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Trunks, Handbags, and Suit Cases for Vacationists (Second Floor)
We Sell Butterick Patterns and Publications
A Sweeping Clean Up Sale of
Women9 s and Misses'
R eady-to- Wear
In many cases prices have been cut below
cost to insure a quick disposal.
Suits, Coats, Skirts,Waists, Dresses,
etc., of good quality at Sweeping
Clearance Prices
BieDeot IXI'
Store '-"'"
Will Be Commenced with Mercury Above 100 In Sev
Good Weather Committee
Wants Name for Beach
eral Cities, No Change for
30 Hours at Least
Chimin, .Inly 17. Xn relief from
the mid. lie west's lieat wave is in
sight tor thirty six hours, the weather
bureau announced toilay.
Although the Chicago temperature
was moilerateil by the hike breezes,
three deaths, attributed to the heat,
were recorded here- ill the past H
The mercury hit the century mark
Sunday at Springfield-, 111, Peoria, 111.,
Kansas City, Mr., Fort Smith, Ark.,
and fort Worth, Tex.
All Around Town
. -
coming events
. Salem Chautauqua.
Sequoia Mnlo Quartet.
Lecture Sylvester A. Long.
ijuly 17-23 Kpworth League In
stitute, Willamette University
July W. Monthly meeting of
. Commercial club.
July 28. Wisconsin society re
union nt State fair grounds.
July 31-August 1. Comic op-
era,. "The Mikado," opera
bouse, auspices Moose lodge.
Sept..5-30-rOregon State Fair.
been able to agree as to the removal of
the same, lue commission will np
npportion the cost and order the
change made.
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits giasse
M correctly. U. S. Bank. Bld.
After an examination of the situa
tion the public service eommission de
nied Saturdnv the application of the
Oregon Klectriu railway tor permission
to construct two grade crossings on its
line uear Oroville station.
Deuiseo's Baths, foot of State street,
fafo, convenient, first doss. tf
Brine on your champion egg layers.
A Khode Island lied, owned by Mrs.
V. M.. Castro, 2440 Fair Grounds road,
is responsible for nn egg weighing four
ounces and that measures in circumfer
ence, ilia by S inches. Xext.
ottage at Newport, near postofftce.
Fix rooms, good sized, pantry, hath,
water and lights, modern tiiroughout.
Addrfss box 5W, Newport Oregon, jl 1
The supreme court on Saturday re
ferred back the case of the Oregon
Lumber company vs. the Kast Fork Ir
rigation district, Hood Kiver county,
for the collection of evidence by the
engineer department of the suite wut
r board.
Trade in your old stove as part pay
ment on one of our new Orbon l)e Luxe
ranges. K, L. Stiff & Son.
MUs Joanna James has been assign
ed the part of "yum ViimJ' in the
comic opera "The Mikado" to be giv
en at the opera house July .11 and Aug
ust 1 under the auspices of the Moose
lodge. Miss .lean MYInturff will sing
"I"itti Sing" and Miss Florence Ksch
will be the third member of the trio
to sing "Three Little Miids From
(School Are We."
You can furnish your home for one
ha'.t at K. 1.. stiff & Son's
The public service commission Jour
neyed to Dayton Saturday to examine
into causes preventing the removal of
a dangerous crossing of telephone anil
power wires in that town. It appears
that the Yamhill Kleclric company and
the Yamhill Mutual Telephone " com
pany, who own the wires, have not
See W. W. Moore 'b display of alum
inum wear, 10 (t. preserving kettle.
Special at !! cents each.
Secretary Lea of the state fair board
has transferred his .office from the
stntc house to the faiar grounds.
Sea demonstration of 10 qt. alumi
num preserving kettle iu Moore's east
window. Spociul at UU cents each. ,.
Frank Friebert of the city fire de
partment leaves .tomorrow morning for
Newport to -spend a two weeks vaca
tion. Sea us before you buy your outing
supplies. A full line of touts, awnings,
wagon covers, .ymp Moves, enmp
ehuirs, etc. K. L. StitC & Son.
Tom Thrapp and James Gulick will
be on duty at tho city fire department
for tho next two weeks, substituting
for incmbern who are absent on vaca
tion. o
Bring your building troubles to us.
A full line of all kinds of lumber ami
builders supplies to choose from.
Falls Citv-Salem Lumber Co., 341) S.
12th. l'luine SIS.
The Harley -Davidson motorcycle ap-
peared as the winner in five mile and
jiiu mile contests in tuo current events
pictures at the Oregon theatre yester
day. They will be shown again this
evening. All of which is interesting
especially to Scott &. 1'iper, the local
The session of the realty men's con
ference to be held in Portland three
days, heginuing this morning, will be
attended by the following real cstat
ers of Salem: W. A. Listen, George
Jacobs, J. S. Austin, Cieorgc W. Gra
benhorst, J. E. Scott, H. A. Johnson
and F. L. Wood.
o : -
Mrs. S. R. Rodgeru of Turner is cel
ebrating today her 74th anniversary.
She is a pioneer of T2 and relatives
from all parts of the state arc in Tur-
A program of music, both vocal aud
instrumental, will be given at the
Friends church at Highland on Wed
nesday evening, July 19. Admission
The Hagel Cereo company will open
a demonstration office in Kugene to
morrow, with A. J. Kobinson iu charge
The Cereo liquid , food is now on sale
at ;t7 stores in Salem and three in in
dependence. ,
iutj are in iur- . , f. .u i-im
ner celebrating her birthday. Amongl
the relatives from Salem la attendance
arc Mrs. M. A. Mclntire, a (laughter,
Sfrsv ' K. R. Macy, "a niece and Mrs.
l'earl llolloway, a grand jiicce.
S. Wendel Silver, representing the
National .Musicians ' Directory Co.. is
in Snlem. He is engaged iu compiling
The relief committees of the Salem
Patriotic League, the Commercial club following
ami the special committee apointed by
Mayor White will .meet tomorrow af
ternoon nt 2 o'clock, in the Commercial
club rooms to consider (tie general prob
lems of relief and also the best means
of making life pleasant for the boys
On account of the rain, the calling
out of all good citizens for work on
tho public beach across the river hna
been postponed. As soon as the weath
er settles, the committees appointed by
the civic department of the Commercial
club will arrange a day, and then every
body will be invited to give a few
hours' service in preparing what is
hoped to bo a permanent bathing beach
, and picnic grounds.
! Here is a fine chance for someone to
i earn a season ticket. The committees
jiu charge want a name for the beach
something catchy and short and one
' that will ut the same time indicate that
i it is fostered by the Commercial club,
; that it is a public beach and belongs to
: the public, ami that it is located just
I across the river. To the person who
; can suggest an appropriate name in n
i few words, a season ticket is waiting
! Send in your suggestions of a name to!
j tho Commercial club, Ivan (J. McDnnicl,!
I manager. .
j Work was commenced, today on the1
bath house and within a few days car
! neuters will be working on the stairway I
lending rrom the 1'oiK county end ot tuo
; bridge to the grounds.
For the Opening Day.
I 1'l.n. tl..... lw.u nn,m;iU ilia
i public to clean the beach and prepare nht Wli,,lt champion of the world,
the picnic grounds, an opening day will 8,,,nB hv t,le taunts of the sporting
, I'm selected, when the entire citv will!"'0"", has signed articles to meet Ben-
be invited for an inspection. The com- i v Leonard, the pride of Harlem in a
, mittee in charge of the opening dayi,e, r0,1Iul bout at Washington Park,
consists ot" Ivan G. MeDaniel, Mayor """
Hurley O. White and Arthur K. Wil-1 . - their last meeting Leonard do
son. I eisively defeated the champion and has
For the opening day, the committee been elammnring for another match
is considering several startling events, I ever since. So many harsh words were
such as a bathing suit parade, in which hurled at Welsh for his elusivencss
those who are so fortunate as to possess j that he agreed to meet any man the
one will be asked to appear riding iu ; sporting editors of Xew York named,
autos all dressed up ready for the! Benny Leonard wag the unanimous
bench. In order to arouse interest in the ; choice and the articles for the fight
beach, the Meyers store will offer a were signed last night, it was an
swimmiug contest in w hich the prizes I nounced today.
to be awarded will consist of bathing
suits. On the opening evening, the
grounds . w ill be decorated with Jap
anese Innterns and electric lights. I
As a Committee on equipment to se
cure all the equipment necessary, the
were appointed: H. , A. I Sacramento, Oil.. Julv 17. A peti-
Jlatcli, Artiiur tl. Wilson and George, turn with IM.it) progressive signatures
H. 1'ost. I putting Gov. Johnson in nomination
Although the unfavorable weather has! for the Cnited States senate, was fil-
Two Dead at Kansas City
Kansas City, Mo., July 17. With
two dead from heat and several pros
trations reported iu the last 24 hours
Kansas City today faced a scorching
sun that promised to send the temper
ature past tiie 100 degree record reach
ed here yesterday. The minimum was
Xo relief is in sight, the weather
man says.
Freddie Welsh Sips
To Meet Benny Leonard
Xew York, July 17. Freddie Welsh,
Why Not Use
Columbia QUALITY Carbons?
Hade In Oregon
100 Copies Guaranteed frost
Each Sheet.
Columbia Carbon Pajer Mff . Co.
83rd & Broadway, Portland, Ore.
few days, Snlem will have a bathing! republican, from other parts of the
A fire alarm was turned In thig
morning at nine o'clock from the cor
ner of Capital and . Center streets,
where a chimney was burning out. No
o 1
Free pants with every suit ordered
dtirini our sale. New full styles and
materials to choose from. 1). 11. Mosli
er, the Tailor.
Governor Withycombe delivered the
Although the Portland papers an
nounce an advance of 20 cents u bar
rel on flour, no advance will be' made
in Salem. About it week ago the price
declined 20 cents !nad .the. advance to
dav iust brings it hack to the price
that juis prevailed tor several mourns. ; (ljf Co!orlui0 m05t lr6mient
. direetnrv nf Snlem musicians which .I.:,:" .:.:".: " :i i. .,, mining magnates, vieu at ins nome
" .f - . ; . . i Biriive, nniiuiui tm mi nvi v si.
; Petitions Roll In For
"Senator" Johnson
delayed the work on the beach and the led with the county clerk here todav.
opening day, da soon as the sun shines The republican petition, putting the
and things look favorable, a call will i governor in nomination for the repnb
bc made' for volunteers, the work will lican candidacy, will be filed toinor
be rushed to completion and within alrow. Petitions, both progressive and
bench completely equipped, one that
will become a permanent institution.
Denver, Colo., July J 7. John Cam-
state, in behalf of the governor, sign
ed "up to the limit," according to
Mnrtin .Madsen, Johnson s executive
All will reach the secretary of state's
office within a few da vs.
will soon be Issued in book, along with
similar data from Portland, Kugene
ami other leading cities of the state.
The directory will later be distribut
ed through music dealers and musi
cians without cost ttr the public, and
will contain much information glctined
in its particular field.
considerable difficulty
tain brands of flour.'
o :-
Until further notice,
heA tniliiv Dentil iu nttriltuteil' til
ii gtiuu), irenerul nervous breakdown, svnuitoms!
of which first appeared last year.
Campion was 07 years old. He came
the Western to Colorado -in 1S7! from the l alifor-
The Salem Rifle club and Auxiliary
will meet tonight nt the armory, Ferry
and' Liberty streets. Sergeant Schus
ter of the regular army will be pres
ent to offer suggestions, and the aux
iliary will bo put through the regula
tion' drill by 'Captain Rosenberg and
the new liue of officers. The roster
of the Rifle club now numbers 124 and
a campaign is now on for 300. Member
ship in tiie Hit'le club does not involve
military service i.ut is tor tnose who, . ,. , 48
wish to learn military evolutions and, . f.,ot nhove
receive the beuelit or marching.
his millions by developing the famous
Little .lohnnv mine at Leadville.
Union telegraph company will wire. iB g0, fields and laid the basis for
money to the hoys on tiie nonier ni
one halt' the usual charge for such ser
vice. Some of the comforts on the bor
der nro rather expensive and arc not
included in. the provision made by the
military authorities and the Western
Union takes this method of doing its
bit, especially if there happens to be a
rush". Words of cheer and affection
mav also be included with tho remit
tance nt the special, half price charges.
This is a weather etory. Since the
rain began Saturday there has been n
rain. all of 1.20 inches and the river
Women of America," says:
"The progressive ship has been de
serted by a large part of our officers.
They could not stand the. acid test.
The bull moose led his loyal follow
ers iuto the wilderness and then de
serted them. Let us generously bury
that emblem"' and -adopt as the new
emblem of the progressive party the
national bird, the American eagle."
Rev. William H. Morgan, D. D., pas
tor of Calvary Methodist Kpiscopal
church, Xew York City, will address
the Oregon Kpworth League institute
this evening. He was born in Knglnnd
ti,i- iiii.iilnne nn.l until 91 VIMIVS
address of welcomo to tho real estate I f . neither rend or write.
I'ortlami tins aiternoon. jib Aft.,-
men nt
will return tonight.
New fall goods in. We are showing
the newest fall materials in wide vari
ety of shades ami colors. Order your
new fall suit now at a saving of from
!f3 to 10. 1). 11. Moshcr, the Tailor.
Robert J. Moore, arrested at the Ore
gon theatre Saturday night on n
charge of being drunk and disorderly,
was sentenced this morning to five
davs in the city buslile.
After his conversion at the age of 22
he began to seek educntional advant
ages and was finally grndmited with
honors from Hamlin University and
later the Drew Theological Seminary.
His lecture tonight, "From tho Fud
dling Furnace to the l'ulpit" is a chnp
tor iu his own life, tie is recognized
as one of the greatest social service
men in the country.
John Bayne
and Mrs. Mary
was elected president
H. Davis vice president
For good worfe When your clothes
of the Woodrow Wilson League, at the
meetinir held Saturday evening nt the
court house. A ratification of
need cleaning nn.l pressing bring them m)mjntin ,,f Woodrow Wilson will
to the Modern Cleaners, 404 Court , ,ii i,. hu- liecn otticinllv
street, where the best work in salem llot,fio(i of hm nomination. All sup-
is done, rnone .mo. porters of President Wilson are eli-
0 T J gible to membership m the League re
Adam Fromander of North Front jr,lrtloi of their former political af
street had tiie misfortune to lose one jntioii. A special committee on
of his tine mures yesterday afternoon. n,mi,ersliiii was appointed as follows:
The horse's death was caused by indi
D. P. Johnson and wife will leave to
morrow for a stay of two Weeks at
Hreiteubiish Hot Springs. Mr. John
ion is a member of the city fire department.
If your spine is right, you are right.
Those who have tried every old
method and fouud no relief should try
Chiropractio and get well. Many
hundreds of grateful patients in Salem
and elsewhere can substantiate my
statements. Six adjustments will be
given for the small fee of $5.00.
Difficult eases, which require X-ray
examinations and Spinographs can ob
tain them at a nominal fee. Only ex
pert Spinograph work. A talk with the
old Chiropractor may . lead you to
health and happiness; act now.
P. H. MAT, D. CV
Hubbard Building. Phone 67a
Mrs. Charles Davis, Mrs. O. U Darling,
Mrs. llaltie F. Cameron, Mi A. S.
Miller and Mrs. Arthur K. Wilson. On
the finance committee were appointed
John Bayne, August Huckesteiii, Sr.,
Frank S.'Wnrd, K. W. Towers and -Mrs.
llnttio F. Cameron.
The Eastern Star, the women's or
ganisation of the Masonic lodge, for
the past few years has been iu the hnb-
it of holding its annual picnic alone,
j regardless of other lodges. The pro
I irram will be changed this year and ae-
icordinir to present arrangements, the?
I Kastern Star will picnic next Wednes
day afternoon aud evening at the state
fair grounds, co-operating with Snlem
lodge No. 4, A. F. & A. M. and Tacif ie
I lodge No. 50, A. F. t A. M. Mrs. W.
i Carlton Smith will have charge of the
program for the afternoon. Irom the
two lodges a committee consisting ot
Waiter H. Smith, Walter C. Winslow,
Dr. O. A. Olson, lieorge W. Hrown and
Lot U Pearce and Mrs. J. tlodfrey.
Airs. F. K. Shafer aud Mrs. W. Carlton
Smith of the
low water, the highest stage at this!
lime of the vear for the past 17 years:
Already a rainfall of 2.44 inches has
been recorded for this month, which
makes it the rainiest month of July fori
the past 17 years.
for the month of July for the past
five years is as follows: 1911, .OH
inch;- 11112, .SO inch; lOKt. .20 inch;
l!U4, 1.1U inch; llllo, .00 inch. With
the present record Of 2.44 inches of
rain for July, the oldest Inhabitant
will have to look back more than IS
years to find a month to compare with
this when it conies to rainfall.
In a conference with Colonel Gan
tenbein lust Saturday, Kussell Brooks
was told that the opinion of military
German-American Leader for Wilson.
Washington, July 17. President Wil
son has received a telegram froai (Jen
eral Frederick C. Winkler, Milwaukee,
one of the lending (iermnn republicans
of the northwest, declaring that, though
he, has been a republican voter since
The total rainfall-110'110 wi!' sli",rt President Wilson
iur rc-cn-i-iiuii. i lie icicruui sciu 10
the president rends:
"Have read your New York Press
club address with grout satisfaction.
A republican voter since 1800, 1 hold
that in the present crisis the party has
no place. True Americanism must
stand by the man who manfully stunds
nt the helm. I support your re-election.
Turner News
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Turner, Or., July 17. Miss Anges
Bowne spent the past week at the
home of Mrs. N. L. Karl.
Dr. Massey was called to Newport
Munday to bedside of his little son
Mr. and Mrs. Harriet of Swlem spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Karl.
Mr. and Mrs. Naderman. Mrs. Fred
Oatii and R. 1). Gray motored to Sweet
Home Thursday.
Little Anges Moors was very ill for
a tew .lays last week.
Mrs. Hnttie Lyle has gone to Lewis
ton, Idahoto visit for a few weeks.
Mrs. Mary llowd of Salem has been
visiting the past wee!, with -Mrs. M.
A large crowd was out Saturday
night nt the Masonic lodge.. A ban
quet was served in the lower hall by
tho--ladies of the Kastern Star.
Milwaukee, Wis., July 17. There
men is to the effect that the regiment ! hardly a liraneli or public lite m winch
to be organized hv Colonel llnntenbein ! (leaoral Winkler hus not tnken a no
will be called on for service within a;tive interest in the military, in state
short time. Although the colonel does affairs, in the politics of the nation,
not anticipate any immediate troublciiii municipal government, in civil serv
with Mexico, he is of the opinion that ice reform, and the practice of the law
the regiment will be fully organised J in all he has played an active part,
and called south for training purposes. And his mark remains upon many im
As the mutter now stands, the (innten-i portnnt measures and successfully ex
tenbein company in Snlem was orgnn-j edited projects.
i.ed only for military drill and has nO He had barely began the practice of
connection with the regular army. The his profession when the (Vil war
paper signed by the members ot me broke out
volunteer company
but drilling and
militurv service
Dallas. Or., July 17. Rickreall, one
of the old landmarks of this portion of
the state, may soon be served with
electric power. An effort' is being
made by farmers living; along the Diil-las-Salem
iiit'hway between Dallas and
Rickreall, to interest the Oregon Pow
er company in the building of a ser
vice line between the two places. Of
ficials of the local branch of the. pow
er company have been seen investigat
ing conditions. It is planned to serve
is;all farmers along the route of the line,
and to serve the peop e ot Kiekreall.
This proposed line would tap one of
the most thickly populated and richest
farming sections in this county, and
be only one branch of proposed exten
sions of the Oregon Power company
of service lines into the farming sec
tins of the county.
Portland, Or. July . 17. Fred Gold-
He stopped his work to go i berg took eight cards of opium and
nils for nothing! to the front; and he served continuous-1 dissolved them in a jar of wat. Then.
in no way involves y until after the downfall of the con-1 when lie telt he must have the drug.
Of course, if the reg- federacy, the grand review at Washing-1 he took a spoonful of the solution, re
placing it with a spoonful of pure
In the course of time, his attorney
pointed out, in tederal court today,
iment should be nriFlllli.cd and become Inn hnii tuki rtbice. mid his rep-nimcnt
part of the federal force, those in the had been mustered out on its return to
company would be given the first op-, the state. He went to the front as a enp-
poriuniiy oi pousiiug. .is ir "'"'"'jiBin, aua returneu 10 private lire wear-
now stands, me company is iust u
home guard volunteer organisation
with no military obligations.
Licensed Lady
Moderate Pricet
Perfect Service
Latest Method! Are
Found Onlr At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 724. Salem, Ore.
C 3C "!t')J( 3C 3C i)C 4C 9C SjC SC 3C 9C
The Korean Restaurant
is now opened in our new loca
tion at 110 1-2 Com'l street.
Everything new and clean. All
kinds of Chinese and Spanish
dishes. Pay us a visit.
Cars of any kind for any place
at any time.
Office, Bligh Hotel
Automobile Passenger and Bag-
gage Transfer
Furnished Tents and Cottages....
Correspondence Promptly
Ik D. PICKENS, Box 274
When In 8ALEM, OEEOON, itof (
., rlctly Modern
Free and Private Baths
BATES: 75c, fl.00, f 1,60 , FEB DAT
The only hotel in the business district
Nearest to all Depots, Theatres ard
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away From Home.
T. Q. BLIGH, Prop.
Both Phones. Free Auto Bus.
81 & 82 '
opium habit.
But federal officials interfere)
with Goldberg's plan for self-regeneration
and he was arrested, charged with
having the drug in his possession.
. fudge Bean imposed a fine of iflOO.
This was the twentv-first time Hold
ing the straps of a brigadier general ! Goldberg would be taking pure water berg has been arrested for a similar of-
Bull Moose Leaders
Could Not Stand the
Acid Test, Is Charge
Xew Orleans, l.a..' Jnlv 1". John M.
Pnrker, in a statement issued here to-jinent
night, virtually withdraws as Vice
presidential candidate of the progres
sive party aud dclouu-s what is inter
preted here as a bitter attack on Theo
dore Koosevelt, although the colonel is
not mentioned by name. Incidentally.
Mr. Parker asks tlmt the nrocressive
Kustern Star will have i bold another convention in Chicago
harte of all arrangements for the pro
gram and dinner at 7 o'clock. The
evening program will Include a dunce
at the Machinery hall.
August 5 to name presidential and vice-
presidential nominees.
Mr. Parker in his statement which islOruer of the Loyal Legion and the Old
addressed to "The Patriotic Men and Settlers' club.
by brevet, based on a military career
4hat more than once, brought him hon
orable mention in official dispatches.
At Gettysburg wounds of superiors put
him in command of the regiment, and
for nearly two years he led the Twenty-sixth
Wisconsin on many a desper
ately disputed field.
Friend of Carl Schurs.
General Winkler was a warm per
sonal friend ot I arl Schurs. that em-
German patriot and stntesmnu.
who found a refuge in America and
miultv his home at Watertowu, Wis.,
after being exiled from his native land.
General Winkler has been a delegate
to many republican national conven
tions, and was several times a candidate
for congress. He is a member of the
Deutsehcr club, the leading German
American social organization nf the
city. He is a member of the Military
and presumably would be cured of the fense. .
Oh! That Sun
Is that what you say when you step out into the
bright sunlight ?
You will find WELCOME RELIEF through lenses
ground in the new Sir William Crookes glass. They
do not perceptibly dim the light, yet cut out all irri
tating rays. Have eyeglass comfort.
MISS A. McCULLOCH, Optometrist,
208-9 Hubbard Bldg Phone 109.