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YOUNG CALF Wanted. Phone 62F14
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W DTTuNTtNGTON Horace (Jowk.er
I Horace Bowker and W. D. Hunt-1
Sngten, who were elected president
and vice president of the National
Fertilizer-Association at their con
vention at Hot Springs, Vt., are not
bnly among the youngest leaders in
the fertilizer industry but ore both
(men who have made enviable reputa
tions as organizers and leaders in
the industry.
) Mr. Bowker has .grown up in the
fertilizer industry, being a son of the
fate W. H. Bowker, one of the pio-
Eeer chemical manufacturers of the
ountry and the man who during the
In Iter years of his life was known as
he dean of the fertilizer industry.
(Mr. Bowker began work with the old
Bowker Fertilizer Company at F.liza
hcthport, N. J., in 1899. In 1903, he
joined the forces of Baugh and Sons
Company at Philadelphia. Eight
years ago he became secretary of the
(American Agricultural Chemical
jUompany, at New York, in which
; that
Season Fare
Week End
$3.85 22
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Sale? House Wanted? Business Opportunity? W
3ft An Auto? A Horse? If
pnone directory
Every phone in Salera,
ties connects in an instant with The Capital
journal want acl rnone
Business J? Q 1
Office (ft Ol
cupacity he ha3 made a wonderful ,
reputation as an organizer. I
He has long been a recognized !
leader in Association work, being for.j
five years a member of the Soil Im-
provement Committee. His election'
as the youngest president of the As-1
sociation is fitting recognition of his
broad-minded foresight and leader-:
ship. I
W. D. Huntington, the new vice
president, started in the fertilizer
business in Cincinnati. He was with
the International Agricultural Cor-
? oration and was located at Buffalo
or 12 years. In September, 1915, he
became vice president of the Davison
Chemical Company at Baltimore. He
i.s chairman of the Soil Improvement
Committee and a member of the
Executive Committee. The election
of these far-sighted men presages a
new era in the fertilizer industry and
a broadening of its already extended
lines of activity. . s.
trip nhnuld not ho dt'In.vtM.
''Oregon's premier beach resort"
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Daily Trains
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jno. bi.
Athletics Have Chance To Tie
Record of Bad Playing by
Losing One More
New York, Aug. 8 Connie Mack and
his Athletics liive just one more!
chance today to escape the ignominy of,
tieiug the American league record for:
consecutive defeats. They have lout 19 j
straight nnd have won but five games ,
out of the lost 07. !
The record for successive is 20 estnb-j
lished long ago by Ronton, end thought j
safe against any assault. Mack will j
play his one remaining card, Joe Bush,
today hi an offor. Jo win from tho Tig
ers. Philadelphia .has been the one soft
spot this year iu a league filled with
fighting teams. . St; Louis nnd Washing
ton, though close to the cellar, have
caused nil kinds of trouble for the
league lenders. But when an American.'
league team pulls into Philadelphia this
year it figures that only possible bad
weather stnnds in the way of four,
straight. !
The question of umpire baiting comes
up iu tho National lengue tomorrow
when the club owners nnd managers .
who hnve so freely criticised Tener'sl
inilictor holders will be called to task. !
President Tenor has called a meeting .
of the league here tomorrow and the
question will bo thoroughly discussed.
Just how poor may be the eyesight of
the arbiters of the National league is a
mutter of doubt, J. Kvers, notwithstand
ing, but it is significant the Phillies,
who lust year won the pennant had
least trouble with the umpires and
Brooklyn this year, seldom raises a
White Sox Increase Lead.
Chicago, Aug. S The Whitepox were
well out in trout today iu the American
league pen mint race.
With a game and a half to the good
the Kowlandites are confident they have
the edge on all the other teums and are
predicting a clean sweep of the present
series with tho Boston Red Sox. Chi
cMgo strengthened its hold on first
place yesterday by downing Boston 7 to
1, ltcb Hussefl hurled ill masterly form
for the Chicago bunch.
McGraw May Retire.
New York, Aug. 8. John J. McGraw,
manager of the Giunts, had New York
funclom guessing today when he was
quoted ns refusing to deny a rumor that
he might retire from bnsebull at the
end o the season.
"Twenty-six years is n long time to
wear n uniform," said McGraw, "and
i-onie limes 1 hnvo a notion I'd liko to
give that up. But nothing definite has
b.'i'ii sotneU yet."
To Entertain the Boys
San Dieiro. Cnl.. Aug. 8. Cruck box
era inul wrestlers of the local Y. M.
C. A. will invade tho Oregon militia
ciiinp lit Imperial Bench tomorrow ev
ening to do battle with the ring and
mat artists umoiig the northwestern
troops. The visitors nave a nuinoer oi
top notch men.
Watching the Scoreboard
, Pacific Coast.
W. L. Pet.
07 48 .583
07 55 .549
05 57 .5.13
5 54 .480
54 59 .478
47 78 .370
Los Angeles ..
San Francisco .
Salt Lake
Yesterday's Results.
No gumes plnyed, teams traveling.
Today's Games.
Los Angeles at Snn Francisco.
Oakland at Salt Lake.
Tortland oneus with Vernon at Los
Angeles tomorrow.
W. L. Pet.
Brooklyn 59 35 .528
Boston 55 38 .591
Philadelphia 54 40 .574
New, York 49 52 .521
Chicago , 4(1 54 .400
St. Louis 45 58 .437
Pittsburg .19 5.1 .430
Cincinnati 39 05 .375
W. L. Pet.
Chicago til 44 .581
Boston 58 44 .509,
Cleveland 57 45 .539
New York 55 47 .539
Detroit 50 50 .528
St. Louis 53 51 .510
Washington 51 50 .505
Philadelphia . 19 79 .193
Yesterday's big league hero was Hnns
Lobert who went to bat in the fifth in
ning of the Giants-Cubs game as a pinch
hitter and nicked the only Jimmy Lav
ender for a two bagger which sent
three runs. Winding the winning one,
across the plate.
Toncy held the Boston Braves to two
hits but his fellow red legs gave him
poor support. He lost.
The Athletics lost their nineteenth
straight game.
It would have been a homer with any
other outfielder but Speaker. He ran
back a mile, jumped hair as high and
pulled down Pipp's sntit.
Chester Thomas and Jimmy Austin
were indefinitely suspended for' their
impromptu rough and tumble staged on
the St. Louis ball lot the other day.
Are Now -In Reaching Dis
tance It Depends On Next
Sunday Games
The winning of the double-header at
Rainier Sunday has put Salem baseball
fans up on their toes, and it looks as if
the balance of the Inter-City season, so
far as this town is concerned at least,
would be full of genuine interest.
Salem will play the Kirkpntricks hers
next Sunday, and .Camas a week from
Sunday. If the I.ojus win both of these
games, and the Baby Beavers, who are
now leading the lengue by hnlf a game,
continue to win, the fight for the pen
nant n ill. occur in the game to take
place iu two weeks betktieu the Beavers
and the I.ojus.
Local enthusiasts are greatly encour
aged by the showing of the locals in the
games Inst feuuday. The score for first
Rainier AB. H. PO. A. E.
Thompson, lb 3 110 2 0
Calvin, c. v.... 4 0 3 3 0
McKinna, ss. ......... 5 3 3 1 1
Steurhoff, cf 3 0 3 1 1
Brough, E., rf 4 1 2 0 0
Niles, 3b .' 4 0 3 1 0
Carney, If.' ... 4 0 0 0 0
Fulton, 20 z u a 4 o
F.vnns, p. 1 0 0 0 0
Linnd, p.' 0 0 0 0 0
Alex, p 3 0 0 2 0
Brough, J 1 0 0 0 0
Totals .. 34 5 27 14 2
x Batted for Alex in uinth.
AB. H. PO. A. E.
Humphreys, 2b ..
2 3 1
1 0 1
A. Birien, .iu ...
Edwards, c
Adams, cf
Kennedy, lb ....
Keene, p., rf
1 9
2 1
0 11
2 0
3 1
2 2
1 0
3 0
0 0
0 1
3 0
4 2
0 0
Miller, ss
Greegs; rf., p. . . ,
Buker, If
0 1
Totals 34 11 27 13 0
Score by innings: R. H. E.
Salem 031 050 200 .11
Hits 010 070 210 11
Rainier ..... 100 Oil 200 9 1
Hits - 000 051 3IIU 5
ftiniH (VRriner. Kihvnril " Ailllllls.
ivciiiicilv. Keene 3. Miller. Greece. Bak
er, Thompson, (.ntvin, AleKiniin, stem-
hoft, K. Brougli, Liirney z, uiton, Alex.
KiiiiiA runs. Keene. Orceir. Two base
hits, Adams, Miller, M. Kiinia 2.
Struck out, by Keene 7, by Greegs 1, by
Evans 1, by Alex 2. Wild pitch, Keene
1, Gree-gs 1, Evans 1, Limid 1, Alex 2.
Bases on balls, Evans 2, Linnd 1, Alex
4, Keene 4, Greegs 3. Hit by bnll, Car
ney and Fulton by Grceg, Niles by
Keene, Kennedy aim urecg oy Aiex
Stolen bases, O'Brien 3, Edwnrds, Ad
ftnis. Keiinedv. Keene. ThoniDSon. Car
ney, Alex. Double plays, Miller to
Humphreys to Kennedy, Thompson to
The Second 'Game.
Snlom AB. H. PO. A. E.
Humphrey, 2b 4 0 1 2 0
O'Brieu, 3b, rf 4 0 1 1 1
Edwards, c 4 2 11 0 1
Adams, cf 4 1,2 0 0
Kennedy, lb 3 0 5 0 0
Keene, p 3 1 0 1 1
Miller, ss 3 1 1 1 1
Greeg. rf, 3b 3 0 0 0 0
Baker, If 2 0 0 0 1
. 28 0 21 5 5
AB. H. PO. A. E.
Thompson, lb
Cnlvin, rf. ...
McKenna, ss.
Steurhol'f, cf.
E. Brough, If.
Niles, 3b ....
Carney, c
Fulton, 2b ...
O'Dell, p
0 0
0 0
Totals . . .
..30 5 21 10 4
Score by innings: R. H. E.
Salem 100 004 1 5 5
Hits 100 013 0 6
Rainier ' 211 000 0 4 4
Hits ( . . 211 000 0 5
, Summary.
Runs. ' O'Brien, 'Edwards, Adams,
Keene 2. Cnlvin, McKenna, Steurho'ff,
Vnltnn -Rmma l,it Millnr K Hrillltfll.
Steurhoff. ' Struck out, by eKeue 11, by
O'Ueir r. Hnse ou Dans, Keene z. u ueu
2. Passed bnll, Edwards 2. . Stolen
hnu.,,1 tl'ftrien Kilwunlu '9.- Keene.
Thompsdn, McKinua, Stcnrhoff, Fulton.
tut by pitcner, naser, ruiton. noiiine
plays," O'Dell to McKinna to Thompson.
Time of game 1:30. Uinpirs, E. Hnn-
kin. i '
Philadelphia, Aug. 8. The'end of the
strike of car men iu this city is in sight,
according to officials of the Philailel
phin Rapid Transit company before hos
tilities have hardly begun. Thomas E.
Mitten, president of the affected eon
corn, declared today that 62 of the strik
ers have already returned.
On the other hand, union officials not
only deny this but claim 1,200, niotor
ruen and conductors have quit.
There is only one fi footer in every
20 men; the others only act "big".
Ntephis Appeal.
The Senators slipped into seventh
place when they lust to the Browns. The
Athletics nre only 21 1-2 games further
down. -
Cobb didu't get a hit.
tieSfan Jard Oil ior Motor Cars
Writes of Her Travels Down
Grade, Life Wrecked for
Worthless Tyrant
San Francisco, : Aug. 8. Bitterness
- . . In i : i.Al
aguiust an unman miiu niis iii me
heart of Mrs. Louise McClellan, when
she entered her room early today. She
Baw her two pretty babies lying asleep
on the bed.
Ou of a handbag sh took a bottle.
On its label were'the words "lysol
Sue went to her writing table and
poured out' her bitter, sordid story in
1.U..4-- nnta It WflU llA nlll. nil) COn-
fession of a woman who had let her
life be dominated by a man, and then
had drifted down along the crimson
path. Wkan the note was done she
drank the lysol. She lies dying at the
emergency hospital.
Strangely enough, t ie man sue
blames for her downfall is under ar
rest on a charge of vagrancy.
Her letter, found by trie ponce,
rends as follows:
"To the law I am done lor. i
might ns well ge. 1 stood for his beat
ititr mill filth but I know the law will
help n man not a womnn who has mot
her downfall from a num. God bless
all men, but pity nil women. I drank.
to mv sorrow, tor mo uses m ii"".
Kbrgi've me and see that my babies are
kept all right. Law will find out that
men are no good if they are like him
California Oil Companies May
Unite to Form Gigantic
Snu Francisco, Aug. 8. If Andrew
nr..:. mininiinire nil niul sliiniiiiicr mnn.
is interested in the reported plan to
merge the Union un, enntorum xenu
leum company and other companies into
an organization that will be as great as
the Standard Oil company, he prefers to
keep the information to himself. All
efforts to secure cither a confirmation
or a deniel have been in vnin.
1 Weir is interested in the Union Oil
company, which it is reported is includ
ed in the gigantic deal. E. Hodeny.
president of the California Tetroleum
companv, snvs he is perfecting plans
for a $150,000,000 capitalization. Weir
is here for a few days. He has made
immense profits with his shipping ac
tivities since the beginning of the Euro
pean war and has been chosen a direc
tor of Lloyds bank, one of the world 's
largest institutions. . .
Denouncing medicines
Wholesale denunciation of propri
etary medicines is no more justifiable
than wholesale denunciation of the
medical profession. It is no more
true that there are reputable physi
cians who unselfishly . devote their
lives to an unending struggle with
disease tllan that there are stand
ard remedies which do as good a
work; often where the' work of the
good physician cannot reach. A good
example' is Lydia E, Piukhnm's Vege
table Compound, which, has for forty
years, beeu alleviating the sufferings of
women and curing the ills peculiar to
their sex.
Berlin, Aug. 8. A persona letter
from President Wilson to the hniser.
touching on conditions in Poland, was
delivered to Foreign Secretary Von Ja
gow today by Ambassador - Gerard.
Von .lagow forwarded it to the kaiser.
j vague Koquesi.
I "That was rather a vague request
!the tenor made o'f his manager."
j "What was itf"
"lie asked the mauager to indorse
: his uotes. "
(Continued from rag Ona.)
finally fought its way into the Thioit
rnont work which was recaptured last
week bv the French in their counter of
The French immediately counter at
tacked aud desperate fighting wns go
ing on at this point when the last dis-
r:l.l n tliA a n'ffirA.
ft the north of the Somme the
French last night, moving forward
jointly with the British in an attack
The Sumlard Oil Company
uncla squarely behind Zcrolcne
and guarantee! it the test auto
mobile oil they know hov. to
Sold by dealers everywhere and
at ill Service Station ot the
Standard Oil Company
(Olifooi) "
directed nirniust the village of Guille
. .. i. i a rr:li tnnl
mom, uiuuu. progress easi ui-jiui xou
and north of the village of Hardecourt.
Forty prisoners were taken in this re
gion. Along the north bank of the river the
Germans twice attacked njwly won
French positions east of Monacu farm,
but each time were repulsed, losing
heavily. The French took 230 prisoners
in yesterday's fighting around Monncu
farm. ...
British Advance Line.
London, Aug. 8. British troops push
ed their lines forward to the outskirts
of the village of Guillemont in a re
sumption of .the Somme offensive last
night. General -Hnig reported to the
war office this afternoon,. Fighting is
proceeding in. the outskirts of the town
near the railway station. , .
The advance was made east of TroueB
wood, in conjunction with the French
operating north of Hardecourt on the
British right wing. .
The Germans last night heavily bom
barded the positions won by the Austra
lians north and northeast of Pozicres
but did not resume the counter attacks
which resulted so disastrously yestor-.
North of Roclincourt two parties of
British raiders entered the German lines
Inst night nnd blew up dugouts.
Ten enemy neroplnues yesterday at
tempted bomb dropping expeditions be
hind the British front. Four British
planes gave bnttle, driving them buck in
haste. Two of the Germans were driv
es down behind their own lines.
Italians Claim Victory.
Rome, Aug. 8. Italian troops have
scored their greatest victory since the
opening of the Austro-Itnlinn war. 1
Otticial announcement was made this
afternoon that the Goriti! bridgehnud
where the Austnans have detenued
themselves with the greatest stubborn
ness for more than a venr, has been cap
tured by the Italian troops.
At the same time it was announced
that Monte Subotino and Monte St.
Michelc were scenes of almost equally
bloody fighting nnd strongly fortified
Austrian positions have fallen before
the new Itnliun offensive on the Isonsso,
Italian artillery is now shelling Gor
itz itself and is driving the enemy out
of houses just west of tho city, it was
officially announced.
The full of the fortress is considered
by Itjiliun military officers to be im
minent. Behind the Goritz bridgehead lies the
Austrian fortress o'f Goritz which has
held up the Italian advance towards
Irieste since the beginning of the war.
With the bridgehead in their hands the
bridgehead in their hands and Monte
Sabotino and .Monte Son Alichele taken
from the Austrinns the Italians now se
riously threaten the great Austrian
Monte Snn Michele itself was one of
tho strongest Austrian positions on the
Isouzo. J: rom trenches of concrete, arm
orcd machine gunners for months have
beaten otf Italian attacks on San Mich
cle inflicting frightful losses on the at
tacking forces.
The position lies on the Cnrso plateau
five miles southwest of Uontz.
Hand to Hand Fighting.
Berlin, Aug. 8. Anglo-French forces
continued their stubborn attacks
against the German lines between
Tluepval nnd the Somme last night es
pecially in the region of Pozieres, Ba-
zentin-l.e-l'etit and south of Mnurepas
Bittor hand to hand lighting devel
oped at some points, but tho fighting
genernlly was 'favorable to the Germans,
it wns announced officially this after
Berlin, via wireless to Sayville, L. I.,
Aug. 8. Stockholm dispatches given
out by tho semi-official German news
agency today reported that serious riots
broke out in 1 etrograd July 30 because
of hick of food. Tweaty-eight persons
were killed and more than 100 wounded
before soldiers finally dispersed the
crowds looting houses and stores.
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