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For Sufferers from Backache. Rheumatism and Kidney Trouble
Before an Insurance company will
take A risk on your life tlie, examin
ing physician will Test the urine and
report whother you are a good risk.'
Qvtien your kidney, ge't -sluggish and
dg! you suffer from backache, sick-i
headache, (iipy1 -tcpells, or the twinges1
and pains of lumbago, rheumatism and
gout. The urine is often cloudy, full
of sediment; ' channels 'often get sore
and jsleep is' disturbed two or three'
times a night. This is the time you
should consult some physician of wide'
experience such, is Dr", Pierce- of the
Invaclids' Hotel and Surgical Institute,'
Buffalo,' X. i". Send 10e for large
trial, package of "Anuric." Write,
your, symptoms and send n sample of I
urine for. itest. ., Experience has .taught.
Dr. Pierce that "Anuric" is a most
powcjrful agent in, dissolving uric acid,i
Rational Commission Meets
and Picks From Available
vim-imiati. unio. Sept. 1.). Major
league clubs drafted the following piny-
ers at today's meeting of the National
commission: .
Athletics: Johns. Columbus; Bass-
Vernon: Noyes. Portland: HilU Waco;:.f 1"s P""10" the eight hour legislu
Smith, -Oklahoma City; Naylor, McAl-i1'011 'u settling the railroad controversy
lister, Oklahoma 'City: Bntchi. Muske- will feature President Wilson's enrlv
rron: Horn, Wellsville,' X. Y.; Anderson. I speeches, it was learned today.
South Bend. . - I Democratic lenders believe' Hughes is
Cleveland: . Choice.''. Iudiniinpolis; determined to make these issues para
Harris,. Chattanooga: Miller, ' Omaha; mount questions of the campaign and
Petty, San Aiitoiiio; Yerkes, Atlanta;! the president has indicated his willing
rhoico of Baltimore team; Dickerson, ' ness to accept them both.
Dothnm, Alabama. ; ' ' , Democrats have told the president
Chicago Americans: ' Mulligan, Kan- j that Hughes is "misinterpreting tin
sas City; Kopp, Buffalo; choice of Adamion eight hour law as a wngn
Richmond team; Henry, Petersburg, 'law. "
Vn.; Ray and Lake.. Newport . News; The president, therefore, will eutel
UTay, Wichita: Teague, Rocky . Motin-j into an imeiudiate discussion of this
Kirkhnm, St. Joseph: choice of Mon- phase of the campaign debate bv ei
trenl team; Breen and Carlson, Rock-: deavoring to show that what he' con-tort-
tended for. and what he believes he
Detroit Americans: Kenworthy, Onk- got in settling the threatened strike bt
land; Bigler. Gettysburg. Pa.; Penning-; the Adnmson law. was the principle or
ton. Lawrence, Mass.; Flitt, Portland, the eight honr dav -with what he bo
Mnino. lieves "attendant
Washington Americans: Choice of St.
Paul and Rochester clubs.
Cincinnati: Ellok. Moline. III.: Oer-'
ner, Reading, Pa.; O'Rourke and Ring, ists ore said to have aroused President
Utifn. I Wilson to the point where ho will ninkt
New York Nationals: Witferstautter,! an early and spirited rejjy. This de
Newark; Cansey, Waco. cision was renched when" administra-
Chieago Nationals: MeTigue, Toron- tion leaders advised him that conten
to; Dilhoefer, Milwaukee; Muesel, Bir- tion by the republicans in Maine wns
minghnm; Flannignn, Muscatine; O'- one of the reasons for the democratic
Farrell, Peoria; Reuther, Spokane; defeat there:- . ...
woir, uuiutli
Boston Nationals: Mnssev. New Or-
leans; Hammond, Springfield, Mass.;lint" minute bits. The card was that
MeCandless, Dallas. j of a San Francisco distillyer, aad the
St. Louis Nationals: Deace, Topekn; name erased was that of William Mas
Gardiner, Newport News. ' ey.
Brooklyn Nationals: Farbrigue, Prov-' "My name is William Morgan, and
idence; Ouerning, Portland, Me.; Fitz-'1" -- years old." said the prisoner,
simnions, Butte; Snyder, Macon; (sub . " Massev is another fellow altogeth
ject to iuvestigntioa). icr."
Philadelphia Nationals: Fitterv, Salt j
Lake City; Carmicuael, Paris, Texas.
Pittsburg Nationals: Ellis, Fargo;
Gleason, Lynn; King, Wheeling.
New Y'ork Americans: Rnwlings, To
ledo; Munroe, Memphis; Kniiiipp,
Shreveport. La.; Manda, Fort Worth;
Schnw, Macon.
Shipped Liquor In Cans
f lUTli 1 D .al J
01 llllIK 10 I OrtlanQ
i in or near this city, lie would not
Portland. Or., Sept. -I.". l'ortv gal-' tell her address.
Ions of fiery liquor came into Portland;"''" tell anything bnt that," he said
on the steamer F. A. Kilburn, which ! nml lapsed into silence until the tnik
tied up at Columbia dock late Sntur-! took another turn;
day night, says the Oregoniaa. Never' Morgan will probably be tried in
was a shipment of illicit whiskey eon- municipal court today, lie is charged
eealed more cleverly. Four 10 gallon j with a violation of the prohibition' law
milk cans stood on the steamer's deck, by shipping aa excessive amount of
They were consigned from "1. Imr- j
ry, of San Franeist-o. to the "Davis
('ream Company'' of Portland.
Hecnuse of those milk cans and t!iO
misadventures that befell in reinov-
ing them from the dock, William Mas-!
spy, alias William Morgan, entered the,"
city jail at 10 o clock yesterday moru- Chicago. Sept. 15. Heavy selling on
ing. bis eont collar firm in the grip the bulge was responsible for a drop
of Patrolman A. F. Gordon, of the llar-i i wheat prices today. Early gains were
bor Police Patrol. Massey, or Morgan, ;mcde on light offerings ami the dis
"ils he prefers to bp. known, is held nn-j crediting of reports that' Argentine
der $2"!0 nil. I wheat had been offered at American
M Patrolman Gordon played a lone ! .seaports at lower prices. September
WJnnd in the detection of the smug- wns ,lwn 1 below a high opening at L
gled whiskey and the capture of the Us n- December down S-H, at 1.4S i 5-8.
consignee. Morgan. The shipment of: andu- Mnv unchanged at i1.40 1-4.
4(1 gallons of milk from San Kraneiseoj Continued reports of frost in the corn
to Portland, ringed round by the fin-. licit, sent corn prices down. September
est dairy farms on the Pacific coast, WBg (iW,.r ar 85 5-S; December 1-4
struck Patrolman Gordon as absurd. I nt ;o nluj jfav nr 75 5 s
His suspicions were further confirmed' Oats averaged higher oa first tradts
by the milk and whiskey aura that ator declined on the weakness in
hovered around the four galvanized' ptl,er grains. September wns down 3-8
milk cans, lie kept close watch on the at 44 December down 1-S at 47 1-4,
consignment." ':' ' ': and May unchanged at 50 ,1-R.
The four cans each contained less Provisions were slow and lower de
tlmn. a gallon of milk. They had been spitp a strong hog market.
glin: of liquor into prohibition terri-', m
torv; The bottoms of the regular milk M T
cans had' been removed, and a tightly HlfiXlCan iTOODS ftlUSt
rilling popper can inserted, imp uuuiu.
being then replmed. . The use of cop--,
per was imperative, otherwise t'.ie ship-,
meat of liquor would have turned black ,
from the galvanized can. The inner enn
which was filled to the brim with
whisKev, was closed by a screw-top,
such as is used for bathroom traps. nrBwn from Mexico, Mexican troops
0er it "reposed an inc h of seemingly : must be sent to replace them, Geii;ral
innocent milk, which hnd been treated Xasker II. Bliss, assistant United States
to prevent spoiling. jarmy chief of staff, told the Mexican
The combined effluvia of the ff'r oomniisionorH here today,
inns, when opened, was remindful of. General Bliss put this - proposition
egguogs, milkshakes and other cups of squarely before the commissioners at to
jleer that have retired to privacy in' day session, held aboard the presi
Are province of prohibition.- dentin! yacht Sylph, tossing in 1 n
"Hey! Where can we get a cow !' heavy rainstorm in the sound,
thatf" a jocular city detective culled Louis Cabrera, heading the Mexican
to the prisoner. The information was delegation, replied that personally he
withheld in a stubborn silence. 'believed General Carranza was nrepnr-
The prisoner did all that he could ,.,1 t0 send in enough troops to relieve
to conceal his identity, and of the 1 Pershing's force but he did not desire
source of the shipment. Before he wasU0 commit the Mexican government, he
fearched, he hastily erased the depos- j said, without consulting with officials
lor's name from the bank book which jut Mexico City,
and is endowed with other properties,
for it -preserves the kidneys in a
heilthy condition by thoroughly cleans
ing them, being se many times more
active than lithia, "Anuric" clears
the blood and filters out. those depos
its of lime-salts which cause so much
pain, and .prevents dropsical conditions
such as swollen hands or feet and the
bag-like appearance under the eyes.
"Anuric" is a regular insurance and
life-saver for all big meat eaters aad
those who deposit lime-salts in their
joints. Ask the druggist for "Anuric"
put up by Dr. Pierce, in 50-cent pack
ages, or send $1.00 to Dr. Pierce for
full treatment by mail.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets for the
liver and bowels have been favorably
known for nearly 50 vcars.
His Attacks Arouse President
Who Will Make Spirited
Reply Soon
By Robert J. Bender.
(United Press staff correspondent.)
Asbury Park, X. J., Sept, 15. Vig-
ornus .attacks upon the republican
charges of sectionalism under the demo-
and satisfaction." on the part of till'
men. 1
.The renuLlicnn nttnelc
np carried, and tore a business card
lll tout Detectives Cahill and Hill
who questioned him, that the shiii
ment was intended for a "fellow nuin
ed Davis," who lives in Saleai. It was
his business, he said, to see that the
masquerading milk cans were transfer
red from the boat and reshipped to Sa
lem. The story is not credited by the
Morgan would 2ive ho iaformatiou
jpnmerning hiiiiscll, save that he had
blH'" employed as a railroad man for
several years, and that his mother lives
liquor into the state.
Wheat Shades Off In
Chicago Markets
Take Place of Ours
By Carl D. Groat.
(United Press staff correspondent.)
New London. Conn.. Sept. 15. If
(Vncral Pershing's troops nre with-
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Victims of Wreck WiU .
Pass Here During Night
.. .... ,- ...
Marsh field, Or., St't'15. Refugees
front " the burned liner Congress w ere
loaded aboard a special train -this
afternoon and started -fo Eugene, Ore
gon, where they wiH fee- transferred to
Pullmans for tho trip to Seattle via
Portland. "
Tha special, carrying officials of the,
P. (.'. 8. S. Company arrived here at
12:30 p. m. Captain Cousins met the!
train and immediately went into con
cultation with Assistant Manager Bulin
of the company,
Sailors of the .Congress remained be
hind. They are scheduled to follow in
another special late this afternoon.
Captain Cousins and the company of
ficers did not start with the rescued
passengers. It is understood they plan
to board the blackened skeleton of the
Congress when it is sufficiently cooled
and ascertain the extent of the dam
age. Boatmen who., approached the
wreck this afternoon reported there
was nothing left but a steel shell. .
President's Sister
Is Sinking Rapidly
Asbury Park, N. J., Sept. 15. Presi
dent Wilson received word shortly be
fore noon today that his sister, Mrs.
Annie E. Howe, who is gravely ill at
New London, Conn., is sinking rapid
ly. .
The news was brought to him just
after he had finihsed a morning round
of golf at Long Beach. 11c immediate
ly cancelled other engagements and
made tentative arrangement; to go to
New London later in the day.
If Mrs. Howe dies, president Wilson
probably will accompany the body to
South Carolina for the funeral services
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For Infants and Children
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Signature of
(Oontihned from page one.)
lies' left wing is growing more violent
every day. Capture of a salient heia
by the Bulgars iu the Vardar valley
southwest of Doiran, was the most im
portant victory won by the British on
this sector of the front since the pres
ent offensive began.
Greece's intervention in the war is
still being delayed by diplomatic agents
at Athens. Dispatches from the Greek
capital today said that King Constan
tine: has summoned- a-ctmferrtice of aW
political leaders iu pew effort to find
a prime minister who will guide Greece
into; war and-at the ame time unite
opposing factions iu Greece. , " '
British Gain, on Sonime.
London, Sept. 15. British, troops re
sumed their great offensive this,morn
ing.with a ppwerful blow against the
German lines north of the Somme'.
General Haig announce! this after
noon thnt the British advanced 2,000
yards on the wide front from Bonlaux
wood, northwest of Combles, to a point
north o? .the Albert Bnpnume road. The
attack is-continuing and many prisoners
already have been taken.
Southeast of Thiepval, the British last
night captured German trenches on a
front of 1,000 yards, including the
strong Wunderwerk position.
The Britis'h used a new type of heavy
armored car 'for the first time in this
morning's great smash and with remark
able success, General Haig reported.
Four German aeroplanes were shot down
in flumes and four others damaged. On
no single day on any front since the
beginning of the war have so many
aeroplanes been put out of commission.
British: air forces co-operated splen
didly with the infantry in the attack,
flying-.low and turning machine guns
on Geimnn infantry.
British airmen attacked German head
quarters at Bapaume and the enemy
railway station, bombarding rolling
stock and damaging one traiu. Two
hostile kite balloous were destroyed.
Flew Across Bulgaria.'
Paris, -Wept. 15. A French war plane.
0110 of our air raiders that bombarded
the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, flew
clear across Bulgaria from the allied
lines in Greece, landing in Bucharest,
capital of Rumania, it was officially an
nounced today.
Serbians Chase Bulgars.
Salonika, Sept. 15. Bulgarian troops
are falling back. upon the Greek toyvu
of Fiorina, hotly pursued by the Ser
bians who have captured the. principal
heights vf. Miilkanidje." The Serbians
have captured 20 guns.
Sweden Holds Up Coffee.
Berlin, Sept. 15. (Via wireless to
Sayville, X. I.) Presumably in retalia
tion for- tho .stoppage of coffee ship
ments to Sweden by the British gov
ernment. Sweden has detained 10,000
tons of coffee destined for Finland,
said a Stockholm dispatch today. There
is a great scarcity of coffee in Fin
land. French Take Trenches.
Taris, Sept. 15. French troops last
night captured . series of German
trenches south of Runcourt by a spirit
ed attack; advancing; their lines to the
edge of tho village, two miles Past by
southeast of Combles, it was officially
announced this afternoon.
All German counter attacks both
north aud south of the Somme were re
pulsed. All Attacks Repulsed.
Berlin, via wireless to Savville. L. I..
j Sept. 15. British troops made unsuc-
' cesstui attempts to capture a German
d salient south of Thiepval by encircling
attacks last nignt, it was olticialiy an-
nouneed this afternoon.
,If you suffer backache, sleepless
nights, tired, dull day's and distressing
urinary disorders. don't experiment,
Read this twice-told testimony. It's
Salem evideucc doubly proven.
J. H. Penton, 1405 Lee St., Salem,
says: "On several occasions a cold
settled in my back, across my kidneys,
causing pain that extended into my
loins. I knew from other disorders
that iny kidneys were to blame and
started using Dunn's Kidney Pills. 1
found them just the thing to rid me
of the pain and disorders." (State
ment given December 11, 1912.)
On April 12, 1016, Mr. Penton said:
"1 have never found a more reliable
medicine for backache and kidney dis
orders than Doan's Kidney Pills.
Whenever my kidneys get out of fix,
they soon put them rigJt."
Price 50c at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doau's Kidney Pills the same that
Mr. Penton has twice publicly recom
mended. Fostcr-Milburn Co., Props.,
Buffalo, N. V.
Murderer Jumps From
Train, Is Recaptured
New York, Sept. 15. Arthur Walton-
eu, self confessed accomplice iu the
murder of Airs. r.li.uDoth Nichols, ugeU
widow who was killed and robbed of
jewelry valued at (16,000 about a yeur
ago, hurled himself from the New York
Central Flyer as it passed through
Montrose, N. Y., ealy today, either in
an attempt at suicide or to escape from
detectives who were bringing him here
from I ron wood, Mich. It was at Iron
wood that Waltonen was arrested aud
made his confession.
: Eluding his guards for a moment,
Waltonen threw open the door of the
car and deliberately leaped out. He
was 'found to be severely injuied when
picked up by detectives who recaptured
him after the train had been stoped.
A fourth man was brought into the
Nichols murder case today when New
York detectives arrested Harry Res
nick, a restaurant proprietor of Dover,
N. J., on a charge of receiving stolen
goods and being an accessory after the
fact. Two valuable stones, stolen from
Mrs. Nichols were recovered the police
announced and officers were sent to
search in places in which Resuick said
other jewels were hidden. Joseph A.
Mulholland, one of the men now under
arrest for tho murder, sold a part of
the jewelry stolen from the aged wo
man to Resuick for (500, the police
. The following prices for fruits
and vegetables are those asked by
rthe wholesaler of the retailer, atd
not what is paid to the producer.
All other p.-ices are those paid the
-producer. Correotlcni are made
Flour is trying to keen up with the
higher level of wheat and today anoth-J
er tiveceuts a sack was tacked on
bringing' the range of har'l wheat flour
from $1.70 to $2.05 and the soft wheat
flour at 1.65. :
The nog market is weak, although
the markets are paying nine cents for
tops.- - Eggs'" -ar gradually advancing
and, the retail price, today is 35 cents.
wheat si.oog i.ia
Oats, ne 38i40c
Rolled barlev , $38.50
Bran : '. - $26.00
Shorts, per ton $29.00
Hay, clover . $9$10
Hay, cheat $10.0011.00
Hay, vetch $11$12
Hay, timothy, , $15($16
Butterfat 31e
Creamery butter, per pound .".34c
Country butter 25(5i27c
Eggs and Poultry.
Eggs, case count, cash 26c
Eggs, trade 27c
Hens, pound .. 12;-i13Vic
Roosters, old, per pound 8c
Broilers, under 2 pounds 14e
Pork, Veal and Mutton.
Veal, dressed , 9llc
Pork, dressed 1112 l-2c
Pork, on foot 8 l-29c
Spring lambs, 1916 7(57 l-4o
Steers S6
Cows 3 l-24e
Bulls 33 1-4
Ewes . 44 l-2e
Wethers 5 1-2
Tomatoes, Oregon
Cucumbers ' i .
. . . v 65c
String garlic
Potatoes, sweet 3 l-2c
Potatoes Kg'l'i
Beet 40c
Green onions . 40
Grpen nennnm fin
Carrots, dozen 40e
Onions $1.78
Beans, green and waxed .... 4e
Onions, Walla Walla $1.75
x runs.
Watermelons ..., 1(3 Hie
Miiskmelonci sl.25
Peaches, Oregon 25(5 60c
ftrnnen .... . 1 OllfTj't fill
Apples .. 50e(S1.00
Oranges, Valencies .......... $4,25
T.Amnna nt lucv 7 hfc7i.7 RO
Cantaloupes, per box $L50(u l.75
Bananas, pouna ... Df
California grape fruit . $3.00
Tl, . I- ' . All An
r loriun grupe iruifc M. .. 90.UU
Pineapples ,.4.. 8e
Honey $3.50
. BataU fries.
Eggs, per dozen, fresh ranch 3."e
Sugar, cane ; $7.55
Sugar, beet $7.3.i
Creamery butter 40
Flour, hard wheat $l.70(?t2.05
Flour, valley ., $1.65
' Will pay 27c pr dozen for
strictly fresh Ranch Eggs
Portland, Ore., Sept. 15. Wheat:
Club, $1.2S.
Bluestem, sl..'U.
Fortyfold, $1,110.
Red Russian, $1.25.
Oats: No. 1 white feed, 2S.25.
Barley: Feed, $o2.
Hogs: Bet' live. $9.75.
Prime steers, $7.15,
Fancy cows. $5.75.
Calves, $7.50.
Spring lambs, $S..'!5.
Butter: City creamery, 31c.
Eggs: Selected local ex., IMc.
Hens, 15c.
Broilers, 16(5 17c.
Geese, 8(5 He!
That's the woman's dread when she
gets up in the morning to start the
day's work. "Oh! how my back
aches." GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil
Capsules taken today eases tho back
ache of tomorrow taken every day
ends the backache for all time. Don't
delay. What's the use of suffering!
Begin taking GOLD MEDAL Haarlem
Oil Capsules today and be relieved to
morrow. Take three or four every day
and he permanently free from wrench-
ling, distressing bacK pain. But be sure
to get wn.u Atr.UAI.. JSince KiOU 001. u
MEDAL Haarlem Oil has been the
National Remedy of Holland, the Gov
ernment of tho Netherlands having
granted a special charter authorizing
its preparation and sale. Tho housewife
of Holland would almost as soon be
without bread as she would without her
"Real Dutch Drops" as she qunintlv
calls GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Cap
sules. This is the one reason why you
will find the women and children of
Holland so sturdy and robust.
GOLD MEDAL arc the pure, original
Haarlem Oil Capsules imported direct
from the laboratories in Haarlem, Hol
land. But be sure to get GOLD;
MEDAL. Look 'for the name on every I
box. Sold by reliable druggists in
scaled packages at 25c, 50c ami $1.00. 1
Money refunded if thev do not help you. I
Accept only the OOLD MEDAL. Alii
others are imitations.
The world is filled with people who
dou't cure a hang what happens as
Ion. it dccesii 't lmpi.cn to them.
Children Cry
New York, Sept. 15. Com-
modify prices in the United
States . have increased 36 per
cent since the start of the Euro-
pcan war, according, to figures
issued by Bradstreots today
;. A new high record for Brad-
; streets index figure formed- by
adding the totals of prices per
; pound of ninety-six articles was -
established in September. The
. record is $1 1.7873.- The July
....1!U4 index was 8.G36. ,
; Children Cry.
FOR SALE 45 acrfcs. V ,ml5 fron B.
B. station, 1!L' niilos frbm, two good
little towns; 15 acres clear, 20 acre
-creek bottom, ' fair ouil'dings. Pries '
2500.00, half cah," no trade. Squar
Deal Realty Co., 203 U. S. Bank bldg.
WE J;IAVE Cash buyer for 10 to 2
acres good garden land, well located.
Must be bargain. Call Square Deal
Realty Co., 202 U. S. Bank bldg.
corner Commercial and Trade street
For water service apply at office.
Nelson Q. Freemon, proprietor, os .
eillating wall beds, hot water heat,,
Dutch kitchens. Beautifully locatr
ed, opp. Marion park. 610 N. Con
meicial St., Salem, Oregon. Paone
209. Janitor service.
B5 S I . J
DR. O. L. SCOTT Graduate of Chiro
practic's Fountain Head, Davenport,
Iowa. If you have tried everything
jnd got no relief, try Chiroprao
tic spinal adjustments and get welL
Office 406-7-8 U. S. National Bank
Building. Phone Main 87. Residence.
Main 828-R.
Depot American fence.
Screen for Doors and Windows.
Paints, Oils and Varnishes.
Btoves repaired and Bold.
R. B Fleming. 259 Court. Phone 124.
Incorporated, drugless methods,"
opens Sept. 5tb, 1916. Private pa
tients and clinics, lto 5 p. m. Flora A.
Brewster, M. D. Dean, 428 Hubbard '
bldg., Salem. Or.
from all points, east, on all houaholJ -
?;oods, pianos, etc. Consolidated ear-
oad service. Capital City Transfer ,
Company, agents for Pacific Coast
Forwarding company, 161 South Cook -mercial
street. Phoae Main 933 - .
Money to Loan
! OK Good Beal Estate Security.
Over Ladd Bush Bank, Salem, Orego
$500,00 Eastern money to loan, loir
rates, quick service. Repayment priv
ilege. Thos. A. Boberts, 205 U. S.
' Bank bldg, Salem, Oregon.
MONEY TO LOAN I have made ar
rangements for loaning eastera
money, will make very low rate of
Interest on highly improved farms.
Homer H. Smith, room 9 McCornack
Bldg., Salem, Ore., Phone 96.
DBS. B. H. WHITE and R. W. WAL
TON Osteopathic physicians and
nerve specialists. Graduate of Amer
ican school of Osteopathy, Kirkaville,
Mo. Post graduate and specialized ia
nerve diseases at Los Angeles college
Treat acute and chronic diseases.
Consultation free. Lady attendant.
Office 005-506 V. S. National Bank
Building. Phone 859. Aesidence 3td
North Capital street. Phone 469.
proprietor. Garbage and refuse of all
kinds removed on monthly contract
at reasonable rates. Yard and cess
pools cleaned. Office phone Maia
2247. Residence Main 2272
A. M. dough morticians and funeral
directors. Latest modern metaods
known to the profession employed.
499 Court St. Main 120, Main 9383.
directors aud undertakers, 252 North,
High street. Day and night phone
and pay taxes in Salem. Let Salem
people saw your wood. Phone 269.
1198 N. 21st. F. L. Keister, Wm.
Children Cry
Yick So Ton?
... ,
Has medicine which will enre
Any knowa Disease
Open Sundays from 10:00 a. m.
until 8:00 p. m. ,
163 South High StrHt.
Zi.'.itn, Oregon- Phone C83