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"Salem's Big Department Store"
Tomorrow's Big Sale of Women's Silk
Handkerchiefs, 3 for 50c
This is positively the biggest Handkerchief event of the
year. New, dainty Crepe de Chine Handkerchiefs in
white or colors. Colored borders and flowered borders,
with plain white centers Handkerchiefs of one color in
yellow, bright blue, pink, green, etc. A really wonderful
assortment to choose from. O tf
Take your pick Tomorrow . . O lOl OvsC
See the window display.
Prepare for Xmas.
WANTED -A" experi
enced Dress Goods Sales
Lady. Apply to Supt.
All Around Tow
I t4-4-M I
Oct. 24. Six O'clock club meet
at M. K. church 6:30 p. m.
Oct. 24. Sonutor Jones of
Washington at opera house.
Oct. 25, Cornelius Lehane loc
turo at Union Labor Hull.
Oot. 30. First annual meeting
of Salem Floral Society ut
Commercial Club.
Oct. 30-Nov. 4, "Dress Up
Week" In Salem.
0i;t. 31 Senator Goro of Okla
homa will speuk at the
Nov. 1. United Artisan home
coming. November 6. City primary
. election.
November 7. Presidential eloo
tion. Nov. 10. Victrola Grand Opera
Concert, 11 Trovntoro, at Pub
lic Library.
Nov. 11. Football, Salem high
school vs. Eugene high.
Nov. 18. Football, Willamette
University vs. Pacific Uni
versity, Willamette. Field.
Eeal bargains in shoes at 297 North
( oinmercinl. A, C. JJcVoc, the shoemnn.
Walter L. Spaulding returned this
morning from a visit to Portland where
he attended a meeting of tlie officers
of the Oregon militia.
Special price on wardrobe trunks this
week, ('. S. Hamilton, house furnisher.
The Ladies' Aid society of the Sev
enteenth street United Brethren church
will meet with their pastor Mrs. Bertha
M. Peoples at her residence 1492 Court-
ut 2:30
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glMse
M eorreotly. U. S. Bank. Bid,;.
R. B. Dabney, who works in the
White House restaurant, reported this
morning to the police thu loss of a bicy
cle, Frederick 8. Lamport, lawyer, has
moved to No. 1213, Hubbard bldg. tf
Now it Is 45 days and no rain. The
weather continues rather chilly especial
ly early in the mornings, as the govern
meut thermometer registered 33 degrees
above as the coldest for lust night.
Chas. B. Hodgkln, general insurance,
301 llubbnrd building. Phono 3.S0.
The associated student body of the
Lincoln junior high school is prepar
ing for the winter work and yesterdnv
ho following officers were " elected:
President, Vera Dinger: vice-president,
Kuth Mendelsohn; secretary-treasurer,
Warren Brasher; sergeant," Jesse Hal
MIL Your vote will be appreciated at the
city election on Monduv. November ti.
J. A. Mills. (Pd. Adv.) ootSt
Drink Cereo, the nquia food, the
health drink. Ask your grocer. tf
Manager Bligh is making improve
ments ut tlio Urand opera house from ( street, Wednesday afternoon
time to time and the lutest is that of o'clock.
remodeling nnd repainting nil the seen
cry. As evidence thut something of this
hind was needed, Mr. Bligh says this is
the first timo in 15 years that "anything
has been done to. improve the appear
ance of the stage scenery.
Dance at Central Howell hall Oct. 28.
Oood music and good floor.
Tonight Senator Jones, of Washing
ton, will present the issues of the cam
paign from a republican standpoint nt
the opera house. He has been active in
Washington politics for ninny .veins anil
will tell what the republicans think
would bo the right thing for Oregon
voters to do two weeks from today.
sPeclal meeting of De
'SW'SX ."OIR.V Cunimnmlrey No.
", K. 1., this evening.
Work in the Tenuilo de-
Visiting Sir Knights welcome.
W. S. Fltts, who keeps a fish market
on Court street, reported to the police
this morning that the wire screen in
front of his store hud been broken last
night and that 25 pennies had been
stolen from the till in his cash register.
Nothing else was molested. Officer
Howe investigated. Mr. Fitts says that
he leaves the register open every night
so that should any ono decide to break
in they would not damage anything by
forcing it open. Ho says he leaves a
lew pennies in and that this is the sec
ond break in ne has had in 15 years.
D. H. Mosher is now comfortably lo
cated ut 471 Court street.
Miss Esther Gremmeis, who is attend
ing Willamette university, has entered
the employ of the law firm of Martin
o'ct24 us stenographer, and Miss
i.im-i rio.ier, formerly witu tlie mm, is
now with Me-N'ury & ilcNury.
Tonight the Moose will install the re.
cently elected officers nnd Charles
Uloss, state supreme dictator and oth
er officials aro expected to assist. Aft
er Uie installation," there will be an open
meeting for the Moose nnd their friends.
A musical program has been arranged to
be followed with a banquet.
Dr. Stone's Drug Store makes free
delivery. Phono 3"i.
Sixteen members of the Knights of
Pythias of Salem, visited the Inde
pendence lodge last evening. J. A. F.
Sehoupp nnd J. W. Richardson, of In
dependence, gnve welcoming addresses
and short talks were made Jjy W. T
Rigdon, ,T. F. Davis, Otto Scholburg, C.
t.. Barber aud W. B. Summerville of the
Salem lodge.
Edward F. Burns, of New York, na
tional lecturer of the Modem Wood
men of America, w ill be in Salem Thurs
day, October 2(, and will speak nt the
Woodman hall in the MeCornuck build
ing. He is known among the fraternity
as an interesting speaker. Besides the
Mies KllOWland of 421 Court. Rt nHll
demonstrate the Sonorii Tulkimr Mu-1 n',ll,'eH!, program has been arranged
..1.:.... a ... tt " ! I'l.... ...:n 1 i. : . . .,
iiiiiie ror you near it.
In Bpite of the frost, corn maturing
lute is in good shape and nil that is
needed by which it may be used for ex
hibition purposes this 'fall is kiln dry
ing or haiignig in a dry place, to take
the moisture out of the cob. There will
bo plenty of corn for the various corn
shows in Marion nnd Polk counties, ac
cording to, I.. .1. Chapin, who will have
charge of the Marion county corn show
to be held in Salem from December 4 to
H. Previous to this show, all the places
that held shows lust year and several
other districts, will put on their show)
aud the prize winning corn will be
shown nt the unnunl Salem exhibit.
Your gift with our imprint needs no
further recommendation. Set your
watch by our street clock. Gardner &
Keene, Salem 'a most reliable jewelers.
of New Tailor Shop
In Salem
vVhere you will find a large line of new Fall and
Winter Woolens To Be Fitted to your each indi
vidual need. My business is to put your personal
appearance in first place, where there can be no
John Sundin, the Tailor
Seven Years in Salem 1
347 State Street
Salem, Oregon
There will be no admission fee and all
Modern oodmcu and their friends arc
Shoe sale in full blast at A. C. De
Yoe's, the shoeman, 297 North Com
mercial, On account of the increasing demand
for boxes aud the difficulty it has had
in filling orders with its present equip
ment, the Spaulding Logging company
hns purchased the machinery of the
South Salem Box factory. During the
present rush and demand for boxes, the
South JSalviu Box factory will bo oper
ated in its present location, in charge
of the Spaulding employes. Later, the
machinery will bo removed to the box
department of the company. The big de
mand now is for dried prune boxes and
apple boxes.
See me at my new location 474 Court
St. 1). H. Mosher, Tailor to Men and
State Treasurer Thomas B. Kay and
Dr. Curl (ircgir Donev of Willamette
j university, w ill speuk tonight at
the dinner given by the Six o'clock club
i of the First Methodist church this ev
ening nt 0:30 o'clock ut the church par-
lors. Mr. Kay will discuss the "Land
!Tax and Loan Fund Amendment."
j President Doney will speak on "The
; Repeal of the Sunday Closing Law-"
: Voters arc urged to attend the dinner
j nnd hear what these men have to say
! on these two important measures. The
i dinner w ill be served by the ladies of
the church mid there will be a charge
' of 25 cents.
Salem weals will be every week you
smoke Salem made cigars, Hygrado,
Salem's best 5 cent smoke.
The dry forces will hold several ral
lies this week. This cveninir the Rev.
James Elvin will assist in the speaking
lot Liberty with the Cherry Bud band
j supplying the music. Wednesday even
! ing at Central Howell, F. H. Reeves will
I speak, Thursday evening addresses w ill
le made nt either. Kocky Point or Vic
tor Point. W. H. Trindle and R. P. Hut
ton will speak Friday evening nt Turn
er nnd the same eveniug the Rev. F. T.
Porter and F. H. Reeves will talk at
Venerable Shacks to Give
Place to Handsome
A two story modern brick building
will soon be erected on Court street be
tween Liberty and the opera house that
will greatly improve the appearance of
that part of the city.
Major Willis who owns the property
on muri street between the Fits fish
market and tho alley adjoining the
Roberts' grocery has contracted for
the erection of a two story brick 54
feet front and 82 1-2 feet deep. The
building will be of a buff brick, two
stories with a basement. The lower
story will have a 17 foot ceiling, the
second story of 14 feet and the base
ment, to extend under the sidewalk,
7 1-2 feet deep. Thirty eight feet of
tho building adjoining the alley will
be occupied as a second store by E. L.
Stiff &.8on and they will also occupy
the entire second story with a width of
54 feet and length of 82 1-2. The
west 16 feet of the building will be
taken by Walter S. Fitts fish market,
including 16 feet of the basement. Mr.
Fitts will install everything that Is
modern for a fish market including all
new fixtures. Both Mr. Fitts and Mr.
Stiff have taken ten years' leases.
The new building will cost about
$12,000 and the work of removing the
old frame structures on the lots will
begin within a few days.
And thus one more mossy land mark
will givo way to tho modern spirit of
nnpr'Vmeiifc , ' '
ening, W. H. Trindle and R. P. Hutton
By J. P. Yoder,
(United Press Staff Correspondent)
Denver, Colo., Oct. 24. This was
booked as the busiest of all the busy
days Colonel Roosevelt has had since
he started on his 6300 'mile jaunt
through the southwest and middle west
in the interests of Republican Candi
date Hughes.
He arrived here shortly after 10
o'clock, got a ''strenuous" welcome,
was paraded through the main streets
to the Brown Palace hotel, attended a
luncheon, had an automobile tour
among the nearby hills and spoke at
a women's meeting this afternoon at
the Auditorium.
This evening he is to lead another
parade; attend a dinner tendered him
by the Hughes women's special and
address another audience at the Audi
torium. Colonel Roosevelt today for the first
time expressed himseJf regarding the
-i.: -
...,: j...:- i. ..!i.ii. i tee, went to Portland this morning.
this incident as one of the subjects in
his speeches this afternoon. The
speech was extemporaneous.
' The colonel believes his meeting to
day with tho members of the women's
Hughes campaigners particularly pro
pitious tor defending the
against the ''silk stocking"
Ernest Auderson was in Portland yes
terday. Bert Magcrs was in the city yesterday
from Albany.
Ben S. Via is home from a short vaca
tion at Tillamook.
D. T. Sears, of Lincoln, registered at
tho Bligh vesterdny.
Albert tfaylor, of Newport, was a Sa
lem visitor Monday.
W. H. Steusloff was in Portland yes
terday buying cattle.
Dr. Hickman, of C-ervais, was a Sa
lem visitor yesterday.
t harles Cook ami wite, ot Mierulan,
were in Salem Monday.
-Art Richards was in the city yester
day from Centrulia, Wash.
H. H. Marshall was in Portland yes
terday registered at the Washington.
Mr. and .Mrs. Sherman Swank, ot
Aumsville, were in the city Monday.
S. B. Mills and wife, of Mossy Rock,
Wash., were registered yesterday nt the
Capital hotel.
Judge Charles L. McNaiy, chairman
of the republican state central coinmit-
mndc against them.
Roosevelt had an cxtra speech wrung
her home at Mill City yesterday after
a short visit here with relatives.
J. A. Churchill, state superintendent
of public instruction, was in Portland
yesterday, registered at the Cornelius.
J. A. Spiro and wife, of New York
Citv. arc visitors here tho attests of
women Brick brothers. Mr. Spiro is the west
charges cnl representative of a New York cor
from him yesterday by the local com-1
mittee at Las Vesgua, N. M., where the
will talk with the Willamette university vthc juvenile bench
quartette singing.
poiuilntion is 00 per cent Mexican
Colonel Roosevelt surprised the local
republican committee here today by de
claring he is supporting Judge Ben
Lindsey, who is running on the demo
cratic ticket here to succeed himself on
Wardrobe trunks at special prices
this week. $35 values at, $19.50. C. S.
Hamilton, house furnisher.
Watch your children, when they be
gin to scowl or show a lack of desire to
read or study, briii" them to me for an
eye examination. 1 have nil the latest
appliances for the corection of defect
ive vision. 1 use no drugs or drops in
making examinations. Dr. M. 1. Meu
delshon, roomB 209-210-211 United
States Nat '1 Bank Itldg.
A meeting of the members of the ma
lice club has been culled for Friday ev
ening nt 7:30 o'clock at tho Commercial
club by President Asahel Bush. Besides
tho annual election ot officers, the
principal business to come before the
members is that of arranging for the
building of a country club home at the
Finzer golf links. During the past few
weeks there has been great interest tak
en by the golf players of the city and
those also who are just learning. At
present there is a membership of ubout
50 and with the interest now taken in
golf, it has been thought advisable to
take up plans for the erection of a coun
try club houae.
The biggest dance ever given in
Woodburn will take place Saturday Oc
tober 2Hth at tho armory hall. Check
and hat room free. Tickets 75c. Free
Cornelius Lehane, Ireland's most fa
mous und eloquent labor leader, at Cn
ion Labor hall Wednesday, Oct. 25, S
p. m. Admission Free. Cornelius Lehane,
though young, is a famous Irish union
labor leader, and comes to America
with the unceiiBored truth about the po
litical, financial and industrial affairs
of the war-devastated old world. He
has been one of tho national organ
izers of the British federation of la
bor nnd the Irish federation of labor,
and was first secretary of the socialist
party of Cireat Britain. oct2,
Fifty years ago from last Sunday, the
Rev. W. Osborne living nenr Independ-
No Interests to Serve But the
Public Interests Hawley
'Hut I miuht add, " said .the Colonel,
'that Ben Lindsey is the only Wilson
supporter that I'm for. 1 want to see
him win.'
sje sje
Gives a brilliant cloppy shine that
doe not rub off or ditst off that
anneals to the Iron time last tour
times as long as any other.
Black SilkStove Polish
Is In a claim by Itaelf. It's more
carefully made and mude
irom better materials.
Try it on ytmr parlor
vtoyl', your cook siuvu
or your (r:is run pa.
If you don't fiml It
i nv Lresc paiisn you
ever usodt your
hardware or
nrrocerv dealer is
authorized to r
fund your
Shlnm In
Evmry Drop'
Household Furniture. Woodry
the Auctioneer will pay highest
cash price, for same. Phone oil.
SMITH In the city October 24, 1111(1,1 niy ,m
Henry Smith. (Ml mil
llie- body is at (he umlcrtuking par
lors of Kigdon & Kichardson. Kunerul
nnnouncenients have not ns yet been
made, awaiting word from relatives.
ence, dedicated the La Creole Baptist
church at Crowley station in l'olk coun
ty. Fifty years .nttcr that dedication,
Mr. Osborne again appeared in the
church, preaching the ermon for the
fiftieth anniversary. Two who heard
th sermon on October 22, 18(lfi, were
present last Sunday to hear Mr. Osborne
tell of the chnnges of the 'past 50 years.
These two were Mr. Hunsiiker, of Mc
Minnville, and Mrs. P.'K. Crowley, and
it just happened that they also crossed
the plains together more than half a
century ago. The church at La Creole
is the second Baptist church in Oregon.
After the basket dinner Sunday, u col
lection was taKen nnd if!)!) presented to
Mr. Osborne. He now lives on a farm
near Independence and continues to
preach nt the La Creole church.
At 1:37 o'clock this morning the fire
department was called to the home of
A. R. .Tneob, nt 127! Market street, but
before the machines arrived tho house
was ahlaze and the flames pouring from
the windows and roof. The house which
belonged to Mrs. Klizabcth McCov, was I
a complete loss. Mr. Jacobs lost all
household goods nnd considerable mer
ci.nndise stored in the house. There was
$500 insurance on the goods and $1,000
on the merchandise.
Mrs. Jenny E. Glaeser, French teach
er, will begin her lessons on French
graininnr and conversation the first of
November, 11) Hi, at her home, 11 "i0 .'.
15th street, Salem, Oregon.
Xow Yo'rk, Oct. 21. Five
thousand dollars was placed at
even money on the election on
the curb today. Odds quoted
were t)'o to 10 on Wilson, with
Hughes backers asking cveu
Je sjc sje 5): sje
Fifteen nppliruuts out of a total of
2(i who took the recent bar examination
passed. Fleven of these were from 1'ort
land. Those who passed the examinations
are: Alois Haunignrtncr, Cournd C. Hur
baek, Ralph II. Cake, I). 1). Hall, K. V.
Lansing, Jr., David ('. I'h-kett, Ralph
Ferdinand Read, Louis Schaefer, Hom
er T. Shaver, C. T. Terrill and .Tallies 1.
Zimher, all of Portland; Celia L. (.Sav
in, of The Dalles: Kliner W. Leader, of
Corbctt: Roberts Day Lytle, of ViiU",
William Allen West, of Salem.
At the special meeting of the city
council called for this evening, a bill
will be up for final passage providing
for a codification of the ordinances con
cerning the initiative and referendum
powers reserved to cities bv the consti
tution of the state. It amends present
ordinances by allowing measures to be
Any kimd
Any time
jc r 5pt sc sje s(c sfc sje dfc )Jc sc !
First-class work. All kinds
of repairing. All work guar-
anteed. Twenty-five years'-
experience. Leave orders at
Wylio B. Allen Co., phono 1187.
Residence phone 1405.
015 Highland Avenue.
Notice is hereby given that on Sat
urday, Octirtier 2S. I!U, T will offer
for sale to the highest bidder, for cash,
all counters show enses, stoves, cook
ing utensils, dishes and equipment be
longing or pertaining to the lmsinen
operated at 42H Court street, under the
name of the Jitney Coffee (lob, such
sale to bo held at 420 Court street ut
the hour of ten o'clock a. m.
W. II. TRINDLE. Assignee.
Jess Millet, who waa fined $25 in the ""S'"
If .
Republican. and Progressive diwet pri
mary nominee for
A vote "for Kepreseutativo Hawley is
one for a Faithful. Honest, Clean, Ca-
muiiiciiml court lust week for bootleg'
ging and who served one day in jail and
who paid a fine of $23, is wanted by
Chief of Police Welsh today on account
of tho dentil this morning of Millet's
wife at the 'Willamette sanatorium. Mrs.
Millet has been suffering from lung
trouble and yesterday it developed un
operation was necessary. Chief of Pff
lice Welsh endeavored to get into com
munication with Millet or relatives but
wiies to Klamath Falls, where Mrs. A.
E. Millet, his mother, lives brought no
answer, nnd the doctors would not op
erate without permission. This morning
after the dealh of Mrs. Millet was an
nounced, further effort was made to -locate
Millet. Officer Vnrney has been on
tho job but has been unable to locate
him as yet- It is believed that, fearing
further prosecution under the stute law,
thnt he has left "the state.
Benjamin S. Via candidate for city
recorder, a resilient of Salem nine
years, a taxpayer ami practicing attor
ney. Owing to his duty of acting as
police magistrate, legal knowledge is
a necessity to the citv recorder. (I'd.
papers. Several other minor changes
w;ll ulso be made.
o "
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Swales, living cast
of the city, were called to Washington
this morning bv the death of n lirothor
of Mrs. Swales. Duriuir their absence
the farm will be in charge of (). B. Chap A,
man, of Maclcay.
Walter L. Spaulding and Clifford
Suauldiimi of Xev.-berg, went to Benton
whereas the old provisions required n
filing 00 days prior to election. Under
the old ordinances, measures to be voted
on bv the neoide had to be lmblished
in the. newsimners five duvs and a conv county this morning on a tour ot
sent to each voter. The new ordinance spection of the logging camps of tho
w ill eliminate the publication by news-. Spaulding mill in that section.
Last night at the Bligh theatre,
pictures of the two leading candidates
for president were thrown on the
screen. When the Hughes picture was
shown, there was a mild clapping of
hands, -but when the likeness of Presi
dent Wilson -ppcared, there was such a
continuous applause that it almost
stopped the show.
Cornelius Lehano, the famous Irish
orator, will lecture tomorrow eViiing
at the. Union Labor hall on Court
like this wont last always.
Better take advantage of it
und have that sitting made at
once. Von '11 need photos for
the Holidays and your friends
will want and appreciate
New designs arriving coii
Court St. Sulem, Ore.
puble and Successful public servant 1 81
who has won for himself and state a j
position of influence aud standing in!
Sjinntor William E. Borah of Idaho ; 1 1
voices the sentiments of his colleagues ; 1 1
when he rays: "Mr. Hawley is a most
faithful aud vigilenf .nnd CApable !!
member of congress. He holds the rc-li
spect and confidence ot bis associates, II
and colleagues because of his sound i f
judgment, his courage and his faithful-! S a
ness to duty." is! You Can See Our
For further information please road, II JMaUIWcS
the pamphlet sent io every registered' FREE
voter by the secretary of state. l Tf v
Menu i lean I'onirresr-ona ( omuuttce. : . " "
W I f-l VLU I h.,;P,u.. I
Start Now to Boost
Salem Style Week K
"THE DEVIL'S NEEDLE Last Times Today -
Oregon Theatre
Always Good
Aumsyille. At Mill City Suturday ev-J
(Paid Adv.)'