Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 14, 1916, Page TEN, Image 10

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For Good Goods Go to Meyers "Salem's Big Department Store"
Vr T fUT the utmost in
IKJU UHr I Style, the ut
most in Quality, the utmost in Ser
vice when you buy your WINTER
GARMENTS at Meyers, "Salem's
Big Style Stored
Stunning New Suits and Coats, in the popular style effects
and fabrics for this season. Choose from the largest
and best selected stock in this section and your satis
faction will be complete.
Our No. 817 Wednesday Surprise Sale .
An Immense Offering of Women's New Petticoats
at 98c Each "
Here are very desirable Petticoats made of good quality sateen. Several
good styles to choose from and a truly surprising quality at this sale price
for next Wednesday only one day price 9gc acn
On sale at 8:150 a. m. - See window display
No phone orders taken for these.
A Determined Clearance of
Women's Stylish Dresses
Garments that formerly sold up to $30.00, your Choice $9.95
Dresses of Silk, Wool or Pongee in pleasing styles and color
ings. See this big rack of Dresses up to $30.00,
............... Clearance Price $9.95
Clearance of Women's Dressy Waists
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Beautiful Waists of Nets, Crepe de Chine, Georgette Crepe,
Taffetas, Messaline, etc.; in plain and fancy effects ......
your Choice $3.95
Another Lot, Women's Waists your Choice $2.39
Warmth and Comfort for the Bov in one of these
"Xtra Good" Brand Overcoats
New Pinch Back models that will please in all respects.
You'll make no mistake in choosing one of these.
We also show an excellent assortment of Boys' Mackinaws
in sizes up to 20 years.
flannel Shirts for Men and Young Men- -
An excellent cold weather garment in several weights
greys, blue,-brown, tan,- olive and lighf mottle grey..
I'nced m ci j .
.......... m 111 WJ If II
New showing - of Knitted Scarfs
and Tarns in desirable and attrac
tive color combinations. Sold in
sets or separately. (Ready-to-wear
Special Sale Prices
On Children's Coats :this week.
(Ready-to-Wear Section.)
Tvirs. P. J, Dorsejr, who was police ma
iron at the Oregon Klectric depot dur
ing tba tnto fuir, in visiting at the
home of -Mm. O. F. l'eed, at Fruit limit,
for a week or 10 days. .Mr. feed left
during the week for tilulio nml on Thurs
ilii.v waa at Pendleton. He ri'iirtn that
the mirages along the route nre filled
with broken down automobiles, an the
people in that part of the country drive
over rough roads a hard and fust nti
people here do over the paved at reel.
Bemodeled, repainted and with mod
ern eiuiumeiit car 'No. 71 of the Sn
lem Street Kail way went on il ill v tkik
morning as ear No. Kii5. It waa remodel
ed at the ear shops at Heaverton nuA
now ha a closed vestilmle, button sig
nal, folding atepa and new Kelipse fond
IT. Tll! lli.W ViiHtilitil.i mir. .1...,:
ed to eliminate uecident hazard from j
KiMiing on nun oi r cars uetoroi
thpv nr. Mliiitiwnl I1 V..1.....
- - ---.. .... imv- .-.iii-iii
aro being equipped with tho new Kelipse
We can't give you new
eyes, but we can make your
old ones as good as new
With a pair of our carefully
fitted glasses. We under
stand eyes and glasses; our
business is to fit the one
Let us help you to see as you used to see possi
bly as you never saw before.
Miss A. McCulloch, Optometrist
'208-209 Hubbard Building Phone 109
A mock election is being planned to
eiime off soon nt Willamette university
between the republicans and the demo
crats, and considerable enthusiasm is be
ing 'aroused for the respective .candi
dates. Hughes sentiment at the univer
sity is said to be gniuiiig in spite of the
fact that President Donoy ia reported to
be a democrat.
The Bungalow Christian church, cor.
ner of Seventeenth and Court streets,
Frank K. Jones, pastor, will hold serv
ices Sunday morning Milde school nt 10
o'clock, preaching at 11 o'clock on the
subject "Bindon Rearing." Iu the ev
ening thero will be the Christian Kn
deliver meeting at 6-.S0 o'clock and
preaching at :30 o'clock ou the sub
ject "Danger Signals. "
"The Melting Pot," Israel. Zang
will's great plav on the amalgamation
of the races, which was scheduled for
Sttlem last night at the lirnnd 0era
house, was not shown. The performance
was cancelled when the players arrived
in the city and it was found there was
no seat sale- Manager Wigh declared
their contract broken because they had
not sent any advance sheets of adver
tising paper aa he hail wired for and
consequently there was scarcely any ad
vertising out on the boards. ' He said
I he would give the player the proceeds
I or ine entire house if they would play
nui tney rtrusel. At S o'elovk there
were only About 20 seats sold.
All Around Town
October 11 Bundle Dny In Sa
lem. October 16-17. Degree of Hon
or convention.
October 17-20. Baptist state
convention, Salem.
November 6. City primary
November 7. Presidential election.
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fit glasse-
correctly. U. S. Bank. Bid i. .
Dr. stone's Drag Store for trusses.
A. C. Bohrnstedt, of Salem, was reg
istered' at the Seward hotel, Portland,
Dr. Stone makes no charge for con
imitation, examination or prescription.
Drink Cereo, tne liquid food, tba
health drink. Ask your' grocer. tf
Ingrev and fteVberry nave moved
their barber shoo from Court street to
loij oiiue street. ocin
See me at my new location at 47-1
Court St. 1). H. Mosher, tailor to men
and women.
The not uncommon habit of putting
nail paper over an unused stovepipe
hole resulted in another fire this morn
ing at -bout 11:30. This time it hap
pened at the residence of A. W. Bee
man, (i25 South Nineteenth street, flight
damage was done.
Dr. R. Meuric Roberts, osteopathic
physician, 309 Masonic bldg. Phone 409
Dance -AumsviUe tonight, Salem or
chestra, best floor; Dancing 30c.
Salesman -McCuUock, of the H. L.
Mann automobile-concern of Portland,
and also state distributor for the Miller
carburetor, was in Salem this morning,
stopping nt the Dwight Misuer garage
on South Commercial street. He motor
ed on to Albany where he will spend the
Tour gift with our imprint needs no
further recommendation. Set your
watch by our street clock. Gardner &
Kcene, Salem's most reliable jewelers.
Dr. L. O. Altaian, homeopathic phy
sician, 290 X. Liberty. Phone 147.
Members of the Salem Rifle club who
have qualified as marksmen will go to
Finier Sunday to shoot the sharpshooter
course. There are six of these but about
15 or 20 others may go out also. The
season ia getting short and Captain Ros
enberg desired to qualify as many men
us possible. ,
' Dr. R. T. Mclntire, physician and
surgeon, 214 Masonic tiidg. Phone 440.
Special 2 lb. paoVcages Queen table
salt oc each, ti for 2'x-ts. Win. (iahls
dorf, the store of houseware, phone
07. wtlO
Mrs. Eva Jones, of San Francisco,
who, who motored to Sulcm from Cali
fornia a few days ago, left Salem yes
terdny afternoon for Portland, where
she will take passage on the Great
Northern for her home. While here she
w as the guest of her brother, George F.
Rodgers. '
Dropped patterns In Hoosier Kitchen
cabinets at a big savin 'i, regular price
2!U0 now V21.WI; regular 940.00 enbi
nets, now $:il.i0. Max O. Hurcn, Chica
go store block.
La Corona cigars Salem made for
Salem trade smoke them over Sunday.
Orley Lef flngwell, who was with Com
pany M on the Mexican border during
the summer, took the examination for
the navy the other doy and passed. He
was going to go to Portlnnd to complete
his enlistment but his mother objected
and withhold her consent. Consequent
ly, he will not lenve Salein to join the
tinvy as was announced.
D. H. Mosher will be in his new loca
tion at 474 Court St. on and after Oct.
At the meeting of the Salem council
Monday night the matter of the budget
ordinance will come up for first rend
ing. The drainage proposition of Soutn
east Salem will also come up.
Dr. F. H. Thompson now specializes
in ear, eye, nose and throat, 414 Bank
of Commerce bldg. oct21
J. A. Maxwell has moved from Fort
land to the old Kildahl place east of
Brooks. Mr. Maxwell is general sales
man for tho Farmers' Agricultural Line
company whose h-eadqunrters are at
Fine showing of carpets and rugs.
All sixes up to 11.3x15, regular $12.00
Tiger Brussels rugs 9x12 now selling
at .M0. Max O. Buren. 179 Commer
cial St.
Dr. Mcndelshon now has his offices
remodeled mid is prepared to handle
his practice to a better advantage than
Mjss Goodspeed announces the open-
of her studio for painting at :ts7 Court
Household Furniture. AVoodry
the Auctioneer will pav highest
cash price for same. Phone oil.
Our stock on Globe-Wernecke Book
cases .affords you a rare opportunity
to save money. Buy now while the pric
es are greatly reduced. Max (J. Buren,
Chicago store block.
- Miss Beryl Holt, daughter of XT. G.
Holt, of this city, who graduated re
cently from Willumette university, and
who is teaching in the high school at In
dependence, is visiting with her parents
over Sunday. She came here yesterday
to attend the inaugural ceremonies nt
Willamette university.
The first regular meeting of the Y.
W. C. A. Choral club was held last ev
ening at the Y. W. C. A. rooms at
which time the following officers were
elected, Miss Kuby Wilson, pres.; Miss
Ethel McDonald, sec, and Miss Audrey
Hii-ks, treas. After its election of of
ficers a short time was spent in practice
The club wiil meet for practice under
the direction of Miss Lucile Barton
every Monday evening at 7:30, the next
meeting to be held on Oct. 2Hrd.
W. I. Staley, of the Capital Business
college, is receiving applications for in
formation as to his courses from far and
near. Wloreni-e Lindell, of Glacier Park,
Montana, has just arrived to take up
the course in stenography with him.
Miss Bemadetta Wilson, of Airlie, Polk
county, is also here for the same pur
pose. The outlook for a large registra
tion in the night school, according to
Professor Staley is good.
There is one f irm in Salem which be
lieves that hard times huve departed.
The Cherrv Citv Flouring mill has or
dors booked for more than six months
ahead and these area t war orders cith
er. Their ultimate destinations are
through San Francisco to South Ameri
ca, Mexico and Hawaii. The company
has just placed an order with the Thom
as McFeeley Co, of Philadelphia for
another middlings disintegrator which
will increase capacity anil quality -in
fullest confidence that prosperous times
are on the way.
Decrees of divorce were granted by
Judge Galloway this morning to the
plaintiffs in the following actions:
ninree Knight vs. Cluude Knight, Mar
tha Chester vs. William Chester, anil
Maud Louise McConnell-vs. I.nvene Mc
Connell. In the Chester case the chil
dren were awarded to the juvenile cdbrt
of Multnomah county until such time as
the mother, who is not in good health,
shall have become able to care for them.
Tho two other couples have no children.
Her maiden name of Maree Fawk is re
stored to Mrs. Knight, and Mrs. Mc
Council is to resume her maiden name
of Mnud Louise Willcox.
San Francisco, Cul., Aug. 20, 19lo.
Sonora Phonograph Corporation,
At the recent contest on phonngrnphs
held before the Group Jury of Awards
at the Pannma-Pncific International
Exposition will say, that the Sonora
Phonograph received the only perfect
score for tone qualities.
This decision was unanimously adopt
ed bv the .Inrv.
Member of the Jury
Conductor of Orchestra.
Can be heard at Myrtle Knowlands,
421 Cortrt.
Charles Archer, chairman, and Mayor
White, Rev. James F.lvin, Rev. F. T. Por
ter and T. U. Bligh are the committee
of the Salein Commercial club that will
have in hand the eutertaiiiment of the
30 boys from California who arrive here
Tuesday on a trip over the Northwest.
The boys are those who won first prizes
in the Agricultural schools extension
courses offered in California. They are
scheduled to arrive here at 5:1)0 a. m.
and slay until 9:;i0 a. m- The commit
tee plans to tuke the boys to Cottage
farm, the flax farm at the penitentiary
and the Salem Fruit I'nion. There are
none of these agricultural extension
courses or boys iu Oregon, so it is snid,
as the people do not tuke kindly to
Consisting of FARM STOCK
The undersigned auctioneer
has received instruction from
J. O. Grit ton to sell at public
auction at the J. W. Meredith
farm which is located 4 1-2
miles south of Salem on River
side road, turn to left nt
I.ivesley 'a.
Friday, October 20, 1916 i
J. O. C.R1TTOV, Owner.
F. X. WOODRV Auctioneer.
II '
II i iru ti vi r f
Any kimd
Any time
First class work. All kinds
of repairing. All work guar
anteed. Twenty-five years'
experience. Leave order at
Wylie B. Allen Co., phone 1187.
Residence phone 1405.
915 Highland Avenue.
Cherry City Flouring
Mill Plant
-.-! -ink mk
l : ' f ---- - f ,5 ( 'u ?
ll ltxi s"!Sa
The Home of
Geiser's Best Bakers' Flour Tip Top Pancake
Cherry City Patent Flour Oregon Whole Wheat
Oak Blend Flour Oregon Graham
Economy Flour Oregon Wheatola
The bread baked from our hard wheat flour won
first prize at the Oregon State Fair in competition
with other hard wheat flour. Your grocer has
these, ask for them.
Mill Phone 2:m P. W. Geiser, Mgr.
I Kugene Jinny iriiaru. ) i
The ftiun of the job deals with reali
ties. The fellow who wants the job
denls with theories. The mistakes of the1
man on the job can be magnified by j
an inferior workman. The question to
decide is whether the house as a whole:
is well built. It is a great deal easier
to- find fault, than to perform a real';
constructive service. Kvery other ninn:
yon meet might condemn one man be-!
cause w hile driving ninny nails the ham-1
mer slipped from one or two and mar-'
red the woodwork ami yet not one of j
them put to the test could drive one-1
half so many nails home w ithout many
slips. i
llere is the constructive record o'i I
one man as president of the United ,
iStates. . His work is not to be passed j
upon by one party. It is to be judged
by the 'American people as a whole. He
is entitled to consideration w ithout prej-1
ud ice. I
Wood row Wilson nhen elected as'
president of the I nited SStutes was com4
parntively unknown. He had been gov j
ernSr of New Jersey and president of :
Princeton university, but even so the '
step to the presidency was great. A '
world war broke out and it was not long
until he ea to be recognized as the ,
diplomat ofimtions. Pining the lust '
few months criticism without end has'
been hurled nt his policies, but as the j
records stand they show that he has ae-1
tually accomplished more than all the
butchery which has made all Kurope run !
red and left great countries with mil- j
lions of widows, orphans ami cripples.
There are few men and women who
can not recall the many crises which
have confronted the nation during the
last two years. They know that within ,
their time no president has been eon-
fronted with so many great internution-'.
SUmma Mat AStocTHTar
nl problems. They know that with
Woodrow Wilson as the head of their
government they hud a feeling of con
fidence. His Inst firm note to Berlin
brought a fnvoriilde reply. They did not
want war. They did not expect war.
sknncliow they hud a ieeling that Wood
low Wilson would keep them out of
He did, nml more. He took the con
trol of the federal treasury from Wall
street and gave it back to the people.
He brought his government and your
government a little closer to true "gov
ernment of the people, by the people
and for the people." To the man whose
vision is not wholly blinded by partisan
ship, the following record of the admin
istration of Woodrow Wilson ns presi
dent of the fnited States is submit
ted: Federal reserve bunk luw.
Farm loan law.
Kight hoiir dny lnw.
Workmen's coinpensntion law.
Child labor law-.
Anti-injunction law-
An inheritance tnx law. '
Kuilway safety lnw.
Parcel post improved.
l'ostoftiie self-supporting.
Seamen welfare law.
Taritf revised dowjjwurd.
Agricultural extension law.
Non-partisan tariff commission law.
Income tax law.
t.ood roads law.
Merchant marine law.
Anti-trust law strengthened-
War risk insurance lnw.
Children's bureau.
Law giving president power to re
taliate against foreign governments
which vilnte American rights.
The nation's first great step in real
preparedness to insure continuance if
peace. (Paid Adv.)