Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 09, 1916, Page FIVE, Image 5

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Thielsen &
Best and Strongest Companies in the World
Fire, Life, Accident, Illness, Surety,
Liability. Expert advice cheerfully given
upon application.
Offices: Rooms 3 and 4, McCornack Bldg.
You Can't Afford to
Carry Your Own
Fire Risk
R&es Quoted Entirely from Old Line - Companies
(No Assessments)
W.C. Dyer Insurance
"Insurance that Insures"'
124 S. Liberty St
Phone 937
more than twent
Jacob S. Coxe
is well known a
Paul Sell uli! of
the bond of we
, and Mrs. Robert
neg Pauline Led
their third daugl
of some moment
of Mr. and Mrs,
Wednesday af
been connected
Buttcville. For I
son of Mr. and
Mr. Oswald Pa
of Mr. and Mrs.
Monday morning
The happy coupl
tracer, at the re
Forest Hostetler
Paul Yoder, Lev
Miss Hostetler,
dcr, Minnie Kau
speech of Charlo
Portland, Or.,
May, 1914, he at
were clubbed ba
march into the
When they atte
and all sorts o
the. army carrie
IStntcs in Washii
at the steps of th
lican leaders con
.lilding of a new
for the insane,
department, was
kitchen, a (freen
se and a labora
Prior to taking
intendent Minto
tli tho board on
bile repairs and
tho flax depart
ing ' very firm, with
Whereas The great destruction of
property annually incurred through fire
may in a great measure be decreased
bv education and hv DNtngiH ....Li:- :
terest in the problems of prevention,
WhorPAfl. ThnrA ia nn fir. 1,1 .i
, ' VI ICftl
'preparedness' that may bo practiced
uiuiw yivi.muiyt aim
W heron a. Octnhpr Q ; :.,,.
sary of the historic Chicago conflagn-
I do horohv HpftiimfitA f nn.U.r
j - - r""'v -'uiiiioi y viiU"
ber 9, 191(1, as Fire Prevention day in
Oregon. And 1 urge that on thut day
organized effort may be made through
out the state to encourage a campaign
that will lessen firo hazard. I suggest
that individnnln nnd emum,,..;;.,..
. . ...... t.vo unurr
take homo and municipal house cleaning
niiu iui'iioii wmi a view to remov
ing rilllhinh. RTA nfpaitarilin
and lighting appliances; that the fire
fighting apparatus of the factories be
tested out on that day; that schools de
voto at least a brief neiin.l n .i:.,...,.....
ing the subject of fire prevention; and
that every encouragement be given to
the development of a healthy public in
terest in yike many problems of fire
In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the great seal
of the state of Oregon to be hereunto
affixod this 30th day of September,
1910. '
Governor of Oregon.
illon, Ohio, five
of the long tram
of Christ." Th
posed the "Army
ton's citizens. T
jeers of a great
sylvauia avenue
thirstv, wearv m
1894 he led '350
candidate for Un
the secretary of
maich to Washin
ey's army" of
nominee, at the
of the best cam
delivered in tho
a crowd of S,
e building to its
lis attacl;. princi
perintendentg of
board met this
se of going over
n roost recently
of his fine flock,
tired sergeant of
rine Corps, who
arm near here,
ed as "head
ont gate defying
Secretary Olcott
devoted to the
terest was done,
mmg legislature,
mil for country
the produce ex
d for extras with
were offered at
t 31 cents, with
vns offered at 27
with sales, caso
Pctaluma storage
al'i. cents, with
cheese 17 cents
s asked, and for
as IS cents was
IS ONLY $18,500
Damage Is Third Largest in State:
.Blazes Number Five, Says Re
port Fire loss in Salem for September to
talled 1 8.500. whi,.i i. th thi.,
est lOSH Of miV- ftifv in .
j - ... omir, ac
cording to a report made by State In-
vjomiiiisioner iinrvcy Wells.
The lamest sinuln lr.ua
... ". . . me oiuie was
a tire which burned a wheat warehouse
ui .Adams, umatilla county, doing dam
age amounting to $150,006.
inu oniy otner Marion county city
suffering from firo .., o:i.....:
, . "" .311 fl mil,
where a dwelling burned at a loss of
The firpH in Rnlnm n,aHn i
-.. ......... ,.l17 unco 111,(1
houses, a barn and a seed exhibit.
xouii losses tor tho state for the
month were :t'f:i
tercd heaviest, reports showing that
eight 'barns and fourteen farm houses
were burned. The total number of fires
was forty three.
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Fifth Inning
Brooklyn ('utshaw up, foul.strike ono
strike two, swung, strike threo, Cut
shaw fanned. Mowrcy up, strike one,
called, Mowrey out, Jnnvrin to Hoblit
zell. Olson up, Olson singled to left. Mil
ler up, foul strike one, ball one, Miller
l?o'aton Hohlitzell up, strike one, Ho
blitzell out Olson to Dnubert. Lewis up, i flew to Hooper. No runs, ono hit, no
Ktriko ono called, ball one, Lewns smgl
el cleanly through short. Gardner up.
Jn trying to catch Lewiis off first,
Smith threw most of the Sox oft' their
bench when a balk was allowed. Card
Boston Gardner up, Gardner out,
Uitshaw to Daubert on the first ball
pitched. Scott up, ball one, Scott out,
Mowrey to Dnubert. Thomas up, strike
ner shot a hot one to .Mowrey, who one, cancel, nan one, roui, striKe two,
threw out Lewis at second, Oison to Thomas doubled to left, and on Olson's
Cutshaw. Gardner stopped at first, interference Vmpire Quigley ordered
Scott up, foul strike one. Gardner out, Thomas to continue third. Official
Miller to Daubert. No runs, ono hit, no scorers gave Thomas a three base hit.
errors. I He tripped over Olson's foot as he
Both Mowrey and Olson got an assist! rounded second and Thomas fell. He
on Lewis out. Gardner's wallop wasl tted J"" t Moni, but Quigley or
reallv too hot for Mowrev to -handle, I'1"1'"1 lllnl to thud. Olson's mterfer
Kill ,...nml nff Mmvrev V I dice was accidental. Ruth up, strike
hands. He then threw to Cutshaw. Af
ter repeated attempts to catch Card
ner off first, the Dodgers succeeded by
a quick throw by Miller.
Third Inning
Brooklyn Miller up, Miller out,
Scott to Hoblitzell, hitting the first
hall pitched. Smith up, strike one, call
ed. Smith doubled to right field am!
was out at third, Hooper to Walker to
Scott. Johnston up, strike one, called,
bail one, ball two, strike two, called,
ball threo. Johnston singled to center.
Dnubert up, Daubert foul strike one,
DauJt missed getting a hit by inches
when he popped along the left field
line, bail two, Johnston out, s.'ealing,
Thomns to Janvnn. -No runs, two nits,
j! errors.
The Red Sox gave an exhibition of
rapid relaying from deep right when
Smith was thrown out at third. Walk
er ran into the base line to take Hoop
er's throw and then shot It to Scott.
Boston Scott up, ball one, ball two.
strike one, called, Scott tripled Bnins;
tho left field fence. The crowd went
into spasms. Thomas up, Thomas out,
t utshaw to Daubert. Scott was held at
third. Buth up, Ruth out, Cutshaw t
Daubert, Scott scored. Hooper up, foul,
strike one, Hooper was safe on first on
( utshaw 's error. Janvriu up, Janvnn
forced Hooper, Olson to Cutshaw. One
run, one hit, one error. ,
' Cutshaw had a rough start in this
innin,. Slow fielding on his part per
mitted Scott to score. He let Hooper s
guunder go through his legs.
Fourth Inning
Brooklyn Daubert up, ball one, ball
wo. ball three, strike one, called, ha
four, Daubert walked. Myers up, ball
one, foul, strike one, foul strike two,
ball two, Myers hit into a double play,
Scott to Janvrin to Hoblitzell. Whent
tip, f&ke one, called, rlke two, call
ed, hall one. foul, Wheat out, Ruth to
HobiiUell. No runs, no hits, no errors.
Boston Walker up, foul, strike one,
ball one, ball two, foul strike two, Walk
er out, Smith to Daubert. Hoblitzell up,
strike one, called, ball one, ball two,
strike two, swung, foul, ball three, bal
four. Hoblitzell walked. Lewis up, ball
one, strike one, foul, ball two, Lewis
one, called, strike two, swung, Kutli
funned. J'o runs, one hit, no errors.
Sixth Inning
Brooklyn Kmith up, Smith out,
Scott to Hoblitzell, it was a beautiful
stop and throw. Johnston up, ball one,
bull two, ball three, ball four, John
ston walked. Daubert up, striike one,
called. Johnston out, stealing, Thomas
to Janvrin. Strike two on Dnubert, Dau
bert out, Gardner to Hoblitzell. No
runs, no hits, no errors.
Boston Hooper up, foul, strike one,
Umpire Dineen suddenly spotted photo
graphers on the field at this stage and
delayed proceedings while ho got them
up closer to the grandstand. Hooper,
ball one, foul, strike two, ball two.
Hooper flew to Myers, Myers made a
remarkable catch right at his shoe
strings on a liner, turning over on his
back after the catch In the oir, but
coming up with the ball in his hands.
Janvrin flew to Myers on tho first ball
pitched. Walker up, one strike, Walker
out, Cutshaw to Daubert. No runs, no
hits, no errors.
Myers' catch of Janvrin 's drive was
easily the feature of the game to date.
It looked like a sure hit, bnt the fleet
center fielder came in, apparently get
ting it just by his finder tips.
Seventh Inning
Brooklyn Myers out, Janvrin to Ho
blitzell. The crowd roared its protest.
He looked safe, Wheat up, strike one,
trying to bunt, ball one, ball two, ball
three, strike two, called, Wheat out,
Janvrin to Hoblitzell. Cutshaw up, foul
strike one, Cuttihaw flew to Hoblitzell.
No runs, no hits, no errors.
Boston Hoblitzell up, strike one,
called, strike two, swung, ball one, ball
two, ball three, Hoblitzell walked. Lew
is sacrificed. Smith to Daubert. Gard-j
ner up, strike one, called, ball one, ball ;
two, Gardner popped to Olson. Scott!
grounded to Mowrey, who touched out!
Hoblitzell on the line. No runs, no hits,!
no errors. I
Eighth Inning j
Brooklyn Mowrey up, ball one,
strike one, called, ball two, MowTcyj
singled to left. Olson up, ball one, Ol-1
nerif iced. Thomns to- Hoblitzell.
Uawrer cn second. Miller up, foul,;
hit into play, Mowrev to Cutshaw to I strike one, Miller slashed a clean single)
T)iibert. No runs, no hits, no errors. to center, but Mowrey was held at
third. Miller took second on throw in.
Walker made a remarkable return to
the plate. Smith up, strike one, called,
Mowrey was run down between third
and home, Scott to Gardner to Ruth,
on Smith's infield rap. Miller took
third and Smith went to second on nlav
Johnston up, ball one, Johnston out,
num to iiouiitzell. Wo runs, two hits,
no errors.
Boston Thomas up, striko one, call
ed, foul, strike two, Thomas out, Dnu
bert to Smith. Ruth up, ball ono, strike
one, swung, foul, strike two, foul, ball
two, Buth flew to Wlicat. Hooper up,
Hooper flew to Johnston. No runs, no
hits, no errors. .
lTp to this stnge Smith hnd allowed
only three hits and was showing much
better control.
Ninth Inning
Brooklyn Daubert up, Daubert out,
Gardner to Hoblitzell, on a fast play.
Myers up, ball one, strike one, called,
ball two, foul, strike two, Myers flew
to Walker. Wheat up, ball one, strike
one, swung, Wheat out, Hoblitzell to
Kuth. No runs, no hits, no errors.
Boston Janvrin lined to Wheat, who
dropped the ball and Janvrin wont -to
second. Janvrin was given credit for
a double. Walker up, foul strike one,
Walker tnken out and Walsh batted in
Wnlker's placo after one ball was call
ed and bunted front of the plate. Jnn
vrin was safe at third on Mowrey 's er
ror. He dropped Smith's throw. Hoblit
zell up, ball one, Hoblitzell flew to
Myers and Janvrin was doubled at the
plate, Myers to Miller on a remarkable
throw. Walsh took second. Lewis up.
ball one, Lewis was puriwselv walked.
Gardner up, Gardner fouled to Miller.
JSo runs, one hit, one error.
Tenth Inning
Brooklyn (utshaw up. Walsh now
playing center field for Boston. Cut
shaw out, Janvrin to Hoblitzell. Mow
rey up, ball one, Mowrey out, Gardner
to Scott to Hoblitzell. Another srintilnt
ing play. Olson up, ball one, ball two,
strike one, called, Olson wulked. .Mil
ler up, Miller lined to Gardner. No
ruim, no uiin, iiu trrrurn.
The sun had come out during the
game and as it wont Into extra innings
it was light andplay was under ex
ceedingly favorable coriditions.
Boston Scott up, ball one, Scott
singled to right. Thomas up, foul, strike
one, Thomas sacrificed, Cutshaw to
Daubert. Ruth up, Ruth was given a
tremendous hand, strike one, swung,
ball one, strike two, swung, Ruth fan
ned, swinging at the third one. Hooper
up, ball one, foul, strike one, Hooper
rolled to Mowrey and Scott was thrown
out at third, Mowrey to Olson. No runs,
two hits, no errors.
Eleventh Inning
Brooklyn Smith up, ball one, Smith
out, Gardner to Hoblitzell. Johnston up,
ball one, ball two, ball three, strike
one, called, strike two, called, John
ston out, Gardner to Hoblitzell. Daubert
up, foul, strike one, strike two, called,
Daubert fanned, be swung. No runs, not Boston
hits, no errors. Hooper, rf. . .
jwston tfanvrm popjieii to ishuihti. i Janvrin 2b
najsn up, sirise one, cauea, naisni w ker. cf
fouled to Daubert who made a remark
able running catch. Hoblitzell up, ball
one, ball two, ball three, strike one,
called, Hoblitzell walked. Jt was tfs
third walk of the game. Lewis up.
Jessie" was splitting the air and
Manager Robinson protested, Lewis
out, Mowrcy to Daubert. No runs, no
hits, no errors.
Twelfth Inning
Brooklyn Myers up, striko one,
swung, striko two, swung, ball one,
Myers fanned. Wheat un, ball one,
Wheat popped to Gardner. Cutshaw up
ball one, Cutshaw out, Scott to Hoblit
zell. No runs, no hits, no errors.
Boston Gardner flew to Wheat.
8cott up, (it was getting dark) ball
one, ball two, ball three, ball four,
Scott walked. Thomas up, strike one,
called, ball one, foul, atrike two, foul,
ball three, Thomas forced Scott, Olson
to Cutshaw. Huth up, Thomas on first,
ball one, Ruth out, Smith to Daubert.
No runs, no hits, no errors.
Thirteenth Inning
Brooklyn Mowrey up, Mowrcy safe
at first on Gardner's low throw to
Hoblitzell, Garduer was given an er
ror. Jt was the first ball pitched. Ol
son up, Olson sacrificed to Huth to Ho
blitzell on the first ball pitched, Mow
rey on second. Miller up, ball one, Mil
ler popped to Thomas, sending a high
ono directly over the plate. Smith up,
ball one, ball two, foul, strike one,
strike two, called, ball three. Smith
flew to Lewis, who brought the stands!
down by his sensational catch. Jt cut
off what looked like a sure base hit.
No runs, no hits, one error.
Boston Hooper out. Smith to Dau
bert. Janvrin up, strike one, called, ball
one, strike two, swung, Jnnvrin fouled
to Mowrey. Walsh up, strike one, Walsh
fouled to Mowrey. No runs, no hits, no
Fourteenth Inning
Brooklyn Johnston up, ball one, foul,
strike one, ba'l two, Johnston out, Scott
to Hoblitzell. Daubert un Daubert flew
to Walsh. Myers up, ball one, foul,
strike one, Myers out, Scott to Hoblit
zell. No runs, no hits, no errors.
Boston ILiblitzell up, ball one, ball
two, ball three, strike one, called, Ho
blitzell walked. It was his fourth free
pass. Lewisi up, Lewis out, sacrificed,
Smith to Cutshaw, Hoblitzell taking
second. Gainor batting for Gardner.
McNally running for Hoblitzell. Gain
er strike one, swung, Gainor singled to
left scoring McNally.
Brooklyn. R. BH. PO. A. E.
Johnston, rf 0 1 1 0 0
Daubert, lb 0 0 18 1 0
Myers, cf 1 1 4 1 0
Wheat, If 0 0 1 0 0
Cutshaw, 2b 0 0 S 6 1
Mowrey, 3b 0 1 4 4 1
Olson, ss. 0 1 2 4 0
Miller, c 0 1 4 1 0
Smith, p 0 1 1 6 0
Totals 1 6 40 22 2
Hoblitzell, lb 0 0 22 0
Lewis, If 0
Gardner, 3b 0
ncott, ss
Thomas, c.
Ruth, p
WnlBh, cf
Totals 2 7 42 29 1
"Batted for Wnlker in ninth.
"Batted for Gardner in fourteenth.
""Ran for Hoblitzell in fourteenth
One out when winning run scored.
Runs and hitsJiv iniiiinrs:
Brooklyn 100 000 000 000 001
Hits .102 010 020 000 000
Boston 001 000 000 000 012
Hits 011 010 001 200 017
Summary: Struck out, by Huth, 4;
Smith, 1. Bases on balls, off Smith, 0;
off Ruth, 2. Two base hits, Smith, Jan
vrin. Threo baso hits, Scott, Thomas.,
Home runs, Myers. Double plays, Scott
to Janvrin to Hoblitzell; Mowrey to
Cutshaw to Daubert; Myers to Miller.
K. BH. PO. A. E.
.0 0 2 1 0
A certain fastener who came to Sa
lem several years ago suffering from
a disease which the doctors told him
would cause his death within a short
time, and who has already exceeded the
time given him by four years, dryly re
marked the other day that this may be
a poor country to livo in, but it is a
mighty fine country to die in bcenuse
it takes so long to do it.
Willamette's football squad didn't
exactly ent up tho state university
bunch Saturday it is true, but wait.
U'Korn in tliia tnorn ttt Tlrr.rilf I t-n xun
are hearing so much about at present)
A world's baseball series must be
more exciting in its immediate vicinity
than pulling a crop of flax.
A Salem tonsorial artist says: "Safe
ty first humph- that's what is rais
ing the dickens with the barber business."
It wns Millie Burke vs. William Far
num vs. "Civilization" in the Salem
amusement court yesterday, and the
jury failed to agree.
A good many folks are complaining
of colds and toothache and such dis
agreeable things, the result of the beau
tiful weather. Never mind. The chances
are that it will be raining presently.
One thing is pretty evident the lo
cal Y. M. C. A. bas awakened greatly
refreshed after its nap.
The town is on the vaudeville map
Anyway enough voters have regis-
II Pays to INSURE!
For Rates
AH American Companies. Prevent Loss by Carrying I
484 Court Street
1 -
We have one of the largest Insurance Agencies in the
State of Oregon, and our record for paying losses is
sufficient to establish the standing of the companies.
Insure Now-Prevent Loss Later.
Lafler &
Room 406 Hubbard Building.
tered to make it positive that the com
ing election will lie a great success.
Tho chap who thinks the world's
baHctrall series is a "put up job" has
been heard from. How that fellow must
enjoy life!
Phone 81
Prompt Service
Wheat Took a Drop
Due to Submarines
( liiciign, I h-t. 0. T
showed influence of
ties at the opening
wheat lit the nnciiiiiir
of .! ' -j points over
wtiile .May wheat wns
Corn also was lowe
Shortly nfter tlm
showed gooil recover!.
vaneing J J-m to l
advancing 1 7-8 to
he wheat nuirhot
submarine activi
ty lay. December
registered a lins
Saturday's vlomt
down 3 Jt 4 points
opening wheat
ch, December nd-
r7 7-18 and May
..ri .1-8.
Journal Want Ada Qot Results,
MML V"1 3 ill
T7 1 O TT.l O TTT 1 n T-i .
j-j. iJUBn rouimi neipf wont; i or Kent 7 ror
bale.' HOUSe Wanted? Hlisinnsa nnnni-tnnifw?
" V'rvi VU1UVJ ,
Vm A A. .!.- A TT O Tl
n.u ziutuj a iiursei ii your name is in tne tele- SS-
jjj. phone directory '
Every phone in Salem, Marion and Polk coun- S
ig ties connects in an instant with The Capital k
J Journal Want Ad Phone No. 81.
1 (BMm Journal I
?? 5?
Business A' Qf .
Office $01 8