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Willamette Valley News
Dallas Band Leader Leaves;
Injured by Explosion!
(Capita Journal Special Service)
Gervais News Notes
(Capital Joiimul Special Service.)
Gervais,' Ore., July 15. Karl Gleason,
EV": ?r.O. iT.V tn he th "'' bo.pit.l-force,
sudden departure of B. A. Downey, j sPvnt the week-end with Ilia parents in
who for Uie ast year has been Jeaiter 1 this city. ...
of the Dallas band, tiiat organization! Mrs. Latham is entertaining her three
is looking for a new instructor. It is
reported that Mr. Downey received a
telegram Tuesday afternoon offering
him the leadership ol' the Third regi
ment biuid now on the Mexican border
find that he has taken the position now
peeing assured. The baud was compel!
charming young granddaughters, the!
Misses Lola and Dorothy Dobbins, of;
l'ortland, and Miss Irma Latham, of
What might have been a very serious
accident happened at Brewery hill, just
soutn or town, luesduy evening when
ed to leave the state without its lead-ja prairie schooner containing a family
vr a-uu nave lur some mow utcn en- nun live or bia ciiiiurcu, whs unveil too j
deavoriug to secure a competent man.' near the embankment to get out of the
As soon as the local organization se-jwny of an approaching automobile and i
Mires a new leader the weekly Satur- overturned, rolling down the hillside, j
day evening concerts will be resumed. The call for help brought about a dozen j
! men ana women to tne cenc and the
Explosion Injures Joel Shaw
Joel Shaw, one of the members of
the Dallas Meat company, was very
Waoroil Was soon riirhted mill brmifrht '
back to the road. It is a marvel that
tha jl,il.lvnn nu...l .... 11
feet down an embankment of the La
t'rcole river which flows past the
daughter house. The injured man was
taken to iiis home and Dr. liollmnn
summoned. At last reports he was
resting easy. .
Governor Paroles Stinnett
Charles Stinnett, a resident of this
vicinitv who was sentenced io the
etate penitentiary last October for as
sault with a deadly weapon has been
jianloned by Governor Wihyeombe up
on recommendation of Circuit Judge H.
11. licit of this district. The condition
of Stinnett's pardon is that he leave
the state never to return and that ho
refrain from the use of alchoholic liq
uors. Stinnett was committed to the
i.eniteutiary after being tried on a
barge of rying to kill his wife. At the
time he was in an intoxicated condi
tion and one of his sons appearing. on
the scene at the opportune moment
struck him over the head witn a unii
tiat rendering him unconscious.
Benefit Reception to Be Held
The Polk Oountv Military Belief as
sociation will hold a reception in the
armory on the evening ot July uu lor
the purpose of interesting the public
in the work the orcauization is sup
posed to do. A short 'program will be
ottered and a small ofterin,g taken.
Th board of directors of the Polk
County Fair association held a business
meeting at the commercial club rooms
Thursday evening. Matters of import
ance were taken up and discussed.
Mlrs. Charles Bidwell ami Mrs. Em
!ma Clarke of Union,. Oregon, returned
to their home Tuesday after a week's
visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. K.
A. Hamilton in West Dallas.
Will Hartlev arrived iu Dallas Wed
nesday from "Rochester, Minn., where
he hasbeen taking treatment in the
hospital of the famous Mayo Brothers.
Alter a short visit with nis father
and sisters in this city he will leave
for Kly, Nevada, where he is employ
ed in a large store.
Mr. and Mrs. A. .1. Barham left Wed
nesday for their summer cottage at
Agate Bowlr where they expect to
spend several weeks.
Dr. A. B. Starbuck and I red Toner
returned Wednesday evening from a
short fishing trip on the Siletz river.
(;ireuit Judge N. H. Belt and family
loft. Thiirsdav mornina for a several
weeks outing on the Trask river iu Oregon.
iminfully burnevl about the face and j were all within the inclosed wagon box. I
arms Wednesday afternoon when a bigj Mr. and Mrs L K. Siegmund returned!
steam cooking tank exploded jit the Thursday from an extended California!
Maugnter House or tne miove company- irip. mt. oiegmunci nttenuca tne snrm
Besides being burned by hot grease' ers' convention nnd then with Mrs.
the force of the explosion was so grea- inegmuna visited in Los Angeles, Pasa
that Mr. Shaw was blown about 30 dena, San Francisco, Han Diego and oth
er cities. They also crossed the Mex
ican border' and visited the Oregon
uips in meir encampment. .
Farmers are busy with their haying.
This is picnic season and the' ladies!
and young people of the Presbyterian 1
cimreh are making plans for a lively so
cial and also one of their enjoyable all
day picnics in the near future."
.Loganberry pk'king. is progressing
steadily this week. The berries are
ripening rapidly enough so that there
is no need for days of idleness. This
suits the 2 tents full of campers at the
Brown ynrds.
C. D. Trouilt and I. Ott and families
started for Tillamook Thursday for a
week 's camping.
Miss Opal Nichol went to Oregon City
Tuesday to spend the week with her
sister, Mrs. Vein Dart.
Born t0 Mr. and Mrs. William Den
tal living northwest of Aurorn, Satur
day, July 8, a nine pound girl.
Mel Hamilton and wife passed
through Hubbard Thursday enronte to
Missoula, Mont., traveling in their auto.
Mrs. Emma Lane and son Earl ar
rived Monday from Grand Rapids,
Minn., to be the guest of her sister Mrs.
Gus lleidrich. . Mrs. Lane expects soon
to continue her trip to visit relatives in
Miss Helen Robertson returned to
her home in Portland Wednesday morn
ing after two weeks spent at the home
of her grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Word comes from Lee Miller, who is
harvesting in Kansas, that ho is doing
well and expects to follow the season
up into the Dakotns until the work is
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wolfer received a
letter Wednesday from their soa K. 8.
Wolfer, of Anita, Iowa, stating that
on the 7th of July a nine pound baby
girl w-as born to them. The little miss
was promptly named Marjory Agnes.
Mrs. J. D. DeMond returned to her
home in Richmond, Calif., Monday,
after attending the golden wedding and
family reunion of her parents, Mr. nnd
Mrs. j. Z. Martin.
Miss Grace Harding of Woodhnrn
was the guest Wednesday of Mr. and
Mrs. F. A. Pook, renewing a friendship
which began when living in southern
Marion News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
- Marion, Ore., July 15. Mr. Oscar Ol
son has returned to Mnrion, bringing
with him a bride. As might be expect
ed, a large number of young people en
tertained them with cow bells, tin,
horns, etc., about dusk the evening aft
er their arrival. AVe are mire that the
people of .lu Hon wish them much joy
in their new life.
Mrs. C. A. George was a Salem visit
or Friday.
Rufus Castleman is home again greet
ing old friends.
Mrs. McNeil and daughter, Hernia, of
Aumsville, were Sunday visitors at the
home of George H. McNeil.
Rev. I.. C. Russell expects to go to
Seotts Mills Friday morning to build
a prune drier for his father-in-law, Mr.
J. A. Taylor. .Mrs. Russell will have
charge of the services at the Friends
chinch next Sunday. After that he will
return each Saturday for over Sunday.
There was special music at the Pres
byterian church last Sunday eveuing
which was much enjoyed by ihose pres
ent. Mr. John V. Schmidt passed away at
the home of his son-in-law-, Mr. K. J.
Miller, last Wednesday afternoon. The
funeral was held at the home Friday
morning, conducted by Rev. L. C. Rus
sell. Sir. Schmidt was an earnest Chris
tian and for mnny years a faithful
member of the Methodist church. The
remains were taken to Salem for burial
in tho City View cemetery. '
Fairfield News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Fairfield. Ore.. Julv is Tha
of July celebration was held on Julv 8
at Muhoney 's bar.
A dance was held Saturday evening in
Mr. Sohn's hop house.
Sundnv evening Mi- ami "Yr..a. u,.t...
entertained a number of friends at their
home iu Fairfield.
Miss Erickson is visiting her sister,
Mis. Ben I.ovgren.
Mrs. Nathan Porter returned to
Poitlnnd Monday.
Mr. Haney and Glen were Portland
visitors on Saturday. .
Miss Mary Philips and Miss Bertha
Broyles, of Salem, attended the dance
Saturday evening.
'r:l1a,nnb onillltV.
Miss Glartvs Reynolds has returned
to her home in Beuna Vista after a vis
it at tne home of Miss Lucilc Hninil-
t0Mijs Golilie Bissell of Ballston was
a Dallas visitor with friends this week.
Peter Cook, a prominent resident of
the Ballston community was a county
seat visitor this week.
Mrs E. K. Piasecki was over from
Salem' for a short stav Thursday.
Misses Alice and Edith Cobb of
Portland who have been visiting rela
tives in this citv for the past several
weeVs went to Rickreill Thursdny af
ternoon to visit relatives.
:ounty Judge John B. Teal has re
turned to Portland for more medical
treatment after a short business visit
in Dallas.
Mr. A. Ball of CorvalliB, came down
to Hubbnrd last Saturday for a short
visit with her brother-inlnw, Ed Ball,
and his mother, Grandma Bull, who
lives one mile southeast of Hubbard, re
turning home Sunday evening. Mrs.
Ball was formerly of Woodbudn.
Mr. and Mrs. Regnnld Johnston of
Portland came to Hubbard on the
Fourth to visit their father, T. A.
Johnston. Unfortunately Mr. Johnston
was in Sulem, returning the following
day missed his guests. Regnnld is a
pilot employed by the Shaver transpor
tation company, plying Alaskan waters
and very seldom has a chauce to visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newton enter
tained at flintier last Sunday at their
home one half mile south of Hubbard,
the following: Mr. and Mrs. J. V.
-Newton. Clifford Newton, Melvin New
ton, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Jones and
laughter Minnie, Air. and Mrs. A. E.
Mr. and Mrs." A. B. Wiesner arc re-IM-Key and daughter Dorothy Mr. and
' r ti' r -W-tr -w: (n..,l l
TI po, nT boyrbVn "July 5." I Morris of Silverton and Miss Battle
t . .! dnnirhters left! Demarest of Towisend station. The
n' Wednesday for Corvallis, where Mr. afternoon was. spent in social conversa-
Knwyer has work. They will make their
home there for the present.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Wiesner and daugh
ter, Bertha, Bpent Sunday at E. G. Wies
ner 's. ,
Mr. and Mrs. John Waltman motored
to Corvallis Friday, where they spent
tne- week-end. -
Mrs. Alice Engleson, of Woodburn,
and her guest. Miss Vera Norton, visit
ed at C. A. Sawyer's on Tuesday. Ger
vais Stir.
Evervone is working hard in the lo
ganberry fields. The Aspinwall dryer is
Tunning two crews, one at night and one
in the day time.
Mr. Hiser, who at one time owned the
store at Hnpmere, is very ill at the home
of A. E. Harris.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Williamson spent
the week-end with Mrs. Williamson's
sister, Mrs. Ellen Aspinwall.
Mr. Chas. Sturgis and, family spent
-few days visiting relatives in this
section this week. Gervais Star.
Miss Marv Peters is visiting
lier sister, Mrs. A. Branch.
Joe Schnider, wife and brother, Law
rence, visited at the Peter Burghart
bom Sunday.
Miss Hannah Heuberger is home again
after visiting with Portland friends.
Miss Mary Burghart visited with her
friend, Mae Reed, in Turner, one day
last week. istayton Mail.
W. IT. .Tewctt. and wife of KalispeT,
Montana, were guests at the home of
I). C. Voder last week, while enroutc
from McMinnvillc to Portland. Mr.
Jewctt and-familv came through in
their auto from Montana last summer
and have spent the time since in New
port. They like Oregon and were not in
a hurry to return home, but business
interests makes it necessary.
M. B. Kester tried out the Kleiwer
patent attachment for mowing machines
Monda.C and says it worked fine.. The
Kleiwer patent consists of a long iron
fincrcr and socket to fit on the points
of the sickle bar frame, which when the
bar is tilted into cutting position, ex
tend eight inches ahead of the sickle
and raise tangled grain so the sickle
eah get under it and tut it the same as
i standing gram. Three added fingers
are enouiih for ordinary connmons.
They ar made of malleable iron. Mon
day tne appliance was uwu m cuihuk
a piece of vetch for Dan Shank with
good results. Kleiwer, the patentee, is
a blacksmith at Monitor, formerly with
Paul Sows at Woodburn.
' In Fraternal Circles.
In the past week the fraternal
societies have installed the ' following
officers. In each instance the occasion
was celebrated with a banquet at the
close of the ceremonies.
Thursdav evening of last week the
K. of P. lodge installed the following:
C. C R. W. Gable; V. C Clyde Jones;
nrelate, Henrv Scholl; M. at A.. R. C
Painter; I. G., A. R. Bevens; O. O., Oeo.
John Stnuffer, one of Hubbard's
most substantial farmers, was trans
acting business in Aurora Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy N. Hickok 'are
spending a part of their vacation with
relatives at McMinnville.
A crowd of Aurora Moose attended
a meeting of the Woodburn lodge of
mat order Thursday evening.
K. (). Jack of Needy, Win. Stein
bach of union, and Will Datum of
Maclisbnrg were business visitors here
Brewer & Everly put down a concrete
cross walk for the city Monday across
Third Street, at. the' Sadler '& Krnus
Mr. and Mrs. C. A Adams of Donald
are rejoicing over the arrival of a
daughter, Monday, Julv :i, at. Portland.
M. D. Leiibo, who was here this week,
nas several acres of the finest oats in
this section. If no further rains come
to bent the grain down there is everv
prospect of a yield of 100 bushels per
Mrs. Emily West Giesy, of San
Francisco, who lias been visiting her
sister-in-law, Mrs. Geo. Kraus and
other relatives here, left Saturday for
Yellowstone Park. She was accom
panied by her friend, Miss Elva llndley.
They will return to California vit Salt
Aurora people will be interested in
the engagement of Paul Giesy, the
only son of Dr. nnd Mrs. A. J. Giesy,
of Portland, and Miss Edith Edminson
of San Francisco. The wedding will be
a brilliant social event in that city,
July 5. The bride-elect is the daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. VV. Edminson,
formerly of Pasadena, and is popular iu
society and college circles. Miss Ed
minson and Mr. Giesy were classmates
at Leland Stanford university.
The officers of Hermes Ijdge K. ot"
P. were instnlled Friday night by dis
trict deputy grand chancellor Geo. W.
Fry. Those installed were Dell Yergen,
C. C; J. A. Fosmark, V.. C; Hurry
Colvin, Prelate; John Snvder, M. A.;
Fred White. M. W.; E. M. Hurst, 1.. O..;
and G. N. Hicfcok, O. 0. . Win.. Good
ing was chosen grand lodge representa
tive, and A..C. Thompson as his alter
nate, Grover Giesy, now on the Mex
ican border with the Oregon troops, is
the hold-over grand lodge representa
tive, and Guy N. Hickok was named as
his alternate. Observer.
I HERE Is The 'M
ANSWER To Hie Jx f
nuirri nnni nri,iJ"'J-nr . ..t--.
Install a RUUD Auto-
matte Water Heater and HOT
Water is yours at any time of day or night
. Think what plenty of REAL HOT Water means in the Laun
dry in the Kitchen in the Bathroom. A luxury that is a neces
sity. . '
We invite you to see the one in operation at our store. It is
well worth seeing as a wonderful invention. We install it in the
cellar and you simply turn on any hot water faucet when you
want hot water. Turning on the faucet turns on the heat and
shutting off the faucet shuts off the gas. No gas used when not
needed. It will not interfere with your present plan of heat
ing .water but will aid it and assure you of Plenty of Hot Water.
'This week we are going to give an $8.00 Electric Percolator
' with every Automatic Heater sold and will sell these heaters on
unusually easy terms.
Phone 85 and ask the Gas Man
The Gas Co.
State and Commercial .
-The Silverton baseball club again
met defeat from the Molulla hasebull
team. Ten innings were played and
the score was tied in the ninth, 7 to 7.
McMorris! error iu the ninth with two
of Molulla 's men down cost Silverton
the game. .MnlaJla came beck in the
tenth for fnree runs on two hits and
three errors by McMorris. .
Battery for Mollalla Prcscott and
Adams; "battery for Silverton Green
James and Durno. Green appeared to
weaken in the fifth and Jensen reliev
ed .him; The Molulla umpire tried to
pull some raw stuff, but found it very
impracticable. Appeal.
Last Satnrduy eveuing occurred the
I. O. O. F. installation: N. G., N. Blair;
V. G., W. Brown; R. 8. N. G. M., C.
Crittenden; U S. N. Cc, R. '. l'ainter;
R. S. V. ., Gallop; I H. V. U., R. W..
Gable; treasurer, J. Scholl.
Wednesday evening of this week the
Pythian Sisters installed the following:
Past Chief, Mrs. Sylvia Culvert; Most
Excellent Chief, Mrs. Cora Wolfer; Ex
cellent Senior, Mrs. Anna Bevens; Ex
cellent Junior, Mrs. Clella (able; Man
ager, Mrs. Sadie Scholl; Protector, .Mrs.
Rilla Zeek; Outer Guard, Mrs. Martha
Bvens; Mistress of R. nnd C, Mrs.
Pearl Kinzer; Mistress of Finance, Mrs.
Edith Painter. Enterprise.
.Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jones and fnm
ily, of Victor Point, also Amot Kinft
visited at the M. Gilmour home Sun
day. Geo. Scott and family motored to Sil
verton Sunday.
Mrs. W. E. Tate and children spent
the week-end at the W. D. Hurt home.
Miss Emma Peters spent several days
visiting at the John Kimsey home at
Silver Creek Falls last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Bod McCurry, of Port
land, are visiting at the AV. H. Tate
Mrs. Geo. Thomas is visiting home
folks in Stayton this week.
Elmer Rabens is visiting his grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'm. Cornish, of
Stayton, this week.
Clifford Hurt, of Sublimity, is visit
ing at the W. D. Hurt home this week.
Miss Ethel King is visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. Geo. Scott, this week.
Orlo Humphreys and wife were Sun
day visitors at the M. Gilmour home.
Miss Elms Warden, of Vancouver,
B. C, arrived Wednesday for a week's
visit with her mother and other rela
tives. While here her old friends and
schoolmates gathered in and spent an
evening in playing games, singing and
dancing. Lima makes her home in B.
C, with her mother's sister, Mrs. Kent.
The ball game Sunday between Sil
ver Creek and Union Hill was played
on the home grounds and resulted in a
score of 18 to 4 in favor of Union Hill.
Miss Dene Holmnn, of Salem, was a
visitor at the W. A. Heater home last
.Mrs. Teter Heater, of Silverton, is
visiting at the Mathecny home - this
week, Stayton Mail.
Mrs. Fred Shand and little daughter
of Sulcm, visited with her sister Mrs.
Andy Steinbach at Aurora Saturday
and Sunday.
Last Wednesday when George Waclit
inun came iu fnmt the field for dinner,
he was very much surprised to find that
his sister, Mrs. Bowman and her daugh
ter, Hannah, of Portland, were there;
also John Wachtmnn and family. They
enjoyed their dinner together and ice
cream was also served.
Hena Kaiiffman of Needy is camp
ing with Eugene Mitts' family at Glad
stone park.
Solomon Slnibar and wife of Wood-
burn and Oliver llartzlcr and little
daughter visited with Dan Knuffmuu
and family at Silverton last Sunday,
making the trip by auto.
S. J. Kaurfmaii ami D. I). Hosteller
made a business trip to Oregon City
last Monday,
The ice cream social at Whiskey Hill
school last Saturday eveuing was a
social success, although not lurgely at
tended. Grandma Knuffman was the guest of
Wilma Voder and Vinnie Kaut'finaii
who are camping in .Mr. Cnssidny's
onion bouse, lust Thursday night; she
enjoyed her sell very much.
Mrs. Lav ina Bufch and daughter
Velma of Hubbnrd, spent several days
at the home of Oliver King ami family
Sadie Ilnrtv.ler went to Silverton lust
Saturday to visit her sister Mrs. Dun
Kauffinun several days.
Mae Shullz from east of Needy iniide
a business trip to Hubbard lust Mon
day. Mr. Cnssidy has at present a lot of
cherry pickers to pick his Lumberts
and pack them to ship.
Li.zie Smucker was the guest at the
home of J. J. Herschberger at Hubbard
Sun day. Enterprise.
Mrs. O. H. Ruy and daughter spent
the week-eud visiting at Albuny.
Henry Senz and son, t Nick, made a
(business trip to Albany Aionuay..
I Mr. and Mrs. Harold Townes, of l'ort
land, motored to the D. Townes home
, Thursday.
Ben and Mabel Thayer, of Scio, visit
ed at Floyd Sheltou ' Sunday.
Ed Smith and wife culled at the
Twin Walnut Furm Thursday.
Mrs. W. R. May end daughter motor
ed to Scio Tuesday.
Ernest K nupp. of Sulem, is visiting
at the Mrs. H. Shank home.
Frank Hiibbermun and wife nnd Mr.
and Mrs. M. Y. Ryan and daughters
motored to Dullns Sunday.
Miss Francis Hottiuger culled at the
H. Shank home Friday.
Mrs. I .inn Lambert made a pleasant
call at the O. H. Hay home Thursday.
Miss Bessie Shank was a Sunday vis
itor at the W. H. Ray home.
Miss Har.el ami Chas. Lambert were
Sunday visitors at the D. Townes home.
Frank and Henry Jungwith made a
pleusaut call at J. H. Klorr's Sunday.
Mrs. Ida Huber ami Mrs. Jos. Henz
called at the Twin Waluut Farm Tues-
,1 f I V J '
D. Townes and wife spent Sunday
with the Schruiik 'family at Aumsville.
Frank Sen, iiiado a pleusaut call at
Lee Downing ' Sunday.
Mrs. P. H. Lambert spent Tuesday i
evening with her daughter, Mrs. Roy
Brenner, of Stayton.
Mr. Clarence Dougherty, of Jordan
was seen going to W. R. Ray's Sunday
evening wearing abroad smile. Wonder
David Aegertcr, Jr., and Frank Senz
were seen motoring on the Mt. Pleasant
streets Sunday.
Mrs. H. Shank uud daughter, Crstnl, '
culled at the Cold Springs Farm Mou-I
Juy. ' 'I
A large crowd of young people;
gathered at the J. H. Kloer home Sun
day evening. The evening was enjoyed'
by all. Stayton Muil. I
Miss Alice Baker returned home
from Portland last week, she has been
visiting relatives several weeks.
Miss Listnn Darby was called to Scio
Thursday because, of the illness of her
aunt. Mr. Durby followed on Satur
day. Omar Cole is working for J. T. Follis
this week,
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur I.effler and lit
tle son spent Sunday at the Arney Flood
L. A. Archambeau has just completed
building a new silo and is now filling
Nick fleymcr was a Stayton visitor
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Cole and little
son called at the M. J. Crubtrec home
Sunday afternoon.
Miss Ethel Walker came home from
Salem Friday evening, returning Mon
day morning.
Alta and Loyde Harold went to Quill
nby Friday where Jhey will pick logan
berries for a few days.
Mrs. Titus Archer and children visit
ed at the Henkel home Sunday after
noon. Henry Croisnnt was on over Sunday
visitor with relatives in this vicinity.
Several from here attended camp
meeting at Turner Sunday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Raleigh
son nnd Miss Ina Harold
dinner with home folks. .
T. W. Creech and V. J. Philippi at
tended lodge in Stayton Saturday even
ing. Mrs. A. Kelly's sister, of Portland,
is visiting her this week. Stavton
nurold ami
ate Sundnv
The weather bureau report on Oie
gou crop conditions for the week end
ing July 4, says that hops in geneiul do
not look as well us usuul at this svumui
of tho yeur as muny of the yurds still
have a yellowish appearuiice due to not
enough sunshine and warm weather.
Locally the hops have a fine color
mid are still muking an exccllini
growth. Vermin are few. A period
of hot weather is the chief need thi.
month. (j row era consider the crop
prospects ininrovini. hm n,,i.. ....
couiagcnient is felt , over price pros
pects. .
John I.oesch, representing the fr,
of Berger Brothers, Cinciniiuti,
hop merchants, was here Mondnv, the
guest of Henry L. Bents. He hus
been come weeks in Oregon and is
now on las wuy to California to look
over crop prospects and the h..,.
hop situation there. He is not oor
optimistie. over tho outlook lor tin
hop business this year, though bv no
means discouraged. He believes' the
business has a future iu spite of its
present huadiciip of war, prohihiii.m,
embargoes, etc.
A letter from Deueken & Co., a Lon
don" hop firm, to Frank Waruitcr & Co.,
(forwarded to the Observer through the
courtesy of .lc.hu I.oesch), says in part:
"The importation of hops, as you have
been advised, hus been prohibited sinee
June 8, with the exception of eason
where a special license is to bo issuer),
if a short crop in this country (Eng
land) should render the issuing of audi
licenses desirable. Whether, such li
censes will be be issued to shippers of
allied countries in any case, we cannot
sny as yet, as regards the eoming crop
in this country, it is of course, imp'js
sible to say as yet how much cnu be pro
duced, but unless quite uuforsevn events
should happen we arc of the opinion,
thut, considering the very fuir stocks
our brewers hold, nnd the reduced wiik
sumption, quite enough hops will bv
grown here this year for our requiie
ments. Our market is very quiet with
little business, but holders of Inst vein's
hops are firm, prices ranging from 2tt to
.'14 cents. Sq far crop prospects are fnir.
While the size of the Austrian hop
crop will have no influence on the .
hop market here, so long as the war
continues, it s of interest to learn that
the Austrian acreage has been depressed
from .'10 to 40 per cent, compared with
last year. Aurora Ooscrver.