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For Sufferers From Backache. Rheumatism and Kidney Trouble
Before an Insurance company will
, take i risk on your lit'e the examin
ing, phvaieian will test the urine an'l
report whether you are a good risk.
When your kidneys get sluggish and
clog, you suffer from backache, sick
headache, ilipy spells, or the twinges
and pains of lumbago, rheumatism and
gout. The urine is often cloudy, full
of sediment; channels often get sore
and sleep is disturbed two or three
times a night. This is the time you
should consult some physician of wide
experience such .is Dr. Pierce of the
Invadids' Hotel and Surgical Institute.
Buffalo, X. V. Send 10c for lurge
trial package of "Anuric." Write
your symptoms and send a sample of
urine for test. Experience has taught
Pr. Pierce that "Anuric" is a most
powerful agent in dissolving uric acid,
Bank of England Raises
. New York, July The most sig
nificant event of the week was the rise
of the Bank of Kngland rate from i
to 6 per cent. This is the first ad
vance since August, 1 1 14, and was ev
idently intended as a protective meas
ure against the possibility of higher
interest rates and adverse sterling ex
ehnnge in New York. Next in im
portance came the announcement of a
new $100,000,000 Frencti loan on a S'j.
per cent basis.
Reserves of the New York banks de
clined from over $200,000,000 since last
autumn to about $.'15,000,000 Inst week;
the lowest total siuce the new bank
ing system was inaugurated. This
week the banks gained considerably
through receipts' from the interest, the
federal reserve aperations and sub
treasury payments. In view of the
many prospective demands upou Amer
ies'i banking resources the mouev mar
ket is in an interesting situation. The
usual croji demands will soon assert
themselves, but will be easily cared tor
ami are of minor importance compar
ed with other imminent demands. War
has made New York the lending open
money market of the world. It is the
only market where mil nationalities
eau freely come. Hence the belliger
ents, and especially the allies, have
done a considerable proportion of their
financing here. The pluciug of huge
munition orders in this country has
also contributed enormously to the fi
nancial prestige of Xew York. At this
center the fiscal arrangements of the
ullies were usually made and carried
out; from this port the buik of Ameri
can exports were shipped, and in this
market the credits, loans and bond is
sues connected with the war were nec
essarily made. Hither came the im
niene quantities of gold und securinies
Pent to help 'peymeuts for munitions,
and here further big transactions of
the same sort will be consummated
"af 'least as lung as the war continues.
The expected French loan has already
been announced. Another British loan
possibly in the form or short term
notes, is almost inevitable; while lius
ttiit, China, Canada nil .1 Argentine are
all knocking at our bank doors for fi
nancial aid which will very likely be
rendered. Big demands are evidently
pressing upon our banking resources,
which are fortunately pmple. Yet the
difficulties nre sufficient to call tor
nkillful handling on pact of our finun
eiers; for our banking institutions
hae frequently all the loans
outstanding upon foreign owned
Americau collateral that they desire.
In the last few weeks about $100,000,
00(1 in Americau securities and $150,
1100,000 gold have -lief n imported in
payment for munitions and to assist
in keeping down interest rates, which
if materially higher would operate ad
versely upon sterling exchange and
render British operations still more
costlv. At this juncture come in the
operations of the I'nited Sta'tes treas
ury which is .just now enjoying unusu
ally large revenues; its receipts in
June being over $100,000,000 or $10,
000,0011 in excess of lust year. During
the same month receipts exceeded dis
bursements by 10:1,000,000 a very sat
istactory condition from some points
of view. Hut passage in the house of
the new bill intended to Increase pub
lic revenue about $200,000,000 to meet
preparedness plans makes it appear
that excessive taxation and excessive
revenue are paving tho way for a new
era of national extravagance. Still an
other new question affecting the mon
ey market has been introduced by nc
tion of the treasury in depositing its
funds with the federal reserve banks,
instead of with national banks which
were obliged to furnish collateral for
diieli deposits. T'ae government has
recently transferred large sums from
the national banks to the fedcrul re
serve banks and this has had consider
able to d" with the shrinkage ill re
wrves at this center.
tlur foreign trade has surpassed the
most optimistic expectations, the total
for the fiscal year ending .lime being
Mysterious Pains and Aches
Slake Life Hard to Bear For Man7
Salem Women.
. Too many women mistake their pains
and aches for troubles peculiar to the
tei. More often disordered kidneys are
causing the aching back, dizzy spells,
headaches and irregular urination.
Kidney weakness becomes dangerous if
neglected. I'se a time-tried kidney
remedy Donne' Kidney Pills. Hosts
of people testify to their merit. Read
a Hnlem ca-se:
Mrs. I.. M. Drager. POP- f. Thirteenth
Bt., Salem, says: "I can conscientious
ly say that-Doau's Kidney Pills are a
very reliable medicine for kidney dis
orders. I have taken them on several
occasions, when I have had a dull, tired
feeling across my kidneys and when
they haven't been acting regularly and
they have never failed to give me quirk
relief. It is only once in a great while
now that I have to resort to a kidney
, medicine."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don 't simp
ly ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mr. Drager had. Foster-Milburu Co..
and is endowed with other properties,
for it preserves the kidneys in a
I healthy condition by thoroughly cleans
! ing them, being so many times more
.active than lithia, "Amine" clears
the blood and filters out those depos
its of lime-salts which cause so much
'pain, and prevents dropsical. conditions
such as swollen hands or feet and the
bag-like appearance under the eyes.
"Anuric"' is a regular insurance and
, life-saver for all big meat eaters and
'those who deposit lime-salts in their
, .joints. Ask the druggist for "Anuric"
put up by Dr. Pierce, in 50-cent pack
ages, or send $1.00 to Dr. Tierce for
. full treatment bv mail.
Dr. Pierced Plensnnt Pellets for the
liver and bowels have been favorably
known for nearly 50 vears.
to Six Per Cent
$(1,000,000,000. This is much the larg
est total on record, a ad must be chief
ly attributed to the war. Kxports a
mounting to $4..145,000,000 and imports
$2,180,000,000, leaving an excess in ex
ports of $2,105,000,000. The principal
articles of exports were steel products,
018 millions, nearly treble last year;
explosives, 47,1 millions, a tenfold gain
cotton, :"0 millions; breadstuff's, 814
millious; inents 270 miliolns; brass, 120
millions; nutos, 12a millious; chemic
als, 12:i millions, and horses, 73 mil
lions. In imports the principal amounts
were fibers, 131 millions; copper, 52
millions; wood manufacturers, 51 mil
lions; tin, 4S millions, and cotton man
ufacturers, 42 millions. These are mar
vellous results, and decided reactions
may follow the arrival of peace. Of
course the impaired buying power of
Europe will act adversely upon arti
cles of export; but it must be remem
bered that the bulk of our exports are
made up of necessities such as food
products, cotton, petroleum, etc. The
demand for many of these products in
cluding our steel manufactures, will
actually incrense when reconstruction
begins in Europe; and the first and
probably only things which the bellig
erents will refuse to buy anywhere will
be luxuries, which constitute a very
small portion of our exports. Before
Kiirope buys from us with any free
dom she must be prepared to send us
merchandise instead of securities, or
gold which we do not need, and which
ive are simply taking because of the
inducements they offer.
Very little real change can be de
tected in the financiul situation, for
better or for worse. The war drift ts
peaceward. the increased intensity of
hostilities hastening the end. Mexican
affairs have settled down into a state
of quietude, which may be permanent;
if t'ue conciliatory spirit on both sides
proves sincere and stable. The domes
tic political campaign has not yet
started, and the real drive will not be
gin until both candidates have for
mally announced their acceptances and
policies. ('. cueni 1 business is fairly
active but summe'r quiet is spreading.
Some improvement is reported iu the
crop situation as a result of the warm
spell. The corn crop was estimated by
the government report at 2.8(10,000,000
bushels before the recent rise in tem
perature, or only 180,000,0110 below last
year; ami the wheat crop at 759,000,
Olio or 252,0(10.000 bushels less t'nan
last year. But 73.000,000 bushels o"
wheat are left in farmers ' hands from
inst year, and it must not be over
looked that last year's crop of wheat
was phenomenal and corn exceeded the
record. Bank clearings ami railroad
earnings prove by their large gains the
sustained increase of business activity.
Such figures are of course affected by
high prices; though Me upward tend
ency in many commodities has been
stopped, and not a few articles have
declined with indications of further
weakness coming. There is o confi
dent spirit among business men iu gen
eral, based upon a sound development
of the country's resources, and no
longer upon the war which seems to
have spent its extreme influence.' upbn
American business nffnirs. In future
the war will be a factor chiefly in the
approach of peace, which ia some cases
will naturally require .radical ndjust
meut of output and prices to the new
basis. This process lias already begun,
transactions on the stock exchange
were moderate iu proportions. Liqui
dation iu the industrials continued, es
pecially in munition, copper and anto
shares which have hud an exaggerated
rise nml subsequent fall. Itailroad
shares held their own well, justifying
the advice to discriminate in then
favor. For the time being the stock
market must be considered influenced
by the monetary outlook, and the pros
pect of large foreign loan issues which
absorb considerable of the current in
vestment enpacitv. On the other hand
it should be borne in mind that the
issue of those collateral' loans will
withdraw large amounts of high grade
investments that otherwise would be
pressing on the market. This prevents
liouidntion that ordinarily would ac
company new wnr loans. The market
for foreign securities on this side is
making a remarkably satisfactory
growth, and promises to be a perma
nent departure; besides' being positive
proof of our expanding interest in for
eign affairs.
Murdock Would Have
Whole Coast Fortified
Portland. Or., July 20. Congress
should be- "goaded" into 'fortifying
the Pacific coast from Canada to Mex
ico, according to the belief of Victor
Murdock. progressive leader who is in
Portland today.
Addressing the Ad flub. Murdock
declared he was still a progressive and
intended to continue as such, but that
almost every standpatter lie met ire
tended also to be progressive. He pre
dicted a great awakening of Orient 'il
trade after the war when, he said
Japan and China would be the ne
Salem Can Ship Carload of
Juice Every Day for Year
to Come
The loganberry juice now being put
up by the two concerns in Salem will,
when manufactured aad shipped,
amount to one carload for every day of
next year, including Sundays.
If the loganberry juice now beiiijt
pressed in Salem is successfully sold,
and there is every reason to believe
that it will be, it will bring into Salem
$1,000,000 in new money. -
A conservative estimri-t as to the
value of this year's crop of loganber
ries to the growers in the vallev pluces
the figure at 6180,000. Of this sum $i0,
000 will be paid to pickers.
The loganberry begins to show symp
toms of fulfilling the destiny mapped
nut for it by several ardent enthusiasts
of Salem a number of years ago. Just
at present it is the biggest thing in
sight, and an ordinarily reasonable per
son cannot driff around town for long
before he becomes convinced that the
proposition is actually a big one. Ia
fact it is not unfair in the least to
presume that the first of the agents
which are to lift Salem and the WJ
lamette valley out of the business
dumps from which they have been suf:
fering during the past year or two has
Money in Old Sugar BowL
Every night this region sees a logan
berry sunset and every morning a logan
berry sunrise, and a good many people
are inclined to consider such gloamings
and dawnings as the most beautiful of
The man who drifts out through the
country, which at this time is covered
with loganberry fields black with pick
ers, and passes the time of day with the
rancher or the rancher's wife, has a sur
prise in store for himself, more particu
larly if he has been over the same ter
ritory at other times duriug the past
few years.
There are smiles now where before
were loug glum faces. It is marvelous,
the change that a bit of change in the
pocket or in the old sugar bowl, makes
in the average individual. Incidental
ly it may be said that too much change
is depressing, but this fact has little
bearing on the case as it exists at pres
ent. Later it may have.
Orders Can't Be Filled.
For the first time in ninny months
there is a steady, profitable market for
loganberries, and the several institu
tions where juice is being squeezed from
the luscious fruit are the busiest places
in town.
Both plants the Pheasant Fruit
Juice company on High street and the
Northwestern Fruit Products company
on South Commercial street arc run
ning night and day, and this is also
the case with the plant nt Woodburn,
opernted by the first named company.
At the Pheasant plant 102 men nre on
the roll, and 20 at the Woodburn plun
This concern turns out "Phez," the
drink which was given so much public
ity nt the republican national conven
tion in June, and is now being featured
at the national prohibition conventioli.
A enrload of "Prez" was shipped yes
terday to New York, and a car is being
loaded today for Fargo. North Dakota.
At the Northwestern Fruit company'
office nobody has time to give on
figures except in approximate terms,
but the amount of berries daily being
turned into "I.oju" is n mutter o,
More orders nre reported thnn can be
filled miming day and night for 00
Orator On the surface things are of
ten right, but it is when we explore the
depths of things that we see the decep
tions of our fellow creatures.
One of the" Crowd Uuv'nor, you've
been buying a barrel of apples, haven't
The following prices for fruits
aad vegetables are those asked by
the wholesaler of the retailer, tnd
not what is paid to the producer.
All other prices are those paid the
producer. Corrections are made
After holding at one price for two
months, eggs have advanced this morn;
ing and are now quoted ut 21 cents rash
and 22 1-2 cents iu trade. Now that the
summer season is with us, lemons are
advancing, so much so that when the
present supply of the commission houses
is exhausted, a radical advance will be
made ou the next car lots arriving.
Old potatoes are out of the market.
.. 80c
... 40c
Rolled barley
Cracked corn
Shorts, per ton
Alfalfa, California, ton
... $39.00
, : . . $40.00
... $27.00
Creamery batter, per pound
.... 26c
country butter .
. 20c22e
Eggs and Poultry.
Egg, case count, cash 21c
Eggs, trade : 22 l-JS
Hens, pound .'. 1313 l-2c
Boosters, old, per pound 8e
Broiler,!, nnder 2 pounds 16c
Fork, Veal and Mutton.
Veal, dressed 9(7? 10 1 -2c
Pork, dressed 10(a 10 l-2c
Pork, on foot 7 1-2(J;8 l-2c
Spring lambs, 1916 ICal l-2c
Steers 5(5 6 l-2e
Cows 7 4(5 5c
Bulls 3(5.3 12c
Ewes 4(a4 l-2c
Wethers 6c
Vegetables. - -
Tomatoes, California $1.00
Cabbage ........... i 40c
Cucumbers . . . . ; . . -40(g 75c
String garlie ' ' 15c
Potatoes, new 1 1-2(S1 2-4c
Beets 40c
Radishes 40
Green onions ..' 40t
Green peppers 10c
Carrots, dozen 40c
Onions, California $3.50
Beans, green and waxed , tic
Onions, Walla Walla, crate $1.85
Watermelons .... :.. $2.00
Peaches ".-......J... 50(S75c
Oranges, Valencies .... $4.00
Lemons, per box. . $5.50(5)6.00
Cantaloupes $3.00(53.50
Bananas, ponnd. 5c
California grape, fruit ...... ... ... . $2.50
Florida grape fruit $.00
Pineapples 8c
Honey $3.50
California plums $1.50
Apricots $1.75
Retail Prices.
Eggs, per dozen, fresh ranch ....... 25c
Sugar, eane $8.75
Sugar, beet $8.55
Creamery butter 35c
Flour, hard wheat $
Flour, valley $1.25
Portland, Ore., Julv 21. Wheat:
Club, 92c.
Bluestem, $1.02.
Fortyfold, 93c.
Red Russian, 91c.-;
Onts: No. 1 white feed, $26.50.
Barley: Feed, $28.00.
Hogs: Best live. $0.00(T( 9.05.
Prime steers, $8.00,
Faucy cows, $6.50.
Calves, $7.50.
Spring lambs, $8.25.
Butter: City creamery, 20c.
Country butter, 27c.
Eggs: Selected local ex.. 27c.
Hens, 14 l-2c.
Broilers, 16(5 18c. ,
Geese, 10(5 lie.
Copper, 28" l-2c,
Battle Half Hour
with Nine-Foot Shark
San Francisco, July 20. A terrific
half hour battle in San Francisco bay
with a nine foot shark, in which the
big fish was killed and its carcass
broiigh ashore, was reported today by
Bertram Upton and two companions.
The fish was encountered late yes
terday off Angel Island, while the men
were fishing for rock cod. Upton's line
received a strong pull, and a moment
later tlia shark came to the surface.
The men attack it with knives and oars
and the shark resisted fiercely, almost
upsetting the boat several times.
Filially the giant fish was dragged
ashore and killed with bowlders. It
weighed 300 pounds, Upton estimntes.
Washington, July 20. Robert Stroud
will not be hanged tomorrow at Fort
Leavenworth, Kan. The justice depart
ment toilay announced that Stroud, sen
tenced to death for the murder of a
prison guard, has perfected his appeal
for a re-trial and that a stay of execu
tion is 'automatically granted. '
Bate per word New Today:
Each insertion, per word It
One week (6 insertions), per word. ...5c
One month (26 insertions) per word 17c
The Capital Journal will, not be re
iponsible for more than one insertion
for errors in Classified Advertisements.
Read your advertisement the first day
It appears and notify us immediately
if it contains an error.
Minimum charge, 15c.
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uy the diiy. runne o.i. ,iulv22
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FOR RENT Close in house and mir
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LOST In South Salem, small sack
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We have a. live man that wants to
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tion in the heart of Seattle, this is
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mechanic or retired capitalist, flur
ry up. we are going to do this quick.
Xooms 14 Kreymait huildiiiK over
Stockton's store, Ujo. li. Jacobs.
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Asylum. julj-21
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HELP. WANTED Civil service exam
inations in Sulem soon; government
clerkships, post office, mail carrier,
railway mail, internal revenue. We
prepnre you and guarantee passing
grade. Complete course $i.00 un
der former civil service examiner.
V. 8. School of Civil Service, Kenois
Bldg., Washington, D. C. julySl
a. O. D. W. Protection r.ndgs. No. 2,
Meets ererjr Monday evening at 8 In the
UeCornack hull, corner Court and Liberty
streets, II. O. Donaldson, 11. W. ; 8. A,
McKadden, recorder ; A. L. Brown,
SAI.EM LODGE No. 4, A. F. & A. M
Stated coiuaiiinlcntlous first Friday In
(at-ti month ut 7 ::n p. m. In the Masonic
Temple, (.'lias. McL'arter, W. M. ; S. Z,
Culver, secretary.
president; Mrs. l.on Tlllaon, secretary. All
cases of cruelty or neglect of dumb ani
mals should he reported to the secretary
for Investigation.
CENTRAL I.OIKiE, No. 18, K. of P. Mc
Oornack building. Tuesday evening of
each week at 7 :30. J. O. Heltzel, C. C. :
W. B. Gllion, K. of It. and 8.
EL N. OP A. "Oregon Grape Camp," No.
1860, meets every Tburmluy evening Id
McCornack building. Court and Liberty
streets ; elevator. ' Mrs. Kylvla Bcbiupp,
- 1791 Market, oracle; Mrs. Melissa 1'er
sons', recorder, 12VH North Commercial.
Phone 1430-M.
fta Cedar Camp, No, B'-MH, meet every
buraday evening at 8 o'clock la Mc
Cornsck hall, corner Court and Liberty
treeta. Elevator twrvlce. Geo. Itelnobl,
V. C. ; J. A. Wright, clerk.
Regular meeting svery first and third
. .Tuesday it 8 p. m. In the Masonic Tem
ple. Minnie Moeller, W. 11. ; Ida M.
Babcock, secretary.
Friday nlnlit at 8 o'clock In McCornack
block, O. W. His-ous, C. C.j L. S. Goer
clerk, 007 Court street. I'bae S93.
Regular concltivo fourth Friday In each
, month at 8 o'clock p m., In Mnsonlc Ten
pie. Hojourning Hlr Knights are courte
ously Invited to meet with .(is , Lot L.
. Ptarcs, IS. C, i'rauk Turner, recorder.
UNITED ARTISANS Capital Assembly,
No.- 84. meets every Wednesday at 8 p. m.
In Mome hall. C. O. Matlock, M. A. ;
C. Z. Randall, secretary, Halem Bank of
HODSON COrNlHL, No. 1, B. A 8. M
8tsted asaembly flrat Monday In each
month. Masonic Temple. N. P. Ilaarana
sen, Thrice Illustrious Master; Olenn C.
Mies, recorder.
IALEM COUNCIL NO. 2622 Knights anil
Ladles of Security Meets every 2nd and
4tn Wednesday each month at Hurst Hall.
Visiting members are luvlted to attend.
B. IT. Walton, financier, 480 8. 14tn St.
'Btated communications third Friday
la each month at 7 30 p. m. In the
Masonic Temple. Hal V. Bolam, W. M. ;
Rrneat H. rhoste. secretary.
DB. O. A. OLSON, Dentist Adminis
ters nitroui ozid and oxygen gas.
Boom 214. Masontc Temple. Phone
Classified Business -Telephone
A Quick, handy reference for busy people
Salem Elestris Co., MaaonU Temple, 127 North High .i. Halm lHt
7. U. Barr, 164 South Commercial street Hala 1M
Salem. Truck & Dray Co, corner Stat aao Croat street lfala 74
Dry Zensal
Moist Zensal
No. 16 Oregon Express ..... 6:00a. nv
No. '.'4 Eugene Limited . . .. .3 :02 p. m.
No. 28 Willamette Limited... 9:22a.m.
No. -12 Hbanta Limited , . . . , .11 :65 a. m.
No. ' 18 Portland Paiwenger ... 1 :2T p. m.
No. 20 Portland Passenger. . . 5 :00 p. m.
No. 14 Portland Biprexa 8:04 p.m.
No. 222 Portland fast Freight 10 :80 p. m.
No. 220 Local war Freight. .. .10 :35 a. m.
No. IS California Express.... 8:32a.m.
No. 17 Roseburg Passenger ..11:20a.m.
Ne. 2.1 Eugene Limited 10:01a.m.
No. 19 Cottage Grove Pass. . ,4:16p. ai.
Makes connection with No. 74 Gear
No. M Shasta Limited 0:43 p.m.
No. 27 Willamette Limited. .. 6:1(1 p.m.
No. 13 Ran Francisco Express 10 :3'0 p. m.
No. 221 San Francisco Fast
FreJitht 12:01a.m.
No. 223 Local way Freight. . .11 :40 a. m.
Saijdu Geeb Liss.
No. 73 Arrives at Halem 9:15 a.m.
Io. 76 Leaves Salem 0 :B0 a. m.
No. 73 Ar. Halem (mixed) 8 :O0 p. m.
No. 74 Leave Halem 4:20 p.m.
No connection south t Geer.
Salsm, Falls Citt and Wbstbbm,
No. 161 Lv. Salem, motor 7:00
No. 1U3 I.v Salem, motor 9 :45
a. m.
a. m.
No. 1U5 Lv. Sulem (or Monmouth
and Alrlle 11 :10
No. 167 Lv. Salem, motsr .... 4 :00
No. 160 Lv. Salem, motor 8:18
No. 2.TO Way Fr't lv. Salem.... 5:00
No. 1112 Ar. Salem 8:40
No. 164 Ar. Salem 11:10'
No. 1416 Ar. Balem 8:15
No. 168 Ar. Salem :00
No. 170 Ar. Salem T :48
No. 240 Way Fr't ar. Salem... 1:35
p. m.
p. m.
Oregon Cltv Transportation Company
Leave Portland for Oregon City, nutteyllla
Newherg. Mission (St. Paul), Wheatland,
Salem (daily except Sunday) . .8 :45 a. av
Leave Portland for Independence.
Albany CorvallH, (Tues., Thurs., Sat )
. Q :4D a. at
Corvallls 8 a. m. Mon., Wed., rv.
Albany .7 a. m. Mon., ea., r ri
Independence 9 a., m Mon., Wed., Fri
,. i in - m Mnn . Wild.. Fn.
Salem 8 a. m. Tues., Thurs., Sat
proprietor. Garbage and refuse of all
kinds removed on monthly contracts
at reasonable rates. Yard and cess
pools cleaned. Office phom. Main
8247. Resiflpn'e v .. 2272.
1KS. B. n. WHITE and R. W. WAL
TON Osteopathic physicians 'nil
nerve specialists. Graduates of Amer
ican school of Osteopathy, Kirksville
Mo. Post graduate aad specialized i:
nerve disenes it Los Antfelej collie.
Treat acute and chronic diseases.
Consultation free. Lady attendant.
Office O05-500 U. S. National Bank
Building. Phone 651). Residence 340
North ( u,iital street. Phone 460.
from all points east, on all household
goods, piaaos, etc. Consolidated car
loid service. Capital City Transfer
Company, agents for Pacific Coast
Forwarding company, 181 South Com
mercial street. Phone Main 933.
Horley's Pt. braced style.
Depot AmeriiMin Fence.
Door anil Window Screens.
Paints, Oil and Varnish.
Stoves repaired and sold.
R. B. Fleming, 230 Court.
FOR SALE L'6 acres of good valley
laud, rountx road, close to stations
good building, 0 acres in crop all
good; 14 head cattle including 10
cows, hogs, poultry, with all equip
ment. Price 100 per acre, terms
reasonable. Square Deal Realty Co.,
202 I'. S. Hank bldg.
ON Good Real Estate Bee amy.
Over Ltdd a; Bush Bank, Salem. Oregon
MONEY TO LOAN I have made ar-,
rangements for loaning eastern
money, will make very low rate of
interest on highly improved' iarmt.
Homer 11. Smith, room 5 McCornack
Bldg, Salem, Ore. '""ne 90.
All the home news while you are
awav. Phone 81.
The fact that Zensal is made
to reach the two distinct
types of Eczema should ap
peal to all skin sufferers.
Tetter, salt rheum and dry
eczema should be treated
with Dry Zensal. For weep
ing skin' use Moist Zensal.
50c aiar at
vtttTvtv C-
Train No.
.... 3 Owl ...
Lv. Balem -
4 :35 a. m. .
7:15 a. m. .
9 :45 a. m. ,
11 :20 a. m. .
1 :50 p. m.
4 :00 p. m. ,
5 :.'iO p. m.
7 :GS p. m.
Ar. Portland
. . 8 :55 a. as.
.. 9 :23 a. a.
..11 :35 a. a.
.10 Limited
.... 12 ....
11 :35 p. m.
.... 14 4 :00 a I
. 18 Limited ... 0 :50 p. ta.
20 7:40 p.m.
.... 22 10:00p.m.
south bound
Portland to Balbk , .
Lv. Portland.
6 :30 a. m. Sulem 8 :35 Eugene 10 :55 a. SB.
8 :HO a.
C Limited
10 :11a. i
a. m.
. IS Limited .
.... 17 Local .
19 ....
....21 Owl ...
t 20 ....
.. .12 :55 p. m.
... 4:15 p.n.
... 8:40 p. as.
... 8:10 p. as,
...11 :20 p.m.
.. 1:65 p. aw
Ar. Bslsa
....5 :30 p. m.
Ar. Baleai
... 9:45 a. a.
2 :05 p. m. .
4 :40 p. m. . ,
6:05 p. m. .
0 :2D p. m. .
11 :43 p. m. .
Lv. Cervallls
4 :10 p. m. .
Lv. Eugene.
7 :35 a. m. . .
1 :S5 p. in. .
5 :25 p. m. . ,
12 :05 p. oi. . ,
Lv. Salem
1 :.'." a. m. .
10:15 a. m. .,
Lv. Salem
12 :55 p. m. .
Lv. Salem.
4 :15 p. in. ,
. . 10 Limited
,..10 Limited...
4 :00 p. m.
T :B5 p. st,
4 :35 a. m.
22 ....
. . . . 2 Owl . .
Ar. BngeM
. 6 :50 a. m.
,13:25 p.m.
Ar. Alomar
, . 21 Owl
D Limited
1 :50 p. m.
Stops at Corvaill
Ar. -Aloaai
5 :10 p. bl
Ar. Albany
ID 7 :33 u. m.
Ar. Bugeas
. . 8 rSO p. aw
Lv. Raleai
0:45 p. m.
wnBTn antTNtv
Lv. Corvallls
8 :25 a. m. .
12:12 p. m.
2:41 p. m.
4 :lo p. m.
8 :18 p. m.
Lv. Balem
10:15 a. m.
4 :ir p. m.
12 :55 p. m. .
8 :40 p. m. .
Ar. Baleai
10 :43 a. at,
14 1:45 p.m.
16 ....
20 ....
. . . 4 :00 p. m.
,,. 5 :30 p. m.
,.. 7 'M p. Bt
Ar. Corvaill
...11 :33 s. sr.
, . . 5 :.18 p. m.
... 3:20p.m.
. . . 8 :00 p. at.
. 7
DR. 0. L. SCOTT Graduate of Chiro-
fractic's Fountain Held, Davenport,
owa. If you have tried everything
and got no relief, try Chiroprac
tic spinal adjustments and get weU.
Office 406-V-8 U. S. National Bank
Building. Phone Main 87. Residence
Main 828-R.
WELT31ER SYSTBM Of suggestive
Therapeutic practiced by Dr. W. T.
Tompuins, 8. T. Most powerful, nat
uril and successful treatment knovm
to seionce for the relief and care of
headache, stomach, liver and kidney
trouble; rhoumatism, constipation,
infantile paralysis aad all female
complaints, heart, lung and throat
troubles; all diseases of the eye; can
cer, goitre, epilepsia, asthma, nerv
ousness or any chronic disease. Sug
gestive therapeutics properly applied
to a diseased body is positive, sure
and permanent in its result. Hoar
9 to 12 a. m, 1 to 5 p. m., p'aon
091. Office rooms 1, 2 nd 3 Bvyaa
Bldg 341 State St., Salem, Oregon.
A. M., ClouJb morticians nd funeral
directors. Latest modern mstjod
known to the profession employed
499 Court St. Mala 120, Maia 9888.
directors and undertakers, 252 North
High street. Dar aad night phone
183. '
corner Commercial and Trade street.
For water service apply at .office.
Bills payable monthly In dvtny.
Care of
Chinese Medicine and
Tea Company
Has medicine which will
cure any known disease.
153 South High Street,
Salem, Ore. Phone 283
Trops., Buffalo, X. T.
440. saleni, Oregoa.
Journal Want Ads Get Results.